the math of Sin and redeemption

Christianity today, can be best defined as ‘Pauline’,of the 13th apostle Paul, who never sat in the secret meetings with Jesus, and was thus never indoctrinated into the ‘Secret Mysteries’. It is even in the Bible that these meetings took place, and becomes obvious, now that the Forbidden books of the Gnostics have been uncovered, that the Doctrines of Paul, and the Teachings of Jesus, were from two different universes. The basic doctrines of Paul vs Jesus can be summed up in a God Calculus  equation;

Paul;  (+-+Sin) + (+-+Love) + (+-+Works) + (Faith++) = Redemption

Jesus; (-Sin) + (Agape-Love++) + (Works++) + (++Faith-) = +Redemption++

and both compared to;
Buddha; (-Sin) + (Empathy++) + (Works++) + (+Faith-) = +Redemption

These are stated as;
Paul; TRY not to Sin, TRY to love everyone, TRY to do good works, and the power of the Lord will save you if you merely declare allegiance to Him openly with full faith in Him to grant your request.

Jesus(&Buddha); SIN NOT, HAVE EMPATHY for EVERYONE, DO GOOD WORKS and the ‘Power of God’ will ‘save’ you for the Kingdom of God. Having faith gives extra points and extra reward by being drawn higher into the ‘heavens’, but it is your love and works that gets you a ticket up the stairway to heaven. (Yes, this applies to you agnostic and atheists. The difference between Christ and Buddha was that Faith, takes you into The Kingdom of God, the higher heavens. )

The meaning of love here is key. In scripture it is called Agape love. If you take love and apply it to yourself, God and all other living things, then you have arrived at Agape. So Empathy is Agape = the Love of the Christ. Love your neighbor as you love yourself and God. All other ‘doctrines’ are the darkness of fear mixed in.

Pauline doctrine was the basis of the Catholic church which added many other doctrines, rules, rituals and an intervening priesthood to ‘confess’ your sins to and receive ‘absolution’ from, and the plethora of Saints to pray to. This almost completely took God out of the Equation, and put everything in the Church. This led to Catholics being able to buy their way into heaven. Literally. These practices were eventually rebelled against, in what is now known as Protestant. The Fruits of Rome, was murder, war and division.

Most protestant Christians, don’t even know what protestant means. It means “protesting” Catholic. They may have some passing remembrance of the guy that broke from the Catholic church and started it all, a guy named Martin Luther. This is a man that was in love with a nun, and figured out a theological way to bed her. Thus was born several hundred years of total division in the Church. Here is a famous quote from this man:

Be a sinner, and let your sins be strong (sin boldly), but let your trust in Christ be stronger, and rejoice in Christ who is the victor over sin, death, and the world.
A Letter From Luther to Melanchthon
Letter 99, Paragraph 13.
August 1, 1521

This created a doctrine of indifference to the words of the Christ and almost total leaning towards the doctrines of Paul. That the Christ would ‘save’ you from your ‘sin’, if you repented honestly and sincerely, no matter what. This created a culture of backwards thinking, and is not what the Messiah said. He said to go and “sin no more”. So Luther’s very hypothesis was promoting sinful behavior, whether intended or not. He said the Christ could save you from all your sins, as long as you believed IN Him. Well, do you not think the angels that rebelled believed IN God? Do you think their belief saved them?

But aren’t we different from angels? What we have is faith, not direct knowledge, right? Isn’t there a big difference in the eyes of God? Well, there could be if you believe in a judgmental God. God did judge the angels that rebelled, but it is the conscience’s of men that convicts man. It is the overpowering nature of Sin itself, that drags you into the darkness. This is the “Power of God” itself that judges men. Men were given a Redeemer, a narrow path to the Light. He is the one who washes your soul, your dirty linen, to present you to God washed and renewed, faultless. The scriptures are clear, you must try to overcome the sin in your life. The Guilt of Sin on your conscience is what convicts you, and there is much guilt to be laid at the feet of the churches in the hiding of the nature of sin and the judgmental nature of God and the Redeemer. For it is His Job, to Redeem us from the Darkness, to draw or attract us out of darkness with the power of The Light. In this process lies the very equation of reality, the attractive power in the Soul is determined by your own Light.

But the Protestants are not the only guilty ones on planet Earth, the Catholics retain their share of the confusion of the Doctrines and Denominations, the guilt of their theologies and blasphemies. For they retain the guilt of their murders and burnings of books, they killed the saints of God in the furtherance of their ‘Good’ Mystery religion. They destroyed the Grail of Enoch and hid it in the ultimate blasphemy, by the destruction of the Knowledge of God and the greatest theft of history. But mystery is mystery in this world, and mystery by its very definition is something that cannot be proven.

The religious zealots of the Orthodox, what remained of the Babylonian Mystery religion, replaced a ‘conscience and consciousness’ faith of the Messiah, something that defines the conscience and consciousness of empathy for all living things, was replaced with religions of rules and rituals. They replaced the Knowledge of God and how He works in this Universe and how to connect with Him, with a Mystery of God. They pronounced that all things of God are as “a mystery” and everyone who disagreed with them as a Heretic. Even Protestants are still considered Heretic’s. The side effect of this was to change the Universe away from a Cause and Effect principle, to a Crime and Punishment doctrine. All things were the result of The Deity, not the ignorance and stupidity of men.

Thus even the concept and proper response to sin was hidden in mystery. Rome laid down the foundations of Christianity with the greatest crime in the history of mankind, the theft and destruction of the Grail of Enoch out of the mouth of God, and turned it into a Trinity of a Triune Godhead. They did this because it was a convenient mechanism to give the Emperor’s a unified and universal church, so that the Empire could be unified. They also destroyed the Tree of Life, and the Knowledge of Good and Evil into an evil thing of ‘serpent’ mystery.

When they did this they destroyed the Truth of the Triad of God’s Forces and the proof of it was found in the books of Enoch. So the books of Enoch were banned and made Heretical, even though they retained a mention of Enoch in their ‘approved’ book, The Canon. They outlawed philosophy and reason, and the Tree of Life. This was the ultimate blasphemy, and laid the foundation for the Sword of Division, an abomination of desolation, erected in the True Temple of God, your minds. They destroyed the Books of Enoch, and Thomas, and Mary Magdalene(who was turned from priestess of the temple into a whore), the works of Adam and Eve, the books of Jasher and the Testament of the 12 Patriarchs, the Hypostasis of the Archons, the Pistis Sophia that Christ taught ‘privately’,  and many others. They not only divided the scripture, they destroyed the original meanings of them. They also hid the true meaning of the true Trinity of Barbelo,  the Root of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, also called the Tree of Life, and turned it into something evil, instead of the basis of the Knowledge of the foundation of Life.

Part of our history and canon has to do with Old and New Testaments, taken from the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic original texts. These texts were translated, discarded, stapled, spindled and mutilated to fit the political regime at the time of Constantine in ancient Rome. Then edited, manipulated and burned, in order to adopt new theological narratives to old writings. Then they were translated from Latin into English, and the process was repeated. This was not originally done out of malice, but ignorance and a deep desire to simplify The Narrative for the peasant masses, the Crime came later, in the cover up and elimination of competition, as always.

The original writings when compared to the Canon, have significant differences, and in some cases, a normal lay person would only say “how did they get all that meaning from that short Hebrew text”? There has been so much manipulation of information over the last two thousand years, it is no wonder that what ‘Christian’s believe is so fragmented and divided, so disparate and differing. Thus the question is asked and answered, Would God inspire division and war among His people? Would God author confusion? Would God want people killed and books burned? Did God wield the Sword of Division that the Messiah prophesied, or men? For He said He did not come to bring peace, but a sword, but that sword was wielded by Rome.

The meaning of the Law of Moses, at its core, was to demonstrate how perfect a man would have to be in order to be presentable to God. It was proven as practically impossible because to violate one dot or tittle of the Law, was to violate the entire law. The Christ came to finish the Law, or to ‘complete’ the Law. Thus the entire concept of Sin was redefined as something that one could be ‘saved’ from by the power of the blood of the Redeemer. At the bottom of the barrel there is truth lying in there somewhere, because man is fallen, and left to his own devices, always turns back into an animal. If the ancient understanding of the Animal vs the Spirit was to be used, we would find a more perfect understanding of the struggle of the Soul and the part Sin and Redemption play. If we refer to the Gnosis, then the entire chapter of Israel could be discarded, the Law of Moses and everything else, and there would be little lost, at least as it refers to sin and redemption. It is even possible, under the Gnosis, to see that the Jews do not even worship God, but a false and defective god named; Yah. This god, could be the hidden name of; Yaltaboath, the Chief Archon, a god of War. Could this deception, be the basis of the confusion between a god of War in the old testament, and a God of Love in the New?

It would be especially helpful, if Sin and redemption were codified as something that could be mathematically modeled. Could this even be possible? It could, but only if you understand the power of the Grail, and the understanding of the energies that work on your body, soul and spirit. If you see the darkness and the light as the energies that make you, the energy of creation that forms you, and the workings of the power of God behind the scenes that causes you to Ascend or Descend into the Hyperspace or the sub-spacial realms. It is possible if you can see the power of the Holy Light(Spirit), what Enoch called the “Light that cannot be perceived”. This is the Majesty of the Grail, but it is balanced by the Horror of the Grail. The Horror is the definition of darkness, and its true meaning. This is the double edged blade of the Sword of Truth, for all truth has two sides. It was the thing that was taken from you, and burned in the pyres of the Church.

For the Church hid the Imp of Darkness and replaced it with the Messiah, forming a Trinity of Faith. They also created an entity known as Satan. Which the original word in Aramaic means; adversary. And their Universe of Crime and Punishment was complete. A useless thing for anything but hope and faith, having no scientific meaning or usefulness. They said that there was only one son of God, when we are all Son’s of God, and the Messiah is the Root of us and within all of us, because He created us through the power of the Light and the Tree. It is He who Enoch prophesied as the Elect One, the Anointed One or the Light Bearer. It is interesting that in the Latin Vulgate, the Light Bringer, was named ‘Lucifer’ and was a poetic reference to the Christ. How times have changed, how did this reference to Christ, get swapped around to be a another name for Satan? This is just another example of how the scriptures and their interpretations have been corrupted over the years, and the Sword of Division has become an abomination that makes the people desolate, setup in the True Temple of God, the minds of men.

Enoch gave the reason for Creation, the Mind of God, that God was lonely and “had no peace”, this completely destroys the Triune concept of the Word of God as co-creator, He came during the Creation as the Great Age, as part of the Root of the Tree of Life. When you read Enoch you see that the Voice of God that created the chaos upon the energies, was translated as ‘word’, and made into a separate yet mysteriously joined triune entity. The same process as the Imp of the Consumer, the Archa, was converted into an entity named Satan. Satan was the renaming of the leader of the original angelic rebellion, his name was; Samyaza. Does a true Satan remain in the heaven-lies accusing mankind of being evil? No. The Imp is provable, and Satan is a fiction, thus Knowledge overcomes Mystery with Reason. We are not monkeys we are men, and were given the power of reason, unfortunately, that reason is overcome by the power of mystery and emotions. The power of Cause and Effect had to be removed in order for the Universe of Crime and Punishment to take its place.

For this to work in your mind, you must first accept that the concept of Original sin, the fact of man being a ‘Fallen’ creature, stems from metaphor, but had a basis in reality. If man began as a Light Being in the Hyper layers, and decided to rebel against God’s commandments not to eat of the tree of good and evil, what does this mean? There is a lot of controversy in this and it is subjective because there can be no proof of spirit things, but man ‘fell’ because he went down the mountain to enjoy life in the physical. In the original stories of the Books of Adam and Eve, there were two races of men. The Son’s of Adam and the Son’s of Belial. This is kind of written of in Genesis, when Cain ran off to the land of Nod, and took a wife… But if Adam and Eve were the First Humans, then who, exactly, could Cain have married? Under standard Mystery theology of the Churches this is an unknown mystery, just “one of those mysteries of God my son”, that they are good at sidestepping. The Grail reveals that the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, is the Reality matrix of light and dark energy. God told the son’s of Adam that once they went down the mountain, they would not be able to return, and it was so. Once they ‘fell’ into reality, by the compression of their dark energy, they were ‘bound’ in the Chaos, trapped in reality. The Archon story of Yaltaboath and the true meaning of the dark powers, then comes into play as the intention of the Father, for men to be created in strife and evolutionary processes.

But if all the other ‘Forbidden books’ of the Canon, stories, legends and myths are taken into account, if we even add in the stories and prophecies of the Native Cherokee and other Native tribes, we may arrive at a different interpretation. We arrive at an interpretation of the different races, the Chosen vs the Gentile. The Sons of Light and the Son’s of Darkness, those who are IN the world and those who are OF the world. We may read stories of angels that sinned by Falling to Earth, and the leaders were punished because they taught the son’s of men many bad things. Enoch spoke of these stories and the punishments of the leaders of the rebellion. But what about the Followers? It is said in the Bible that the dragon took a “third part” of the angels of heaven. But nothing more is said about them. Enoch speaks of The Watchers, who wait and watch, for their chance at the physical?

Ancient eastern philosophy, certain Jewish sects, and even the words of the Christ imply that redemption back then was based on being “born again of the spirit”. In modern parlance this is the very definition of Reincarnation. The recycling of the energy of the soul. If energy is eternal, then this makes a lot of sense from the standpoint of a loving God. It makes more sense than the Mystery of a Church that says you get one shot at life regardless of your birth circumstance. The Mystery that says even innocent babies are consigned to a Limbo of nothingness if they are not baptized by the Church, or thrown into a lake of fire if they are ignorant of Christ. The hatred of one church for another because of doctrines of devils, doctrines that cause men to violate the basic tenant of scriptures, which was to be the Hands of God’s Justice on Earth. Doctrines that cause men to sin boldly, yet think that their Redeemer will wash them in the blood. It is no wonder that churches fight, believers argue, and theologians disagree, the very nature of mystery and religion demands it.

If there is any way to define what sin is, then, the Grail exposes it for all to see and agree in the unification of reason based in knowledge. To overcome the Sword of Division, requires a Sword of Truth, to shed light into the darkness of Mystery requires direct knowledge of God to shed light into the Mystery of men’s religions. At the end of the day, the words of the Christ are the same as the Buddha; to love all men and living things as you love God, are very easily said. But when pharisee’s get done with it, it has become a hash of nonsense layered upon mystery, and the souls of men are lost in the darkness, this is the meaning of Jude when he said that evil entered into the Churches “unawares”. For evil is sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly, and religion has grown to be the most bitter pill of all.

Even religions are grown away from the concepts of sin and darkness. Religion itself is not good enough to maintain the morality of society, beacause men have grown in science and knowledge in a sort of spiritual evolution that has outgrown religion. We have experienced a Great Falling away of the faithful, having succumbed to the embrace of the mystery of false knowledge. Science is this false knowledge because science proves that their is no God, and they even now attempt to reinvent God in a particle of randomness.

The original meaning of science and religion are given in the Original  definitions; The understanding of man, his place in the Universe, and how it all works. But both of these schools of thought, have succumbed to the power of mystery, both of them leading to the place where God cannot exist in their redefinition of reality. With simultaneous  acceptance of it by religions as just another ‘Mystery of God’. Science thus conquers the minds of the next generation and the current generation of religions enable the process by the continuance of the Mystery Doctrines. This is something that is in direct opposition to the Doctrines of Science, and science wins the new generation because of the spiritual evolution of society towards knowledge and away from mystery. People do not stop to think that science contains as much mystery as religion.

They cannot comprehend the reality of God because they don’t want to. They are good at throwing unwanted knowledge in the trashbin of history and replacing it with new mysteries and theories. The new theory being no better than the old because truth flees from them. The scientists threw Einstein’s focus of energy in the trash, because the closer to the reality matrix they came, the source of the energy of the proton and the Cause of gravity, inertia and entropy, the closer to the necessity of a Creator they got.

They turned towards the particle, and the God particle in particular, because it is something against God. The leaders of religion, not understanding the Core Issue, that the scientists aim is to destroy God. You must know both groups, and question them, in order to arrive at the Truth. The Truth is, they like their Illusions, they love their Mysteries, as the Greek philosophers said; they entertain themselves in the trivial pursuit of arguing over the nature of the shadows on the wall of their prison cave. They do not want to know about what causes the shadows because that would reveal the Truth of the Thing. If the Truth were revealed, how would they escape the Judgement of God? Yes, deep down in their souls, they all beleive in God, because God is part of them too, and their conscience convicts them. The Truth is, they hate God, and will do anything in their power to overcome the Plan of God, which is the furtherance of the Human Race to have vessels for the implanting of spirits. God’s original name was; The God of Spirits and Forces. This is the very definition of Reality, Hyper reality, and Sub reality, which leads to the nature of the rebellion of men, and the Sin nature in man.

So, if angels and human’s rebelled against God and His heaven, what does that say about the reality of Heaven in those days? All we can say is that it must have been a very boring place to have caused such a fuss. If angels rebelled against the direct knowledge of God, which is how it is revealed in Genesis about Adam as well, for Adam knew God, and rebelled anyway, the same as the Angels who sinned, then what does that say about God’s Heaven?

Is there some truth to the thought, that maybe sitting around and watching reality was enticing? Would not the desire for having a life of ones own, or experiences of ones own, lead to ultimate boredom? Did the angels who rebelled, and took wives of their own, just want a little action(that’s what Enoch said)? But, they took a third part of the angels of heaven with them, what of those Followers? We find nothing about them, but then we match the stories of the angels and men, and see the similarity, both knew God, and both Rebelled against God. Thus the doctrine of Original Sin, is the Sin that was created before you were born.

But, in this Universe, most things that are bad, lead to a good result in the end. So maybe the Creator God saw a way of enhancing the heavens? Enhancing the lives of His Family, The Elohim? Maybe it is the lemonade of life to be allowed to live on the Earth, gain experience of life, and take it back with you. To go ‘home’, has an implied meaning, that, that is where you came from… that you are Light beings, and that there are also dark beings. The very definition of those In the world, and those OF the world, means there are at least two classes of human being. Those who love the Light and those who love the Dark. In between we have the concept of Sin and the confusion of its meaning. The confusion of its meaning is because of the direct clouding of the issue by the sons who love the darkness, for misery loves company.

If seen in the light of God calculus, many religions have many things correct, and many things wrong. Their ‘good vs bad’ mystery is what clouds the issue, not the reality of their messages. The Mystery is what causes the misunderstandings, the conflicts, the disagreements, the loss of faith and violence. The nature of mystery itself and the Fear it causes, is The Ultimate Sin that the Piper calls the Sword of Division based in the emotion of FEAR, an abomination that makes the people desolate because it was setup in the true temple of God, your minds. It is what the Christ prophecied, that He did not come to bring peace, but a sword. The churches were the weilders of that sword, but the modern pharisees of  religion cannot see it because they are hung on the concept of ‘My’ mystery is ‘good’, and ‘Your’ mystery is ‘bad’. Thus all people are confused by the very issue of sin, because the religions cannot agree on the nature of sin or redemption.

When seen through the lens of the Grail, sin is simple. Sin is quantum entanglement in dark energy, a ‘mysterious phenomena’ of Science that says all things are connected as One. That when something happens here in one place, it is felt in all places. This is not intuitive, but it is true enough. The global consciousness project proved that all minds are connected together as one, and can feel the future. This was observed hours before the attacks on 911. The observation was accomplished by atomic random number generators, that came into synchronization before the events of that day, and did not subside until hours after the event.

At some level then, it has been proved as fact that all human consciousness is connected together as one, and that reach extends, if only slightly, into the future. Normal particle physicists, and religionists, dismiss this as just “one of those things”. The God calculus however, actually predicts this as a necessary result of the energies of creation, where all things are connected together through the Holy Hyper Light, or Holy Spirit of God, in balance, with the Dark energy of consumption. This is proof of the Hyper (or Spiritual) Relativity of God, the source of Einstein’s Special Relativity, that gives the energy for all things, and that energy contains all times, past, current and future, compressed within itself. This is the result of positive hyper infinity and negative sub infinity, as they join at the zero point of relativity in normal space time.

Thus if we are beings of light and darkness, that forms a perfect 7 layered soul of part animal and part spirit, that soul is attracted to the dominant energy balance of its being. For most human’s, this is a true balance between dark and light energy, they have traits of good and evil within them that leads to a constant struggle with ‘their animal half’, or the dark half. If quantum entanglement is the operating principle of the underlying energy matrix, what we call the Entanglement of the Infinities, then any individual human can over balance or under balance their ‘soul’ by the taking on of sticky dark energy, or by giving up of that dark energy and taking on light energy. Taking joy from others or entangling by intention with dark energy, compresses your soul, to become more and more dense, heavier.

Most human’s do not comprehend the nature of their interactions with other humans, as the taking or giving of dark energy or light energy, but that is the message of quantum entanglement. All things you touch, come in contact with, through thought or physical interaction, you become entangled with. Scientists prove the basic principle, but like we’ve said, they know that to take the principle as far as it leads, will lead them straight to the throne of God. That is not a place scientists wish to go, because that leads to ridicule and destruction of their careers, and they know it. They know it because science, at the very top, although not openly, hates God and religion. This stems from the early days of the destruction of them, when religion pronounced them Heretics, and burned them at the stake, the enmity run’s deep and not without justification.

So we have been left with a permanent split between science and religion, and a deepening spiritual evolution, and a feeling that all is not right with the world. A sense of betrayal at institutions of both science and religion, and this goes back to the basic thesis of Einstein who said; “Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind.” This leaves the people bereft of Truth, caught between abominations that make them desolate and searching the shadows of their Illusions on the wall of their cave for the meaning of the shadows, with few seeker’s of the Cause of the Shadows.

Sin is the shadow, the redeemer is the local magnifier of the distant Holy Light, Spiritual Relativity is the Key. In this Universe, as the Ancients said; Like attracts like. So Sin is the attraction to the shadow, the entanglement with darkness. Hyper or Spiritual Relativity proves that the Light comes from Ultimate Love, called Agape and Empathy, that overcomes the Entropy of the Dark consumer. If we are all energy beings then, we must be balanced energy in order to exist. If we are all energy that means we could be created from the Light or the Dark. If we are those of the Light then our primary mission is the overcoming of the Darkness, in order to take our experience Home with us to enhance ours and others Eternity. In order to do that, you must have the Light of Love within, this is the Spiritual Relativity; Light=Love.

Then the math comes to say that in order for you to ascend into the Light on your own, you must have more light energy than dark energy in order to be attracted to the local Light of the Redeemer, The Way, the Narrow path off the Wheel of Life. This is a mathematical equation, your light half must be greater than your dark half. This is how things were before the Redeemer or Messiah was given, as a gift for us wayward children. Because it was practically impossible to achieve on your own, the Law of God proved how imperfect men are.

Sin then, is entanglement with dark energy. It is what drags you down into the bottomless pit, and eventually, into the Abyss that leads to the Imp of consumption of energy, your energy. This is the Second Death in the Lake of Fire, the Dark consumer. It is a horrible place like that of a black hole, it is the source of the energy of black holes, for it is the ultimate black hole. The Well of Souls that consumes those given from The Guf or gift of life. The only way to escape it is the Light of God be within you as you love all living things. That you follow the Way of the Redeemer, which is love. Those who do not believe in the Redeemer, but follow His way without faith in Him, follow the Light of this world, the Narrow path to the Light, The Way, the Truth and the Life. Those who love themselves, are wrapped in self, are those who love darkness and taking joy from others, become heavy and shun the light, and are thus trapped on the edges of the bottomless pit.

There is a big difference in types of sin as well. The Christ said that sin does not exist until you bring it forth from your own intentions. That sin is not from without, but comes from within. It is what you desire from the animal, and what you take from others. But the taking is a more powerful entanglement than personal sinning. This is what the Christ meant when he spoke about sin not coming into the mouth, but what came out of the mouth. That what comes out of your mouth to harm others, is more powerful entanglement, than any sinful thing you can put in it. This is also the message of Buddha, and the Karmic record you build up in the skein of the past.

It is there, written in the record of eternity. But the simple dirtying of your own linen robe of your own soul, is a washable thing. This is the power of the Redeemer. It is not necessary to believe IN Him, just to FOLLOW the power of God within you, your conscience. This is your connection to the infinite, and it will lead your choices. The doctrines of the Paulines, say its ok to sin boldly and trust in Christ, but the danger of their doctrine is the absolute faith in the power of Christ to overcome their own bad choices, this is not rational. This is the power of MYSTERY. For all the ancients speak of one thing, and Jesus Himself spoke of one thing, good works and obedience to The Way, of your conscience. Spiritual Relativity then, that Love=Light is the simplest thing of all. Remember He said He would spew out the lukewarm, are these the ones who sin boldly and are deceived by preachers, when their conscience knows better?

The Redeemer and Messiah came from God, as the Elect son of God to sacrifice Himself to gain the Throne of Earth. This is simply a way of saying that He gave all of Himself, His body and with it, His dark energy, to gain a seat in the Highest Heaven, and become a closer light that draws you to Him. He gives you a way out of the darkness, and washes your soul in the Light of the Purging of Sin. But, you must love enough to not have accumulated so much sin entanglement that you are unwashable. If you love darkness, and become so dark that He cannot attract you through the Tunnel of Light at death, or you do not wish to go through it, you will be stuck in limbo or recycled indefinitely, until you are lost in the darkness of the Second Death, the Black hole of the Imp will claim your energy as you are caught in its grip, and are consumed into oblivion for an eternity.

Thus even those atheist, and agnostics, who are confused about God, but believe in themselves being ‘good people’ and doing ‘good works’, will claim the Light of Love for themselves regardless of their faith. Their faith may be confused by this dark world, but their light within cannot be confused. This is the message of of Universal Redemption of the new message of Spiritual Relativity, light=love, and like attracts like, and your good works will take you on the same path as those who live in pious hypocrisy. There is a cost however, for you must be washed in the Purge. It is a gift, and a thing of beauty, do not be afraid of the Tunnel of Light. Your faith in God and the Redeemer, is the power that Entangles you with the Light, to ever higher levels of the Aeons of Power in the highest heavens. Thus the more faith you have, the more you Love Him, the more good works you do, the higher is your reward and your place within the ‘Kingdom of God’.

The Purging of darkness or the washing of the linen robes is the true gift of grace. Mathematically this is the layer of positive hyper reality just above the Ethereal layer that is integrated with and part of space time, the lowest of the 7 heavens. A layer of positive light energy, that washes the dark in the Light of the Entanglement of the Infinities. This is the washing of dark energy from your soul, with the postive entanglement of intention. This is where the difference between mortal sin and regular sin come into play. If you have sinned so greatly, harmed others, and truely repent of it, then you may still require another cycle of incarnation, no man can speak of the mechanics of such things, but scriptures are clear, repent, go and sin no more, pay for your sins while you are on Earth. Confess your guilt and go to prison if required, and you will clean your own soul by your own suffering in the physical. But do not blame anyone but yourself.

Those purveyors of religion who say that babies are born into original sin and without baptism will not go to heaven, and those religious zealots who say that all the other religions are wrong, are the ultimate purveyors of darkness. They sell Fear and Fear alone, and they have gotten wealthy on the Fear they sew. They mix truth with untruth, light with dark, and in pious self righteousness pronounce heresy on all but themselves.

Even their own Bible tells them that they are sinners, that they commit heresy and blasphemy, but their own dark mystery protects them. They can hear the words of the Redeemer, yet ignore them because they make themselves as very god when they add things or take things away. The Sword of Division is what takes knowledge and chops it up into pieces, it is what destroys essential wisdom of simplicity in the dark confusion of complexity. What the Lord specifically instructed the apostles in the Gospel of Mary Magdelene not to do. It results in the primary proof of fear being a sin, mystery being an abomination, and the blashemy of confusion. The body of people on the planet are thus conned into belief of pretty words, feel good doctrines and rules of How for adults, because little children always want to know why. If all things known, from all religions and science is kept in little labeled boxes never to meet together in one mind, then the Sword of Division works.

If knowledge from different schools of thought comes together in one mind, then connections can be made between the dots and tidbits of facts, fiction, mystery and myth, to form a bigger picture of the Whole. This used to be the method of teaching, but has fell into disuse since the power of the Animal has gained sway, the Left leg, the Darkness, has gained sway over the System of Earth. Knowledge is dumbed down and divided by the purveyors of darkness, pretending to be angels of light. In this way even Sin itself is hidden from the eyes of the people who mistake sweet words on the tonque as coming from an enlightened being, who then leave them with bitter bellies as the sugar of sweetness rots their minds, bodies and souls.

Today, even the concept of sin itself is derided as old fashioned, and not even taught in some churches anymore. But you see, talking about sin is opposite to what the current level of society demands, which is the same thing the darkness has always wanted, to say that darkness doesn’t exist, that evil doesn’t exist. The power of darkness has created churches that say we must speak ‘nice’ things of ‘sugar’ not things of ‘salt’. They are preaching that whatever people do is ok, because God is love. Their words are true, but carry the wrong meaning, and the people are lost in the darkness of mystery. They are told to sin boldly and trust in the Christ, while they overload their souls in the cravings of the animal. Thus the darkness wins over the plan of God.

In this debate, there is only one absolute truth, one anchor, one thing that defines all the other things of religion; the light in  your conscience and consciousness, that God is in all things, not just temples(or churches), which is the original teaching of the Messiah in the Gnostic gospels. That where two of you gather in His name, there He is between you. But these simple things of faith in love and empathy, were taken down by rules and rituals, interpretations given with the sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly by the justification of the continuation of sin and an unlimited mystery redemption power of the Messiah, that He never offered. What He gave was the simplest thing of all; The Way of Love, Empathy, and the good works that follow obediance to the God power within you.

Those who commit mortal sin’s, with intention and desire, those who care about no one but themselves, and those who care only about self and feeding their own desires are consumed with darkness, they are the Takers and are ultimately drawn into the darkness. They are the gossipers, the whiners, the complainers, the people of two hearts and two tongues. They smile and act nice and use sugar to overcome you, while sewing seeds of division. They take the joy of others, and rejoice in the pain of others. The honest theif who must steal to feed his family has more light within than these. The homosexual who loves his partner and cares about other people, has more light within, than the man who has a wife yet beats her unmercifully. The business man doing what he calls “God’s work”, while destroying whole towns or economies and bringing untold suffering upon masses of people, is the worst sinner of all, even the Lord Himself lost His temper at the likes of these. And these are all the wages of justifyed sin by religions of mystery and the conflicting rules of darkness.

Remember, like attracts like, they will never come to the Light of their own free will, but are given the chance to try again because God wants all to come Home. The Grail of Enoch revealed that His reason for creating was because He was lonely, never forget this. This cycle of soul energy recycling continues until it is too late and they tip over into the dark side forever, but God is not their judge, they themselves are. Their conscience and consciousness operates with the Entanglement of the Infinities, to draw them up in hyperspace or down into subspace. Let the lesson of the rich man be your guide. Wealth is found in lives, loves and lands, not numbers on paper.

The balance of personal energies is crucial, and unforgiving. It is the “Power of God”, that judges men, not the intentional judgement of God. God judged the angels who sinned, because of their direct rebellion, their opposition to His Plan. He has instructed the rest of us to refrain from sin or face judgement. But there is little doubt that most men and women contain both good and evil within their makeup. It is their conscious choice whether to feel their conscience and listen to it, or to ignore it and let it fade away.

Your conscience is your Light, your direct connection to God through the Hyper Light that burns within you. Listen to it, and you will find the Light of God’s Redeemer, don’t listen to it, and you will find yourself in a dark and foggy place, awaiting another chance at the wheel of life if you are not too far gone. It is not known how many chances a soul has at the Light, or the Dark for that matter. It may not be a set number of cycles, but an energy calculation depending on the balance of the individual. Some may float on the cycle of the wheel for many cycles, and some may simply be born or aborted, and go to the Light. Who can say what the Ultimate administration of the Universe is, but the mechanics of the God calculus show’s us it exists, it is real, and it is the most misunderstood concept of all because of the Mystery power of religion’s that portray God as a vengeful and judgmental old man. That sterotype can only be overcome by the Light of reason and the knowledge of how and why God’s HyperUniverse works. We must listen to the Messiah, when he says that to gain the Light, you must be “born again” of the spirit.

We now come down to a time, when religion is losing legitimacy. It is becoming ‘old dry bones’, because of its primary thesis; Mystery. When the religious zealots killed the Heretic’s, they killed The Grail of Enoch and the Tree of the Knowledge from the mouth of God. When they burnt the libraries and and the books, they destroyed ten thousand years of accumulated knowledge and set science back a thousand years, so science bears a righteous grudge. But, science has gone down the path of anti-God, and leaves the Soul of Man in a void. It has gone down the path of darkness in particles and secretly bragging that they will prove God does not exist. This war between the two must end, but it can only do so when the Mystery of God is finished, and the Mystery can only be vanquished by The Knowledge of God. By the 100% Proof of God that vanquishes the 99% godless particle of science and the Mystery God of religion. The war can only be won at the Nexus of Love.

Mankind has evolved away from mystery towards knowledge, yet religion still gives the same tired answers, Everything is; “.. a mystery of God my son”, and this doesn’t cut it with modern educated men. We are losing our way as godless science is the only other option, a philosophy of anti-God.

Thus the Great middle of mankind is caught between two mysteries. A God of Nonsense and a Godless Nothingness. Science violates its own primary tenants of cause and effect, yet doesn’t see it in their zeolous rush towards their UnGod. Religion’s are blind to the results of the rush of science towards a godless future, where does such a divided future end? Does man become more divided or less? Does either path serve the purpose of God’s increase of His Family?

So again we ask; Would God Himself provide another path? A path that leads to God through the nexus of science and religion? Would a God Science become a New Song of Revelation that shows the Knowledge of God that finishes the Mystery of God? Could man figure out what was behind the door of illusion, if we only had the Key? If man held the key, again, would other men seek its destruction? Therein lies the key to sin, those who give, and those who take. Those who create and those who destroy. Those of The Light and those of The Darkness. Those of salt, and those of sugar. Salt preserves the body, and sugar rots it. We must learn to be rocks of salt, and not bricks in the wall of Babel. Love is strong, and meek, not whimpy and weak. Meek means power under control, the wisdom of the warrior against the Animal of the Soul. Sin is the greatest challenge for all warriors of God, and darkness is the enemy.

Only God knows all the answers, yet He believes in you, whether you believe in Him or not.

The Piper plays a New Song,
that a Chorus sings,
and the People dance,
so the forests may echo with laughter.

6 Responses to the math of Sin and redeemption

  1. Suzi Q says:

    I can’t express how much your website speaks to my soul. It’s like I already knew this stuff…It’s extremely hard to explain this feeling.


    • Suzy Q,
      Your words fill me with joy.
      May the Light be found within you… This ancient greeting, speaks to the Gnosis, the Divine Knowledge(that Jesus taught ‘privately’), connected to YOU through the spirit connection… also known as the Holy Spirit. It is impressed upon the very fabric of space-time, that connects you to all things as One. You sense the knowledge vibrating your soul, as it synchronizes with truth…

      Yours in the Light,


  2. I do agree with each of the ideas you have introduced in your publish. They are really actually convincing and will certainly perform. Even now, the posts are far too short for novices. Could you please extend them slightly from upcoming time? Thanks to the submit.


  3. extremely great publish, i really really like this site, carry on it


  4. Karren says:

    Well, I have spent my sabbath here today. Many hours of reading, ponding and resting. I find the more time I spend here, the more I feel at home. A few things that I have wondered about for many years now are starting to ‘come to light.’ I appreciate the passion and dedication of sharing that comes from all those engaged in the production of this site.


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