Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned III

Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned III

Kabuki dancing with Gomer Pyle
Kabuki Dance in the Theater of the Damned

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”
-John F. Kennedy

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”
–Frank Zappa

“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”
–Friedrich Nietzsche

“When any nation mistrusts its citizens with guns it is sending a clear message. It no longer trusts its citizens with guns because such a government has evil plans.”
— George Washington

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.”
–Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

Act 1

The Red Kabuki theater was brightly lit with many Red Kabuki wannabe’s, all debating who of the many should don the funny hat and robes of The Red Grand Poobah. When suddenly, from the back of The Theater of the Damned, a White Knight on a white horse, crashed through the doors. His finely trained warhorse prancing, strutting, spinning, and then, jumped up onto the stage. The crowd went wild, at last, a Contest!, a Show worthy of us! they cried out. The White Knight dismounted, and everybody saw he had a great sword and a Great Trumpet, and he raised his Trump and blew a Great call, “SLEEPERS AWAKEN!” , and all the Red Kabuki wannabes cowered in fear. “He’s not playing fair!” they whined, “He’s not nice.” they cried, “He’s not one of us!”, they screamed at the top of their lungs, “He can’t talk about THAT STUFF…” they whispered among themselves. But the Audience had been awakened from their long slumber, and wasn’t listening to them anymore, all they heard from them was “same stinky stuff, different day”.

The Blue Kabuki’s, well, there were only really, two, and one was dressed in pink, for he would not claim himself to be a true Blue Kabuki, he only shared an occasional beer with them. But, we couldn’t have a coronation in this country, we had to have a Dance! A show! We had to at least give the audience the Appearance of a Contest!

In reality, under the stage, little blue kabuki rats were scurrying around, making sure to chew the wood in the stage underneath the pink Kabuki wannabe, and he did, in the end, fall through the rat hole of rot and corruption, leaving only one, who was given the funny hat and Robes of the Grand Poobah of the Blue Kabukis in a great, yet hollow celebration. For few noticed, because the lights were low, that the seats in the Blue Kabuki theater were, kinda empty.

The many Red Kabuki dancers, instead of debating issues and ideas, were now arguing and throwing things at each other and making speeches about the same old stuff everybody was tired of hearing. Yet the White Knight was speaking truth to power, and saying new things, things everybody cared about yet had never heard before, and a great gasp erupted across the theater of the damned. Everywhere in the theater, the Voices of the Damned, the Gomers, hillbillies, and the now politically profaned white people, who had designed the Theater itself, whom the Blue Kabuki called The Irredeemable Deplorables, heard The Trump and were waking up out of their lifelong slumbers, whispering to each other “Who is HE?”. They became angry at being called ugly names, ‘Racist’?, ‘Deplorable’?, White nationalists’?, what’s a xenophobe?, they asked.

The Peanut gallery, in the balcony above, frowned and whispered among themselves, sighing a collective “Huh? He’s not allowed to talk about THAT stuff! He’ll give away The Game!”. They whispered and mumbled, and cussed and threw hissy fits, they laughed, they decided among themselves, that this, person, could not be allowed to be a Kabuki Dancer, for how could he be a Kabuki Dancer, if he did not believe in the Kabuki Theater, if, gasp, he could not be bought, bribed, intimidated or threatened? For the Peanut gallery’s main job you see, was to maintain the Illusion of Democracy so that the men behind the curtain could pull the strings of the Kabuki puppets on the stage. But in the corner of the balcony, there was a little fox who said “I’m of two minds.”, and the rest of the gallery sneered.

Who was this White Knight? The Audience screamed in ecstasy, delight, horror and confusion, ‘this is no kabuki’ they thought… so the peanut gallery delivered, showering the White Knight with handfuls of fecal coated peanut shells, hoping to bury the White Knight in a mountain of stinky sticky chaf, surely The Audience would see?.

But, you see, the peanut gallery only talks to others in the peanut gallery, so they couldn’t see that the Audience was angry and very bored with ‘same crap, different day’. The Audience was hypnotized by the White Knight. So the mountain of stinky sticky chaf simply slid off the White Knight leaving his armor shinier than ever, and with his mighty sword of truth, he pointed it at the peanut gallery, and a great light came forth, and out of that great light came an army of little tweety birds filled with light, and were loosed upon the theater of the damned.

The Audience, in both the red and the blue theaters, were horrified, and saw the faces of their damnation, when the darkness was lifted and a little tweety bird whispered in their ears, light bulbs appeared above the heads of all the theater goers in the great middle of the theater, the right side cheered, and stomped and clapped, and laughed at the peanut eaters, as the faces of ugly lying demons staring down at them from the peanut gallery were finally exposed.

Suddenly, the theater of the damned was filled with light and it morphed, like magic before their eyes, the red kabuki wannabes, their red costumes dissolving, revealed a class of clowns holding suitcases filled with dirty money standing there. The only one left was The White Knight sitting atop his beautiful steed.

In a grand thunderous celebration the White Knight dismounted his horse, walked onstage out of a doorway of light, and was handed the silk Robes and funny hat of the Red kabuki Grand Poobah. “It doesn’t really fit!” he said, so he donned a baseball cap and threw many similar hats out into the Audience, who were shocked and squealing in delight.

Act II

The theater was dark, with two lights shining down on the Red and Blue kabuki dancers, the damsel in distress, named America, was tied to the railroad tracks, crying, while the train was coming closer, ever closer. The dark theater was filled to overflowing, those in the left side of the theater were drinking champagne, smoking dope, sticking pins in little Red Kabuki dolls, molesting kids and otherwise throwing a party before the Main Act. They just knew the Blue kabuki would win, they knew because their number shamans were never wrong, were they? They were chat chat chatting away on their little tiny screens in front of their faces, their whole Universe was reduced to those little tiny screens, their humanity, morality, had been reduced to a collective mind, and those who were not connected to the Hive Mind, well, they were deplorable, their opinions unworthy of discussion among The Sophisticated Ones. They had truly become cyborgs, nothing but neurons in the collective hive mind of the Blue Kabukis, listening only to the Voices of the Peanut Gallery and their number shamans, who laughed and told them there weren’t enough Gomer Pyles to make a difference, and they Believed.

The right side of the theater had many faces in stern contemplation, watching the numbers of votes, state by state, on the big map screen above the Kabuki dancers, it was early in the evening, and it appeared, that another Blue Kabuki would be celebrated into the Peoples House, the Palace on Pennsylvania avenue. But, this was no surprise, ‘everybody knew’ The People wanted the Blue Kabuki, since, really, “it was her turn”, wasn’t it? Besides, The Red Kabuki was a racist Cad, wasn’t he? The Peanut Gallery said so, and so it was, “really, trust us”, they said, “party on!”. Only, the Right side of the theater was silent, in contemplation, and filled with righteous indignation at the Blue kabuki and the peanut gallery, for they did not believe anymore. After Bill the Blue Nafta Kabuki brought economic war and tied the final knots of the damsel on the tracks, came the Red Shrub kabuki who brought the so called Patriot forever war, and then came Barry the Blue Caesar kabuki that brought internal chaos, racial division grew strong and everyone was forced into insurance servitude, or else face the IRS, and the land of the free had become the land of lies, and the lower the unemployment numbers went, the higher the unemployed became, as they saw the Blue Caesar kabuki, take vacation after vacation, understanding dawned across the breadth of the Theater of the Damned, in the left, right, and middle isles, that the white Knight was right; WE WAS HAD.

The battle between the Red and Blue Kabuki dancers was vicious, more vicious than anyone had ever seen. The sword of the White Knight with the Red baseball cap, danced and swung through the air as the sword of globalist darkness thrusted and seemingly parried every blow. “Crook!” says the White Knight throwing the Blue Kabuki back on her heels, while reaching down with his mighty sword, and in the space of a blink, straining in the middle of the fight, to thrust out towards a knot of the damsel tied to the railroad tracks, and he swiftly cut through a knot. “He cut a knot!” screamed the great middle, as the right side of the theater roared “Lock her up, lock her up!”. The Blue Kabuki was sweating, her white makeup running down her face as she desperately attacked the Red Giant, but for every strike she landed upon him, the wound was healed like magic. The Red Kabuki, parried and thrust his great sword of truth, and again, spun around and cut yet another knot as he swore and yelled at the top of his voice “LIAR! CROOK! THIEF! GLOBALIST!”, as the Blue Kabuki was tiring, coughing and sweating, melting before the eyes of all. The great middle was struck in awe, and the right side of the isle was swooning in ecstasy, as a great cry went forth accross the theater “He cut another knot, he cut another knot!”

Yet, this time, the Great Light showed the blue rats scurrying out from under the stage into the Audience, and the peanut gallery. The Blue Kabuki’s were caught in their own trap of lies, “The White Knight was right, you cheated the pink Kabuki”, they yelled! Spreading filth and disease everywhere, a disease of the mind and body, sewing confusion, misinformation, and lies, as they have always done. For the primary doctrine of the Blue Kabuki, was the Little Book, that book of sweet words, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly. They believe in their Little Book of lies, that rot the body, and the nations, with the sweet honey sounding words of envy, with which they would force fairness and equality for all, so they could have power, forever. Unfortunately, since they were the Blue Kabukis, what they really meant was, they were selling equal misery for all by selling the Doctrine of Coveting the fruits of your labor, and the White Knight exposed the Great Lie.

The Great Lie of the Red and the Blue Kabukis, and the Peanut Gallery, were all just part of the Game of The Haves to keep The Havenots in confusion and ignorance of their true enemy. The Kabuki shows were merely part of the reality show of The Haves, who had become greater on the backs of the Havenots. The poor had become destitute, the middle class had become poor, and the well off, weren’t so well off anymore, a million bucks just ain’t what it used to be, they said. The many years of sweet words on the tongue, like honey, had grown bitter in the belly. So the man on the white horse, speaking words of salt, was like medicine to their souls, having become rotten from too much sugary lies and they now understood, their America had been tied to the economic railroad tracks awaiting the train of Globalism to finish them off.

At the end of the match, the Blue kabuki was beaten, bedraggled, and simply worn out with the effort of fighting the White Knight. She was no match for him. At the beginning of the last night of The Contest, the peanut gallery, with their blue colored glasses, were braying like donkeys that she had won, despite all evidence to the contrary. The match, was being decided in the Theater of the Damned as millions of Watchers went into their little booths, and dropped a red pill or a blue pill into the palms of The Counters.

When the counting was done, the White Knight cum Red Kabuki had won, by a landslide. But the peanut gallery could not bring themselves to say the word. The Blue kabuki’s whined and made excuses, it was ‘The FBI’s fault, it was the Russian’s fault, it was ‘fake news’, it was anybodies fault except the Blue Kabuki’s. The Blue Kabuki, could not even present herself on that night to concede to the White Knight, no, she sent out her Chief Councelor to tell the crowd to ‘go home, the votes are still being counted’, while she, threw a hissy fit in the hotel room, throwing things and screaming, hugging her teddy bear and coloring in coloring books, and crying in little blue kabuki fits to the point where the counselors knew, she could not be presented on that night, for she was wasted away and drunk as a skunk.

In the end, the Blue kabuki’s and their peanut gallery had fooled themselves. They thought that only talking to themselves, and agreeing with each other, and crunching numbers, was enough to fool The Great Gomer, for they were only a bunch of ignorant, racist, and deplorable hillbillies, right? They thought things would be as they had always been, that they could buy their way into the Grand Poobah’s seat in the People’s Palace on Pennsylvania Avenue. But they were wrong, they fooled themselves, and their excuses only made Gomer smile from sea to shining sea. ‘We see you, the real you.’ said Gomer. ‘We understand all too well’, Gomer smiled and laughed. ‘Traitor, liar, crook’ as Gomer stuck his middle finger in the air across the country with the cry ‘Lock her up!’. But the White Knight cum Red Kabuki cum Grand Poobah of All The People, merely deferred, magnanimous, humble in victory, had no desire to humiliate her, seeing she was beaten, and broken.

You see, many Red Kabukis are still mad because the White Knight beat them, and The Blue Kabuki’s still think, they won because their rats and their roaches brought in more blue pills than red pills in the few places where they run things, and still they cry ‘We are more popular, it was the FBI, and the Russians!

And sadly, they are more popular, in those massive and corrupt stack and pack metropolis rat holes they call home. Yet Gomer was everywhere else, and Gomer came out of the woodwork, having never dropped a pill before, or having dropped blue pills their whole lives, to make sure that the Blue Kabuki was finished off, for good. And the cry of Gomer was heard across the land, in sort of drawling hillbilly laughter;

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

And a Great Sigh of Relief was heard across the Theater of the Damned; Thank God its OVER!
It was over, or was it?


Well America, you think “Thank God, Its over. Now we can ‘Move on’.” The Kabuki Dancers lost, the Knight on the white horse won, yet remember the original article on “Kabuki dance in the Theater of the Damned”? At the the end of the Kabuki play in Act II if I remember, the Red and Blue Kabuki dancers swapped their robes for Purple, the Royal Purple. What did we see play out on election night, or rather, the day after? The color Purple on the LOSER and her Husband, this was a signal. And all kinds of unconfirmed rumors now circulate about some dude named Soros backing and paying for all these ‘anarchists’ that are now going to “burn white America down”.

God I hate it when I’m right… Many of us have been saying since Clinton I, The Shrub, and especially The Black Caesar, that you see the attack on WASP culture right before your eyes coming from both the left and the right. But now, we place our faith in the White Knight, so I do pray to God, that ‘they’ don’t get to him. I also pray that he can do what needs being done, what he said he would do, unfortunately, he will not be king, so there are many things he will not be allowed to do. And he has many enemies within the Red Kabuki club, for they are bent on world domination, and it appears, with their Blue Kabuki allies, a war with Russia.

The White Knight goes into office with the entire establishment against him, the Blue Kabukis are even demanding impeachment, within the first 30 days of the new administration… rational thought is on vacation in Washington D.C., animalistic fury is on full display. How can the White Knight succeed, when even some of ‘his own people’ are against him? Does Washington care about the country, or their agenda, maintaining their Global “Full Spectrum Dominance”, and expansion into a global government? How can the few nationalists left win against a globe of globalists? Are we seeing prophecy play out in front of our eyes? That The Last Trump gives a message to the people of God, yet, the Beast wins in the end… for a short time, and then, The Final Battle?

If you accept that from the beginning, then you will be less disappointed. America is a Republic after all, at least, for now. A presidential candidate says many things to get elected, but this one was obviously different. Hillary has no soul, she is a plastic person who was trying to talk about what her ‘circle’ talked about, and trying to sell it to regular people. She told us that turds could be polished and picked up by the clean end, and nobody bought it. For the White Night, spoke truth to power, told us what we were all thinking anyway, that we had been screwed by the Hillaries of the world, and he awakened the sleeping masses of us ‘deplorable racist hillbillies’. Hillary screwed up when she called us those ugly names, but, socialists can’t help themselves, their ideology is their religion. Their ‘religion’ is the ideology of coveting, the anti-God religion of The Left, and no matter what she did or said, she couldn’t hide it. America’s eyes had been opened, and Gomer Pyle came through loud and clear; Surprise, surprise, surprise!

It warmed my heart to see Charles Krauthammer so thoroughly humbled, because he said “there weren’t enough” of US to make a difference. Well now we know, there are… we made a difference, but just barely. Now we get to see if a peaceful revolution can make any difference. For that’s what it was, it was a ‘phenomena’, that became a ‘movement’, that morphed into a peaceful revolution. But, here in NC, they made it hard, for the first time in my over 40 years of voting, the powers that be, removed the big R and D, at the top of the paper ballots which read “Straight party ticket”. They removed the ‘coattail effect’ in NC, and Mr. Trump, still won. This was done to the ballots by the Republicans, who controlled the State Board of Elections. They just KNEW Hillary was going to win, so they attempted to remove HER coattails… and it backfired on them. Why? Because they believed their own bullshit, and didn’t trust the people or The Times they were in. They did not have ‘eyes that see’, and were blinded by The Light of the Media’s echo chamber. McRory was a victim of his own machinations, if he had simply trusted us, he would still be governor.

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Ken Wheeler – Another proof of the Unified Field of God

In Einsteins General Relativity, it was merely a ‘nutty theory’ until astronomers proved the theory in measuring starlight, as it was bent around the Sun. In other words, during a solar eclipse, the star patterns were compared to patterns minus the eclipse, and the light was bent approx 1.7 arc seconds in conformance to the prediction of General Relativity. In the demonstration below, you will notice, that magnetism also BENDS LIGHT.  But Einstein, like all other physicists, cannot ‘quantize’ gravity.  The visual demonstration below shows that gravity, AND magnetism bend light, so, at some point there is a linkage between the two, or they are manifestations of the same underlying mechanism, what Einstein called ‘The Imponderable Ether’. I think would have been completely ponderable, that is, measurable, if the Nature of Duality of Creation was taken into consideration. That gravity, is merely the Aether acting with and within mass. Gravity being the incoherent part of the mass, and magnetism being the inner coherent field of the core, which is probably uranium not iron(since uranium is heavier than iron, and the core remains hot, thus, the Earths core is a low grade nuclear reactor that has aligned atoms spinning at its core.) Giving a gravito-magnetic field.

The following youtube demonstration, is, yet another confirmation of the Unified Field of God, without God, or the Hyperspacial Architecture of the Universe. Ken Wheeler is correct in his observations and deductions, but, like Einstein, not his ultimate conclusions. Ken says there is no need for a Grand Unified Field theory, because, as he states, there is no need to unify what is already unified, except, he doesn’t explain where The Light comes from, or where inertia goes to… It is ‘dielectric’ meaning the existing knowledge that an electric current has both a light flow forward, and a counter flow of ‘holes’ backwards, simultaneously.   However…

Ken Wheelers demonstration and explanation of a magnetic vortex field.

He, like myself, has returned to the beginning of 19th century electromagnetic scientists, and that the original experimenters were more correct than modern quantum mechanical science, because, there are no such thing as particles, they are the ‘Illusion’ of Materialism. That all matter is merely, what he terms ‘incoherent’ magnetism, what we call; Chaos, or chaotic magnetic fields. Two different words with the same meaning.  He fails to explain, Why, but he is correct in his proving that there is an “Aether”. He cannot draw the final conclusion, because, like all scientists, he excludes the aspect of  ‘The Extraterrestrial Religion’, or the Architecture of God. In other videos of his, he explains ancient metaphysics and the concept of The Soul, yet cannot seem to tie this in with his theory of magnetism and its relationship to The Aether and ultimately the Source of Entropy. No, he merely deduces that this is the ‘static inertia’ of the matter. Inertia is not a ‘static’ force, it a ‘maintaining’ force, ie the property of matter in motion to remain in motion unless something else causes that motion to change or stop. Newtons laws are still valid in this Universe, to a certain degree.

. This is why a Unified Field is necessary, to unify the Mystery Doctrines of both science and religion, which causes all the other disunity in the world, because they are the foundations of all things.

His conclusion, although demonstrated, draws the wrong conclusion, that, the center of the magnetic field is simply a….  well…  of the ‘dielectric inertia’. He fails to explain where the Light GOES. What he calls ‘static/unmanifest inertia’, a reciprocating inertial hyperboloid, a dual vortex, or a toroid, with a dead zone in the center. He cannot make the connection, that the Light is being ‘consumed’ by the Aether.

His demonstration is also proof of Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell’s thesis that magnetism is a ‘rotational phenomena’.  But, he does not explain WHAT the field is composed OF. He correctly states that it is a vortex field of the Aether, but fails to conclude that the Aether itself is consuming the light due to the process of Entropy. He cannot connect ‘normal’ space-time to subspace (The negative energy realm, or Consumer of Light, ie ‘dark’ energy of the particle physics guys…. ) He also fails to explain WHY the field is spinning…  what Causes the Spin.  In this regard, he is a truth seeker, but like all truth seekers we are all on our separate paths, containing different ‘knowledge matrixes’ in our brains, that cause us to come to different conclusions based on that knowledge, at that time.

It is also a good visible proof of the Unified Field of God, but he rails about the hubris of particles physicists, like we do, but his style itself, can be full of hubris, and he cannot see that just because he is partially correct in his thesis, he is arrogant in declaring that there is no need for a Grand Unification Theory. Less importantly, he is not likeable to some people because he is full of anger, he curses excessively, and says he merely seeks wisdom above all things.

But wisdom begins with knowledge, and ends in empathy, kindness, and humbling the ego, not shouting at the top of your lungs, that only you are right, and the rest of the world is wrong. This is because knowledge fills a man with pride, but too much pride, like the false self esteem promoted by our education system ends up turning out people that we used to have a word for; Self Centered Jerks.  He is capable of balancing this persona, with the persona that speaks about the soul in his other videos, which even there, he cannot make the connection that the soul is the dark half of the human being and the connection/interface between matter and conscienceness, the spirit connection to the Universal Mind, which is what we call the Entanglement of the Infinities.

Ken is very smart, but he comes across sometimes as a self absorbed jerk. We do not discount his observations, and can see past this, simply because he is angry that main stream science, cannot see that at the mechanical level, he is right. Ken, in his many videos, demonstrates correctly, that Phd’s, are a Club, and you either kiss their butts and work on ‘baby steps’ as you are told, or, you are ejected from The Club. Many people, including Dr. Steven Greer, see and understand that the mainstream is hiding much knowledge, because they are afraid. Ken doesn’t understand that the mainstream knows that Einstein got some things wrong, because he had no understanding of what e (energy) was, and that it was both light and darkness, light energy and dark energy combined. The only way this can be reconciled, with all observational science, is in terms of Light and Dark ‘energy’, becoming One.

Ken explains light as a coaxial field, but doesn’t explain its Source, and all things are merely perturbations in the aether, and magnetism being the be all end all as the manifestation of dark energy, as his experiment above clearly demonstrates, you would have a universe of nothingness. There would be no balance, no Zero Point Energy field, no electricity, no light, no animation, no movement. The entire Universe would be nothing more than a black lump of darkness, without life, without movement.

That, in order to have motion, you have to have something pushing things around, in order to have rotations and orbiting planets, in order to have spinning energy fields imitating ‘particles’, you have to have two things, that end up in exactly what he describes as the only possible explanation of the Universe, energy flow being retarded, or impeded by capacitance or consumption and slowing of the energy. As we said in the Unified Field of God, the Universe(‘s, on many harmonic layers), must be composed of both the Source of Light, and the SINK, that is combined with a third force of Spin, or Pi(what the Ancients called; The Voice of God) So God, can be viewed as a hypercosmic entity, that is merely The Force of Chaos upon the Dual Energies, light that boils the waters of the Aether, and are spun into chaotic interactions that resemble bubbles, or, particles. This is what we refer to as; The Quantum Foam.

A magnet, as Ken says, is merely a ‘coherent’ point. But he never draws the conclusion of What is Causing the Coherence. Which are aligned atomic vortexes, at one with the Aether. Each atomic entity, merely falling into a state of attraction/alignment with the atoms around them. Ken also correctly states, that gravity, as a stand alone entity ‘force’, what Einstein called a ‘warp’ of space, is incorrect. There is no such thing as ‘gravity’, there is a chaotic magnetic harmonic level, above or below the ‘static’ magnetic field of the Earth. As our experiments in the gravity wind showed, there is a ‘frame dragging’ effect that can be measured magnetically, but, only if you eliminate the electromagnetic side effect known as hysteresis (ie inertia, the ‘storage’ of magnetic flow within the Aether, which causes the aetheric ‘waters'(what we term; The Protogenic Force/Dark Energy) to continue in the same direction past the point of impetus or when the current is switched off, causing the solenoid magnetic field to remain in place for a fraction of a second after switch off, and thus, hysteresis/aetherial inertia being the primary cause, for the lack of efficiency in electromotive systems as we showed in our article; The Aether.)

Ken has correctly come to the conclusion that The Universe is electric, or more correctly, electromagnetic, dielectric, of two kinds of energy, light(electric),and dark(Aetherial/magnetic), without both, there would not BE anything. But, we then arrive back to the primary question; From WHERE, exactly, do the two opposing forces, flows, potentials, COME FROM? He cannot answer this, but, like scientists, they cannot make the leap to hyperspace and subspace, because they have no Foundation or ability to observe and measure.

The logic of Einstein was unassailable yet incomplete, the atomic bomb proves that all things are energy, so, there MUST be, a source and a sink of that dynamic flow of energy, and those ‘dipoles’ must exist OUTSIDE normal space-time. But in addition to the dipoles, there must be a third force, a force that causes the Spinning of Energies into dual hyperboloid or vortex toroidal structures, the third invisible Force of Pi.

The ancients, knew more about the structure of the Universe, than moderns. But they all had the same religion, a religion left to them by Transdimensional Entities, what could be termed extraterrestrials, angels, or archons, or even devils or ‘The Gods’. This was the Religion of the Sacred 3 Primal Forces. Of which we only have fragments, myths, and metaphors left to us.  We also have ancient stone structures, of which, interestingly, form pyramids and toroids, both of which, are manifestations of dualistic energy constructs, designed to manifest energy on multiple harmonics, from the material to the spiritual, forming, giant hyperlight attractors and concentrators, that take incoherence and form coherence using nothing but ‘chaotic’ mass and geometry. Thus converting the incoherent gravity field, into a coherent hyperenergy field.

But, this was not for the purpose of energy generation, although… may be possible, it was not the primary use. No, it was used as a ‘Gateway of Souls’, back to the Light of God. This was shown in the stone scribbling, where there was always a ‘sun’ above the pyramid, or an ‘all seeing eye’, but this was not The Sun, but The Son of God. Because it is the function of the First Begotten, The Logos, The Word, to be the manifestation of the Intent of the Creator, because the Creator cannot enter The Creation except by proxy, or the Creation would cease to BE,  because it would lose its third force; Pi, The Voice of God, that said to ‘Waters’ of the Aether; BE THICK(Enoch II, Book of secrets, Chap 26-28).

Logically, magnetic fields, must have ‘something’ that causes this ‘action at a distance’. Something that transmits that action, or is the media of the action. This has been known since ancient times, sadly we have lost that because it explains everything that to science and religion are merely ‘mysterious phenomena’. But, if you brought forward a proof, a mechanical device say, that would create free energy, or a practical anti-gravity field generator, those inventions, and you, would disappear very quickly. And then we would be left with just another urban legend. This is how the world works, we really do battle against spiritual wickedness in high places, bent on maintaining the status quo ante.

Now think about this, and the fact that such people, if they really have these technologies, being in charge of the solar system, or the galaxy. This is the final battle, the battle against Mammon/Materialism. But this cannot happen as long as competing belief systems dominate, and Mystery is the mechanism of division and ignorance. As long as people must fight merely to survive, and the System is in place that causes the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer, we will not progress to a spiritually based civilization. The only civilization type, that is allowed to gain the stars. Materialism is its own limit, the Illusion of the Particle is the barrier to understanding, and the mechanism of division of religions.

The above video is an image of the ‘macro’, this is what we showed you as the ultimate ‘micro’;



yinyangThe Chinese Yin-Yang-(Tao), which is the ultimate structure of the ‘quantum particle’, or quantum vortex, that is at the center of the 3 Primal Forces of the Unified Field of God;

This is not as complicated as it looks… basically H=+infinity, I=-infinity, all spinning at Pi. Resulting in energy and mass. The chart below the circle, the God calculus,  magnifies the Zimp line at the zero point of the circle…

The Hopi say that;

hopi++(+infinity) + (-infinity) = 0 (Zero point energy field)

Hyperspace + Subspace + embedded universal intelligence = Normal space-time

Finally, in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismagistus, the statement;

As above, so below.  Is a part of the Ancient Knowledge, the Unification of Energies of the ancients. A knowledge that Enoch said came from fallen angels. Did the ancients understand the structure of the Universe better than we moderns?

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Cheap Krauthammer crap and The Last Trump


“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable”
— JFK  (John F. Kennedy)

The lesson of history, of the War of Northern Aggression, is simple JFK told us. At the time, the northern industrialists, didn’t want southern cotton going to their competitors in England, so onerous export tariffs were laid upon southern cotton at the behest of said ‘Robber Barons’.  This ended up being 2/3rds of the tax base of the Federal Government at that time.  The south wanted to secede peacefully, and be left alone to live in peace, but the northern money powers pushed for war, no ‘peace talks’ succeeded, because the Elite money powers in New York, wanted the south and southern democrats, crushed.

At that time, a lot of southerners were not willing to fight for ‘The Planters’, or slavers. Slavery was not universally accepted in the south, and was a dying institution in the west, already outlawed in England. It would have died on its own eventually. It was not the Causus Belli of the war, it was Lincoln’s propaganda tool, to turn a war he was losing, into a Cause, a Cause that attracted volunteers.  The Yankees did crush the south, and then punished us, and subjugated us, and then declared that secession was ‘illegal’. It was a successful use of propaganda to achieve an agenda, the 1860’s version of political correctness.

I am left with the thought, what is so different today? Only instead of slavery, we have a Federal government forcing states to allow boys into little girls rooms, we have imported workers(H1b’s), illegals and Muslims being forced down our throats, without a requirement to assimilate or the states having any right to oppose it. We have the wholesale destruction of the foundations of western civilization, using the propaganda tool of calling any who disagree with the globalist ‘multi-cultural’ agenda; a racist. And as the history books of that time were mostly written by the winners, today, we see history being rewritten before our eyes, in real time. For truly, the globalist multiculturalism, is the imposition of no culture at all, and the elimination of American WASP culture, ‘fundamental transformation’, in the words of our Dear Leader.

We went through a time when speaking about the New World Order, was considered ‘conspiracy theory’, but the primary tool of the Elite, as always, is simply humor or ridicule, to make people who believe in this no different than those who believe in UFO’s, or in the past; slavers.  So now we arrive in a new time, when this arrogance of The Elite, extends globally, and continent wide, and we the People, are awakening to a New Paradigm of an Openly Arrogant Oligarchy in the whirlwind of globalized perfidy they have sewn upon the whole world. They give the appearance of justice, but in reality all we have now, is Just Us. But, this is always the way with centralized power, it gathers more and more power to itself as it grows. To those with eyes that see, it has truly grown into a black horseman of greed, where the scales of justice have become a new politically correct weapon against the poor, and the new Slavers, are the Globalist Elite.

There are those who still believe in America, and capitalism, and cannot see the Truth, because they don’t want to, it would cut into their profits. They profit from the System, and will not accept any talk about conspiracies, when, The CONspiracy is in process in front of our eyes. This is no different than any other time in history, those who profit off the system will fight to protect it… they are the true useful idiots, that we can see as the True Believers caught in their own Illusion of Ideologies and religious doctrines, which hold them in “submission to Godly Authority”… yet, Godly Authority, along with Elvis, have left the building.

The Piper usually doesn’t comment upon current events or political realities except in a prophetic sense, and in this sense, we see ultimate fulfillment of the metaphor of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue, the four horsemen and the 7 headed Beast, writ global. The head of gold(the central banks and old royal families), the breast and arms(the true believers), standing on the two legs(ideologies left and right), supported by the ten toes of iron and clay(The ‘Lost’ Ten tribes, The Caucasian people divided by iron minds and sticky clay of emotions, who literally own or control the entire world and built civilization as we know it on all 7 continents.

This is also mirrored in the physical of the First(pre Adamic) races of clay, who became the sons of Cain(Who did Cain run off and marry in the land of Nod? Gnosis provides the answer.), where the Caucasian race is the Last race, of Adam and Seth, which became the Sons of Abraham, Ishmael(Cain) and Isaac(Seth) ). These ten toes are also indicative of the foundational ideologies of capitalism vs communism, mind vs emotion, and different races with differing spirit gifts of  mind and emotion, so the metaphor works on many different physical and spiritual levels. But, all this knowledge from the ancients, was burned by The Elite of the time, and the teachers were burned at the stake as ‘heretics’. Truth, and power, are always at odds, for only the ignorant and divided can be well kept serfs.

In our time, the ‘true believers’ have a mouthpiece, that we call; The Media. And you can now see the Truth in the Globalists perfidious verbal vomit, as George Will, Chief verbal vomiteer now quits the Republican party, and his buddy, Charles Krauthammer, both men I used to idolize, now show their true colors to the Globalist party, the party of the Elite Establishment and their true god; Mammon. All while other ‘talking heads’ espouse the view that there is no such thing as ‘The Establishment’, pretending it doesn’t exist, its a joke only hillbillies believe. This is merely the same movie with a different set of actors.

The current crop of lies and misinformation emanating out of The Globalist Elite Establishment Corridor of the  Collaborators and Sycophants, is just too much to be ignored. The(to create a new moniker) GEECCS, pronounced Geeks, have now gone over the line with their attacks on regular poor white folks, and how The Poor ‘hillbillies’ themselves are responsible for their own miserable conditions due to our uneducated ‘racist’ and anti-globalist ‘attitude problem’.

In fact, they are speaking to the WASP’s, the White Anglo Saxon Protestants, our culture, our nationalism, our very individualism. They know, we, are in the way of a global government being implemented slowly by economic warfare and like the ancient Romans, by the importation of slaves and their cultures to dilute us, to depress our wages and take what jobs there are left, to reduce us to ignorance, dependency and destitution, to be ultimately devoid of history, culture, family and individuality, totally dependent on Them, and what passes for their ‘New “Post Industrial” Economy’. And like the 6th chapter of the Revelation of John, we shall be delivered into destitution as the Beast says “… a penny for a measure of wheat, and three pennys for a measure of barley, and spare not the oil and the wine”, a society totally delivered into destitution and serfdom, you see it beginning.

In point of fact, for decades, ‘they’, have been, and are building, a New American Empire, and are convinced if they don’t succor their partners with ‘progress’ and defend the world from ‘Evil Hegemon’s, the world will collapse back into anarchy and somebody else being the Global Hegemon in the vacuum created by our ‘pulling back our horns’. They may be right on some level, but they screwed the pooch by destroying their own people in the process. We have become Rome, we threw off an aristocracy of royalty in 1776, only to replace it with an aristocracy of money, and the tree of liberty is very thirsty.

It is curious, that these same Geeks, when I was a child and a young man, used to brag that the USA had the ‘best standard of living’ in the world, and we did. Anybody, with an 8th grade education, or less, could work hard, and become a success, that, is what America WAS, but no longer. They have destroyed Opportunity itself, through onerous regulations and requirements for new businesses. It is centralized crony capitalism manifested as GLOBALIZATION, the love of money that is the root of all economic evil in the world, and America’s corporate greed is the root of all evil because they circle the Source of Money, The Fed.

Their so called ‘Free Trade’ agreements always lead to the same result, the disenfranchisement of labor, the elimination of competition and higher profits at the expense of all those not in The Oligarchs Club. The side benefit, as you now see in the ‘clearing’ of The Clinton candidate, is that The Law only applies to You and me, despite a full and complete vilification by the Elite law enforcement officer of the land, she is beyond the law. Her economic plans, are simply more of the same, only bigger and more centralized, while speaking out both sides of her mouth, caught in more lies than a true American should be able to accept, but The Media covers for her while deceiving us into thinking she is the second coming, like Obama the First, she will be on a par with Caligula.

Which reminds me of what my grandaddy told me once, “A poor man robs you with a gun, a rich man robs you with a lawyer.” No truer words were ever said… but an ancient corollary is now evident, politicians rob whole countries with ‘laws’ they are told to write by the money powers that control them, and nothing shows the true colors of a politician more than so called ‘Free’ Trade treaties. As Ross Perot predicted, NAFTA destroyed America by the loss of over 65,000 factories and millions of good paying jobs.  TPP, if passed, will be the utter destruction of WASP culture and will turn America into a ghettoized third world shit hole, ripe for subjugation into the New World Order because The People will beg for it. Who is to blame? Is it those evil men who do what they do, or the good people, who have done nothing? Or is it the preachers who have told the good people to remain passive so they can receive their “free ticket to paradise” by ‘submitting to Godly authority’ while preachers collect their 30 pieces of tax free silver?

So, the question to ask, Mr and Mrs America, is; Do you really think, the crowd that screwed up America, is going to fix it? Has anything ever been repealed or truly fixed despite whoever gets elected? If you think that the ‘experienced politician’ will fix what’s wrong, you are living in the fantasy world of idealistic childhood. The only way politicians can get elected, is to sell themselves to The Money Powers, regardless of party or ideology. Don’t you wonder why they never talk about The Issues WE want to hear about? This is the essence of Mr. Trump’s appeal, he calls a spade, a spade. He is a practical man, not an ideologue. He is an imperfect man, yet, he admits to his imperfections. How many of you, can say you are Perfect in the eyes of God? There was only one perfect man, yet even His messages were attacked by the Money Powers at the time, remember?

This election is between nothing more than Trump or Goldman Sachs, the money powers that buys government and puppet politician flunkies. The only question to ask is, do you want America First, or America Last… because you know in your heart that the only way the Globalists can succeed, is for America to be reduced in stature, in family, in culture, in the cohesive bond that American’s used to have. They do this by using the “sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly”, the most succinct definition of political correctness I’ve ever read.

You Geeks have a lot of nerve, you are the pot calling the kettle black. You cannot look into the mirror and see that your globalist lies, fantasies and policies have failed, you just keep throwing good money after bad, and then, you keep printing money into an almost worthless state because you have failed to recognize Peak Debt follows peak oil, peak resources, peak population that Earth can carry, and now, Peak Attitude. Which tells me, you very smart people, have an agenda because you know what you’re doing is stupid, unless, you have an Agenda, the destruction of the American Dollar and the culmination of the Cloward-Piven strategy, which will probably require a monetary reset, which must, by necessity, lead to a new, totally electronic, global currency. And we wonder why The Lord attacked the Money Changers? Is this a powerful lesson in itself?, instead of what preachers preach, that this was His only Sin; Anger? Is there a difference between anger, and righteous indignation? You betcha.

You are Desperation personified as The GEECCS, who’s desperation comes across the TV as you now attack the front runner of the Republican party, with panic in your eyes and desperation in your emotional pleas, you see your money machine being thwarted, your empire assaulted, and your fiefdoms brought down.  Your cups of karma have been filled to overflowing, and the cups shall now be poured out on top of your heads. You have sewn the wind, and you shall reap the whirlwind… There. Will. Be. Blood. Either figurative or literal, take your pick, the blood in this country is already in a boil.

The whirlwind blowing in the country has a name, Donald J. Trump.  This is a whirlwind that was sewed by the Elite, who sewed the winds of perfidy and now reap what they have sewn. They pretend not to understand, and unfortunately, many of them don’t. This whirlwind rides the back of poverty, yet they call it ‘racist’, in order to avoid talking about the truth, The Failure of their beloved Globalism and the impoverishing of millions of once middle class Americans. America became AmeriKa as the poor become destitute, the middle class becomes poor, and the well off are not even so well off anymore. But what they don’t say, is that globalism was designed to fail, and bring in The New Thing, a global empire? That is the most logical conclusion, since, to maintain their power, they know, they must centralize, centralize, centralize all power, which, can only happen on the back of a Crisis.

This obvious trend of the Geeks, can only mean one result, they must ban cash, and institute a digital currency, totally under their control. This is what we are fighting against, the New World Order controlled by The Money Changers. Why do you think Christians have become a dirty word? When they reach their ultimate money-less utopia, Christianity must be a joke in the world, and their ultimate control mechanism, digital money, must have a secure delivery mechanism, a Mark of Loyalty and money, that “no man may buy or sell” without one. The only way it works, is if you and I, have become an anachronism, worthy of ridicule, and, punishment. We are almost there, but not quite. It is time to do “exploits” as Daniel told us.

In this regard, we have spoken at length with friends and family for decades about the future failure of The Information Economy. This has been the subject of many blog posts of many people, including Peggy Noonan and John Michael Greer, whose recent posts explained perfectly, and with intellectual honesty, about what is happening in the world, and America in particular. But bare mention has been made of The Paradigm shift that is now boiling underneath ‘polite society’.  Now, the Fourth Turning is here, and the Hero phase is upon us. Is Donald J. Trump, the Last Trump of God? Metaphor, coincidence, or prophecy, its a perfect fit, if, you understand the lesson of the Tens, and who the Caucasian race is. Preachers are guilty of dividing us into Jews and Gentiles, instead of those IN the world, and those OF the world. The Last race shall be first, and the first race shall be last, this is referring to spiritual evolution, but you wouldn’t accept that, because you have been raised as orthodox no matter your denomination, and also, as a ‘materialist’ with spiritual overtones.

For materialists, reality is not a spiritual journey in a holy reality, no, you are merely making money and trying to ‘be good’. This is the common thread in the ‘class’s of Noonan and Greer, the commonality that we are all stuck in a Universal Mystery, and there are many truths, because no one has an Absolute Truth. These classes, the protected class and salary class, could care less about anything but worshiping their true god; materialism, and you and I, are merely numbers in their machine. The fact that men like to labor in certain occupations, take up different crafts, work to make things or produce things and not just stand behind a counter, being retrained for a mindless job, makes no impact on their thinking, because ultimately, you have Zero value except where you fit in their highly structured economic model. You are simply a cog in their machine. They ultimately want to kill your soul, by forcing you to take a soul killing job. They do not accept this, of course, because in their world the only thing that counts, is numbers. They know the cost of everything, but the value of nothing.

Those who are opposed to The Donald, are the ones who are profiting from globalism and its tentacles from the vampire squid like central banks. Those who oppose him, don’t want to hear it, they expound mightily on the boob tube, that The Donald is a racist and all his followers are ignorant racist hillbillies. But as other commenters have told you, they are hiding the truth from you, and raping your minds, raping your pocket books, and raping your very souls. As John Michael Greer said, they are the “Salary class” that is the “protected class” of Peggy Noonan. Those who go through their lives in the bubble of the beltway or the towers and well monitored parks of New York, and want to sell us the idea that The Donald is actually one of THEM, and he is a traitor and trying to con you into electing a fascist demagogue. All this, that physically comes to you from the “spiritual wickedness in high places”, what we call, the GEECCS, the Oligarchy Dependent class sitting in sky scrapers?

One of the skills of the Piper is to discern the souls of men over the electronic media, this came clear one day while watching a guy named Ross Perot. He predicted all that is happening today with his famous line; “The Great Sucking sound of factories and jobs leaving America.” He was talking about what would happen to America if the GATT and NAFTA treaties were signed, and this was in 1992. I admit it, I voted for Ross. I was one of 19% of the population that voted for him, thus, giving Bill Clinton the White House with a minority 43% vote. I just couldn’t vote for Mr. “Read my lips, no new taxes” and “New World Order” George H.W. Bush, nor could my soul allow me to vote for the pandering crook; Bill Clinton.  The Donald has the same type soul as Ross Perot, (he loves America) who campaigned against Clinton… history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme, as Mark Twain was wont to say. And now history rhymes again, with A Mother of Harlots running against The Last Trump of God. Metaphor, coincidence, foreshadow, prophecy? Hmm, I wonder.

Now, does this mean that The Donald is a Godly pious man? Of course not, we are all human and have come short of the glory of The Light of God. Donald is a business man, doing business in an evil system, that requires you to do whatever it takes to succeed. In this, we understand that he had to deal with politicians of both parties in order to gain permits, and contracts, and favors, like, well, quite frankly, ALL of them HAVE to in order to succeed. I know this because I spent my time in entrepreneurial hell, and failed miserably because I wasn’t willing to ‘play the game’, give kickbacks, and went bankrupt, just like The Donald used those laws to recover his profitability, that’s what they’re there for. It is the foundation of the world system, screw or be screwed. And like everything else in this country, there are two Americas, and now lady justice should not appear blindfolded, but as a one eyed pirate, God help us all.

America, you have not been screwed, you have been raped, and the Elite know it because they are The Rapists. That’s why they call you racist hillbillies. Their ability to look at themselves and their failed policies, is completely gone, because they know, if they do, they themselves will lose their own privileges and perks, that is why they are more vicious and self congratulatory than at any time I’ve seen in the last 40 years of watching politics, the ‘loyal opposition’ has now become bitter enemies, and the Harlot even uses the word; enemy mine. We truly are at the cusp of the end of the possibility, as JFK said, of “peaceful revolution”.

The divide between the Iron and the Clay has never been more ripe for a great rock to fall from the sky, and bring down the whole edifice of western civilization. Remember, the Mooslims worship a rock that fell from the sky ‘unhewn by human hands’, this is The Kaaba in Mecca, becoming allied to the Great Harlot, the socialist and the Mooslims to become a Pale Green Horseman. There are no more do overs, we either elect The Last Trump of God, or we will dissolve into chaos and civil war, truly, a time of Jacob’s Trouble that comes at the End of The Age( the true Age, started at the Birth of Christ’s spirit not his body).

For prophecy is not simply about countries and kings, because the meaning of nations was mistranslated, and this leads to the truth within. And only when you understand the Lesson of the Tens, the Ten toes, the Ten virgins, and the Ten horns, which are the Lost Ten Tribes, The Last Race, the Caucasians, do you see the true meaning of prophecy is oriented towards peoples, ethnic ‘nations’. When Christ said “nation shall rise against nation”, the original word in the Greek was Ethnos, ethnic. What do we see on our streets, now, today? Revolutions are seldom neat, tidy and quick, people will ‘suffer as long as they are able’, and then something breaks, and chaos is loosed upon the world.

Bernie Sanders, is, likewise, the left handed side of this new ‘spirit of revolution’ now growing. These both have come after The Tea Party and Occupy(remember them?). It would be illuminating to see, if Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders actually ended up with the nominations, and went head to head in November, but I doubt it. The vicious nature of the Establishment Elite, says to me, that they will do anything to stop Trump AND Sanders, up to and including the hiring of patsies,  this is how The Establishment takes care of its own. (The die is now cast, this was written before the Republican convention, there is no more NeverTrump, only bitter clingers. And Bernie has been vanquished by the perfidy of his own party. So it will be The Contest of Contests this fall between the Harlot and The Trump. Hold on to your hat, no telling what last minute ‘crisis’ will hit before then.)

But in the process of all this, like The Donald and The Bern, America has heard the Trump, and is waking up. We are finally seeing that my friends “Billy and Bobby Sue” Hill billy, are starting to understand, that they’ve been HAD, big time, writ large. And that, their poverty is not their fault, as the Elite tell us, that “poverty is the fault of the poor”. That meme, as we said, like Elvis, has left the building, never to return. Because, as we already said, The Great Sucking sound actually sucked 65,000, read that number again, over 65,000 factories have been outsourced and off-shored, two of the favorite words of the Elite country club class, and the millions of satisfying “living wage” jobs that went with them, has left Potemkin America in a near third world status with everything in decay, with the grand exception of those areas that are awash in government fiat money. People in general, not being educated anymore in the basics, don’t understand that the New Normal, of Globalism, is about Grand Theft America. And what they are stealing is your souls, your culture, your values, your religion, your money, your property, turning you from American into AmeriKan. The destruction of WASP culture is the end game, to deligitimize your history, and eventually turn you into an enemy of the state.

To own it, or control it all, for that is the only way their new world order can succeed. Unfortunately, too many useful idiots remain in positions of influence. These idiots, including the Idiot in Chief, pretend that all is well… as they cook the books on the economy, and the planetary weather data to fool us all into thinking global warming is man made. They will use this made up data, to reduce coal fired power plants to the point where peak electrical demand cannot be sustained in the future, and brownouts and blackouts result. This will be the final nail in the coffin, as “light is taken from the Earth”. We have made the prediction for a few years, that they will then declare that air conditioners and refrigeration is an enemy of the planet, when the true enemy, is Them. This must be because their agenda is Green, the last horseman is Pale Green, the death worshipers come, they ally themselves with Islam, whose color is Green. This will make southern cities uninhabitable, and food scarce, and only they will have air conditioning. For without refrigeration, modern life is not possible.

(Update; The Black Caesar has now announced that they (he, himself, without Senate ratification) have signed the Paris Treaty, and that chlorofluorocarbons will be outlawed. And like nitrocellulose being defined as an illegal explosive, they do not have to outlaw air conditioning, or guns, merely make the base chemicals that make them work, illegal. Sneaky bastards, May God damn them all.)

When I was a child I remember the adults joking that, if politicians could figure out how to tax the air we breathe, they would do it. Well, they have, it is the infamous carbon tax, that will be shoved down your throats by a UN mandate, as they also take your guns by the UN Small Arms Treaty signed by the Black Caesar. The Mother of Harlots, will be the end of all things decent.

Now, the other night, I was just watching Fox news, O’Reilly, and he was talking to Charles Krauthammer, someone I used to respect but has now dropped to an all time low by basically attacking Mr. Trump and all of his ‘uneducated’ blue collar trash supporters, and saying there weren’t enough of us to put him in the White House.

But Charles made a statement that brought home our current predicament. That our society, our economy, is now, a “Post Industrial Information economy”. He went on, to basically say that if you’re not highly educated(and part of The Club), in our new system, you’re basically worthless, a throw away. He and O’Reilly were talking about “white rage” at the new system. And he was basically saying “Fuck them, they need to get over it, and go back to college”. No he didn’t curse, he never does, but I take it that way because basically what he and all the GEECCS are saying, is that those who work with their hands have no value. He pretends that we are in a new economy that doesn’t drive cars, live in houses, eat food, or use electronic devices, or, that its best if we are no longer a self reliant nation, because, this is the key, The GEECCS don’t want NATIONS anymore… and they are busting hell wide open to make it so. What he doesn’t say, is they have fulfilled Karl Marx’s prophecy, of a globalized capitalist economy that drives wages down and drives the hearts of the ‘proletariat’ to rage and violent revolution. Well, we’re almost there.

We, have known for some time, that the “Information Economy” is what Bill Clinton did to us when he signed the GATT and NAFTA treaties. This caused the prophecy of Ross Perot to come true, what Ross called, the aforementioned; “Great Sucking sound” of factories leaving America. Clinton and Gore, knew what they were doing when they sold out to the massive campaign donations from China at that time(1992). It was a political stink, true, but unprovable, like all things Clintonian. (Yes, its been a term since that time because of all the scandals, ‘accidental’ deaths, suicides and murders that circled around the Clintons in Arkansas and the White House. Does the name Vince Foster have a ring? He shot himself in the head, and didn’t leave any blood. Amazing eh?) And now, America gets a do over, because another businessman could be running against another Clintoon… oops, Clinton… (since starting writing this, she beat the system and was ‘cleared’ by the FBI. We have the best government money can buy.)

What these establishment bastards are saying, is that they have created this new, what they now term, Globalist economy. Because back then, we, those who supported Perot, said that the new information economy would be a disaster, the term “oursourcing” hadn’t been invented yet. We said “Will we stop driving cars? Stop living under a roof? Stop eating food? Wearing clothes? Or Shoes? Or playing with toys? How are you supposed to eat, drive or wear ‘Information’? Well, we got our answer, didn’t we? It was The BIG Lie, at least, if you are an American. But that America doesn’t exist anymore, it was outsourced, even our damn flags have “Made in China” on them, and take exactly two windstorms before they start fraying at the seams… Then along comes The Last Trump, actually making noises on TV, calling the GEECCS out? Somebody has the nerve to stand up to them? Oh yeah, as the Arabs say; The enemy of my enemy is my friend… now do you understand ole wise ones in The GEECCS? Your time is limited, the Trump is blowing out a message; SLEEPERS AWAKEN!!!

Those who don’t understand why the illegal immigration problem is not being resolved, by either party, is simple… The Republicans get cheap labor. The Democrats get voters. And the Catholic church gets pew sitting tithers. The Social Security system gets lots more workers. The Corporations get H1b visa holders that come to work in the new 21st century version of the Company store, a low wage plus an apartment. In all cases, white guys need not apply, but we white guys, are The Racists?

This ‘fundamental transformation’ of the economy, and society, has been ongoing for decades, but only recently have we awakened to what’s going on. White ‘culture’ must be eliminated, rights from God have to go away, to be replaced by privileges from your ‘betters’, including it seems, the Right of perverts to go into the little girls room. What Mr. Trump was saying, it seems, is that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But this like most things, can be twisted into a pretzel by our ‘media’ and their owners.  This reflects the confused and degenerated ‘PC culture’ that America has become, that we cannot even understand the difference between boys and girls.

They, The Elite, give no value to skills, or values, or culture, and they don’t want anybody hanging around that really, really understands and remembers the way it used to be. These are ridiculed and reviled as potential ‘domestic terrorists’. To the discerning eye, you should now see the Truth… there are no political parties anymore, there are only the Haves and the Have nots.

Unfortunately, the chickens must come home to roost, because they have forgotten the lessons of Henry Ford. The chickens are pissed because they LIKE building things, creating things, seeing the results of their labor in a beautiful new thing. Factories weren’t just mindless labor, but in many cases required skilled artisans. If you see the quality of products coming out of China, you understand what I’m saying. The Chinese are like the Japanese were in the 1960’s when we had a saying “Cheap Jap Junk”, the Japanese learned and actually invited American quality control experts into Japan. Their entire society shifted around the concept of ‘quality first’. Nowadays, we say “Cheap Chinese Crap”, and they are now figuring out, that they cannot pay their people crap, and produce good products because their only focus is on cheap. You can’t have it both ways. They will eventually get the message, or people will quit buying Chinese goods, and that leads us back to Henry Ford.

Henry Ford had a problem, he could make more cars than he could sell. Nobody had any money. Nobody was making more than what was termed “subsistence wages”. Rich people don’t like to pay people more than they have to, and if given the choice, they will pay you the least amount possible, that is a natural side effect of doing business in the System of Usury, The GEECCS System, called Mammon which means Materialism, everything costs more than it should and everybody has their hand in your pocket. Nowadays, the bar for new businesses has been set so high by regulations, fees, permits ad nauseum, that for the first time in history, more small businesses go out of business than start in business, but this also suits the GEECCS, no competition is good and they have lobbied their way to the cat birds seat.

When I was young, we had a joke; “We have the best government money can buy”,  only the joke has lost its humor as we saw it play out on national TV, there is no justice anymore, we have; Just Us.  The GEECCS know the cost of everything, yet the value of nothing. That men are not simply economic units, only enters their mind if that value is sports oriented. They have suppressed wages to the point where we are back where we began before the days of Henry Ford,  but worse, we have degenerated all the way back to Rome, and slavery days, only they don’t call them slaves, they call them illegals and H1b’s, and they don’t know why regular white folks have become poor? Why, its because its planned that way. They can’t have a New World Order as long as America is still ‘America’, with the threat of 200 million gun toting screaming white folk, now can they? So they turn you into sheep, by using the mind raping tool of political correctness.

The GEECCS, to include Charles Krauthammer are not ‘bad’ people, they have merely fallen into what I term the Trap of Mind Fads, like the ‘Information Economy’ meme. Its a false idea, because having a self sufficient economy is not what they want, they want a bunch of ignorant dependent sheep, while only a few at the top truly understand what’s going on is a Global Chess game.  Management likes its salary class to all think alike. They get these ideas, these ‘memes’ going, and they go viral in that community because everybody ‘goes along to get along’.

The point of this is, the GEECCS is like an academic fraternity club, who know each other by their secret code words. A bunch of over educated idiots hanging out together pretending to know something because they know the Words, the Gab, the Talk, but can’t walk the walk because they’ve never actually Done It, Made Something, worked the floor, know how things work, what it takes, but they do know when their buddy or The Man says something, they all fall in line like lemmings, right off the cliff.

This is not say that there are no good managers, there are, but they are few and far between. Mostly nowadays, they give management and supervisory jobs to college educated idiots who know all the latest globalist management fads and talking points. They have all forgotten what Henry Ford is most famous for, if they were ever taught it in their leftist liberal colleges and universities. Henry Ford did not invent the assembly line, he improved on it. But what he is most famous for is the invention of (unheard of at that time) “Disposable Income”, by doubling the wages of all his workers to $5 a day, so they could afford to buy one of his cars. Henry understood economics on a most basic level, if people have money, they will spend it, if they do not, they cannot.

Mr. Trump understands that real economies grow by taking dirt out of the ground and producing something new, this is ‘new wealth’. This rising tide lifts all boats, globalism is the reverse, sucking the water of life out of the land. They cannot understand why sales have stagnated or gone down. Well, duh. Henry also thought through the economics enough to know that this new money would circulate into the economy, and others in the ‘service’ industry may be able to afford a car. In short, he invented the Blue collar middle class in this country. And now, the modern managers are busy destroying it by trying to use a management ‘fad’, called globalism, to increase profits from a historic 5-10% to unheard of 20-30+%, on the backs of the ‘uneducated’, and can’t understand why half the Blue collar middle class wants to put their necks in a noose, and the rest of us have become desperately impoverished, and through ignorance will beg them for any scraps off their table. This is the end of the paradigm of the Black horseman, where ‘ a measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny, and spare ye not the oil and the wine’ is their goal; a new serf economy, where you are the serf and they are the aristocracy. This is how its always been, America was an aberration in history, now do you understand what the confederacy was all about?

This is obvious, but they have much to defend, and can either be ignorant or pretend to be obtuse, either way, we all lose because the Virtuous cycle of Henry Ford has now become the Vicious circle of Bill Clinton(who started the true down spiral by signing GATT and NAFTA), spiraling down the drain of economic degeneration into wage deflation and economic destruction. People cannot spend what they do not have, the wages of the greedy is, ultimately, economic suicide. This describes globalism perfectly, because that is what Karl Marx and the Revelation of John predicted would happen, and has begun in earnest. Only this generation of managers, media and bureaucrats, are also, in the long  run, victims hung on their own petard.

Likewise, Charles has fallen into the Globalist/Information economy mind meme. I bet, in fact, I know, he drives a car(a very tricked out car for the paraplegic), I’m sure he eats, and wears clothes, yet he probably thinks that paying a few dollars more for those products is economic HERESY. HORSESHIT CHARLES. We USED TO, because they were better products and we had the money, we HAD the ‘best standard of living’ on Earth when I was a young man.  You have been deceived by your buddies(do you ever talk to anybody outside the beltway anymore?), and you may have to pay the price of the whirlwind you have sewn.

Charles, you have basically said that men who work with their hands have less value than you over educated philosopher kings. But you masters of the Universe, can’t fix your own tire, or fix your plumbing or electrical, or make a knife with old junk car parts with nothing but fire, air and muscle controlled by your mind. That the only economic value we have to your kind, is to change your oil, and make your burgers. Not understanding that the souls of men, especially white creative men, LIKE to make things with their hands, and are diminished, and devalued by your very class (your words Charles, this is a ‘class’ issue, not a ‘race’ issue.) arrogant attitude. You are the 21st century version of ‘let them eat cake’. For when you take a man’s purpose and passion away, you rob his soul. It is not always ‘work’ to go to a factory and work hard to produce what used to be the finest products in the world, it is fun to pound metal and create something useful from something thrown in your trashpile.

If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, then, what does it mean when America is borrowing money from China?  It proves a basic tenant of Adam Smith economics, new wealth can only be ‘created’ when it comes out of the ground, is then turned into final products using mind and labor.  All other forms of ‘wealth’, are simply an illusion, like the FIRE economy of the USA(Information Economy became FIRE; Finance, Insurance and Real Estate, an economy FOR the ELITES).  What is truly demeaning is to hear some talking head tell us that all those Chinese coolies produce products that are worthy of OUR money, the Mexican illegals are ‘suited’ for hot work(sending OUR money home), and white guys either get with the program and go into debt up to your eyeballs and get a degree, or go to hell… Which demonstrates the failure of the management fad of the 1990’s New Information economy ‘you’ guys were building, you remember the saying; “They work, we think.” or its many variations that mean the same thing.

How’s that working out for you now Mr. and Ms. college graduates, who’s ‘thinking work’ has been outsourced to India, or have you merely been replaced with an H1b Indian now living in the company apartment building? How’s that working for ya, when you have tens of thousands in college debt, but can’t find a job in ‘business management’ because businesses are shutting their doors? How’s it working out for ya Mr. Phd in gender studies? How’s that BS degree in black history working out for you? We have become a nation of faddists, following talking twits, common sense, is no more.

Yet, Mr. Charles Krauthammer, has the nerve to get all sanctimonious about Mr. Donald Trump? When Mr. Trump gets up there and tells it like it is? That all YOU SELF CENTERED BASTARDS in the NY/DC corridor, have screwed the whole country, and left yourselves as the lords and ladies, the new aristocracy of the American Monied Royalty? I have news for you Charles, and all your twit friends, I used to like Fox news, but no longer will I watch it. I’m boycotting Fox.

You noticed I called Donald; The Last Trump? Is this a metaphor, a coincidence or the real thing? Who can know. Does this mean I’m saying he is a prophet, a Godly pious man? Oh no. All I’m saying is that God often uses the Outsider, the contrary or unpopular guy for getting His messages out. The Donald is on a mission from God because I sincerely believe he loves America, what America used to be, and what it could be again, if it get its collective head out of its own emotional arse. No matter whether Mr. Trump wins or not, he has performed a mission for God in the sense that he has blown his trumpet loud, and the message is clear;



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Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned -redeux

“Three things that cannot stay long hidden, the Sun, the Moon, and The Truth.”

The Blue and Red Kabuki dancers now join forces against The People, The Elect, and show the country, and the world, their true faces. They are those who worship money, and power, above all other considerations. The Republicans cannot abide the man on the white horse, the last Trump of God, a flawed man, who gives a wake up call to the silent majority; SLEEPERS AWAKEN. The Establishment Elite are in a panic as the global meme of antiglobalism sweeps the world. They will do anything, say anything, kill anybody, to maintain their grip on the money power. In the end, that is the power they seek to retain, the control of money, and budgets, for there is the source of their power. If Mr. Trump wins the election, excpect the electoral college to become the last battle ground. If he takes the Whitehouse, expect the entire apparatus of government to fight him. But before that, if he wins the election, ‘they’ are already blaming the Russians for ‘interfering in the process’, and could, declare the whole thing ‘compromised’. They cannot see, their entire collectivist agenda is the problem, and immigration as the visible knife in our backs that is starting to bleed like a stuck pig. Europe is crumbling because of it, and America is in their sights. And too many preachers are helping to bring us down by siding with the government, for money, instead of preaching truth to power…

Mysterious polio like diseases, tuberculosis, dengi fever, all frightening, old, once thought eradicated diseases, making a come back, in the US of A. Why? Is there no common sense left in the Kabuki dancers? No, of course not, that would directly attack the method of their madness; multiculturalism. For when you have multiculturalism, you have no culture at all. No protection of your way of life, your morals, values, even your lives are forfeit to forces that can only succeed if your particular culture, the WASP culture, is eliminated by the ‘Religion’ of Progress, the primary religion of the globalists and their dual ideology of secular materialism… the Duopoly of left vs right, where both sides report to the same set of bosses. Bosses who use the game of Trivial Pursuit, to hide the real issues of today, bogging barely educated men and women down in firestorms of emotional nonsense, taking up valuable media airtime, leaving precious little airtime for real issues. When someone does have the gall to speak against ‘The System’, they are attacked by both sides. The Kabuki dancers in the theater of the damned, hide and obfuscate, deny and lie, all the way to the halls of power and control, the ultimate aphrodesiac. Anybody who mentions their ultimate goal, global government, is ridiculed, since their mission is to work for ‘you’, not themselves. When they are caught red handed, no time is given on the air, only air time is doled out to Trump’ed up faux paux in the past. Yet, their golden haired child, who raped women, is given a pass. The lies stack up to heaven, the bowls of Karma are full to overflowing, the kettle is steaming and ready to blow, America is on the verge of civil war, regardless of who wins, violence has already begun… but remember who drew first blood, the Blue Kabuki has now burned down a Red Kabuki head quarters, beaten people, vandalized cars, caused anarchy in the streets… we are all waiting for First Blood to flow.

In this time, the Globalists, and Hillary-> in particular, we have a crowd of globalist madmen bent on disestablishing the American culture in order to desensitize us into accepting all kinds of ‘new normals’. The new normal of a global police state, the global economy that benefits only the richest of the rich and the rest of us will eventually get the shaft. This is the purpose of the keeping of information hidden about muslim attackers, and Black lives matters anarchists, as well as the influx of thousands of so called ‘refugees’. In this matter we have been reminded of what we have forgotten, as well as the cost of being ‘nice’. For nice guys finish last in this world, and the Last Trump has been warning us all; SLEEPERS AWAKEN.

Is this metaphor, prophecy or coincidence, we cannot say. We can say he is right, simply based on the facts in our face, The System is rigged. America has become a nation of The Bezzle, The Scam, the Racket. He is tough as nails, and tough is what we need right now, period. For all of us have been overcome by the “Sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly.”, the most perfect definition of political correctness ever written. In these simple biblical words lie the fruit of karma, you reap what you sew. If you listen to the winds of nonsense, then you will reap the whirlwinds of chaos.

The Kabuki dancers would have you believe they are being nice by bringing in thousands of third world dregs, without any vetting, or even a basic physical examination. This is why Ellis Island used to exist, and to get your ‘walking papers’, you had to enter in one of the few institutions that provided America with an extra layer of safety against walking epidemics, by vetting and examining every potential immigrant, this is the process of legal immigration. But the Kabuki dancers don’t care, they don’t care about America remaining America. They know, that as long as WASP culture stands, and America remains America, they will never implement a global government.
Know this, it is not that the idea of a global government is a bad thing, no. But, not with the current crop of philosopher king wanna be’s we have. For they know things we do not accept, but it is because they have kept the facts from us to foster their own agendas, and they are even bragging in low places how their primary agenda is depopulation and global government, by whatever means necessary.

James Howard Kuntsler, in his blog, said as much just the other day. These two faced ass wipes complain, bitch and moan about politicians destroying America, and how the oil situation is the killer of civilizations, and how the crooks that run the show should all die first, but in the end, it is necessary for a massive depopulation event to happen in order to ‘save the planet from ourselves’. They have no vision, they have no souls, for they, and all the other democrat and many republican voters have no minds, they only have weak minded hearts. Hearts that will accept any bullshit thrown out there, as long as it has the primateur of the Media and the Politicians, especially, the issue of illegal immigration.

This is just like Rome, overrun by slaves, that destroyed the small business men, because the slave operation owned by a senator, can wipe out any and all competition, that’s what happened in Rome, and left former small businessmen dependent on the Emperor for food and entertainment they called “bread and circuses”, America has begun that slow slide into moral and economic irrelevancy. Rome went tits up because they overextended themselves, debased(watered down) their money, and created a welfare/warfare state. Ask yourself; What has America become? Like Rome, now, any corporation, that owns a politician or two, can import H1b visa holders, or hire mexicans, and throw white and black people out in the street without so much as a by your leave, and the government lets them get away with it. This is happening all over the country, yet, it is state sanctioned murder of America, which will leave us a festering, diseased, unemployed, shit hole of a country, left in the back wash of the duopolistic religion of ‘progress’ as the Kabuki dancers dance in the theater of the damned.

On the other side of the equation of duopoly, we have the billionaires like Elon Musk, and others, who want to take us to outer space. They see a future of rocket ships and space stations, Mars colonies, and Jupiter explorations, eventually, they see technology taking mankind to the stars. But, there will be no stars for mankind, because mankind cannot reach the stars with the profit motive. The capitalists haven’t figured out yet, that capitalism benefits only the capitalists, everybody else, and everything else, including Earth resources, are too thin to support such an endeavor. It would take millions, if not a billion peoples resources to mount such a simple expedition to Earth’s closest star Alpha Centauri, only a short 4 light years away. It would take the commitment of a race of people desperate to escape a planet that is dying, or a desperate race to beat an asteroid on a course to inflict an ELE, Extinction Level Event, on our home planet. That such a thing is inevitable, or a corona mass ejection is more likely to come in our lifetimes, than not. But, we don’t have any men of vision, we have whiners, and con artists in charge. Men of vision do not have enough resources to fulfill their visions because their visions are so visionary, and visions do not come cheaply. How many regular Joes, do you think, can afford a ticket to ride a spaceship for over $200,000? Space travel, to them, is merely the 21st century equivalent of a high dollar Disney world, not what it should be, an Arc or lifeboat for the species. We have minds, but we are always drawn down into the common denominator of money.

The last such visionary was JFK, and that worked out real well for him, eh? There are some who say we would have never walked on the moon if JFK had lived, and that if it wasn’t for the cold war, we would never have had the motivation or financial allocations. Regardless, it took the entire resources of a nation just to stand on the moon and look back at Earth, a blue floating marble in a vast darkness, and only a few men ever went, and what they saw awed them to the bone, and convinced most of them that there was something desperately wrong with planet Earth. That something has been around since the beginning; the Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules. The only way to save humanity, from an oilless, and a Universe filled with Chaos, is the Golden Rule. But it is hard to be spiritual, when your life, or your job, depends on your love affair with materialism. But as we have said before, it was always the love of money that destroyed America almost from the beginning. It could all be fixed in one stroke, but as long as the Head of Gold rules the world, it will be hard to accept that governments should be abolished, and banks, and corporations. No, it will take a true species threatening event to awaken people, the Last Trump is awakening many that The System is rigged, it will take a war to light the fires of real global revolution.
In Jesus name we pray, but, do we know Jesus, or do we know what preachers say?
I think we are divided, and useless as meek warriors. The meek warrior stands up to evil. Yet preachers are divided into denominations, and schools of thought. Thus the Body is divided, not united as our enemy is.
This is why I abandoned the Church in the Search for Truth. Buddha said there are three things that cannot remain long hidden, The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth. The Truth, is the Double edged sword that comes out of the mouth of the Lord… The Doubled edged sword was historically the symbol for truth because it cuts both ways…

The Truth is, our Bible was not written by God, but by Rome. And those who search the Truth know, it is merely a fragment of what was long ago… Thus in this time the ‘sword comes out of the mouth of the Lord’, Revelation was a Gnostic prophecy, but Gnostics were burned at the stake to eliminate competition with Orthodoxy. Orthodoxy pays lip service to God, while truly worshiping Mammon. This is what divides us, the spiritual and the material. We think men can perform prayers and rituals that will give us a ‘free ticket to paradise’, this is the essence of the Anti-Christ spirit. That you can buy your way into paradise, when, paradise is free, but heaven is not.

We have had our humanity stolen by false prophets, we have had the truth stolen by false churches, that have divided us into arguing over bible verses, instead of trying to integrate them into Oneness.
Oneness says, that men defend the righteous and the innocent, and deliver them from evil. Preacher will say to be ‘passive like Christ’, yet leave out the lesson in the Temple with the money changers. Preacher will say this is the only ‘sin’ that the Lord committed, but was this a sin, or a lesson? Every thing He did was a lesson by example. In our time, the money changers control all things… yet we are divided over everything because ‘evil crept in unawares’, and we are seduced by the ‘sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly’… the most perfect definition of political correctness ever written.

He showed the The Way, that the Meek Warrior loves his enemies. Part of that love is tough love, to show them the error of their ways. Part is to demonstrate the superior character and moral strength of the warrior when he ‘turns the cheek’ in the face of insults. But also, to understand that there are different levels to evil, and you must ‘sell your coat and buy a sword’. Preachers say these are contradictions in The Word, but those contradictions were caused by the Founding Fathers and their zealous reediting of ancient manuscripts. They argue about them, but that is because they use basically the same book, without guidance from ancient scripts. They cannot integrate into Oneness because they went to seminaries, brain washing universities, like the Elite, they are One with The System of Babylon… they preach to ‘submit to Godly authority’, yet, where is Godliness in Authority?
Babylon, a much used, and abused term was defined even in the writings of the Bible, yet preachers cannot see it because they are too anal retentive, too literal minded, in defense of The System. Because they all know, The System IS Babylon. They have sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver to preach ‘non politically’, while getting their tax breaks. They cannot see the truth because they are the modern Pharisees, who bow down to the modern version of Rome, they follow men’s law, not God’s. Babylon was a system, not just a kingdom. Daniel told us what it was, history told us how it works. The Money changers of Babylon invented the most vile instrument in the history of mankind; The Fixed Contract of Debt… backed up by the Kings soldiers, and given moral authority by the Priests… sound familiar? It should, it is the Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules.

This was shown in the prophecy of Nebuchadnezzar interpreted by Daniel. A metaphor of the empires that would come after Babylon, that would be “like Babylon, but not as good”. This is what America is based on, The ‘Republic’, that the international bankers have taken control over, and the Church has now turned hard left in support of The Beast(the Animal emotions in man, greed vs envy, as the duopoly of division and control. What I term; The Kabuki dancers in the Theater of the Damned…). The Church is the Holy Mother Church, a woman, a Mother of Harlots named; MYSTERY speaking ‘anti’ Christ messages/blasphemies. Who rides a beast named Babylon the Great, with seven heads and ten horns… seven continents, and ten lost tribes. The Horns are shofars, the symbol of Leaders of the Lost Tribes of Israel, the Caucasian race that controls the whole Earth… I know, I know, this is very controversial… but, objective research, and the Spirit speaking, will speak to your hearts, if you can simply understand the anger and hatred of Judah. The ‘lost sheep’ is who Jesus came for, eh? Yet, those sheep were never ‘lost’, they went into hiding. Running away from Judah and his ‘temple law’, which became changed during their long stay as captives in Babylon. All of us were polluted by the Babylonian Mystery religion, the idea that priests can intervene between man and God. This is the foundation of Orthodoxy, that man can get to God by the actions and rituals through other men. The only way to God, is Jesus, the First begotten Son, the Logos, the Word, and your own actions in defending innocence against evil…

We, America, used to be the good guys. We have not been the good guys since the 1950’s, we have been an empire of money, that became debt. All of our institutions are oriented towards arrogance and power over everybody, especially their own people. As they lie about the economic situation, people are confused. Then they are caught in more lies, lies that serve but one purpose; Power and Control, the Great Aphrodisiacs of the Mammon Worshipers. You can serve God, or Mammon (materialism), but you cannot serve both masters. Thus good people can only be controlled by the appearance of morality, this is the purpose of political correctness, the Illusion of Goodness, sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly. We, The People, have never had anything but the System of Babylon, since the time of Babylon… we have never known anything but the Rule of Gold, and only the Golden Rule can conquer it. When the black horseman of the money changers falls, many will awaken to their own cowardice.

This gets down to literal, metaphorical, spiritual, physical, scientific, principles, we have a choice between a religion of ‘faith’ without proof of God, or, worshiping a philosophy of science, not only without God, but actively seeking to disprove God. They hate God, and teach our children that Godly people are backwards, neanderthals, old fashioned, “Hasn’t science proven there is no God?” they say… The Great Falling Away has been happening for decades, in ‘Gods Time’, where a thousand years is as a day, and a day is as a thousand years. This is the most perfect explanation of Einstein’s Relativity ever described. Yet, Einstein resented scientists using his theories to prove there is no Creator. I use Relativity, and the Books of Enoch and Nag Hammadi, to mathematically prove that God MUST exist for all things to BE. This came to me after 40 years of seeking truth outside the hypocrites of church, and I saw the doors of heaven open, just a crack. Enough to reveal that we are all deceived, by those who worship money. This is the foundation of all evil, for the love of money truly is, the Root of all Evil. The lesson of the rich man tells us to abandon wealth, and follow Him, but, in this System, if you do, you will be attacked. So what is The Way Forward?
We are given the answer, but we cannot see, because our preachers are blinded by mammon. We must go “into the wilderness” on the wings of a mighty Eagle, oddly, the Symbol of Rome, and America. We escaped persecution in Europe, and came to America ‘on the wings of an Eagle’. And now, we are persecuted again, and the persecution is met by confusion, and disparate messages from our leadership, because they themselves are divided into camps, denominations. A house divided against itself, cannot stand. But we cannot unify because The Lord must come again. Well, really? His true teachings were found, yet rejected, again, by modern pharisees. These were called the Nag Hammadi codexes, the books of Enoch, and others, that were buried by ancient Gnostic sages under severe persecution from the Catholics. If I told you that Jesus was a Gnostic, you would have to ask yourself, was Jesus a ‘Christian’? Be careful with your answer, because He was not a Jew, in the standard modern definition of that word. He was an Essene, a Gnostic Jew at war with the other ‘sects’ of Sadducee and Pharisee, like our denominations today(remember the influence of Babylon?). He called them vipers, he attacked them physically, in the temple, through their source of power; the money changers. He showed us The Way, to leave The System of the money changers, to go into the wilderness, and live like lilies of the field, to become our brothers keepers. Not in the way of Churches, but in the way of our own economy, outside the ‘economy’ of The System. The System wants only one thing, your dependence and loyalty, to Them.

Eventually, we must all depend on ourselves. I am learning how to be a blacksmith and to grow my own medicine, having worked at a pharmaceutical company as management, it can be done since all the things to heal the human, grow upon The Earth. This is the Source of medicines. Today, they are trying to push plastic drugs, for plastic people, for plastic politicians to use to control us, yet the side effects are often worse than the cure. This is because they are all byproducts of petroleum… they produce poison along with healthcare, they don’t care, its all about the money… as all the recent lawsuits have proven. Like the drug companies, the justice system, the VA, the Military Industrial Complex, the banks, they are all part of The Bezzle, the national disgrace that is the precursor of global government. They want it. They all want it because it will give them all what they want, power and control over all people and nations. This is a forgone conclusion, as we all know it must happen, at least for the short term.
But, as the black horseman falls, the Last Trump of God is blowing a message in the whirlwind sewed by the Elite. The messenger, as always for God, is flawed, imperfect, an outsider. His message is simple; SLEEPERS AWAKEN, this is happening as the Dark day of the Lord(a time of darkness is seen as madness in society) as WWIII is being designed by these evil people to hide their crimes and take power, like the Phoenix that burns down its own nest, and rises from the ashes, as the banks are having problems, as the weather is having problems, as the Earth is having problems with Earth quakes and volcanoes… the Signs in the Sun, no spots, are very telling, but they use the issue of global warming, and tell us that we are the problem, when in fact, it is the Cycles of Earth, natural, not man made, we contribute only a small percentage of the problem, but, it is a ‘crisis that cannot go to waste’, and their solution is ‘The Green Horseman’. The Death worshipers come as the Greens, oddly, the color of Islam is also Green, and they have become allies to form a pale green horse… the black horseman is the scales, of the money changers, the paradigm of banking and the Illusion of Justice, will morph into the Pale Green Horseman of Gaia worship, and the Moon god, Christianity and the Church must succumb to their own division based in the Doctrine of Mystery, the primary doctrine of the Church.

Therefore, the Elect, must stand against The Elite. The Elect are those who see through the Illusion of Reality, in its many deceptions. We will become The Remnant, and the Meek who inherit. Prophecy is becoming history, if you have but ‘eyes that see’. But those eyes have been put out, by the forces of Mammon, and it is almost time, for the veil to be lifted and the face of true evil to be seen, but by then, it will be too late, as most all will have been happily deceived by their own Leaders. I say ‘happily’ because most people want to believe The Illusion instead of The Reality.
The Elect begin to awaken, yet many have had their eyes taken out, and their ears plugged with dung. The Sea roars in confusion, as the global beast of emotional and irrational ideology begins its march against the Saints. The Darkness of power unites the darkness, for power attracts evil like moths to a flame, and moths swarm, yet they become allies in their fight against The Light.

Now is the time for the Meek Warriors to rise, and do exploits.

PS: I apologize for the length and breadth of this post. I get carried away sometimes. Normally I would just exit the page and delete the post. But, I see many who are confused, who listen to preachers and argue about scriptures and what they should do, or not do. They see the same old same old, and have become tired and many are leaving The Churches because of the Division of the Word. They do not understand that there was once much more, and that it was destroyed by the same types who The Lord chastised. Those who doubt these words, need only seek the Truth in the original words, and reading Origen, the Church Father who was declared a heretic because he tried to bring orthodoxy and gnosis together. Read who The Heretics were, and the councils and synods that battled over the inclusion of Gnostic works of Revelation and John into your Bibles. What was removed, was the ‘private teachings’ of Jesus, and now, those teachings have been rediscovered by the serendipity of God. This is the sword of truth that comes out of the mouth of the Lord. But, we have all forgotten the original meanings of words, and the language of the spirit, which is metaphorical images. It is the what we need, to quit arguing among ourselves over things forgotten and the ideologies of the rich. The only ideology we should recognize in the future, is the ideology of The Family, which contains both right and left within itself. To learn the lessons of the temple money changers, and the lesson of Samuel and Saul, that we “demanded a king to rule over us”, and so has it ever been since.
The only question The Elect need ask is; How has all that king stuff worked out for ya over the last few thousand years or so? Is there another Way, that does not include governments of men? Is there a new constitution, call it; a global Constitution of the Confederation of the Kingdom of God, that could create a climate ‘in the wilderness’, outside The System? There is, but we refuse to see, because we love our comforts, we have yet to ‘sell our coats(of comfort), and buy a sword(of truth)’…

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Trump and the Kabuki dancers

trump-flagThe Piper doesn’t comment on current political games, except in the prophetical sense, but in this case, we think a Great Awakening is happening in a spiritual sense. The Last Trump of God is blowing in the whirlwind of perfidy sewed by The Elite  globalists. This is the Essence of the battle for which we are now playing out using the final peaceful box of liberty, the Ballot box. Do you understand now? How they manipulate the candidates, and ALL candidates are OWNED by THEM? This box has already failed, and the tree of liberty is thirsty. Now, the latest out of them is the nifty idea they are floating that ‘The Establishment’ doesn’t exist, they ask ‘Who is this Establishment?’, and you should laugh if you are wise.

We say the Last Trump of God in a metaphorical sense, perhaps a foreshadowing? We don’t say this because Donald J. Trump is a Godly or pious man, oh no, quite the opposite. But, God often uses the weirdo, the unpopular man, as a messenger, and his message to America is clear;


Your country is being stolen by the Elite globalist oligarchy and those who profit from it, all those like Charlie Gasparino of Fox who got mad when he asked if NAFTA should be repealed. Yes, it should, and this should be obvious to those with “eyes that see”. They are now desperate to maintain their control over the crony part of the capitalist system, and that, is the Essence of the Battle. For in this election cycle, there are only two choices, a vote between the Last Trump or Goldman Sachs et. al. .

Mr. Trump represents a rebellion against globalism and the centralized political economy, a revolution against The Great Lies like NAFTA and whatever comes afta.  Mr. Sanders revolution represents an emotional backlash against capitalism because most of his followers don’t know anything except what Bernie is going to give them, which, is what The Cronies have taken from everyone, true economic freedom. But it is not capitalism at fault, it is crony capitalists in New York and D.C. Understand that those who take the Globalists money, owe them favors, and Mr. Trump takes no money from Them. That is the Key to Understanding. We can only hope, in this general election, he doesn’t capitulate to The Powers that Be, and remains himself.

Those who have eyes that see, see the great consternation of the Sycophants and Elites, even Paul Ryan cannot support Mr. Trump ‘at this time’. Which is Washington speak for “until he tows the line and agrees to our terms”.  Talk of ‘Republicans for Hillary’ are a dead giveaway of where these people’s loyalties lie, and it ain’t with you and me.  Talk of third parties are nonsense since they just don’t have time. Now noise of support the Libertarians, the pot smokers, really? This whole silly season does more than simply take a hard turn into the absurd, it is REVEALING, that The Donald is RIGHT, and ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’, the Donald is their enemy, and thus, my friend. Notice, it is both republican and democrat dancers that hate Mr. Trump, now giving away The Game out of their own desperation. These people do not love America, they have bragged about it in the past, calling themselves Internationalists(as long as THEY are in charge of the Empire of Debt. ).

This is a Godly revolution of righteous indignation against a bunch of rich metrosexual perverts who have screwed the economic pooch, and are trying to foul up the cultural nest as well. We don’t need to go into a lot of details, if you don’t already know The Deal, just go back to sleep, and if this revolution fails, when you wake up, you will find America has become a third world shithole and you should hang your head in shame, for you laid down on the altar of liberty and took a nap.

JFK said it best, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable”. Thus the flag at the top of this post is not something I would ever expect a yankee billionaire to take to heart, but southerners will understand. It represents that level of hatred for the Washington and New York NAFTA/CAFTA/TPP loving Elite called The Establishment(and THAT is how you KNOW THEM), and The Donald, is now righteously exposed as NOT IN THEIR CLUB. Regardless of what niceness prevails eventually, it will all be theater for us unwashed masses, Kabuki from the dancers in the theater of the damned.

(Trump Revolution flag is placed in the public domain.)


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The AEther

The AEther
By D. Michael Lambert (aka Piper Michael)

“When forced to summarize the general theory of relativity in one sentence: Time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter.”
–Albert Einstein

“Recapitulating, we may say that according to the General Theory of Relativity, space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists an Aether. According to the General Theory of Relativity space without Aether is unthinkable; for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence, for standards of space and time (measuring-rods and clocks), nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense. But this Aether may not be thought of as endowed with the quality characteristic of ponderable media, as consisting of parts which may be tracked through time. The idea of motion may not be applied to it.”
–Aether and the Theory of Relativity
by Albert Einstein, PhD
Address delivered on May 5th, 1920, at the University of Leyden in the Netherlands.

“Today’s scientist have substituted mathematics for experiments and they wander off through equation after equation and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.”
–Nikola Tesla

Confirmation Update: Universal magnetic field discovered


The Michelson-Morley experiment, is famously called; The “most famous failed experiment in history”. This experiment was designed to show a shifting light beam in an interferometer, that would indicate movement of the Earth through The “Luminiferous Ether”.  Our premise is that Michelson and Morley’s hypothesis was wrong, and thus, the foundation of modern physics is wrong. That light is not an indicator of the Aether of Einstein’s general relativity, but, merely a visible side effect of the transmission properties of it. It is not ‘luminiferous’ or The Source of light, as they assumed, but, must be the ‘carrier’, which by necessity is opposite to light, in order to provide a foundation or firmament for the ‘hardness’ of matter, and all of the unresolved “mysterious phenomena” of physics, to coin a word; magneto-iferous or proto-magnetic. In other words, it must be, the ‘Dark Energy’ that modern physics strives for, yet cannot seem to get its ‘hypothesis’ on. This is because of the aforementioned failed experiment, that sent physics down a rabbit hole of particles instead of forces, without an Aether to carry the forces.

Light is less than half of reality, most of reality is dark, or invisible, this is why they have so much trouble defining so called  ‘dark’ energy. It must be the source of the magnetic field, the opposite of the electric field, which is composed of, for lack of another word; ‘photons’… light waves. If this is so, then this; ‘Dark Aether Theory’, if proven, eliminates the probability of the magnetic mono-pole, and most probably, the graviton, and provides a foundation for a Universe of Opposing Forces, not particles. That, particles, are merely the surface illusion of something that goes deeper, much deeper into the substrate of spacetime, something we call, the 3 forces model; hyperspace, normal space, subspace. The sources of e(energy), i(binding force), and the obvious geometric-chaotic structures we see manifested within all natural matter from the atomic, to the galactic scale.

Of these 3 ‘Primal Forces’, the one that defines reality is that which binds everything into One. It is the binding force and the transmission media of traditional energy, e or light, in Einstein’s simplest case equation of Special Relativity; e=mc2, must also conform to the necessary ‘imponderable AEther’ of General Relativity, and, the Source of  ‘Dark Energy’ of quantum physics. It is curious, that these factors also conform to James Clerk Maxwell’s foundational principles of magnetic moments, that the magnetic field is inherently everywhere at once, without potential or flow, and is “a rotational phenomena”. It is also curious, that a moving magnetic field causes e or electricity, to appear out of nowhere, moving at c(the speed of light) through a conductor, springing forth spontaneously from nothing more than the splitting of a magnetic field, and can go on forever( as long as the conductor survives), implying, that the e itself,  comes from ‘outside’ the wire, a realm of infinite e, and that what generates e is rotating within itself. In other words, we wave a magnet over a wire, and a current is measured moving at c, yet, the magnet is not moving at c, thus, implying something is going on here, that hasn’t been explained or is being ignored. But Tesla and others have tried to explore, this obvious, hyper/sub space geometry of these basic or primal forces, yet modern science says that particles are the source of forces, not the other way around as Einstein said. The only thing that ties all things together, is the concept of The Aether, and what IS it. Physics refuses to accept it, because to accept a force/aether based Universe, is to accept hyper-physical implications, the concept of a Hypercosmic Creator Force.

The Aether therefore, may not be measurable in the traditional sense of the measurement of movement, but instead, of the measurement or observation of the internal structural geometry of electro-magnetic fields, and that, electro-magnetic inefficiency due to hysteresis is a direct result of ignoring this ‘phenomena’ for over a hundred years of scientific inquiry. It has been, and still is, an ‘unexplained phenomena’ of physics and engineering.

This is the result of only concentrating scientific inquiry on the ‘approved list dogma ‘ of things that can be seen, instead of those things that cannot be seen. In this regard, the Aether, cannot be seen, but, can it be proven? If so, the only way to do so is to abandon the 21st century and return to the foundations of modern physics in the 19th, when the Aether theory was abandoned. Our presentation is based on a simple observation, that;

A sloppily wound electric coil, generates more heat and lower magnetic field strength, than a structured and well wound coil.
This implies, that the GEOMETRY of the coil, is IMPORTANT. It also implies there is something missing in standard electromagnetic theory. And that, that something has to do with the fundamental nature of electromagnetism itself, since, nobody knows what causes the phenomena called; Hysteresis. The property of a coil to ‘store’ a charge, or, keep a charge moving after the magnetic impetus is removed. It is our hypothesis, that the electromagnetic field is generated from the surrounding Universal Aetheric field, what is erroneously referred to as; The Vacuum Energy or Zero point field, is, in actuality, a ‘Dark’ or Invisible Aether, and, that even the ancients knew about it.


The Aether is, the Dark energy of physics, the ‘Imponderable AEther’ of general relativity, the source of material hardness by supersymetric chaotic repulsion, and the Source of ancient philosophical and religious metaphors; the Firmament of Enoch, the Waters of Genesis, the Yin of the Eastern Philosophers, the Shiva of the Hindu, the Itz of the Aztecs, and, that it is ‘spun’ by the Left Hand Force of The Gnostics.

This then leads to the thesis, that, if the magnetic field is an indication of a dark or invisible and unmeasurable  ‘aether’, it would only lend itself to being ‘observed’ via magnetic means, not by means of light beams, since Einstein was adamant that any form of movement could not be measured within it. This implies that Michelson and Morley’s assumption was incorrect, and led science down the garden path away from the Lorentz Ether theory and later gave special relativity the stage and focus on particles and math and away from forces and basic classical experiments, even though Einstein himself vehemently disagreed with the new science of quantum mechanics when he famously stated; “God does not play dice with the Universe”. This leads to the fundamental concepts of magnetic flow, the lack of magnetic potential and the ‘rotational’ phenomena of James Clerk Maxwell.

The source of ‘e’ in special relativity (e=mc2), causes modern science to run away screaming because of the thought that the Source of e or light-energy, must, must, come from outside the Universe from ‘hyperspace’, some hyper-luminal Super-Source, that truth, remains a fact of special relativity, and caused Einstein to say he “wanted to know the mind of God, all else are mere details”. Since this must be true in order for atomic bombs to function, then the e or ‘light’, must have a transmission/consuming/binding media, and that media must be the opposite of light, in order to, as Einstein said, ‘freeze’ energy into matter, which leads to the opposite of his famous formula above; M=ec2 matter equals light SLOWED or LIMITED by the aetheric consumer which results in matter… IF this is the case, which it must be, then hyper luminal e, must be slowed, or consumed, down to the level of ‘light speed’, which implies ‘something’ does the slowing/consuming/freezing… The Source of e must emanate from the realm of hyper space, this is irrefutable. But, in science, such intuitive leaps are not allowed, only materialistic baby steps under the approved dogma of ‘credentialed authority’.

From established knowledge, it is known, that the only field or force, that can cause electricity/light to be affected is the magnetic field and peripherally(only slightly), gravity. (Chemistry being a higher level known physical phenomena that doesn’t apply to ‘fundamental’ forces.) This concept links light with magnetic and gravity fields, and by virtue of its existence, inertia, entropy, weak and strong forces as well, can all be seen as higher order functions of magnetic attraction/repulsion at their core. Curiously, fundamental ‘particles’ can only be ‘seen’ in the strong magnetic fields of atom smashers like the LHC, the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. These are the folks who supposedly discovered the Higgs boson, nick named; The God Particle.

Since, these so called ‘particles’ can only be viewed via massive magnetic fields, the last of which being the God particle(Higgs boson), we state here, that the Higgs must only be a magnetic vortex side effect of the aether that aids the supersymmetry process of atomic ‘binding/clumping’ and is not going to be the ‘final particle’ found, as they increase their energies to unheard of levels, they will find themselves headed down the vortex rabbit hole of the Aether into the black hole(Dark energy) under all nuclear clusters. This negative or ‘dark’ force must be the Source of the Aether, which is below ‘normal’ space, we call sub-space, being the force that binds light, and pulls atoms towards entropy and thus, as Einstein said, light is ‘frozen’ in place.

Modern facts – Ancient wisdom;
The nano black hole at the center of every atom, is the logical consequence of the Source of the Aether, according to The Ancients(Enoch),  The Archa is the lake of fire that consumes all energy. Those who discount knowledge from thousands of years ago, do so at their peril. We are not referring to an actual black hole, but, a massive energy sink or pull against e/energy/Light. This is what so called ‘dark’ energy does to bind atoms together, it is the same force of Einstein’s Aether, and what the Ancients called by many names, which boils down to the phrase; The Power of Darkness (dark energy).

The ancients believed many things that now seem to provide a logical energy/force architecture for the Universe, that provides both a source and sink of all energetic forces, if, you step back and allow for the necessity of a Hyper-Intelligent Design. We merely find these ideas useful in defining an experiment to prove, once and for all, if the Universe is based on forces, or particles.

Science cannot allow for a force based Universe, because they are blinded by religions. But, did not the Bible even say, in Daniel, that ‘God’ is; ‘The God of Forces’, as in plural or multiple forces? Then this leads to an investigation of the possibility of a ‘Proto’ Magnetic Aether, that could be thought of as water like, which would require a way of observing the flow of this substance. This would require a rethinking of magnetic fields, and electromagnetic coils to take into account the actual cause of the phenomena known as; Hysteresis.

If there is an invisible aether, and it flows or rotates to cause magnetic/gravity/inertial fields, it seems the only way of measuring it would be to ‘see’ hysteresis, and then prove its cause. (Remember, physics only measures, it loathes the intuitive leap, allowing only those provable leaps allowed within the bounds of materialistic thinking.)  Hysteresis, or the property of magnetic coils to store a charge, has been known since the early days of the 19th century, but its cause has never been proven. We think, that it is the point of interface between the light and dark energies, which reveal themselves to us as electro-magnetism, but then, must also be seen as gravito-magnetism.

Then, this leads to the necessity of reinventing the magnetic field coil, because the only means of ‘seeing’ magnetic disturbances, perturbations or flows, would be through the mysterious phenomena called; hysteresis. Like many things in physics this is a phenomena that is like gravity, only understood in relation to the ‘how’ to measure it, not the Why it happens, mathematically ‘how’ to model it, but unable to prove the Cause of it(for if we could, we would have anti-gravity by now, but, physics is stuck in the particle paradigm). But if the ancients truly did have an advanced civilization, as archaeology certainly hints at, then they would have to understand the Forces of Creation, would they not?

This ancient knowledge is key to the understanding of an Aetheric component to the Universe, because it plays a part in the speed and consumption of electric charges, and thus, the electron’s component photonic waves, and leads to the Why of the speed of light; c in (e=mc2). Thus the question is asked; Is there a way to create a magnetic coil that has less or even zero hysteresis, creating a symmetrical coil geometry? If so, would the interaction of an aether via the magnetic field, be proof that an aether exists, and, as James Clerk Maxwell said in his original ‘Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism’, that magnetism is a ‘rotational phenomena’? That it is basically a force, and cannot be a particle, that ‘pseudo particles’ can coalesce from forces, but the reverse cannot be. The way this ‘problem’ is handled now, is simply to over engineer it with high amperage windings, this is why electric devices, motors, etc., have such dismal performance and efficiency… the problem of electric cars is not batteries, but the fundamental inefficiency of their motors.

An interesting phenomena that can demonstrate the magnetic foundations of matter, where external and internal energy flows can combine together to give a physical ‘phenomena’, is  witnessed in blacksmithing knives and swords. All blacksmiths understand how to heat treat and quench a hardened steel blade. But Real Smiths understand that there is a ‘trick’ that takes the process from black magic towards actual science. Many smiths will heat and quench, only to see one of three outcomes.

If they don’t heat the blade above its magnetic point, the quench will do nothing, the steel will not recrystallize and gain ‘hardness’. Or if they have worked the steel below that point(too cold), they may get cracks. But, the tricky part is if they don’t quench the blade while pointing it towards true magnetic north, and will gain a warp in a much worked piece of steel, effectively destroying hours or days of work, if they are lucky they can rework it. But, they don’t understand The Trick.  To always heat the steel above the point where it loses it magnetic property(cannot be attracted to a magnet, becomes amorphous/non crystalline internally), and then quenching in oil while pointing it to the North. A blade not oriented properly, will curve towards true north, and ruin the blade.

Connections in common;
This is pure James Clerk Maxwell theory of atomically aggregated magnetism, but surely, if all the internal structures in a human body are visible in an MRI machine, and a steel blade reacts to magnetic north, there is something in common that has nothing to do with magnetism, for one is magnetizable and the other, is not.

The original Stern-Gerlach experiment, established the notion of atomic spin by the use of silver ions passing through magnetic fields, yet silver is not magnetic. Today, the only way to ‘see’ particles, is by the use of massive magnetic fields in particle accelerators.  It dawns on you, that there is a magnetic component to ALL matter. This connection between magnetic and nonmagnetic material is a necessary logical deduction because all atoms react to magnetic fields regardless of whether they are magnetic materials or not. This must point to a ‘magnetic aether’, not a ‘luminiferous'(light) aether, because it is the only possible explanation in common.

The final clue in the understanding of the Universal Truth of an energy based Universe, is the extra-universal foundation of The Zero Point or vacuum energy of the cosmos.  The only explanation is in establishing that the ‘Imponderable Aether’ of Einstein, is also called by the ancients The Firmament of Enoch, the reason why we refer to the book of secrets, Enoch’s second book, as the True Holy Grail. In ancient myths this firmament has gone by many names; as Plato and Einstein’s ‘Aether’, the Waters of Genesis, the Itz of the Aztecs, the Yin of Buddhism, the Shiva of Hinduism.

This is the ancient idea that there is a ‘protogenic’ substance in the void of the cosmos, this is proven by many phenomena, but on this subject, modern science is locked in the materialistic paradigm of particles and only sees the phenomena as a Zero Point energy field. It doesn’t accept that this Zero point, is the true zero point caused by hyper-spacial energies of infinite positive and infinite negative in a super tension field of light and dark energies. The proper model of reality being hyperspace pulling against subspace, and normal space being the Zero Point membrane of bubbles, of water being boiled by the light, and the air churning the entire edifice into Chaos, which results in Earth. Thus, the entire philosophy of the ancient Hermetics, being; Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, as the Cause of all things, was, an entirely metaphorical but accurate representation of an ancient Unified Field knowledge, not theory. Thus the entire Universe’s energy structure can be represented by the simple equation;

(+)Infinity + (-)Infinity = 0

It doesn’t matter that the existence of an Aether would resolve many if not all of the ‘mysterious phenomena’ of physics, because that would lead to places where science chooses not to tread, a clue to the final proof that an Intelligent Design exists within the structure of Creation because the energy of special relativity must come from ‘outside’ space-time and it also must flow into the cold dark place of quantum dark energy  to give ‘hardness’ and also mixed with a third force of Universal Consciousness that gives energy pattern design to the chaos of forces. That if there is a ‘God’, He/She/It, must be hyper-cosmic, or outside reality, in order for reality, to be ‘real’. To give credit, some in the physics community have recognized the probable existence of a ‘hypercosmic God’ and the necessity of ‘nano black holes’ at the center of each atom, but, by the time the rest of physics recognizes this, it may not matter anymore.

Others recently proved that so called ‘gravity waves’ propagate throughout the Universe, as Einstein predicted. We were skeptical that such things could be measured due to aetheric noise, but now it appears other experimenters have found them. Thinking further through it, it becomes obvious, that they must be there, measurable or not, simply because of the magnitude of the perturbations certain cosmological phenomena can impose on the Aether. But in thinking through the issue in hindsight, it becomes apparent that most scientists still don’t get it. If gravity waves are real, then so is our theory of galactic waves, or cycles, which are revealed in the long cycles of the Sun and how everything is connected as One, which also, gives a foundation for ancient astrology. Like lunar tides, these cycles affect everything, and everyone, but for them to be real, The Aether itself, must Be.

In order for gravity waves to be felt light years away from their source, there must a medium for those waves to travel through, like the waves on a pond. This is mandatory because Einstein said that an “imponderable aether” must be present in order for General Relativity(GR) to be functional. When seen through the lens of the Unified Field of God, the nature of the Aether, is as a transmission medium for vibrations of all types of waves, gravity, magnetism, electric, light, all being ‘electromagnetic’ in nature, with the exception, supposedly, of gravity. In keeping with this idea, scientists threw out the concept of the Aether after the Special Relativity(SR) theory supplanted The Lorenz Ether Theory. This came after the most famous ‘failed experiment in history’; The Michelson-Morley experiment. But our investigations reveal that maybe Michelson and Morley should have changed their assumption about the nature of the Aether and energy. That, all energy is dual in nature, electro-magnetic, implies that you must have both in order to accomplish a dynamic system, defined as; work.

In the Unified Field of God, we have proposed that Einstein’s ‘Imponderable Aether’, is nothing less than what was described by the ancients under several names, including; The Firmament of Enoch, The Waters of Genesis, The Power of Darkness of Hermes, and now in this time as the Dark Energy of Quantum Physicists. Our original experiments with field coils led to the Zero Geometry coil, and led to the discovery of a gravity wind. This is nothing less than the Aether being sensed moving past the Earth from east to west, and is a visible measurement of Einstein’s frame dragging of GR, a measurement of the immeasurable, or, imponderable. Subsequent experiments have shown a direct link between magnetism and time, by the creating of a localized time dilation bubble. This was a direct linkage between magnetism and gravity,  thus linking GR and SR through the commonality of the Aether by the slowing of time in a very small area relative to the ‘outside’ world. Final experiments have verified a direct linkage between electric fields, and gravity, through modifications of the original Townsend Brown experiments in electrogravity.

These experiments, plus the known phenomena of quantum entanglement, prove conclusively, that The Aether is real, however, it is the opposite of what Michelson and Morley were searching for. It is not the basis of light or a ‘luminiferous’ aether(being a cause of light), it is, to coin a word, magniferous, being the cause of magnetism. There is no magnetic monopole, for each atom causes a ‘chaotic’ magnetic field by its very nature, spinning, which causes the attached Aether to flow with it, like a vortex in water. This reveals a new atomic model of dual energy vortexes for the internal structure of the quantum, that looks like the ancient Yin-Yang symbol, did the ancients know something we don’t? Thus all magnetic fields have a north and south pole down to the atomic level. The problem is we humans have always concentrated on what we can see, and light is a visible phenomena. In our Universe, this light is considered ‘energy’, but magnetism, not so much.

Is this true, or is this merely, The Illusion? If a magnetic field ‘erupts’ when atoms are properly aligned in a material, where does the magnetic field come from? If light is released when iron is placed in a fire and visible light in the form of heat is revealed, where does the light come from? If a magnet is moved across a wire, and electricity is moved in a wire, what is the source of the electric current, and how can it move at near light speed when the magnet was barely moving? Obviously, something else is going on rather than a mere ‘static’ field. And light itself is well known to be either ‘chaotic’ or ‘collimated’, white light is a chaotic mixture of many frequencies, while laser light is light of a single frequency. Thus, the basic foundations of matter/energy can be either chaotic, or synchronized. This fact is finally proven in the very structure of an MRI machine, which requires a large magnet to ‘align’ NON-magnetic material, such as YOU. Finally, subatomic ‘particles’ can only be seen by the application of large magnetic fields. The implication being, that ALL things have a light component and a magnetic component, but these components are spun together by what James Clerk Maxwell called; Curl. Thus, at its essence, a magnetic field is a spinning helical field, made up of helical waves within The Aether, and regardless of orientation in the  Aether, they all spin in a left handed motion, this itself, implies an ‘outside’ influence, outside being, outside the Universe itself. The Ancients referred to this as the ‘Left Hand Force’, the Tao of the eastern philosophies, The Air of the Hermetics, The Brahma of the Hindu’s, The Voice of God from Enoch.

What is e(energy)?
Is light ‘real’, or is it a component part of something higher or deeper in reality? Obviously, light, like Einstein said, is ‘a’ building block of matter, but, modern physicists now know, that light is less than half of what is considered; Matter. Also obvious, is that light is released from matter when matter becomes unbalanced, this is the foundation of the ‘static case’ of the theory of special relativity; e=mc2, where e is energy or ‘light’, and m is matter as we said above. The biggest proof of this theory is the atomic bomb, which, when detonated, first releases the light of a thousand suns in an instant, the radioactive component, can now be considered the ‘magnetic’ component, or the dark energy component.

James Clerk Maxwell told us, in the beginning, in his famous tome, ‘A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism’, that magnetism is a ‘rotational phenomena’. But modern scientists, seem to throw out the original thinkers, and lose something in the process. If magnetic fields are a rotational phenomena, then, something ‘real’ has to be rotating? Wouldn’t this real rotational force, be more of a cause of electricity moving at near light speed, than a magnet moving at a few kph?

Our focus, from the beginning, has been to go back to the original thinkers, and pick up the nuggets forgotten by modern thinkers, and see if anything worthy of notice shouldn’t have been thrown in the ditch of knowledge, magnetism being a rotational phenomena, seemed like a primary candidate to extend our knowledge of creation as a universe built upon energy vibrations. For if one thinks about it to any length, it then becomes obvious, that there is no such thing as ‘hardness’ in our universe, there is only magnetic repulsion and attraction, mitigated and communicated through chaotic rotational fields at the ‘atomic’ level. Thus everything in the Universe ends up rotating, spinning, orbiting, or twisting itself upon the skein of reality being nothing more or less, than energy of two kinds, twisted together by a third kind, Curl. Which we refer to in the Unified Field of God as; The Third fundamental invisible force of Pi.

Metaphysics becomes physics, again;
To prove this thesis, the Unified Field of God, requires three forces; Light, Dark, and Rotation, or Spin, or Curl, or… Pi. These forces were known by the ancients, from the time of Enoch and Hermes, down to the beginnings of the Roman Catholic Church, when all this knowledge was declared Heretical and all the ancient libraries were burned to the ground as ‘pagan temples’, including the Library of Alexandria. Thus, mankind was thrown backwards over a thousand years. So, to prove this ancient knowledge(fragments) has validity comes down to a proof of only one thing, the proof of The “Imponderable” Aether.

To find truth, we must abandon the particle paradigm, and fully examine the Paradigm of Forces. This requires an understanding of the Dark side of the Forces, because the Dark side is the Aether, and we are all within the materialistic matrix of The Waters of The Aether. All things are One within the Aether, it is what communicates all vibrations, all quantum entanglements, and likewise, the ancient connections between man and planets. Yes, astrology has a real component that is scientific, if your science can see into the so called ‘particles’ and what forces Cause them to be and how ‘hardness’ is both real and illusion,and, how quantum entanglement is communicated which also shows how the very stars and planets are connected to the atoms within your DNA, because, at some time in the past, all of us, the components of matter, were created in the belly of stars…

Gnosis, the Truth of reality, life and death, is founded upon an Aether;
All those who talk about metaphysics, reincarnation, spiritual geometry, hermetic philosophy, and other ‘occult’ science, are both right and wrong, in that, without a Firmament or Foundation for The Energy(S),  they can build no basis of proof, and without proof they do not have Spiritual Hyper-Science, they only have more occult based ‘Mystery Doctrines’.  In the end, The Love of Mystery is the problem, not the solution to mankind’s problems. This is why God wanted man to understand this from the beginning, and why Enoch was given books to write from the mouth of God<sic>. Maybe this is part of the ‘Original Instructions’ of the Hopi? Or the doubled edged sword (of truth) that comes out of the mouth of The Lord at the End of an Age? An ‘age’ is two thousand years. The Holy Roman Church defined the beginning of this age at the birth of Christ. What if, they got it wrong? What if the Age of Churches, should have been defined at the Birth of The Savior, The Death of the Body? Then, the Age will end in about 2034, curiously, when Earth enters the center of the Galactic Rift, the area of maximum ‘darkness’.

We can only reveal, that heaven and hell are real, but they are far more complex than religions can quantify, and human beings are more complex than simple matter can reveal, but perhaps the MRI machine gives us a glimpse into the energies you are made from? As an aside, if you are made from multiple harmonic layers of energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, then by deduction, it should be noted, that some part of you can never die…

This is now provable by the God Science that we were shown, to show that it is provable, and, engineer-able by revealing the fundamental nature of the Aether, and its primary revealing phenomena; electro-magnetic hysteresis. The basis of this, was to return to the 19th century and begin again, at the basic understanding of electric coils, in particular, the solenoid coil, the foundation of electromagnetism. The results of this inquiry have been carried out by research and experiments over three decades, results which show, we have a limited understanding of our Universe, and the foundation of this misunderstanding revolves around the concept of; The Aether.

We discovered that the Aether is best viewed directly through the lens of the magnetic force, for which, modern science has no explanation, even though the original experiments in the 19th century, were closer to actual reality than the current particle paradigm.  Science still looks for the elusive magnetic monopole, and the gravtiton particles, but they will never find them because they cannot be, what they will find is some shadows of invisible vortexes that interact with the aether, that is the underlying structure of all things whether chaotic or collimated. A magnetic field can be thought of as the collimated laser of the aether, and gravity can be seen as the chaotic magnetic field, like light emanating out of hot iron. Our experiments in the aether show that it is dark(or invisible), and protogenic(the cause of the magnetic,gravity,weak, and strong forces), and a media of light and magnetic fields, and a generator of electricity and gravity, and that side effects of quantum entanglement, inertia, and entropy are further proof that all things are One within the structure of the Unified Field of God.

Experimental results;
Experiment 1
The Zero Hysteresis or AEtheric Geometry coil. Was given as a spiritual gift of sudden intuition. We discovered that hysteresis can be controlled, something thought not possible except by extreme brute force, which is the primary characteristic of current electromagnetic engineering.

Experiment 2
The gravity wind experiment, showed that a standard coil, would reveal the presence of a magnetic field around Earth, aligning itself with the magnetic field of Earth. But the Zero coil would acted in a profoundly different way, revealing the presence of a magnetic movement from east to west of ‘something else’ through a moving mobius pattern at the end of the pendulum. The pattern of movement, revealed the movement of the aether around the Earth, that is a direct measurement of the frame dragging of General Relativity using magnetic means, an indication of a gravito-magnetic connection.

Experiment 3
The Time bubble experiment.  Revealed a connection between a moving magnetic field and localized time dilation. This connects the magnetic field to the gravity field through the GR predicted measurement of time. This shows that Hafele-Keeting was not absolute, and that the magnetic field is connected, if however loosely, to the gravity field, in short, a gravito-magnetic field.

Experiment 4
Repeating the Townsend Brown electrogravity experiments with modified Pi geometry devices, revealed that moving electric charge affects local gravity, but only if in free air gravity, which implies a connection to the magnetic and gravity fields. This was not the ionic lifter, but the electric field, that moves in a magnetic/gravity field in relation to polarity. We found that geometry of the field plays a part. Some would say this is just ancient history, disproved and nothing but an ‘ionic’ effect. But, the effect must move against ‘something’, like a curve ball it must have air to effect the curve, so the electric must have the gravito-magnetic to move against, and the experiment proves it must have a direct connection to an aetheric substance to allow it.


The phenomena of Hysteresis is the defining phenomena that shows that electric and magnetic are joined together through the Curl. That the geometry of the structure of a coil can have a great effect upon the performance of said coil due to the internal field geometry.

The Nature of the Aether is therefore, magnetic, being a perfect medium for the transmission of light waves, which when combined into an electrical spark, reveals that electricity is light bound together by the third force, Pi. Light, is embedded within the aether, and thus matter, and can only be seen or used when matter is unbalanced by nuclear, chemical or magnetic means. The result is light of different frequencies and harmonic composition, being classified as radiation, heat, fire or electricity.

The Aether, gives a drag on reality, or, an energy storage medium which causes all energy transfers to be delayed or extended, we now show how this is one revealing theoretical foundation of hysteresis, which is the foundation of the ‘free energy’ work by Bedini and others, can never give more energy out than a fraction of what goes in.  The Zero angle coil, shows that the Aether flows through the coil instead of being impeded by the coil windings, thus reducing or eliminating hysteresis by the reduction of internal aetheric geometric ‘drag’ (magnetic chaos = c = Ae Impedance * Surface area) and alignment of the Curl between layers of the coil windings. This Aetheric Impedance causes drag between the surface of the wire and the Aether, which spins up the ‘rotational’ magnetic field, which is spinning faster than light speed(it must, for quantum entanglement is a hyper speed event).

This spinning current either aids or maintains the current flow after the cutting of the current flow. Because of this aetheric ‘drag’, the phenomena known as Hysteresis is generated as a flywheel that keeps turning after the motor is turned off. According to the following graph, this dark energy is rotational, but not sinosoidal. As the aether is rotated or spun it has a tendency to continue its motion in the direction of rotation for a certain time after the impetus is removed, this is the Cause of inertia as well(since hard matter is magnetic chaos, and moving through space, each integral movement in a direction is aided as an impetus to the next integral space(the Planck constant, or minimum distance in space-time) Thus, the following graph of the theory of Aetheric Hysteresis;

AethericDragGraphNotice how the sinusoidal wave carries over the center point of the AEd area, which is the basis for the so called ‘Free Energy’ machines of Bedini et al. It is free, but, it is also the reason why they run into limits, it requires a large input, or magnetic field,  to gain any extra output. They would need a generator the size of New York, in order to power a single dwelling. This is because of The Aether’s ‘sticky’ property, and its resistance to change, otherwise known as inductance or capacitance, inductive reactance or capacitive reactance, otherwise known as Aetheric Drag =  Change Impedance. This also shows the great efficiency drag on alternating current systems, whereby the ‘change’ in voltage is transmitted more ‘efficiently’, because the conductor is ‘one’ with the Aether, but with the changing polarity, therefore, direction, of the current or ‘bound light’ flow, the flow actually reverses direction between half cycles of the ‘alternation’. Thus the direction, or dielectric permissiveness ‘robs’ the circuit by aided or impeding that flow in the opposite direction.

This is the same ‘phenomena’ of EMF kick in high voltage coils, like your spark plugs are being driven by a 12 volt battery. This magnification of voltage occurs because ‘something’ that is related to ‘speed’ collapses around the coil, which is due to the collapse of the 12 volt ‘primary’ coil of very few turns that is against a secondary coil of many turns, thus the scientist, not knowing what magnetism is, would simply say something like “magnetic fields cause electric flow magnified by the turns ratio”, a statement of fact, vs a statement of EXPLANATION of the CAUSE of magnetism, because, they still do not KNOW, what, a magnetic field IS. They are caught in the particle trap, and still, after a hundred years, search in vail for the magnetic monopole( the N, or S, pole, in a magnet), something they will never find because the only valid explanation of magnetism, is Aetheric Communication or Connection. A magnetic ‘field’ is a toroidal vortex perturbation in the Aether, an Aether, that ‘binds’ light into ‘photons’ and ‘electrons’ and even protons, neutrons, quarks, and the so called ‘God Particle’ or Higgs boson, which is nothing but a necessary precursor to the Quantum Foam, or, the bubbling of the Aether by the HolY Spirit Light, which is the Firmament of all things. Thus magnetism, is merely ‘coherent’ aether, where incoherent aether, is the source of gravito-magnetism, a tri-energy field like electromagnetism.

Thus, the new dark-aether theory, gives a foundation for the true physical make up of the electro-magnetic quantum foam ‘God vortex'(particle), which is an exact match for the strange attractor of Chaos Theory. This also explains polarization of photonic/electro-magnetic waves, as their rotation and stickiness, locks them into the angle of emission from the source. You can also see the reason the ancients said that the electrical or light was like a serpent that was eating its tail, the source of polarity is from the Source Light, and the ‘chrism’ is the foundation of all things. As The Unified Field of God shows, the Holy Light boils the Waters, which is a membrane over the Darkness of the Abyss that leads to the Lake of Fire, which forms the Quantum Foam that is basis of all things. The Positive Infinity + Negative Infinity = 0, the Zero Point energy field of space-time represents a ‘almost’ perfect balance between the energies. If the energy balance was a perfect zero, then nothing would be possible and the Universe would be nothing, no movement, nothing but a Great Void.

In 1963, Edward Lorenz developed a simplified mathematical model for atmospheric convection. The Lorenz equations are derived from the Oberbeck-Boussinesq approximation to the equations describing fluid circulation in a shallow layer of fluid, heated uniformly from below and cooled uniformly from above.[1] This fluid circulation is known as Rayleigh-Bénard convection. The fluid is assumed to circulate in two dimensions (vertical and horizontal) with periodic rectangular boundary conditions. This is a small subset of Chaos Theory, but shows the very smallest possible structure within the reality matrix formed within The Aether. The following is the closest mathematical approximation that is able to allow us to see that energy and fluid are the same, this is called a Lorenz (strange) attractor;


This form, ties the photonic, the electrical, and the magnetic, and matter, into one fractal geometric structure that is applicable to electromagnetic fields, and to actual atomic and nuclear matter.  But most usefully, provides a theory for the foundation of a New Electrics, and the possibility of a higher efficiency curve when constructing electric motor/generators.

This new field theory shows in the following coil configurations will prove to provide a much higher energy/horsepower and allow the creation of zero hysteresis (symmetical) coils with a much higher turns density(smaller wire size), that do not need resistive ballasts, thus, at a minimum, doubling the amount of available energy to consume in the windings instead of the balance/motor controller, this could form the foundation for a true breakthrough in the sense of creating a motor/generator that could be efficient enough to parasitically power itself and a load.

(Picture of coils removed due to personal attacks, and accusations of ‘demon sorcery’ or ‘mixing science and religion is a non sequitur’. Jeez, really? Since neither side understands, that both are merely competing paradigms of The Realty, and must, MUST, have something in common for either of them to be REAL, then figure it out for yourself.   SO… I don’t care what you believe, keep your illusions, there are very few that have ‘eyes that see’ The Unification Paradigm being the only path to Truth.)

Notice anything different between the two coil configurations? Here we are looking ‘into’ the wires in a coil. See how the internal field is colored in the dark overlapping areas? This is a visible demonstration without any complicated math or other high and mighty sounding scholarly presentations. Science, if real, should be obvious, the math is merely a representative way of working with the underlying philosophical concept.

The Aether is real, but it is the Source of the Magnetic force, not the Light. The Light comes from the Light above, and is merely The Broken Chrism that is the source of the polarity of electric charge, and looks like a snake eating its own tail. This ‘snake’ represents the positive and negative ends of a quantum, the smallest discernible entity in reality. It lies at the center of the strange attractor and churns the aether into a quantum foam of the zero point energy field of the Universe. But our science has always chosen to measure what is visible, and the invisible is the most important for the hardness of reality composed of two energies, light, and, dark(or invisible).

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The Meaning of Life and the Blacksmith

The following correspondence, is from a man who fills the Piper’s heart with hope. That there are still Seekers of Truth in the world, and they are not mainstream fakkirs. This is my contribution, stream of consciousness style, as is my wont, to his group/page on the meaning of life. At the bottom we will pull it all together here, so that he can see the fullness of the Unified Field of God, and how a humble blacksmith brings it all in to focus.
It was with great pleasure and excitement that I discovered your web page on blacksmithing… which led to many wonderful and esoteric places… 🙂 Including the page on the Quest for the Secret to the Meaning of Life. It appears there are more of me out there, as I too, have been on this quest for 40 years. Every since I walked out of the hypocrite church when I was 14, I have maintained that life and God and happiness, are all tangled up together, somehow. But also, somehow, Men, have completely fucked it up. Why? I asked myself long ago, and the answer keeps coming back to one thing, money, and the answer to the oldest question of the ages, what is the meaning of life?
You, like myself, are old school, we used to make stuff when I was a kid, I joined the army and went to a place called Vietnam. I left and became a computer tech when computers were the size of apartment buildings… <haha, I still prefer english over ‘txt’> When I grew up, I became a manager in a fortune 100 ‘Big Pharma’ company, and had my ‘test’. When you work for the Big Boys, you always get tested, what ‘test’? The test of the Soul. I was requested to lie to my employees over a new IPO stock option scam, where everybody was gonna get screwed except for ‘them’. Management still thinks they are God, but to me, they went from idols to demons. I found out quickly, that going from the golden haired child(of the VP), to the red headed stepchild was painful, and they intended to pour on the pain until I quit. So, being foresightful, I never gave them the opportunity, I went Galt, and never looked back.
After a few years of having my own businesses, and helping others, and struggling to acheive ‘The Dream’, I too was drawn to blacksmithing, after my long search for the meaning of life after walking out of that church in a huff…
What does blacksmithing have to do with the meaning of life? It gives me Joy. Purpose. Fullness within. Taking earth, air, fire and water, and creating something from my mind. It has become a philosophy of philosophies, a breakoff of alchemy and Hermes, a fulfillment of the Holy Grail of Enoch and Jesus, it is Zen and love combined, it is the basis of civilizations and the key to understanding the Firmament of The Waters and The Chaos of Creation.
After 40 years of knocking on heavens door, on Nov 11, 2011, I had a vision, or a dream, or I just passed out from lack of eating… 😉 In this, the Door of Heaven opened, just a crack, and what came out overwhelmed me. I was literally on all fours on the floor, vomiting, with liquid coming out all bodily orifices, as the Holy Spirit touched me, and I literally ‘Saw the Light’. Trust me, the meaning of life, at that level, is more than a mere human being can withstand, I thought I was going to die for a week. Now some people would ridicule and dismiss the previous statements as a “bit of undigested beef” or some other materialistic explanation, and at an earlier point in life I might have even agreed with them. However, I am not a young man anymore, and I, like yourself methinks, are a discerning soul and can tell the difference between a mere dream and a spiritual experience…
What came out of the Light was the message that I had been on ‘a path’, determined for me since before the beginning of the world, or even, The Universe. That Destiny works in the Universal Mind that plays within The Firmament of Waters, and that, it is my mission to find and prove, The Source of all things. That I had been studying the necessary knowledge since I walked out of the Church, digging through the cast offs of scholars and ‘learned’ men, picking up golden nuggets from the sewers of ‘Forbidden knowledge’ and learned that The Churches themselves, are, anti-Christ. Because, there are no free tickets to paradise and hell is not necessarily a ‘life sentence’. That Christ is more than what they say, or can know, because they burned the books that held the private teachings, and Foundations, or, The Original Tablets, given to us by the Progenitors during the First-Time. This was the time of the first civilizations, Atlantis, Lemuria, Han<?>, and Rama, that are now nothing but misunderstood piles of scattered rocks and ancient myths, and the hints of cities below the oceans, that are portrayed in metaphorical sense in the Bible and other ancient ‘religous’ and allegorical texts. That man, is older than he knows, yet is still a child, trapped in the land of Nod, the land of sleep, dreams, forgetfulness within matter.
What came from the Light was the Unified Field of God, a God Calculus if you will. A proof that God, is more than what we think, or can think, or can comprehend with material minds. That the Ineffable One lives in hyperspace, as a hypercosmic force, and is the Intelligent Designer that maintains reality by sitting upon His throne, to modulate The Light and give the Waters the voice of chaos and destiny, that all things were determined at the beginning. He who lives in The Light of Hyper space, begot the Logos, or Word, or Manifestation of The Idea, that co-creates life within the Firmament through the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that shows, we are all Proto Gods, Sons of God. For what is the Inheritance of a God? But only the Prodigals will inherit. For only those who have ‘fallen’ into ‘darkness’, will gain the strength of self character, to prove themselves worthy. Evil is not the enemy of goodness, it is the Definer of it. For without evil, can there be good? Without evil, how does the good man, know he is good? Without evil, and the struggle within the dark animal soul, how can a hypercosmic entity(called spirit) grow? Without ‘overcoming’ the Darkness, how can we acheive the Light?
Within the God Calculus, are proven many things that current science thinks are impossible conundrums, mysterious ‘phenomena’ of physics, but they are merely indicators, puzzles for children to solve. That they cannot, or will not, recognize any Source of the Energy that IS all things, is their great failing. And their downfall is defined in the single word; Mammon, which is Materialism. That they cannot, will not, look past their own defilement of their own laws of science, to see the bigger truths. They see the Light that comes from rocks, and the atom bomb is manifested, but they stop short when asking the question; From Where comes The Light? NO, they prefer to see only the radiation, the dark energy component. That is the Ultimate contribution of the Unified Field of God, to show that dark energy is The Waters of Genesis, the Firmament of Enoch, and the ‘Imponderable Aether’ of General Relativity, that produces a God Particle, the first vortex layer down into the Abyss. They cannot accept, but some have seen, that the black hole is the Ultimate Darkness, not because of what it is, but because of what it is connected to. The Lake of Fire that Consumes all energy. But then, without a positive and negative pole, can there be any such thing, as energy? No. There cannot, the darkness is necessary to give hardness to reality, by magnetic repulsion and attraction at the surface of each atom.
So, I guess, in long winded fashion, I have covered 40 years, and that the meaning of life, is JOY. That Joy cannot be manifested without knowledge, and knowledge without action is as nothing. Thus, the current state of knowledge is defined only by The Rich and their sycophants, who destroy knowledge and take away the Joy of The People, for their own profit and gratification. For animals cannot know true joy, they can only satisfy their immediate lusts. They cannot take The People to the stars, to find the next level of Spiritual Evolution within The Ascension, no, they cannot, they must control the bodies and minds, through the control of knowledge and money, which is the water of life within the material world. It is only when you abandon this idea, and give way all your materialistic desires, that truely, you can find God, and within that, you find the purpose within your spirit, your gift, and then Joy will find you. And thus, blacksmithing, can become an alchemy of souls, a philosophy of life, a true calling to rebuild civilization from earth, air, fire and water, as it was in the beginning so it shall be. Where the First shall be last, and the last shall be first. Those races who came first shall be the last to find the Light, and the Last race to be born shall be the First to find the Ascension to the Light. For the Ultimate purpose of Life is Joy within the Kingdom of God, and that kingdom truely is, within you.
And so, in conclusion, I merely say, I’m glad to have found another light in the darkness. That through the Lights, we can weave a web of lights in the darkness, so that it shall be on Earth, as it is, in the Heavens. That Joy may survive the coming dark times, we must build a community of lights, with a single purpose, in unity, to eschew doctrine and dogma, to eliminate ridicule and agenda, to overcome materialism and all the other ‘isms’ of Men. That Joy may be found even in the sceptic, for even they must recognize, that rights that come from God, are preferable, than privileges given out by men. That the Temple of God is truly within us, as the spark of God is part of each of us. But we must begin to see, that religions, and science, must reunify, so that we may “pound our swords into plowshares, and our spears into pruning hooks, and neither shall we learn war, anymore”.
I look forward to hearing from you sometime.
May The Force be with you.
Piper Michael
A simple blacksmith, is what I have become. After years of technology and corporations, and years of going Galt and seeking The Truth behind The Veil. It all boils down to the original four elements, earth, air, fire and water, and how they can be the very basis of reality, and how reality was constructed. This is what the ancients believed, as spoken of by Hermes Trismagistus and other ancient sages. But, you see, it is not the ‘elements’ as we moderns would think, no, but the very FORCES that create the elements themselves.  Thus, the Forces of fire boils the waters(the Zero Point Energy), are blown by the air, to create the Chaos of the Universe, that becomes The ALL, Suns and Earths.
What in the hell am I talking about?  Look at the following simple graphic;
Ok, simple enough? Now compare to the ancient Ankh symbol of the ancient egyptians:
Now compare these two, to the vector forces model of the Unified Field of God:
Can you say; Oh My God.
God was the ultimate blacksmith… and His canvas will the subject of our next post; The AEther.
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