Joseph Atwill, Covert Messiah, or Two Messiahs?

Open letter to Joseph Atwill;
No messiah, Covert Messiah or Two Messiahs?
Were there two Jesus’s? Of course not, that’s silly, however…
Now, Joseph Atwill, has proven, he says, that Christ, was an ‘invention’ of Rome, based on archeological evidence. That ‘He’, never existed, and was an invention of Rome based on archeology. We think Mr. Atwill is a case of being too intelligent for his chosen subject, seeing the trees and not the forest…
Were there two Jesus narratives? Was one an ‘invention’ of the Catholic church? Yes. The ancient Christians were followers of The Way of Gnosis, the Divine Knowledge of Reality. This included the original concept of being ‘born again of the spirit’… which originally meant reincarnation(believe it or not, I care not)… This was part of what Jesus taught ‘privately’, it was called The Gnosis, or Divine Knowledge, the prime tenant was The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, a thing that showed that we, humanity, are all the Sons of God. This, is what Rome killed, outlawed and forbid, a thing that they called; HERETIC, and made into an evil story. The Church did this with many things, making evil to be good, and good to be evil, when they ‘reinvented’ their ‘simpler narrative for the peasants’, as revealed by the writings of the Church Father; Origen.
Those who think that ‘they invented Jesus’ misunderstand the context of the times, and as usual, they think literally… the Roman church RE-invented Jesus by the outlawing of 95% of His Gnostic teachings, by replacing them with the personal correspondence of Paul. A man who never studied with Jesus, who introduced a Gospel ABOUT Jesus, instead of the Gospel OF Jesus. Are the doctrines of Paul, and Jesus in sync? Or are they the basis of a divided book, our book, the Bible? (You know, Rome WROTE it, right?)
This was the effort of reinventing Jesus, and what the Arian Controversy of the new invention of The Trinity and all the wars against the ‘heretics’ and Gnostics was about… the New Church of Rome needed a new narrative, that kept the people in ‘submission to Godly authority’… this was the basis of the Babylonian Mystery Religion, and The System of Babylon; The money changers, the King, and the Priests, together as One, this should sound familiar. It is our system, the system of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue, the Head of Gold on the two legs of ideology. The head that makes the Rule of Gold; that he who has the gold makes the rules. A system invented by elites for The Elite. The New Church also had the goal of preventing the equality of women, which was taught by the Gnostics, in fact, part of this process was turning Mary Magdalene, who was a priestess in the Temple of the goddess of wisdom; Pistis Sophia, and became a primary disciple of Christ, into a prostitute. The enmity between Mary and Peter, who hated Mary upstaging him because she was a woman, is only revealed in the Gnostic works. So anybody who wishes to ‘analyze’ early Christianity,  should really, really, go outside the works of Rome, now that the Gnostic works have been uncovered. (Remember, The Victors write history, eh?)
Revelations, and the Gospel of John, were Gnostic books, the only two that survived the Canonization process. Revelations was a message and a warning to a Church that didn’t exist when it was penned… and there were bishops at the time, who saw it for what it was… its inclusion in the Canon was because, I’m sure, they didn’t think anyone could ever figure it out. God works in mysterious ways, but it is no longer a mystery. If it were not for Him, the works of the Gnostics would have remained hidden in the sands of time.
It is primarily against the Mother of Harlots, who rides the Beast of ten horns. But if she is the Roman Church, then who, are the Daughters? Why is she named MYSTERY? What of the MYSTERY Doctrine of the Churches? Is it the same thing? It is, when compared to the concept of the Knowledge of God in the Gnosis, against the MYSTERY of God in the Churches. Are we united, or divided? Where does the division come from? Divided doctrines? Thus the protest-ants, the daughters of the Church of Rome, took her book, and divided it even further by the use of the Mystery Doctrine.
Were all of the Churches condemned by the Saint John, a Gnostic? Was the Church age, an age of bloodshed in “The Name of God”? Well, then the horsemen of the apocalypse becomes clear. The Lesson of the Tens becomes clearer. The lesson of the Tens is the lesson of the Ten lost tribes, the people who went north into the Caucasus mountains from Babylon and became; The Caucasian race. The True Israel. The Ten horns are the shofars of the Leaders of the Whites who run the world. The Ten toes of iron and clay are the tribes divided in mind and emotions. The ten virgins are the ignorant and the smart.
When the prophecies are seen in the Gnosis, of God’s Time, we see a different picture. We see the white horse of the Holy Roman empire, projecting power at a distance conquering in the name of God. We see the red horse as the time of kings, that descended in rivers of blood by the sword. The black horse then came as the bankers, with black greedy hearts, balancing power and justice with the scales of their money. Then, the ride stops, and money fails for the whole globe. We are left in a time of taking a days wage to buy a loaf of bread, while the rich live lavishly and treat us as slaves, again. We, who went ‘into the wilderness, on the great wings of an eagle’, to escape the persecution of Rome…
Then the time of the Pale Green horse comes, a quarter of the planet of those who worship death. The Catholics never saw a green horse, and they changed the words of the prophecy, you only see it if you read the original Greek. May the curse be upon them. For the color green, of those who worship death, is also a known color, the color of Islam. The horsemen of the apocalypse, are the paradigms of change.
The entire prophecy turns on the bad interpretations of preachers, before it was time for them to know. The word ‘them’ in 6:8, means them of the last horse which is a People, a quarter of the planet, who worships death, and hell follows them. Is there any way to survive the Pale Green horse?
The Revelation is come, the New Gnosis, the Truth of the Unified Field of God, at the Nexus of Science and Religion, that the Hopi call; The Fire clay tablet. The Knowledge of God that conquers the Mystery of God. The revealing of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, anchored in the Grail of Enoch, validated by the math of Einstein. The Oldest Truth becomes New Again, what the Lord taught ‘privately’ is found in the sands of time, by His Will.
You are the Son’s of God, trapped in dark energy, and to find our Way Home, to the Light, requires the Knowledge of The Way of the Messiah. The Truth will set you free.
We previously spoke to you about the God Particle, and science’s attempt to ‘put God in His grave’, being, the primary aim of science. This has been shown to you in the words of His Eminent Authority of Physics, Professor Stephen Hawking, now, we have the academic community trying to prove that the Christ Himself did not exist. Do we sense a pattern here, a pattern we predicted?  Do you see the reason for the Great Falling Away of the faith that has been taking place over the last decades? But, the only counter to the spiritual evolution of knowledge has been the MYSTERY Doctrines of the Church. Do you see now, that they have become ‘old dry bones’, by their own blasphemy? Even the new Pope violates their tenants, as the left increases their all out assault on God.
As long as there is nothing but superstition to counter their so called science, the churches, and the faithful, will lose this battle, and you will have a choice to worship whatever ‘god’ they invent for you as part of their ‘New World Order’. For it is a fact, that governments LIKE religions, especially religions that provide a philosophy of passive submission to their ‘Godly authority’. The religion that imposes this passive submission to the highest extent, is ISLAM. But Jesus was not a passivist, this is the lesson of the Gnosis, Knowledge conquers Mystery. So would God Himself provide a ‘New Revealing’ of Knowledge to counter the nonsense of mystery and secular humanism? Must a New Knowledge come, to give people who know the spirit in their temples, the conscience of their consciousness, a Way of Understanding that Proves, God exists?
You be the judge.
The Vision quest of the Piper,
plays a new song,
for the chorus to sing,
and the people dance,
so the forest will echo with laughter.
PS: To those who wish to pronounce ‘New Age’ on The Way of Gnosis, we admonish you and rebuke thee, to understand the way of the Church is Mystery, the way of the Hidden in Darkness. That truth is in the Light, and the Truth shall set you free.
The following letter was written privately to Mr. Atwill. Who is now holding an event to prove Christ did not exist.
His new book, is the Covert Messiah
Dear Mr. Atwill and Co.
As I am unable to attend his fine event, I will make my challenge online.
You are both correct, and incorrect, are you familiar with the word; antinomy?
Your thesis, depends on the context of the times of the beginnings of the Holy Roman Empire, and the nature of the ‘RE-invention’ of Christ.
They did, in fact, ‘invent’ A narrative of Christ, using all of the information in your tome, for the purposes you propose, namely;
to keep the people in ‘submission to Godly Authority’. Their religious narrative was the reworking of the Babylonian Mystery Religion.
At that time, they banished philosophy and reason, and replaced it with the Mystery Narrative. They destroyed whole libraries,
ten thousand years of knowledge went up in flames when they torched the Library of Alexandria as a ‘Pagan Temple’. Mankind,
was set back a thousand years or more, as we descended into the Dark ages. And yes, the Roman Church is responsible for all that
and much more. But, their very book, condemned them. The Book of Revelation was a Gnostic work, one of only two that survived the purge of the Heretics and their ‘forbidden’ knowledge.
Your thesis is correct, that Rome was the cause of this actual heresy, this destruction of knowledge, but it was not because Christ did
not exist, or did not teach, or did not give up His vesture of body willingly. It was because the Church, was fighting the Truth of the Gnostics.
The Gnosis is what The Messiah taught. The Knowledge of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that, the Catholics turned into an evil thing. Unfortunately, they used the personal correspondence of Paul, and destroyed the Gnosis of Jesus to do it. This Gnosis has now been revealed out of the sands of time, discovered by other archeologists, how come, you make no mention of all these other discoveries? They do not fit your own personal mission of destroying the Messiah? We agree that the church created a false narrative, but the Christ did exist, and many other histories prove He existed.
Even the ancient stories of other cultures, prove He existed, came to Earth and brought enlightenment. It is only the Church that buried and burned it. Like the works of Enoch, that were declared heretical, and forbidden, what was the church afraid of? It is simple; competition, knowledge is a dangerous thing to powerful people, eh?  The Hopi and other indian tribes have the tradition of the Great White Spirit, Massau’u.  He came a long time ago, and taught spirit wisdom, and The Way to live. That, being good, is good enough. Sounds a lot like; Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you… Also, Massau’u, is a fine phonetic transliteration of the word Messiah… eh?
The Gnostic works that have been discovered, the works of Enoch and the Nag Hammadi codexes, plus others, have brought forth the New Revealing of the Divine Knowledge that the Messiah taught. He taught reincarnation, the original meaning of the words ‘born again of the spirit’. That has been bastardized by the Mystery Doctrine of the churches. In fact, the Revelation of John was a Gnostic work, that condemned the Church’s Mystery Doctrine.  This doctrine of one life and then to heaven or hell with you, is a fine control mechanism of fear. But, God is not a God of Fear. The impersonator God Yaltaboath, is revealed, their true god of dark energy. You see, Satan was also part of their ‘inventions’. Satan being a misnomer for the angel Santayana in the original Enoch texts. The angel that sinned for lust, not pride, which was also part of their ‘invented narrative’. They hid the 3 Primal forces of Creation, and replaced them with the primary false mystery, the Trinity. The true Trinity of Gnosis, is the Root of the Tree of Life, the Light half of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
All of the major religions, other than Christianity, have these 3 primal forces as the cause of creation, the Intelligent design. You are to be applauded for helping to find the false narrative of the Catholics, but you are encouraged to find the reason they did it, and what, exactly, they destroyed in so doing. The Gnosis reveals that their church will come down, by the Knowledge of God that conquers the Mystery of God. The Revelation of John called the church; The Mother of Harlots whose name is MYSTERY, that rides the Beast of ten horns. These are all Gnostic symbols, of an unrighteous Anti Christ church, and an unrighteous System of Evil governments, run by the Ten lost tribes. The Lost tribes are the White people who run the planet, through the money masters and royals of the race that came north out of Babylon, through the Caucus mountains, and became the Caucasian race. Kings and money masters, who want to restore themselves to their thrones, and rule the entirety of Earth, through one global money system. The New World Order, was a thing predicted long ago, yet the church will somehow find a way to accommodate The Beast, and sell it to the sheep. This will turn them from human, into cyborg, part human, part machine. And their body, soul, spirit matrix will become corrupted by the Intention of Love of money, and the Dark electronic energy. Will this destroy their souls, and consign them to the ‘lake of fire’ with The Beast? The Gnosis reveals that the Catholics even changed the words in the ancient texts, one of those words was an ‘age’, that was translated as an ‘eternity’… so no, they will not burn for an eternity, but they might not get to the Light without some pain. The Other word mistranslated improperly, was Elohim. Which is the Family of God, written as; God. But, in Genesis, “we created man in OUR image”, so there is another ancient conundrum, or Mystery, that the Gnosis reveals as the Aeons of the Pleroma, the Powers or Helpers of God, also called The Elohim, or; The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
The Gnosis reveals the white race, as the Tribes that were ‘Chosen’ for the spiritual gift of the fire, creativity in science and technology. Having been given the spirit gifts of all the 12 powers of the Aeons of the Light. These are the true form and powers of the vaguely defined ‘angels’ of the Catholics. These are the powers of life, the spiritual geometry impressed upon space time, that causes the energies of dark and light to form into double helix’s, called DNA. The Hopi, and American Indians, were given the proof of this concept in something they call the Medicine wheel, what the DNA molecule looks like from above… Many other cultures, from ancient times, portrayed the ‘flower of life’, a sort of spiritual prism, that concentrated these dual energies into the DNA molecule of life. So there is much archeological, and cultural proof in the ancient record to prove the Gnosis that the True Christ taught. Even Plato’s cave, is a perfect analogy for the process of life and chaos in our reality, but, the Church, was the Destroyer of Knowledge, by the replacement with the False Mystery Narrative and the Re invented Christ narratives, after they declared His teachings Heretic.
So Mr. Atwill, you have uncovered some of the facts, but not the context of history, but do you care? Or do you have an agenda like so many other ‘academics’? (And I use that word with derision.) That, the notion of God must be destroyed, so that you may re invent God yourselves?
This letter will be put up on the blog;, as an open letter to J. Atwill.
Thank you for your consideration, I know you will ignore it and toss it.
But may his Light be upon you anyway,
Piper Michael

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