1 + 1 = Love?

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”
-Albert Einstein

One plus one equals love? This is what we as a society are up against. We are so divided, so politicized on the left and right leg of the statue, so drowned in emotional mystery, that even emotion is considered ‘science’, or equal to science. There is little understanding anymore of the difference between ‘subjective’ and ‘objective’. When a discussion of a new kind of calculus, the God Calculus, is begun, the spiritual or religious community immediately jumps on what they know, the emotional, the mysterious. This is an impossible basis for a conversation or a debate, because both parties simply talk past the other in an attempt to Preach at the other.  The religious voices scream “you cannot know the mind of God,  God’s Universe is a Mystery!”. And even the scientists have their own mysteries, and they refuse to accept that God has any place in resolving them. The defense of the status quo is the only thing they know. The concept of a proof of God, is as foreign as the simple message that Jesus brought to the tribes of Israel. Jesus, was the most Heretical of Heretics. The most famous Heretic in history, relative to the audience He was preaching to.

Indeed, only a small percentage of the people of Israel, the Jews at that time, accepted His simple message of love thy neighbor. The Jews were bonded to The Law of Moses, and He was killed for His testimony by standing strong and fighting the evil in the Temple. He was a Heretic of the highest order because He stood in opposition to the Establishment of the Temple and the Money changers, the Paradigm of that day, the status quo. The Roman status quo at that time is still the status quo of this time, that there is no Absolute Truth only ‘Your Truth’ or ‘my Truth’. Truth you see, is a relative thing to mankind, there is no answer to the ultimate question of Why. We even teach our little children not to ask ‘that question’, but for the ultimate truth, it is necessary to “come to Him as a little child”, and ask the question; Why?

This simple faith, of love of ones neighbor, was codified in the Golden Rule; “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”. But, what rules Earth is not the Golden rule, but the Rule of Gold. “He who has the gold, makes the rules.” This shows perfectly, the differences between the Heart and the Mind. The people of the mind, know how the Earth works, the people of the Heart know how the Earth SHOULD work. There is no overlap, no way for the two to communicate. They will talk past each other, one using logic and the other using emotion, one explaining, the other preaching. No forward progress can be achieved because there is no interaction, no listening. This is akin to the man and the woman, who for all time, cannot understand one another, and never will because they come from two different worlds. They are alien to each other. They are both relative to themselves. There is only ‘My Truth’, ‘your truth’ is false, to ‘Me’. The statue of Nebuchadnezzar, written of by Daniel, reflects our time perfectly. The failed empires of history, leading to a time where the people are divided on two legs, left and right, and have become as Iron and Clay, mind vs. emotion, never to come together. The only possible way forward, is a new thing, the power hidden in a rock, to tear down the statue. A sword of truth that is drawn from a rock, and destroys the power of Mystery, invented by Babylon.

When the Scriptures are analyzed, and discussed, there is no logic, there is no math, there is nothing for the logical mind to grasp onto. It is all about the emotions of guilt, fear, hope and love. It is all beautiful words designed to invoke feelings, not interaction in the search for absolute truth. Absolute Truth evades the religion’s and faiths, and they have argued about the simple truth of Jesus, for almost two thousand years. Not only have they not come closer to the absolute truth of the Universe, they become more divided every day. They preach past each other, they have added doctrines and rules and theories, to a simple truth that has resulted in a divided community of believers that can never resolve their differences. Each person, sect, denomination, church and even family, are convinced they are ‘right’ and the other is ‘wrong’. But nobody stops to think, was God a Catholic or a protestant?

Thus it came to the Piper as part of the gift of the Sword of Truth, that Einstein had already defined the Truth. In special relativity  equation; e=mc2. Thus if everything in the Universe, was relative to the speed of light, then light itself, which comes from the Holy Light, made all men relative to Absolute Spirit. The result was the Pipers law of Spiritual Relativity, all men’s belief’s are Relative to the Absolute of Spirit. That is the Universe itself is constructed out of love, and the power of the Light is Love, then all men are only drawn out of darkness when they live a life of love or empathy. Whether that love is born through faith or works, the Light attracts the Light within you. If you nurture the Light within you, by the process of giving, and dropping your entanglement’s with the material, then you should become enLIGHTened, all men’s belief’s and actions are spiritually relative to the Light. This is exactly what the Christ taught, sell all your stuff and give to charity and follow Him.

This should not be misconstrued as something akin to Moral Relativism, make no mistake, it is not. Moral relativism, is the concept that all men’s moral’s are relative to other cultures. Relativism as a cultural justification for evil. Relativism, in its many forms, are manifestations, of men’s minds being relative to other men. This doesn’t mean that absolute evil will be rewarded however. If your religion is a religion of killing infidel’s, then it is highly doubtful that you will garner the light of love, but become more entangled in the darkness of animal passions. But Spiritual Relativity does say that all ways that lead to love, leads to the Light of God. The Christ, being the Son of God, merely passed a test to become the King of Earth, and judge of souls. He may be the shortcut that men need, to escape the darkness, with any degree of certainty, because of the simplicity of His message.

Universal, Religious or Spiritual Relativity of the Piper then, is that all men fall short of the Glory of God and His Holy Spirit.
That there is only one Absolute, and His ways are not our ways. Our ways are all limited in the scope of our perceptions. We all fall back into our own comfort zone. Stepping out of that zone, is the most difficult thing. We are all born, raised, acclimatized, acculturated and politicized by our parents, freinds and immediate surroundings. Surroundings which are limited by the animal side, the material side, of humanity. The spirit itself has only been known by the subjective, the emotional, the parable, the story, superstitions, fantasies, and then we add the religions and doctrines, rules, and competing philosophies and theologies. Usually nothing but words that can only prove the doctrine of ‘my truth’. There is no objective standard when it comes to the spirit. It is doubtful that many even have a clue that spirit itself, must be energy in its purest form.

Let us put forward a simple example. Take the sabbath day, God said to rest on the seventh day. So where does taking the Sabbath on the first day come from? Does it matter whether you take sabbath on Saturday or Sunday? Then the argument’s begin, between the matter of faith, and The Law of God. It can never be resolved by the tools of the last two thousand years, if it could, it would have been resolved long ago. Thus a Sword of Truth is necessary to cut through all the scriptural and doctrinal conflicts by the use of God Science. We will use the subject of the sabbath as an example of Spiritual Relativity.

If a man follows the Law of Moses, then that law says that if you fail even on a single point, then you have violated the whole law. The Law of Moses, was a demonstration by God, of how perfect a man has to be to come to Him, and the reason why mankind needed a Savior, a Messiah, a Redeemer. We needed Grace because it is practically impossible to come to perfection on our own. When the Lord came, he came to bring the grace of God to Earth, and to ‘fulfill’ The Law, which means to; complete it. Grace is the completion of The Law, because you are human, and you are expected to be imperfect.

On the subject of sabbath, it relates to the manifestation of Time itself, being linear and relative(Einstein), is not absolute, but relative to the Infinity of the Forces, where all of our time, is literally compressed to zero in God’s Hyper-Time. (‘a thousand years is as a day, and a day is as a thousand years’) Where all things, all times, are arrayed for the Creator, at One Time. This was actually proven by Einstein’s Special Relativity. Einstein proved light itself, has no time, it is the Universal Anchor, the Only Constant. Spiritual Relativity then, is only a slight extension of this reality. If light comes from the Holy Spirit, then everything is not just relative to Light, but also the Source of the Light.

This also is the source of the manifesting of the Pi Cycles, and 7 is important. If you study the books of Moses, and the Books of Enoch, you discover something. Mose’s is merely the Cliff notes for Enoch. God layed out things in cycles and layers of reality and time, created with an intelligent energy based on hyperfrequencies that manifest at the Zero point as Chaos. Think of the Zero point, the Zimp, as a massive prism. Refracting all the energies into separate colors. Since this is what makes up the electro and magnetic Universe, this is what we are composed of, electromagnetic energies.

This concept of spiritual relativity, plays out in the equations of Einstein perfectly. Billions of years, for a photon that comes to us from another Star, are like an instant to itself, but are measured as years relative to it in the darkness of the Zero point. When Light has no time itself and our soul’s are all composed of Light and Dark energies, then we are also part of the Infinite, which is Entangled into Oneness with and through the Holy Spirit. So this must speak to those who are sensitive to the energies in our electromagnetic Universe. The Conscience being your Holy Light or spirit half, tells you what God wants you to be/think/respond/discern, and some of us being more sensitive than others, will pick up on this, sensing the time as well. The Piper is also a dowser, and can feel the energies. It is real, have no doubt, but they are also very subtle.

The sensitive person then, can feel those energies and can feel time and space. Thus the 7th day, has a different ‘feel’ to it than any other day of the week. But also one can feel the Intention of it, the Rest Period, is subjective, relative to men’s perception and culture, thus it cannot be of any ‘absolute’ importance to the gift of salvation, but an inherent force in the Universe. Perceived by some as having ultimate importance, and others as having no force or effect. Both are then, equally correct, when compared to the Absolute nonjudgmental spirit of God, His desire for our Joy, and His plan which will manifest His Joy. His Joy, as told in Enoch, is that He had ‘no peace’, in being alone in the Great Void.

But since man’s ways are as foolishness with God, then all our various paths and theologies are relative to One Way, the narrow path of the Light and He who came to save us from the Darkness. The Lord, The Redeemer,  The Judge, The Way, The Logo’s, The Word, The Messiah, Son of Man, Son of God, He who was one of us, and knows our ways and is the best judge. So if one man chooses the Law and justifies it through his own conscience, and one man chooses pure faith, and justifies it through his conscience also, then both ways are man’s interpretation of God’s ways, which are all The Paths to The Way out of darkness, and Home in the infinite absolute Light.

Whether one way or the other way is better than the other, the only thing that matters is God’s Absolute way of loving all men and wanting them to overcome the Darkness and come Home. But how do men overcome the darkness, with the way of love, when the very act of worshiping Him, leads to the opposite? When arguments and strong animal emotions come about as a result of differences of doctrines of men, and then anger and hate lead to the divisions and denominations, and eventually the soul is attracted to the Darkness. So does the Darkness then, win the soul that hates his brother over simple disagreements of religious ‘theory’? Can a brother say he loves his neighbor, if he hates what his neighbor believes? If the religion of man, caused so much hate, murder and war in the past, and the present is as bad if not worse, then how do we overcome what is presented to us as The Mystery of faiths?

If faith and religion is nothing but mystery, then Science itself is littered with old mysterious phenomena, the Rock problem being supreme among them, and the dual slit experiment being a mystery. Why do Big rocks rise above little rocks?. Why does an experiment change when it is observed? The only answers that would work would have to be the Holy Grail of science which is called the Grand Unified theory, but if it was a Theory of Everything, would that not also have to include a Proof of God’s existence? The Grand Unified theory has been sought for over 100 years, and still it eludes them. Science can manipulate matter but when the Big Question of Why is asked, what is the Cause, there is only the standard answer of physics that describes an incomplete How, revealing no Cause.

Science itself violates it own rules of cause and effect in its version of reality that is defined in Quantum mechanics but cannot give us the why of gravity,inertia or entropy. Science also speaks of the irrational, that all things are of a dual nature, a thing is not a thing, that everything is both energy wave and particle. Science violates common sense, and then simply states that the world of the Quantum is simply mysterious, composed of probabilities. The Universe ‘probably’ exists? They see the chaos of reality, but cannot define its Source. When we look at science for all the answers, we find science itself obsessed with the task of finding a God Particle. This is a magic particle thing that holds the Universe together. It does this by giving everything something called Dark energy and the spin to define existence. But it will never be. The Piper predicts they will only find an artifact, or energy spike, at the 1 Radian. They will find a 90% god, but will never answer the ultimate question of the truth of God’s Universe. If a god particle were true, then the Cosmos would reveal a 50% random distribution of spin related phenomena. In other words, everything spin’s, rotates and orbits in a counter clockwise direction. If it was truly a random Universe, then the 50% statistical probability of the godless ones, would manifest as systems spinning clockwise and counter clockwise, but they don’t. This is proof in front of your eyes, that everything has a common cause, a central intelligence and volition.

Even though science knows dark energy is required, it cannot even describe what dark energy is or where it comes from. Science knows that a constant energy flow is required to run the Universe, but cannot fathom its source or destination. Science itself says that everything came from nothing, the most absurd violation of the absolute principle of cause and effect. Science does not have all the answers, but science and religion are enemies, because one speaks in math, and the other speaks in emotions. The result is a Universe of many layer’s of mystery where both should have come together long ago, but religion murdered the scientists. They were called ‘The Wise men of the Magi’, which were renamed Heretic’s by The Church.

So unfortunately science holds a grudge and hates religion and God and attempts to create God in their own image of a particle. Also, Religion hates science and continues to use the only tool at its disposal, pretty words that spark emotions. The two can never join, and the division of the people become worse and worse. When one side asks what is 1 plus 1, the other responds with; LOVE. Thus 1+1=Love?  Do we not think that God can see that the times have changed, and the people have changed with them? Yet do we not also still have all the old fears and superstitions about existence? Do we not think that God knows that a bridge between the worlds is required, and now is the time?

Our religion’s then, can only provide half the answer in a dark relative reality, the Subjective half, the Heart and mind of God. Science must provide the Objective half, the mechanics and design of Creation. Only by the joining of both together, accepting each other in sincerity, and joining together in mutual empathy instead of enmity, for that search by the Socratic method, can we find Truth. And finding the Absolute Truth with only words is an impossible task. So the only choice men have is to find something beyond words, beyond arguments, beyond the relativity between men, something absolute.

The God Calculus, of the Ancient Trinity of Enoch combined and proven with the math of Einstein, is as absolute a thing as can be found, a provable architecture of the Universe’s proven in a mathematics and science of God, that at least open’s the door to heaven a crack, and proves the mechanics of Creation itself. To show that Einstein was right, there is no such thing as particles, there is only energy, and that furthermore, that the energy is intelligent, shown by the Quantum Entanglement of the Hyper Infinities. If the same equation, also predicts that Pi is a necessary result, and driver of the mechanics of Creation, that a counter clockwise spin is a result of a central causal force, and that life itself is a necessary result of the structure of those same energies, then the proof is self contained, and becomes something wonderful, proving the purpose of the Universe, is as a life creation factory in the Love of its Creator, proven by the very shape of the quantum vortex itself, is the ancient symbol of the heart.

If the Piper is misconstrued, interpreted, or deemed against one thing or another, or against one person’s ideas or another, then let the matter be settled without ego as brothers and sisters in the search for Absolute Truth. That the only absolute truth in this Universe is that the Golden rule must overcome the Rule of Gold in order for mankind to progress beyond Fear into the Light. For us all to accept that love truly is the Way to unification of humanity in a place where we all live in a dark and foggy Universe. A place where none of us sees further than the hand in front of our face, holding only a slice of truth. To know that only by the mind and heart, science and religion, joining hands can we progress, to pound our swords into plowshares and bring as many souls as possible out of the darkness into the Light. To focus our efforts, by the Christs example, in unification against the True Enemy, and re-codify the Purpose of God as given by Enoch, which is for His Joy and a shared vision of victory over the darkness and the evil within it. But this cannot be done using broken tools, by continued preaching to the choir, or the old tools of Mystery that divide us.

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