The Way of Knowledge

The Way of Knowledge

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently and die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”
– Robert A. Heinlein

“The more artificial taboos and restrictions there are in the world, the more the people are impoverished…The more that laws and regulations are given prominence, the more thieves and robbers there will be.”
-Lao Tsu

“We must love them both, those whose opinions we share and those whose opinions we reject. For both have labored in the search for truth, and both have helped us in the finding of it.”

“Decentralization of power and money, is the key to The Knowledge. For when centralization comes, the Way of Stupid is imposed.”
-Piper Michael


The Way
In the early days of Christianity, it was not called ‘Christianity’, it was simply The Way. But the proponents of The Way of the Christ, and the teachings of the Gnosis, or the ‘Personal Knowledge of the Divine’, were destroyed and replaced by the doctrines of MYSTERY of the Roman Catholics. They outlawed philosophy and reason, burned books, libraries and ‘heretics’,  and mankind was set back a thousand years on the path to true physical and spiritual knowledge. The Christ Himself, in the Nag Hammadi taught that Knowledge has a Way. For how can one know truth, if one doesn’t know what is a Lie?

Did you know that knowledge itself, has a Way? It is itself subject to the ways of light and darkness. The people of Light wish for knowledge to spread into all the minds, to be used and scorned, debated and decided, ridiculed and argued, but never hidden away and divided from the stream of life. For knowledge is composed of dots of learning, from dots of facts and dots of nonsense, and it is up to the discerning soul to determine the truth or untruth of any particular dot. For it is the combination of facts and nonsense, that come together in an individual mind that turn into Wisdom.

When knowledge is turned into ‘information’, by being put into a box, labeled and put on shelf’s labeled ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and limited to the number of minds it touches, it is effectively dead knowledge. This is the Way of Darkness, that gives emotional labels to all the dots and boxes. For how can an individual find wisdom, without knowing the ways of darkness? How can the Light shine in an individual without having the darkness to reveal it? Remember, the goal of darkness is to hide, the goal of light is to reveal. But, in this world, the best lies are usually composed of darkness wrapped in light.

Today, we are too often confused between the concepts of Knowledge versus Information. We are inundated by information and thus categorize, label and store it. It is categorized and indexed by subject, title, content and author. This is a completely different thing from Knowledge. Knowledge could be better characterized as wisdom. The wisdom of years that comes to older people simply because of living those years. The wisdom of those who have it inherently, and those who don’t, won’t or cannot, is the measure of the basic intelligence combined with the spirit of a man or woman. Knowledge and wisdom is of the spirit, it goes deeper than simple information, even though Knowledge is composed of information, it also is composed of spirit, and the inherent instinct of what is right and wrong, good or evil.

Knowledge in this context is the old fashioned definition of the ancients, the Gnosis means; Personal Knowledge of the Divine. Most of this is the spirit connection and whether one can feel the conscience that results. One can be ‘knowledgeable’, yet be completely evil, thus completely lacking in spiritual wisdom and discernment. Without spiritual discernment, one cannot say he has benefited from Knowledge to attain wisdom which leads to empathy for all living things, they use knowledge to lead them to wealth, power and control over all living things. This is written in the Kabbalah as the basic needs of a soul, that leads to a decision to use wealth and knowledge for power, or become enlightened by it.

The Way of Knowledge is like climbing a mountain, as you climb the mountain you can see farther. The baby stands at the foot of the mountain and says the tree is tall and brown and round, and that would be true, but would it be the whole truth? As the individual climbs the mountain of life, he leaves the things of children behind, or not. Those who drag conceptions of children with them up the mountain are weighed down by them, unable to see very far, cherished ideas of youth become ideologies and doctrines of adults, cast in stone, as your feet become mired in the clay on the side of the mountain, and your progress is impeded or halted altogether.

In order to make to the top of the mountain, you must leave the ideas of children and youth behind, and see farther. To see that seeing itself is an art, that there is more to the world that is not seen, but is just as real. The ideologies and doctrines of this world are designed to wrap your feet in clay and keep your nose to the grindstone, serving the master, such that you do not have the time to seek that which is beyond the child. It is always better for authority, for you, to remain as a child, easily led, easily deceived and manipulated. In the end, it is The Knowledge’s highest purpose is to give you insight into what is behind the obvious, the intention, the cause, the Con, the Deceiver, the Darkness. To see, means to discern, and discernment has one proper use, to see Truth, and the Knowledge of the good and the evil in this world.To know the difference between those who are in the world, and those who are of the world.

In the Revelation of John, chapter 10, a wondrous angel gives John ‘The Little Book’, it is a book of “Sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that grows bitter in the belly”. This is the best definition of political correctness I’ve ever read. This Little Book was the little book of the doctrine of Envy, the foundation of the Left, the Collective Hive Mind of Political Correctness run amok. It wins hearts by the sweet words on the tongue… and hearts overcome minds. The iron constitution of mind is subsumed by the sticky clay of emotion.

Evil uses words of sugar, goodness uses words of salt. One is unreal, the other is real. The world is hard, and salt preserves, binds the wounds, and heals the body. Sugar rots the body, society, and the world. We see this in the doctrines of devils, that use sweet words to keep the Body of the People of God in apathy towards evil.  This angel had a head of light, a body of cloud, and legs of fire, that sat upon earth and sea. This means the Universe is composed of Earth, Air, Fire and water, and for every good doctrine, there must be an opposing evil doctrine. Yes, God created evil.  And no, God did not create evil to make your life miserable, but, without evil to overcome, without the struggle of the soul, how could the soul and spirit get stronger, how could you come to wisdom without suffering?

In the old days of America we had a saying “Its a free country”. When ever anybody said something that we believed was in error, or somebody announced that they were going to attempt the absurd and assure a place for themselves in the Darwin awards. We would say “its a free country”. If they were a discerning sort, they would have understood that they had been insulted in the most subtle of ways.

For back then it was a Free country because the powers of darkness that are known as Political Correctness had not taken over the culture yet. Any stupid idea could compete with any good idea in the Arena of Ideas, and the best idea would usually win. But then darkness came upon the land, and the Free country of self empowered rocks was overtaken by the dark power of Fear and the process of turning minds into bricks began. The darkness spread upon the land turning rocks into bricks in the Tower of Babel. The Rocks of Iron mind, would say all is right with the world, but the Bricks of Clay whined and complained that it was not so, for the Rocks had more than they. It does not matter to bricks that rocks work hard you see, for them it is about the Whining and Coveting and not the Thinking and Doing. But all was not perfect, for the bricks were right, and the rocks were right, they were both right and wrong, an antinomy of light and dark, for there was always evil in the land. It was dealt with by shining the light of logic and reason upon it, not allowing it to hide in the dark of emotions. But then, light and logic, facts and reason, objective and subjective, were slowly wrapped in a cloak of darkness and sweet words.

In the old days, your emotional arguments would bring immediate ridicule, that you were thinking with parts of your body other than the part between your ears. But even so, when the Heart of Femininity was introduced into the arena, their “feelings” had to be considered. When heart was introduced into politics, men became subject to the same emotional control mechanisms that have been the bane of mankind since Eve bit the apple(metaphorically). The results have been predictable. Men have been moved off the stage, and out of the control of their own house, and the female meme of feelings gains legitimacy. When this happens, things are controlled by the feelings of whiners and complainers, the coveters and controllers, and more things of knowledge get placed upon the shelf of ‘bad’ information. The more this process proceeds, the more the ‘dumbing down’ effect of political correctness is felt. This real process began to affect America in the 1970’s when things like ‘The New Math’ were introduced, and the Garbage man suddenly became a Sanitation Engineer. Truth was removed slowly, with the ‘sweet words’ of The Little Book.

I assure you, it was total nonsense, totally incomprehensible, even for the teacher. And it is obvious from the perspective of years gone by, that who ever designed that curriculum, thought the students either were idiots, or had an agenda to reduce them to idiots. This is the way of darkness, they always consider themselves superior in their dim witted attempts at ‘improvement’. Just because something is a new idea, no matter how stupid, it is always better than the ‘old way’ of doing things. Those that feel this way, are usually what are termed ‘useful idiots’ that want to feel in control, and are in league with powers beyond their comprehension. A power that loves to make you easily controllable by making you stupid. Now you hear about ‘Common core’, and it takes new math to a whole new level of the absurd.

The idea that Knowledge, and Feelings are interchangeable, or equal, is the highest of absurdities. When a logical debate is turned into an emotional argument, nothing is achieved but nonsense and backwards thinking. Things that should be heard, are unheard because of the cacophony of loud voices, or the emotional tinge to the words used. The honest search for truth, becomes all about The Hidden Agenda. It matters not if the agenda is good, or evil in intention, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It is not that feelings are not to be counted, for nobody intentionally wishes to offend or not have empathy, for the wise must be empathetic. But teaching the next generation to be thin skinned is a terrible thing. They will become fearful victims in the arena of life, instead of warriors. Instead of standing up for themselves based on the confidence of wisdom gained by knowledge, they will shrink into the shadows because of their inferior knowledge or become monsters grabbing onto irrational agendas.

Those teachers who fill children with false self esteem, like giving trophies just for showing up, created a generation of self obsessed jerks. They never had to suffer the slings and arrows of real life, they never suffered the reality of loss, they think they are owed something they are not. They think they know things, they graduate college, and are put in charge of companies, and we wonder why all the people now suffer without full time jobs. These idiots can comprehend that without good paying jobs, there is nobody left to buy their products. Their logic is to employ robots, but robots don’t buy anything…

The Way of Knowledge, the battle between agendas and status quo, between knowledge and mystery, has been with us as long as we have been walking on the Earth. But it is hardly understood until you see the source of the problem; Self-Willed mind vs ego and emotion, the search for truth versus the defense of status quo. The Agendas of the participants in any one debate is seldom held up for public inspection. We usually only see the results of their dark agendas after the debate is ended, the legislation’s passed, the agenda reaches fruition, or the truth is revealed once the Thesis, the Anti-thesis of darkness is combined into the Synthesis of compromise. In this world, compromise is usually the evil agenda forcing itself on the good, the darkness consumes the light.

For this is the Way of Darkness, it divides your minds by the extremes and procures its way in the mixing of darkness with light, one step at a time, and you are delivered into darkness on the highway to hell by good intentions delivered with “sweet words on the tongue, that turn bitter in the belly”. Evil is made to appear good, and good is made evil, and confusion reigns when this process is complete. For when good capitulated the field of battle in the arena, and allowed God to be removed, the darkness won, the rest is mere mop up operations. By their fruit you shall know them, look upon the face of the current generation coming out of institutions of ‘higher learning’, and see the face of the future.

The Way of Knowledge of the Darkness, is to divide it into little labeled boxes, to take it away from the Main Stream of thought and hide it on a shelf labeled ‘toxic’, ‘bad’, or politically incorrect. This is what darkness does to knowledge in general, knowledge that it disagrees with or dislikes, which is usually the Good Knowledge. The Way of Knowledge of the Light though, is to put the Knowledge up on a pedestal and shine a light on it and label it ‘knowledge?’. Leaving the interpretation of it, to the eyes of the beholder. Truth should be in the eye of the beholder, not the gate keepers, for gate keeping is a function of fear, and fear is the tool of darkness. Knowledge, can only become wisdom, if both the good and the bad are compared, debated and integrated into a single mind, thus the dots of good and bad are connected to become the truth of wisdom. The more minds that have more knowledge integrated into them, the better the collective wisdom will become.

We can know the Gatekeepers of the Darkness by the labels placed on the boxes of knowledge, and the shelves of categories they place them upon. These shelves are the labels of emotions, the Animal labels of Fear.
We have shelves labeled; Harmless, Adequate, Acceptable, Silly, Good, Bad, unfathomable, incomprehensible, fantastic, disgusting, Forbidden, hateful, unpatriotic, barbaric, sorcery, magick, politically incorrect and the best of all; heresy. All these things are designed to invoke the one thing you are charged with not feeling in the face of knowledge; FEAR.

The Way of Knowledge of the Light is the way of the Little child, for only little children are innocent enough to ask the question; Why? But little children are taught to be adults of darkness by admonishment, they are taught to ask; HOW, not WHY. This is because ‘adults’ think there is no answer to the question, and therefore civilization itself stagnates because it has denied the basic mechanism for intuitive leaps. The way of adults and darkness is the way of baby steps of How. For intuitive leaps are the result of the Spirit Light, connecting the dots of knowledge together in a mind. Truth must be examined from all angles and perspectives, it must be held up to ridicule, and if it is truth it will never weaken under the strongest of examinations, it will only become stronger. This begins with the simple process of approaching all things as little children, with the innate curiosity you were born with. Remain a child, curious and inquisitive, never stop asking why. If you find you have no more whys, then you have reached the final truth of a matter. If you find yourself defending a status quo, then you have probably not asked enough whys. This is why the Piper adjures you to challenge him, to find logical fault and error in any thesis, including, ours. But ridicule will be treated as all non-sequiters.

Children are not taught to think for themselves anymore, they are not taught the Art of Thinking, which is known as Philosophy, so when the curious nature of the soul begins to ask questions, without the Knowledge of the Way, they are attracted to the feel good things, and the way of darkness. They are only given slivers of truth wrapped in illusions, in a land of shadows on the wall of their prison cave of reality. They are taught to entertain themselves with the shadows on the wall, not to seek the source of the shadows, do not ask about the light they are told, ask about the shadows, ask how, not why. How is the Way of the Adult they are told, don’t you want to be an adult? For all things are One in the Light, and the way of darkness is the division by fear. Darkness makes the land seem full of shadows, and promotes the fear of the mystery and lies, thus keeping the people divided and easier to control and deliver into ultimate darkness.

It is only when you come to the Gate of Heaven asking the question; WHY, will you properly knock on Heaven’s door, and only with sufficient knocking will the door be opened unto you. Only when knowledge is taken from the shelves of fear and spread among all the Self-Willed, will the dots of facts and phonies, and the shadows of illusions be separated into Wisdom by the discernment of the Light of little children. It is only when the Whiners and the Ridiculers, the Authorities and the Experts, the Spiritual wickedness in high places, The Leaders of darkness who create the shelves, are themselves made as objects of humor, when they are approached as little children, and seen to have no answers but one, “it is a mystery my child”, will the truth come out of the shadows, and the truth of the Light shall set you free. You will see the Truth, that the hiding of knowledge only benefits Them. You will notice that Knowledge is always dangerous to authority figures.

The Way

This article was prompted by a bunch of talking heads, discussing a new political ad about jobs. And that in the ‘new economy’ the good paying jobs of these people had gone, probably forever, and would be replaced ‘hopefully’ by different jobs. What he meant was, lower paying or mostly part time jobs. Then he made the comment, “but that is too subtle a point to make for a political ad”. So. Why? Do you think an 8th grader is that dumb? Because from his superior attitude, he thought he was smarter and more sophisticated than the factory worker who was about to be left in the gutter of this new economy, and they knew this. So it was not about ‘subtlety’, but subtle deception.

When you make the Light and the Dark a way of life, when you make the way of knowledge of the tree of good and evil your Way, you can open your mind to the spiritual gifts hidden in your DNA itself. When you can see truth buried in a pile of garbage through the dowsing power of the light, then you will know you have found the right path. When you can sense evil or deception, then you will know you are becoming in tune with your higher spirit self. When you learn to connect to the light, you begin to see the darkness, and its ‘subtle’ ways of deceiving you. This man knew more than he was saying, he was smirky and cocky and arrogant, and the darkness was thick around him. He knew, The darkness, has plans for you, believe that.

Darkness has always had plans for you, it plans to steal your light. It is your light that darkness wants because that is the only way the demons can live. Once you understand this dynamic, you see how the dark power crept into the church from day one. You see how ‘powers’ were changed into ‘entities’, and the truth of reality was destroyed by the burning of the ancient books, while the children were left with dumbed down fairy tales of mystery riding on divided doctrines, rules and rituals instead of the truth about creation and consciousness. We had a religion of a redeemer constructed for children out of two competing gods, and two doctrines in one book, and children arguing about it for over, a thousand years trying to discover which is the ‘right’ doctrine. They have ended up divided by a Bible, a book of divided doctrines that caused the divisions and denominations. They never ask, Does God author confusion and division? Does it serve His purpose to have the people arguing amongst themselves, or does it serve a lower power?

If you read the words of the one they worship, in the books they destroyed, He told them the same thing that Lao Tsu did, no doctrines, no rituals, no rules, no churches with hierarchies of priests… the Way of the Lord, was the way of the Buddha. Love conquers all and there is no need of anything else. But there is the rub, love and light are not in control of the world, the darkness is, we are merely in it. Know that, and the truth will set you free. There is more truth in that simple golden rule, than there is in all the Bibles, religious rule books and other control mechanisms of the entire world.

The Way of Darkness is to keep you in Fear and submission to “Godly righteous authority” and paying your tithe, don’t forget to pay that tithe. While you are paying, remember that the Preacher men, don’t pay taxes… as long as they follow ‘the rules’ and stay out of politics, which is to keep you in confusion, fear, apathetic and complacent to the higher authorities of the World. This is the true meaning of The Harlot of MYSTERY, that rides the Beast of the Governments of the ten horns, the Shofars of the White men who OWN the money they RENT to you at interest. They control you and keep you in love of darkness, through ‘The Dream’ of riches, your love of money, thus the root of all evil is your love of money. Money is not evil, but merely represents all things in the material world. You can have anything if you have enough money, but the lesson of the rich man is clear; the more money you have the more pride is welled up within you and entangled with the darkness.

Thus the way of the Piper is the Way of Dots hidden in the garbage dumps and back room shelves of man, uncovered by the Dowsing power of the Light within, by following a path where ever it leads through the simple question; Why. The Way of the Light of Wisdom is in the Integration of all Knowledge into One, both good and ‘bad’. The Way of the Spirit of Truth is in the Logical Discourse not the Sermons of Mystery and arguments of emotions, the Connections in the mind empowered by as many varied dots as one can bring into your minds, no matter the label placed on the boxes. For you truly are, what you bring into your mind. To know that you must not stop, until that last box, on that last shelf, in that last room, is brought out and opened in the light. Beware of any man who tells you to be afraid of Knowledge of any kind, for even knowledge of evil things, leads to the wisdom to know the difference between good and evil. This is because light attracts light, and dark attracts darkness, and the light will rise to the top, and the darkness will sink to the bottom.

The Way of The Gnosis; Personal Knowledge of the Divine

Knowledge is a deeper thing than simply knowing, it is a thing sensed in the very spirit. It is that thing that says we must go forward, but slow the pace of technological advancement and direct our efforts into more human and less machine. We already see the advance of technology bringing the devolution of humanity, our young cannot hold a simple conversation. They cannot look into the eyes of a liar, and discern the lie. They want everything handed to them, it must be easy, quick, and cheap. The hard work of genius is beyond them, for they think to watch a video is to learn. They cannot differentiate between learning and entertainment, and our teachers want learning to be fun, as they dumb them down, teaching them what to think, instead of how to think.

We quit teaching the important things, in favor of the shallow things, they do not yet understand that learning, and knowledge, are two different things, and knowledge can take a lifetime. The understanding of the difference requires you to stand back from your feelings, to see your thoughts as separate things and requires discernment. Something the worldly have lost, as they have gained great sophistication in the ways of technology, they lose their humanity as they become cyborg, part man, part machine. As they become more specialized, they become less human, as they create a society of more and more controls and restrictions, people become more restrained and bound down and the spirit pushes harder and harder to break free. The more the dark energy of the controllers compresses your soul, the more your spirit yearns to be released from the heavy bondage.

The word Gnosis means; Personal Knowledge of the Divine. It is not something that can be learned by stroking an iPad, but simply by listening to the silent spirit within. But darkness does not want you to listen, it wants you smothered in noise. The noise of confusion and ignorance through the love of money, work, regulations, sermons and rules, divided ideologies and doctrines, diversions, complexity, trivial entertainments, competition, drugs, possessions, things that attract your attention away from the silent connection of spirit and causes you consternation, anger, confusion, your suffrage is their joy.

The Knowledge in The Light is the voice of silence, joy, humor, empathy, the sounds of nature, cooperation, curiosity, inquiry, inspiration, and objective self examination in the seeking of absolute truth. For when you gain Knowledge, you gain the best power of all, the Discernment of the Source of all things good and evil, and you learn the ultimate meaning and way of spiritual warfare. For without the Knowledge, you are easily persuaded. Without discernment, you have no rock to stand on, no ability to discern the deceiver or the propaganda artist, no sense of danger, no ability to see the ways of darkness, no ability to maintain your integrity, to see what others can’t, true Knowledge you see, is of the spirit, and it gives power. But first, you must seek the Truth of the Knowledge, before you have a prayer of its discovery.

You must understand that the Truth of any thing may be made manifest in the Self-willed by the Entanglement of the Infinities that connects the dots of knowledge through the Holy Light magnified by the Light of the World. That where someone is in love of the Light, there He will be also, for the Grail proves He is in all things and He is the connector of dots. He can deliver truth to you if you can connect to Him, through your conscience and that still small voice within, no matter which truth you are searching for.  By this process the dots of light are connected, new thoughts or discernment forms, and the dots of darkness fall away. But you must come part way to Him, to overcome the darkness of the dim witted and gain the Light through gaining knowledge as a little child does, by the simple process of asking; Why? Until there are no more whys to ask. This is because WHY implies the Cause of a thing, not HOW a thing functions or is defined by men, but by God.

The Reason
The Way of the Spiritual Relativity

Spiritual Relativity as exposed in the Grail, is very simply, the exposure of the Golden Rule as a simple equation, Love=Light. That you practice what you preach. That being good is good enough, it is not necessary for one to bow down to an invisible God they don’t believe in, but it is necessary to behave in an absolute moral fashion. This was given by the Light of the World, but was hidden in the doctrines of MYSTERY that cause divisions. It is better that you do believe, and love the Creator, because your love and behavior will merge your light into the reality matrix, and you will be attracted to a higher level of reward in the Pleroma or Elohim.

In the Bible, the word ‘God’ was substituted in the Roman and KJV translations for the word Elohim, or, the Family of God. This hid your very nature as a soul, and the family of powers that build the continuing evolution of creation itself. The Spiritual Evolution of minds now taking place, verifies that mankind himself is connected to a higher power of evolutionary change now manifesting in this world, but the evolution has no basis, or rock, on which to stand. It is divided by the powers of darkness into competing philosophies of feel good religions and atheistic philosophies of an Awareness or power without a Source. Things are all connected they will say, but there is no ‘God’. They do not stop to think, that without a Source Cause, there can be no ‘Effect’. They cannot see that the source problem is that we are separated from God, by rebellion or intention, by the love of this dark creation.

The Christians don’t understand that to worship the creator without worshiping the Creation is incomplete and shallow. The atheists, agnostics, metaphysics, pagans and eastern religions, do not understand that to worship the creation without a creator, is an exercise in futility. The worship of the Nothing, leads to nothing, the nothing of oblivion in the darkness, on a perpetual journey on the Wheel of Life. That to worship love however, leads to the light of God, regardless of whether you believe in Him, He believes in You. The higher and deeper your love of all living things, the greater your entanglement with love and light The greater the love you have for things of darkness, the heavier your soul becomes, because your soul is the entanglement point between your body and your spirit. The spirit comes directly from the Holy Spirit of God entangled with His consciousness, that is the Awareness of all things to all things, the collective consciousness of Oneness, or, The All.

The Way of Knowledge of the Spiritual Relativity then, is love. To feel the love within you is to sit within a forest and feel the peaceful vibes of nature, and to calm your noisy soul. The Way of Spirit is the still small voice of the conscience, speaking to you in subtle ways, do this, don’t do that, as the voice of God Himself guides your path. You can either listen or not. But if you listen, and learn to listen well, then you will be guided to your own spiritual gifts within your own DNA. Those ‘unknown’ portions of your DNA that science says is useless, really isn’t. It is there for you, not simply part of you. It gives you power to exercise the highest calling of Knowledge, to know the evil within you, for we are all in rebellion, separated from God, and the highest goal is the battle with the animal soul, in order to return Home, or not. To gain strength of character requires a battle, and it is an internal battle against your dark nature, to gain the light power within.

When you learn to seek the Presence or Awareness of God, then the Light will guide you to see deception, evil, and all the ways of darkness. You will see the negative emotions as your guide to the soul within, for they will resonate through the aether. You will see the ‘magnetic personality’ as a bad thing, not a good thing. You will see that men do not wish to acknowledge the Aether because they understand the ramifications, and thus keep you confused in a divided Universe of particles. As long as you think their Voice of Authority is true, and say that their God particle is merely another MYSTERY of God, you have no Where to turn in spiritual evolution. You cannot evolve in a God of Mystery, nor turn towards a godless science in order to find your true destiny, for either way, the soul is just a mystery or the spirit is a myth. Until you integrate the light and dark within you, to see both, and the mixing that is the reality matrix, you cannot find the Way out and will continue to fall prey to the darkness. You will continue to be ‘born again’ of the spirit, because you are deceived by the darkness, which gives you only two choices in spirituality. This is why the metaphysics and the agnostics, the pagans and the easterns, have become popular, because they have evolved away from the MYSTERY of Churches, many of them reject the conflictions of doctrine, but, they are still surrounded by it. They are right in their path towards the Light, but their path is still between dark forests of MYSTERY.

The Way of Knowledge, of the Light then, must be accomplished to unify and integrate all the religions and philosophies of Light, those who preach love, as the only way to achieve unity of mankind. Unification of mankind must come, before mankind can find the way to sustainability and our destiny in the stars. It must be because the Universe is a life generating engine, and there is life out there, there must be. We have seen it manifesting in Earth as what are called UFO’s. We have seen these objects with our own eyes, and thus, cannot be convinced by the mask of humor and whistling past the graveyard, that they do not exist. They do. Period. End of discussion. The question is, are they good or evil? My sense is that they are both, like we are both.

Our sense is that there is a greater community out there, and it too, has rules. But, they are far ahead of us, and the only way to be successful in birthing the star child on Earth, is to have a discerning mind. Our sense is if they are truly more advanced than we, they must have evolved past the stage of war and see there are other ways of gaining the things they need, by deception and trade, diplomacy and deals, should be their ways. For if they are truly advanced, then they have already run into the dilemma of the destructive power of war, growth and resource depletion of their home worlds.

Earth itself could be a great bounty to them but they may have to follow their own rules and we must not fall under their spell of superiority, in deception. For only if we KNOW how the Creation works, will we be able to ward off great deals of leaders and aliens who purport to be our progenitors, dealing in a lie, to gain control over us. There may be many reasons for the revealing of the Unified Field, and we must not discount any possibility, for Knowledge brings its own rewards. There are those who think that these beings are demons, and who is to say they are wrong? For what is a demon but an animal being of darkness, that takes power over you, through your own mind. And if there are advanced species, they have surely found the path to the spiritual and mental superiority, that would give them almost Jedi like powers, and only our own spiritual powers of discernment could possibly see, expose and block such deceptions. Those who think these words are merely a fools thesis, need look no further, for you have drank the koolaide of humor. We, the Piper, swear to our God, that what we have seen is true, and it was not just once in our life, but many times in many manifestations of craft or being. We cannot know what, but we are sure that they are here.

But, we must unify and advance sufficiently in spiritual knowledge, in order to see the spirit behind the creature, for all creatures of God, have a spirit of God within, but that doesn’t mean they listen. It also means, we must unify to keep the Earth a place of bounty for us, and that means we must change our ways, all of our ways. We must outgrow the need to destroy the Earth for profits, and build not for obsolescence or disposability, but for stewardship of the future. That gadgets are ok, as long as we understand the effect they can have on the soul. That souls can become entangled in machines, and human beings can become more machine than man.

We must not seek deals of higher technologies, or trade deals, that get us dependent on forces that produce what we cannot, this is the other half of the Unified Field, sustainable technology, something old becomes something new as we pound our swords into plowshares. We have just learned this lesson with a terrestrial neighbor, as we outsourced all our productive endeavors to China, we are now dependent and in debt to them. This was the most greedy act and second greatest crime of history, the first being the destruction of the Way of Knowledge by the Romans. Thus we are a thousand years behind, and need to catch up rapidly. In order to catch up, we must evolve, spiritually and mentally, not just technologically. But the Piper is not a fool, and he knows, that there only a few with eyes that see. For the rest, enjoy your mystery, your trivial pursuits and defend the status quo by engaging in ridicule, you will become the dross that must be burned away, for the silver to shine through.

By way of an example we will compare the relative results of the Way of Knowledge of The Messiah. Who is also called in His physical manifestation; Jesus the Christ, or the Logos, the Light of the World, the King of the Earth. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Him or not, He was real, and He had a title. The title He held was Messiah, the Savior of the World. But He also told us that He had “other sheep in other lands” that He had to see. Most people don’t know that in the Gnosis, He remained with us for years after His sacrifice of the Body. His sacrifice was the ultimate gift, because He gave up his ‘vesture’ or clothing of His Soul, in order to achieve His Title. But He imparted much knowledge that was destroyed by the Church, that was substituted by the Apostle Paul, or, at least the parts that survived the Purging of books. You see there were books of Paul that were never included in the Canon; The Apocalypse of Paul being one. This spoke of the ‘prison of the soul’, being the body. That one would be thrown back into prison, if you sinned too heavily. But this was inconvenient to the new narrative of the Church, so it was banned. The Way of MYSTERY in Darkness is to hide knowledge, especially inconvenient knowledge. When you read the Gnosis, you see what the Church did, and why the Messiah told us not to institute churches with hierarchies of priests… we can see the results of their work, by examining the original meaning of words, which can only be done by the sound of the words, phonetically.

The Way of Knowledge demands that we examine also, the Way of words, and in particular, the meanings of ancient words versus their interpretations by so called scholars. One word that comes down to us that has no interpretation by scholars is a Hopi word; Massau’u.  If we take the phonemes, the original way of teaching reading, and the only way to see the meaning behind ancient words, then the word sounds a lot like ‘Messiah’. The Hopi meaning is The Great White Spirit, the Son of Father Sky, He who ascends and descends. This ‘light bearing’ spirit visited them in ancient times and taught them the Ways of Spirit and Wisdom, and to keep the Earth holy, for she is the sustenance of the Generations of the Human Beings. To keep the Earth holy, is to use what you need, and no more.

It does not mean that the Earth can be owned by corporations and raped, and polluted and wasted so that big piles of money can be reaped, selling items that degrade quickly, or break, or wear out quickly, by the truism of ‘planned obsolescence’ simply so the corporation can have a continuing ‘market’. But the truth can not be seen in the ideologies or doctrines of the Church or corporations, for they have profits to be made, and ‘authority’ to protect. The Church is culpable in the destruction of the Earth, and profits as well. But if we see that the Messiah and the Massau’u are one in the same, do the Hopi spirit walkers, the Shamen, have any lessons for us? Do they rape the Earth, or keep it holy? The answer is simple, they try to keep the old ways, but they have no power to fight off the System, just like all those who are divided and have no power, none of us can fight the Evil because the Darkness has the Power.

The Darkness has the power in this world, because the People are divided by the simple word; MYSTERY. All things are ‘relative’ in more ways than Einstein envisioned, but his relativity theories were absolute proof of, in ways he never saw.  In the Grail, negative feelings are of the Soul and Body, and they are the most powerful influences. It is not so much that people are evil, but that too many are lazy in the mind. We fall for the ‘sweet words on the tongue’ of political correctness, which turns into emotional conflicts between mind and heart, common sense and nonsense. This turns into what is called normalcy bias or cognitive dissonance, where the mind is fooled by feelings. When this philosophy spreads, it becomes systemic irrationality, and those sweet words become very bitter as our world degenerates, disintegrates, and falls into the darkness of materialistic and hedonistic orgies and the moral men are powerless because he is few, divided and lacking the ability to communicate wisdom. Wisdom cannot be seen by a depraved mind.

The wise, no matter how hard they try, are powerless against the hordes of stupidity now unleashed. Even the Bible in prophetic utterances told us that men would fall to ‘a depraved mind’, a depraved mind is a mind unable to care for itself. The Bible said there would be a ‘great falling away’ from the faith, and this has been true over the last one hundred years as men see the mystery, the contradictions between superstition and science, the divisions of doctrines, and the hypocrisy of the Churches. The church has no power any more, because their doctrines of darkness consume themselves. Men see no difference between a ‘christian’ and an atheist, because hypocrisy rules the churches, and Christians are not seen as ‘special’. The Christian churches are losing members, because they have become “old dry bones”, teaching sermons that fewer and fewer listen to, because their flocks have evolved in knowledge, and the Massau’u/Messiah taught that the way of knowledge was in the Discourse, the honest search for truth.

You see, mystery is superstition, and that was ok when men were peasants and easily led around by supersitions, but men have become spiritually evolved beyond what nonsense the churches teach. Nonsense cannot stand up to the common sense of science, but even our science is incomplete. Evolution and science, have exposed the doctrines of the church to be what they are, ancient articles of faith that cannot be proven, and are ridiculous on their face. The Earth is not 6000 years old, and man was evolved from lower creatures, some how.  But science cannot accept that man may have had a little help from on high, in being ‘created’ from lower animal life. And men, are stuck in the middle between a church that is deaf and blind, and a science that has no spirit and thus, “the sea and the waves roar” in confusion.  The Mysteries of the Church, and the Mysteries of Science, merge into the mystery of life philosophy itself, caused by a lack of wisdom grounded in an absolute knowledge of creation. Thus the darkness controls the Earth, and the ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’ is the result of it, and the people have no power because there is no absolute truth to inspire.

The People do not need leaders to tell them right from wrong, only sheep desire to be led. The Indians and the Hopi have the correct way, the way of the councils of the elders. That seek truth for the survival of the tribe. The Light wants you to be a rock, not a brick in the Wall of Conformity, not built of the clay of emotions but the iron of mind. But the darkness and the evil authorities wants you to listen to your heart, because you are easily deceived and will never achieve unity to challenge their power.

The little man does have The Power, if, he were One. This is the basic reason for the confusion doctrines of mystery, to keep you divided and take your power. It is also the reason for the Revelation of the Ancient Gnosis, proved in the language of God, the Math of the Unified Field of God, a God Science and Aether Physics, that reveals the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that manifests life through the Medicine wheel and all reality through the power of Pi. And in the essence of the thing, we see that the Church destroyed it, the Hopi’s kept the truth of it, that it would come again, in the Fire clay tablet. That to find the truth of the human beings, we must reach to the light, and will be delivered to the stars. But first, the Great Purging of evil must happen. To survive, you must find the Light, and the Way of Knowledge.

The Piper plays a New Song,
that The Chorus may sing,
and The People may dance,
that the forests will echo with laughter.

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