First Blood

First Blood

Our heart goes out to Rep. Steve Scalise, and everybody else who’s become the first blood of what is rapidly becoming Civil War II.  We have argued for months, that if the democrats didn’t calm down, and accept responsibility for their 2016 loss, that their violent rhetoric would lead to actual violence. I have news for you democrats… it wasn’t the Russians, nor Comey, nor collusion, it was simple, plain old fashioned incompetence.  You put forward a tired, sick, carpet worn candidate, who had no message, didn’t listen to the advice of her advisers, and was wrapped in the coat of arrogance and fooled by pollsters who were drinking the koolaide of The North East Establishment.

And I have more news for you, your pollsters are STILL getting it wrong. Everyone I talk to, still supports President Trump, and sees and understands what The Establishment Swamp is doing to OUR Agenda of Make America Great Again. And, none of us in flyover country, have heard from any ‘pollster’s. We only see one thing; New York and Washington DC has lost its collective mind, the media is deranged, and their lemming like followers have little humanity left because theirs is a virtual world having been trained since birth that there is little in the way of consequences for their own actions, and that political correctness is their replacement for good manners. This was exemplified by the recent election, and the democratic candidate who could not even come out and give a concession speech. Pathetic, came to mind then, now all I see is evil manifesting as “sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly”. Talk of reconciliation, unity, backing down off the tone and rhetoric of late… seems to have lasted about a day. Gov Terry “in Clinton’s pocket” McAuliffe, came out of the gate hawking more gun control. I wonder what would have been the result if everybody on that ball field had the right to carry? It was a truism in the old American west, that Robert Heinlein was right; “an armed society is a polite society”, despite what you have been taught, ‘outlaws’ were few and far between, today, we breed them like pigs.

It is now obvious, that democrats not only don’t want the America of my youth(if such a thing is even possible anymore), but don’t know the difference between common sense and nonsense. They have been screaming nonsense about Russians for the past many months, while the rest of us, have been getting more and more angry.  We also see, it isn’t just the democrats, but, The Entire Establishment, of both parties and the Opposition party, the Media, who are desperate to bring down Mr. Trump and keep their money machine and global empire intact. They obviously know something we don’t, that the System is failing, and they don’t want Mr. Trump in That Chair when the financial music stops. They also want a war with Russia(to cover their tracks?), and in that alone, take it from an old Vietnam vet, they are madmen, all of them. Who would want a war with a nuclear power?

I expect the next sounds will be a new focus on gun control… and ramped up rhetoric, they will blame Mr. Trump for everything, including Obama’s failures. Hmmm, oh wait, they already are. We,  vets, have been warning for months, that a continuation of the lack of accepting the election, and taking responsibility for their failure, as well as blaming ‘The Russians’ (and beating the war drums) will cause more and more people to fly into fits of rage so that more and more of us are compelled to defend The President. Outrageous rhetoric inciting violence, when it exceeds the standards of civility, always, always, leads to incivility, just like an old fashioned feud. I’m surprised nobody has been arrested for inciting violence, we used to have laws against this. So that proves to me, that the progressive left has captured most of the country, or at least, keeps them in check because of fear.

For months, the democrat leaders have been ramping up the rhetoric, telling their people to “resist” Mr. Trump’s agenda, and all of us who voted for him. All while their media cronies follow their lead with pictures of decapitations and false Julius Caesar plays picturing a modern orange haired president being knifed to death. They are still following the false fantasy that they ‘really won’ the election because of a few extra dead and illegals in California who ended up ‘voting’, somehow…

But, they don’t seem to understand they are preaching to a choir not raised up with manners and civility ingrained in their very souls, the result of abandoning God in the public square. They are stirring up a generation of Godless snow flakes and social justice warriors, who want their safe spaces, and truly believe all the BS shoveled down their throats by the MSM.  They truly believe they, unlike all the generations who went before, can have the proverbial “Free Lunch” and live without ever having to be offended. What did the leaders of the democrat party think was going to happen?

My generation was trained as ‘Meek Warriors’.  We were taught to have a thick skin with sayings such as “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”, to “Turn the cheek”, but, these sayings become hard dogma, the foundation of doctrines of devils.  This has been turned upside down, as children are being taught from an early age how to be a cry baby, to make themselves the victim of every situation, they are taught to be weak and how to use political correctness to their advantage. They are not taught the ancient meaning of meek, which was; Power under control. A Meek Warrior demonstrates their strength of character by ‘Turning the other cheek’, in the face of insults, slights, or minor assaults. But likewise, we were trained up in the differences between a minor insult, and an attempted murderer… would you really turn the other cheek if someone had your wife by the hair, and was about to do terrible things to her? Why is it so hard to get intentions and verses so conflated to the point of creating entirely new churches? This is teaching the differernce between weak and Meek…

So in the Way of Jesus we were told to stand ready to defend the innocent, or yourself, by “selling your coat and buy a sword”. Today, preachers divide the ancient scriptures into verses and doctrines based on single verses, which lead to ‘Doctrines of Devils’. What is a Doctrine of Devils? Anything that allows evil to thrive.  Political correctness is the root of apathy, passivism, complacency, or the ingrained stupidity of ideology and doctrines that make people think, that they do not have a duty to fight evil, or even, what evil is. That is what political correctness does, it confuses minds through emotional contortions, it creates derangement, which is defined as; cognitive dissonance, minds that cannot take care of themselves in reality because their reality is a fantasy, and when its tenants do not hold true they lose a piece of themselves in madness. The ultimate doctrine of devils. Revelation 10 warned us of this. That evil is not a ‘problem’ as taught by the orthodox church, but is built into the Universe and everybody in the Universe. It is up to you to overcome it.

Today, evil is good, and good is evil, as everything turns upside down in the world and political correctness divides us into verbal combat, as these warring tribes have now degenerated to actual combat. This was predictable, and we predicted that violent rhetoric would degenerate into violence.  If anyone thinks this is going to get better, understand that this is only First Blood, and once shed, will probably get out of control. For once the dogs of war are unleashed you cannot control where they run.

We have a need for knowing how to integrate ideologies and doctrines into the Way of the Meek Warriors, again. We have a need to understand the Foundation of evil is The Little Book of Revelation 10, the sweet words, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly. For evil uses sweet words to turn your minds into jelly, and by political correctness ye shall know them. Anyone who claims special status, or victimhood, is manipulating your mind for their gain, and when that doesn’t work, they always, always, revert to violence, because they are the Beast within man, the animal that lies beneath the veneer of civilization.




About Piper Michael

Originating soul of the Unified Field of God, given as a gift of God to a humble Piper. A man who searched the garbage dumps of science and religion for 40 years, in the search for absolute truth. The Einstein-Enoch Equation is the result of the Quest for the Holy Grail.
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