the attack of The Preacher men

Conversation, the attack of The Preacher men.
These comments and commentary are brought into the Light, so that the People may see. This is a conversation with two self styled ‘preachers’ who know everything because they are TRAINED in The Word. This is a mild example of typical response to The Grail. We have had our life threatened by these “Men of God”.

Response, to the state of the world.
Understand, there is no ‘left’ or ‘right’… they are the Illusion, populated by ‘useful idiots’.(Many well meaning people.) Who argue the THESIS and ANTITHESIS and thus arrive at the SYNTHESIS.
The Synthesis is the ‘compromise’ that was intended all along by the money men behind the curtain. The rest is Kabuki theater to keep you arguing and divided. This is best proven by looking at their ‘fruits’… has anything bad ever, EVER been repealed? Did the ‘right’ stab you in the back as bad as the ‘left’? (Patriot act ring a bell? But then, fear is a powerful weapon. Keeping you in fear while they ramp up the size and reach of their ultimate control over you. Haves vs Havenots, is the ONLY Game on Earth. )

This was predicted long ago.. but preachers cannot grasp the full meaning of the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, as always things of scripture and spirit are on many levels, ironic how that works, if you pay attention.

Babylon’s greatest invention was the Triune System… a system designed for the Elites, the House, to win in the Game of Life.

First you had the money changers who operated out of the Temple of the Sun god. They invented fixed debt contracts. Knowing something would happen to a significant fraction of lendees that would deliver their lands to the money changers(crop failure being prime). Then those contracts were backed up by the King’s Law and his force of arms. The people were kept in submission by the Priests, so the people would submit themselves to “Godly authority”. Sound familiar?

It should, it was written into the Roman Canon, and then the KJV… This was not Christ, this was Babylon and it Mystery religion’s influence on the Orthodoxy. (Believe whatever you want. But learn how it was all put together before you jump on me…)

Thus, Israel was conquered by debt first, and then by the sword. This is partly why John Adams said a country can be conquered by debt or the sword…

Now we come down to our time, and guess what? We are DIVIDED on the two legs of LEFT and RIGHT, and the toes like Iron and Clay. Divided by rich man’s ideologies and the MYSTERY doctrines that people love to argue about. As long as they have you arguing, you ain’t paying attention to the HEAD of GOLD that makes the Rule of Gold; Whereby; He who has the Gold, makes the rules.

You LOVE gold, or money, thus, you are defeated by the root of evil, the LOVE of money. You will accept any line of bullshit that keeps you making more money, or even hints that things will ‘get better’. You cannot accept that the debt money is going to destroy you.

But you know why the politico’s aren’t worried about the debt? Because they know they’re not going to pay it back in ‘real’ money… No. The Two legged system of the statue, is going to morph into the global Beast of ten horns. The Ten horns are Shofars, not nations, the preachers can’t get that right because they would have to acknowledge they are part of the problem, the Harlot that rides the Beast speaking ‘mysteries’ in Babylon. They love The System and materialism as much as you, and gain tax breaks to help keep you in submission to “righteous authority”.

The only question you have to ask is; where is righteousness?
The only way to tear down the statue of the Rule of Gold, is with the Golden rule.
The only way that happens, is if the entire system is GONE. We must simply not allow the Phoenix to rise from the ashes and reassert its rules. This is the final battle. The Lords battle with the money changers must become the final war.

Rev. Ike says:
October 27, 2012 at 10:11 pm

Bull crap! There is no Left or Right. Tell that to the poeple of North Korea or Cuba. You’ve fallen for GRU propaganda. Anyone who believes this is a mother!&%$#@!!! MORON. Stop misleading people!

The greatest lie The Devil ever told was that he does not exist.

Rev. Ike says:
October 27, 2012 at 10:58 pm

My God man, what kind of mushrooms are you eating to come up with this nonsense? The garbage you are spouting is not even Theology and flys in the face of 2,000 years of Christian practice.
Sadly untrained “Biblical Experts” such as yourself always seem to find a following of a few folks.

Can anybody say “Jim Jones”?

Angelo Mysteriouso says:
October 27, 2012 at 11:50 pm

Sounds alot like New Agers stuf. Mixed with agnostic heritic stuf. From what seems to be a “watcher” is it he calls himself?…More like self apointed prophet.aka wolfs in sheeps cloths eh.

Piper Michael says:
October 28, 2012 at 8:08 am

Sorry Rev Ike.
I renounced your Catholic and Protestant nonsense.
Based upon the Lies of Rome and their Babylon MYSTERY religion. Revelations is all about YOU GUYS.

You PREACHER MEN are the ones who fouled it all up, with competing doctrines in conflict, and promoting a War god against a Loving God. You destroyed the writings of Jesus and called them ‘HERETIC’. You destroyed the HERETICS, and now your time of the MYSTERY of God is finished. The Piper has delivered the Sword of Truth, in the Holy Grail that proves the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The GNOSIS lives again.

YOU say there is no left or right? You are the ones keeping the paradigm of Babylon in place.
You are the ones keeping the Illusion alive.
You are the ones taking your 30 pieces of silver from Caesar to keep the game going.
You are the ones who worship MAMMON.
YOu are the HARLOT that Rides the Beast of the 10 Shofars. (The Ten Tribes of the Evil white man’s leadership, and yes, I am white.)
You are the ones who have 2000 years of the Roman Abomination that makes the people desolate, that was set up in the true temple of God, our minds.
You are the ones who go to war in “the name of God”.
You are the ones who destroyed and murdered the Heretics, the Libraries, the books, and the Knowledge of ten thousand years, because of politics and MYSTERY.

Jesus’s teachings are found in the hidden and ‘Forbidden’ works, but your ‘fathers’ were too intent on setting up a mind control church to keep the Triune Babylon System going.
Yes, I understand you disagree, of course you do. If you were trained in a seminary they took your mind away from the spiritual and into the material narrative.

Your system is going to go down the drain, including the Churches. Let the true Temple of God come forth from the ashes.

Keep supporting those politicians and bankers now, ya hear?

I am; The Revenge of the Heretics
pipermichael dot wordpress dot com

Piper Michael says:
October 28, 2012 at 8:40 am

@Rev Ike and Angelo;
We love you, but you’re both wrong, brainwashed by your 2000 years of MYSTERIES. You spit on ‘new agey’ stuff of spirit? I spit on MYSTERY.

No ‘prophet’ here.
Just a humble Piper, playing a new song of a Vision given by the Holy Spirit. Yes, the Piper saw the Light.
I play a new song, that is the oldest song.
A song you destroyed, and pronounced yourselves and your broken and divided book, God.
A book that delivered ‘doctrines of devils’.
We know you by your ‘fruit’ of war, divisions, denominations, murder, genocide, and arguing over mysterious dots and tittles for 2000 years.
Don’t deny it, don’t say its “just ancient history”, because history creates the future, and the future, is NOW!

The lady of 12 stars in her crown, clothed in the light of the Sun, while standing on the Moon. Is delivered in a NEW SONG to the twelve tribes, and the MYSTERY of God is finished…

The Universe is about Cause and Effect, not; Crime and Punishment. I advise you both to pull your nose out of the bible long enough to learn something of The Light.
Read the Apocryphon of the Piper.
The Beginning has begun.
The Piper is a Magi for The Christ spirit. Would you like my address so you can come burn me at the stake? That is what you do, isn’t it?

Piper Michael says:
October 28, 2012 at 9:29 am

Sorry Rev Ike,
Again I must respond to your emotional rant.
Thank the Creator I am untrained. Thank the spirit for the Gift of the Grail.
For I am a witness against your doctrines of Rome, doctrines of hate, doctrines of Money.
You say I am ‘Jim Jones’? When you have the power of Darkness living in your churches, dividing the people and keeping them apathetic and complacent to the evil that says you will now submit to the righteous authority that is against God? That people must pay for abortions and the hedonist lifestyles?

You sit on your keyboard and whine, but do nothing about this evil that takes the country into the drain? Where are your churches? Why are they not in the street? I see only a few recently who have stood up to the IRS, are you one of those mighty men of God?

You see, I care nothing for your doctrines, only for The Way of Christ. Which is virtually identical to the Way of the Buddha. But you guys killed it, and wrapped it up in mens religions, so you fail to look inward for answers.

Your answers have already ridden, and you are the riders of the horses of the apocalypse.
You are the rider of the White horse, given a crown that went forth conquering and to conquer in the name of God, the Holy Roman Empire. That killed the saints.
You are the rider of the red horse, of the Kings and Nobles that came afterword, that caused blood to flow in rivers.
You are the rider of the black horse of the scales of democracy, that dies in the money failure of greed and avarice, that causes famine and death.

You are the ten toes divided as Iron and Clay by the Mystery religions, on the left and right legs of parties, a house divided.

You are the ten virgins of the good people too, who must trim their wicks, fill their lamps, and hide, for something wicked this way comes.

You are the Harlot named MYSTERY and BABYLON, that rides the Beast of 10 Shofars of the evil leaders of the tribes that control the governments.

You will see the rider of the green horse (the translators got it wrong, in the greek it was a green horse, not a pale horse… sorry, but the curse applies to the church already. That’s my job, to witness against you. )

The Dark days of madness and Earth change comes in the Galaxies edge, and the Green horse of Islam will come with death and hell that follows it, for they are the only religion that worships death, the animal, a beast. You will merge with the beast, to become the Global BEAST of ten horns, when the money dies, and the famine comes, and the ignorant people demand it.

You either drop your differences of doctrines, and come to The Light, and go into the wilderness(to leave the System) or you will … willingly die.

The Father knows, only a very few will hear the song of Life, and not the song of death. The message of death, is given by The Preachers, that you must give up the head or the soul, when the time of the New Money comes. Know, there is another way, for He knows, all war is deception.

3 Responses to the attack of The Preacher men

  1. Skye Dauber says:

    I actually value this article. I’ve been seeking all more than for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve built my evening! Thank you yet again


  2. Rea Gillan says:

    I’d need to look at with you here. Which isn’t anything I typically do! I get enjoyment from reading a publish that may make individuals believe. Furthermore, thanks for permitting me to remark!


  3. Knowledge is gained by the Discourse between us. No one individual has all truth. Your disagreement is welcome, as long as you don’t bring religious MYSTERY doctrines of imposed stupidity into the mix and say we are all merely imperfect humans that cannot understand the Creation.

    May The Force be with you.


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