The Temple of Galt++

The Temple of Galt++

“The average age of the great civilizations is 200 years.
The people go from bondage to spiritual awakening.
From spiritual awakening to great courage.
From courage to Liberty.
From Liberty to complacency.
From complacency to apathy.
From apathy back into bondage.”
– Sir Alexander Tyler

Part I
Galt and an Objective viewpoint

Who is John Galt? That was the moaning epithet of the old novel; Atlas Shrugged, by the master philosopher Ayn Rand. Galt or Galtism, became a verb that describes a philosophy that the novel was based on, which is called Objectivism. What is Galt? What is ‘Going Galt’? It seems a popular phrase nowadays, but how many truly understand all the ramifications? This Galtist thought, has now morphed into the L.I.B.s, the Let It Burn’ers. But, when asked about the thing they love, supposedly, The Constitution, and its role in fixing what’s broken, they go nuts. They think they have already ‘lost the game’, but a Constitutional convention called by the states and not politicians in Washington DC, would cause them to lose the game? This is the logic of the damned. So going ‘Galt’ is the preferred ‘fix’ for what’s wrong with America? Many of them admit, they have never had the intellectual wherewithal to even complete a full reading of Atlas Shrugged, yet, they know what ‘Going Galt’ is all about? They want to ‘starve the beast’, this is one of those things that make you go; hmmm.

John Galt discovered a new principle of electricity that allowed motors to run without needing an external source of power, an idea based on the past rumored works of Nikola Tesla. It was about a device that was based on the ideas of free energy or perpetual motion, and the great quest of the book was Dagney Taggert’s search for the inventor of this marvelous device. A device she found in pieces in an old factory where John Galt walked out of, destroying his invention in the process, and leaving the broken pieces to the new Marxist management. He had no fear of them using it for profit, because he completely destroyed it. The phrase “Who is John Galt?” took effect, because when this new regime was announced in a company meeting, he said he didn’t have to abide by these new rules of “to each according to their need, from each according to their ability”. In short, the new management were committed communists, and were going to run their fathers factory with those principles. John Galt, exercised the right of a free man, to walk out and deny them the use of his labor of love, without compensation. Naturally, the company and the factory fell into ruin. But the phrase “Who is John Galt?”, became a symbol of the rights of the individual versus the collective mind.

In our day, this novel has become a Bible of sorts, a Bible of capitalism versus socialism. But, was it? Really? Was the lady Ayn Rand a capitalist, or a closet Marxist? One thing for sure, she was a committed atheist and a drug addict. In her greatest tome, Atlas Shrugged, most people think, defined the good of capitalism and the evil of socialism, but those same people do not stop to think that both ideologies are the ideologies of the extremes, and both are based in the pursuit of self interest, it is the people and methods they use that are evil or good. There were evil hearted capitalists, and good hearted socialists within the pages, but there was something missing in that great tome, the pursuit of self interest knows no ideology, and true evil never surrenders in half measures to total conquest.

The opposite of The Right of Galtism, Objectivism, Capitalism, Individualism, and its political extremes; corporatism and fascism, it is  the power of the Individual Mind, is The Left of the Collective mind, that lives by Empathy and The Tragedy of the Commons. It is the power of The Family and sharing, the power of the heart over the mind, the good of the many outweighs the good of the few, or the one. And it sounds wonderful that we must have empathy for all living things and preserve The Commons for all to use in perpetuity, until it is imposed by the barrel of a gun and being made the law of the land. When this is done, there is no more familial sharing, or common good in support of Empathy or the Tragedy, there is only human nature, resentment and backlash. Because once the subjective heart of the collective pulls a gun on society, there is no stopping it until it self destructs.

This philosophy is spoken in varying monikers that are always changing, changing with the times in order to make itself more palatable or sell-able. It goes from the extremes of Marxism, Communism, Communitarian-ism and Socialism, to the less obvious names that people refer to themselves by; The liberals, progressives, post modernists, a raft of monikers designed to soften the blow that they are Leftists. They use the tool of feelings to get what they want, because they are not inventors or producers, but looters of corporations, and moochers off the government teat. It is this way not simply because they are evil, but because they are less endowed with the intellectual capacity and strength of character to take risks, build companies, work hard, or otherwise fend for themselves in a harsh world, and because their world is about their feelings, not their minds. Their minds are thus used to manipulate the feelings of others in acquiring, or looting, or mooching off the productive endeavors of others. Without the productive there can be no collective, but without the collective there is no use for the productive.

This again, is not because they are evil, but because it is the response to a world system designed to restrict and control money. The Leaders of the left will use any emotional tool, primarily designed to inflict guilt, by using the subjective words of “basic fairness”, “fair share” or attack the Right as “selfish” and “greedy”, to extract recompense for their followers, who are collectively known as The Moochers. They love the left simply because they get a free lunch, and who wouldn’t want a free lunch? Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way, and those who get rich, usually get rich the old fashioned way, they EARN it, and will do whatever it takes to protect what they earned.

But, this is something beyond the lazy moochers, so they lean on the Looters for comfort by whining in ever louder voices. Being a subjective and feelings based ideology, they cannot define the limits to the words “fair share” or “selfish”, so what is fair one year, becomes less fair as time goes on and their “needs” will always outweigh the ability of the few to provide for them, because a free lunch is like a contagious and addictive disease, it spreads until, in the words of the Iron Lady Thatcher, “they run out of other peoples money”. This ‘class warfare’ is the result of human nature and the cycles of prosperity or business, that imbalances wealth towards the top, whenever the top controls the money supply, and the inevitable backlash from the bottom.

But again, Ayn Rand in defining the collective as evil, did us all a disservice in discounting the truly basic inequalities of men, and responses to the imbalances and perpetual shortfalls of money, created deliberately by the money changers who profit on others gains, and obtain windfall profits in others miseries. The biggest tool in their toolbox, is a thing that can simply be described Biblically as; “sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly”, otherwise known as; political correctness and spreading societal memes, hope and fear. This is the true disease of the mind, like a cancer on society, spreading the ill will of subjective nonsense upon the winds, and then reaping the whirlwind. For when this demon is loosed upon societies, the Galt, the good and the righteous who are the most intelligent, see the ill wind blowing, and hide themselves and their assets. This is a righteous response, and the essence of “Going Galt”. The Left will then begin hurling the epithets of “Greedy”, “selfish”, and “evil”, justified in the new atmosphere of a spreading cancer of the mind that could be termed; The Religion of Envy. This is the extreme side of the collective mind, as prosperity is taken from the land in great waves of profits for the few.

But truly, none of this still forces the left into the category of evil, anymore than a five year old whining because he is hungry. Is it the five year old’s problem, or the adult in the room? This then is also the basic difference between Ayn Rand’s atheist version of ‘evil’ and the True Evil. She considered evil a phenomena of five year old’s and bullies, and it truly is on one level, but evil, like good, comes in levels and layers upon layers. Is the five year old guilty of evil, because he cannot comprehend how the world works? Is his mooching off his parents an evil thing, when he has learned that all he has to do to get fed, is scream? Is the child guilty of evil because he doesn’t know how to cook? Likewise, is the moocher evil?, or does the true evil lie in the looter who profits from convincing the moochers they are victims? Or is the true evil the ones who take prosperity and then proclaim their innocence because, that’s just the way things work?

If the moochers are merely children lost in the harsh jungle of life, then the Looters are the True Evil, or are they but one manifestation of the Truest Evil? If evil is evil, then the truest manifestation is the thing that divides and causes all the strife and conflict. Yet the ideologies of left and right, want things easy, cut and dried, black and white, unfortunately, real life is not black and white, but gray. And mankind, having no holy grail of good and evil, have divided into the camps of ideologies, and religions, with the law of the jungle, and the law of the family as their guides. But is there a higher evil that promotes the divisions by the giving and taking of prosperity itself?

If evil itself has a definition, then it must be as a cause of conflicts, negative emotions, disagreements, arguments, a force that divides men into camps that are perpetually at war. And in the war of the jungle versus the family, there are no winners, only losers. Because in any jungle, the individual cannot stand alone without the support of his tribe, and the tribe cannot thrive without the most intelligent members making life better for all the children.

Part II
Love of Money
In the recent news we have seen the actual beginnings of class warfare in America, as the forces of left and right enter into the realm of verbal combat, this is the first stage to actual combat as in the days when the major trade unions were formed. It is highly doubtful if there are any true force of numbers because America is a center right country for the most part, but, they have most of the media machine on their side, this alone gives them super powers over minds through the force of political correctness. This was something not shown in Atlas Shrugged, the left was merely portrayed as idiots who couldn’t make a decision if their life depended on it. In the novel the socialists had already taken over, and this manifested as the social disease of not willing to take personal responsibility for any decision, all decisions being referred to committees of Bosses being the commanded method. In this current incarnation of class warfare, the difference is, it is coming from the White House. Where, it is obvious, there is no desire to fix America, but to tear it down.

In this current real life form of Atlas Shrugged that we are beginning to see, we see what appears as a deliberate form of social and economic destruction, designed to impose a strategy of over spending in order to destroy the existing capitalist institutions, with a blame game being played out in the socialist leaning media conglomerates. The tool of political correctness is being used to stoke the madness of crowds syndrome, and it is becoming apparent to the least intelligent observer, that something is amiss in America, and that the governments economic numbers don’t add up. The left is turning towards blaming the right, and the right knows without a doubt that the left is to blame. Thus the ‘good guys’ on both sides, will probably come to blows at some point. Since the right refuses to consider a Constitutional method of resolving the differences, and the government is doing what governments must do, turn left, there can be but one resolution to what ails us, direct violence. Especially if the left decides to use a centrally rigged Constitutional convention to eliminate the Bill of Rights or institute a socialist manifesto, open warfare could, nay, must result.

Of God and Galt
For years the government has been turning left internally and promoted the kicking of God and spiritual matters out of the schools and the wombs, and even Christmas has been under fire by many of the left. They feel ‘offended’ by other peoples celebrations of joy, why? They have been brainwashed by a media campaign, like everything else that is a societal ‘meme’. Where do these societal meme’s come from? The Top. Those who own the media conglomerates. Who owns or controls The Media? The Bankers, period. If they can stir the pot, they are the only ones who stand to gain from the resulting chaos, and these so called ‘capitalists’ understand, that total ownership and control is best achieved by a leftist ideology. This is why you see ‘capitalists’ turning leftist, they have become ‘educated’ or threatened with poverty. While both groups have been turned away from believing in a higher controlling moral authority, which, can only benefit one group, those who profit from social breakdown and chaos.

This is all predictable because of the common force between the ideologies, the need,love, and competition for money. The left is now about to impose massive new taxes on everybody, at least, those still producing. They are now ramping up the meaning of ‘fair share’, and at the end of the process, it will be highly doubtful if the small producers will be able to continue in business. When the new health care tyranny is added into the mix, it would be remarkable to see any Dagney Taggert’s in small business able to defend themselves against the tidal wave of the controllers now approaching them. The individual producers, by the droves, will shut down, and ‘go Galt’, maybe not consciously, but in practice the result will be the same, an economic death spiral.

Again, with only one group that will mop up the properties and facilities that go on the auction block, the Bankers. All this chaos and misery simply so a few guys can make a windfall profit, from the simple act of withdrawing money from the population. This is the true evil, centralized control of money. It is neither Galt nor Envy, capital or social, it is a mirror of creation itself, the third force of chaos upon the force of light of production, and the force of darkness of consumption. They even refer to themselves as the Masters of the Universe, and so they are, they are the Priests of Mammon, the True God of this world. The Galts were fooled into thinking they are simply honest businessmen, and the Envy of the collective is simply, envious.

Galtists, then, stand alone against the forces of the jungle, and will simply say that’s the way life works, its a jungle out there and they bow down to the law of nature, preaching that only the fit survive, with little empathy or compassion for the Moochers and a deep hatred of the Looters. They truly believe that their superior intellect or productive ability, enables them to; “Make the Rules” we all have to live by and they consider money changers as one of them, and they would be wrong. They also discount the support they receive from the collective of customers, their own tribe or family, and their own tribe or family takes them for granted, and assumes they will just do what they do so that all may live indoors, eat and have toys.The biggest thing the Galtists don’t consider, is the much maligned concept of The Externalization of Costs. They dump their garbage and their pollution, on us, and expect society to pay for it, while they pretend they are doing; Gods work. So there is little righteousness in the land of Galt, but even less in the land of Envy, for both of them have only one God, and that god is materialism, aka Mammon. They pay lip service to God, in order to give themselves ‘moral authority’, and in the Bible, they have many conflicting verses, that they can interpret anyway they want.

But the individual and the family, the Galt and the Collective, all forget one thing. Without money, it all falls apart. Unfortunately, neither group, knows anything about money, except how to make it work for themselves, or how to spend it on themselves, having no knowledge of where it comes from or how it is created. The only thing they both have in common, is their love of money. So where does money come from? Money changers, otherwise known as Bankers. The Preachers, both left and right, use the Bible as their cudgel to help the side they lean towards, without taking the deeper meanings to heart. The whole concept of ‘turning the tables’ on the money changers, is lost on them. The higher meanings of the statue with the head of gold is nonexistant, that the head of gold created the true System of planet Earth, the Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules. And nowadays, even counterfeit printed ‘notes’ without gold behind them.

The Bankers say, and believe, money must be ‘valuable’, in order to have utility as money. But is this true? Or a fiction imposed by those who Own The Money that they rent? How can something have ‘value’ if it can be created out of thin air, by the stroke of a pen or keyboard? What power on Earth could be higher than the privilege of creating money by the simple power of a pen stroke, or computer entry? If this ‘legal tender’ power can do this, then it can create markets, and destroy them, making money on the way up, and making a killing on the way down, this is how the game is played. The power at the top of the heap, makes money in both directions, and has a vested interest in driving the “Business cycle”, so that these Ultimate Galtists, make higher profits on mens misery, than they do on mens success. Why?

Because of those little things called fixed contracts, backed up by the law, and enforced by the political, social and religious memes of “submit to Godly righteous authority”, or, you’re a ‘bad person’. You’re a bad person if you don’t pay your taxes, or pay your debts, it doesn’t matter if its a false tax paid in a false money, to support false debts to a false power that sits in the highest chair in the land, a chair, that even the governments bow down to. As long as everybody assumes the same thing, that those little numbers on paper are ‘valuable’, and the confidence of the many props up the Con Game of the few, it all works, until it doesn’t.

This is the problem with false money and false value, it is understood by The Galt Purist, that the more ‘money’ is in circulation, the less value it has, this is dilution of the currency otherwise known as inflation. It is an insidious unseen power that causes the Treadmill of Immorality to run faster and faster, with everyone trying to remain in place on the treadmill, until it turns into a social madness. It is the Red Queen and the power that causes the “rich get richer, and the poor get poorer”, until the collective backlash comes on the imbalances of wealth. This is what we are seeing in America, here and now. In the Tea party of the right and the Occupy Wall street movement of the left, both ideologies confused as to the Source of their pain, each blaming the Other. Only in this case unfortunately, Occupy has their sights set on the correct target, and the Tea party is just a herd of cats.

But as long as the few, can keep you divided, and fighting each other using silly ‘social issues’ and never talk about the real issues, the men behind the curtain of illusion are ignored, and the battle goes on, up and down, temporary winners and losers in the Game of Life, all competing over false numbers on paper. Numbers that are supposed to be in perpetual shortfall in order to remain ‘valuable’, remember? So ask yourself the question, how can numbers on paper, created with the stroke of a pen, be in short supply, ever? When you answer that question, you arrive on the altar of the god of mammon, and the battle of the ages, and who is the Highest of the High, that is the most wicked of the “spiritual wickedness in HIGH places”, the Oligarchs in the High Towers, the root of evil and how they control you, through; the love of money and that is the Root of All Evil.

Objectivism and New Songs

At the bottom of the barrel then, the right is an ideology of the individual, and the left is an ideology of the family. One is of the mind, the other is of the heart. The mind and heart have been in conflict since Adam and Eve, and their methods of fighting for their own self interests are based in logic versus feelings, a battlefield where the one will never conquer the other, what I term; 1+1=Love. This is the essence of Galt versus Collective, Self versus Empathy, objective versus subjective, mind versus emotions, Iron versus Clay. In this primordial battle, Rand defined a philosophy called; Objectivism, defined by Wikipedia thusly;

Objectivism is a philosophy created by Russian-American philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand (1905–1982). Objectivism’s central tenets are that reality exists independent of consciousness, that human beings have direct contact with reality through sense perception, that one can attain objective knowledge from perception through the process of concept formation and inductive logic, that the proper moral purpose of one’s life is the pursuit of one’s own happiness (or rational self-interest), that the only social system consistent with this morality is full respect for individual rights embodied in laissez-faire capitalism, and that the role of art in human life is to transform humans’ metaphysical ideas by selective reproduction of reality into a physical form—a work of art—that one can comprehend and to which one can respond emotionally.[citation needed]

Rand characterized Objectivism as “a philosophy for living on earth”, grounded in reality, and aimed at defining human nature and the nature of the world in which we live.[1]

“My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.”
—Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged[2]

The name “Objectivism” derives from the idea that human knowledge and values are objective: they exist and are determined by the nature of reality, to be discovered by one’s mind, and are not created by the thoughts one has.[3] Rand stated that she chose the name because her preferred term for a philosophy based on the primacy of existence—”existentialism”—had already been taken.[4]

Rand originally expressed her philosophical ideas in her novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, and other works. She further elaborated on them in her periodicals The Objectivist Newsletter, The Objectivist, and The Ayn Rand Letter, and in non-fiction books such as Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology and The Virtue of Selfishness.
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Galtism then, could be defined as Objectivism with Malice, being Objective about all things and doing whatever it takes to force the issue. It teaches that the law of the jungle and the superior nature of the individual who acts in his own self interest will always be best for society and economy. That subjective based analysis, or feelings based policies, are destructive to the individual and to society. If Objective measures are used, great things will always come, because the individual hero is freed to invent and produce. Some believe it to be the basis of a moral code of the Honest Trade, but there is no higher power enforcing this so called code, and its study, like any religion, leads to sects and denominations. The very definition of Objectivism, recognizes no higher moral authority, so the imposition of one violates its basic tenants.

Objectivism says that in any ballgame, there must be an owner of the ball, to keep it safe and out of the weather, or it will simply rot and become useless. Galtism says “your rules are ridiculous”, and going Galt is to take ones ball and leave the game, thinking the game will stop and the rules will change because the collective idiocy will be destroyed because they no longer have a ball. This is where Ayn was wrong, the game may stop for a bit, at least long enough for a Leader or Looter to stir up the Moochers into a frenzy of envy. Then, the other ball players will come to the house of the one who owns the ball, break down the door, beat him to death and take his ball.

Afterwards, the ball itself will become a mangled and useless object, frayed and falling apart because nobody truly cares about it after-all. Because if something is owned in common, it is neither fully owned, or fully cared for. It is not taken care of because nobody will take personal responsibility to pick up the ball and keep it in good repair, so it sits to rot out in the weather. Then when the players return a final time to play a final game, the ball has rotted into uselessness. Then they will fight over whose turn it was to keep the ball safe and out of the rain.

The force of Envy is powerful, and human nature says wanting a thing is more fulfilling than having a thing. This is the source of the split in human nature, what someone wants or desires determines his ideological direction in life. If they have no desire to do great things, they usually end up with the desire to envy the great things done by others, and to tear them down. Civilizations themselves, fall to the desires of the soul, and the love of money is the most common desire of all.

True Evil

True evil then, was not portrayed by Ayn as evil, but as a moral failing and as stupidity, instead of a lower power over men. Whether a communist deception, or a simple misunderstanding of true evil by an atheist philosophy, we can’t know. But we do know the history of money, and Ayn came from communist Russia after the Revolution of Lenin. And it was Lenin who demonstrates the true evil in the highest chairs, for when the Tsar of Russia refused to allow a central bank of the international bankers to be set up in Russia, the bankers bankrolled Lenin’s revolution. A revolution Ayn saw through the eyes of a child. A Revolution, among many, that would never happen without the bankers backing. Her novel should have ended not with a longing look to rebuild out of the ashes of stupidity, but as what happens at the tail end of any revolution, as it did in Russia with a massive war of the Reds in search of the Whites, burning whole villages and children in the process of trying to find The Galts. Or as it did in France, with the Terror and the heads of royalty coming off in the public square.

True evil latches on to the Right at the beginning of the long cycle because there are profits to be made by the minds of the Entrepreneurs, and latches on to the Left at the end of any long cycle, simply because it is the power of feelings, easily stirred up into the Madness of Crowds. The individuals are fooled and the crowds attentions are turned away from the Cause, those who always profit from the misery of conflict by The Divisions. Evil has only one goal, once they have all the money, it is then a game of power and control. This game is played by the art of division into not just ideologies, but religious differences, the goal of the game being simply to keep everybody at each others throats. There is only one power served, the force of darkness.

There is a great difference in this current long cycle however, the spiritual evolution and the Collective Consciousness of the Internet. The great increase in knowledge that has turned men away from religious ‘mystery’, and the joining of forces in certain circles, towards the true enemy of man, the money changers. As the forces of right and left have seen the evil, and through individuals like Ron Paul, and the Occupy Wall street, have at last, turned their eyes towards the third force, the true evil, the money changers. What was the Lords final battle with the money changers, may point the way to the final war. But for that to happen, the left and right, the Godless and the Godly, must quit hating each other, and find a common philosophy, a source of unification, a New Song. The right must acquire a heart, and the left must acquire a mind. Science must acquire a soul, and religion must acquire eyes.

Galt and Money

Galtism has its atheists, and its Christians, its Jews and its Pagans, its hedonists and its ascetics, and each philosophy has overlap with the central tenant of Objectivism personified in the story of John Galt, and his desire to tear down socialism by withdrawing the most productive members of society. Those who take The Vow and ‘Go with Galt, or Go Galt’, which, would then cause that society to crumble and die. What is not spoken of so much was the active destruction of the productive facilities, the piracy and destruction of transportation, the deliberate sabotage of the economic infrastructure, this was also a part of ‘going Galt’. The burning of shops, factories and the blowing up of ships. So modern Galtists must consider that in starving the Beast, without actually killing the Beast, they will make no true headway other than to cause minor suffering. In the novel, it was known, that when the lights of New York went out, they would know it is almost complete. In reality, if the lights went out, the Bosses would bring out the security forces with whips on the backs of the electricians to get the lights back on, for the Bosses if nobody else.

After the collapse of socialist civilization, Galt and his associates, would come forth from Galt’s Gulch and rebuild a new society based on an Objectivist Constitution, on the ashes of socialism. But, was this realistic, if you consider that in the novel, socialism died with only a whimper, without turning into a dictatorship and the velvet glove becoming an iron fist? The latter must be considered against history, because tyranny and monsters are what usually grows from the ashes of failed economic, political and monetary systems. In this, many think Rand was a communist plant. At the least she was short sighted and overly optimistic about her philosophy compared to the ‘Objective’ reality of good and evil, and the history of tyrannies.

But, anybody who argues against this ‘religion of self’ is considered the devil incarnate. At a shallow level of the material mind, they are right, as God intended for things to be honest in a dishonest world, and objectively, it is a world with zero tolerance for a free lunch. But Ayn Rand was an atheist, and those who ascribe Objectivism as the sum total of God’s righteous intentions, are deceived by an atheistic core. Because the Galt oriented individual always and without question, will act in his own self interest, which will often be in opposition to the needs of the many. When this happens, when Objectivism is taken to its extremes, we end up with our situation today; The Religion of Greed, that has led to crony capitalism, and the destruction of a mighty industrial power. But again, was this the fault of the capitalists, a long term socialist conspiracy or the global money powers behind the curtain that funds both?

This Religion of Greed is epitomized in the money changers, a group of which, even some of the most knowledgeable Galtists complain about. But, they usually sulk and whine over the return of ‘hard money’ to control inflation. They argue for a return to the ‘Gold standard’ of bygone years. If these learned individuals knew more about the history of money, they would not be so inclined to argue about what is merely a symptom of the control mechanism of the money changers. And if they still are in favor of a ‘gold standard’ after knowing the state of affairs of international banking, and the Federal Reserve system, and what it truly does to people, nations and economies, then, they are merely jealous that they did not get to join in the fun of raping whole countries. For that is what the international money changers do, they could be termed; MegaGalt. They even make claims about doing “God’s Work” as they rape, pillage and burn whole countries in pursuit of profits.

In this regard, Galtism, and the Religion of Greed, using religious doctrines as a moral justification is like a hidden cancer in the body economic, as the body politic is merely a visible tumor that is excised periodically, only to grow back bigger. Those who want to return to a gold standard, never understand that gold, was always as much problem as it was panacea. It is owned by those who already have it because it takes capital to mine, refine, and work it into bars or coins. To the rest of us, like any other money, it is merely rented out. This is the greatest failure of Objectivism, the failure to understand money.

In the original story of Atlas Shrugged, Galt’s Gulch was originally built and owned by the banker Midas, and bankers were portrayed as just honest businessmen like any other. This was either a great ignorance or a grand deception in her mind, where her lack of knowledge about money, and who owns it and how it is controlled, threw a blanket of legitimacy over the whole enterprise of banking and the top down control of the money changers. If Ayn had known more of the Bible, maybe she would have read about the money changers in the Temple, as well as Babylon, and how that all turned out.

Now, it is not that there are not honest bankers, but in truth, an honest banker is an oxymoron, for the honest ones are just like you and I, they rent their money from the owners, and rent it out to you at a higher interest, thus profiting from the ‘spread’. But even these small fry are completely deceived by the concept of money, in particular the necessity of money being ‘short’, or dear, in order to be valuable.
This idea comes from the days of the gold standard and before, when the gold traders became money changers after they figured out, that people would rather deal in paper certificates, rather than carry around heavy coins. This is when the money changers figured out, they could issue ten times or more in paper money, for each coin of real money they had stored in their vaults.

This was the source of the great panics in the 1800’s, when they were found out, and bankers were actually hanged by crowds of those made newly poor by their scams. Thus what is patently wrong became legal simply because the money changers bought the laws they wanted with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, that gave them the power of printing money as ‘legal tender’. So Objectivists or Galtists, pining for a return to ‘hard money’, would merely return us to those days of yesteryear, when shortages of gold, which, is endemic to gold itself, would merely cause us to return to shortages of money. This is what caused us to take on an ‘elastic’ currency. Something that could be issued in proportion to the amount of economic activity in progress. But the way it is implemented, from the top down with debt backing, to maintain the Illusion of a ‘shortage’, is the truest evil ever to be visited on planet Earth. This was proven in practice by President Lincoln.

This ‘legal shortage’ became known as fractional reserve banking, the idea that a bank could legally loan out more credit, than it had assets or ‘money’ to back it. Thus credit became separated from money. These bankers, do not issue ‘money’, they issue ‘credit’. When a loan is made to you, they do not have any ‘money’, they have a pen, with which they write you a check, and then write the amount of that check into their ledger, but as far you are concerned, it represents money. That credit literally came out of the Void, to be created when they wrote you that check. But that does not mean there was anymore ‘money’ in circulation, no, the government prints money, but the truth is revealed when you see, whose name is on the notes? Look at one, and see, each note represents a debt plus usury to the money changers. The hand that lends is higher than the hand that receives.

The idea of fractional reserve banking became totally perverted, when the central banks of the international bankers came to be shoved down the throat of the worlds nations. When this happened, money itself, became a debt to the bankers. Every note issued by the Treasuries of the world, every dollar in your pocket, represents a debt to these bankers through ‘treasury bonds’, which are nothing more than a permission slip to print a certain amount of ‘money’, that never includes the interest on the bond, and this alone causes money and credit to always be ‘short’, because the interest has to be paid out of the productive labors of the citizens. It is the most evil and perverse system ever invented by the Elite for the Elite, designed from the beginning to inflict misery and conflict, and the borrower is slave to the lender. This top down system is designed to aid the rich and hurt the poor while maintaining an Illusion of independent fairness that enables prosperity, yet keeps the classes in perpetual combat for the one thing everybody needs, given out under; The Rule of Gold; That “He who has the gold, makes the rules”.

Is it any wonder that national debts rise into the stratosphere? You think politicians pay the rent? No, that is the curse of taxes that pay the interest, and legitimize their paper grasp on your nether parts. While simultaneously, since credit and money have been separated remember, these bankers now have the power of ‘legal tender’ for their checks. What would you do with that kind of power? Manipulate markets by selling and buying massive quantities to affect prices, using ‘money’ that never existed, maybe? And through this power, the people who are beholden to real ‘money’, even fiat(false) legal tender money, will always, always, be conquered by the false power of Credit. The Objectivist, and even Galtists, may scream that this is best for everyone, so that everyone has ‘equal opportunity’ to achieve the Dream of Wealth, but their arguments fall on deaf ears, when the reality hits the fantasy, because we all know, all the people do not qualify for their ‘loans’, only those who understand the Rules of the Game. The Rules on paper say that all men are created with equal opportunity, but the unwritten rule is, all men are not created equal, but the rule of gold forces them to be something they cannot be.

Babylon the Head of Gold and the power of MYSTERY

Fractional reserve banking is a relatively modern idea, but money changers and gold being money goes back thousands of years, even before the original kingdom of Babylon, but Babylon is where many of the methods used in the system of today come from. The word and the idea of Babylon is the most misunderstood name in society. Is it a place, a government, a religion, a nation, or an idea? In truth, you must look into the past for the answer, that it is all of these things, as One Thing, the System called; The Establishment. It is the System of mind control that the Elites of the elite use, to keep and take control of whole nations because it was a system set up by elites for the Elite. Even the great sage Daniel in the Bible told you that the empires that came after Babylon would be LIKE Babylon but not as good as it. So what was this Idea of Babylon?

In Babylon, we know from cuneiform tablets, was a system of money and political mind control. The issuing power of the money was held in the Temple of the Sun god, the money changers worked out of the temple. They invented something called the Fixed contract of debt. This was a simple idea, with disastrous consequences. These fixed contracts loaned gold out with a fixed repayment schedule and if payments were missed, foreclosure of the borrowers property was instituted. But a foreclosure could not be instituted without the contract being backed by the Kings laws and the kings soldiers. The entire edifice was given moral authority by the priests, who admonished the people to submit to ‘Godly authority’. Thus the circle of control was complete.

The money changers, the King and the Priests, all supported each other in the ‘Fleecing of the Flock’. Does all of this sound very familiar? It should. The Elite love this system, and it has little to do with politics or religion, it is all about the deeper meaning of Daniels statue of Nebuchadnezzar. The statue of the head of gold, standing on two legs of ideology, with the people divided by the Iron constitution of minds, versus the sticky Clay of the heart. Does this now sound like an ideal metaphor to our System of today? It should, it hasn’t changed in 5000 years. The Head of Gold owns the gold, and he who has the gold, makes the rules. So the two legs of ideology meet together at which body part, and what is the function of that body part?

Thus you know all you need to know about government, politics and bankers, while your preachers implore you to be as sheep in submission to the mighty statue, and you are taught to bend over and say thank you sir may I have another. The Holy Roman Empire loved this so much, that over a hundred years, the teachings of Jesus disappeared, and the teachings of Paul took their place, during the consolidation of a new religion called Christian, that morally justified any ‘minor sin’ with the promise of salvation. In practice, this removed any restraints or higher moral power over mankind by the imposition of a Mystery religion, a religion split between the doctrines of two men, Paul and Jesus, who’s teachings could be termed today as, the Relative of Paul versus the Absolute of Jesus. These two opposing doctrines were welded together by the power of Mystery and administered by the Priests, a perfect combination to keep the people in subjugation to the Godly Authority of the Emperor and his money.

It is by extreme ideologies and religious doctrines of mystery, that you are divided and confused by the Elite. As long as they can keep you arguing over trivial pursuits, they have you where they want you. In debt to them. This was a primary reason our Founders fought the concept of the central banks, because they knew who controlled these international banks, and what the result would be. That we, the people, being people, love money, and would do anything to get money, including selling our souls to the bankers. That one day, we would wake up paying rent on the continent our forefathers conquered. (We wonder why the Federal Reserve is now buying up all the mortgages in this country? You think it is to help the small fry? No, they will keep the System primed and pumped, until they have acquired practically everything, or gained a controlling interest in as much as possible before they institute the Great Dump. The pump and dump writ large is their way of controlling markets, by the giving and taking of loans and credits. The useful idiots of Wall street cheer the Fed, and curse the Fed, yet never see the Fed as their enemy because they know the law of the jungle. Depressions are instituted so that they can clean up property for ten cents on the dollar. Those who don’t believe this simple fact, are either blind, ignorant, or a greedy party to the scheme, while simultaneously, maintaining their innocence by blaming you for your own problems.

Those, like Ron Paul and his adherents, that want to tear down the Federal Reserve, have their heart in the right place, but their heads are up their posteriors if they think that gold and silver will save them, or us. Yes, for a short time it would, because it is ‘free’ money. But, as long as private bankers are in business, and are allowed the issuing power of paper over reserves, they will do what they have always done. Manipulate markets, gain your property, and end up right back in the same position again further down the road. It is not the gold that gives the power of freedom you see, it is the power of issuing or emitting paper. As long as you and I, love paper over hauling around great weights of coins, then paper or electronic credits, will have a convenience factor that outweighs gold. This all boils down to the thing that money truly is, and it is not about the valuation of gold, or money being ‘short’, but the confidence you have in that paper in your pocket or those numbers in your accounts. As we said before, this was proven by President Lincoln.

President Lincoln, had a problem. He had a new war to fight, but he didn’t have enough ‘money’. So when the bankers in New York said they would loan him the funds at exorbitant interest rates(because their masters in Europe wanted the USA split up in order to rape the wealth of America and maintain themselves as the masters of the Universe), he said no thanks. I know, you thought the civil war was about slavery, nope, sorry, it was about unfair export taxes on cotton originally, which crimped the coffers of Europe. Who sent agents to America to instigate hard feelings towards the North and the manufacturers who did not have to pay these patently unfair taxes, which were as unfair as the whiskey tax during the days of the Whiskey rebellion, and for the same reasons, a backlash occurred. The agents from Europe did their job well and the Confederacy was the result. The slavery issue was a master stroke of President Lincoln, but his truly genius master stroke was telling the New York banker agents of Europe, to go to hell, and he began the printing of Greenbacks.

These were US Treasury bills, constitutional money issued as legal tender without debt to the bankers. He was properly advised, that the peoples confidence would be
no different than any banker issued notes, and they were right. This ‘free’ money was responsible for a wave of prosperity during and immediately after the civil war he won using it. Prosperity reigned, and Lincoln was going to institute greenbacks on a permanent basis, up until he was shot and killed. Then the bankers moved on congress and re-instituted the gold standard, later, they moved again to demonetize silver, which diluted their control. This caused the depressions and panics, and banker hangings in the 1870’s. A great wave of depressions followed the civil war not because of ‘bad paper money’ as the bankers charged in their controlled media outlets, but because of their manipulations of money, and their master plan, to cause pain in the people, until the people themselves didn’t care anymore as long as somebody would ‘fix it’. All the people knew, was that there wasn’t enough money to go around anymore, they didn’t know why, because they were, as they are now, kept in a state of confusion and arguing over ideologies and false premises put out there in the ‘media’. And the people, in the words of Hosea, “are destroyed through a lack of knowledge”.

This process of depressions and bank panics was a constant factor of life, until the early 1900’s, when in late December of 1913, in the dead of night, after the majority of the Senate had gone home for Christmas, the Federal Reserve act was voted on by the only three Senators left in the room. America had a shiny new central bank called, the Federal Reserve, which was neither Federal nor did it have any reserves, all it had was the newly legalized power of the pen. Woodrow Wilson signed it into law, and immediately thereafter, World War I began. For nothing is as profitable as war.

Then, President Franklin Roosevelt, issued an executive order taking the peoples gold, and forcing Federal Reserve notes down everybodies throat. But did you know he denied personal responsibility when he said it wasn’t his idea, it was what “the experts wanted”? The Great Depression that had been instituted by the bankers, that had previously gathered up all the stocks in the country for pennies on the share, now proceeded to gather up most of the farmland and properties in the country, for ten cents on the dollar.

President Kennedy, likewise, tried to re-institute silver US Treasury bills in the early 1960’s. He knew what was what, and tried to release the people and the government from the banks stranglehold. He came home from Dallas in a box, and his Vice President, Lyndon B. Johnson(may he rot in hell), sat at his desk, and his first official act as president after being sworn in on the airplane back to Washington DC, was to nullify Kennedy’s silver currency order.

Always and forever, when you seek the truth of a thing that stinks, follow the money. In America, there is only one God, one Government, and one ideology, and that God is Mammon, the god of money. It is money, and who owns it, and who issues it, that is the determining factor of how free a people are. Without the freedom of money, there is no freedom, and as long as money is owned and rented from the top down, there is no possibility of man being truly free. And as long as the Objective Galtists and the Subjective Enviers, do not recognize, that the idea of money, comes from the value of peoples labor, in the great game of life, there is no hope of you escaping the System, of Babylon.

Now that the international money changers have conquered almost the entire world, their sights are set on one global government, simply because they understand the basis of economics, finance, credit and money, and life in general, is controlled by the available resources of Planet Earth and the population that must produce and consume, in order to live. For in the end, it is not numbers on paper that are wealth, but that they are merely poker chips in the Game of Life. True wealth, the money power fully understands, is found in life, and loves and lands.

And here is where money, politics and religion merge into the System of Babylon, which is a mind control system of the Elite, that now reaches its ultimate conclusion, by fooling you out of your wealth in the great poker game. Where Babylon the Great, the Global system on the two legs of ideology, that must now burn down in ‘one hour’, as it currently begins the process of de-legitamizing the right leg of the statue, The Galt. Those who are of the right leg, are not stupid, or weak, but you see the great Kabuki dance in DC, as the US heads towards the fiscal cliff. The ‘good guys’ fight for the Right, but things have already gone too far down the Treadmill of Immorality and Debt, while half a population is held in thrall by ‘free’ money, the bread and circuses of Washington, a system that creates willing slaves, and the very concept of freedom is lost on the altar of Mammon, as Mammon builds an army of the damned and an electronic control grid that would make Big Brother envious, all made possible, enabled and encouraged, by the Good guys on both legs.

The Beast in the Temple
The religion of Greed acts in concert with religion, as religion itself, by any historical and modern standard, acts to reinforce the religions of Greed and Envy, by the preaching of doctrines that say that man is imperfect and predisposed to sin, so he will sin and it is ok, because all you have to do is pledge allegiance to Jesus or perform some obscure ritual, and all your sins are forgiven. This statement may seem strange to some, but men, like children, will push the envelope of reality and theology, because religions themselves are divided and in confusion concerning the very nature of God and His Universe.

But they all have one thing in common, the tenant of the Mystery of God, and His Ways, which themselves are divided into competing doctrines that support both materialistic ideologies. The doctrine of “ye must work in order to eat”, and the Christ with His Disciples held “all things in common”, became part of a Sword of Division, both sides perpetually arguing over The Word. The Beast took over The Temple from the beginning by the power of MYSTERY, and people love a good mystery.

Thus Objectivism and Subjectivism, have their atheists, and their Godly believers, and they define the true evil that lies at the extremes of both ideologies, self interest in the pursuit of money, the love of money which is the root of all evil.

When you look under the covers of religion, objectivism, collectivism,  science, politics, economics, and governance of men and man, you see the confusion of the basic definitions of man, his place in the Universe, and how it all works. This is the question that feeds the soul, what Plato called the Cave of Illusion. Any one philosophy, ideology or religion, when based merely in the material and visible things and leaves matters of the soul in the netherworld of Mystery, leaves all men wanting and in conflict over their little slices of ‘truth’. For in all the materialistic philosophies of men and man, the more one gets, the more one wants, the emptier one feels. Having a thing, is not so pleasant as wanting a thing, it may not be logical, but it is often true. Once the new wears off that shiny new car, one is left with just another car, and often, another debt, and the having is much more painful than the wanting.

Christianity was set up from the beginning as a moral justification for materialism due to the split between the two schools of Jesus and Paul. Evil became justified, confused, and uncertain, because of the sweet words on the tongue of a ‘free lunch’ salvation plan of Paul and the Romans, something the Christ never taught. He taught abandoning materialism and the pursuit of wealth in order to follow him, that the poor in spirit, the deliberately poor, would see God. These two basic philosophies recorded in the Canon, represent a ‘sword of division’ in the people of God, and a source of derision in the atheists. But one works with the Galts, and the other works with the Collectivists, both are mixed together with the tool of Mystery, and the result is division by logic and emotions, like Iron and Clay. But all ideologies and many of the religions, have one thing in common, the desire for a free lunch in a world where such a thing cannot exist.

The teachings of Christ were quite inconvenient to the basic desires of the soul, the Empire and the new Church of Rome, that set about turning a simple message, into a complex, mixed and divided religion of the Free Lunch and the Golden Rule providing moral justification and comfort to governments and business. Something the Christ himself taught not to do, but you will not see this in any writings of the Holy Mother Church, because that church burned all the books and the Heretics who taught the Way of Christ.

You could not know this, until the Forbidden books themselves were rediscovered in places named Nag Hammadi and Qumran. And the church, immediately set upon them again as ‘forbidden’, worthless, heretical, and that church goers should ignore them, because they would ‘damage faith’. If you do see them, and understand their message, you see that the free lunch and the Golden rule are not just sayings in mysterious verses, but the basic operating principles behind creation itself.

But scholars and seekers began to see, it was not faith, these the oldest of books, would damage, but faith in the churches based on the divided and MYSTERY book of Rome. You will lose faith in Rome and their works, because you see how good was turned upside down, and evil turned right-side up, to split the very consciousness of men. If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, then the truth of the church is in the history, and it is a very bloody affair.

Those who say that that is only ‘ancient history’ are deceived, for history defines the future as cause and effect, and the future of Spiritual Evolution, is now. It is time to know these things because man himself has evolved spiritually in knowledge that releases the mind of men from 4th century teachings based in the single word that condemns all the churches; MYSTERY. The doctrine that divides minds and hearts, by enforcing the idea that the Universe cannot be understood by the minds of men, thus the people are condemned by the churches to perpetual fighting over doctrines that cannot be proven.

Protestants split from the church in ‘protest’ of certain practices of the church, but kept their writings as Holy writ, and it was the writings themselves, constructed over hundreds of years, and translated to death, transliterated into divisive words of beautiful verses and incomprehensible mysteries, with a split and divided philosophy at its core, that causes the protestants, the so called protesting Catholics themselves to split and divide into denominations.

Each denomination itself is based in a single verse or even a single word within the Word itself. Thus they themselves cannot see that they are divided not because it is ‘normal’, but because the Word was divided itself by evil in the beginning. Jude said “evil crept in unawares”, and Jesus himself said He did not come to bring peace, but a sword. What does a sword do? It divides in great strokes of fury. So this leaves the question; Does God author confusion, or men? Did God wield that sword of division, or man? Does division promote harmony, or conflict? Does God relish harmony and unity, or division and war? Finally, who profits by the divisions?

Even in the basic question, Who is God?, we find division and confusion. The God of the old testament is a jealous God of War, and the God of the New Testament is a God of Love. The question, when asked, if God is truly God of the Universe, Creator of all things, then what would He have to be jealous about, other gods? If he is composed of pure love, there could be no room in His heart for such an emotion because He would violate his own basic tenant of the commandments. Jealousy is envy, and envy is coveting. Could God violate His own law? Or, is the God of the Jews, the same ‘God’, as the Father of Jesus? Or could The Ancient Gnostics be more correct, that one was not the other? But this very question of the nature of God, will cause people to scream in horror that the question is even asked. They will cling to their Bibles and run off screaming about MYSTERY.

The answers from the religions are always the same when these basic questions are asked; “It is a MYSTERY my son.” Religion has no absolute provable answers to the basic curiosity of the soul, because its only answer is the same to all questions. It is a MYSTERY, and if you question further, you are admonished and ridiculed because “No man can understand the things of God, it is a MYSTERY”. Thus men have become atheists and fallen away from Churches, because of the march of knowledge. A spiritual evolution has taken place over the last hundred years, and religion has become as old dry bones. Did God Himself preserve clues for this time? Were there secrets hidden long ago, protected by God, copies of the Forbidden books, revealed in this time of great chaos and immorality? Is there something in them that can fight the power of mystery and division that has actually contributed to chaos and immorality?

It is only when we find the Forbidden books, that we discover a secret. That it is not a mystery, how it all works was revealed to us in ancient times, deliberately, to enlighten man. We find that men were taken up and God revealed the knowledge of creation, the Light came to Earth, and men did as men do, they burned the knowledge, killed its teachers, and made it illegal. They destroyed the teaching of 95 percent of Christ’s private teachings, and called them Heretic, and burned whole libraries, including the Library of Alexandria, where ten thousand years of accumulated knowledge was contained. Then they outlawed philosophy, reason and the seeking of knowledge itself. This led to the dark ages and set mankind back a thousand years, or more. This is the direct result of the churches ‘history’, and the future they created. You may argue with these words, but history will prove you wrong, ignorant or willingly blind in defense of the status quo.

Rand and Rome
You may cling to the books of Rand and Rome, but history proves you have been evil masquerading as good, under religions and philosophies that justifies the good of the individual over the good of the many. A philosophy that is not just incompatible with Christ, but in direct opposition. You may have destroyed His works and teachings, but you cannot destroy the basic nature of man, the seekers of truth, the curiosity of the soul, and the spiritual drive to uncover MYSTERIES. This was a gift to the souls of men, and in your very books, history and behaviors, are your own condemnation.

You cannot see you are the daughters of the Mother of Harlots, preaching MYSTERY which is blasphemy as you ride upon the back of The Beast of Materialism named Babylon the Great, who’s god is Mammon and the sea and waves roar in the confusion of mankind. You cannot see that the left and the right, are two legs of a mighty statue with a head of gold, that enforces a rule of gold upon mankind and leaves all men as slaves to the misery of money and materialism and its empty promises and dreams. You cannot see that the love of money is the root of all evil, because you love it so much, you turn evil into good, and good into evil.

You whine and wail about why a loving God would allow such evil things to happen upon the Earth, yet cannot see your own rebellious nature as the cause of the statue itself, because to do so would expose the very underlying foulness upon which entire civilizations have been constructed, gone into apathy, and then destructed, only to rise from the ashes with the same Rule of Gold intact. He who has the gold, makes the rules. Thus the love of money is the root of all evils and you don’t care, as long as you can get yours.

In the end, you will get yours, and you will not like it because you have sewed the wind, and reap the whirlwind of consequences, while blaming everything on a deity that cannot be proven or disproved. You have the perfect philosophy and religions. A philosophy of materialism merged with religions of men and Godless science, that created a System of the love of, and justification of a basic desire of the soul, codified into laws, the love and competition for gold. A Materialistic System for materialistic men with the results of materialism, empty souls, the misery of billions, and the chaotic cycles of civilizations.

Societies soul and the transition

This basic need and desire for gold, was defined in something called the Kaballah, which says the soul itself has desires. These are defined as; Survival, Wealth, Knowledge, and then the Decision of the soul comes. It has a choice to make. It chooses either power and control over others, or, spiritual pursuits. What do you think the society of mankind enforces? Are you not instructed by propaganda to have the Dream of material fruits? That all men can become rich? That if you but work harder for The Man, you too can achieve wealth? When you achieve this wealth, are you truly happy? Or, do you simply want more? and more, and more? When you answer this question you will arrive on the very foundation of your own soul.

Once you achieve your wealth, do you then turn to matters of knowledge? Once knowledge is achieved sufficient to your desire, do you find truth, or a shifting desire as you grow into a man or woman of control over others, or pursue spiritual matters and give your wealth away? Many have done both, and those who give it away can tell you with great accumulations of wealth come great accumulations of guilt. These are your true Galtists, honest traders, those who get it, and understand. Those who do not feel the guilt of wealth, turn to power and control, and worship at the altar of Greed. Contrary to your false prophets of greed, it is not good, for your soul or the fabric of humanity, or wasting the finite resources of a planet in order to pile up little green pieces of paper.

For greed destroys individuals, societies, nations and eventually planets, as all men come under its influence to keep up with the Treadmill of Immorality, which is founded in the cycles of the money changers. This is the Red Queen problem, as the moral man runs the treadmill of inflation, he sees the rich getting away with lawless acts, and thus, he knows that the only way to remain in place on the treadmill, is to become immoral himself. This then becomes the overriding Meme of a society on the way down, as the moral become immoral, the immoral become bad, and the bad become worse. The love of money is the root of all evil in more ways than one because religions have already said the sinful man is saved, and the scientific man is contemptuous of any morality based in God. Thus both forces and philosophies join in the destruction of civilizations, and money cheers because it knows, it will arise out of the ashes owning all things and begin again. Thus the ‘myth’ of the Phoenix came about, about the golden bird that sets fire to its own nest, and rises out of the ashes, born again…

It matters not if your money is gold, paper, or digits in a computer, as long as it is OWNED and RENTED out to you by fixed contracts enforced under color of law, and submission to this ‘Godly authority’ is demanded by materialistic religions and philosophies. You are caught in the trap of the ages, the System itself, is set up for the Elites that own the money power, because he who has the gold, makes the rules. It is the system above systems, a higher system, a thing loved above God or governments, because it is the God of Mammon and Government joined at the hip of the money changers and morally enforced by the preachers who extract their 30 pieces of tax free silver.

From Babylon to Greece, from Rome to the Holy Roman Empire, from the dark ages until the enlightened democracies, the head of gold of the statue, is the Phoenix that rises from the ashes, that delivers men back into the slavery of the love of money, time and time again. This and this alone, was and is, the great flaw in the Constitution of America because we put down an aristocracy of royalty, and were left with an aristocracy of money. We fooled ourselves when we thought we were given freedom under a Bill of ‘rights’, and it was good at the time, just incomplete. It was incomplete because under the covers it enforced the System of the Love of money, owned and rented. There was no malice in this, this is  just the way the Elite maintain control through the Rule of Gold, they know nothing else because that is how its been since the days of Babylon.

America was called the last great experiment in men governing man, and we can all see now, that it has become an epic failure. It is a failure not because of the heart of man, or the politics of greed vs envy, or the welfare and warfare empires of special interests. It does not fail because of immorality of men or the failure of governments. It does not fail because of the greed of corporations or the rampant stupidity of unions. For these are all symptoms of the competition for money, and the disease of a drying up and decaying money, it always has been throughout the empires of all recorded time.

The reason it fails was proven by President Lincoln, when he took the money power away from the money changers. It was exemplified in the final lesson of the fury of the Christ as he turned over the tables of the money changers. The reason we fail is because of the ownership of money, its renting out, and the inevitable competition for it. For anything that is artificially kept in short supply, becomes more valuable, and this basic tenant of the Galt is held as holy writ. That money itself must be in short supply in order to be a thing of value.

Lincoln’s Greenbacks proved that money printed freely, without debt or interest, sets mankind free to achieve, when money itself becomes based in the value of the men doing the productive work, this was called The Real Bills doctrine. The only reason it failed was because of the money changers and their competitive animal drive to win at all costs, even driving Greenbacks out of business by inflation through competitive bidding on resources. People can always be fooled when the man behind the curtain acts. This is the lesson of Lincoln and Christ, the love of money is the root of all evil. But the corollary is, it is not money that is evil, it is the owners of the money who tilt everything in their favor due to the power of the pen that divides money and credit.

Does this make all money changers evil? No. But even they, are renters of money, not the owners. They are merely the Priests of Money, preaching the Rule of Gold. The owners today, are the owners of yesterday, the Castle dwellers. Not millionaires or billionaires, but trillionaires because they own every dollar and piece of currency in the world as a false debt for a false money. They are rich beyond money, and have become nothing but an obsessive dark desire of the soul for power and control. The families of wealth so vast they hide in the unregistered shadows and have become but another urban legend, but they are real, and all you have to do to know this, is see who owns the stocks of the central banks, and you will have your answers. It is they who control men, governments and religions by the power of the purse, the rule of gold.

And this great power has come down to us as holy writ, a thing to be worshiped and also reviled. It alone, has caused the backlash of the left leg of envy in the competition for money. And this great power sees the Earth overpopulated, and dying through resource depletion, and has a great need. A need to set up its progeny as the future rulers from the shadows, for its children to live in the comfort it has known. But the zero sum game of Earth denies them because they know, they cannot be comfortable in perpetuity, as long as there are so many mouths to feed.

You think they buy up the mortgages of America on a whim to help the renter-bankers balance sheets? Do you not see the great dump being manifested after the great pump? As they buy up your mortgages, they will end up owning vast swathes of you, just like ole Tom Jefferson warned you against, and you will awaken as renters on the land your forefathers conquered. This cannot be avoided now, as the debts mount up to the heavens, unpayable, and governments deadlocked in personal agendas. Some of those agendas, being the agendas of money. As the good guys whine and go ‘Galt’ without knowing that Galt will be conquered as well. The Galtists preach the theology of Galt, without understanding of the necessity of a Hidden Sanctuary that is truly disconnected from The System of Babylon.

Without a truly self sustaining sanctuary, hidden from the prying eyes of the tax collectors, the drones and satellites, the monitors of communications, and the total information awareness of the Beast system now being constructed before your eyes, you cannot succeed. You see more and more important men leaving the System, and going ‘Galt’, which is at its essence, a Biblical truth. To go Galt is to pick up your children and go into the wilderness, not merely to reduce your productivity. The original Galt, used this ruse of reduced productivity, not just to deny the looters and moochers of the left, but to build Galt’s Gulch into a self sustaining mini economy, hidden from the prying eyes of the world by mountains and an electronic shield.

Do you know of such a place that is beyond the reach of the Beast today? I thought not. These families and their sycophants know this too, why do you think they implement the massive control grid? For their own amusement? Do you not recognize the pendulum of humanity swinging back to the left as capitalism is cut off from its source of life? Do you not see the crony capitalists doing well, while the little guys are dying? If you do, then you understand we have entered into the End Game of the money changers, and there is no way the good guys can win, except one, and you refuse to take it because you have locked in on Galt as the key to survival. You hang on to every dollar and accumulate beans and bullets in anticipation of calamitous events, while the left smiles and organizes to take those beans from you, and your very lives as well. And at the very bottom of the barrel you forget, that Galtism is about human nature, and self interest, and that works both ways.

This is the power of the left. Which manifests as envy for those who are seen as unrighteous and greedy. Leftism is Galt too, in a way, simply because they act in what they see as their own self interest, by manipulation of emotions instead of productive endeavor. The left is as committed to their ideology as the right because it is the ideology of the empathic, the stupid, the lazy and the emotional but it is also the ideology of the lovers of Earth and haters of God. It is an ideology that latched onto Einstein’s theories of relativity and applied it to things he never intended, assumed or would approve of. It doesn’t matter to the left because it sounds good and satisfies their emotional need to justify any evil in pursuit of their own ‘good’ self interest. They see the power of relativism, when all things are relative, there can be no absolutes, and they are freed from restraints or consequences.

Moral relativism is the opposite of Objectivism, and is the epitome of the justification of evil because it says that one persons good is another persons evil, and thus evil itself has become further clouded in mystery and the basic definition then falls under the auspices of the emotional feel good rules of political correctness and its masters. But nobody knows who its masters are, where its tenants come from, and who sets its doctrines. It is the ultimate sticky clay philosophy of the control of men’s minds through their hearts and the mechanism of fear and rejection by society. Thus mankind is left in a never never land of competing nonsense, materialistic hedonism, and a soulless, vacuous, high technology world of individuals who can no longer even carry on a conversation without eventually running into a source of conflict in the many competing ideologies, religions, and philosophies of the material mind, the animal of the soul, The Beast.

If the philosophies of the material mind and heart, have brought us to this point in history, broken, divided and in perpetual conflict over God and a shifting, vacuous and ephemeral concept of Good and Evil, what then, can fix this state of affairs?

Mysterious prophesies; The Faithful Shrugs

Why is the subject of prophecy important in the world of Galt? In many ways it is the most important of all. It is what keeps people frozen in apathy and complacency against a system they know is evil, but then shrug their shoulders and pronounce that “God will fix it.”. In some ways this is the Ultimate Galt, a real version of Atlas, that could be termed; The Faithful Shrugs. This is a faith that says either God will fix it, or they themselves will go Galt “into the wilderness”, or by being directly rescued by God Himself. The thought that this will not happen on their preachers schedule is unthinkable despite overwhelming historical evidence to the contrary. Thus vast portions of the religious Galt sect, are frozen in time, while allowing the evil to take over, deliberately, thinking that it is merely hastening the Time for the Lord’s return. They believe all this, many of them without ever having read the original words of the prophesies in the original languages themselves, relying on the translations and interpretations of preachers. Preachers, who have been proven to be wrong more often than they have been right. But faith is a powerful thing, and the power of mystery makes it all unprovable, because “you have to have faith”, and it has become a badge of honor.

It has become a badge of honor worn proudly and is a contributing factor to the breakdown of democracy. The left jeers, and even the right ignores, even those wearing the badge cannot see that their contribution to democracy is ever increasing division and promotion of division between the many factions. We do not debate in the search for truth in this country anymore, we argue to defend our own status quo. We throw talking points at one another in a desperate attempt at making an emotional impact on the ‘enemy’. But these warring words, only ramp up the war of words, and neither side sees the other’s point. Our nephew said this is even how it is taught in college now. That if logic and reason fails, and you see that you are losing the(leftist) argument, you must go to the emotional attack.

It has gotten so entrenched, that democracy itself is in trouble, even faith is in trouble, as the evolution of minds towards knowledge and away from mystery, seeks anything that is different or even resembles knowledge. Many of today’s factions having abandoned the dialectic method and the concepts of objective and subjective reasoning. In such an atmosphere, with the education system having fallen to the left long ago, and philosophy and religion and other absolutes removed from the public consciousness, the only thing that can fill the vacuum of reason, is the wind of emotions, the wind of religions being the most powerful and destructive force on the planet.

What was constructive during times of plenty, turns to apathy and destruction, when prosperity turns to scarcity. Instead of logically analyzing what is wrong, by the seeking of truth in the discourse, by finding common ground and hopefully coming to new questions to be answered, the preachers, politicians, bankers, and media, turn to demonizing and ridiculing. The standard democratic process of debate, has become the defense of the status quo, the ideologies and current thinking of prophesies, becomes of paramount importance. People just will not accept blame, or will even consider that they might be… eek!… wrong. Ours has degenerated into a culture of finger pointers, not a culture of truth seekers. At the bottom of the well, absolute truth doesn’t exist, even religious truth, only relative truths, in a relative culture, in a relative world, as part of a relative Universe, because everybody knows, we live in a world of mysteries and lies. Prophesies themselves, being just another set of mysteries, constantly being reinvented by the preacher men to suit the worldly soap opera of the day.

We wonder what the Creator thinks about such mystery worship, but, then we see what He thinks in the prophecies themselves, when you bother to read them with an open mind. Many of the faithful are very shallow in their faith as far as knowledge, they trust their preachers, and cannot see that in a way, they are mocking God by left handedly demanding He dance to their tune. They do not see their lukewarm status, because the doctrines of mystery give them cover for their sinfulness, self centered attitude, and caring nothing for the misery of others. The basic religion of Galt being supported by some verses of scripture, which is in conflict with the teachings of the one they supposedly worship; Jesus. A man who taught that we are our brothers keepers. But then, it is all very mysterious, vague and they have been arguing about the Bible, and even gone to war in the name of God, to get it right for over a thousand years, they keep repeated the same thing over and over, hoping for a different outcome. Einstein said this was the essence of insanity.

Einstein also said, to paraphrase, we cannot use the same thinking that created a mess, in order to fix it. If you remove all the doctrines of men, and simply look at the symbols of spirit in the super or hyper-time of God, you see the world has come, and is coming to pass exactly as the old prophets foretold. The statue of Nebuchadnezzar, is the history of the world but also, the best metaphor for our system itself, the Head of Gold on the two legs of ideology, with the divided toes of iron constitutions of minds, versus the sticky clay of emotions. Yet preachers will not recognize the archetype of metaphor, and stick to tired interpretations of old dry bones.

Have preachers ever gotten anything right? Or is their viewpoint limited by their own desire of their souls to maintain their allegiance to the rule of gold as harlots who sit upon the Beast? Those who think this is a cynical outlook, ascribe too much power to the voice of orthodox mystery, and its power of fear to keep you… well… mystified. No where is this force more powerful than in the power of ancient prophesies. It is never asked, why are the interpretations of these ancient writings, pretty much the same, with minor variations, taught by most preachers? After giving these prophesies much study, and rereading, and measured ‘objectively’, with a new way of thinking, it becomes apparent that they have deeper meanings, that are truly accurate, but only when seen through the eyes of a Heretic in God’s time, and not the orthodox of the Churches in men’s time. Even the churches themselves say the Age of Churches will end, but they think it will be because of some supernatural event, when God Himself comes to Earth to establish His kingdom and His Temple, this is known as the Temple age. This is the root cause of the apathy and complacency of the Godly Galt sect.

But this is not what the Scribe of Righteousness, the man taken up to the heavens and told to write books, 366 books for the education of men, said. This man, named Enoch in the Bible, was a man referred to in scripture as totally righteous, but his books were declared Heretical and burned by Rome… why? Wouldn’t you think, a man so righteous that he was taken up to the throne of God, and told to write books out of the mouth of God, for men, should have his books as part of the Canon? But, the ways of politics and Empires cannot be denied, for it is truly the victor who writes history. And the history of the church is written in glorious terms of bloody pious self righteousness, that such works were in conflict with the new narrative of the Holy Mother Church and the creeds and stories that became Canonized in The Bible. When the two primary works of Enoch and the Gnostics were rediscovered in the early 20th century, as we’ve said before, they were ignored and vilified, but when the works are examined, and you see why they had to be destroyed, the truth will set you free. In this case, freedom is spelled; MYSTERY.

Thus the prophesies of Daniel, Isaiah, and the Revelation of John survived the Canonization process, barely. The works of John considered too ‘Gnostic’ in origin, and there is that word again, Gnostic. When you find the definition of the word, you see what it means; Personal Knowledge of the Divine. The Gnosis, or Knowledge. It is only when you see that the great purges of the early church, were to purge this idea of Gnosis, science and philosophy, in favor of the new doctrine of mystery, that you begin to catch on to what it all means. When you see what the Holy Roman Empire did, to spread the Orthodoxy of the Church and the political system of the Emperors, you see a church riding a beast, that went forth conquering and slayed The Saints of God… and then things begin to fall into place in the symbolic renditions of the spirit that gave the visions that can only be seen in God’s Time.

In the Revelation of John, it spoke of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the first horse was white, and was given a crown and a bow, and went forth conquering. This was obviously the Holy Roman Empire. The next horse was red, and was given a sword that results in rivers of bloodshed, this was the period of the Divine Right of Kings and nobles in the constant religious wars of the dark ages that was controlled by the church. Next came the rider of the black horse, that had a scales or balance in his hand, a balance of money changers and justice power, this is the rise of the Democracies.  This would align perfectly with Daniels statue, but then the riders stop for a pause. And what do we see?, a great failure of money over the Earth, when somebodies daily bread would cost a days wage, yet the hidden power instructed the wage earner not to harm the oil or the wine. This is money failure and the destruction of the middle class, political failure, a failure of the balance of power that now falls back into the hands of the hidden rich, and all men have become slaves or serfs while the rich own everything. This tracks exactly the last thousand years of history, and the trend of current events. Then the prophecy takes up the last rider, the really scary one.

If we pause, and now think about the words of other prophets, including one never included in the Canon, namely; Enoch. They predict a time of darkness coming. The “Dark day of the Lord”, and the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble”, a time when the “love of many shall wax cold”. They speak about things in tens and twelves, and sixes and sevens, ten horns, ten virgins, ten toes of Iron and Clay. Twelve stars in the crown of a Lady all clothed in the light of the Sun, and seven bowls and seals broken that cause judgement to come to the Earth in stages. Then when we consider the words of Enoch, who said something similar, that darkness would come, and evil would destroy evil, and then the Unperceivable Light from heaven would come to merge heaven and Earth, well that is the same as, a second coming. But not quite as preachers would interpret it, but more like what a scientist would say. And buried within the words of Enoch, there was science, there was a magnificent architecture of Creation itself, as God described both His reason for, and His exact means of creating everything. There was no mystery to it at all, you see, God was lonely and He created everything for His own Joy, and yours. But Joy being the purpose of life, was too simple and dangerous for men that derive gratification from power and control. Knowledge and truth will set you free, but mystery imposes its will through fear, thus Enoch had to be expunged.

In Enoch’s books, was direct knowledge from God, that if looked at with the proper eyes that see, revealed the correct foundation of everything, all of the mechanisms of creation were laid bare, and this too is dangerous to mystery. Is it also curious, that these books lay hidden and protected, to be revealed in a time when they would become a new foundation? A new model of reality, that banished the shadows of mystery, that could only be seen by a John Galt of God? It is curious that within the workings of empire, we see the same forces at work as we do in economics and politics, the force of mind versus emotion, the force of curiosity versus fear, knowledge versus mystery. And then we see the Harlot with MYSTERY as her name, as the mother of harlots, and we ask, if this is the mother, then who are the daughters? If the mother is condemned by their own book, are the daughters thus condemned as well? If the harlot and her daughters ride the Beast of ten horns, then who are the ten horns?

The preachers have said many things about the ten horns, virgins and toes, but the one thing that matters, who are they? Some preachers have it right, that these are the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. But nobody on Earth is them, nobody will admit to it, everybody denies it, and if a finger is pointed at one group or race, it is vehemently opposed. The truth of the matter is simple, nobody wants to be The Ten, because that would make them kinfolk with The Jews. The Jews are supposed to be a Semitic race similar to the Arabs, but this is wrong. The Israelite’s are the sons of Abraham, out of the line of Isaac. The Arabs came from the line of Ishmael. They refer to themselves as the sons of Ishmael, and hold a long held grudge against the sons of Isaac. But the sons of Isaac deny that they are THEM. Thus they miss the primary focus of the prophecies and the anchor that gives meanings, the Tens.

The Tens

The Caucasian race came from the Caucus mountains, which went north from out of Babylon, which were brought captive from Israel. This is history and archeology that is denied, and confused and papered over by ‘scholars’, but, the truth of the matter comes in the smallest things, which is our original premise, the original meaning of words. The history of the Saxons. The word Saxons, is a respelling of the words; Saacs Sons(or Sacs sons). In those days, the leading vowels were often dropped, thus Saacs Sons, were Isaac’s Sons, or the Sons of Isaac(Yitsac in original Hebrew). Sacs sons, wanted to remember who they were. The Lost Ten tribes were not lost, they were in hiding. Hiding from Judah and his God, and his Law.

Those who disagree with history, disagree out of prejudice and fear of being associated with The Jews. When it should be taken as a great symbol, a knowledge that sets you free from them, and the pride of having broken off from a very arrogant tribe, and a purpose of God, to hide this from you until it is time, that a remnant of the sons of Judah can also be delivered from their arrogance and blindness. For they are an arrogant tribe, and their own arrogance will probably deliver them to destruction as they turn the whole world against them, and Jerusalem into a millstone around the neck of the whole world. This plays out now on our TV’s, as the winds of war blow more fierce by the day.

Thus the lesson of the Tens gives the Knowledge of the history and future of the Lost Tribes, that has been written and proved, which should give Caucasian men a foundation for Joy, and the basis for the knowledge of why they were called; The Chosen. That they control the Earth, as the prophecies predict, they are as the sands of the sea, in a nation and a company of nations that hold sway over the whole Earth in the US and Europe. The sons of Isaac and Abraham, that were chosen to bless the Earth in their very DNA itself.  We are the last race created, given a gift of fire, which is creativity. This is the meaning of the Chosen, that the “First shall be last, and the Last shall be first”, which describes the ultimate reason for creation which was to provide God with a family, to spiritually evolve into a higher being, capable of fulfilling the promise of being the Sons of God and gaining the Inheritance of Sons; Ascension to the Kingdom. This, if thought is given, would be The Ultimate Galt, to overcome the powers of darkness, to leave it all behind and ascend into The Light.

Thus it was written, that mystery and hard times would visit the Earth, and many would die in great waves of church conquests, rivers of blood, and then global money failure, leading to famines, wars, and death would stalk the Earth as men become slaves again. It was written that the three great horse riders of the final age of the churches would end in a pale green horse who had control over a quarter of the Earth, those who worshiped death, and in this is the major clue that this rider is a religion or philosophy that could also be a government. If you see the original color of this horse in the Greek, as pale green, and not the mistranslated Catholic version as simply pale, then you understand that this horse could be the color of Islam and The Greens being communists, and this horse ironically aligns perfectly with the statue of Nebuchadnezzar.

At the end of the reign of empires, there would come a rock out of the sky, unhewn by human hands, that would knock the statue down, and grow to become a mighty mountain. This, like all prophecy, works in layers, and cycles. The Church thinks the Rock is Peter, who was the head of the church that tore down Rome and became the Holy Roman empire. But, ask the question, if this prophecy was for ‘the time of the end’, was Rome the end times? No. But, the Roman Republic style of government is still with us today, as the founding system of the United States of America.  And this ’empire’ covers the whole Earth, and its System is based on the System of Babylon, in fact, it could be termed Babylon the Great. Now, Islam, worships a rock, that fell from the sky as a meteorite. And that rock is ensconced in the Kaaba, in Mecca… A rock unhewn by human hands.

The rider of this horse mounts, as we watch chaos play over the middle east, and the leader of the west, is a tall dark man who is in sympathy and aid to the False Prophet with a name that says who he is; “The Blessing of Hussein, he is with us”, which ironically, matches the prophecies of the Islamic Hadiths perfectly. Whether coincidence or prophecy, we cannot know until it is time, but we don’t believe in coincidences on a macro-historical level. Whether self fulfilling prophecy from his handlers or coincidence is irrelevant.

This is playing out on the world stage even now, and yet we think that going Galt will protect us from a green horse that will conquer and subvert the cowardly powers of Christianity in Europe and Rome, to form a truly global Beast system? It matters not whether you are a believer or a secularist, you see the trends manifesting in the Earth, you see the bloody history of the churches who went to war in the name of ‘God’, and the west who ‘conquered’ the middle east and left a trail of blood and tears, in countries that never forget and live in a culture of vengeance.

You see the powers of creation itself trembling in the Earth as volcanoes and earthquakes ramp up in higher frequency and amplitude as weather becomes chaotic. You see signs in the Sun and the Planets, you see money dying, animals and men turning to madness, wars and rumors of war. You see the love of man waxing cold, as an invisible darkness seems to blanket all things. You feel something as being fundamentally wrong, as a splinter in your mind, an anxiety you cannot explain, as men turn into zombies and monsters, more and more.

You see the preachers struggle to explain this chaos as it becomes more powerful with every day, and your religions stumble and fumble with the question of why would a loving God allow such things? You listen to the rantings of mad prophets of doom, who are always wrong. But in the back of your mind, you wonder. You see the evil growing as a judgment of God, in a Universe of Crime and Punishment, while ignoring the consequences of your own actions or inaction’s. You ignore your own contribution to chaos because it is hidden in the power of MYSTERY, superstition and doctrines of devils. Doctrines that tell you its ok to look out after number one, after all, you’re saved, aren’t you?

You sit in apathy and complacency, watching the evil spread across the land, and conveniently forget that you did not do anything when it started, when it kicked God out of the schools, and the womb, and political correctness outlawed the rod of correction. You watched in apathy as the mighty power of the sweet words of political correctness, grew bitter in the belly of the consequences of not fighting the spiritual wickedness in high places. You saw your system as the best system on Earth, full of goodness and light, as the darkness consumed you over many years. You saw and you compromised with evil, and evil saw your cowardice, and pushed you one more step backwards towards the Abyss, using the power of the sweet words of emotions.

And now you stand on the edge of a cliff, looking backwards into darkness, and you wonder why? It is not because you are evil, but because you lacked knowledge, and your knowledge was overcome by the power of MYSTERY, and you  yourself, are a victim of powers older and higher than the simple politics of men or the incomplete religions of materialism. And yes, you are also a victim of Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism, and going Galt is not a halfway measure that can succeed, but only end up with you caught in the clutches of something so evil, so widespread, so ubiquitous, you will have nowhere to turn or hide. You will fall into the clutches of the Beast, because there is no Galt’s Gulch.

Half a Galt onward

But, being a Pure Galtist, you don’t believe any of this religious poppycock? You live in reality, and objectivity is your watchword, that is excellent, so where is Galt’s Gulch? You still don’t get it, there is no Galt’s Gulch, none of your little Gulch’s will withstand the onslaught of fascist socialism, what we used to call; Nazi’s. You see even the socialists have figured out they need producers. You wonder why the global corporations are being propped up, and the little guys are being put out of business? Can it be any clearer? This is not a new kind of Beast, but one that is not restrained by ideological straightjackets. This is where the ideological mind falls down. What comes is a ‘beast’ with many heads… a head is an ideology, when a beast has many heads, it has many ideologies as one. Yet you wonder why the right leg is merging with the left, and the true right wingers are being ostracized by their own? The war of evil against good, is a war of the haves versus the havenots, it has always been this way, and economics is their preferred weapon, that is the Rule of Gold.

When you think that you are self sustaining, and can survive at a lower level of technology, remember this, even the 18th century men had an economy, a network of producers with skills to obtain the needed items that made them thrive and their lives better, longer, and more enjoyable. No man, or small group of men, calling themselves a Gulch, will survive for the long term without the necessity of a community of skills and capacities beyond their abilities. If you have a re-loader, can you make primers, cases, gun powder? If you have a doctor, can he make eyeglasses as you get older or yours get broken? You can substitute in your Gulches, you can defend your retreats, but in a long term economic and ideological war the only thing that wins is logistics, and we are in a war, with evil. So it is Rand’s treatment of, and your interpretation of, the end game of true evil, that must be considered.

Whether this was intentional as some have said, or mere consequence of a Godless philosophy that is in denial and says the left is driven by emotional idiots instead of a true dark evil, is a question that cannot be answered. But the truth of evil, is measured as in all things, by actions, not intentions, and the road to hell is paved in good intentions. So even if the intentions of the Galtists are good, their actions pave the road to hell and they damn well know it, and brag about it.

The Galtists are stuck on the concept that the left is evil, while being ignorant of the true evil in the world, the money changers. From the Dark ages when Roman money died, to the depressions of the 1870’s, money changers are the source of all the worlds difficulties. The Lord even lost His temper with them, so that should be the true target of the ire of both ideologies. For those who understand money, it is the money changers who are the source of business cycles through the process of putting money in, then taking money out of the system, denying loans, and calling in loans. The bankers and the owners of money, make money by renting it out during the boom or pump cycle, then they make a killing cleaning up properties and collateral on the way down for ten cents on the dollar. As long as the money changers pull the strings of the governments, religions, parties, and the people, it will be the Rule of Gold that rises from the ashes… but this time will be different. Earth must be depopulated, from their perspective. But money changers use politics and religions as tools to gain economic control over populations, the same now as it was in Babylon.

The Galts think they will be the Phoenix that rises from the ashes, in order to rebuild America and the Constitution, but the evil laughs behind their back, as history proves, they will be victims not heroes. This is as sure as death and taxes because they cannot point the way to Galt’s Gulch, and half a Galt, is no Galt at all. They may aid in the destruction of what is, but what is happening is important, it is a paradigm shift, and many will suffer in their wake. They will be cursed not by the left, but by all men, as the Beast they leave in their wake takes over and consumes them too. It is the same force of apathy and political correctness at work that will allow Islam and the East to rise. Forces already at work in isolating and denying America entrance into new trade treaties, that will destroy the dollar.

In any true paradigm shift of history, (especially if it is a thing prophesied), what is will be rejected by what comes, and the young and the new, will not allow you to restore the old. They will hate you as The Cause, and hunt you down. This is already happening in the minds of the young, as the capitalist, the Christian and the baby boomer are becoming objects of derision. Your Galtist capitalism went wild in a frenzy of greed and destroyed their world, and that is how they see it. Christians were hypocrites and our religion is full of inconsistency, arguments and divisions, and is a moral justification for the Galt of Greed, and that is how they see it. All it will take is a charmer, to set loose the madness of crowds, and you and your Gulches will become the ashes. Without an electronic shield for your Gulches, they will tax you, cut you off from funds and commerce, force you to swear loyalty to the new regime, or just outright kill you. And you trusting in Ayn Rand’s concept of evil, may be your worst downfall.

Thus Galt itself, is a subdivided and vacuous concept, that leaves many thinking it is all about ‘self’. Self interest, justified in the moral precepts of a religious base, that is itself divided and confused in the tenant of MYSTERY, which leaves us divided as Iron and Clay. Even the mind and the heart of ideologies, enters into the mix depending on whether one is predisposed to lean one way or the other. So Galtism, and those who go Galt, think they are doing a righteous work by helping to bring down the ‘wrong’ ideology. When in fact, they are simply doing the bidding of the money changers by helping to bring down the system as you know it, in order for them to institute a new system of total control, war, depopulation and leave themselves as the Phoenix that uses the power of religion, minus the two legs of politics this time, to create a Beast of the Animal, the power of envy, the left leg, to take your stuff and force you to bow down to them, or die.

It doesn’t matter if it is the material religion of ‘anti Christ’, or Christlam, which is Christianity combined with Islam, or communism combined with environmentalism, or any of the ‘green’ Gaia philosophies, or any combination or merging of the above, the end result will be a complete loss of individual, and Godly liberty because such things will be seen as the Cause of Earth being killed by greed. Whether you believe in a God or not, you will come to see, that you got a lot better deal of individual rights from God, than you will get privileges from unrestrained men. You will end up working on the company plantation for the company store. It also doesn’t matter if the company, the government, and the religion, are one or have the appearance of many, because they will be the ultimate Babylon system. This is how evil operates, it consolidates power and control using whatever means available.

Ultimately, it is an Idea, that controls minds or, sets minds free, and the idea of Galt has become a cultural meme. But for Galtists to fail to recognize the weakness of a half Galt plan, and the misidentification of the true dark evil that works against them, will leave their little Gulches to be taken over, one, by one. As they stand in the doors of their retreats screaming at the top of their lungs “From my cold dead hands!”, that is what they will be, cold and dead, one, by one. For who can make war with the Beast?

The original world of Galt, was based on a new technology, and Galt’s Gulch itself was hidden from the world by an electronic shield. They had a self sustained economy within the mountain pass that the holographic shield of invisibility hid. Within that community was free energy and advanced technology they would not allow the world to have. Galt would not allow the world to have it, because he saw the world for what it was, an evil empire. But Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, which extends a moral code to what are essentially atheists, provided no higher moral authority, and thus no check or balance upon Objectivism, or Galtism itself. True Galtists, also consider the concept of God, a fairy tale, and without God, what limit can there be to their Religion of Self? What can limit their consumption of Earth’s resources in their overwhelming desire to accumulate personal wealth? For that matter, what if they gained access to the solar system, or the stars?

We can all agree, that self interest drives the world, whether by personal entrepreneurship and hard work, or by whining and emotional manipulation of those who have worked hard, but to ascribe evil to the imbalances of mens minds, and the inequalities present in men and women, is not fair either. Both parties are simply trying to survive in a world where money is not free, and thus opportunity is not freely available because without the right to the money for every stupid idea, how can children learn? Without an equal amount of money to balance an equal amount of demand, that is balanced with the amount of supply, there can be no balanced economy. Without a balanced economy based on freedom and liberty not being simply words, but the means of attaining it, a competition for the available money, using whatever means available, can be the only result.

Thus imbalances will always result when money is ‘controlled’ by ‘righteous authorities’, that could otherwise be known as; The Tyranny of the Establishment. As we have all seen, an ‘establishment’, that will do anything, say anything, believe anything, as long as they maintain their access to money and privilege. Both of the parties  support the money powers, and the government powers, as the founders said. So in the end, can an authority be considered ‘righteous’, if it works to ‘Fleece the Sheep’, and considers the miseries of mankind nothing but a profit opportunity? Does the desire of the few, outweigh the needs of the many? Does the Earth have to be completely destroyed before mankind will understand? Probably, for in the words of Hosea; “My people are destroyed through a lack of knowledge”.

So, if going Galt and becoming Militias of One, in what many see as a righteous response to The Establishment of the money changers, which is rapidly becoming a tyrannical all controlling beast system, cannot provide a long term fix, especially when the talking heads poo poo such notions as the new memes of political correctness make their debut, that having semi automatic equalizers may have to be given up, because we “don’t need ‘weapons of war’ on our streets.” And we need to better control the ‘mentally deficient’, which has already been seen as a simple thing, whether you disagree with them or not, as the Soviet union used to do.  And we see this meme spreading, but we have no other options, what in the hell can we do?

As long as we are divided in ideology and religions, as long as you want the false hopium money injected into your veins, as long as you BELIEVE the men who broke it will fix it, you are dead men walking. But the Galts, you know it is over, but you reject a CON-CON or any Constitutional battles because you are righteously full of fear that it will result in a Marxist nightmare, and you think that half a Galt and the reality of our situation is all you have, so what else is there? Here is where Galt itself, divides into denominations, the Galts of atheism and the Galts of Godly righteousness, who are further sub-denominated into those who prepare for a temporary existence ‘off grid’ and those who prepare for a longer term dark reality.

Galtists, patriots, preppers, survivalists, militias, doomers, are all a basic response to an impending feeling of ‘wrongness’, like that splinter in your mind, that causes an anxiety to come from nowhere, for no reason, it inflicts madness upon the world, and part of that madness is self preservation. This concept of a ‘collective consciousness’, has been proven in something called the Global consciousness project out of Princeton University. It shows that the minds of men, are connected at a higher level, like long range quantum entanglement, with the future. Thus it is no surprise that this is happening, and it is also no surprise that the Establishment is attacking this ‘movement’ with their primary tool; ridicule.

Part III
The Truth shall set you free

At this point, we ask that those who believe that Jesus will come and save you from the consequences of your own actions or inaction, and that you think you deserve some supernatural event that will whisk you off in a cloud of heaven to ‘save’ you from the boogeyman simply because you BELIEVE in Him, please quit reading. It is not out of malice or derision, there is no intent to insult your beliefs or attempt to try and change them here, so do not misunderstand. It is merely the knowledge of reality, the knowledge of the workings of MYSTERY, and the fact that preachers have always, always, been wrong, when it comes to interpreting two thousand year old mistranslated writings. This is not to disparage Jesus, or God, but to help you understand, we are all victims in the land of illusion and confusion, the sea and the waves roaring as a response to the mysteries and lies.

You can scream and holler about the Word of God all you want, but it does not change the facts, and the history of the churches, or the history of the myriads of false prophets and false interpretations. It does not change the history of false doctrines of devils that caused you to become apathetic towards evil, or bow down in submission to ‘Godly authority’ by becoming sheep and not men, ignoring the greater lessons because of the divisions of denominations. It does not change the fact that you, and you alone, allowed the evil to take over the Earth because you preferred trivial pursuits, and allowed compromise with evil that removed God from your schools, your wombs, and is now working at removing Him from the public square altogether.

It is also not in your best interest to keep reading if you are a true atheist Galt, because quite frankly, we don’t want you to. You worship at the altar of Mammon, are evil incarnate, masquerading as an angel of light, and are completely deceived by the God of Mammon, so we ask that you either consider your belief system, or just go away and either die with the rest of the deceived and nominal lukewarm Christians and join with the New System in their wonderful new invention coming, Free money. The cost to your own soul, being irrelevant to you, because you don’t believe you have one, and this is the result of MYSTERY. Besides, you have evolved in knowledge, and no longer believe in the religions of sheepherders and peasants of ancient times, right? You think man has evolved past the point of old fairy tales and superstitions, and sadly, we agree, but not in the way you think.

Because the Churches had a great commission, and God knew they would blow it, in fact it was preordained, that man must learn by his own mistakes, or like any other rebellious child, he will not truly learn it at all. But that is neither here or there to those who BELIEVE or those who don’t, because God is either going to save you, or He doesn’t exist to you, so why would you care to read further, unless, you have that splinter in your mind, that tells you something about our reality, and our spirituality, and our religions and economics, our politics and even our science, is just… wrong, and broken. And this leads us back to Galt’s Gulch, and the basis of their new technology.


At this stage of science and knowledge, it must be seen that any new technologies, must be found in a new science of unity. The Unified Field of Einstein, is the only way to achieve this level of technology because the ultimate questions must be answered, at least to the level of engineer-ability.  Sadly, science is locked into the paradigm of baby steps, no vision allowed outside their version of reality. But to find anti-gravity or free energy, we must take a step outside space-time, because that is what causes reality to be. This is the step John Galt took, and his science was never more than vaguely defined. Supposedly Nikola Tesla took this step outside reality, but refused to give its fruits to mankind, he knew it would only be put to evil purpose.

This step ‘outside’ is necessary because the ‘Laws’ of physics are self defeating to these higher levels of knowledge and technology. How can you defeat gravity if gravity is thought to be just another particle, or have free energy when the source of free energy is denied? If the basic structure of the Universe is energy, as Einstein proved in the atom bomb, then forces, not particles, must be at the root of all things, just as the prophet Daniel, and the Scribe of Righteousness Enoch, wrote about. Thus, to achieve the next level of technology, particles themselves must be seen as The Illusion of Reality, like Plato said. But, it shall be seen that this illusion plays a part in keeping The men of Galt and materialism in their place, limiting their reach to Sol. So does this mean that this new science could be anything but a joke to them? It would, if, in the process one mathematically proved that God was a necessary force in creation…

Einstein’s greatest regret, was giving the power of the atom to the military industrial complex. In fact it was Einstein’s Special Relativity that you can say, helped create the modern military industrial complex based on the need to build and maintain a modern nuclear infrastructure that requires untold sums of money. Einstein said he didn’t know what mighty weapons would be used to fight world war III, but that world war VI would be fought with sticks and stones. In this he was right, for when such calamities come upon civilizations, is it the wisest, the richest and the best who survive, or the janitor hiding in the closet? A man who in the future, sitting around his campfire, speaks of old times, which eventually becomes myths and legends. Knowledge of such complex things become fragments and has to be interpreted by future scholarly men, without the context of the times. Archeology tells us, and shows us, great flying machines in the time of ancient Egypt and Babylon, tales of tens of thousands of years ago, in the Hindu Sanskrit texts that tell of golden Vimana’s that shot arrows with fire coming out of their tails, that exploded with the light of ten thousand suns, and then buried in the Indus valley they find radioactive debris, and melted rocks. But we are led to believe, by modern scholars with a so called ‘linear’ interpretation of time, that we are the Most Modern of Men?

Was there a secret buried in the past? That came forward to us as tales and myths, legends and stories, of which only fragmentary evidence exists, and scholars poo poo as stories of cavemen? How could cavemen come up with such stories? It is more likely, in our opinion, that Einstein was right in more ways than one. Because some of his greatest postulates have been totally wiped from the consciousness of modern physicists and their world has almost totally become devoted to abandoning the Unified Field, and reinventing God, in a particle. The Higgs boson, or God Particle, was 99% ‘proven’ by work at C.E.R.N., but, they said when they announced it that they had much more work to do, and we assure the reader, they do. They have much more work to do because the Higgs does not, and cannot exist as what they think it is, but their false statistical manipulations of many experiments, did prove something they hadn’t counted on. It proved Einstein’s Aether of General Relativity exists, and it was accompanied by a sign from the True God of the Universe. But you could only see it, if you believed in God, and had “eyes that see”.

You see, the Universe of Particles, is the Universe of Anti-God, because even in the Bible it spoke of the “God of Forces” in Daniel. But, the closer the physicists came to the underlying structure of the particles, the closer to the altar of God they got. You see, as Einstein said, all things are merely “frozen energy”, and this was proven at the Trinity test site in New Mexico in 1945, when a few pounds of radioactive matter was converted into the light of ten thousand Suns, and a lot of extraneous ‘particles’. But the physicists abandoned Einstein, because Einstein’s ‘way’, was to “prove the mind of God, and all the rest are mere details”. Quantum mechanics, searched for years, for a way to ‘repair’ their ‘standard model’, and they see the Higgs as that way. This is because the Light that the atom bomb produced, was contained within the molecules of the plutonium and uranium, but it was trapped, or ‘bound’, by something called ‘dark energy’.

Now, quantum physicists haven’t a clue what dark energy is, or how it could be, or where it is, but Einstein knew, and told them it was everywhere within the very structure of space-time itself. It had to be in order for General Relativity to function correctly. But modern scientists, have abandoned this concept as old fashioned, and that the Higgs could be that aether, but they would be wrong. This is simply proved, but they will have no part of it. And it is very simply because they hate God, and once the Aether is proven, and the source of the Light within the particles is proven, that there is only one place they can come from, hyperspace. A realm of reality outside the perception of normal aetherial or ‘relative’ space-time. They accept the experimental observations as proof of Einstein, they accept his theories as proof of ‘something’, but reject his notion that it all has to come from ‘outside’.

Now, the disproof of their God particle is simple. The entire chain of events, from Einstein, through the basic establishing experiments of quantum mechanics, the wave-particle ‘duality’ to the God particle and dark energy, began in the 1800’s with an experiment called the Michelson-Morley experiment. This was the most famous ‘failed’ experiment in history. They attempted to prove a ‘luminiferous aether’ that permeated the Universe. Something that allowed and caused the waves of light to ride upon it like the waves on a pond. But alas, it was not to be, their experiment failed to show anything at all. Sigh. And Einstein’s Special Relativity was the result that changed the world, and allowed math to be used as a predictor of reality. When General Relativity came along, and an Aether was absolutely required in order to give space-time ‘thickness’, it was said to not be in violation of Special Relativity because there was no concept of it having a measurable motion that Michelson-Morley attempted to measure. It was a great quandary, supposedly resolved by the Particle Paradigm and its bastard stepchild, the God Particle.

This stepchild can be easily dismissed by the rational and even unscientific mind, if the answers to but a few questions are understood, and their implications are absorbed. First, the God particle is considered to be a RANDOM particle as the basis of space-time, that (probably) extends from the Dirac Sea of virtual particles that supposedly pop in and out of existence, a fantastic and infinite energy source, that delivers the ZPE or Zero Point Energy field measured in the Cosmic background radiation… supposedly showing us the left overs of the Big Bang. Ok… If the God particle is truly the source of dark energy and the CAUSE of the spin force that binds the Light energy(The EFFECT), then how come all the observations of astronomy, that reveals 99.9% of the observed bodies in space, rotate, orbit, or spin, in a counter-clockwise(LEFT) direction? If this ‘particle/force’ were random, then the result should be a 50 percent probability of left and right spin factors, should it not? (Then, you read in one of those ancient  ‘forbidden’ books, about something called; the Left Handed force, and one dot is connected to another. )

Then we can ask, if this God particle is merely the source of dark energy and the spin force, where, exactly, does the Light come from? You are expected to accept that “Well, it just IS.” Then how is light both a particle AND a Wave, at the same time? Is not a thing, a thing, and can be no other thing? No, they would say, not in the world of the quantum, it is a ‘mystery’. They have “much more work to do.”

Then you ask, does the God particle resolve the oldest mysteries of physics, the oldest of them all, the Rock phenomenon, otherwise known as the Brazil nut effect. In other words, can this mysterious particle, cause big nuts or big rocks, to rise above little nuts, or little rocks? This is the oldest of the mysterious phenomena of physics, surely you have a new model that can predict this? “Well, probably not, we have a lot more work to do…” Yes, we see.

Then surely, this God particle must resolve the mysteries of quantum gravity, inertia, entropy and the Coriolis ‘effect’? Right? Well, maybe, you know we have a …” Yes, we know, you have a LOT more work to do. Their God ‘particle’ it seems, raises more questions than it answers, and the goal of philosophy and science, is to answer questions, not generate more unanswerable questions. Religion, we thought, was the mechanism set up for unanswerable questions. We predict, they will find additional ‘particles’ beneath the God Particle, as they take their trip down the rabbit hole of The Aether, that is, as the ancients said, the Waters of Genesis, or the Firmament of Enoch, that sits above the Bottomless pit, that leads to the Lake of Fire that consumes all energy.  And it shall be seen, eventually, that the Universe has a Source of energy, and a Sink of energy, and that flow of energy, creates all things.

Galt and the Holy Grail
But you see, John Galt saw through it all. He saw a new paradigm of forces, he saw the weakness in the physics of the day. He ‘violated’ the laws of physics, and there is only one way he could have done it, he would have had to have discovered a new hyper-physics of God. That is the basis of going Galt. A new energy paradigm, a new way of looking at old things. John Galt took something old, and made something new. He pounded a sword into a plowshare, and showed us the way. John didn’t reject knowledge as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to be placed on a labeled shelf and rejected, he threw everything into one pot and stirred. In that pot the collected dots of lifetimes become a stew of knowledge and the dots of light were connected to other dots of light, while the dark dots fall to the bottom of the pot and are forgotten. We care not whether the reader believes or doesn’t believe, it is the way of things. Light attracts to light, and dark attracts to dark, and that is the basis of everything. What if, what the preachers call a metaphorical mystery, is in fact, the basis of reality itself?

What John Galt discovered has eluded man for thousands of years, the ultimate and final answer to the ultimate question, to either be discovered, or rediscovered? That the Light of Einstein, was the energy source of all things, and his Aether of General Relativity was real, but it was a dark aether, not a luminiferous aether, did Michelson and Morley make a bad assumption?

That only by the combination of Light and Dark energy would be revealed The Cause of all things. The final, irrefutable, and provable Unified Field of Einstein that proves the Cause of the Big Bang, and gives that proof in the language of the Universe, mathematics. A Math that predicts the resolution of all current and ancient mysterious phenomena of physics, and provides ultimate proof in experiments that show free energy and anti-gravity are mere side effects of a third unseen force, that causes The Chaos we see, of the Unified Field of God.

It would have to be of ‘God’, simply because he figured out how to connect to the SOURCE of the energy in the Universe, and draw from it. He had to have discovered or rediscover something Tesla had been rumored to have done. If he did this, then he literally had to reach in between the molecules of space-time in order to extract the energy to run the engine. If he had to reach in between the stuff of space-time, then he drew energy from  outside of space-time, exactly as Einstein said. Thus, if John Galt’s engine technology, had to reach outside of the known structures of reality to draw its power, it reached into the hyper-universe, a higher layer of reality, an energy layer, the layer of Primal forces. And perhaps this leads to one of the most curious things about Einstein’s Special Relativity of Light energy, the concept of time.

Time, in our ‘normal’ space, is ‘relative’ to the speed of light, the only absolute. A photon leaves the surface of a star and in its time-frame, it almost immediately hits your eyeball, but in your own mind, you have been told it could take thousands of years. Thus a second of time is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as a second. Wait… where have we heard this before? Oh, right, “With God, a thousand years is as a day, and a day is as a thousand years.”, in the Bible, God’s time, is Einstein’s time. Essentially, the faster you go, the more ‘time’ is compressed, until, at the speed of light, there is no ‘relative’ time, but, a thousand years is compressed into one second. When the ramifications of that are fully absorbed, it becomes even more humbling to understand, what John Galt tapped into, something that has been discussed by so called ‘New Age’ metaphysics and spiritualist gurus, something called; Hyper or Spiritual Geometry. Tapping into the ‘Infinite’, would leave you coming face to face with God.

So isn’t that interesting… John Galt cracked open the door to God’s Heaven, whether you believe or disbelieve, that is what particle physicists are afraid of. Why? If John got a free energy machine, it had to have been done by cracking the secret between the Light energy and the Dark energy, because the only way energy itself can flow, is if an imbalance, or potential difference is developed. Like between the positive and negative of a battery, or the top of a waterfall and the placid surface of the lake below as the power of gravity turns the waterwheel. There must be a dipole, or difference of potential energy for anything to ‘work’.

John Galt, in order to achieve this imbalance, had to reach outside the structure of the known Universe, and the known laws of physics, into hyper-light and hyper-time which are of higher energy than a human can perceive. They are one thing, infinite energy and infinite time,  what the ancients called the energy of ‘spirit’, which then proves that there is an ‘outside’, which leads to the throne of a Creator or Intelligent designer. So, John Galt found the Holy Grail, the proof of intelligent design of the Universe, but wait, John Galt was an atheist, wasn’t he?

What most people don’t understand, is what the Holy Grail represents. It represents the proof of God, and the myth that it was hidden under long ago, because it was. It was not the cup of Christ, or even the sarcophagus of Mary Magdalene, but it was hidden in the forbidden books of Rome. You see, when Rome constructed their Canon, many books, including the revealed knowledge of Enoch, were simply forbidden and called; Heretic. Many of these philosophical books were rediscovered in the 20th century, after being hidden in caves and jars over a  thousand years ago. The Holy Grail was burned and hidden by religious zealots in order to enforce a thousand years of MYSTERY doctrines and the outlawing of philosophy and science, the reason science hates religion. Thus John discovered an ultimate theological Revelation that proves God Himself, must be, in order for all things; To Be.

And if someone were to seriously make this claim, it would be met with ridicule, and violence, you can be assured. People LOVE MYSTERY, and would run to and fro with their hair on fire, and the torches and pitchforks would come forth in search of the Heretic. But, then, this is all just an old novel, and this is just a joke… right? I mean… RIGHT?


The concept of the Big Bang, is a proven concept as far as science can know, the question of what CAUSED it, can only be left to speculation, or can it? If this ultimate question is answered, and ultimately proven, then all the mysterious phenomena of science, the Mystery of religion, and the question of the soul of man, and his place in the Universe, would be answered in the Galt energy matrix of creation itself.
If such a thing were found, we would then see connections form between old ‘forbidden’ books of spiritual knowledge and new concepts of light and dark energy interaction. We would see the soul as a created thing because it must be, because the Universe was created from outside itself, because it HAD to be, because the Unified Field would prove that it WAS. If it was truly found, then science and religions would have to be rethought from scratch.

If man had the Unified Field, then he would have an anchor, a zero point to measure all things by. It would eliminate the relativity of creation, and deliver an absolute standard of measurement. It would provide a link and a touchstone, a Rosetta stone of all things physical, religious, spiritual and mysterious, because it would become the Root of knowledge, and a tree that builds branches as dots become connected. If one can see the Matrix, then one can discern the true good and evil, as the good rises and the evil falls, because the absolute would replace the relative, as misguided relativity is seen as the problem to be overcome, not just limits, but the way of things.

In the words of Galt, if an A is an A, and can be no other thing, then man is composed of energy, and the particles we observe are merely the measurable surface of a greater thing within, then the further one goes within, we must cross a threshold from normal space and reality as we know it, into hyperspace of the Hyper Universe, what the ancients called; spirit. The Hyper Light is outside our perceptions as Enoch said, simply because our biological senses were designed to turn frequencies of light, into the color of perception. Thus our Universe, and its beauty, only comes into being in the senses of its inhabitants. Otherwise, we would see the matrix, and its confusion of silver quantum string bubbles and waves of jumbled frequencies. We would see that the quantum jumps of ‘particles’, are critical energies, that are composed of even more subtle and complex energies, in layers of quantum jumps, from reality, to the heavenly of the hyper-light, and the hellish nothing of the Aethereal darkness of subspace, the driver of black holes. We could see the Majesty and the Horror, and what fun would there be in that?

Galt of God

So, ultimately, if our John Galt discovered the secret to the Universe, then he must have cracked open the door to heaven, and not just any heaven, but the highest heaven. For the secret of anything that violates the laws of man, can only leave the laws of God, and God does not reveal such secrets to atheists. There can come no darkness towards the realms of such light.

But if a John Galt of God could be found, what would he say about the situation of our current world, being taken down into the world of Atlas Shrugged or worse? Would he be more concerned with material things, or spiritual things? What if, in his words, they were both the same thing? What if the physical and the spiritual, as he saw it, had to come together in unity in order to defeat what ails the world? What if the evil behind the money powers, was the true enemy of man and spirit, and took the Joy of Life from Earth? Would he see this Thing, that operated in direct opposition to the laws of spirit and God, this thing that the Light of this World Himself lost His temper over, this abomination that drags the people into desolation, and sets up false doctrines, and false God’s of war, in the true temple of God, your minds. Would that be a focus of the true John Galt of God?

And if so, what conclusions would he draw concerning the age of churches, and a System so intertwined, self supporting and connected in the monitoring of compliance with its dark edicts of mystery, fear and lies? A system of churches that is divided between trying to follow God and enforced submission to a godless authority. A system that grew more controlling and tyrannical by the day, a system from which, there could be no escape? A system that abides no Galt’s Gulches, because there is no place on Earth that is outside of its reach? No place on Earth that is outside of its eyes in the sky and its control. No place on Earth that, eventually, will not fall under the cloven hooves of the bankers claws and their jack booted thugs that operate under color of law.

He would say, go UP, young man.

The first thing he would say, would be to paraphrase what Einstein said; you cannot use the same thinking to get you out of the mess, that put you in the mess to begin with. This new thinking would have to be completely radical as a completely new revelation, a true Unified Field of God, that would cause you to abandon 4th century thinking manifested in 20th century misunderstandings. He would say that a new 21st century thinking would be required to draw men out of the sticky clay of emotions of fear and 4th century superstitions that keep us stuck in old ways. He would say to look at two thousand years of history, and name one instance of a religious figure predicting something accurately. To reexamine the free lunch doctrines of faith, and precepts that keep you frozen in apathy and force you to submit to an authority that is now in open defiance of Gods laws. To ask you if there was ever a free lunch on this planet, or a supernatural event that set the guilty free from the consequences of their actions, or ask, did the Universe operate in Godly fashion, and what goes around comes around?

He would see the ways the rich and famous hide themselves in the system, and use the loopholes designed for themselves, and given to themselves by access to power. He would say that the system is coming to get you, but you already knew that or you wouldn’t be going Galt, now would you? But as we have already said, half a Galt will provide an assist in tearing down what is, but it will not be sufficiently powerful, one by one, to rebuild anything. In fact, if the evil mounts up in sufficient power, it is doubtful, that the Little Gulches will even survive the culling process of destroying the small businesses, the foreclosures, and systemic death now being imposed by the enemies of America, so that the big guys can take over ownership of everything for pennies on the dollar, and create their depopulated and downsized global company store.

He would say, that without massive financial wherewithal and a unity of purpose, it is doubtful that a scattering of Gulches, operating like a herd of cats, will survive the first major event, like, a cut that gets infected, a broken machine that is necessary for survival, eyeglasses that get broken, there are a million little things, that can, and will destroy you, simply because Galt’s buddy Murphy, is still in charge of reality. Murphy assures you, that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, at the worst possible moment. That without economic power to replace what is destroyed, Murphy himself will win.

We can almost assure you, you have forgotten something in your Little Gulch, or something you thought you had enough of, will run out much sooner than you anticipated. Either a little thing will get you, or the zombie leftist hoards, that are hunting you will find you and overwhelm you and your three partners, as they smell your food, and see your lights and fires, these are things that may not be in all places, but are certain to be in some places. And if America falls to the left, called the Beast power, that will centralize to a global Thing, be assured, something wicked this way comes.

You also can never know what mother nature will visit upon you, the New Madrid fault could open up America tomorrow like a zipper, with sinkholes raging across the land and every bridge, natural gas and power line busted in half, irreparable for months, if ever.  What will you do, when your retreat and your long accumulated supplies, sits at the bottom of a 100 foot deep chasm, with the edges crumbling, and you can’t get close to it without being consumed by it? Who ya gonna call? The government? If not that, a super X Class solar flare or EMP weapon could really, really screw up the rest of your planned life.

What if your business is consumed by Obama-Care(s) and the taxes to come, the fees and the strangling of energy resources already in process? The shutdown of coal and nuclear plants already planned? How will you operate without power? The big boys will operate, of that you can be assured… but, you? What if your bank loans are called, as the bankers are wont to do when the upstream switch is thrown?  What if your mortgage is taken over by the Feds… oh, forgot, that’s already happening. What will you do if they call the loan or announce its not yours anymore, its, tada.. theirs! Or your 401k, is now converted to a nice little GRA consisting of those pretty US Treasury bonds, with a fixed draw amount after you reach 70? I mean, its only ‘fair’ that everybody gets a retirement, right?

What if your ‘hoard’ is outlawed with your semi automatics, and your gold and silver must be turned in at whatever price they deem? The big what if then comes; What if you wake up one morning and the President is in Geneva Switzerland signing some new global money treaty, that turns those pieces of toilet paper you used to call dollars, into real toilet paper that must also be turned in at the going rate? OH, but, there’s a catch, the new global monetary ‘union’ is now based in Geneva or Brussels, and Rome now has the keys to your churches, and the Pope has announced an ecumenical joining of ‘brothers’ of God with Islam, under the new global ‘authority’, since a few days before, the new Caliphate of Saudi Arabia announced they would no longer take dollars or euros for oil, and would only allow two forms of payment; Gold, or national and enforced submission to Allah.

The Jews are going nuts, threatening war, and there could be a real war by this time, with the whole world against the arrogant little cousins, as you, you, are stuck in the Kabuki theater of the damned, and they just shut and locked the doors. You have a choice, to go along and take the new Mark ‘thing’, in order to regain access to your bank accounts, or, submit to the local Head Master down at the mosque where you and your children have decided to listen to the preacher and commit ‘Suicide by Bible’, which have now been outlawed, or, run like hell to the BOL called Our Gulch. Where eventually, they will find you. Will you give up your head, or your soul?, what a choice.

But that is what true evil does, it joins together, it consolidates power, it merges with the other evil. Darkness is attracted to darkness. So where in hell does that leave you? Probably dead, eventually. Going Galt, really helped a lot there Ayn, thanks a lot. As we have said, half a Galt, is no Galt at all. What if Murphy is in charge of reality, and all of the above come down the pike? Isn’t the whole idea of prepping, or Going Galt, to be able to THRIVE in poverty, and not just survive, during bad times?

We assure you, what you have forgotten, somebody else did not. What you have a shortage of, somebody else has a surplus of. What you cannot do, somebody else can. This is the whole idea of an economy, the Division of Labor. But in Mammons system of Babylon, it is absolutely required that you make more than you spend, or you are burnt toast. And so it will be with most preppers, Galtists, survivalists, whatever you want to call yourself, if you cannot produce everything you will need, and those things you forgot, when you need it, you’re going to first slide, and then race to the bottom. Even if you survive not being caught for a long spell in the woods, you will be hating life at the bottom as a formerly civilized person. Murphy is the Man, and Mother Nature is an ugly bitch, and you will be fortunate to survive with your wits intact, much less your soul, your culture and your faith.

Now there are those who say, that God’s people will be led into the wilderness by angels who will tell them where their retreat is, and we don’t dispute that.  Our John Galt of God would probably say, yes, that may be true, for some, but if the Holy Spirit is acting in the minds of the people with such a fervency, to get them prepared for hard times by driving in that little splinter in their minds, who are His hands? Does He want people to come to decisions on their own? Does history prove that prophesies and predictions, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth, and fervent prayers, can always be answered with a firm yet silent; NO?
If you think that you are a ‘saint’ and will be rescued by angels in the nick of time, and are pinning all your preparations on this one supernatural plan, he would urgently ask you to ask how it all worked out for the Jews of World war II, who were adamant in their belief that The Messiah would pull their fat out of the fire and save them from the Nazis. Oh, you can’t ask them much of anything, can you?

How about the Apostles, who KNEW the Lord would save them from their impending torture and death? If you are supposed to give up your selves and your children to be sacrificed, then who is the Remnant the Bible speaks of? Does God always save a remnant through all cataclysms? He does, but He works through inklings of the Holy Spirit, He said He would be with you through any tribulation, He did not say He would remove you. So you may listen to Him, or to your preacher men who twist words of salt into words of sugar. But, the case for mystery is closed, and preachers are only men, and the Bible may contain the words of God within it, but it was penned and edited by Men. Men fell out of Eden by rebellion, and in rebellion we have been for the whole history of man, hard reality is what we wished for, and we got it, good and hard. Scripture plainly says that we are His hands of justice, that He chastises His own people, and that He warns His people, He does not remove them from the consequences of their own bad behavior or sloth in standing up to evil.

That is the whole point of being prepared, you prepare for the unknown. None of us can know what, if anything will happen and anybody who predicts something will happen on a certain date, is a fool. The other side of that equation is that if you haven’t prepared for the absolute worst things you could possibly imagine, then you haven’t prepared at all. So then you must ask yourself, what, exactly, am I preparing for? Does it matter what I think, if something even worse could happen? Have I forgotten something? And the answer will always come back; yes, you did. The reason you are prepping, is to preserve something of us. Our children, our culture, our knowledge, our skills, our civilization, even if in some reduced form, is a great deal more acceptable, than to have the janitor sitting around a campfire in 100 years telling stories of The Americans. Stories of how they laid around in sloth and apathy, watching evil slowly destroy them, while having faith in God who they said, would save them from the evil they allowed to spread. But in that story is a message that they didn’t even know what evil was anymore, for evil had become good and good had become evil. That these people had a form of faith that denied the power of God worked through them, because they were divided by the evil they had thought to be good.

Fortunately, if you believe in God, then He has given us a road-map, in symbolic language, that is rational and not mysterious. But it all depends on whether you believe in evil too. If you believe in God and evil, then you know there are only three ways of fighting evil. You can; compromise, fight, or flee. We all know, or should know, that compromising with evil, only causes the good guys to step backwards, as compromise to evil means to compromise with evil, very little of the good guys agenda ever makes it to the table. This is history, and fighting evil, at this stage of the game would simply get you killed and your children taken by the state. If we’re talking about ‘official’ evil and not your run of the mill street evil. God gives you the right to self defense. So when dealing with ‘official’ evil, otherwise known as the godless authority, then the only way to deal with them at this time, is to flee. But, there is no Galt’s Gulch in the wilderness, or is there?

If the Biblical method of fleeing a tide of evil, is to go into the wilderness on the wings of an eagle, then that is simply to leave the city or The System of civilization, otherwise known as Babylon. To leave the economic system, is to go Galt. To become poor. Half a Galt, is becoming poor by not producing up to our level of capability. But a full Galt, is to be able to run out into the wilderness to be hidden from prying eyes. So true Galtism, in a way, is predicted by the Bible, and is a righteous response to evil. So far so good, but where then, is Galt’s Gulch?

In order to even go half a Galt, it is painful to society as your services, expertise or skills are withdrawn from the market. It is painful to society, and to you. Whether your Galthood is voluntary or forced by edicts of guberment stupidity is irrelevant, everybody loses. In essence, the issue is, you are withdrawing your economic contribution to society, and must accept reduced circumstances, while the looters must accept less in taxes, thus losing unto death if carried through to acceptable numbers. In essence, you are fighting an economic war, by economic means. In the world of Atlas Shrugged, the men who went Galt, or were taken away by Galt, were the biggest names in industry, in a nation that depended on its industries.

In a globalized economy, that world doesn’t exist anymore, this nation is not dependent on a small group of industrialists doing good work, because we have been largely deindustrialized and globalized. But the nation does depend on a small number of bankers in New York to keep the wheels from falling off. Unfortunately, these are not the Good guys. So what, exactly, will you, or even ten thousand or a million of us going Galt, accomplish? If we do it in typical Galtist fashion, then there will be no trust, and the individual genes will kick in, as we go off into the land of Galt, one, by one, to become stand alone Little Gulches, without support. And one by one, when the long days of evil come, we will go down, one, by one.

So is there any one strategy, that could help win an economic war, allow us to go ‘into the wilderness’ and preserve and protect those things that are the most valuable? Yes, but it takes more than one move in order to play chess. If you are to win a war, you must think like a general, not a lieutenant. Strategy and tactics do not win wars, they are won by logistics and deception with unity and vision of common purpose, because a house divided cannot stand. Even millions of half a Galts in Little Gulches, as a house divided, may stand for awhile, but will eventually go down if our version of Atlas Shrugged becomes a fact of life. Remember, in the original Galt’s Gulch, these were millionaires and billionaires that disappeared, are you a millionaire? If not, you have zero chance of survival in any long term economic war of true Marxists, Fascists, or if any combination of ‘isms’ eliminates the rule of law.

If it is not becoming obvious what a strategy of Galt++ could be, then consider how knowledge was protected after the fall of Rome and all during the dark ages. Even though Rome was in the book burning business, there were many monasteries that retained many ‘forbidden’ books, and the monks guarded them, and copied them, with their lives. The knowledge contained in those dark and remote libraries, is the only reason today, we know about the works of Socrates, Aristotle, and many other ‘forbidden’ tomes. If it were not for much of these monks, the enlightenment wouldn’t have been so full of light, and it is doubtful if mankind would have had a 19th and 20th century that we currently know as the centuries that invented technology. They built upon the works of ages, even the great cathedrals of Europe could not have been built without Pythagoras and the knowledge of geometry. The religious zealots of Rome, set mankind back a thousand years or more, if it were not for these patriots of knowledge, where would we be?

What then is the most important thing in going Galt? And would a new anti capitalist, anti christian or anti American global empire even allow a Bible in your hands, not to mention your guns? Would people retain their own faith, having been indoctrinated in easy feel good church doctrines that suddenly proved to be wrong? Would Americans curse preachers, God and you, as the New System accused you of being the enemy and the Cause of their troubles? Would brother turn against brother, and son against father? That is history, and history may not repeat, but it does rhyme, and this scenario was prophesied.

If ultimately, certain of the prophesies are from God, then they must come true in some fashion, whether the interpretations of preachers or men are currently incorrect. And if that is so, He does not do anything without first warning His people through His prophets. There has been an awful lot of prophesying in the last ten years, and men and women have been having dreams and visions, and there is no understanding why, but it does appear, the Holy Spirit has been working overtime to get peoples attention, as we can tell you, 2012 was a year of awakening, 2013 will be a time of awareness, 2014 the beginning of Fear, and 2016 becomes rage, as hope turns into hopelessness, as the love of many waxes cold and the sleepers awaken.

If a Remnant of God’s civilization then, is to survive and thrive, and we’re told to leave the System, then that means we must go into the wilderness metaphorically, and that means we must create our own underground economy to achieve goals. Then how do you do that while maintaining logistical flows, deceiving the enemy, and keeping a sense of unity of purpose? You build a trust network within a Holy Joke. It means we must create our own hidden channels of trust, man to man, and group to group, without breaking back down into the divisions of ideology and doctrines, which, ALWAYS happens. This implies a New Song, a new way of thinking that abandons the old thinking. This must begin at the highest level in order to unify thinking.

As Americans learned, the constitution was an Idea that Unified the Godly and the godless, but even that Idea has now broken down as the things that divide us have grown more powerful than the thing that unified us. The reasons are irrelevant, but as Einstein said, the old thinking that caused the problem, must be replaced with something new. This something new must contain the best of the old, while throwing out the bad. In our current understanding, what is bad is centralized anything, and what is good is decentralized as much as possible. Only a decentralized system, governance, money and maximum freedom for the individual plus the Empathy of the Tragedy of the Commons with the heart of true family values, which implies no hierarchies or centralized leadership. The original founders used a cell approach, with committees of correspondence in order to coordinate their rebellion, but it is not a rebellion we wish to bring to fruition, but an anti rebellion.

This effort is already underway, but in a disorganized fashion as individuals and groups form up across the country, but they have no way to know where the other groups or capabilities are, what they are composed of, what skills or resources they have, or what defensive capabilities they are able to bring to bear. They go Galt, alone, or with a group, hoping they will survive, and doing everything to insure that they will, but as we have already discussed, the likelihood of long term survival, much less thriving, is limited without the resources of an economic infrastructure to support them.

So the issue then devolves into one of Trust. Having organized a nationwide group, using online tools, we know that a Trust network can be formed. But maintaining group cohesion must be based on the “Vision Thing”, or the influences of Ideologies and doctrines will destroy any group. These philosophies are deeply held, and emotionally defended. So the core issues of philosophy must be turned into something all parties can agree on. The dark conspiracies of the money changers, are only recently come into the open as The Globalists. Even a few years ago, to discuss them as a ‘conspiracy’ would be met with laughter, and that is still the case with too many ignorant brothers who are still attached to the needle of hopium and still listen to the MSM as their gospel. These individuals are most likely a lost cause, so our efforts must concentrate on The Elect of Galt and God, the Iron constitutions of minds must be drawn from the sticky clay, and this will require a New Song of electric power to draw them. This song itself, so powerful, that those who merely accept it, can be assured, the clay will be afraid of it, ridicule it, and run away.

If the darkness hides their effort in humor, then the people of God, and the agnostic good guys who have agreed to keep an open mind, using the methods of warfare, as true warriors, must use deception as a way of hiding in the open, and by using the same rules and tools of the Elite, in order to appear ‘poor’. This is two pronged and is the heart of this ‘Holy Joke’. To do this, requires a New Idea, played in a New Song. If the constitution brought us together once, history says, the same trick doesn’t work twice. That has been proven lately as the latest evolution of us makes its way onto the Kabuki theater of the damned. These are the L.I.B.’s they want to Let It Burn.

As we previously discussed, they are probably a mixture of atheist, Godly and even different political persuasions, and they cannot use the constitution to fix the constitutional republic because of already having ‘lost’, yet are unwilling to ‘lose’, so they will help it to burn down in order to assure they ‘lose’, with a vague hope of rebuilding. This is the logic of the damned, and a harbinger of doom. When the good guys give in to apathy and despair, the Ism’s will win, and history shows, as we’ve already discussed, it will not be allowed to be rebuilt. This was also Ayn Rands great deception or delusion. Once the constitution is gone, it is gone forever. This does not mean the ideas contained within it are gone however, only its current construction as a Federal System, that nobody, including this Little Galt, would ever accept again. Besides, before this stage could be reached(rebuilding), the Elite must be dealt with by the Elect, and the statue of the head of gold, must be brought down with the power hidden in the rocks.

So how do the Godly guys and the atheists, the Galts and the Patriots, the Doomers and the Preppers, and just regular folks, unite in deception, with a common vision? The answer is as with all things of man, it depends. If you are atheist Galt, then it is easy, if you are Godly Galt then it is more difficult. But in all cases, it depends on your level of belief, understanding and commitment to the New Song of the Unified Field of the Intelligent Designer, the Unifier. This would affect your being able to commit to a Galt+ Brotherhood of Networked Gulches, joined together by legal trusts. To go ‘Galt’ remember is to go poor, and the best way to become poor is to become poor on paper, while retaining the use of productive assets. Thus a legal trust is formed using the same loopholes as the rich men, only this Trust, is joined by swearing all your ‘life, your fortune, and your sacred honor’ in the service of the Light of the Unified Field. Does this sound weird enough? Humorous enough? Ridiculous even? Good. Its supposed to, it is after all, a Holy Joke. But, simultaneously, it allows the Godly to report their status as a monk, a follower of the Jedi Way of the Light of this World, which is not a lie but a deception of war, as their assets and lives are joined into a Trust that is controlled by all the Houses that are members.

Each Little Galt, or retreat, is a House, and has a Steward, with apprentices. Nobody works for profits anymore, in fact, you would work to avoid profits in the sense of standard businesses, but you would no longer be a ‘business’. You would be an employee or associate of the Trust of God, ToG. Your assets, would remain under your operational control, but, your finances would be covered by the Trust, your bills would be paid by the Trust, you would live from the Trust, and all income would go to the Trust. All you have to do is the things you love to do. Your life would shift focus from worrying about money, to having Joy in work. And at the end of the game, if somebody has no need of money, then they will have no need of taking any ‘mark’. In any large concern, especially this, there would eventually be partner businesses, those who would interface the black market to the Mark market. It is inevitable, the harder the Beast squeezes, the more will slip through its fingers, it is only necessary to figure out how to go ‘black’ to start with.

The Galt+ Network, would simply be a cooperative community concept, joined at the hip of finance and ownership. Something that churches who ‘get it’, could join in as barter markets, community centers, temples and class rooms, the actual bricks and mortar infrastructure, up until any new system decided to lock them. But if that happens, and the network is already running, then it is a simple matter to scatter to alternates. In the extreme case, if the New System that comes is Islamic or ‘worships death’, then the ultimate plan will already be in effect. Every House that wishes to, can become part of a distributed manufacturing facility, to build a new technology. A technology given as a gift from the Holy Spirit as the result of the Unified Field. And if and when it comes down to it, the network will ride the skys over the chaos on Wings of Eagles, and hopefully, to settle a new city in the sky, with the mandated name; New Jerusalem.

When the ToG and the Jedi have become powerful enough, the forces of God of the Elect, will defeat the Elite with the aid of the Light as it comes to Earth in the darkness that comes to Earth beginning in the New Cycle of the Galaxy, which begins on Dec 21, 2012. This is a the ultimate dark energy manifestation of the non homogeneous Aether, that has begun to affect the Earth, Sun, Sky and the minds of men for the last 10 years, and in December, it becomes the new energy paradigm. Is this a prophecy of doom? No. Have no fear, this is merely a thickening of the stuff of space-time itself. It will eventually come down to the Sun blacking out, the Moon becoming as blood, meteors and dust and all the things that will come through the solar system, as signs in the heavens. But we must avoid the primary problem, mankind that has lost its love of its brothers.

This ‘dark energy’ wave, arrives now, but it will not be something you can see. It is now proven by space probes, and scientific experiments, however, we have 20 years until the center of the energy rift, but this will only become a true concern as time goes on. The true concern, all speculations aside, are planning for the KNOWN and the UNKNOWN. These fall into categories as a certain Secretary of Defense was known to do; the most probable, and least probable scenarios. The Known Unknowns, and the Unknown Unknowns.

To go ‘Galt’ to begin with, is a reaction to a KNOWN. This is the trend now manifesting as the evil of the extreme left. That has been operating without budget for 3 years, and executing the end game of the Cloward-Piven strategy. Anybody who cannot see this is blind, deaf and dumb, or, part of it. This end game is designed to destroy the dollar, destroy confidence in the institutions of the two party system, destroy faith in God or at least marginalize faith while giving the appearance of being one of the ‘faithful’. They are the ultimate demons incarnate working in the shadows. These are the enemy forces of the money powers. A power that is non ideological, but uses both ideologies to gain power. Once this is understood, the game becomes easy and is played in phases, like evil does. It is nothing but a ‘virtual game’, designed to invoke ridicule, until it is time, to throw the switch, and become Real.

The current phase is the last phase of law and normalcy bias, with their game hidden in the humor of the dark conspiracy. This phase can last for years as things degenerate and decay, getting worse and worse. It should be obvious to most casual observer, that the Blue Caesar cares nothing for governance in traditional fashion, he believes in his way or the highway, to hell. While the Red Caesars are either stuck on stupid, full of hopium, or playing a role in the Kabuki theater of the damned, hoping to acquire a place on the podium when the Game shifts. And it is certain that the Game will shift. Either the Lincoln strategy writ large (read global) or a continued descent into hyperinflation and chaos, while the money powers end up owning everything. This, is the reason for a legal Trust, to take ownership away from the individual and provide for its continued independence from mounting evil.

With the KNOWN, there is only one way to survive, become a producer of goods. To shift yourself from the consumer side of the equation to the producer side. But, becoming a ‘legal’ producer entails burdensome costs, and in this environment, they will become crushing, since, the plan is to eliminate the little guys and give the big guys ownership and control of all productive assets. Where going Galt removes skills and productive assets are destroyed, Galt+ removes the assets from the System and puts them in an alternate system, the ToG, the Trust of Galt+God. A legal trust, you set up, linked to others, and you ‘sell’ yourself and all your assets to the ToG. Where Galt invests in nothing but self and survival, Galt+ invests in the ToG, to build the network of producers, that will only sell and buy, from other ToG’s, using TBucks, Temple Bucks, derived from OTP codes, eventually. You join ToG, and you get a check book, with access to unlimited pooled funds. It is not brothers supporting brothers, but brothers investing in brothers, overseen by all Stewards in Councils.

Trust is built within the network by the common vows and uncommon commitments, under an unfathomable philosophy or faith that is a ‘joke’. The ToG’s may have to be setup as religious charities, in order to deal ‘off network’ through cut outs and partners, but this is handled by individuals dealing with individuals. The idea is that one day, the color of your money will be no good, this is virtually certain. So best to plan for the transition now, versus getting hit with it and destroyed later. The ToG system can have its own barter currency, as a bank account, parallel to the dollar accounts in the ToG, but the Little ToG’s, have to be linked financially, in order to help one another. To invest in ToG, means brother helps brother, and only brothers. When a brother is in trouble, going into foreclosure, and that brother is a farmer, what do we all benefit when he is saved from the clutches of the bank? And no, this is not communism, it is cooperative communities surviving. It is removing the individual worries, and setting the individual free, while the burden is born by the groups together. It is an old fashioned Guild, under cover of legal trust, that makes no recordable profits, and all the members are ‘poor’, at least, on paper. And we assure you, after having done this for ten years, once you become poor, you become unnoticed, forgotten, invisible. Once you have nothing, you are unworthy of targeting for looting by the eyes of Gog(Godless of Government). As a ‘poor’ man, you could even help starve the beast even further, by drawing government benefits…

But, for the time being, the bills still have to be paid, and the Joining of the ToG’s, must be a sacred duty, a sacred Trust, and the only way that can ever happen is if enough eyes are looking over each others shoulders. Enough eyes with the primary mission to build the network of houses. The Mission to Give and not take. Opposite to Gog, whose mission is to Take, and give the dregs of its take to its slaves, moochers, its victims and fighting its enemies, while keeping the large slice of the pie for itself.

Contrast that with a voluntary ‘club’, whose whole purpose is investing in the club itself. The Guild, or Club, or Trust of Galt+God, run by priests and priestesses out of the Temple of Galt+God. These will assure the bills are paid, and the incomes received and disbursed into the many accounts of ToG, so that each Little ToG forgets about money, except for his or her allowance of individual comfort based on productivity or contribution to the All. Those who do not or cannot produce, will be aided, taught, encouraged and enabled to produce… something needed or wanted by The ALL. Something of value to the outside or inside, that can be bartered, sold or traded in the network or outside, like the Whiskey Rebels of old. Even whiskey itself became ‘money’ back then, it would be nice to have at least one legal distillery ‘house’, it would be nice to have a roving hospital that is fully staffed, devoted to healing and not profits, it would be nice to have metallurgical, steel production, aluminum fabrication, wire milling, and many other skills and industrial processes that many of you are not familiar with, but make life worth living.

Without a small segment of all the skills and processes available to men, an economy cannot function because of the necessity of upstream and downstream products. And all of these functions will soon be buried in the tidal wave of darkness approaching. The only way to survive in the darkness, is to trim your wicks, fill your lamps, and hide in a back room, where your lights can be seen by other lights, as a web of lights in the darkness, holding each others hands for strength and support, as we walk out of the cave of illusion and shadow together. But, we must still walk through the darkness, and that requires the thing the darkness seeks, money, and you must understand, it is your love of it that drags you down, and you are entangled with it, by intention, at the level of your very spirit. And at the end of the day there is only one charity worth investing in, where you can be assured of full investment in the goal, the future of our children.

Once the brown shirts are kept away, and the black suits mollified, a temporary firewall of prosperous poverty has been built through the private social network of hidden channels and shared accounts. Which leads to the Agent of Gog, problem. With a network of ToG’s, each little ToG, will be a self contained unit, knowing everybody personally in their local group or area, because they have found each other by zip code and become acquaintances if not friends. They should exercise all cautions with bringing in new apprentices into Houses, but since you’re doing nothing but building a non profit, you’re doing nothing illegal, so what would be to worry about? You have no money, right? So if you have no money you have no worries.

If you have armament, which you better, then it is hidden and controlled by the Steward of the House, right? Since the Steward is king of the House under a castle doctrine, he determines who knows what, since he is also a Warrior of Galt+God in the MoG, and understands the presentation and maintenance of an nonthreatening exterior, while holding to the Doctrine of the Meek, which is given in the lesson of the Cheek and the Sword.

Simultaneously, different groups will be assigned manufacturing tasks, to build up the Jedi Temples, the network of ToG Monasteries devoted to advanced hyper-physics of the Unified Field of God. It doesn’t matter if you ‘believe’ or not, just like with the Constitution, it was set up for secular and non secular, but the difference is, we will all take advantage of the Fleet of WoE, the Wings of Eagles now on the lab bench and demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit manifested in Spiritual Geometry.

The economics of stewardship
Our ancestors did not waste much, if anything. Our society by contrast, wastes everything. We are a disposable society, but that is bred into you by the Meme of marketing and the economics of mammon. It is cheaper to throw it away and replace it with a new one, instead of going through the ‘hassle’ of having it repaired. Did you know there are even people who do this with cars?

This is easy, it means when the resources of the Earth are removing, refined and put to use in a product, that product should be designed to last a lifetime, or longer, even forever if possible? Conversely, the economics of mammon, means planned obsolescence. Products designed to wear out so they must be replaced.

Recycling, reusing, re-purposing, returning for deposit, there are many potential places to put people ‘pounding our swords into plowshares’. If one doesn’t worry about the monetary cost, but only the preservation of resources, and the stewardship of Earth, and true economic value is placed on these type of activities, then a whole generation can be re-purposed cleaning up what our fathers disposed of.

Belief systems and the Vision Thing

But, you see, it doesn’t matter if you believe in the Unified Field, the Spiritual Geometry and Relativity, or the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, these original tenants of Buddha, Christ, unified in the Temples of Galt, God and Jedi, like the old fashioned religions of mystery, are matters of personal choice. It is the Pipers Holy Joke you must get, it is the Joke you must have eyes to see. The Joke is the Hyperphysics of God, and the self investment in the new technology, that will deliver us from evil, with the power hidden in the rocks, as a New Song of Revelation from the Holies.

John Galt of God would say your conscience, and your consciousness, your little piece of God within you, must act on its own, in order to synchronize with His intentions, and become His hands of Joy and Justice, to thrive and fight evil, as something wicked this way comes.

If Objectivism is defined as the philosophy of living on Earth, then it has a great flaw, in that it is the manifestation and religion of cruel self interest over anything else, that reflects the animal nature of man and turns it into a religion. It is a religion of darkness, and rejects the notion of a spirit in man or a Creator of man. It rejects anything spiritual because it was born in a materialistic time when such things were an unprovable mystery. But it was absorbed by mystery because such is the desire of the material soul. It is a philosophy and a religion, that enforces perpetual combat between the material mind and the animal heart of men. It is what divides men into camps, and destroys the Earth for profits. The objective for Objectivism is to end up owning everything, and being in charge.

Collectivism is no better, for it destroys the minds of men and societies, by wrapping the heart in envy, it is nothing less than ritualized laziness and theft through the mechanism of the Madness of Crowds. In the end, it is used as simply another control mechanism ending the same way Objective capitalism does, with a few guys owning everything and being in charge. In this they are both the same, they are materialistic ideologies of animal men, justifying their inner need for power and control. They merely complete the circle, as the opposite leg of a statue of the head of Gold, that imposes the rule of gold, that keeps men under its control.

If there is any counter philosophy to either of these materialistic and animalistic control mechanisms, then what would it be? First, the power of the MYSTERY of God, must be finished, to unify the minds of men, by the KNOWLEDGE of God. Just by men knowing instead of guessing and wondering, whether or not there IS a God, and that He must be a nonjudgmental entity, would go a great distance towards establishing a nonjudgmental attitude between men, and a peace between the two warring factions of perpetually judgmental men.

If this Knowledge of the Divine, were proven in science and math, then it would be an objective proof, not a subjective mystery, and thus all men would have one point of agreement. If men reached the point of agreement on this ‘Gnosis’ of God, proven in science and math, then they would accept that they are energy beings trapped in a holographic energy matrix of a reality that is so beautiful, so fragile, and so interconnected at the basic level of the quantum, then they would understand that actions or inaction’s have consequences far beyond the obvious, that everything they do affects everything and everybody else but just the fact of being in love with material things, is the worst thing of all. It would be seen as the worst thing of all because it would become a new religion of the primal energy matrix, and being a Galt of either the left or right persuasion would be seen as the greatest sin of all. A sin too horrible to contemplate because the consequences are known, and no longer a mystery. The result would be, that the Rule of Gold would be conquered by the Golden Rule, and men could finally pound their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks, and neither shall they learn war any more.

So what would such a philosophy of a Unified Field of God, look like? What would it be called? What else is there that hasn’t been tried before? If the Unified Field proves the mechanisms of the Universe, life and the necessity of a soul and a spirit in men, then it must be a philosophy of unification of the minds and hearts of mankind. It must be a philosophy of Spiritual Relativity of Universal Brotherhood that equalizes all the religions and reveals their strengths and weaknesses against the common anchor of the necessity for Universal Redemption being the desire of a Creator who builds a Family as a Kingdom, and desires Joy for all His sons, on Earth and in the realms of the Hyper energies of His, now proven, Creation. How would this be defined in one word?

Unificationism, is such a word. It would be a philosophy of the unification of the Galts of self and the Galts of the collective. The Atheist Galts and the Godly Galts, would have to shake hands and agree on the power of the Unified Field of God. The power of self interest would be a recognized real force of the creating power of souls, but so would the power of the family in making the world a better place to live. The power of the Unified Field would impose the limits to materialism and the necessity of loving your neighbors. It would require morality in all commerce because the consequences would be seen as too horrible to contemplate. It would eliminate greed and the destruction of Earth, and replace it with stewardship and the old ways of never wasting her bounties. It would promote the using of old things in new ways, by the pounding of swords into plowshares. Ultimately, if it was a proven thing, it would provide a free energy and an anti-gravity mechanisms for the march of a civilization that reaches towards the stars, to grow beyond the boundaries of one planet because the Universe is a cold hard place, and, well, stuff happens. It will reveal that mankind must leave the cradle, in order for mankind, to continue in the purpose of the Creator’s Joy, by providing bodies for the unification of souls and spirits in one society devoted to the purpose of God which is the purpose of life itself, Joy.


What Opposes Joy? In a word, debt. Debt takes joy from life, and delivers the debtor into the prison of the treadmill, for the gratification of the owner of the treadmills. The treadmills go faster and faster as the collective debts rise, and all men are delivered to the altar of immorality just to keep running in place. Thus society breaks down into the opposing ideologies of minds and hearts. Those who own the treadmills, and those who run on them. But men cannot run on a treadmill forever, before they rebel against the owner of the treadmills. We run on treadmills, because the ideologies of men force us to, because he who owns the Gold, makes the rules, and we all love the gold. So the question comes, why do men own the treadmills, that were provided by God?

What would be the opposite of Objectivism and Collectivism? Since they are opposites, there can only be one thing in opposition to both ideologies. Non-ideology. Ideology makes men blind to reality because it imposes blinders that prevent you from seeing reality as it is. It prevents you from seeing the misery you impose on others in your pursuit of riches. It blinds you to the costs of reality in the true advancement of mankind. It prevents you from seeing the truth, that to impose misery on mankind, or to impose misery on those who create, is self defeating from both directions. Ideology imposes blindness in its pursuit of the goals of the ideology, not the goals of individuals, or groups. It either drives you into the immorality of greed, or the madness of crowds, both are destructive to long term stability of civilizations and societies.

Objectivism, being the philosophy of the individual dealing with reality as a jungle to be exploited, leaving their basic humanity in the gutter of self righteous cruelty towards anything that gets in the way of profit. Collectivism being the philosophy of the group mind, that rejects the exploitation of the masters of the Universe, and rejects anything that enhances profits for the prospect of a less harsh existence of the masses of humanity. These two philosophies, having no outside limiting factor on their immoral games, because that outside factor is unseen, unknowable, and a mystery, can only be brought together by the Knowledge that destroys the Mystery. This can begin only with a defeat of the power of MYSTERY by the power of KNOWLEDGE. That the knowledge of reality itself must become unified, through the answer to the greatest question; WHY?

Why are we here? Why are things so screwed up? Why is there such a thing as good and evil? Why do things go in great waves of construction and destruction? Only when you see that the answers were provided long ago, and those answers were destroyed, and mankind fell victim to the powers of money and the madness associated with its need and desire, do you see the Source of the Troubles on planet Earth. Only when you see that we are all connected together to a higher reality in a realm unseen, do we understand that viewing reality as disconnected animals, do we get animalistic behavior. That the animal of the lone wolf, and the Beast of the herd, work against each other, tearing each other down, but we are not animals, we are human. To deny the human, is to deny the spirit and consciousness of empathy that opposes the entropy of reality. That only through entropy and empathy, the mind and the heart, coming together in the Golden rule, can the Rule of Gold be defeated.

To not see that with a collective consciousness that is one with all things, that we are all human beings living on one world, divided and in perpetual combat over old ideas, we can never come to the place of pounding our swords into plowshares. That to defeat old ideas must come a New Song, a song of Unification of Ideologies and religions. That to pound a sword into a plowshare, is to take something old and make something new. That old thinking will not fix old problems, and that the Godly and the godless, must find a new way, together, and together hold hands and walk out of the prison cave of Illusion. That there can be no other way for this to happen lest a New Revelation that unifies comes. The Unified Field of God, has now been delivered, and is proof of an Intelligent Designer, manifested in reality and your very DNA itself.

Thus the vision of Unificationism, is to deny Objectivism and Collectivism, the right leg and the left leg of the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, to throw the power of the rocks at the feet of iron and clay, is to tear down the Rule of Gold, with the Golden Rule, and build a mighty mountain to a nonjudgmental God of Creation, that gives all men the right and the means to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness under a bill of rights from God, that takes ownership of Earth, and gives all men the right to pursue Joy without need or want of money, because money and ownership have been revoked.

Unificationism, then, is the power of God, taking ownership of planet Earth, through the power of the spirit of His people, working together, in brotherhood, to support the less endowed while giving the creators room to create and pursue their joy. This is not redistribution under the power of a gun, or the exploitation of resources for the profit of a few, but the elimination of the centralized powers of the few, that restrict and manipulate the feelings and minds of the many, that cause misery in search of profits, that cause revolts against exploitation, that builds and tears down civilizations, so that the few of the rule of gold rise from the ashes in charge, and remain in charge, throughout the cycles of construction and destruction they cause.

That stability, and honesty, and morality, can only be restored by the Knowledge of God that destroys the MYSTERY of God, and a common Vision of the higher purpose of man, is to provide bodies for souls in perpetuity living in a state of Joy and not debt, can only be accomplished, when the Entropy of Reality is in balance with the Empathy of Spirit, and the collective consciousness of man is in balance with the planet itself. That to accomplish this goal, to mirror the Unified Field of God, a third entity must come about, an entity that owns and controls all things for the betterment of mankind, not the betterment of individuals. An entity that provides for all men, not just those who consider themselves superior beings. An entity that combines all the churches, and the governments and eliminates the corporations, to become a new constitution for planet Earth.

A constitution of the confederation, of the Kingdom of God, built upon the Knowledge of God, in the True Temple of God, our minds. A thing that can begin as a rock, and grow into a mountain. To become a third force of Earth, an Elect to stand in opposition to The Elite. An Elect that becomes its brothers keepers, because it knows that to invest in a New Vision, is far more profitable for the future, than tearing down what is, in order to waste Earth’s resources in constant rebuilding. That to build once, and have it last forever should be a goal of Stewards. That to minimize the destruction of resources, to provide a future for the children, should be our highest goal. To take what is a sword, and pound it into a plowshare, should be our highest ideal. To take a civilization in chaos, and provide our own civilized alternative, that can grow into a mighty mountain, into the heavens, on the back of a new Revelation from God Himself, that gives man a path to the New Heavens and the New Earth.

So that man himself, may go on in perpetuity and Joy. Leaving the cradle of a polluted and ruined Earth behind, because our Universe is a cold and dark place, full of random chaos, and one day, it is certain, Earth will no longer be viable, so man must make the leap, to the Stars.

Our John Galt of God, would say, man is only limited by men, weak men, mediocre men with loud voices sewing fear and confusion, to keep you under control. That men of the Elect, see the lies, and the Illusions, yet have no way out, no Galt’s Gulch, no Vision of Greatness, no commitment to a greater ideal than what has gone before, thus you will repeat history ad infinitum, unless you find a new way forward. That the only thing limiting you, is you. That first, to have a new way, all you must do, is WANT it.

But our John Galt from God hears you, and he knows what you’re saying, that this is all a joke, right? This is just some weird JOKE, RIGHT? You can’t possibly be serious John, right? RIGHT?

The Holy Joke

If such a new thing were to come upon the scene, and become a power, a force, a Vision or ideal, that actually took the minds of men, and gave them a hope beyond the powers that be and their plans for a global company store, were to be seen as a ‘real thing’, then what would be the result? Again, the answer lies within the pages of Ayn Rand. True evil can stand no competition, and our John Galt from God, would be hunted down, and made to give up his secrets, or be destroyed. Would there be a rescue party to snatch him from the clutches of The Beast? Or would he expire in some unknown dungeon, lost to all men?

The answer is an easy one, even the patent laws of men define that any new technology or theories, must pass through their hands to be given approval by judges in their pockets. That any truly new thing, that could violate the known ‘laws of physics’, is, illegal. Did you know that? Did you also know that the laws of confiscation by the authorities is law? And that anything that could upset the status quo, would be taken from its owner, by law? You hear ‘urban legends’ all the time, about wonderful things being invented, yet, they disappear into the murky shadows of rumor and myth… now you know why.

Thus if our John Galt of God, found the Unified Field, and it delivered a totally new look at reality, and our thinking of reality, how long do you think our Mr. Galt would survive first contact with The Establishment? We can tell you, about as long as it took for some bureaucratic worm to report it to the money powers. So what would the response to such a situation be? Could such a new thing operate in the open or would it be cast into the shadows of Galt’s Gulch? You know the answer to that. Einstein’s greatest regret, was giving the secret of the atom, to governments, would our John Galt give the secret of reality to them? Not if it came from God Himself. If God gave a gift of spirit to men, in this time, for His purpose, what would He say? He would say cast pearls before swine, that only those with eyes that see, will see, and the rest will see a Holy Joke. That the Parable of the New Song can be played, and seen only by those with eyes to see, will become a Chorus, who will lead the way, that the People may dance, and the forests will echo with laughter.

So let the ridicule begin, and the violence be threatened by the preachers and the priests, and the man hunt begin, for a player of a new song, a song played on the Pipes of Reality, as the Holy Spirit laughs at you, and God smiles with you. As religions and ideologies fail, the Divine Revealing of the lady of 12 stars in her crown, clothed in the light of the Son, while standing upon the Moon, is played in a New Song, and the Mystery of God is finished. That the twelve powers of heaven, were given to The Chosen of the twelve tribes, of the Two and the Ten, now divided. After the long time of the Statue of Babylon’s Rule of Gold, and the three horses have ridden, and mankind sees the fourth rider of the Pale Green horse of the worshipers of death, who control a quarter of Earth, now mount.

The Revelation is done. Laugh children, laugh, and be overjoyed, and in derisive ridicule, for laughter is the best medicine of the soul. The divider and the conqueror, the Holy Joke of Truth, the Majesty and the Horror, the Deliverance of the Holy Grail and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is complete, delivered in the Pipes that come out from the tree. The Knowledge of God’s Gnosis, destroyed by the Church, is found and delivered to The Sons of Seth, the Chosen of the Caucasian and the Tribes of Levi and Judah, uncorrupted. For it is the Knowledge of the Divine, that reveals the location of the True Temple of God, and that temple is in your minds, connected together, as a web of lights in the darkness of mammon, so it can be on Earth as it is in heaven.

Yes, laugh children, laugh at the Holy Joke of God, that brings together the ideologies, and joins science and religions at the Nexus of Creation’s power. For the John Galt of God is here, and his name is; The Piper of the Grail.

The Piper plays a New Song,
that a Chorus may sing,
so the People can dance,
and the forests will echo with laughter.

But, but, but this is all a Joke, right? I mean… RIGHT?

10 Responses to The Temple of Galt++

  1. Hans says:

    Can we reflect a moment on one of your postulates ?

    “What would be the opposite of Objectivism and Collectivism? Since they are opposites, there can only be one thing in opposition to both ideologies. Non-ideology.”

    In a one-dimensional reality, I can visualize Objectivism and Collectivism as opposing end-points on a line segment forming a symmetry.

    But our reality (whatever that is) is more complex than one dimension. Extending the metaphor to two dimensions enables the location of a myriad of compromise positions that men have established … state-capitalism to provide adequate plunder in support of the collective … state-monopolies to ensure the enrichment of elite oligarchs in allegedly free societies … etc.

    With a little more effort, one can visualize a move off this 2-space plane into 3-space, and I could even envision the game space of Ideology eventually becomes n-dimensional. I struggle to clearly identify the “one thing in opposition”: Non-Ideology.

    Is Non-Ideology the origin, coordinate “0” of the line segment, where both Objectivism and Collectivism have magnitude zero ? Similarly, coordinate 0,0 on the plane, coordinate 0,0,0 of the space … etc ?

    This metaphor would appear to be what is implied by your description of “Unification-ism”: “… not redistribution under the power of a gun, or the exploitation of resources for the profit of a few, but the elimination of the centralized powers of the few, that restrict and manipulate …” A place where the net effect of either either Ideology is “0”.

    The “origin” as metaphor for Non-Ideology seems also to fit the concept of “origin” as the “conscious ground of all being”. I.e. “Origin” as in the ‘Absolute Undifferentiated Oneness’ of Thomas Campbell, and the ‘Absolute Existence’ of Steven Kaufman.

    I would appreciate hearing more about how you conceptualize “Non-Ideology”, and how you believe it could be implemented in practice.


    • Considering your thoughtful words… and will reply/post when I am not so tired…


      • Hans says:

        At your leisure. On a related topic, but not to distract from the thread above …

        Objectivism is only one ideology within the larger class “Individualism”, just as Progressivism is only one ideology within the larger class of collectivism.

        Have you considered the effect of replacing Objectivism with Lockean or Jeffersonian Individualism … cases where individualism does not contain an inherently ‘self-destructive’ form of selfishness ?

        In making this substitution, Individualism and Collectivism remain in idealogical opposition, but the moral dynamic of your argument would need to change.

        Have a wonderous day.


        • Agreed, but even then, we have ‘old/current think’, and current problems are the result of current thinking,Einstein was right.
          Objectivism is the philosophy which reveres facts and integrates facts into theories which explain reality.
          Objectivism, is also, The Extreme of current thinking on the right, and evokes a terrible response from those on ‘The Left’. I know… I was ‘there’, 20 years ago… I went ‘Galt’ when I left Big Pharma because of corruption… Which, required a Vow of Poverty… only a fellow Galtist would understand… but then, I evolve as I grow… but I recognized that Objectivism, like the Constitution, had faults… yet, who am I? 🙂

          You have presented me more, in two comments, to think about, than I have in a while…
          On the related topic, your number line logic, intrigues me, but perhaps not for the reason you suspect, and thus needs the full treatment in any response/reply, it will be forthcoming.

          Jefferson, and Locke, must be included in any ‘new thinking’, for we must stand on the shoulders of giants, must we not? But even in their case, were they not The Elite in their time, and it appears to me the Founders created a republic because that’s the only system that would elevate themselves to positions of power, and maintain The Elite In Power, with enough ‘commoners’ just to make it appear fair? For they knew, that only the monied Elite would have the resources and intellectual capital to gain and hold power, while at the same time, providing for Opportunity for those commoners who had the drive to succeed. Then it becomes necessary, for me, to elevate Andrew Jackson above Jefferson and Locke, for he understood that the revolution, and the country revolved around the concept of money, who controlled it, and its issuance, and the heavy costs to society it imposed, when too much centralization was imposed… He understood that there was a higher ideology, a higher religion, a higher power than government or politicians… That was The Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules… and their only god is Mammon, their only ideology is Power and Control.

          Thus, Ideology is not The Primal Question, everything government revolves around a single concept… power corrupts… even the libertarian concept of limited and constitutional governments, are still ‘kings’ in all but name… and governments of nation states must by their very nature, always evolve towards corruption. This is because they have the power to give themselves more power(by hook or crook), mainly because everybody else is clueless, absorbed in their own ‘pursuit of happiness’, and trusts The System. Until, they don’t, then things go haywire. Once The People have the idea that their leaders are corrupt, do not have their interests at heart, and are out for themselves, the pitch forks and torches come out. This election was the ‘peaceful revolution’ of JFK, if the Establishment fights the new president ‘to the knife’, this culture war, cum ‘cold’ civil war, may go hot at a moments notice.

          However… juggling too many irons in the fire at this time, literally… in order to give your comments a thorough response,
          requires a little time. Many of the pages on this site are twenty years old, or older. Committed to this blog under protest,
          as I was ‘not ready to publish anything’. Yet, was convinced by another that ‘notes to self’, as a joke, would not be harmful to the ultimate goal. Thus somebody transcribed a stack of old papers, and other posts come, as they come. In your case, I feel the old inspiration again,
          having been beaten down by my vow of poverty, in a world that demands otherwise, can be exhausting. Realizing, that there can be no Galt’s Gulch in this world, there is no place to hide without paying property taxes. Then, for many reasons, I saw that Objectivism, and all of its subideological brethren, are flawed towards The Monied Elite, and are the cause of the backlash of Collectivism, simply because, for the most part, The Right doesn’t care if old people end up living in chicken coops(the original case/cause of social security passing).

          Your comments come as encouragement in a time, I guess, I needed it. Throwing pearls before swine, is also, very tiresome, all the ridiculous and ridicule gets deleted, not to discourage debate, just tired of debating idiots and trolls… all while trying to construct the ultimate proof, is draining. For until one has arrived at the end of the tunnel, all we see around us is darkness.
          I was working on a post during the election, and chose not to post it, as being ‘silly’. I am my own worst critic. But maybe I’ll post it just for fun while I’m working on your post…

          May The Force be with you.


          • Hans says:

            Our respective journeys since the 1980’s have many more paths in common than you suspect (to play on your comment about the number line).

            If you have researched any of my essays on NCRenegade (and its’ former incarnation NCFreedom) you might conclude that I am wedded to the extremism of Objectivism. For in fact I was immersed in that philosophy during my graduate studies.

            Although my wife and I have never fully “gone Galt”, we have lived and gardened and built a satisfying life on the same five acres of woods for the last 40 years.

            Our gate carries a warning to Statists that entry implies consent to live under the Maxims of Common-Law. All ‘positive’ legislation and ‘positive’ rights are herin null and void. Sheriff’s deputies have commented with disdain about the sign, but they carefully observe that I am always armed. A board fence is our lame substitute for Galts’ holographic shield.

            Yes, Locke and Jefferson may have been elites of their age, but I try not to hold that against them. Despite their obvious status, they did much to advance an understanding of individual liberty – however much their writings may be misunderstood today.

            I also revere Jackson for his elimination of both the national debt and the national bank. If you look at the purchasing power of the dollar over the time period from the Revolution to the present, it is obvious that productivity and trade flourished in the absence of government debt, central banks, and strong central government.

            I am glad to have found your old notes transcribed into the essays on your website. What I surmised, when I noticed the dates on some of the postings, is that you had probably become exhausted from arguing with the blind and deaf in the comments.

            For me, writing during the years 2007 through 2014 was a way to clarify my thoughts. Writing forced me to discipline my thoughts after frustrating discussions with people who were drones of either the left-progressives of Obama worship, or the right-progressives of the USA-USA-USA chanting Republican crowd.

            I did not take your vow of poverty, but I did take a voluntary severance from Wellcome in 1995 in order to get my head clear of corporate politics. After two years of reasonable success as an independent consultant I was again exhausted. I rejoined GW to provide cash-flow in support of my family, but never again took a line management role. I severed out again in 2003 into retirement to live with my wife in a lifestyle similar to what we had in graduate school when we rented a farmhouse in Winterville.

            I’m glad you are receptive to my contact and feel some form of ‘encouragement’. I am very pleased to have found your writing. I never set out to “construct the ultimate proof”, but have been consistently nudged by friends into the exploration of strange territories.

            At present I am enjoying the points of connection between topics in your essays, zero point energy, Tesla, Enoch, etc. and the book “Unified Reality Theory” by Steven Kaufman that I am working to digest. Based on your efforts, I have just ordered copies of the Books of Enoch, the Nag Hammadi Scriptures, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. I will blame you when my head hurts … :>)

            Your first paragraph above closed with “… yet, who am I?”

            From my sleuthing and stalking around your posts and comments on other sites, I have collected the following allegations:

            a Mage, a Seeker of Ultimate Truth, a declared Heretic
            on a great quest to complete Einstein’s great work
            male, is/was located in Greenville, NC
            gone Galt twenty five years ago
            used to be a robotics engineer
            have become a blacksmith
            … which is the ultimate ‘religion’

            Live long and prosper …
            Si vis pacem, para bellum


  2. just me says:



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  4. Karren says:

    I love this Holy Joke. And, again, I say I want to be a Jedi, too!!


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