False Prophets and false gods

 False Prophets and false gods

Today, many western scholars make the mistake of continuing the deceptions of modern interpretations of ancient things. Not because they understand those ancient things in the context of ancient times, but because someone of high stature said it, so they repeat it and expand on it. They say they are standing on the shoulders of giants, but when dogma runs into dead end, it seems, madness rules the day and men simply double down on bad dogma instead of reexamining their origins. If it wasn’t for the fact that too much of the ancient knowledge was destroyed, we modern men, may have had a better picture of reality, and its many ‘gods’. But the destruction of knowledge has a purpose, the imposition of power and control over the ignorant masses, who must remain just that, ignorant.

The biggest heresy of all is the simplification of the ideas of heaven and hell, and God vs The Devil. This paradigm lends itself to much stupidity, like the idea that ‘god’ is the same god for all religions, and that it is simply men interpreting god in their own way. Thus men miss one god telling men to love men, and the same god telling men to kill men, and men thinking that it is the same god. This is the highest form of mystery and nonsense ruling the minds of so called rational men.

Thus mankind becomes more divided, not less, and easier to control if ‘truth’ is a lie. One of those ‘truth’ things is our understanding of Islam, the religion of a False Prophet of a Dark god and a religion that worships death, not life… religious ‘authorities’ want to say that all religion worships the same ‘god’, in different ways,  thus they divide Islam itself into ‘good’ and ‘bad’, when the Quran itself, tells the Faithful to kill the Infidel over 190 times in different ways.  ‘They’, those who purport to represent religious knowledge say that Islam needs ‘reforming’, what ‘they’ are really saying is that Islam needs to bow to the ‘Establishment’ doctrine of Mammon worship, beholden to THE System, their system. In effect, they want Islam to ‘join the club’ by paying lip service to God and calm down and are desperately attempting to ward off any perception of a crusade or holy war, which, have a nasty tendency to get out of control.

The Establishment’s authorized 501c3 religions are based in the materialistic concept of power and control over others, not Truth, or love, empathy and liberty, but ‘moral authority’ given to ‘Authority’. But when their prophet’s religion of the sword is compared to the spreading of the Gospel by the sword of the Church of Rome, what difference is there to Islam? None. Was the Holy Roman Empire, the White Horse in The Revelation of John? Some catholic bishops thought so, and fought to keep this ‘Gnostic’ book out of their New Authorized Canon, what today we call; The Bible.

But then, you say the Gospel of Christ wasn’t spread by the Sword? I urge you to read early church history, and read about the burning of heretics and books, the destruction of libraries and librarians, and the sacking and conquering of whole cities, the Cathars, the Crusades, The Inquisitions, what more ‘anti’ Christ religion could there be? The Authorities, would then say, that Christianity is Reformed? I’m sure the Aztecs, the American Indians, and many other ‘barbarians’ would disagree. Too many Christians, would say this is still, ancient history. Maybe, so why is Christianity divided and at war with itself? I would say because it is based in the Catholic doctrine of MYSTERY.

And even today, some Catholics support this killing of ‘saints of God’, simply because they were ‘heretics’. Yes, even today, we modern Gnostics are attacked as ‘infidels’, blasphemers, sorcerers, and all other kinds of vile names. A baptist preacher once said he ‘wished he could get his hands around my throat’… what a ‘Christian’ he is. But it is not his fault, he is a victim of a ‘political religion’, much the same as Christians accuse Mooslims of. Western civilization is as much a product of the Holy Roman Church, as it was politics or banks. The statue of Nebuchadnezzar is still, since the time of Babylon, a perfect metaphor for what we call; The ‘Establishment’ System, and it stands on the two legs of ideology and the toes of the Ten Lost Tribes.

If you don’t accept this, I urge you to read about the Holy Roman Empire, that morphed into the Dark ages of Kings and nobles, and then into the paradigm of bankers and democracies both represented by the scales of balanced accounts and justice, an illusion for the peasants. Three horsemen, the White Horse of the Holy Roman Empire, the Red horse of war with rivers of blood, that finally led to the Bankers, and their puppet politicians, all three paradigms based on The ancient System of Babylon, all given legitimacy and moral authority by The Church, the Mother of Harlots named Mystery, that rides The Beast named Babylon the Great. Ours is a system invented in Babylon, all founded in the fixed contract of debt and usury, backed up by the Kings soldiers,  given moral authority by the Priests. All the prophecies were to be interpreted in Gods Time, not man’s time, how could preachers or priests interpret them before The Time?

All empires and civilizations, in recorded history, since the time of Babylon, have been based on the same model… the statue of Nebuchadnezzar with the Head of Gold, as it says in the book of Daniel, that all the civilizations would be ‘like Babylon, but not as good’. This statue represented empires, but is also a perfect metaphor for the underlying structure of everything since Babylon. The head of gold represents the paradigm of the last 6000 years of Earth history, that money rules the Earth, and its primary rule is; The Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules. It also represent what ‘we’ truly worship, the god of Materialism and money; Mammon… while giving lip service to the Invisible God of The Light.

This structure is loved by the heart and arms of the true believers, and stands on the legs of ideologies, left and right, and is supported by the Ten toes of iron mixed with clay.  It is clear that the ten lost tribes run the western world, the lost tribes of Israel, the ten toes, ten virgins, and ten horns, those who went north from Babylon into the Caucus mountains and became known as the Caucasians, those who hated Judah and Judah’s Law, and many still do. Those who are divided by mind and emotion, those who are smart and stupid, and those who still consider themselves royalty.

We are not one tribe, one people, united, we are divided, we fight over everything, especially the concept of God. Our politics is divided from our religion, and our money is divided from our governance, by this way, the head of gold, keeps us divided. As an example, we asked a preacher about this metaphor.  And he got his back up, and told me he couldn’t discuss such things. That the money system, and the government were not within his ‘purview’, that we must all ‘submit to the Godly authorities laid over us’.

“Which God?”, this writer asked, “The God of War, or the God of Love, the God of the Old testament or the new?” “Don’t be silly” he said, “there is only one God.” We pressed him, “So then, is God a Catholic or a Protestant? Or how about a Mooslim or Jew?” He was nonplussed “There is only one God, men have different ideas about God.”  “So you’re saying men are wrong about the notion of God?” we asked. “No, merely different ideas, all are merely different paths to the same God.” he said. “Ok, so we go back to the original question then, which God, the God of War or the God of Love? Which of them is the Godly Authority you speak of, which government is righteous?”

At this point he was getting disturbed, “There is only one God and He created the kingdoms of this world!” he exclaimed, loudly. “Ok, but in Genesis, God was plural, not singular, remember? They created man in ‘our’ image, which implies more than one. So then, who were the Elohim?” we pushed. “You’re getting hung up on words.” he calmed down, trying to hold the upper hand. “No, we get worked up about the meaning of words and the hypocrisy of preachers. You say there is only one God, but you preachers mistranslated the ancient Hebrew word Elohim, which meant ‘a family of gods’, into the Judeo-Christian singular; Father God of the Trinity. Which by the way, incenses those of Islam because they reject The Trinity, so it must be a different god?

“So if God is a Family, that means it has a Father, a Mother, and Sons.”  A screaming match ensued, that will not be repeated here, suffice it to say, he was steeped in the Doctrine of Mystery, and when Enoch was brought up, he merely screamed that “Enoch is a non-canonical Forbidden book, how dare you bring that up!” We merely told him “Enoch was in The Bible in the early days, but men created The Canon, how dare you priests for burning it.” He did not understand that The Canon was a catholic construction and he was not a catholic, but was a ‘protesting’ catholic, a protestant, and that the very nature of their religions divided God’s people into warring tribes.

Ask Ann Barnhardt, the leading Catholic high priestess of capitalism, and she will tell you that non Catholics are ‘infidels’, we Gnostics and Protestants are still ‘heretics’, and that Islam is evil. Well, at least she is a third right, the god of Islam is a dark god, that’s why it is represented by the Moon.  Point being, none of the orthodox religions have a clue what they’re talking about, God gave The Holy Grail to us, and they spindled, stapled and mutilated it, and then hid the very meaning of it in myths and Arthurian legends. IT was that important, for it was part of our ‘Original Instructions’.

This is true if you take into account, the underlying structure of everything that is called civilization, and the deeper meanings that the symbolic images of the prophets, Daniel and John in this case, have revealed.  That their prophecies have continued to be misinterpreted by modern pharisees, because their interpretations were not ‘due’ and preachers merely repeat ‘doctrine’ they learned in seminary. They say that the Rock that brings down the statue of Nebuchadnezzar is The Church, but how can that be, when the Church has always given the statue its moral authority? That The Church would give up the thing it loves more than God? A system that gives it power and money, against all the precepts laid down by Jesus? This is the underlying reason they teach the things they teach, to hide themselves in the rhetoric of the damned.

They will say that The Church took down the Roman empire that was divided into West and East, and grew into a mighty mountain. This is only a physical ‘archetype’, They refuse to see the underlying metaphor of their System. That Materialism/Mammon is their system, and their true god. Is it becoming obvious, that the powers that be, are abandoning their support of Christianity, including The Holy Mother church? Where Islam is promoted, and real anti-sin preaching Christianity is becoming… out of favor? It is also curious, that Islam is a religion that holds a rock sacred, The Kaaba, a meteorite that fell from heaven ‘unhewn by human hands’, that matches Daniels prophecy perfectly. Could this be a clue that Islam is the rock that brings down the statue of western civilization?

It is clear that Abraham’s prophecy has come true, and that Isaac’s children have become a great nation and a company of nations, that we now know as western civilization. A civilization that now now stares at the Abyss, and we wonder why? It too, is encoded in the feet of the statue, iron vs clay, mind vs emotions, we have allowed our emotions to become the source of bad policies in the guise of political correctness. We destroyed knowledge, abandoned traditions, and replaced it with mystery and emotional nonsense, including the appeasement of a dark religion that has deception(Taqqiya), the way of war, as one of its primary tenants.

Is this part of the purging of white men’s culture, and white privilege, by white men themselves, filled with guilt at their sins of their bloody history? Or is it something deeper, their fear at inciting a holy war? Perhaps it is just evil being attracted to evil because they hate Christ so much? They don’t understand, that we have been in a holy war with Islam since the time of Mohammad, albeit with periods of ‘cold war’. But Islam has never stopped making war, because it is endemic to their doctrines of religious ‘holy war’ or Jihad.

But the west has dumbed down their citizens so much, in favor of the powerful and global empire, that they cannot see the devil on their doorstep. They have abandoned correct thinking in favor of politically correct thinking, and so doing, have stepped over the threshold into the Deranged Mind.  A deranged mind, is a mind that cannot fend for itself, and this is the direction of western civilization, degeneration unto destruction. Peak oil came, and we pretend, by fracking, which is scraping the bottom of the barrel, that things are still fine. We pretend that Islam, is just another religion like Buddhism, that all religions are equal, and all gods are merely a reflection of ‘our’ God. We pretend that debts can rise to the moon, and trees grow to heaven, and forgot, that the Universe doesn’t allow for the free lunch. Political correctness seeks to hide reality in sweet words, yet reality is bitter in the belly, when we see, in the words of Hosea; “my people are destroyed through a lack of knowledge”.

Most westerners are taken in by political correctness because they are deliberately ignorant, lazy, and don’t want to know Truth, they want sweet lies, in the Bible this is described as ‘sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly’, and this includes the very definition of ISLAM hidden in sweet words of Taqiyya, holy deception. We are told to think ISLAM means “peace” or “submit”, variously. What they are not told is the original meaning of the word, which can only be interpreted from the original Arabic… where there is not always a one for one word correspondence, and when interpreted correctly means:

“There will be PEACE, when all the world SUBMITS to the will of allah.”
(Little a in allah deliberate.)

There is only one way to interpret this… but, we, in the west, have become politically correct panty waists, weak minded as well as weak of heart, biblically known as having a ‘deranged mind’. We deceive ourselves because of guilt and fear, our liberal masters wet their pants, our religious leaders join Christ with Islam (Chrislam), in order to try to make friends with them, to keep from creating a new holy war. They cannot see that the Holy war never ended since the time of the crusades. They do not understand the way of the world, which is the way of the sword of division, through the destruction of knowledge by ridicule and deception. This sword has a single edge in order to slice one way, dividing truth by telling half truths.

The way of the sword of truth is double edged as it proceeds out of the mouth of The Lord, for the way of truth cuts both ways and this is not the way of the world, or The Churches. The churches only speak half truths, and half lies, because they love their true god; Mammon, the god of Materialism. Thus they join the forces of light with the forces of darkness, through their own desires and fears, having no courage, integrity or true faithfulness to the Creator God of The Light. They equate the God of Light, with the Demigod of Darkness, called in the Gnosis; Yaltaboath, also called; Yah, Allah, the god of war and materialism; the Chief Archon.

So we are lost in our comforts, deceived by our ignorance and fears, apathetic because of doctrines of devils, complacent because we know not the Truth. Thus, it is time, you must sell your coat of comfort, and buy the Sword of Truth. Invest outside The System of Babylon, the Deceivers, the Elite, the false world of false money for the black horseman stops his ride soon, and the pale green horseman rides.

Allah, is represented by the ancient moon god of the tribes of Ishmael, a god of darkness, a god of war and deception. This is why the ‘Houses’ of Islam are only two, Dar al Islam, and Dar al Haarb. The house of Peace, and the House of War. Mooslims who reside in the house of war(infidel lands), are allowed any sin as along as it is committed against infidels. This is based in the Doctrine of Holy Deception, Taqiyya,  that is the essence of war. This is why you cannot trust the ‘moderates’, for their way of war is deception.  This also includes the ‘apostasy’ of ‘passivism’, to cause ones enemy to drop their guard. As they move into infidel lands, they bring their ways, and make requests for Sharia law, that become demands as their numbers grow. Britain will learn the lesson of compromise with evil soon enough.

Allah and Yah are the same god, the god of darkness and war. The Gnosis reveals that the deception of man took place long ago, they are both manifestations of the Chief Archon, the Defective god, the Son of Pistis Sophia;    Yaltaboath. The God of animals, or animal power within the Dark soul of men, the God of Envy and Jealousy. Yah and Al-lah, are transliterations of the same god of conflict. Cain was the son of Yaltaboath, after the rape of Eve, he left to go into the land of Nod, to cohabit with animal women, he was the ‘Serpent Seed’. His progeny are without a conscience, a direct connection to the Holy Spirit, they are the sociopaths of the world, and Islam is a religion of sociopaths.

Jesus was not the Son of Yah, or allah, He laughed at the disciples, but, those writings were burned and declared ‘heretic’, by the Catholic anti-christ bishops. Those who destroyed the Truth, and commingled it with the Lie. Those who turned evil into good, and good into evil, as Jude said; “evil crept in unawares”.

How can a Creator promote war and love, simultaneously? How can a ‘god’ be jealous? How can man worship Son, in the way of Paul, without the complete (private) words of the Lord? The Lord said He came not to bring peace, but a sword… a sword can divide or make whole. How did the sword of division take hold on the people of God? Who wielded that sword of division? What would a Sword of Truth be?

The new Revelation is come… the Original Tablets of the global religion of the ancients, Knowledge of Jesus(the private teachings), and Enoch, revealed again, unburied from the sands of time by the hand of God. The Ineffable One, the Ancient of Days, is the Creator of the Holy Spirit Light and the UnHoly Fire of Darkness, with the Christ Aeon as first begotten as The Word of God, or Logos, who co creates the Universe of life, through the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil… called the Elohim, the Pleroma of the Aeons, which the Catholic renamed; the Thrones, Powers and Principalities, archangels and angels.

It was said that ten thousand years of knowledge was destroyed by the Catholics when they burned the Library of Alexandria, a place that concentrated the original religion and philosophy that was taught by ‘the Fallen Angels’, or the People of the knowledge of the rocks. The Heretics were the Keepers of the Flame, and they were destroyed along with all their books and knowledge, that is why scriptures are fragmented and conflicting.

It is also why the west is divided, unable to unite, because of petty disagreements over the tenants of the MYSTERY book created by the Church, our Bible. For those who say I hate the Bible and Christianity, I say read deeper, I love it more than you, for I want it restored to its original meanings, I want the doctrines of Mammon to stand alongside the doctrines of Light. I want Christian brothers to see that they are meek warriors, like Jesus, who turned the tables on the money changers. They must see the times and seasons, the sleepers must awaken, to sell their coats of comfort, and buy a sword of truth, for something wicked this way comes, and its name is Tribulation. But to see, first we must see, that we were deceived by men who deceived even themselves, in order to create a powerful new church.

This was the battle of the Heretics, who were declared evil, and the betrayal of the Catholics was complete when the Protestants split, yet, kept the Book of the Catholic, the Sword of Division, Jesus and Paul in conflict with Yah as deception of who the Father, Mother, Son, is, the Barbelo(the true trinity) is; The Root of the Tree of Life. Thus the people are desolate, by an abomination, set up in the true temple of God, our minds. The Great falling away has happened over decades, as the godless science and the power of darkness, the animal, called leftism, takes your children away from mystery faith. Only the Knowledge of God, can conquer the Mystery of God, this was the true message of the Gnostic book of John, called; The Revelation. It was a message and a warning to a church that didn’t even exist until the time of Constantine.

The Church is revealed as nothing but The MYSTERY power of Babylon. Materialism, justified by divided and false spiritual constructs(doctrines of devils). A get out of jail free pass, to heaven, for any sin, this is not what the Messiah taught. Do not despair, He taught that you must be born again, literally; reincarnated. All the major religions are held in different degrees of darkness, through ignorance and the power of mystery, the Harlot rides the Beast, and the False Prophet now makes nice with the Harlot. Evil draws itself together, always. Evil is attracted to evil and power, the knowledge of truth is opposite, dangerous to power.

This is because the truth, the message of Christ, true spirituality, is opposite to materialism. The Christ told us to “sell our worldly goods and follow him”, not get rich and tie ourselves to the desire for this world. To desire wealth, makes you ‘of’ the world, to eschew wealth makes you ‘in’ the world but not of it. If there is a to be a new world, the Golden rule must conquer the Rule of Gold, and the statue must be brought down by both the Kaaba so that Christians can truly suffer, for only in their suffering can they find truth. Theology, governance, money changing, must all be combined again, into a Temple of God, but this cannot be, until the Earth is purged of evil. Earth cannot be purged of evil until the money changers, the Head of Gold, is eliminated. People must relearn what money is, it is from the Mind of man, not something in the Hand.

Chrislam, combining Christian with Islam, is part of the pale green horseman that must ride after the black horseman finishes, and money dies. They will deliver you up to be afflicted, they worship death, the trend is already in your face, but you do not see. You, spirit filled Christian, must go into the wilderness, leave Babylon, the System of the Elites, the head of gold on the two legs, left and right. You are the ten toes divided by iron of mind, and emotional stickiness of clay, the ten tribes of Israel, not lost, but hiding from a God you did not believe in… the god of the Jews and Ishmael.

Create your own underground systems of commerce, before it is too late, the Remnant must thrive in order to rebuild. The False Prophet was here long ago, and the Anti-Christ came before him, they now join together in false doctrines, in order to gain power over your minds, and separate you from The Light of God, through the power of sweet darkness. Materialism is the Key to the soul of animals, civilization itself is only a veneer over the soul of animals, they will destroy themselves, the madness rises as you can already see.

On our TV’s today, we see the battle of our times, the war of culture, the battle between hearts and minds. These are the Ten toes of iron and clay, locked in the perpetual struggle against Mystery, nobody knows how it all works, they only see their little slices of truth, and cannot fathom that there is an Absolute Truth out there. That the forces of mind vs emotion, left vs right, masculine and feminine, can never win, as long as they are locked in combat with each other, fighting over the water of life; money. That is the essence of their struggle, who gets ‘funding’, and they think the Other is lying. In this battle, as always, the only winner is the Head of Gold who keeps them divided by the process of making money SHORT, or, hard to get by being in short supply. The Head of Gold, the money changers, or The International Bankers, make us believe, that money cannot have ‘value’, unless it is ‘short’.  In essence, this is the biggest lie of all, because, think about it, their ‘money’ is no longer gold, it is false gold, fake gold, nothing but paper and ink with no value at all because it can be electronically created on a whim. And it is, for themselves, but not for you… they get the gold mine, and we get the shaft, and this is the Way of The World.

All things have now turned upside down, evil is good, and good is evil, and we fall into complacency and apathy, because we have fallen to political correctness, the ultimate ‘Doctrine of Devils’. The Churches themselves are divided, and the people fall to false gods of passivity, being told to ‘submit to Godly Authority’. Thus the People are released from personal responsibility of governance, and seek nothing but making money and entertainments, trivial pursuits that have no redeeming social value. The People don’t see that social value is important, and don’t stop to see, that both the ideologies consider them nothing but economic units. The People do not rebel in righteousness, because righteousness itself is clouded in vague conflicting doctrines. Where is righteousness in so called ‘Godly Authority’? Do we see now, that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, but  centralized power corrupts whole nations?

This is why Jesus the Christ was misrepresented as a passivist, He was not, He was a stern teacher and a revolutionary warrior, a meek warrior. The Churches are divided, because The Book divided them, by the use of divided doctrines. Thus the Chosen people of God, the Ten Lost Tribes are lost in their Illusions of Righteousness, not knowing why they are The Chosen. They are The Chosen simply because they received the Spiritual Gift of Fire within their DNA.  What is this gift? It is the gift of creativity, a direct connection to the Light of Universal Knowledge. This is what Jesus was teaching you, to stand up to Authority, especially the Head of Golden Evil. To turn the tables on them, and become a Meek warrior. This also means to stand up to Islam, The 501C Churches, and declare them Heretics, Blasphemers, and collaborators with The System.

This is the Revenge of the Heretics.

The Piper plays a New Song,
so the chorus may sing,
and the people dance,
that the forest may echo with laughter.

Piper Michael




About Piper Michael

Originating soul of the Unified Field of God, given as a gift of God to a humble Piper. A man who searched the garbage dumps of science and religion for 40 years, in the search for absolute truth. The Einstein-Enoch Equation is the result of the Quest for the Holy Grail.
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