For Love of Mystery

The Fun of Mystery?

Ann Barnhardt, a wonderfully strong lady and warrior for the Lord, penned the following words on her blog, This was an interesting exposition of the science of God, Einstein and the Assumption of Mary…

“…Our Lord and His Mother. We don’t know exactly how to explain this, but I suspect that it has something to do with temporal or dimensional shifting, as Our Lord walked through walls, doors and other solid objects after the Resurrection (John 20:19). As Einstein discovered, mass and energy are equivalent, and thus can phase back and forth. How? Oh, no clue. There is so much about physics that we don’t understand. But hey, that’s all part of the fun of the mystery, right?  …”

There you have it, the Piper said people simply love a good mystery. They would rather have it than Truth itself. This is what the Greek philosophers talked about. Truth becomes a fuzzy thing, lost in the shadows on the wall of the cave. For mystery is the shadows on the wall that we argue over perpetually. We don’t want to know what causes the shadows, for the shadows themselves are full of entertainments. We love our chains in this reality and want no proof, but believe in ignorance, for how can God judge the ignorant, we think?

But this is not our fault, because the Cause of the shadows, out of the mouth of God, was destroyed long ago. This is the meaning of the Sword of Truth, the Holy Grail, delivered by The Scribe of God, Enoch. One of four, who is IN the Bible, who was holy and taken up by God(you forgot Elijah and Enoch there Ann). But his works were declared evil, and burned, and The Church thus divided the scriptures. And we do not expect Ann to accept this, because she is a lover of the Mystery school, by her own words. And Mystery, as outlined in Revelations, was what The Harlot of Rome created. Ann recognizes the evil within the Church, yet still loves its Mystery, for she is as much a victim as the rest of us. Recently, she even celebrated one of the Saints of her Church, who loved to burn HERETICS. But that was ok, because they were heretics, she actually believes this. It is the 21st century, and here is a woman preaching that burning people because they have a different belief system is ok with her, yet she condemns the Muslims for wanting to do the same thing? Who is the godless barbarian here?  The recently unearthed and translated Gospel of Judas, tells us that the Lord said ‘atrocities’ would be committed in His name… this is similar to the prophecy of His, that he did not come to bring peace, but a sword. I guess now we have proof of who wielded that sword. But it was not only a sword of steel, but a sword of division, that slew knowledge.

Now, this is an agreement, not a disagreement with Ann, for she is a wonderful soul, full of Light and one who understands the need to be His Hands of Justice in the Earth. But in her statement of a science of God she is right, just lacking in scientific substance. Because she, like all of us, is divided by the Mystery power of Babylon. Her science in this article of her’s reflects a layman’s understanding of physics combined with the full understanding of the mystery of religion. It is an incomplete and semi-accurate representation, but, at the same time, cannot be refuted even by science. Thus the round robin of perpetual arguing over shadows.

She calls upon the name of Einstein, and she is right on the money, so we give her an A for effort because her mind is in the right place, but, since she doesn’t have The Grail, she can never know the Truth behind her words. Her words are Truthful, but only backed up by Mystery, and because of that, her words will be lost on the un-religious souls, those who love darkness, and those sitting on the fence of faith. This is because man, has evolved into a Godless Science, of particles and shadows, and a religious system divided from science by a lack of understanding of the foundations of the world. Einstein was right Ann, all things are “Frozen Energy”, and it is Enoch The Scribe of God, combined with Einstein, that delivers the Truth of your words. It is the God Calculus and the Einstein-Enoch Equation that shows how all the miraculous writings in the Bible, can be mathematically proven, if, you accept the ancient model of an energetic Universe built on the Primal Energies, by the Voice of God.

For The Grail, delivers the HyperPhysics of God, that proves, irrefutably, by math, that the Hyper energy of The Light of God, combined with the Dark energy of our ethereal reality, could enable the complete Assumption of Mary, the walking on water of the Lord and His Ascension, and all the other miracles of God. But it also proves in the words of the Scribe, how the Darkness that comes, could cause the Pentacost to be a side effect of the Primal energies, and the Light to be seen from heaven, on Earth. How the living and the dead could come to see and be seen, as well as the Throne of the Lord, so that the evil is destroyed, and the Earth becomes as it is in heaven. When you understand the Hyper-physics of Enoch and The Grail, you see how the Veil (The Seven Seals)between normal space, hyper space and sub space, and the seven heavens of chaos, are not cast in concrete, but merely as frequencies of His Hyper Holy Light as they are consumed in the magnetic dark ether of normal space, and how tenuous this relationship is. How easily it can become imbalanced, and deliver… miracles.

You see, I don’t know that she, can accept the words of Enoch the Scribe, because they shed light on the Scriptures, and uncover the Mystery they love so much. That we, The Chosen Ten, are the target of the scriptures and the Prophets. I don’t know if she would accept that Babylon is the Rule of Gold, that runs the entire world. She is from the world of money and markets, so I doubt that she will accept the premise, that that is the way that stands between the people and God. That the American Dream is the way of materialism and greed or that the way of collectivism is the way of coveting, which are both against God. That together they divide the people on the two legs of Daniels statue, as ten toes of Iron and Clay, parties and denominations of division, divided and conquered by the Head of Gold, the way of Babylon.

I don’t know if she comprehends the full meaning of the The Harlot that rides The Beast with ten horns, and the statue of Nebuchadnezzar that divides us into the two legs and ten toes of Iron and Clay. I don’t know if she thinks about the full ramifications of the meaning of The Ten’s, the Ten toes, the Ten virgins, the Ten horns. I don’t know if knows that the Ten run the world, the Ten families of gold, of the Ten lost tribes of Israel. I doubt if she would accept that, because we don’t want to be associated with the Joooos, even if we are only cousins. No she would rather accept the blasphemy of the churches, that we are ‘gentiles’, which is wrong, because the gentiles are the colored races, but then that would be politically incorrect, in a time of politics. A time that has forgotten the meaning of the Earth, air, fire and water, the spiritual gifts of the spirit, in your very DNA. No, they will not accept this, because the Godless science and disconnected mystery rules their minds. They do not accept that different races get different gifts, and the Chosen race got the gift of the Fire, the Holy Fire or Spirit, the gift of Creativity, the reason we are called; The Chosen.

But once once the Scriptures are reunited with The Scribe, this is accepted, and understood, then the entire prophetic words of Daniel and the Revelation of John, come into the Light by the Grail of Enoch with the Gnosis of the Lord, and Ann should accept it, because she is a mighty warrior for God and could use something other than Mystery on her side. Unfortunately, she comes at the worlds problems from a single direction, the direction of the Catholic Babylonian Mystery doctrine and their broken divided book, an abomination of desolation in the True Temple of God, men’s minds. A Mystery that God is unhappy with, for if He was happy with the Church in its present incarnation, He would have kept the scriptures divided, and the New Revelation of the Grail by Enoch and Gnosis of the Lord, buried in the sands, instead of bringing it into the Light. Praise God, and praises to Ann as well for her heart is in the right place.

One day, when Ann is in heaven, she will understand the difference between God’s physics, and Mystery Physics. Between the Hyper-physics of the Grail, and the divisive power of Mystery. She will see that the Abomination that maketh the people desolate, was sewn in the division of the scriptures, that fills the True Temple of God, men’s minds, with the Mystery power of Babylon. One day she will see the Light, and there will stand The Grail, written in the language of God, mathematics. The Sword of Truth drawn from the hidden power in the rocks, that conquers the statue of Nebuchadnezzar and the mystery divisive power of Rome, that is still in the minds of men, and causes desolation, misery, apathy, and division by party and denomination. How our people cannot come together in unity, as long as the Sword of Division is in effect, the Sword of Rome, that wielded it to fulfill the Lord’s prophecy, that He did not come to bring Peace, but a sword. A sword of division through mystery and divided teachings, that is still the power of Rome in the Church and the people, to this day.

A sword of division that keeps the people divided, and easily led by the love of mammon, the two legs of the statue and soon, The Beast of Ten horns, the Ten Shofar’s, of the Lost tribes. The Ten tribes that our greatest clue about is in the original name of one of the tribes, the Saxon’s, originally called; Saac’s Sons, the Son’s of Isaac. The tribes that fulfilled the prophecies to grow across the whole Earth, and take control of Earth, in mighty empires of rebellion against God’s ways, that became a mighty nation and company of nations, in this time. That will soon burn down in one hour, and only “the merchants of the Earth” shall see it, because this is what happens when a money system dies, only the money men can see it. And then when it is replaced by an even more evil system, and the horns are given power openly again, as royalty to be re-birthed into a mighty Beast, and religions, must become a casualty of the coveting of power and control over our minds, hearts and our very souls.

Yes, Ann, if we had our way, we would promote you to be Pope, and maybe, just maybe, you could eliminate the Evil within, and give hope to the Earth. But that is not to be, for you are caught in the power of Mystery, and the rest of the Earth too. And it is this power, the rule of gold that comes from the Head of Gold that will bring it all down upon us. For Mystery Babylon the Great is the Global Rule of Gold, will burn down in one hour, the merchants will see it, but not the rest of us, until it is too late. Then we will have a world of rich and poor, the middle class will be gone, and you may become a martyr to Christ. Because they must, MUST, come after you, and if you stand alone and scream at the top of your lungs; “from my cold dead hands”, then your hands, will still be cold, and dead. Because you do not see that the only way to defeat evil, is to withdraw “into the wilderness on Wings of Eagles”, and then evil will destroy evil. This is the message of the Scribe, and the Lord. To go Galt as you have done is the only proper response to evil, but to go Galt for God requires us all to become as lillies in the field, our brothers keeper. To leave Babylon is to leave the Rule of Gold behind, and replace it with the Golden rule. To let the rich eat the rich, and for five of the ten virgins to trim their wicks, fill their lamps and hide in a back room, for something wicked this way comes.

The Grail predicts the Dark Day of the Lord, and the Judgement of the evil ones, who will destroy each other in the madness of the darkness. A darkness that comes at Galaxies Edge, in the Dark Rift of dark energy. Dark energy so thick, so compressed and stretched, it will dim the Holy Spirit and release men’s minds to animal madness, and the only way through, is to bring your lamp, your light, with you into hiding. To grab onto that Light, the Light of God within you, that is the Light of Love, and remove yourself from their world system of Babylon, which is to go Galt for God by going “into the wilderness on wings of eagles”. Could this be gold eagles, silver eagles, and barter eagles?, God knows. But most of us will never know, because there is no Liberty movement or united people of God, there is only a herd of cats, easily divided by the love of money and the materialistic system of Mystery in Babylon.

This is the Hyper physics of the Grail, and the Grand Cycle of the Galaxy, the Pi cycles of Civilization, construction to destruction. We feel the anxiety building within our hearts, like a splinter in our minds, the growing fear in our hearts, and do not know the Cause, but The Grail gives the Cause and the only way to survive for the purpose of God, is to keep a Remnant of His own through what comes, to give spirits a body and soul, by the power of Love.

God bless Ann;
May the Light be with you.
Piper Michael

PS; Just for Ann, we will provide the complete books of Enoch on this site. So she will see what The Church destroyed, and called Heretic. So she can see the division of the scripture, and the foundation of deception, that brings forth the fruit of mystery; the destruction of science for a thousand years, why science hates God, the division and conflict, wars, murder, name calling, fear, apathy, and death… so she can see, the results of her ‘FUN’. We know she will not react favorably if she reads this, but that is her loss, for the only tool in her quiver, is Catholic Mystery school and the Godless mystery science of particles. Two legs, that can never meet, now torn down by the hidden power in the Rock, the Grail, the Hyper-science of God, a Sword of Truth drawn from the Rocks of God. The Mystery school can ignore the Grail, but they cannot deny that the knowledge of the Imp of Darkness has now been raised from the Bottomless pit and the Forbidden has again been revealed, into the Light.

Don’t shoot me Ann, I’m just a Heretic, nothing to be scared of, if you have The Lord in your heart.

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