Something wicked this way comes.

Something wicked this way comes.

Quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius
“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”
Albert Einstein

Revelation 8:12, “Then the fourth angel sounded: and a third of the sun was struck, and a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them were darkened; and a third of the day did not shine, and likewise the night.”

Isaiah 13:10, “For the stars of heaven and their constellations will not give their light; The sun will be darkened in its going forth, and the moon will not cause its light to shine.”

Isaiah 24:21, “It shall come to pass in that day that the Lord will punish on high the host of exalted ones, and on the earth the kings of the earth.”

We have heard it for years, and years, Judgment comes, the Dark Day of the Lord, a time of Jacob’s trouble and Tribulation, and it always seems everybodies timing is a little off. But what if the Dividing of Time itself was off? What if time itself is a variable of hyper energy compression where a short time for God, is a very long time for us? As it says in the scriptures; “With God, a thousand years is as a day, and a day is as a thousand years”, which is the exact definition of Einstein’s Special Relativity. Science pooh pooh’s such things, but science has lost its very credibility as much as the religions of men, for they are both lost in their own illusions. But if we look at certain verses of prophecies, we can see that something lurks in the ‘darkness’.  The definition of ‘darkness’ then comes into play, but science searches for it, and religion misunderstands it as ‘entity’ instead of ‘force’. Part of the Unified Field of God says that the darkness is The Aether of General Relativity and the dark energy of quantum mechanics, and the Aether is the source of the magnetic force which is the source of ‘hardness’, thus we said that free magnetic bubbles will be present in interstellar space…

Then the scientists have to come along and discover the magnetic bubbles we predicted, at the edge of the solar system, but they cannot explain the meaning or the source of the bubbles… yet, we, are ‘crazy’. Ok then…

Here is the article that has confirmed the presence of a ‘magnetic foam’ (ie Magnetic Quantum Foam we predicted.) at the edge of the solar system, detected by space probes. Here is the original article by National Geographic;

Article on magnetic foam by National Geographic

Update; The newly discovered ‘magnetic highway’ at the edge of the heliosphere (the solar system) has been detected by Voyager 1.  Our magnetic soup, has increased approximately 10 times over the last few years. Here is a quote;

“If we were judging by the charged particle data alone, I would have thought we were outside the heliosphere,” said Stamatios Krimigis, principal investigator of the low-energy charged particle instrument, based at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Md. “We are in a magnetic region unlike any we’ve been in before — about 10 times more intense than before the termination shock,” said Leonard Burlaga, a Voyager magnetometer team member based at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

From this article:  Magnetic Highway discovered
This is what we predicted, and absolute confirmation of the Pipers thesis; That, the Aether of General Relativity was the Dark Protogenitor (primal generator)  or the source of all the ‘Dark’ forces, strong, weak, gravity, magnetic, inertia, and entropy, the thing common between them is the R(elativity factor) coupling curve, the God Tangent or Pi force that binds all things together and also begets the demon (force) in the darkness; Hyster (Hysteresis; a ‘mystery’ of science.).

Update: 1st Weather confirmation. Einstein’s Aether exists, it must for General Relativity to work, and thus if it is the gravito-magnetic force, it cannot be completely homogenous. When the Aether is compressed or thickened, then everything, every object within that Aether, must ‘feel’ an increase in amplitude. This will be subtle at first as the last twelve years or so have been, as we skirted the edge of the galactic rift, the harbinger waves are now behind us as of Dec 21, 2012. This never did spell an ‘apocalypse’ as the lame brained media likes to sensationalize, but a gradual increase in the amplitudes of Earth changes, and the mental and spiritual functioning of all living beings.

When speaking of amplitudes, there is no greater depiction of this amplitude effect, than the jet stream itself. Thus the weird weather patterns, as predicted in the Bible itself should now begin to make it so that summer and winter are confused. What does this mean to the regular person? You should install a heat controlled greenhouse for your garden projects maybe? Here is a current picture of the jet stream, the massive amplitude of the waves, the semi-permanent standing wave as a Coriolis circular pattern below the waves, is a synchronization pattern. Science has no answers, since their models are incomplete. Has this happened before? Certainly. Of this amplitude? Is this indicative of the future?

Earth_jet_streamUpdate: The newest ‘phenomena’ is now seen as the ‘Polar Vortex’… aptly named, as a direct physical confirmation of the gravito-magnetic vortex, that manifests under this dark compression of the Aether. If you look at the picture above, and look at the pole, you will see this already happening.  This is a physical manifestation of the ‘Veil’ breaking down between the infinite universes of Quantum Mechanics and a confirmation of Einstein’s ‘Imponderable Aether’ of General Relativity. This is called The Seven Seals in the Bible, and is the ‘Seven suns within seven suns’ of Enoch. As the Aether is stretched and compressed, the balance of the energies is unbalanced, just like in an atomic bomb.

Update: Recent star observations after we went into the Dark rift have ‘maybe’ begun to reveal a marked increase in the six pointed star burst radials. A marked increase in the size of the down radials may be taking place. We do not know if our telescope has developed an aberration or our eyes are going bad… but we will keep an eye on the progress of “signs in the stars and the heavens”. Our prediction is for these to increase to the visible level as well as visible rings to form around the stars as we enter thicker regions of the Rift.

Update: Weather on the other planets has gone screwy, just as predicted. The latest is Venus, now her winds have gone haywire and nobody knows why… Dark energy is a wondrous and terrible master in this Universe, especially when you don’t accept it. The spin force, also called the force of Chaos or The Invisible Voice of God(The God Tangent/Pi), is magnified, and enhanced by the increasing dark energy, which presses the atmosphere of all planetary objects and drives the wind into higher velocity and chaos.

Venus winds have increased.

Update: Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has an interesting new work out, where the links between occultism, aetherial physics and bankers who understand these cycles of creation has affected the people of Earth since the time of Babylon. Kudo’s to Dr. Farrell. Babylons-Bankers. 

Update; The spreading Madness of The Greens, The Left, is now being documented.

The Snapping of Minds

Update: Weird EMP and magnetic swirls


*** Original Post ***
Something wicked this way comes

The very phenomena of energy and time is barely revealed in the special relativity of Einstein, and the mechanism of general relativity demands the existence of the Aether. Science is schizophrenic when it comes to the concept of an Aether. The particle guys cannot accept that there is an aether, and think dark energy is a mystery, thus the search for the ‘non causal’ God Particle; the Higgs boson. (If science were to accept an aether, then they would be compelled to accept a ‘created’ Universe with an ‘outside’ energy source. Understand this, and you see the truth. But Einstein said an aether was absolutely necessary for General Relativity to function, thus Einstein is accepted but philosophically sidelined by the particle physicists. )

It appears space-time itself is a stretchable thing, an ultimate non constant, something perceived differently depending on what speed you are traveling or, what portion of space you are traveling through. This is also the message of Einstein that all things are “Frozen energy”. But what if space-time itself is not simply a vacuum, not homogeneous? Would this affect the perception of time? Could reality itself be altered since the Aether permeates and gives The Hardening Force of dark energy to all matter? What if the Aether truly is the opposite of the Holy Fire, being, the Unholy Water?, and thus Einstein is right, we are held between Fire and Water. It would explain much in the way of the cycles of creation, solar patterns, weather cycles and the minds of men, all One, inseparable.

One of the lessons of the God coil, that proves the hyper(spiritual) geometry within Einstein’s Aether, was that the dark(invisible) magnetic energy of space time itself is compressible, malleable, stretchable. The lesson of the Unified Field is that the Dark energy of the Aether and the Quantum foam is the duality of the energy chaos matrix, that reality is divided in two primal energies. The hyper light producer and the dark magnetic consumer of energy are dual, separate and apart, the Light is a separate entity from the Dark. But the primary lesson is that reality itself, is, the Darkness, because the materialism of hardness is manifested by the dark magnetic energy. This is what gives the attractive and repulsive nature of matter, inertia and its ability to release static charges. Entropy itself is the result of the consuming power of the Aether. Thus matter is energy, and only energy, this is the underlying reality of the surface illusion of particles(magnetic bubbles). Everything is energy in vibration, and it is this very vibration within the Aether, that gives the Illusion of reality its hardness by the very process of magnetic repulsion and attraction.

When you comprehend this fact, you also understand that space-time itself is like a dark soup, a soup of spinning magnetic bubbles, set in motion by the Hyper Light and the Causal Spin force of God, which can be considered the Master Carrier frequency of 3D reality, the Causal vibration frequency that we call The God Tangent or The Pi Force. This should make you also consider the fact, that reality is not as ‘real’ as you would think. It is more of a sponge, than a brick. Earth is like hardened jello, susceptible to the forces of the underlying space-time that forms its hardness, and causes the gravity-magnetic vortex field. But there is also a gravity-magnetic vortex field of the Solar system that causes Earth to ride in its orbit as well as the Galaxy that the solar system rides in, in its own orbit about the Galaxy. This travel around the Galaxy by the Solar system takes about 26,000 years.

But there is a dark cloud in the center of the Milky Way, it is known as the Dark Rift. It is the center of the mass of the spinning Coriolis structure, a place where no stars or solar systems inhabit, at least none that can be seen, because it is also a place where darkness inhabits, dust and debris, so nothing can be seen. And this is all current science really knows. But The Grail and God knows, this is the place of greatest compression of the gravity vortex of the Galaxy, the compression of the Aether is the sewer of the Galaxy where all matter eventually is sucked into the black hole at the center. This is the place of the “Dark day of the Lord”, where the dark energy is magnified and the Light is dimmed.

The Unified Field of God, exposes the make up of the Dark rift, and it is a scary place. It is a place where space-time itself is stretched and compressed. So if space-time itself is the very energy soup that makes us real, then what happens to our reality as we pass through this compression zone? For that answer we can see what’s happening in the world now, and has been for about 12 years as we have entered the fringe of the rift. These are the Harbinger waves. The Earth itself is undergoing changes in weather that is moving towards the chaotic, volcanic activity is increasing all over, earthquake activity is ramping higher and higher, pole movement is accelerating.(The Bible tells us this will happen, but the translators got it wrong; in Matthew where the Lord tells us what to watch for, He mentions ‘earth quakes in DIVERSE places’, but the word should have been translated as; EVERYWHERE.)

In the Sun, sun spots and sun quakes or Coronal Mass Ejections are intensifying. The Earth and Sun are known to operate in short and long cycles, and now we culminate a great cycle, all overlapping like harmonic waves of the music of the spheres. If this aetheric compression gets extreme enough, we predict that even the poles weather will swirl in synchronization with the gravity-magnetic field. This polar spin will drive weather into extremes. The sun’s weather could be the crux of the matter, if the aetheric compression becomes so compressed, the CMEs from the Sun could reach the Earth as the loops of plasma don’t break, they merely extend, and that could be the extermination event of most of mankind. If the Aetheric-gravito-magnetic vortex becomes thick enough, we could even see natural EMP(Electromagnetic pulse) and magnetic swirl effects around the Earth.

There is even weird weather and strange events happening on the other planets of the solar system. In men and animals, anxiety is building, and madness is spreading in packs and pods of sharks and other animals. There is even an outbreak of human zombies, humans eating other humans while they are still alive. Men are beginning to react to small events in overpowering angry reactions, as their dark half is intensified. But nothing is understood or connects the dots between all these disparate events, until you connect the last dot about the truth of reality itself, The Holy Grail of Religion, the Unified Field of God that proves Einstein’s Aether and God’s Created Universe.

The Unified Field predicts all these things, things of prophecy and tribulation, a time when demon’s are released from the bottomless pit. (Figuratively speaking, a demon is the spirit of the Nephilim as it says in Enoch. An Archon, is the power of the dark energy, the other half of the soul. Archons are the power of negative animal emotions of envy, jealousy, etc, which was also called the dark half of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.). The Galactic Rift is a place in the Galaxy where the Power of God, allows Dark Judgment on dark men because of the very feedback system of Creation, called Karma. Karma is stored in the very fabric of hyper-time, like the power of Pi, the quantum entanglement feedback of reality into the HyperAeons(Highest Heavens outside and above the 7 layers of the Heavens of Chaos) of Hypertime, means that everything we do is stored in the skein of time. Once the power of creation is understood, we see that the Dark rift has the power to compress and stretch the very atom’s of Creation themselves. Once the Dark energy is understood, you begin to see that the attractive and repulsive power causes the energy imbalances between the Light and the Dark, and how everything is connected as One.

You also understand the recent observational data of “magnetic bubbles” and ‘highways’ outside the solar system, reported by space probes, but science doesn’t understand them. When you see these reports and tie them to the Unified Field, you understand perfectly, there is no God Particle as a ‘causal’ entity. Einstein was right, there are no such thing as particles, there is only energy and frozen energy bubbles. But mainstream science refuses to accept Einstein because Einstein wanted to know ‘the mind of God’, thus science abandoned the search for the theory of everything to pursue particles in multi billion dollar atom smashers. No wonder they do not understand that ‘dark energy’ has been right in front of their face the whole time, and it will be their undoing because those who do not have the Light of God within will not be able to withstand the dark forces to their emotions when in the Dark energy rift. You see, it is not that the Aether ’causes’ people to do evil things, it is that when it strengthens in cycles, it enhances the dark side, the material feelings are enhanced over the good feelings from the Light, you can snap because you feel anxious without cause, and general anxiety is spreading, the sea and the waves roar in confusion.

If you understand the Unified Field, then the Dark rift becomes a place where the very Veil between the physical and the hyper/spiritual realms break, the Seals between the layers of quantum jumps, the 7 layers of Creation, the 7 heavens, the 7 Suns within, the 7 seals that keep the layers separated, start to come apart at the seams. Time itself will also be affected, since time is dependent on the structure of space-time itself.

The Dark Rift was predicted by the Mayan’s as the End of the Galactic Cycle, and they were correct, because the Solar system, and Earth, fully enters into the Dark rift in Dec 2012. At this time, anxiety will begin to build in all men because the Dark half of men, the material, the magnetic hardness, the energy of the Animal soul, will begin to feel the compression effect of the rift, and the Holy Spirit half, the Light of the Holy Spirit will become dimmed. Thus the “love of many shall wax cold” is the way the Bible puts it. In fact most of the scriptures, written in prose and script, story and myth, speak of the “Dark day of The Lord” and the many horrors to come.

This should begin with solar activity that is ‘weird’, with the possibility of increased flare strength and frequency, with the further possibility that the increased magnetic strength of the gravity vortex of the Sun, being revealed in flares that begin to show this structure being present. Along with the Sun, all the planets should show weather amplitude changes, especially those like Earth with tectonic plates and seasons. On Earth, most or all the volcanoes will come alive, sink holes and cracks will appear in odd places and patterns as the surface is stretched outward slightly at the equator from the compressed poles and the inner core heats up, quake activity will eventually begin to ramp up to the level of ‘planet quakes’, until the prophecy of the Earth “wobbling like a drunkard” could become very real, especially if a ‘dark body’ enters the solar system. Since there is so much dark dead matter, dust and unknowns in the Rift, we may have an eventual dust cloud that moves into the solar system, fulfilling prophecies about the Sun being blotted out and the Moon being made like blood. All very rational, using reason and God Science, as the result of the Power(Forces) of God, in a Cause and Effect universe, not the Crime and Punishment mystery universe of the religions.

These horrors are also accompanied by joys for the Godly, as the Veil breaks down between the layers of the Universe and the 7 seals are broken, those entities who live in those other sub ethereal layers may even be seen and have more power in the physical. This will be the loosing of the demons from the Bottomless pit, the only way to fight these entity/powers is with Light and Love of God in your heart. Eventually The Pentecost of hyper/spirit energy unleashed in those who are full of the Light of God will cause leaking of Light from their own bodies, the human version of Hawking radiation or what is called the Second coming and The Ascension… Reality itself will blur as what we perceive as atoms, hard and strong, become warped and relativity is altered. The bonds that keep the Earth as a ball, will become warped at the atomic level, as the solar and the Earth’s magnetic fields are compressed, not to become less real or round, but added stress on the reality layer as the mind is made of the same stuff as Heaven, hyper energy that is called; spirit. Men’s minds will turn towards the animal passions, and their stress will increase and nobody will know why, laying it at the feet of whatever crisis du jour is happening. When in reality, there will simply be crisis after crisis.

We find it curious because there are so many different crises converging on this point of time, but when you see the world through the lens of The Unified Field, you see that our Mysterious Universe is not so mysterious anymore. You see that since reality is a matrix of dark and light energy, that is all connected as one, then the contributor of the Cause of ups and downs, the cycles of man, greed, fear, confidence, apathy and destruction, all have a common contributor in the dark relativity of Einstein manifested through the spiritual geometry of Pi. The ancient books of Enoch speak of this dark time coming to Earth, that it will cause the evil men to destroy one another and madness will reign. But it also speaks of the Light of heaven being merged on Earth. The Light that Enoch said cannot be perceived, will be seen on Earth. Is this the Light of the World, the Messiah? If so, this would be His 4th and final Advent in this cycle of the Galaxy. What the orthodox calls the second coming, may come in a little unexpected fashion. This is an obvious energy event, that tracks with the Aether compression and imbalance. If the Veil, or Seals are broken, then the Light from the next energy layer upwards, the first heaven or hyper quantum jump in the frequency of the Light, then the Light will be seen and the Light of Love within you, if you have it, will leak out, this is the Pentecost spoken of in the Bible, or a Hyper/Spiritual Relativity type energy event. This event can then be seen as a similar type of personal Hawking radiation, the energy that leaks out of a black hole.

Now as to timing and time, the Catholic church, when they destroyed the Grail of Enoch, set the “dividing of Time” at the Birth of Christ. All dates are in A.D., Anno Domini, after the Birth, which is zero AD. But what if the sending of the Messiah, was less important than the Sacrifice and the fulfillment of His Mission? The Sacrifice of Himself, to intentionally give up His spirit and His own dark energy as a sacrifice to the darkness of this world. This zero point in time, if reset forward 33 years, would mean, the actual millennium or end of the church age, would not be until 2033. This is curious because the exact dead center, the peak of darkness of the Galactic Rift, is in; 2033-35. This would be a curious fact and a coincidence, that it aligns with the cycles of the Galaxy, the Mayan prophecy, and scientific observations.

At the end of these times, Enoch said that evil will be consumed from off the Earth, but the good have only one way through it. This is spoken of as trim your wicks, fill your lamps and hide in a back room for the darkness comes, and fight the dark ‘powers’ with the love of God because they cannot stand the Light. Religion has its wonderful parts, and its infuriating parts, but only when science and religion are joined, do we come to the Truth. Only then does science gain a soul, and religion gains eyes to see.

This is a … prophetical confirmation from the Spirit via our brother Steve Quayle…
I consider it some pretty powerful math, that can predict events of religious significance… the 7 Seals are the 7 spirits of God, the 7 Suns within 7 Suns(Enoch), the 7 Chakras of the soul(Buddhist), the 7 Heavens, the 7 quantum jumps of the layers of hyperspace, aethereal, material, and subspace realities.

more at the link

“For all that of old that you have heard
Shall NOW come upon the earth as a swift bird;
Darkness shall come as you approach the end of the year
For nations shall be covered with fear.
The seals are breaking fast

The end result of this 60 year wave of darkness, is that evil destroys evil, and a Remnant of the Godly get through by the power of love and light, hiding from the dark powers in the wilderness and the meek warriors shall inherit the Earth.

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