The Grail of Redemption and Oblivion

Another conversation of one of God’s, confused and adrift in the land of MYSTERY and lies. See the effect of mystery on the confused soul of man.

Gunbunny wrote:

Normally I wouldn’t post on a Friday evening because I should be observing the Sabbath, but I have some things on my mind that I need to express. I’m pretty certain that I’m expressing the character (ever so slightly) that Christ has revealed to me, and that is what we should be doing on the Sabbath.

It started to dawn on me a little while ago, in a post I made this afternoon. While I was strolling down memory lane, about the bumpy parts of the road; how sometimes you wonder if you made the right decisions in life.

When I look back to how my life has progressed so far, I begin to see The Creator’s hand in it. Not that I’ve been a good boy, sometimes quite the contrary, but He overlooked all of that and still provided what I needed, when the time was right.

Look at it this way: when I originally sent my wife to get her ACT 235 certification (needed to carry a firearm while on duty in the state of PA) it was on her own accord. She wanted to do it, and was happy. Now ten years later, she is the one taking care of me while I go back to school. For of all things, nursing.

Ten years ago, if you would have told me that I would set out to become a nurse, I would have laughed at such an absurd thought. Although there are quite a few people in the medical field in my family, it just wasn’t what I was interested in. It wasn’t for me.

Oh, how ten years, a marriage, and two children will change a man. Change isn’t easy, either. There were many times that I lamented for the “good old days” of my young adulthood, when I was free to make whatever decision I wanted, whenever I wanted to, and have nobody that was counting on me for their basic needs.

I was a sinner, even though I didn’t look at it that way. I thought that as long as I didn’t do anything bad to anyone else- mind my own business- that all was well and good. I couldn’t have been further from the truth. It’s taken me over a decade to come to understand how sin propagates our mind and body, and how hard it is to finally decide to ask for help and forgiveness.

I caught myself, in the act of sinning, not wanting to pray to the Lord, because I knew that if I did, I would stop doing what I was doing. That it hurt (my feelings) to even think that I would have to refrain from doing that which I liked. That when I came to my senses, and prayed for forgiveness and for Jesus to take away that which had power over me, He did it.

And it was gone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a human, a sinner; but I don’t set out to practice sin. Not intentionally.

Getting back into perspective, I am currently a full time student. I can’t call myself a nursing student, as I have to qualify to get into the RN program at my local college. Right now, I am on my third semester taking the classes I need to meet the requirements to apply for a position in the program. I didn’t even really start yet!

To date, I’ve taken numerous biology courses to make up for my lack of knowledge in the healthcare field. But before I could take those classes, I had to take chemistry as a basis for a foundation. I’m not complaining, as a matter of fact, I am extremely grateful that it is set up in this manner. The things I have learned so far have astounded me, and I came to the realization that I actually love to learn.

The class I’m currently taking, anatomy and physiology I, all 6 hours of it twice a week, is a delight. I originally had ominous feelings of foreboding about this class, stemming from all of the horror stories from other students that have taken it. All the memorization, all the steps, the Lord strengthens me. When I look back and see what I have done, because of Him, I am amazed.

When things stick in your head, or answers pop out of my mouth, I know He is there with me, guiding and powering me up! I have no other explanation for it. I have examples- of when I didn’t ask for help, or when I thought it was because of my “great intellect” (pride, actually), and was very quickly shown that it wasn’t.

It was very apparent one time during a test, that I thought that I had it in the bag, I studied, I knew it all. The questions asked were familiar, but I just couldn’t write the answer down! I knew it, the answer was on the tip of my tongue. He shown me that I wasn’t all that, He was firmly in control and guiding me, not the other way around.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still learning new things about Him every day.

Take, for example, what I was just tested on in A&P I the other day- the bones that make up the skull. The design of the human body is quite fastening, unique, and extremely complex. And to think that we just throw it away some times because the guy next to us seems to have something that we think we need, and we take it -or- get taken.

It saddens me to think along these lines, because for me, life used to be cheap. No big deal, you live, and at some point you die. What you do in the interim is what defines you. You either live by a pre-conceived notion or set of rules, or you are a hypocrite. And everything is okay, as long as you don’t intentionally hurt someone else. Brothers and sisters, there is nothing further from the truth than that. A delusion.

Who defines what’s okay to do? We do? Society? It comes down to a pretty simple answer- you either follow what Jesus asks you to do, or you go your own way. He won’t force you to go down His path, but he will be there to help you along if you do decide to. I know he has for me.

There are those on this website that are just so close to understanding the underlying principles that govern this cursed world, but won’t make the connection that will ultimately save them. Yes, we created the way this world is run, but we sure didn’t do it alone.

People used to think it was funny, when I would talk about secret societies and what they were planning on doing. Sure enough, many of those same people have begun to see what I saw, through all the scandal and corruption that seems to pop up at the moment. What it would always come down to in the end would be the fact that no family or governed unit, would be able to keep on track for centuries to pull off the “greatest heist” ever known. Sure they can- look who’s leading them- Satan!

Think evolution has all the answers? It’s just Satan again. He’s been at it for quite some time, and we have no idea of how long before Adam and Eve were created, that he’s been up to it. Don’t think you can outsmart him! He has eons of practice, and on beings of much greater intellectual capacity than us.

The answer is to ask Jesus to keep him away from you. He will do it, if you are sincere, and don’t go chasing off after Satan. I know, I used to, I just didn’t know I was doing it.

Not convinced that evolution is a deception? How can someone in a scientific field such as healthcare not believe in evolution? The answer is simple- initial and irreducible complexity. We can all agree that simple mousetrap consists of a base, a spring, a catch, a trip, and a wire that snaps the neck of the unsuspecting mouse. Can the unit work without any single one of these pieces?

Your hearing- for example- is a complex series of mechanical and electro-chemical impulses that transform air pressure waves into what we perceive as sound. Our hearing starts as slight pressure waves make their way into our external auditory meatus (by being gently guided by the auricle) to our tympanic membrane (eardrum).

This makes the tympanic membrane reverberate just like the windows of your house as one of those annoying “boom”er cars drives by. Then there are a set of tiny bones, called ossicles, that act as a mechanical amplifier of those air pressure waves to act upon the cochlea- a snail shell shaped organ that is full of fluid. This fluid, called endolymph, puts pressure on little hairs called cilia, and different patches of cilia react to different pitches of noise, depending on where in the cochlea they are located. The vestibulocochlear nerve carries these nerve impulses to the brain, where the brain interoperates them as sound.

Complex enough? Not yet. The ossicles are located in a cavity called the labyrinth, in our skull. The ossicles and the cochlea are completely surrounded by bone, except for three little holes- the external auditory canal (the hole that makes your ear), the internal auditory foramen (where the vestibulocochlear nerve comes out), and lastly the Eustachian tube (connects to your upper pharynx to provide air pressure equalization or your eardrum would rupture the first time you went up a mountain or dove underwater).

The ossicles are formed at the same time the skull is formed, but they were already full sized and ready to go while you were still in vitro. How astounding is that?

Sorry, I had to start a new post, the system wasn’t able to keep up with me typing. Sorry for the length. If you’ve come this far, bare with me, I’m almost done making my point.

I didn’t even get to how the vestibulocochlear nerve carries the electrical impulse to the brain, via . Our nerves act like conduit for nerve impulses, little voltage spikes that travel the length of the nerve body, called the axon. Our body creates this electrical impulse on a molecular level by having ion pumps in the cell wall of the axons, pump negatively charged ions into the axon at the time the pulse is carried by, and then pumped back out after it passes by.

And this happens ALL the time you are alive. Your body is working on a molecular scale to the point that 70% of the energy of the food that we eat is used in moving molecules in and out of each and every cell in our bodies. This happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, till death do us part.

Sometimes the longer axons are covered by a myelin sheath, to keep the nerve impulse contained and speed it on it’s merry way to the end of the axon. Through the neuron body in the brain, to the end of the dendrites at receptor sites for other neurons called the synaptic gap the impulse temporarily ends. Here, the nerve impulse is converted back to chemicals called neurotransmitters, and picked up by the next dendrite, and carried throughout the brain to where it needs to go in this “handing off the football” type fashion.

This occurs just so we can hear Led Zeppelin on the radio, or our infant cry in the middle of the night for food.

I’ve only just begun to get into the complexity of our bodies. I didn’t even expand into the elemental compounds needed for the nerve impulse to travel. They are very specific elements, have specific charges (that’s why they are called ions), and if they weren’t set up just right, we would not be able to function, hence exist.

How do we evolve into a being like this? Can a bacteria hear? It doesn’t have the structures to enable it to. How did it come about?

The answer is plain and simple, but I cannot express it so. I’ll begin by stating that my background encompassed physics and engineering, but I had to give that up because I ran out of money 20 years ago and didn’t want to go into massive debt to continue to go to school. Combine that with the fact that there are NO civilian astronaut shuttle pilots (I was serious about being an astronaut! I was a flight instructor at the time and wanted a 4 year degree in physics, then on to NASA! Ha ha, I was naïve).

Due to my background, structures are satisfying to my psyche. I can analyze them, calculate loads, determine load points, etc. I am an engineer at heart. I love blueprints, I can read them, draw them with a pencil and a trellis arm, or T square and triangles (old school), or on AutoCAD. Then on to building them!

As I was learning about the vertebral column yesterday, we were going over the C1 Atlas vertebra. I noted how the cranium rested on the condyles on each side of the foramen magnum (big hole that the spinal column goes through, entering the skull). How well designed, I thought. It made sense. It’s layout was it’s function.

Then we moved on to the C2 cervical vertebra called the axial. What a strange name, I thought. As I looked at it , it was strikingly different than the rest of the vertebrae. Of course, there are three types of vertebrae, and each type is designated as to it’s location and purpose. I won’t go into that now. But what I was looking at, with a little plastic axial in my hand was a bone projection in the posterior of the vertebra, on the top facing up, about the size of the top two digits of my pinky finger.

What is that for? I asked myself, and almost as if on que, the professor called attention to the projection and called it the Dens. He held up his own little C2 axial, with the dens pointing up, and placed the C1 Atlas vertebra on top of it, the dens sticking up into the C1’s articular surface. Still intrigued, I sat on the edge of my seat, literally.

The professor then proceeded to rotate the C1 side to side, the dens from the vertebra below it as a guide. Axial, as in axis of movement, the ability to turn your head when you hear something beside you. That movement you make thousands of times a day. Explained in engineering. What a great design.

We didn’t evolve. We were carefully designed, lovingly created, and purposely animated by His breath of life (of which we only borrow. He will get it back when the time is right).

Thinking about this right now has me floored. The depth of intelligence, the amount of creativity that it took to come up with us. And all we do is get angry at each other for wanting what the other guy has.

As I sit here and ponder this, my lacrimal caruncle bathes my conjunctiva with tears, overflowing down into the lacrimal foramen into my sinuses, making me have to blow my nose and wipe my eyes. Yes, it makes me cry. I don’t know why I’m overcome with a sudden feeling of joy and yet sorrow at the same time.

I believe it’s due to the fact that I’m saddened that I can’t survive on my own (pride), yet at the same time, I can’t thank my Creator enough for everything He has done for me.

Reply by; Piper Michael

Greetings. Yes, you do hear him speaking to you through your Light connection, your spirit half. But, you are also, like most Godly people, confused by the MYSTERY of the Churches.
You are an example of part of my thesis, that, you are torn between the power of MYSTERY, and the Power of incomplete Knowledge. You are told by religion that; EVERYTHING is “a MYSTERY of God my son. We are but mortal men and who can understand the things of God”? You are then exposed to a godless science, and yes, science is godless. In fact their entire focus now is on inventing ‘god’, this is the God particle research. If you read deep into it, especially people like Stephen Hawking, you will find, that part of their goal, is “to put your god in his grave.” But, they have lied about the God particle, they haven’t found anything like it, they lied about their statistical experiments, and finally admitted, it won’t deliver gravity, inertia, or entropy to the ‘standard model’ of reality. Most of them having abandoned the Einstein’ian approach of; The Unified Field model. (Yes, there are a few pencil pushers still pushing pencils, but they are not taken seriously, Hawking recently announced, that the unified field will never be found…) But, maybe it has been, and nobody noticed. Perhaps they didn’t notice, or ignored and ridiculed it, because, it has a terrible, horrible, unacceptable ‘side effect’? Let us examine why this is so.

This situation has prevailed since the church was established, on the bones of ancient writings. The church was established by the power of mystery, and philosophy and reason were outlawed. This was the purging of the Heretics and the banning of their books from the Canon, and the murders and wars to establish the ‘Holy Mother Church’. The Gutenberg bible, was printed, and little else, because the church clamped down on the printing press, from the beginning. Those who think this is merely ancient history, are deceived because ancient history creates the future, day by day, until, we come to ‘Now’. During that past 1600 or so odd years, we have seen the fruit of the churches. Unfortunately, we neither have a deity who presents Him(or Her) self for our inspection, nor, do we have proof of His design, until now. Thus men, are torn between a Mystery God, and a Godless Mystery. This, is the basis of morality, civilization, and society, and the source of its cycles of construction and destruction. Knowledge builds, mystery and superstition destroys. What phase do you think we’re in now? What levels of emotional nonsense is accepted as ‘truth’?

Science and religion have a common definition, if you think about it to any depth. They are both the search for truth in the questions;
“What is Man? What is his place in the Universe, and WHY does it all work the way it does?”

The questions however, were defined thousands of years ago, and the answers were provided with a ‘simplified narrative for peasants’, this is how one of the Church Fathers, Origen, described the beginnings of what we term today; The Bible. It was taken as a matter of ‘faith’, that peasants couldn’t handle philosophy or reasoned thinking, thus, it was destroyed, it adherents were burned at the stake, and its books were left out of the Bible, forbidden and declared; HERETIC. This led to over a thousand years of what we presently term; The Dark ages. It really was a dark age, philosophy and reason would get you burned at the stake, that’s what it was all about. It was the biggest crime against humanity ever performed, entire libraries were burned including the Library at Alexandria, which reportedly held ten thousand years of accumulated knowledge and history. The “pagan temples” held great tomes on philosophy and science, the Catholic church set mankind back over a thousand years. Science, during the enlightenment started with Copernicus and Galileo being arrested for Heresy. Science holds a grudge, righteously, but mindlessly.

And that defined our present time. Now.
Fortunately, today, several tomes, that were hidden in the sands of time, were rediscovered, and now translations are coming out. I refer to the Dead sea scrolls, the Nag Hammadi codexes, and the Texts of Enoch. We now begin to understand what the Catholics did, what they threw out, and how power mad and stupid they were. If you read the Revelation of John, a certain way, you can see why it was almost banned… The text is a ‘message to the churches’, and a warning, and a prophecy, but mostly, news about the future Revelation. It is this sticking point, that priests and preachers will not touch, except in a shallow fashion. They know, that the ‘Mother of Harlots’ that rides the Beast of ten horns, is the Roman Church. The Beast is the Collectivist governments of the world, probably soon to become a global ‘beast’. The ten horns are Shofars, of the leaders of the ten lost tribes, the ancient white families of royalty and money changers that control the world. They are those who itch to become kings again, to inherit what is ‘rightfully theirs'(sic). The question is never asked, if the harlot is a mother, then who are the daughters? They cannot touch this one, because then, they will have their doctrines and superstitions of MYSTERY shown to be what they are.

If there is any resolution to our present age, where many of God’s people, and ungodly people, are divided, it is in the definition of God, and that cannot be repaired, without a New Revelation. Old thinking will not fix the world, only an entirely New Thing. No, we’re not talking about some new age metaphysics or occultist nonsense, for these are simply other forms of ‘mystery’, both ‘good’ and ‘bad’, relative to men, that is what we fight over. Mystery is the key word here. Mystery doesn’t cut it anymore, science is winning, and this is the reason for the ‘Great Falling away’ of the churches. This represents a spiritual evolution of society itself. We have arrived at the higher questions, and, there are no satisfying answers. Thus the New Revelation comes, in the ancient works that some think, were preserved by the hand of God, to be ‘revealed’ in this time…

If you read revelations, this view can be supported if you understand that, Daniel said, all these words were sealed “until the time of the end”. Preachers, and priests, have been interpreting these prophetic words for hundreds of years, unsuccessfully and incorrectly, always adjusting and altering their ‘theories’ based on new data. Always creating new denominations and sects, dividing the people into arguing groups, who are laughed at by the scientific side. Thus the shallow lessons they learned in mystery class(seminary), are being proved to be just nonsense. They could not understand the words until the right time… fortunately, or unfortunately, maybe we are now closer to ‘that time’. The revealing of the words of Enoch, and the Gnosis of the private teachings of Christ, being found and interpreted, still, simply puts another level of ‘mystery’ into the mix.

Mystery is the name of the Harlot, because it is mystery that she speaks, and it is what? It is a ‘blasphemy’. This is why the book was almost voted out of the Canon, it and the gospel of John, were considered too ‘Gnostic’, or philosophical. (You would have to do the heavy reading from the time of Origen, Iraneus(sp) and the councils of Nicea and later synods, that ‘developed’ the Canon.) I, have been on this journey to seek truth for 40 years, and have arrived at the end of the road. Unfortunately, what we are left with from that time are fragments, myths, and second hand writings. Even the works of Enoch and others, were probably edited by later scholars. But no matter, truth is a jigsaw puzzle of fragments from thousands of years ago. It turns out, the Ancients knew more about how man and the Universe worked, at least macro wise, than modern man. There is even evidence of fantastically advanced civilizations, that had nuclear wars, 10,000 or more years ago… go figure. You mean, man, wipes himself out after he arrives at a certain state of civilized status? Who woulda thunk it? One thing is obvious, the linear interpretation of man’s march towards civilization, is … um… flawed.

The fragments, and personal revelations, acquired over many many years of seeking, have led me to the Holy Grail. The Grail of Enoch, and the Gnosis of Christ(His private teachings of ‘Divine Knowledge’ that were called Heretical.) Being also, an engineer, and having relativity and quantum theory as hobbies, it took a literal dream or vision, for me to connect the final dot. This is the Unified Field of God. The New Revelation that proves He must exist, for the Universe to Be. When my spirit, my subconscious, my whatever you want to call it, connected the ‘model’ of Enoch given in the Book of Secrets ch 24, and, Einsteins relativity theories. To come to the Unified Field equation, that actually solves one of the oldest mysteries of science, by showing how God did it, and that HE, REVEALED it to us, and WE, burned it. Again, who woulda thunk it, eh?

Thus, the New Revelation is the Science of God, the God Calculus, the Unified Field of Enoch and Einstein. The Key, is what the church did, to turn the Universe from a ‘Cause and Effect’ paradigm, to a ‘Crime and Punishment’ paradigm. They destroyed the meaning and Source of ‘Dark energy’. This is the Holy Grail of Physics, yet, they laugh… let them laugh, for they are whistling past the graveyard. The Aether of General Relativity is the clue, the Basis and the Key, and the result is; material hardness, magnetism, gravity, inertia, and, entropy. In this is also defined, the ancient meanings of hell, the bottomless pit, the lake of fire, the second death, and all the layers of the Heavens of Chaos. These are actually energy harmonics necessary for the creation of the chaotic ‘hardness’ that represents our 3 dimensional Universe(s?)

The need for a New Revelation is shown by the spiritual evolution of men, that leaves him in a quandary. Does he listen to the blasphemous mystery of ancient doctrines, or the blasphemous science of modern knowledge? Does he turn towards fragmented, divided and broken religions, or towards a fragmented and wholly unsatisfying science. Einstein said it best; “Religion without science is blind, and science without religion is lame.”

This is, the 21st century, is it time to leave the Mystery behind? We come back to the beginning of your quandary, which is the meaning of Sin. Sin, is darkness, and entanglement in darkness. Even Jesus the Christ redefined Sin, did He not? But, the confusion of what is a sin, is the basis of conflict and hatred towards God and Godly people from the beginning. Sin is not an absolute thing, it is a relative thing, one man’s sin is another man’s pleasure. One man’s blasphemy is another man’s religion.

Thus Jesus said it wasn’t so much what went in your mouth that was a sin, but what came out of it. Do you hurt people with your mouth? You can. Can you hurt yourself? You can, and sometimes you feel guilty afterwards, and apologize. But it all then goes back to the interactions between men, and what is moral. But even morality is based in the concept of sin. All laws are based on the concepts of sin. But, there are those in the Christian religion(Luther) who said to ‘sin boldly yet trust in Christ more boldly’ ( I think he started his whole movement because he had the hots for a nun…)  What is the result of this doctrine? Sinning societies? Society that ‘tries’ not to sin, but, doesn’t worry about it because they think they are ‘saved’?

What is the result on society when the very concept of sin is ‘covered’ by a supernatural imperative? Did the church sin, when it went to kill thousands of ‘heretics’? Saintly and Godly men themselves, who only held the ‘sin’ of disagreeing with Mother Church? So who defines what a sin is? Can sin be reduced to a mathematical equation? It can, if you can see the Universe through the eyes of the energy model of the Unified Field and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Sin is that which drags your dark soul even deeper into darkness. Sin is entanglement with dark energy, that drags you away from The Holy Light of God, and eventual reunification with the Light. But, you get more than one chance, this was the original meaning of ‘born again’ of the spirit. But, the Roman Church corrupted the old meanings. The original first century Christians, were Gnostics who believed in being born again, being reincarnated. This was yet another heresy that was destroyed by the church because it was opposed to their narrative of Mystery upheld by the tool of Fear, and One Chance at heaven! The Bodily resurrection was the replacement doctrine, and the Bishops came to physical violence over it. However, the winners write history, and the losers DIE. Fear, even in their book, Rev 21:8, says that fear or cowardice, is one of the greatest sins, but you don’t hear preachers talk much about that one, eh?

Fear and cowardice is a sin because it keeps you cowering in the dark, afraid of the Light, afraid of anything that is new, different or in opposition to the Fear sewn by preachers. Fear keeps people from discovering truth for themselves, from searching it out, they become complacent in their routine and trivial existences. To fear God, is to be repelled by God by being attracted to the dark energy. The fear itself is what attracts you downward. Fear, envy, hatred, jealousy, these are the beginnings of sin. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, places the dark emotions as the sin. These are the emotions of the Ego, and total self centeredness, the Animal soul, this is what drags you down into darkness by pulling the dark energy into yourself, quantum entanglement with darkness, then, makes you heavy and Entropy delivers you to Oblivion, the Second death in the Lake of Fire, the Consumer of all light.

Empathy is sin’s opposite, it is the love described that burns the darkness and gives your energy to others, and makes you ‘enlightened’, or light filled. Light attracts light, and dark attracts dark. This is the definition of sin, and the source of the Tunnel of Light, that delivers you to the Vesture of Christ, the Light of the World, the Judge that measures your dark energy, and gives you the Purging or the Recycling. And I couldn’t pretend to know the criteria, except that is what religion is all about, the other half, the rules of the Entanglement of the Infinities. From my mothers NDE vision, it becomes apparent, that there are sins of personal attraction of dark energy through the desire for dark things, and there is the sin of harm to others that cannot be fixed.

To take dark energy into oneself can be overcome by the Purging or Purgatory. This is the great release, the highest beauty, and the Ultimate Gift, not ‘judgement’ but your ticket Home. The sin of destroying another by murder, is the ultimate taking of anothers energy onto yourself. The ‘prison of the soul’ in the Gnosis, is the recycling of your energy, or, the Reincarnation of your spirit that is trapped in too much dark energy. Remember, the energies are intelligent, responsive, aware, and interconnected as One. The ‘mystery’ of Quantum Entanglement is the ultimate scientific proof of this, but if this phenomena is faster than light speed as measured, then it MUST emanate from the hyper energy realms of the higher heavens of chaos. So it is not just a physical phenomena, but a spiritual phenomena. Spiritual relativity, begins in the upper Aeons, and emanates to the Lower Things.

It would be enlightening, for some, to read about NDE’s, and the nonjudgmental afterlife that many describe. That judgement is within you, carried out by you, through the power of God, not the person of God. However, the end of the Universe, is the target of souls, and many wish to remain in the darkness, because ultimately, it is about existence as individuals away from God, or, existence in the Highest Aeons(hyperspace) of the Light, as a member of the collective consciousness of the Elohim. Some writings agree, that the highest heavens, in the beginning, were sterile, and boring, and that is the reason you are here. For the prodigal children of God to upload themselves to heaven, and bring experience, and strength, and knowledge Home. And without making it home, you will suffer the end of the Galaxy/Universe, in the black hole of oblivion, and be consumed for eternity.

Religion somehow begins to make sense, when the science of God is brought into play.

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