The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (The Hypostasis)

The Tree of Life, of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
(or The Hypostasis of the Hyper-cosmogony)

(The following image is incomplete, to be updated as time allows. There are some known and unknown things missing. That is fine for now, it is complete enough to communicate the Idea of the Powers of the Images and Patterns of Design carried out by The Intelligent Designer. A full write up of the cosmic story line will come later as well. For those interested the Enoch II, Pistis Sophia and the Apocryphon of John are good starting places. We summarize this in The Gnostic cosmogony. )

The Powers of the Creation of Life

What makes a human being? Where does consciousness come from? Why are we smarter than animals? Is the leap between animal and human, a simple step up on the evolutionary staircase or something greater?  Is the secret to humanity simply a matter of random particles or biological programming? If so, then who, or what, wrote that program? Because one thing the atheists and believers in God agree on, is that there is that common mystery, that, DNA could not have been a random outcome. Whether it was an ‘event’ or a process of evolutionary breakthrough, the complexity present in the DNA molecule, the molecule of life, abhors any suggestion of ‘randomness’.  But, then, if it isn’t a random outcome of evolution, and the ‘creation model’ of the ‘standard’ religionists is, quite frankly, a nice fairy tale for the child, then there must be an ‘intelligent designer’ that designed evolution itself. This is one of the lost secrets of the ancients, confused and misunderstood, burned and forbidden by the church, the secret to life that was made into an evil thing. It was a thing hidden in myth, symbols and allegory, and this was because things of spirit are scary to the fearful. Things that were of philosophy, were called witchcraft and sorcery.


The above diagram is a combination of the Grail and the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It is also missing details, indicative of the fragmented nature of the knowledge of the ancients as it comes down to us, and, as it was known to them probably. Notice the tree in the middle, divided by the sword. This is the sword of truth, that reveals the necessary balance of the energies between the light and the dark forces.  If we had an intelligent designer, then He must begin by creating the  substance of creation, the material of construction, and that material(as The Grail proves) is Energy. In our case, two energies that work together to cause a dynamic flow of  energy. This is because energy, in order to be useful, must be flowing, or dynamic, like a waterfall that turns a wheel.

But in this Universe, the Great Designer, also had to have a design pattern that the energies would follow, and it appears, the Pattern Itself, would be effected over great periods of Time. In such great expanses of space and time, it is also obvious from the ancients, that life and joy, being the purpose of the Universe, would be the potential of trillions upon trillions of worlds. So we must ask our self, even if we were godly, would we not want some help? If, as Enoch said, we created in order to alleviate our loneliness, would we not want time to enjoy our creation? So if time to enjoy our creation and our created, is our first love, our purpose and our joy, then, the first thing we must create, is the functions of time. This is exactly what Enoch wrote, the first created being, was the Son; A Great Age… the Root and Foundation of Life within Time. So any hyper cosmogony of life genesis, must begin with Time. If evolution is the goal, then this is a direct function of increasing complexity over TIME.  A pattern of increasing complexity, with feedback loops, for self adaptation to the environment, that will manifest the Design Pattern over time.  The Ultimate Design Pattern being; the increase of the Sons of God for the Father’s Ultimate Joy. This design pattern was referred to by the ancient Gnostics as; The Treasury of Light.

If you look at the ancient Ophite drawing above(given to us via the writings of Origen, a ‘church father’), you’ll see the Diaphragm, a diaphragm breathes in and out. This diaphragm is a geometric pattern, as would be a prism, (the Flower of life perhaps?)… This is the Pistis Sophia Aeon of Light, (the Goddess of Wisdom and Love) that  Jesus taught about ‘privately’. She contains the pattern of material human life and mind, consciousness and conscience, your ‘connection’ to the Light and God. Manifested into the magnetic hardness of reality by the spiritual geometry of the overlapping waves of influences, the flower of life crystal geometry being the Aether or The Waters, that combine with the waves of Pi, that result in the DNA pattern of the Medicine Wheel.  The pattern of life is based on love and the ‘Nature of Wisdom’, which is given hardness by the Leviathan of Dark energy( whose name is The Archa of Enoch, the Imp of Darkness, the true ‘devil’. This is the Father of the Dark lower things, The Archons. Which is the negative side of man, because of the animal basis of the dark soul. So mans reality, the power that gives him life, also gives him something to struggle against. ).

Further examination and thought reveals that the Pistis Sophia, having created life on her own, created a defective form of life, an animalistic form that is darkness, having no connection to spirit. Thus she created one form of life based on the material Universe, without compassion love or wisdom. To create the highest form required something from all the Aeons of Light, they contain the rest of the pattern. The ancient stories say that this was the creation of the Hylic race, or the dark race of men. They have no empathy, no love of others, only self ego driven animalistic tendencies. Today we call these people; sociopaths, or psychopaths, for they are incapable of feeling anything but self gratification of their animal ego. These are the ‘serpent seed’, the sons of Cain, the offspring of the rape of Eve by the Gods of Darkness, the Archons. The other races of men came from Adam, as the sons of Seth, the first Psychic man of the twelve powers of the light. Then, over time, came the Mixed race, the Souls or Pneumatic race. The souls of man are made of dark energy, which captures the light. But, these souls are, as the Native indians say, are of The Animal. Is spirit light energy combined with dark animal energy to form a man?

Is this is why men are both good and evil, and partly good and evil?  We have no control over our base emotions and ego, because they are programmed into us through our dark souls, but we can control them through knowledge and wisdom. This is the essence of the ancients battle with the Animal Within, between the spirit and the soul, this is the Hypostasis, or, our greater reality. It is also the reason why people of faith, have faith, for they have the stronger connection to the holy spirit of God within them. This is the Seal of God in their foreheads or the True Temple of God, which is in their minds. This does not mean that atheists do not, in fact, there are many nonbelievers who are good people, they are merely overcome by the insanity of this world, our reality, and the confusion sewn by the Authorities. A confusion which is designed to KEEP you in darkness.

The meaning of time;
Hypostasis means The Reality, the hyper-cosmogony has the root meaning of this in the definition of time. Hyper or ‘spirit’ time is not ‘normal’ time, which is relative time, so hyper-time is ‘outside’ of  Time. So first we must understand what we mean by Relative time.

Relative time came to us from the work of Einstein in his Special Relativity. This is the concept that time and space is all relative to the speed of Light in a vacuum. This speed is determined in the Grail as the limiting or impeding power of the dark energy Aether, or the Znidarsic Impedance of the dark energy aether, the Zimp. (It is named after Frank Znidarsic, a man who rejects his own contribution to the Grail, because of its final proof, he hates God and religion.)  The Zimp is what enables and limits the waves of light to travel through the Universe at a maximum speed of C, 186,000 miles per second. The truest concept of special relativity is the relationship between light and matter, where time is all variable or relative to all other matter when measured against the anchor of light. The Aether is best seen as the surface of the pond of reality, where the waves of light travel upon it.

Thus a single wave of light emitted from a star, travels to our eye at the speed of light. Now, for the wave, almost no time has elapsed from point of emission to the point of reception, from the star to your eye. But, our minds ‘know’, that it could have taken hundreds to millions or even billions of years for that single wave of light to be seen by our eye or a telescope. Experiments have proven special relativity, and the fact that time slows down as the speed of travel goes faster. This has been measured using atomic clocks and jets traveling at high speed both east and west, and there is a difference measured against clocks that stand still on the ground. So this Proves that Einstein was right about time. What does this imply about hyper time? Does time go backwards if you exceed the speed of light as some have said? If so then this would violate the tenants of reality itself, and is another one of those ‘mysteries’ we speak of, this one is called a ‘paradox’.

But, there is no paradox possible, because to move faster than light is impossible without a warpage of space-time itself, which cancels the paradox. Also, we think time must behave consistently, that is, if time slows down as you go faster, then, time is becoming compressed, shortened in your ‘frame of reference’ or, only aboard your spaceship. So it logically follows, that if time is compressed above light speed, then it doesn’t run backwards, it simply becomes more compressed, and, becomes a thing of ancient scriptures. What? Yes, time compression into hyper space which is ‘spirit space’, means, that time becomes more God like, where, time with God is “a thousand years is as a day, and a day is as a thousand years”. Thus, all times, present, past and future, are seen simultaneously within hyperspace, or, the higher spirit realms. Entities that inhabit this realm do not live in the ‘here and now’, they live in the ‘then and when’.  This also gives rise to the mechanisms for Karma, Quantum Entanglement, and collective consciousness, but also, the Design patterns of the future.

The Aetherial Physics of God overcomes the laws of Man;
The Laws of Physics of the Universe are called laws because that is the limit of our current knowledge, not necessarily the True Laws. The Grail shows that the Universe is the Effect of a Cause, a Hyper Causal force called the God Tangent, the ‘Left handed force’, or the ‘Invisible spirit’ of the Gnostics (The Tao of ‘nothing’ and The Brahma force of ‘Cycles’, comes to us via the eastern philosophies). Within this Causal spin force is a secret, it was given to the Piper as the Entanglement of the Infinities. This is manifested in space time as Quantum Entanglement, something in science that proves all things are connected as One at a fundamentally hyper level of reality that can be seen and measured. It is hyper because it happens faster than light speed, so it must be faster than light.. But the Cause of this would violate the scientists search for their God particle, because this underlying entanglement is hyper, or faster than light, and terribly inconvenient. What this ‘mysterious phenomena’ shows us is that the Universe is more One connected thing, rather than the Great nothing of the standard model and disconnected particles of the physicists. These outliers of observation do not fit the Model, thus these guys continue the path of baby steps towards proving that God does not exist, by trying to prove things that violate their first laws of physics, Cause and Effect being one of their Highest laws. They cannot see the forest for the trees when they refuse to adjust their theories to fit their own observations.

If the God Tangent and its resulting calculus are understood properly, it is the concept of the idea of entanglement of the waves that is the most important for the final purpose of Creation, namely; life. Then it is seen that the Entanglement of the Infinities is the overlaying force of intelligence that is modulated into the Pi carrier wave of creation like a radio wave that contains the voice of the person using the transmitter, yet only a receiver tuned to the transmitted frequency is able to hear the voice ‘carried’ by the wave.

This is the function of the proto-magnetic dark aether, it is the discriminator, or consumer of the Hyper Light waves and reveals the Image or Intention of the spiritual radio wave. This Entangled intelligence, in the Grail, was known in ancient times, and is revealed in the very shape of the basic quantum itself, the shape of the Heart, the shape of Love. This is due to the nature of the magnetic density and flow of energy, that becomes more and more dense and stronger the deeper and smaller into the aether you go, versus the flow of energy of Light that gives the combined properties of wave-particle duality, chaotic interaction, polarity of magnetic fields, gravity, weak and strong forces, inertia, and entropy, but the intelligence imbued into that very stream of energetic interaction, is the force of Love and… something else.

Intelligent design patterns;
It is this ‘something else’ that is the cause of DNA, it is this something else that contains the Cause of the Pattern of the DNA, which comes as the result of a cause, the image or pattern of DNA itself. The DNA molecule is known as simply a biological ‘program’ because it is so complex, that there is no way it could be the result of random interactions of energies. A billion or even a trillion monkeys typing on typewriters, will not produce Hamlet, period. Despite repeated attempts to produce life in the laboratory, with random chemical elements, has always failed, and will always fail. Unless the basic constituents of matter have ‘guiding waves'(de Broglie and Bohm), that guide the connections of quantum polarities, any attempt at a random program, will produce garbage. Or as computer programmers say; “Garbage In gives Garbage Out”.

Any attempts to eliminate intelligence in the cause of the creation of the DNA molecule, are simply denying the existence of an Intelligent Designer. They are being willfully blind. Period. This argument has manifested in the debate between Creationism and Evolution, but, what if the Intelligent Designer’s purpose was Evolution of higher and higher complexity, leading towards even higher levels of energetic complexity, that could lead to an actual ascension evolution, or a ‘Great Harvest’? Would this not be the ultimate end result of an evolutionary chain of events, the supply of the creator with company? A Universe designed to create intelligent life by the process of a magnum opus deo(The Great Work of God), a soap opera or divine comedy? This is and was, the great tragedy of the religionists, the destruction of knowledge and its replacement with a ‘simple narrative for peasants’. Creationism being misunderstood, and decades of fighting over the mechanism and purpose of creation between the two camps and hatred being the result. We are thus left in a time of a great spiritual evolution, of knowledge that raised men above the level of peasants who were easily swayed by ancient and scary superstitions, into a time of new knowledge that overcomes the old mysteries, but, men only have the Mystery of God, versus the Godless Mystery to turn to. There is nowhere else to turn, even intelligent men of science, who have faith, still accept the ‘mystery of God’, and that there is no way to understand it all.

They are divided between their knowledge and their mystery, and they thus accept the God particle and all the tenants of godless knowledge as ‘fact’ with a ‘mystery’ attached. The Mystery doctrine and the destruction of knowledge, was the fruit of the Church, and set mankind back a thousand years. We thus became divided in politics and religion, and an age of bloodshed was the result. We are thus, all potential victims for the forces of darkness that take their minds away from the Knowledge of God and deliver them into the Mystery of God. Ultimately, this is the New Revelation of John, that was a message and a warning to the Churches, that the Knowledge of God would be resurrected, and revealed through The Lady with twelves stars in her crown. For it is only by the Revealing of The Knowledge of the Tree, that the divisions and denominations derived from the original Babylonian doctrine of mystery, can be healed, and all men come together in knowledge and unity, so that the Mystery of God is finished… It is only by searching through the garbage and cast offs of men, to find the nuggets of gold, using the Way of Knowledge and Truth, that we are able to see farther, and fulfill the purpose of the spiritual evolution, preservation of knowledge through the dark times of chaos and war, for the Unity of civilization and eventual Ascension.

The Revelation or New Gnosis;
From this point, we must move from the Known reality, to the Cause of reality, from the material Universe, to the Hyperspace of Cause. Since we ‘know’ that atomic structures and energy itself, come from a hyper source, and that source imbues the energy stream itself with love and guidance, and DNA is a designed entity, not a random entity, we can deduce that the energies of hyper reality contains the Images or Patterns of the Design of Reality. If this be the case, then Plato’s idea that reality is simply the shadows on the wall of our prison cave becomes a literal explanation of our reality instead of just a figurative story. For if there must be a cause for every effect, then just like patterns in the hands in front of a light-bulb that cause shadows on the wall, these patterns of hands or powers, must be many and varied to reveal the many patterns of reality we see.

If this is the underlying causal basis of 3D reality, then, the Hypostasis of the hyper-cosmos begins to align with the Gnosis of the Ancients, exactly. This hyper reality was best described in the fragmented language of the ancient symbols in ancient documents found in Nag Hamaddi, Egypt and Dead Sea scrolls in Qumran and translated into the most strange sounding stories. The Gnostic cosmogony.

But if these stories and writings, are merely fragments of an even earlier time in our cycles of civilization and destruction, then it is natural that they would be merely written down histories of even older oral histories, and some discontinuities and differences can be expected. Thus the Grail becomes the sword of truth to dowse The Reality, from the Myth and Symbol. If the stories and symbols of spirit are products of earlier times, then it is obvious why they were hidden in myth and symbols, taught from master to acolyte, to keep them safe from rich and powerful men who knew, that knowledge itself is dangerous, to them. Again, we come back to the Mystery doctrine versus the Knowledge doctrine, and the way of the world, as it has always been down through time. Those who love mystery as a tool of power and control over the minds of men, through fear and superstitions, has always been in opposition to the higher knowledge of the Magi, the Sages and Philosophers. We thank the ancient sages who had the presence of mind, to hide what fragments remain of these ancient works, to be revealed in our time. If God did not wish it, would it have been so?

These documents are known by names like; The Hypostasis of the Archons, The Apocryphon of John, The Pistis Sophia of Jesus, On the Origin of the World, the Gospels of Mary Magdalene, Judas and Thomas, and many others. When these documents begin to be understood in light of the Grail of Enoch, and the intentions of the Church Fathers are understood, it is seen that the Bible was shortchanged into a simplified narrative and only a small fragment of Jesus’ teachings were ever canonized. The bulk, it appears, along with the works of Enoch were declared Heretic and burned. This was a tragedy in light of new knowledge in this time, for buried in those documents is a scientifically verifiable treasure house of the creation story that leads to a rational hyper cosmogony, or Causal hierarchical structure within hyperspace.

This story of creation is a real cosmic soap opera, for what family is any fun or has any true meaning and fulfillment without its dramas, its ugliness and beauty, its successes and failures, its feuds and forgiveness, its prodigal sons? Does the boy grow into a man of strong character and moral integrity, if he has only known the protection and love of his father, protected from the ugliness of life, never having been exposed to those things that cause a man’s true character to emerge? Would a loving Father not know the best way to raise his son, is to allow him to fall down and hurt himself, thus knowing the consequences of stupidity?

The Father knows he can lecture and train, but in the end, experience is the best teacher, is it not? Would a son be resentful if a father did not allow him to escape the confines of the Gilded cage, and experience life for himself? If the son survives the experience, and makes it home, would the prodigal son always be a better, more experienced and useful son, than the one who never left the farm? Would a son take on a dangerous yet necessary task, if the father told him how dangerous and ugly it would really, really be? Or would the father simply trust the son to do his best after admonishing him to be careful, that there could be monsters in the woods?

So it appears the Father created the Family of God in order to delegate functions to helpers and the underlying cosmos itself in a truly divine comedy. The stories of the Greek Gods and the stories of the Gnostics are very much alike on fundamental levels. These are stories of a family of ‘gods’, that had lots of drama, mistakes, murders, thefts, a real cosmic soap opera. Some of the best and most misunderstood testimonies of these ancient stories, given by the Christ himself in ‘private’ lie in the stories of Pistis Sophia and the playing out of her ‘mistake’ that created an evil race of ‘dark gods’ known as The Archons. These ‘gods’ were deficient, part animal, and evidently, dim witted. Ultimately though, it appears the mistake had a good purpose to provide the soul of man, with the strength of the animal, so that pure spirit could overcome an ‘animal’ world and strengthen the spirit itself.

That mistake was a mistake of perfect intention, for the Pistis Sophia entity, known as an Age, an Aeon or Angel or goddess or power, depending on your text, was unable to have a will separate from the Creator’s will. So the entity known as Pistis Sophia, with the Light power of Wisdom, fulfilled the Intention of the Father because she was not self willed, and the intention of the mistake had to be implanted in the very hyper DNA of her pattern or image to begin with. Those who get hung up on the ‘terrible duality’ of the Archons, make the mistake of not seeing them in light of the change of the Universe the Church created. For the church’s major mistake was changing the Universe from one of the Knowledge of Cause and Effect, to one of the MYSTERY of Crime and Punishment. The Archa, or Imp of Darkness, became Satan, which was drawn from the Original Enochian angel who sinned; Santayana. Archons became demons, and the tree of life and the knowledge of good and evil became a sinful evil thing, that the Gnosis revealed, was the first attempt at REVEALING the Knowledge that we are the Sons of a higher God of love, not, the war god of the Jews. And the key to understanding the Gnostic symbols and entities, lies in the nature of time and space.

When the mathematics of the Entanglement of the Infinities is considered, this hierarchy of ‘powers’, can not be thought of as ‘gods’ but as intelligent Intentions, Images or patterns embodied in Entities or filter Nodes of Power. These entities give forth the pattern or image, the ‘guiding wave’ that is impressed upon the Chaos, like a set of hands are placed in front of a light that makes the shadows on the wall. It is how cause is managed in a hierarchy of compressed hyper-time, in entities of power that each have separate functions through the image they cast. If all of their ‘powers’ are seen in hyperspace, then all the powers come together at the edge of normal space, the 3D magnetic detector of the ether, or the Wall of the Cave.

If the stories of the ‘gods’ are looked at in this way, things begin to make more sense, scientific sense. When we align these entities into their other titles given by the Mystery doctrine; Thrones, Powers, Principalities, and archangels, the other stories of the Human, its Soul and its construction, being linked to a higher ‘self’ through seven Chakras or harmonics of power, the concept of the hyper-image and its natural shadow is complete, total cause and effect with religion and science in total agreement. These are the Powers that give life itself, its animation of the material mind and all the positive and negative aspects to mankind and living, based in the higher emotion of Empathy or Love balanced with the dark emotions of envy, fear,  and anger. This is the ancient battle between the Spirit and the Soul, which must be won in order to ascend above the Seven Chaos layers of reality, or the Seven Heavens, the Seven Seals or as Enoch described, the seven suns within seven suns.

When we compare the Causal forces and entities, the powers and principalities, the thrones, archangels and angels, and then the seven layers of the heavens of Chaos opposed to the five layers of the bottomless pit, with its Archons and demons, we see the opposing powers of the Hyper hierarchy, the lower tree, the dark emotions and powers. The twelve light powers above the twelve layers of reality. The emotions of envy, jealousy, coveting, anger, hate, greed, and all the other ‘powers’ of Self willed egos. We see the power of the dark force itself displaying its propensity to ‘pull’ in on itself and concentrate its power, as in the power demonstrated in the black hole itself. The more one concentrates on self, the more concentrated it becomes, the more powerful the drawing power of self centered will or Ego, this manifests most highly in the ‘magnetic personality’… (beware such types).

If we can accept the Causal hyper-cosmos hierarchy for the good powers, then the dark powers must be accepted as well. When we look at the dramas of that ancient story, we come to the conclusion that the Father of the All has a great sense of humor, and is full of wisdom, knowing what is best for all. We understand that the Fulfillment of the human condition is knowledge within love, and as the prodigal child who overcomes adversity and returns home, the key is the source of all knowledge, and lies in the resolution of the meaning of the Root of the Spirit, which is at the root of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Unfortunately, current religious dogma treats this tree as an evil thing, when if the Gnostic scripture is correct, it is possible that the Roman canon is the real source of confusion.

When this tree is seen for what it really is, then we see the Ultimate Cosmological drama of the eternity playing out in front of our eyes, and the only thing left to do is find our way to the root. For if the tree of knowledge is the root of all things, and the foundation of the tree is found in the Grail, then the tree is the stairway to the heavens, and the only way to escape the other conclusions of the Grail. That the Universe itself will end one day, and the final judgement of the works of men left stranded in the darkness will be left to die a second death as the chaos dies, and the Great Dissolution of the material universe ends in the Great Dark Lump revealed in the Gnosis, that we know today as the Black hole. A place of zero time and consumption of all things, that can spread your pain out for eternity.

This is the time when all the Galaxies become nothing but black holes, and the lights in the sky go dark, and the light that keeps the powers of darkness hanging on the edge of the bottomless pit, goes out, and they are left to be consumed. Thus at that time, your choices must be made and your lessons must be learned, and you must be Home, safe, or ‘saved’, in the Light. But until that time, does the Father want His Universe to serve His purpose? Does he want Earth to come to the place of “pounding our swords into plowshares, and our spears into pruning hooks, and neither shall they learn war, anymore”? Does He want us to leave an Earth that is destined to become destroyed by fire? To build New Jerusalem, that births the Star Child, so that His own may seek the “New Heavens and the New Earth”? If so, would He not give us The Knowledge to do so? Or, would Mystery serve that purpose better? It is apparent now, that the Knowledge was given or Revealed by Enoch, and Jesus, but it was destroyed by dark powers who prefer the doctrine of MYSTERY to extend and strengthen their own power over minds. It is obvious that the divided doctrines of the Canon of Rome, were not designed for the purpose of enlightenment, but the purpose of mystery. We don’t say this was deliberately malicious, but simply men being men.

It was Rome that set mankind back a thousand years in accumulated knowledge, by the destruction of books, libraries and teachers, and the imposition of the doctrine of Mystery. But only knowledge will bring mankind to the place of understanding, and overcoming the dark powers that keep civilizations in the cycle of building and destroying themselves. Only the Knowledge of God can over come the Mystery of God, so that His sons and daughters can overcome the cycles and spread out into the Universe, so that mankind is preserved through the next step up the stairway to heaven, in the basis of civilization itself. For it is only by coming together for the Great work of God, that such a thing would be possible, united in purpose, without thought of profits. For the cradle of Earth has become polluted by the greed of men, and her resources are becoming depleted. Only by spreading out, conquering new lands, new worlds, and finding that old spirit of the pioneers within ourselves, can we save ourselves, for His purpose. The pounding of swords into plowshares, something new from something old, preserving the best of what was by the understanding of the spirit gifts in the DNA, to become the best of us, by releasing ourselves from old thinking, and become something truly new, so that we can become what we are meant to become, evolutions last step up on the staircase to heaven.

You must be ‘saved’ in order to help, assist or watch the evolution cycle begin again in the next Universe that comes into being in the Firmament. Thus the cycle of birth and death, continues down through an eternity of eternities, continually creating life for the fulfillment of the Fathers Joy, the increase of His Family, and the Fathers house has many mansions. But to join that family, you must first learn who the real devil is, and dispel your fear, you must take a bite out of the apple, and become who you are meant to be, the Sons of God. This was the great tragedy of the creation narratives of the Catholics and Jews, the reversal of roles. Who was evil and who was good, and the invention of a devil named Satan, to take the place of the Imp of Darkness. What the Catholics did, was destroy a ’cause and effect’ Universe, and replace it with a ‘crime and punishment’ Universe. The Gnosis was destroyed, and replaced with Mystery, and the name of the Mother of Harlots is; MYSTERY. Thus the church condemned themselves, and set mankind back a thousand years, and thus the spirit awakened The Piper, and told him to play a new song, that is the oldest song, but it was a song known to Indians, the song of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Number of Darkness; Pi, and the evolutionary guiding wave of the Treasury of the Light, manifested in the Medicine wheel.


The Grail IS the Revelation or Revealing of the oldest knowledge of God, it raises the Knowledge of the Imp of Darkness from the bottomless pit, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is restored.  This is the lady with twelve stars in her crown, clothed in the light of the Sun, while standing on the moon, and that lady has a name, taught by Christ Himself; Pistis Sophia, Revealed in a New Song, so that the Mystery of God is finished… by Revealing the original teachings of Christ.


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