Do not read this

Remember, you were warned…

What you’re paying for now, when you pay taxes and health ‘insurance’ mandated by the Animal government…for it is only animals that destroy their own young.

This is what Sandra Fluke and the world system demand you pay for, and this is how its done. Have a good look, this is what you’re paying for when you pay for the ‘Healthcare’ MANDATE. This is what the ‘parasitic tissue’ looks like once its removed from the hedonist. Since Roe v Wade, we have exceeded 50 million of these. Now the world system demands you pay for others to have this ‘procedure’ for ‘free’. They make it sound so clinical, so professional, washed with the sweet lie that the fetus doesn’t feel the pain. Look upon the results of your tax dollars and your mandated ‘health care’ payments, and weep.

Some will say that this is disgusting, and it is worse than disgusting, it is MURDER. If you have any doubts, look at this child, this soul that never had a chance. The result of the hedonist culture of AMERICA. Now we get 4 more years, and a man who calls himself ‘christian’? You cannot separate the murderers and the controllers of this world from their policies. But it is YOU who set these policies into motion. It is YOU, who allows it, votes for it, and demands it be given to you and be paid for by us who disagree with it. If you agree with the new FERAL government, then at the bottom of the barrel, you are a murderer and a coveter.

Souls are the Business of God, not society. By society paying for it, it gets worse not better, because it is ‘free’ and easy. By paying the mandate, you are participating in Anti God, no matter how you justify it. And those who understand, and agree, why are you not standing up? For the same reason you just lost this election, you are divided into denominations and parties that keep you that way. Divided and arguing amongst yourselves, and do not mistake, this is the reason why Obama-care succeeded, you did things the Right way. You stood by and watched, while trusting ‘leaders’ to do their jobs, while the knife was slipped into your back. The Tea party is now declared an abject failure as we predicted. This is because of those who refused to create it as a counter weight to the two party system, by refusing the siren song of establishment politicians and money. You loved The System to the point of self destruction because it is in opposition to God’s laws. Primarily murder and coveting the stuff of others. You do this by being self interested cowards who did not stand strong, you purport to ‘do things the right way’. But what you really did, was demonstrate that you were not strong enough to stand your ground, and thus you were mocked and made fun of, and you deserve it. In the end, because God’s army left the field, the murderers won.

There are those who say the Tea party and the Republican party simply need a ‘tweak’, but this is short sighted. For the Young are the ones who determine the future, not the current generation. And the young do not care for your politics, it is a generational shift of epic proportions, a shift of moral and spiritual dimensions. They refuse your candidates grounded in the country club establishment and money grubbing as a way of life. They refuse to destroy the Earth, and they saw what big business did to the economy when greed runs rampant. They are a new generation that has lost interest in the old lifestyles and the old time religions that enable the sinners with a promise of redemption. They see the cost of greed on society, and the cost of socialism, but they want it both ways. They want gay marriage, and abortions on demand, and they were told they were entitled to it by a generation of public education systems. They want marijuana to be legal, and you know, they should have what they want, because its none of your business. Your wars on drugs, have become a scourge on society with the predictable gangs and black-markets, you never learn that you cannot legislate morality. Morality is something higher than party or even religion, for morality changes with the times, and the times they are a changin’.

Just like the picture of our murdered fetus above, it is only immoral to some, and those are growing smaller, not larger. This is an indication of the the shifting sands of the paradigm, as the result of the brainwashing of the left telling the next generation its ‘not murder’, its just ‘parasitic tissue’. God may disagree, but that is an issue between the mother and God. The issue with the living is the elimination of the mystery of living. Because only when the soul is understood, do we understand that murder is the termination of a soul, and a soul includes a beating heart. This becomes the definition of a human being, and what a human being is, which is what Hippocrates said comes at; The Quickening. When the fetus’s heart starts beating, it becomes; Human. But that is the tragedy of our times, when minds are divided between left and right, a new position is unacceptable because the legs of party are entrenched, there is either abortion or not, the concept of a quickening is not acceptable, except maybe for a new generation. But this generation will be more spiritual and less material, it must be, for planet Earth to be healed. This cannot happen with the two party system, the party of war and the party of welfare have vested interests in the common head of gold, while the ten toes of iron and clay argue about shadows on the wall.

The Democrats get stronger because they are the party of coveting and welfare and sought control of the public education system for a generation, without God’s people standing up when the battles were easy. They are government, the Animal, the Beast of man, the Archetype of Control. The Republicans think they can simply become more ‘moderate’, yet this drives away the base of the party, and the trend gets stronger every election. As the people of God begin to feel persecuted and their leaders grow further and further away from their founding principles. As we move forward, the two sides are becoming even more entrenched in their ways, and cannot see further than their noses, as the specter of Paradigm shift looms on the horizon. It is a great black cloud, and it will strengthen both sides of the arguments in both parties. The Animal will gain strength from this cloud of darkness, regardless of which ‘side’ you belong to, and in the end, the Paradigms will shift with, or without you.

In the meantime, infanticide has become a great stain upon the land as the people cannot see a third way of anything. Everything is locked into the two legs of opposition and competition. But the Animal of the Left leg has now won the day, and it will become a raging Beast, and God given rights and freedom was defeated by those who laid down on the altar of liberty and took a nap. Complacent and apathetic in the MYSTERY that ‘God will come and fix it’. You abandoned your first commission; Eternal Vigilance, you voted for Obama, twice, by not voting ( over 9 million ‘conservatives’ who voted for McShame, did not show up to vote for Romney. Thus Caesar Obama did not ‘win’ reelection, he was reelected by forfeit. ) and now you will suffer the consequences. You listened to the Politicians and fell into conflict, you listened to the Preacher men and their mysteries, and you were even more divided like iron and clay.  Those who came and speak truth to you are ridiculed because they violate your first loves, your love of money, and your love of empire, your love of free lunches and the continuation of your illusion of global power. Now the statue of Nebuchadnezzar of two legs, turns into a mighty raging socialist Beast.

Socialists are historically, the party of death and false empathy. They use ‘sweet words on the tongue’, to grow bitterness in the people, they believe in equal misery for all. They use words of envy and coveting, and in that regard, they are anti God and anti Joy, their new socialized medicine, aka Obamacare, will target health care for ‘economic units’. Old people and ‘defectives’, have little consideration in their world view, the Death panels of Sarah Palin are coming in the form of rationing for all those who do not pass their ‘cost benefit analysis’. They know nothing of economics, except the appearance of economic righteousness. They have demonstrated their lack of concern by stealing money from Medicare and hospitals, in order to fund a new army of bureaucrats.  In this, they are national socialists, nazi’s, making nice with the corporations long enough to get what they want.  They are no better than old time socialists with their Eugenics theories, they have always been about worshiping death. Their ideology has been merged with greedy insurance companies long enough to take over your health care, and then when it doesn’t work, and it crashes, they’ll then have the little people hooked on it, and can move to a single payer true socialist system. It is not about health ‘care’, but health ‘control’. They should be honest and adopt a new caduceus for the medical field, the caduceus of death;

Caduceus of Death

You think you are the Queen that cannot be touched, yet the queen has bloodstained robes, and the bodies are stacked up to the gates of heaven. There are those who understand this, and scream piously and pray for God to intervene, yet the intervention does not come, nor will it, for you are the Prodigal sons that have abandoned Him, and His spirit no longer “strives with man”. You think He will come and save you from all the evil, so you did nothing, and you do nothing, while babies and innocents die at your hands. Yes, your hands, because you voted for this and now you pay for it. You love this system of Babylon, the “Best system on Earth”, that you see now, has been turned against you. Yet still you cower in your homes, and let the socialist Beast run amok. Even your ‘right wing’ Leaders turned against you long ago, when they shipped your economy to China. Learn this; With only a few exceptions, The Left and Right under the Money Power, are together when it comes to one thing; the increase of Centralized Power.

We will not submit, we will not comply, we will not pay for the murder of the unborn or the free contraception of the hedonists. Disobedience to tyrants is obedience to God, and He was real clear about murder, whether you are Christian orthodox, protestant, or Gnostic. God was right, I don’t know why we bother with you.



3 Responses to Do not read this

  1. Simply wish to say your article is as astonishing.
    The clarity on your put up is simply cool and i can suppose you are
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    your permission allow me to snatch your RSS feed to keep up to date with impending post.
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  2. life says:

    That was a punch in the gut, but well worth it! Keep it up!


    • Sometimes the punch in the gut, is the only way to feel the pain…

      The Piper should have been a father a long time ago, but he never got that chance.
      It was the 1970’s… and women had gained the right not be tied to aprons and diapers…
      The EX-wife, decided she wasn’t ready to be a mother, and we had no say so in the matter, since we were just the “sperm donor”.
      This is how evil works my friends… this is the “sweet words on the tongue, that grows bitter in the belly”… the very definition of the death culture of socialism.
      Our only regret in life… is that we allowed ourselves to be bullied and we didn’t tell her daddy, who would have kicked her ass and disowned her for murder. As it is, we have the guilt of having paid for it.

      This is our witness, that guilt lives with me to this day.


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