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From this condition after ‘stroking out ‘ and falling into  a propane fired wall heating system in the middle of winter, well the ‘stroke’ was merely a symptom, misdiagnosed lung cancer that had metaticized into the brain leaving 17 ‘lesions/tumors’… causing my balance to to gradually deteriorate to the life threatening stage.  The closest VA hospital was 140 miles away, and the quickest they could ‘evaluate me’ was in 6 months… well within the limits of the so called VA Choice system, so they committed me to a local civilian trauma center…. and then quickly commenced to forcing piles of paperwork on this fine hospital who took me in with just a VA Id card. The VA issued an “authorization code” to commence procedures, and then commenced to slicing and dicing the invoices from the hospital so they wouldn’t get paid fully if at all. You know how things slip through the cracks, right? So, the VA has imposed THOUSANDS of dollars in direct payments over time to this hospital (who shall remain nameless, don’t want to get sued,,,,)

Your humble piper found himself in a civilian ICU, this poor guy below, got direct service… I’ll take the payments in the ass,  just by the fact that I KNOW I’m still living on this side of the grass… after 6 months of radiation and chemo-therapies, started the next day…. after they pronounced me “non transportable”(I have other neuro problems, which the VA was mistreating with pain meds… which I got addicted to, and then just realized what was happening…. and quit cold turkey.  (Not recommended.)


“This is my brother Tony Mims laying in the concrete floor in the VA hospital in Murfreesboro. The “Doctor” wasn’t sure if  he was sick enough to be admitted. No the sickness was in the white suit, myself, having interacted with these white suits calling themselves ‘doctors’. Since we now know that the VA is hiring non qualified doctors who have had their licensees pulled, just to fill slots(who the hell would want to work for the VA?)

(per his sister…)This man laid on the concrete floor for 8 hours, as we tried to get him put in a bed. This man cannot even walk.
He served this country and in turn is taken care of by a system, but notice that nice wrist band? They had enough time to hook him up to the billing/tracking system, I bet you thought VA benefits were free? Nah, only if you’re broke, otherwise every visit requires you to enter insurance information, which they compare with the IRS, they DO collect insurance payments. I’ll bet most of you didn’t  know, that most Korean war vets don’t get ANY VA benefits…. I know this for a fact because I know a few, met them down at the local civilian doctors office. I’ll bet nobody told Mr. TRUMP this when he’s up there making speeches somebody else wrote for him AND while ‘anti Trump’ Federal Employees literally call him and us, ugly names… We Vets are the “Prancing Peacocks”,  Mr. Trump mostly “carrot top, Mr. Impeachable, I’ve lost track.

But the good news is,  there are decent and caring people within that organization, somebody just needs to do an audit, a character/qualifications audit. …  oh, and a prayer might help. This new guy Mr. Trump put in charge, well, looks like just another bureaucratic clown… we shall see. Otherwise this entire post should be renamed:



Negligent homicide has gone on for too long at this ‘institution, an institution being guarded by senators protecting pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, etc, etc. There are also other congressmen telling the truth. That the VA is hiring non qualified persons. I saw hints of this when I was forced to go to the Oncology clinic 140 MILES AWAY, in the snow avoiding three crashes.  If I gave you names and details, then, the VA would pull every benefit I have left, including the good things they manage, like my chemo drugs, (which I think my nurse practitioner is responsible for sneaking under the doctors nose (a ‘doctor’ I haven’t seen in 4 years????). She has always seemed to care about her patients. But tell me what you think when you see the ‘doctor’, and he doesn’t have anything sewed on his white costume, no name, no MD, no specialty, no unit, nothing, nada, and he gave me a geneic hospital business card without his name on it…   hmm, what I was warned of….

But when a guy immolated himself in front of a VA hospital/clinic about this same time period,  nobody cared except 1 person I saw on FOX news, who you could tell, somehow forced this one line story without pictures or video (naturally…) the look on his faced was haunted…. everybody else I heard or talk to just shrugged their shoulders….


What caused this great country  to sink so low, that all the patriotism it can manage is a hotdog on memorial day and fireworks on the 4th of July,,, symbols in a land that degenerates daily and the young, laugh and party on.

Well, to all of you without heart or soul…. karma is  a bitch.

































































in a civilian hospital… after th











Thunderstorm   STOP







e VA put me here because they didn’t have room in thesolutely sure that this was a mercy handed down by Creator for teaching purposes. Maybe because this is my third NDE (Near Death Experience. Maybe its )

What does it feel like to DIE? For everyone its different of course. But in my case I was given the blessing of witnessing the Intermediate stages of fully conscience to floating up towards a fully circular spinning rainbow, what some animal vets tell their clients is “The Rainbow bridge. ” It exists, but not as a bridge, think, it is the main interface/connection between the Aethereal reality and the two nonmateral ‘layers’ of opposing energy levels perched above and below ‘ethereal reality ‘ as we know it. Reality as we know it is merely interactive inter-opposing energy fields of opposite types running in the opposite direction. With chaotic entanglements and embedded universal conscienceless.

When I ‘died’, I saw the shapes of entities walking around the hospital, many entities, lost, unsure of what to do, where to go, where they belong now… many were simply scared out of their wits thinking they were in hell or on their way. Which I saw was true, but hell, it was also pointed out, was a definite choice to be made because ‘hell’ had many levels of learning. I also saw many working on hell or rather the Door to Hades. In truth, most were in a place called LIMBO, wandering in the gray foggy area between the Holy Light and the Lake of fire (Archas, the Great Consumer of all light in the universe. (Read Enoch Book of Secrets, Chap 26-28). What the Babylonian priests did to the definitions of the ‘managers’ of the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, when they invented Catholicism, and turned good into evil and evil into good. What they sought, was power and control for themselves and their new emperor; Constantine,… who demanded it.

When my legs were dangling from the edge of the grave my perspective widened to observe, internals, many ‘entities’ were nothing more than magnetic fields, inside, empty of spirit, or chaotic, keeping them here looking. Others had seen the great Holy Light and were drawn to it, gone, poof. I sensed I was given the Choice to stay and go through the misery of material life for some time longer because there was work I had to finish, including this tome that wears me down having to write, rewrite, erase, rewrite, ad infinitum….

At the bottom of this extravaganza of souls searching, was a Door being worked by many hands, and many simply walked in and disappeared.  The thought was given to me “The Bottomless pit will allow YOU to exit for your light will allow you to push your way to the Light. The Light is where LIFE in the Universe proceeds from the Temple of the Light, also called The Trinity, The Barbelo, Father -Mother – SON. This in reality is the Actual Root of the construction of life through the DNA helix, also called the Medicine Wheel by native tribes, it is the Root of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil also called the Tree of Life.

When you fall into death there is an indeterminate time of chaos in the mind as the three components of the human material, mind/soul, spirit begin to be without ‘consciousnesses’ you get to travel around looking in this fog of semiconscious awareness ‘waiting’ and be met and guided and consoled  and then, depending on you, pushed back into the Universal Central Nexus where a new soul will automatically attach itself from your old soul/spirit onto a new few being formed that will only attach itself to you. This is the Infinity Nexus controlled by entities known as The Archons (who were renamed devils by mens new churches, to be used for control of the population by fear. These are pictures of Egyption ‘Gods’, helpers, spawn of Pistis Sophia/Isis, a minor ‘god’ on the Tree of Life, who was one of the Elohim…. (Who can know?)

At the end of this vision I collapsed into days of blessed sleep, with the knowledge that Man is of three, just like everything else in this universe… spirit/Barbelo initiates Spirit, which is injected into the material life Infinity Pattern Combination energy nexus where your ‘pattern’ automatically attaches to your seed/mother/twin, or, something goes wrong and you are recycled. But regardless, there is life eternal, and judgement is like a spanking.

Consciousnesses cannot exist without a brain organizing the Universal Flow of entangled energy flow manifesting in captured fields like a movie camera sticking long enough to form a basis of memory, so it takes a constant flow of energy to keep a soul connected to its spirit and its brain/body simultaneously.

About Piper Michael

Originating soul of the Unified Field of God, given as a gift of God to a humble Piper. A man who searched the garbage dumps of science and religion for 40 years, in the search for absolute truth. The Einstein-Enoch Equation is the result of the Quest for the Holy Grail.
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