What killed the Idea of America?

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It is posted here for edification of those who don’t understand what has gone wrong in America… is the same thing that has gone wrong in every empire that has ever been.

Halfdar:  Forgive me, for I present only the perspective of an outsider, but your question ‘What killed the idea?’ is really fundamental. I submit that the concept was sound, and remains so, but the execution of the Founders’ principles left something to be desired…

I have wondered this myself. It is such a good idea! Is it mere human weakness that is to blame? The ease of the average to accept leadership, without enquiring too closely where they are to be led? The lack of scrutiny with regard to the character of those doing the leading?

Is it the tragedy of the commons, writ large? The courage of anonymity? The inevitable result of a surfeit of freedom? Did the Founders expect too much, or did they simply forsee too little? I do not know, and I have not the wisdom to clearly thread the tenor of the problem.

Regardless, it is my contention that the American experiment has shown promising early results; to abandon it now to its’ fate would be the height of folly.

Excellent summary of the confusion and paradigm failure. It was one thing, and one thing alone, the heart of man overcomes the mind of men. The Great Experiment was called the Great Experiment because this was the last chance for Men to Govern Man… The system of the USA, is no different than the kings of Babylon, in one significant way, the way that matters.

To cover the concepts you laid out in detail would require a tome, but suffice it to say, the Problem lies in the Heart of Man. Men cannot govern man, without an outside source of morality, religion fails the test, because there have always been men who care not about belief in things that cannot be seen. In fact, it is these very same men who seek the highest offices in the land, because those offices provide them the  greatest desire of their souls; the need to control other men. Religion is insufficient to sway the moralities of societies, this much is being seen, as our Constitution was written for ‘moral men’. And here is why I disagree with those proponents of the Great wall of division between politics and religions, because this is a result of the Mystery power that controls minds through the fear and greed of the heart. Something the Elites know, but the people will fight about until Kingdom come…

At the end of the day, there are only two kinds of men, those who wish to be left alone, and those who won’t leave them alone…

Our great system had a flaw, and it was fundamental. You missed what I said about us swapping out an aristocracy of royalty for an aristocracy of money.  It is money, and the control of money, that has been, and continues to be the Flaw in all of mens Systems of governance and economy. In fact, that is why it is now referred to as ‘Political Economy’… those who wish to be left alone vs those who just can’t leave them alone…

What killed the idea? The idea itself. It was flawed because it was designed for Elites from its inception. Despite all the high sounding words, it has never achieved its idealistic “shining city on a hill” dream. In most of our history, our cities have been nasty, filthy, and filled with degenerate masses of filthy rag wearing wraiths, fighting over scraps of left overs from those very Elites. The source of all the troubles, is that the reality has never matched the marketing. Capital exploits labor, and labor rebels, this is the way of things. Politicians ignore the fundamental problem, and argue over nits and nothings, the people are divided and confused by the Mystery of how it all works, while the Elite use that fundamental flaw.  We wonder why our education systems now specialize in dumbing down our kids? Sheep are easier to lead, when they are dumb. The Elite play chess while the rest play checkers.

Even though, it was a good idea, it fundamentally was a system of the Rule of Gold; He who has the gold, makes the rules.  We have a cultural class system that worships money, and denigrates those who don’t have money, this was and is a major barrier to the ‘pursuit of happiness’, for who can be successful without access to money? Then we have a class who is lazy, but their pursuit of happiness is not found in the struggle for wealth, but the living of life, so why are they wrong? Because we worship money, and hate those who don’t. Then we have the great middle, who are always struggling to catch up to a money system that is rapidly leaving them behind. The Struggle of the Middle, is the struggle of the ages. Good people, always trying to keep up with whatever is thrown at them, and overcoming adversity. But the System was designed to benefit the upper classes from the beginning, even when money becomes easy and cheap, the Elite know it is only a temporary blip on the way to their cleaning house because centralized credit controls markets, and what goes up will come down. This has always been so, down through history. This is the Rule of Gold, but we don’t have a clue as to why things get so fouled up?

It is fundamental to the System, it is why we see symbols in myth, legend and even Bible history and prophecy, but we don’t ever learn our lessons from history. The cycle of civilization is the cycle of the Elite, the Cycle of history is the head of gold that run’s everything from behind the curtain, for they own the money, and merely rent it to the rest of us, this is the most fundamental thing of all. In the USA, the money changers took control over our system in 1913, and the rest as they say, is history. They make money on the upside, and make a killing on the down side. Like now, they got rich on the upswing of the housing bubble, then they bought off government, and now they’re cleaning up on the down swing.

The only ones who go to jail, are the patsies. Those who are in The Club are immune, does Jon Corzine ring a bell? A man who stole over a billion dollars is still walking around, and bundling money for ‘his’ president. People don’t and can’t see, that centralization of anything, is a bad thing. Too much money concentrated in one place controls markets and peoples, it corrupts governments and laws, and then, as now, we see the evil being protected by the very law designed to protect us. This is all cyclical, and was predicted.

Read Ayn Rand, and you will see she was prescient, but her Objective philosophy of the Right was flawed as much as the Leftist collective is flawed, for they are both the ideologies of the Rich men. They are ideologies of the rich because they both end up the same way, a few guys end up owning everything and being ‘in charge’. We see this process playing out, even now. The Rule of Gold is Sacrosanct, higher than the Constitution, higher than God, it has become the idol God of this Earth; Mammon.

Civilizations rise, become apathetic, and then decline into collapse, this is what happens when men turn away from God and find out that material things do not satisfy the soul or the morality or the Vision that fuels the struggle of the soul. Without Vision men decay, and the Vision of America died on the altar of Rich men. The destruction of the rule of law destroys the motivation to work hard, especially when you see the Evil prospering, while the good get screwed. This is the meaning of those who are IN the world and those who are OF the world. Commerce and free markets become crony capitalism. Exploitation of labor becomes labor unions, and perpetual combat results. The Pendulum swings both ways, and ends up destroying everything in its path.

I don’t want to get all preachy, but sometimes its just necessary. Our paradigm is failing because the money is failing, and has been for a generation… as the money fails, men get more and more desperate to get ahead or just remain in place. This includes rich and poor and especially The Middle. The old saying; The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, is the result of fiat money inflation. It is a fact of life in a Political Economy of fiat centrally controlled money. Everything that stems from that, is symptomatic of the core issue, this is what Ron Paul was noted for, getting back to ‘hard money’. It is fundamental to the proper operation of a society. This is the law of; Just Weights and Measures. When somebody doesn’t know what something is valued at, things go haywire, and eventually into Chaos, if it reaches it usual immoral conclusion. And it always, always ends in immoral behavior, because bad behavior is the only way to stay ahead of the ‘bad money’ curve.

People don’t understand that this System of ours is thousands of years old. As I started out saying, we have the same System as Babylon, because Babylon invented the Triune System of the Rule of Gold, and discussing this is not a popular subject because it is fundamental and well loved, if completely misunderstood. What Babylon invented was fixed contracts in a variable world, run by money changers out of the Temple of the Sun God, with those contracts backed up by the King’s Law and force as the people were kept submissive by the priests admonition to submit to “Godly righteous authority”… sound familiar? It should.

It is a System that virtually guarantees the House wins. If you think about it, the world is a variable place, good crops one year don’t guarantee good crops the next year. Stuff happens, the money changers know how the world works, and how our minds work, but mostly, how to get to our mind through our heart. Greed or fear is sewn, depending on what is needed. But the fixed contract is inviolate when backed up by swords… or guns wielded by uniforms. This is what brought down ancient Israel, first debt, then conquest. And is best exemplified in the statue of Nebuchadnezzar as interpreted by Daniel. Ultimately this statue represents the Rebellion of Israel against God’s law, and the empires of rebellion they built down through time, all like Babylon, but not as good, as Daniel said. And down through time, the overriding paradigm of Babylon remains intact.

The Head of Gold created the Rule of Gold, the breast, arms, and thighs are the useful idiots that love the head of gold, that manipulate the left and right legs of ideology, the parties of welfare and warfare, and the toes of the people who are divided, apathetic, confused and submissive in mystery religious denominations, the iron and clay of mind vs emotion. The legs, Capital vs collective, are the extreme ideologies when combined with Mystery religions, build up and tear down civilizations. Then like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes, the Head of Gold, now owning everything, establishes the Rule of Gold again.

But this is the last shot, the last experiment, the Great Experiment is finished, it is only a matter of time and triggers now. A red Caesar will not restore morality, any more than the blue Caesar will restore the value of money. The only option left is the end of the cycles, the destruction of the Head of Gold by the destruction of the statue of rebellion. The Rule of Gold must be conquered by the Golden rule, the power in the rock, to become our brothers keepers after the cycle of its final destruction. Then, maybe, if we can finally see, that the rich and their governments are the source of wars and destruction, only then can we “pound our swords into plowshares…”.

Regardless of what else happens, natural or supernatural, the minds of the good men on Earth, must come to the realization that enough is enough. But the only way this will happen, is if the Mystery of money, government and God is finished, and is conquered by the Light of Reason and Knowledge of God rises in its place, to form something that would be called; A Constitution of a Kingdom of God. Scoff if you wish, but you are only defending the failed paradigms. For even if the secular wants to believe in nothing, they must acknowledge one thing, The Idea, that gave you God given Rights, was preferable to the privileges granted by evil men.

This was the Essence, the core, The Idea, that gave Liberty, Freedom and the pursuit of happiness, under the great wings of an Eagle. If you can see history in God’s time, then the Chosen people of God, went “into the wilderness, on the wings of an Eagle”, to protect their children and pursue Joy. America itself could be the fulfillment of prophecy, but only if you accept the notion, that her people, were one of the toes, virgins, and horns, the Shofar’s of the Lost Tribes. This concept is not acceptable to most people or preachers, simply because they are still full of enmity for their arrogant cousins in Judah, and refuse association with them, preferring to be known as Gentiles.

Having forgotten what a Gentile was, the sons of Cain, the colored races. But political correctness does not allow such notions, and our greatest failing, is being willfully ignorant and tossing the lessons of history in the trash because of our feelings. Thus Mystery overcomes Reason. We are good at destroying knowledge and replacing it with a beloved mystery or superstition. We teach our children not to ask why, but how, so that the mystery can continue for yet another day. In the end, must we come to Him as little children, who ask the ultimate question; Why?… in order to find the answers we seek?

For many the answer is no, they do not want to know what causes the shadows of illusion on the wall of their cave, they are too entertained by the arguing over the meaning of the shadows. But in the end, if the mystery of the shadows, is what holds you in the prison, then trivial pursuits will not gain your release. To gain your release from prison, you must first recognize that you are in prison before you will seek the source of the shadows. Many of us feel it, the splinter in our minds that tells us all things are not as they seem, that the source of the shadows must have a Light, and it is that Light we seek.

The meaning of the Light, is only found in the reality of the darkness, and what it means to be Human. Ultimately, we seek a New Song, a New Vision, a Light of a New Reality matrix that shows the source of the shadows and dispels the Darkness of this world. But such things are not found in the old ways of division and mystery that have consumed us for two thousand years, such things are only found in the Light of Reason that overcomes the Shadows of Mystery. This is the ultimate meaning of the Revelation as revealed first by Enoch, that the Mystery of God is finished, evil is destroyed by its own darkness and all men must walk out of the cave of shadows towards the Light, as One.

At this point in The Game, it matters not if you believe in Deity or not, you must see the great chaos forming. The great darkness moving across the planet, this has been ramping up for several years, but now it appears that even time itself speeds up as chaos ensues faster and faster. Events of weeks and months happen in days or hours. This is being manifested not just in the spreading madness of men, but the chaos of Earth, wind and sky. Earthquakes ramp up in frequency and severity, weather is going chaotic and unpredictable, even the Sun is not behaving as it normally should, while men and animals display a propensity towards ramping anxiety and instant madness. The slightest provocation becomes a Causus Belli, a cause for war.

This is all happening while the “love of many wax cold”, and there has been a Great Falling away of faith in the last decades. But people being lost in their shadows on the wall of the cave, continue to argue over the shadows, and cannot conceive of a common cause to all these events. The Preachers rant and rave about Revelations and Judgments, but all they have is what they’ve always had, Mystery without proof. Yet people demand more today because man himself undergoes the process of evolution, in this case a Spiritual Evolution, an evolution of mind and heart, that rejects the imposed paradigm of the American dream and the life of the material. They are not satisfied, they are not happy, they have no joy, because it is the very stuff of reality and its cycles that takes Joy from them. They can’t see the Cause, because they are lost in Mystery. Everything is a mystery, a confluence of seemingly disconnected events, but what if, what if, there was a common cause to all the Chaos? What if there was an energy of Chaos? An energy of darkness that causes men to feel darkly, anxious, that magnifies fear.

What if that same dark energy was the stuff of Creation? What if the reality matrix that you are led to believe in, the reality of particles, and mysterious phenomena, was simply, wrong? If you do not believe a humble piper, would you believe Einstein? You see, even Einstein was thrown in the trash of history, simply because of his belief in God. Ultimately, the closer physicists got to the matrix of the energy reality, the closer they got to seeing God, and they took a sharp turn away from Einstein towards the more lucrative pursuit of multi billion dollar atom smashers.

Theirs is a search for the magic Higgs, the God particle. A thing that gives spin and dark energy to the atomic structure of matter, without need for Einstein’s God. And there you see the essence of the Thing. That little something that extends the Mystery of God, by proving that He does not exist. A little something that gives motivation to the men Of the World, and ultimately destroys those In the World, though they cannot see it just yet. Those IN the world do not see the threat, only the Mystery, that it is just “one of those things”, since, all things are just one of God’s “mysteries”.

You see, it is said that for the faithful no proof of God is required, and for the unfaithful no proof is enough. But this is not the case on planet Earth. There are not simply faithful and faithless, there are those who love God, those who hate God, and those who are in the middle, not knowing which way to turn. The middle are the lukewarm, the agnostic, the church goers on Sunday that believe not in the Power of God. These have no faith or unfaith, but are merely caught in the prison of planet Earth, entertaining themselves with the shadows of reality, knowing that all things are mysteries and lies, and they seek The Truth.

But The Truth flees from them because The Truth was hidden, destroyed and burned in the pyres of religious zealots long ago. They cannot recognize that history causes the future, and the future is Now. The result of our history carries through till today in the Good Mystery and Bad Mystery of the zealots in religion and science. “My” mystery is good, and “Your” mystery is bad. This carries over into everything, not just religion, for everything is based in the fundamental principle of Mystery. Economics, politics, religion, even science, are full of Mystery. Nobody knows how anything works because the working of it is hidden in the complexity of men. The great middle is confused by the “…sea and the waves roaring”, this is the noise of Mammon. The noise of the Material Universe, and the confusion of life without the Knowledge of God and the Light.

The shadows overcome all things without the Knowledge of the Source of the shadows. The Holy Grail is the nexus between science and religion, the intersection, the joining of the shadows and the light. It is not just another unexplainable mystery story or bunch of pretty words, but the Source, written in the language of God, the language of His Universe, mathematics. A math so powerful that it proves God must exist, for all things to be and the nature of that reality. It is the joining of something ancient and something new, the works of Enoch and the math of Einstein. It is the bottom of the well of Knowledge, and the thing that destroys Mystery.

It is a thing that was thought to be destroyed by men, yet was preserved by God for this day and time. It is the ultimate meaning of the Revelation and the Dark day of the Lord. It is the lady of twelve stars in her crown, clothed in light of the Sun standing on the Moon, so that the Mystery of God is finished with a New Song. She is the conquering of Mystery with the power of Knowledge, the Einstein-Enoch Equation, the completion of Einsteins work, the Unified Field, the Theory of Everything, the 100% proof of God that overcomes the 99% godless particle of the God haters.

It is a spiritual relativity that lights the path of spiritual evolution. It lights the path to the Light of God, and the way to the stars. It is a thing that defines reality in terms of hyperspace, normal space, and subspace that scares the hell out of everyone that sees it. It is the Ultimate Truth because it shows the Source of the shadows on the wall in their full majesty and horror. It is met with the Way of Truth, which must be first ridiculed and then violently opposed.

But if you sit in wonder at these words, and your soul lights up in curiosity, then know you have His light within, and He draws you as the ancients said; like attracts like. If you are confused, know this, the abomination that makes desolate was sewn long ago in the true Temple of God, your mind. This was sewn by a Harlot that rides the Beast, spewing a blasphemy, as evil entered in her “unawares”, and her name is mystery, and it is the Dark Source of division and confusion. The only thing that overcomes darkness is by shining light, and once the power of fear and greed is seen as the Mystery power that controls your mind, through your heart, you become truly free. Once the power of darkness is seen, the Animal power of The Beast is seen as the power of coveting.

Once you accept the new reality matrix of the Grail, then you would see the Light as the Knowledge of the Primal Forces, and you would see, that Light is Love, and Love conquers all.

But the beginning of reason, for men and man, is God and money, the very water of life itself, the water that turns the wheel. It is the most misunderstood concept on the planet and should be taught from the 1st grade in the future. The concepts of money and economics. But if we are to conquer the cycles, we also have to conquer the soul, and that means to abandon materialism in favor of the purpose of life, Joy, the pursuit of happiness. This was a fundamental precept of The Idea, but it never achieved its ideal because of this misunderstanding of what ‘money’ is. Money is merely a Chip in the Game of Life. It has been many things, but gold and silver were perfect, with one horrible exception, they were not consistently available to mirror the levels of commerce nor commonly accessible by common men without paying rent to the owners of capital. They are ‘dear’, and they are hoarded and bad money always drives out good money. The sad part is, the proponents of the Rule of Gold, wish us all to believe that money should be in ‘short’ supply in order to retain its ‘value’. They want us to believe it, because that is how they make their living, by renting it to you.

If we understood, that money merely reflects the value of a human’s labor or goods, then we would ‘get it’. It could end up being poker chips and would be just as good as dollar bills, as long as, and this is the key; It matches the value of human labor and productivity and consumption, EXACTLY, and can be created freely out of the value of productivity or consumption. When money becomes ‘free’, then you can have Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

But do not confuse the concept of free money, with cheap money. Cheap money is Rule of Gold money, regardless of whether it is fiat currency or gold coins. Under their system it is ‘owned’, or the right to issue it out of thin air is given to the banks. If money was not owned by a few men, but by everybody as a right, then there would be no need to rent it. Under a free money system, there is no ownership of the money, no rent to be paid, no debts incurred. No, we would have to take the reigns of control from the Owners of ‘capital’, and return full circle to a system that enforces the issuance of money as a right of free men.

This must become a fundamental tenant of The Game. This is impossible under any centralized, political fiat or commodity monetary scheme. Such schemes always end in disaster because of centralization and differentiation between the ownership of the right to issue ‘credit’ and ‘money’.  Centralized credit controls markets, and centralized money controls people. When money is based in debt, the debts must increase continually or the debt holder cannot be paid his interest. This the trap we are now in. If the red Caesar ‘fixes’ it, it collapses in deflation due to lack of money. If the blue Caesar continues printing with the aid of the Court Jester Bernanke, it collapses in a hyperinflationary blow-off.

The middle ground is gone, and the bankers have quit lending to avoid risk, while parking their funds in the Fed. The Idea is dead, because it is being starved of credit. And neither the blue or the red Caesar mentions The Problem, only the symptoms and focusing blame away from themselves. This should be our biggest clue, that the System of the money changers will win, no matter which scenario brings down the edifice, because under both scenarios, their end game is usually war. Reset. And the Phoenix rises from the ashes as the head of gold always does, to take control in another form. Symbols are important, if you want to understand larger concepts because a picture is worth a thousand words… Babylon the Great is falling, and only the merchants of the Earth can see it, while the sea and the waves roar in confusion.

The first hundred years of America were so expansive and productive because of the westward expansion, the industrial revolution, coal and decentralized private money driving the Game. But this caused its own problems, the same problem as today because of greedy rich men overstepping their boundaries, impacting society at large. This led to gold panics, when there was more paper issued than there was gold to back it. Gold is not the panacea some see it as, it never was, it was a scam of the rich guys, using something every body loved. These 19th century events were called Panic’s, and led to the mind set that created the centralized bank known as the Federal Reserve. The Income tax was created along with it, in order to create money backed by debt, and gave the government a more consistent income stream to pay the interest on the Treasury Bonds. The debt, that backed the fiat currency.

Then came Oil, as the driver for the Great Moderation of the 20th Century, this produced the greatest of bubbles; technology. The 80’s-90’s prosperity bubble was not about Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton, but Paul Volcker, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Presidents can’t really drive modern economies up without a lot of help, FDR proved that, but they can destroy them all by themselves. Federalism, and centralization of money, are the destroyers of the Idea, but it took science to take away faith and socialism to destroy morality. It took good men compromising with evil, trusting The “Best system on Earth”, and then apathy and materialism won the day. We laid down on the altar of Liberty and took a nap, foregoing our first commission; Eternal Vigilance.

Thus the Idea itself became mired in the slime of confusion and mystery of ignorance, and as Hosea said; “our people are destroyed through a lack of knowledge”. Its all very Biblical, if you see that Ideas have power, then you see that old ideas must give way to new. And that is what we need, a new Idea, so that we can exit the cradle of civilization, because there are no more frontiers on planet Earth. We must either expand outward, or continue in the cycles of civilizations without the grease of oil, and that portends a future much like the past; nasty, brutish and short. And in the Bible itself it says that this is so, if you see the symbols and not the dots and tittles, that we must go to the New Heavens and the New Earth, for one day the Earth itself is destroyed in fire. Either we conquer mystery with knowledge, or we die as a civilized race.

What killed the Idea?

I haven’t a clue…

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  1. Karren says:

    My soul is blessed. . I’ll be back


  2. Tony says:

    What killed the Idea? I think you answered it above; greed. If you base an economy on the light ie love then there is no use for money as nothing will have a value, but would be given and shared in love to one another ( As we read in act the first church held all things in common). But that would require all to walk in the light which will only occur when Christ returns to set up his kingdom.


    • God Bless you Tony,
      We used to believe as you brother, until The Light came. The Light said for me to abandon the ways of the Churches and their mysteries, and to become a witness against them, for their time is almost fulfilled.
      When you read Enoch, you see that The Light comes to Earth, as an energy event, an ascension of energies and merging of those on Earth with those in heaven, a Pentecost event. Without human bodies on Earth, there will be no ‘event’, no Remnant, no “pounding our swords into plowshares”. The spirit is moving to create a Temple of God, where the true temple is, in your minds. By conquering the MYSTERY of the Churches, with the Knowledge of God. This is the revelation of the lady of 12 stars in her crown, clothed in the light of the Sun while standing on the Moon.

      Is the Orthodox 2nd coming, the 4th Advent of the Christ Spirit of the Gnostics? 95% of the Lords teachings were destroyed by Rome, and replaced by the doctrines of Paul, a message ABOUT Christ instead of the message OF Christ. You wonder why the Preacher men argue over The Word? Does God author confusion, or men? Paul never studied with Christ, yet Christ’s private teachings were destroyed in favor of Paul’s private correspondence, and this non-universal redemption is taught as The Word of God? While the Christ’s message was about Universal Redemption through love… This cannot be reconciled and all the other messages of the Orthodox since, are the Voice of Mystery from the Mother of Harlots that rides the materialistic Babylon System of the evil powers of the money changers and politicians that run the world. This will turn into a multiheaded Beast system when the two legged Babylon system burns, the black horse fails in global money failure. Thus the Piper is called to play a New Song in the wilderness, to show a Remnant with “eyes that see”, to find a place outside of the System, and hide. The Grail is the Knowledge of God, that unifies through the knowledge of the Light and the Dark.

      Thus The Piper plays a New Song,
      that the Chorus may sing,
      and the People dance,
      so the forests will echo with laughter.


      • Tony says:

        I do not know what the teachings of gnostics are, or what was destroyed was the truth and was replaced with false teaching or if it is the other way around. But it seems to me that an all powerfull God would give us exactly the scripture that we need in the bible even though you say it was mans determination for its compilation, you do not take into account the hand of God in mans affairs. Did not Apostle Paul go to Jerusalem and talk to the Apostles and establish credability of his teachings. Many questions your articles raise they are themselves veiled in mystery. I am but a simpleton.



        • Tony,
          God bless you.
          You must learn from the beginning…
          You say I do not understand God’s dealings in the affairs of men? Then why, after the Catholics destroyed the books and murdered the Heretics, did God preserve the works of the Heretics to be discovered in this time? If God, gave us the scriptures we deserved, why do preachers argue about the dots and tittles, divided doctrines, and split into denominations, and fight wars in the ‘name of God’… Does God author confusion? or men… this is the result of MYSTERY, what is the name of the mother of harlots? If she is the mother, then who are the children? Revelations is a ‘message to the churches’ and the condemnation of the churches, you need to study more in the way of theology, symbols and the basic tenants and doctrines, that cause it. If you do not understand the Gnosis, then ask why the Church removed 95% of the teachings of Jesus, called HIS TEACHING, HERETICAL and replaced them with Paul, a man who never studied with Him… who gave a message ABOUT Jesus, in conflict with His Message. A message that gives the churches a sanction of sin, and the failure of their primary mission; morality and fighting spiritual wickedness. They have failed, they are divided, they are filled with lukewarm hypocrites and evil stalks their halls, their time is almost up.

          If you do not understand anything I say, then your mind is like most, in love with your mystery and can see no other, I am merely a witness against the MYSTERY. If you think what we say is mysterious, then you have not read from the beginning post. If you do not understand the Grail, then you do not have eyes to see, and you may enjoy your mysteries with our blessing, for that is the message, Spiritual Relativity is the Love in the Light, that there are many paths to God but only one Way. Love.

          We are not here to argue the status quo with you, we do not argue period. If you do not see the status quo of all the institutions of the world as broken, then we can not change your mind, for you do not have eyes that see. If you wish to inquire, and discuss, where you do not understand, then we are here for you and hopefully I can learn from you and you from me. That is what the Lord taught in the Gnosis, the way of discourse, truth is found in the discourse, not the sermons of hypocrites continually regurgitating old tired doctrines of men from a wonderful yet divided and broken book, a book that needs to be restored, rejoined with the Gnosis it was written from. If you wish to ridicule, then know that that is the first stop on the way of truth, and you will be ignored from here on in.

          Paul’s teachings, were abhorrent to the church in Jerusalem.
          The Catholics, murdered the Church in Jerusalem.
          And burned the Library of Alexandria, 10,000 years of accumulated knowledge. They set mankind back a thousand years, and they are the sword the Lord warned us of… for He said He came not to bring peace, but a sword. The question is, who wielded that sword?


      • Hans says:

        From a slightly different perspective …

        “And it’s whispered that soon if we all call the tune
        Then the piper will lead us to reason
        And a new day will dawn for those who stand long
        And the forests will echo with laughter”
        (Stairway … Led.Zep.)

        I’m wandering through your posts to trigger a memory of our interaction in the 1980’s
        Cheers, Hans


        • One of my favorite songs…
          I’m surprised to see you here.
          Just the ravings of a madman…
          or am I sane in a society gone mad?


          • Hans says:

            Society is definitely ‘mad’ on multiple levels of meaning, and I’ve contributed my share to that madness.

            I’ve been traveling different paths over the last few years … sometimes concurrently and with inconsistency or apparent contradiction. Truth hides in strange places.

            I’m curious about your reasons for the specific punctuation in your comment on NCRenegade … e.g. capitalization of THE, single quote on old ‘friend’ …and the attribution of fame, where most would refer to my existence as infamy.

            So far, my exploration of your writing has triggered profound admiration and respect, but has not resulted in a single clue as to your identity.

            I sent a note to the email “bagpiper” in your Gravatar moniker. Let me repeat my invitation – would you care to meet and re-connect?

            At a minimum, I would like to know who you are, or were, if these are different things.

            I can be reached at 42N81 at NC dot RR dot COM (cheap reference to Creedance)


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