Peer review challenge

A peer review challenge…

Construct a tight planar coil of 60Ga enameled magnet wire, with several hundred turns, enough to make it at least 6 inches in diameter. Enough ohmage to run a current without burning the thing up.
Construct a ‘normal’ coil, of the same number of turns @density, on a nail. Route wires so both can hang horizontally. With the nail hanging horizontal, and the planar hanging vertical.

Make sure there are no iron, steel, or otherwise magnetic materials in proximity to the experiment.

Then… suspend the coils as a pendulum. Pass a current(12VDC>), observe and report the movements of the coils, vs various alignments with N/S/E/W.

Let me know if you get a mobius pattern at a flat towards E/W orientation in the planar, and a N/S alignment with the normal coil.
If so, you did it right… (otherwise try upping the voltage…)

(Oh, you’re having trouble constructing such a coil? Hmmm… yeah, took me awhile to get it right without burning up…And no, we’re not going to tell you how, that’s part of your challenge.)
When you do, you see… the Voice of God.

Congratulations! You have now ‘discovered’; Gravity wind, the ‘mysterious force’ that is throwing the Voyager and Pioneer space probes off course. The force of precession of the gravity vortex within the quantum foam of the magnetic ether, which proves the long range glitch in general relativity. You may now publish your results, with our blessing and our theory. (Full attribution is appreciated, with glory to God, otherwise, you are a plagiarist, and a thief, and will suffer accordingly.)

What? You say nobody will publish it? Awww, strange how that ‘Mystery of God stuff’ works, isn’t it?

For you astrophysics nuts, you may recalculate the probes path using the E3. By substituting Mass for 3′, which should yield g for ‘3, be careful with the Za. This would be quite helpful, to validate the Rcf factors, which should range in the area of Pi for normal space, but, if the trajectories don’t match, adjust the R factor with a constant GTm starting at a reciprocal of Pi for a fraction of the mass-energy-density of the probes.


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