Pi, the Ratio of God

Pi, the ratio of God.

“Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune intoned in the distance by an invisible player.” – Albert Einstein

What is Pi? A math teacher will tell you it is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the radius of that circle. That means, for any circle, you can divide the circumference (the distance around the circle) by the diameter and you always get exactly the same number; 3.14159… . It doesn’t matter what size the circle is, Pi remains the same.  To the Ancients, Pi was revered, even, a Holy ratio. Pi is often written using the symbol and is pronounced “pie”, just like the dessert. In reality it is the basis of Everything because everything is composed of cycles that spin, orbit or rotate. It is a number that goes on forever, never repeating itself, ad infinitum. Pi goes to infinity, and has never been calculated with finality because it is impossible for material men, infinity cannot be calculated within a finite Universe. Within its never repeating stream of digits is the definition of everything, a foundation of information locked in the most elegant geometry, what you could term, a spiritual geometry of God. It defines all the cycles of the spinning and orbiting of atoms, planets, solar systems and Galaxies. Even the DNA molecule, as the basis of all life has its basis in the entangled double helix with many internal ‘connections’, and within its never ending factory of numerical simplicity lies the foundation of the Universe itself.

For within this infinite stream of never repeating numbers lies the Big Bang and the meaning of life, the programming code for DNA and the Fibonacci sequence, all the prime numbers, and even your telephone number and all the texts or messages you ever sent, all the books and novels ever written, all the knowledge of man and God, as One. Enoch said the Creation was started with the begotten creation of the Logos, which was the manifestation of all of time from the beginning to the end of time itself.  If you could but calculate Pi to infinity, and somehow convert those numbers into the appropriate selection and representations of the data, you could create a Universe. But those numbers wouldn’t be seen in the familiar decimal or even binary digits you are familiar with, they would be a stream of fuzzy vibrations, harmonic and dissonant frequencies of energy.

Analog Waves are the language of Pi, waves and cycles in a never repeating glory of infinite harmonic variety. This is the basis of the Entanglement of the Infinities, known in our reality as quantum entanglement, and to eastern philosophy as the Oneness, and to some as the collective consciousness. To see this concept in reality, consider the simple prism, and what happens when sunlight hits its surface. All the colors of the rainbow are disconnected from each other in a properly constructed facet. The colors are entangled, until their true beauty is revealed by the power of a magnetic density shift at an angle identical with their entanglement phase. The sudden shift of the alignment of the magnetic bubbles within the prism face, are at the proper angle to the incident light waves, and the entangled colors are harmonically separated by the power of God within the spin of the magnetic bubbles. This is the same functional principle of why and how the primal energies, with the spin, and the Knowledge, are harmonically entangled in the Magnetic Aether to form the Firmament and Life itself.


To the ancients, Pi was sacred, a spiritual number, the basis of pyramids and massive stone edifices, that to this day, so called modern man, cannot fathom. But it is easy to fathom these things if you but read the clues written in the spiritual geometry of the Universe. If you can see the Primal Energy matrix, and the Source of life and death, the Giver and the Taker, the Producer and the Consumer, the many names of Sources of the Light and the Dark energy, given down through time in the Perennial Philosophy of the ancients. To them they were not simply metaphors of some preachers sermon, but the basis of the reality in which they lived. They built these massive stone structures, to reach upwards to The Light, even their glyphs of pyramids have the Light as the Goal, but modern scholars interpret this as the Sun, and they consider them Sun worshipers. How simple minded, but it is understandable, when your reality itself is not understood. These edifices concentrated the primal energies, by the spiritual geometry of Pi, they were trying to create an invisible tunnel to the Light of God.

The ancients understood the mechanisms of the Hypostasis, the Hyper-Reality, even better than modern man, who is the product of the Mystery School. A school that can tell you the How of everything, but not the Why. A school that sees the surface layer of reality, but not the interior structures that infinitely repeat in chaotic beauty. It is a school of ‘Mysterious Phenomena’, whether you are of religious bent or scientific mind, their reality is composed of mysterious particles and mysterious spiritual entities. The schools of science and religion, are both joined together at the concept of MYSTERY, as they pretend to be seekers of Truth while simultaneously defending their status quo. They do not understand, you cannot be both a Seeker, and a Defender. They cannot even describe the why of the simple prism, only the how.

This situation is the direct result of the destruction of the Revelation of Enoch, and the Gnosis of the Light Bringer; Jesus. When the religious zealots of Rome decided to impose Mystery on man and outlaw philosophy and science, this began The Dark ages, that has not been totally overcome, even in this time. A dark age of knowledge that began with the institutions of modern Christian religions, a religion that threw out the teachings of its teacher, and decided on a feel good free lunch theology of a man who never met the Light Bringer. Thus mankind was thrown back a thousand years or more, as the great libraries of Alexandria and everywhere, were burned to the ground, and the librarians and philosophers were burned at the stake, and the Saints were called; Heretics. There are still preachers and priests, today, that refer to this ancient knowledge as ‘sorcery’, ‘forbidden knowledge’, and ‘witchcraft’. This author has been accused of being a heretic, a sorcerer and a godless demon worshiper. We laugh at their 4th century minds.

This is why the meaning of Pi was lost. It is the visible foundation of the energy matrix, the Rosetta stone of Reality, for within its massive database created from a single equation, lies the Truth of Creation itself, as a representation of reality as created from a single calculation, so to, is reality itself created from a single point. A single intelligent point that contains all the Knowledge of everything that ever was, is or will be, projected onto the matrix of the primal energies. For within this one ratio exists all the data necessary to manifest reality itself.

All it takes is the Intention of Intelligent Will to separate a stream of gibberish onto a geometry of space time itself that connects the primal energy to the intention like a prism does to light, only in reverse. For only when the primals are seen as Enoch was shown, does the “light that cannot be perceived” become a real force. Only when you see the Primals, can you see how The “Waters of the Firmament”, is the Dark energy and the Aether of Einstein. Which is now revealed as the Proto-Magnetic force of space-time itself, that is proven as the Znidarsic energy transfer Impedance, or the Zimp of the Piper. What Enoch called; the Archa, do you understand how the hyper energies of Light and Dark, are turned into the Holographic Chaos of Reality for an Electro-Magnetic Universe that has the job of manufacturing Life?

When these two forces, the Light and the Dark, are seen as two separate energies, one of production and guidance, and one of consumption into magnetic bubbles of repulsion, seen as hard reality, does the primary mechanism of the Prism of Life, itself become seen as the ancient native spiritualists saw it, in the Medicine wheel. As the power of Pi forces all things into the spiritual geometry of the cycles and circles, the intentions of higher powers are made manifest in the simple alignments of the magnetic bubbles according to their place on the wheel, as the power of higher intention merely has to synchronize the attraction and repulsion of bubbles, by the harmonic power of the entanglement of the infinities, the wave entanglements, exactly like the white light is composed of all the other colors, and this is revealed in the prism. The surface of the prism, is the surface of the magnetic waters, as the hyper-light energy is focused and the entanglement of the helical waves is strengthened and weakened at their peaks and troughs, to come into alignment in 3d reality, aligning and manifesting, according to the master database(what the Gnostic texts referred to as the Treasury of the Light), and the programmers of the delegated powers of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the aetheric prism of the medicine wheel of DNA is the natural and mathematically provable result. The Universe is thus an intelligently designed life manufacturing machine, and its product is ever increasing complexity, otherwise known as; Evolution.

Science has recently shown that reality itself is like a hologram of energy, a hologram of chaos. They have also proven that magnetic bubbles or currents are manifested at different orientations outside the solar system, but they have no explanation, and refuse to accept the evidence of their eyes and instruments concerning the existence of the magnetic ‘waters’ of the Ancient texts, which is the Aether of Einstein’s General Relativity. They are blinded by their own arrogance and refusal to accept that the Creation they study, could not have been a random event of something from nothing. That only something can give something, and that something is the gift of the knowledge of the spiritual geometry, through the mind of the master creator, the Intelligent Designer and the gift of Pi.

Here we have a symbol from Gnosis, The Book of Jeu

gnostic medicine wheel from the book of Jeu

gnostic medicine wheel from the book of Jeu

Here is a direct link from ancient times, between the spirituality of the native Indians and the ancient Gnostics. In this wheel, the forces of the powers of the Light Aeons, which are also called; (the Delegated Powers), Angels, Powers, Principalities, Thrones, and Elohim variously, are joined together through the Voice of God, the Ancient of Days, the Invisible or Ineffable One, the namelessness of the Father God or Creator, which emanates as vibrations of holy light from the root of the tree of life, into the darkness of the waters, which are combined together and manifested in the intelligent design of DNA. The molecule of life, which is best revealed by the native American spiritual construction called; The Medicine wheel .

This makes all life One with the Creation and the Creator, as the Voice of the Father through the Son, and the Song of His Chorus vibrates in the very core of our beings as the infinite helix of Pi information, which are the connections between the entangled helixes, and it forms and alters the energies with the actively intelligent modulation of entanglement of vibrations. Life is but a song in a movie, projected on to the waters of reality, from the lamp of light, through the film of actors, that only becomes real and hard, by the magnetic repulsion in an electro-magnetic Universe. A Universe built up from the simple ratio of the circle, Pi.

Even aliens, it seems, are enamored of this seemingly magic number, if you believe in aliens. They have left us messages, whether alien, angel or something extra-dimensional, they communicate in symbols, as in this symbol;

cropcircle-pi-1Just looks like one of those ‘mysterious’ crop circles, but, this one, has been analyzed, and it is very revealing, IF, you believe in a Universe that is not a mystery, but has hidden clues that modern ‘scholars’ will not accept. Here is the same crop circle, with hidden meaning overlaid;


Did these ‘entities’, no matter their origins, want us to know something fundamental about the Universe? What else would any sentient race want to communicate, but a universal standard for morality and knowledge? What other way to tell a race of ‘primitives’, that they are not alone in the Universe, and that the Universe sends a message. That the only way to birth the star child on your planet, is to find the knowledge and the language of Natures God. That the Mystery of God must give way to the Knowledge of God. That religion and science must heal their old wounds, and remarry to become One. That the universe is Love, not war.

Many of the constant train of crop circles also resembles some other nugget of knowledge dropped into the ditch at the side of the road;

pacl-lang-analysis-p120-fullsizeThis nugget was provided by a ‘leak’ from a supposed government contractor, that specialized in alien knowledge and technology. We have the same ‘circle’ language, composed of circles, lines and waves. With an obvious atomic symbol at the focus. Is this the language of the spheres, written in Pi?


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  1. I apologize to my friends for not posting.a lot lately…. its very hard to climb out of the chemo fog of stage 4 metasicized stage 4 lung cancer…. as the Ancients said…. “The wages of sin is death.” Fortuneabley I may climb my way out of this deep hole…. see my latest post about witnessing the dead…..If I’m able I’ll take all along to the edge of consciousness….


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  4. I haven’t checked in right here for some time as I imagined it had been obtaining boring, but the very last number of posts are excellent good quality so I guess I’ll add you back again to my day-to-day bloglist. You deserve it my buddy 🙂


  5. Emmie Plona says:

    Keep doing work ,splendid career!


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