The Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned

The Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned


We all watch the plastic dancers on the stage, moving in their swirling movements and swishing swords of rhetoric. Plastic faces and plastic words on a plastic stage in the theater of the damned. We all stare in dumbfounded confusion and division as many in the audience cheer and inject more hopium into their veins, as many more get up out of their seats and leave the theater. We watch the danced of the damned as the damsel in distress is fought over by the plastic heroes. The dance of swords to decide who will save the damsel, as the train comes towards her. The train is coming closer, and the great whistle sounds, but the Kabuki heroes fight on, oblivious to the screeching of the brakes and the loud whistle sounding. The cheering for the heroes has gone silent as the audience comes to the realization, that nobody is saving the damsel tied to the tracks, and the train, is upon them. More leave the theater, not wishing to watch, as yet more close their eyes to the inevitable bloodbath.

Yet everybody sees, the left side of the theater is still cheering, mouths drooling, eyes wide open in anticipation. It becomes clear, they seek the blood of the damsel, in some crooked and wicked parody of a NASCAR race, they want to see the blood of the damsel. But most of the theater is empty now, only a few with the hopium running thick in their veins, hoping against hope, that the red hero will suddenly stop dancing, and turn to save the damsel.  Then, at the last moment, the blue hero swipes the red hero to the ground with a mighty swipe of his Kabuki sword, and the red hero lays stricken, unable to move, his face now turns towards the damsel with tears in his eyes, and he remembers, then cries as the train smashes through the damsel and blood covers the stage. The blue hero laughs, and reaches down to the red hero and offers his hand, and they both stand in laughter at the audience. In the right side of the theater, voices grumble “Let It Burn” and few take notice as they walk out of the theater.

Unfolds, as the heroes return to the stage, both dressed in the purple of royalty, and proceed to gather up the remains of the damsel, and sew her lifeless body back together. They mount her dead Frankenstein carcass up on the stool in the center of the stage and bow, its all good, see!. But the damsel no longer cares, and doesn’t hear as the left side of the theater cheers and claps, and knowing the play is done, begins to walk up on the stage. To shake the hands of the heroes and receive their little piece of the damsel. For the damsel doesn’t know, or care anymore, she is dead. Her soul was sent on its way, leaving the carcass behind, to be consumed by the cheer leaders of the damned. In the midst of their feast they turn to the remaining audience and invite them to come on stage and eat. The remainder of the audience, sitting in fearful puddles of tears and vomit, and seeing the vapid vampires and zombie zeros consuming the carcass of their beloved lady, they are stunned, and even the hopium has now lost its great effect.

From the right side of the theater, a great roar erupts, and the few remaining rush the stage, one by one to save the damsel from the vampire hoards. Then the heroes true nature comes forth as their swords swoosh back and forth, taking their heads as they rush the stage. A few zombie vampires are taken as the swords of the right come from secret hidden folds in their garments, knowing, they weren’t allowed to bring swords into the theater. Blood now fills the stage and the front of the theater. In the center of the theater, the hopium has run its course, and a few join the right, one by one, picking up swords from the fallen. Most however, are like a herd of cats as the drug of hope wears off, and they scatter in all directions. Some hiding, some running out of the theater and some just standing frozen like a deer caught in the headlights of a tractor trailer truck. Then the theater doors are slammed shut, and the remaining audience is trapped with the damned, and the word comes down from the Voices on the stage; “Where is your God now? Swear loyalty and Eat, or die”.

The voices of the damned, are heard wailing in anguish as the blood from the stage rises around their ankles, holding them fast in the gooey substance that has turned to squishy clay. The clay of emotions and the politically correct ‘sweet words on the tongue, turn bitter in the belly’ holds them tight, as the voices of the damned on stage drone on, “Choose… Choose… Choose…”

The weak and tired voices of the audience, weakened by their struggle with the clay, one by one, cry aloud and curse their own God and the heroes smile as they give themselves and their children to the damned. Even those who choose the blade, have their children taken, to be whisked back stage. Then the whispered broken voices in the audience are heard to wail and cry, “the preacher was wrong? the politicians… lied?”, and conversations take place and all now realize, it is too late. That actions have consequences, and inactions too. That the “if onlys…”, and “woulda, coulda, shouldas” always come after. They realized, there is a price to be paid, for that altar on which they laid down and took a nap. The altar of Liberty, a gift from God, and a country too, was given up too easily, fundamentally transformed by the heroes of the Kabuki dancers, in the theater of the damned.

If only…

Kabuki dancing in the Constitution

This last election was the icing on the cake, the tipping point, the great revelation of politics, for it revealed that many who are considered on the right wing, have given up on politics, and our institutions in general. Obama was not the winner in the classic sense, he was handed the election by those who gave up, and didn’t show up at the polls. The current attitude of Let It Burn, is the cause and self fulfilling prophecy in this, our theater of the damned. It is because the populace has largely begun to see their leaders as Kabuki dancers, plastic people playing parts for the TV cameras.

Over the last 4 years we have seen the results and the backlash of this Kabuki dance, in the Tea party and the Occupiers of Wall street. We have seen the expanding global depression strengthen, massive layoffs and loss of industries, while witnessing increases in food stamps, and we wonder where all these long term unemployed are going? We also see fake numbers coming out of Washington, telling us everything is getting better, while the price of food and necessaries goes up and wages go down. We see the massive imbalances of the rich and poor, and the wise understand, these situations never go on forever. We see these things while the lies from Washington become absurdities, and the politicians become plastic clowns dancing on the stage of the damned. The rich get richer and the middle class get poorer, and the poor become destitute, while the dream of America fast becomes an American nightmare. Is it any wonder, people are giving up, and descending into madness?

There is a new class of people on the landscape, these are the right wing L.I.B.’s. Their philosophy is one that is stated simply; Let It Burn. They are referring to the fact of the continued decay and future collapse of the USA due to the Marxist manifesto now being played out in the Kabuki theater of the damned in Washington DC and New York. These are those who believe in Ayn Rand and her mighty tome Atlas Shrugged. They truly believe that once the country is burned down by the socialists, they can rise from the ashes and rebuild. They think they can restore the old republic and banish immorality through the Constitution, for truth, justice and the American way. But, they refuse to use the Constitution to save themselves, out of fear of losing, when they have already lost. Real life is not a novel, and true evil doesn’t succumb so easily as Rand suggested. This is the logic of the damned.

They are stuck in the rut of Ayn Rand, and have abandoned reality. They think they are experts in reality and are the only true champions of freedom. But they do not stop to think, what would happen if the country truly did burn down in a TEOTWAWKI scenario of dollar collapse. They abandon reality in not recognizing that the forces of socialism and globalism actually want this as much as they do. This is because of the doctrine of ‘Ordo ab Chao’, Order from Chaos. It is what Marxist/socialists thrive on, their motto is; Never let a crisis go to waste. So in the real reality, the L.I.B.s, are giving the socialists exactly what they want, their apathy and division. They join with the Libs and the evil, and thus become evil when they serve evil’s purpose.

This is what gave the Black Caesar a second term. Apathy and despair, as many millions of ‘conservative’ folks, did not go to the polls. This was partly a backlash of the Ron Paul and Tea party factions who did not appreciate the way Sarah Palin and Ron Paul were treated by the Establishment NEO-cons of the republican party. Truth be told, it was ugly. Sarah Palin should have had the nomination due to the unwritten rules of the old boys club that is the republican party. It is a party that forces you to pay your dues and crowns the next in line. It is also a party that screwed America by the off-shoring of factories, the patriot act, and an untold number of other perfidious acts, no less damaging than the democrats.  This situation has resolved itself into a situation, where L.I.B.s no longer believe in the Idea of the system or the Constitution because, after Obama-care, for all practical purposes, the Constitution is dead.

The only thing remaining between it and full on leftist tyranny, is the second amendment. THIS, is the reason the democrats push for the banning of semi automatic weapons… they want their uniformed thugs to have the superior firepower, as Mao said. If you do not believe this by now, then you should turn off the idiot box, because that is what it is creating out of your brain, mush. Know this, ALL the channels on TV, are controlled by the same few people who own their stocks and their debts. Yes, even Fox, is simply a channel of the NEO conservatives, the lovers of the status quo, the Empire and the Federal Reserve. Now even Bill O’Reilly is going along with the national registering of weapons, he has in effect, turned stupid, or, is playing the incremental game of the money powers. Because all political power emanates from the barrel of a gun, and while the people hold guns, the Establishment cannot consolidate all power. While the left calls for the elimination of the debt ceiling, the final nail in the coffin of the dollar, because that is what it will be. The response of the righteous, is apathy and division, as we sit frozen in horror, unwilling or unable to act.

In their heart of hearts, the L.I.B.s, want civil war or they are simply tired of the incremental onslaught of socialism, seeing that both parties have betrayed them. They have laid down the ballot box, and are ready to pick up the last box of liberty, the bullet box. Most of these people, have never seen the elephant. For those of us who have, we know, once you see it, it sees you too, and then sits on you and crushes your soul. It also crushes societies, infrastructures, manufactures, businesses and governments, culture and life as you know it would come to a screeching crashing halt. There will be nothing left of life as you know it today. Food, gas, electricity, forget about it. You will be lucky to find a clean source of water. For those things would be in the targets of the combatants, and whether you are a combatant or not, won’t matter, you will all be victims. What will you do, as in the last civil war, when the guys in red or blue come by your house to ‘requisition’ your food?, or draft your son? In such a time of conflict, there are no winners, only losers.

This attitude, is the same continuing attitude of the religious right, the apathetic, the complacent, those who laid down on the altar of liberty and took a nap. They trusted the system, and the system let them down as they saw it turn against them and our God. In this we agree, the system is broken, completely, and unfix-ably under the current structures, with one exception. It is the thing that the right has ranted and raved about, it is the constitution itself. The constitution provides the last legal, ethical, moral, righteous and sane path forward. I am speaking of the Constitutional convention called directly by the several states.

When mentioned, the L.I.B.s go crazy… they think the socialists will take over and create a new Marxist constitution, and, they are incorrect, that is not a possibility in today’s demographics, we outnumber them, but not by a lot. It would only be possible if the right, lays down in apathy like they are wont to do. If the right lays down and gives it to them by ‘compromising’ instead of standing their ground and fighting for God and country. But what if there were a way for everybody to get what they want? That actually takes advantage of the current split in the country between the producers and the looters, and all the other factions too stupid to pay attention or understand what’s going on, the single issue voters, those who vote for pretty faces, and those who just don’t care?

I don’t think people have thought it through, or see that a con-con is the solution because a super majority MUST happen in order for any amendments or new constitutions to take effect… and that ain’t gonna happen. Which lead me to the 3 move strategy… I mean, THEY, the left, are always three moves ahead… so why not use the same methods against them… THEY use the system against us… I still think there is time, we have at most 2-3 years before a monetary event that will change everything… this is not my opinion but members of the Austrian economics school, that I respect as dealing only in reality. That the destiny of America, has passed out of America’s hands, and into the hands of her money lenders.

I agree that DC cannot continue mounting debt up to Mount Olympus, and this fiscal cliff negotiation drama is just more Kabuki dancing in the theater of the damned. The left is evil, and the right is stupid, but they both answer to the money men, for now, and must keep them happy. It is curious, that the left is still unconcerned about the debt, is it not? This is because they know something you have forgotten. It is the Lincoln strategy. They know, once the dollar is pushed over the cliff, that politics trumps economics or banks, and they already know the end game.

The end game is to take the money issuing power from the banks. And that is the end game of politics that must be prevented or, bypassed. Money is the key to politics, and when money dies, political systems die too, or are morphed into something worse, always worse, that is why the time is now. If they are allowed to push things into the stage of complete dollar devaluation, chaos will visit the land. Everybody will suffer, except the rich of course. But then, when they have blamed the capitalists, and the Christians and the baby boomers for the Troubles, the hammer will fall, and the left will seize power by forcing government scrip, or more likely, electronic credits, on the whole world. Fait accompli, and the two legged system falls, and turns into a single party system, a Beast. This could go all Biblical, but, it doesn’t have to be that way for all of us, because even the Bible said that we should trim our wicks, fill our lamps and hide, to take our children and go ‘into the wilderness’. The Wilderness, is outside The System, and can be looked at in many metaphorical ways.

The Threat of the con-con is merely phase 1… an “exploit”, it will throw a monkey wrench into the works… it is something the PTB haven’t expected, (the good guys come together? nah.. can’t happen.) everything will be affected, halted, and heads will explode in DC and NY, simply because it is the one thing they fear, that we, the good guys, awaken and UNIFY under an IDEA… to BYPASS THEM. The con-con can simply be called to nullify Obama-care and strengthen gun rights with a ‘must carry’, as well as return the nation to a real bills doctrine and throw the Fed and false money out. This, in and of itself, would cause many to wake up to the issues and the process, the left would go absolutely crazy. Good, we want them to, because of the 3 move strategy… push them against the wall, a wall we know will eliminate all their ‘gains’. It would throw them off their feed, and upset progress of the The Globalist Agenda. If nothing else, it would be a wake up call to many in this country, who ‘Don’t Get It’…it would spread as more and more states make the CALL. It would become its own all engrossing soap opera, as the people call for it, the Establishment fights it, and the politicians heads explode. It would be worth it, just to see the resulting right wing form of Chaos unfold.

The Chaos, phase 2, that would result in the con-con committee, is where the states must maintain control, and kick the Players of NY and DC out. This is easy, anybody who currently maintains a public office is excluded. The people own the airwaves, so implement a series of town halls, that tv stations must carry, say one a week on Sat night, and a round of elimination on the internet, to choose delegates. Come one, come all. Bring your ideas, not your money… each ‘voter’ applies for a voter id key by SSN online, and can only vote once a week. Simple to control that. Then, the People can see and decide on the true issues, think Ron Paul on steroids… minus the bad parts.

The Con-con, phase 3, if called, would be continuing Chaos, floor fights and utter blood letting WOULD happen on the floor. It MUST come to dead lock, IF, WE, the good guys, fought and never backed up an inch. The goal being, to fight them to a standstill, and utter desperation to get ‘something done’. No more compromises, no backing up, only steps forward, is the defining paradigm.

What would happen? At this point it doesn’t matter, the die is cast for one resolution or the other.  The entire nation, after watching this soap opera on TV, and becoming vested by voting, would be desperate for something… they would see it is hopeless, we are too divided, then when its obvious that nothing will be agreed on, the next phase is multidimensional. No matter what happens, at this point in the process, incremental socialism would be on hold, and the Federal Establishment would be screaming bloody murder. They would see their power slipping through their fingers, heads would be exploding if we actually could get to the convention phase, after deadlock, there would likely be blood on the floor of Congress and the Convention, and the Federals might be calling for troops to restore ‘order’. Which means to restore their own power base. They could send troops, but if the Con-con committee had the Militias of the Several states as ‘security’, then they would run into a buzz saw. They would be forced to attack the Con-con itself, which, would provide the impetus for the Con-con to declare the Constitution in ABEYANCE. This would be CAUSUS BELLI, for a revolution against Washington, as their perfidy would be exposed to all the world, and the Militias of the several states would be free to act in self defense.

If we reached this point of desperation without violence, then, The Amendment for Dissolution is presented to the floor, and everybody is told they can have it their way… each state gets what they want. Human nature, using the leftist strategy against them. Give everybody what they want, a free lunch… yippee…

WE dissolve the union by LEGAL means and go our separate ways, preserving something of ourselves, our culture and our God given rights. Maybe the old articles of confederation with the bill of rights and state banks, what ever. After that, the Remnant would leave the System, and take our children and go ‘into the wilderness’, metaphorically. But now we have seen the face of the Black Caesar, and their agenda comes, not to take your guns, but to take your all and deliver you to the Global Beast that they are openly bragging about. They think they have already won, because we are divided and apathetic. The logic of the damned dictating for us to remain frozen in fear of losing, what is being lost in front of your eyes.

But the patriot community, either learns to play chess, or gets check mated from playing checkers for too long.  But we are divided, and the ONLY thing that can unite us, is the same thing that united us long ago… a New IDEA. For those who think this is too risky, you are your own worst enemy, for you have already lost. The demographics and attitudes of apathy, are winning. The campaign of 2014, began when the Black Caesar announced his war on guns, and those who oppose him will become the bad guys of the next campaign. He wins by the power of sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly.

Risk is relative, and it is only risk that will stop the freight train of globalism, they are already celebrating their victory. They will celebrate final victory, because you are divided, and cannot agree on anything, even your love of the Constitution is hypocritical if you do not use it to save yourselves. It is the ultimate power, as long as we have a semblance of law. It is the ultimate power in this country, the power of the people, the only power that can take on the power of money. To not take a risk, is to acknowledge that they have already won, to not take a risk, for fear of losing, after you have already lost, is the logic of the damned. If you cannot see that you have already lost, then you are full of the hopium, and cling to what is, in fear of what will be. Fundamental transformation is here, and only a risky move, can change the direction of it.

We must at least make the attempt to check the king, bet the pile, or throw the hail Mary pass into the end-zone, to call ENOUGH of this incremental globalist fascist socialist nonsense, time to fish or cut bait, or we will all pay the Piper.

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  2. cary elder says:

    Very exciting topic, warm regards for advertisement.
    “Let us never negotiate out of fear. However
    let us never fear to negotiate.” by John Fitzgerald Kennedy


  3. helen reis says:

    I’m impressed, I have too admit. Truly rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining,
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  4. Woh Everyone loves you , bookmarked ! My other half and i take issue in your last point.


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