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**********discourse with cat cad*************
catcad wrote:

need to bounce some thoughts off ya

Hi Piper,
I spoke to you awhile back and I wasn’t sure if you were still coming to the board, but I wanted to ask you some things. I have been in the weirdest funk (sorta angry and restless), due to..well, I don’t really know what. It’s a myriad of things. One, I’ve started digging more into the inconsistencies of Pauline theology vs. Jesus’ teachings. All I can say is, “wow…where does one go with that?” I’ve been reading off a website called “Jesus’ Words Only”…edreading.html , and well, it’s something that I picked up myself over the years (the inconsistencies, I mean) and this guy goes really indepth on the subject.
I guess some of the frustration I’m feeling is, wondering why God would allow His word to be tampered with to such an extent? I already suspected that Enoch was kept out of the Bible (came to that conclusion several years ago), so I guess the idea that Paul’s writings could have been put in the Bible by Constantine or whoever, isn’t that far a stretch. Thing is, I am a member of a non-denominational Bible believing church (a good one), and I am definitely the odd bird out, following this line of thinking.
I guess I just feel very alone and maybe a little unsure of what the heck it means to look at things the way I do. I’ve studied many, many, subjects and have an ability to discern things that most don’t. I’m not tooting my own horn or anything, I just see things differently than most. I have wanted truth in things, no matter what. I have no one to share these thoughts with. When I first shared some of the things I put together regarding the ufo deception (tying into the nephilim, etc.), my family thought I was nuts. They have come around since then, but this…this would put me in a whole different bracket (can you say heretic?). Sigh……
I guess I just don’t know where I fit in. I have this crazy desire to fight…not people so much (unless necessary), but something..and I don’t even know what it is. I’m mad. I just don’t know exactly what I’m mad at. Deception maybe? Apathy in most? The lies the enemy has perpetuated on mankind? I feel like this race horse in the chute, waiting for the door to swing open, yet I don’t know what I’m waiting to do. Does that make sense? It’s like being on edge 24/7 and I keep asking God, “WHAT IS THIS?????!!” “What do YOU want me to see or do??” “I’m just a wife, a mom of 4 boys, and not anyone important!” BUT, I see and comprehend things that I don’t have any clue as to what to do with them.
If you have anything to share after that nonsense above, please do, lol. I’m a little lost over here.

Piper wrote:
I’m sorry I haven’t been around, but the man with the iron brain ‘infracted’ me, and I almost .. almost told him where to shove it…
He said I was “spewing religion”, and he didn’t appreciate “that kinda stuff” on HIS board… he basically confirmed what you just said, and what I’ve been saying all along…

First thing; that ‘funk’ you’re feeling? That anxiety? It is the body, the animal, sensing what comes. Go to my blog to the page about something wicked this way comes…

You are exactly where I was 20 years ago… a Truth Seeker, when I finally figured out, that the Lord’s prophecy had come true… what do I mean?
He said He came “not to bring peace, but a sword”… correct? Well, who do you think WIELDED that sword? The ‘NEW’ Catholic church.
How? They created the ‘Sword of Division’. They created an abomination that makes the people desolate in the true Temple of God, our minds.

This is what you are sensing in your soul of souls, your spirit that connects you to the Holy spirit. You sense the wrongness of the conflicting messages. You see the holes in scripture, the things written that do not make sense, the old god of war(Jehovah) with the new God of Love manifested in Christ, but, you, like all the rest of God’s people, are LOST in the MYSTERY…

Once you read the Gnostic scriptures, with the Grail as a guide, you discover the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. You see that the Christ Spirit, came to Earth 3 times, and His Gift of KNOWLEDGE was perverted by the Animal, the Authorities, the Darkness. This process was thrown over the scriptures from the very beginning, as it says in Jude; “evil crept in unawares”… This process went on for a few hundred years, from the Council of Nicaea until The Inquisition. When you see that 95% of Jesus’ teachings were burned and ‘forbidden’, and you read about the conflict between Peter and Mary Magdalene, you see, that Jesus’ was no fan of churches or priests. In fact, He EXPLICITLY told the disciples NOT TO SET UP A CHURCH with hierarchies of priests… That ‘God was found in the ROCKS’ not buildings or temples. That He would be where two or more gathered in His name…

Now… for this to work, you must accept something? First, that the white people run the world? If you can accept this, understand that we are the lost ten tribes… any ‘evidence’ to the contrary is obfuscation and denial by these very same wealthy people who control the ‘message’… ok? The Truth is found in the true names… Who were the Saxons? Originally they called themselves “Saacs Sons”. In those days, the leading vowel was often dropped, so they called themselves; ‘The Sons of Isaac’. This is the best evidence of who we are, and what we have been led to forget. Led, deliberately, because of the deep enmity that still exists between the 10 tribes and Judah. But then, Judah does deserve much of it due to their extreme arrogance, eh? (They are not ‘the chosen’, white people are, for a reason I’ll leave to later… but it has to do with spirit gifts in the DNA.)

If you go back to the beginning, Israel was conquered first by DEBT and accepting the laws of the King of Assyria and Babylon, who foreclosed on those ten stupid tribes with the sword… and took them into slavery. What you must understand, is that ‘babylon’ is a SYSTEM, not just a kingdom of history… Babylon invented the TRIUNE system of absolute control. It invented a system that The House wins in the Casino of Life.  First the money changers invented FIXED CONTRACTS of debt, which violated God’s law… (because the world is a variable place, and these contracts were written to take the lands of anybody who simply had a bad year… the House wins.) Then, the money changers were backed by the Kings laws, and force of arms. The People were kept in submission by the Priests of the Temple of the Sun god. They taught the people to “submit to GODLY AUTHORITY”… sound familiar? It should, it is the same SYSTEM we have today… it is called; The Rule of Gold; He who has the gold, makes the rules. The Elites love The System because they always are the ones who profit from it the most, and the people love it because; they love money more than God. Thus the Root of all evil, is, the love of money.

This is the deeper lesson of the statue of Nebuchadnezzar. The Head of Gold, rules on the two legs of rich man’s ideology, left and right, and keeps the people divided as Iron and Clay through the use of the MYSTERY RELIGION and the doctrines that can mean anything they want it to mean at any time… it doesn’t have to make ‘sense’… because it is ” a mystery of God my son.”  This philosophy, is what took over the Church of Rome because the Emperor demanded it. He wanted a church to ‘unify the empire’, and here is where the writings of Paul superseded the teachings of Jesus and Enoch. An aside, the writings of John and Revelations, were almost thrown out of the Canon too, because they were considered too ‘gnostic’, or philosophical. By the time of the Inquisition, philosophy and reason were completely anathema, outlawed… the Heretics were killed and burned. Who were the ‘heretics’? Today we call them; scientists and philosophers. If you read the ‘church’ fathers’, Origen and others attacked the Gnostics and that included the teachings of Jesus. They wanted to created a ‘narrative’ or a ‘story’ for children… what we would call; peasants. They considered them stupid and beyond all philosophical reasoning ability, and also, the Emperor needed to keep the people in ‘silent submission to authority’. Thus the Catholic church and the Holy Roman Empire were born on the back of The Babylonian System and its MYSTERY Religion. Thus Dogma, Rules and rituals replaced The Way of Christ that was simply conscience and consciousness.

The Bible, is the result of the pen of man, not the spoken ‘word’ of God. God did not set pen to paper, thus it is referred to as the ‘inspired’ Word, the question becomes, who exactly, was the inspiration? At the bottom of the well, it is Paul vs Jesus. A man who never met the Lord, never studied with him, who basically has a doctrine of worship Him and not His Way. To trust in Him, because you’re human you can’t be perfect, and this was taken up by the church and created; Orthodoxy. A combination of Paul, a smattering of Jesus(about 5% of His teachings, the ‘public’ sayings.) in combination with an ‘old’ testament of a god of War. This is the way of darkness and Babylon, to combine light with darkness, truth with untruth, to arrive at; MYSTERY. That which cannot be PROVEN. That which is used to keep the people in FEAR and submission. The greatest tool they have, is the ‘Holy Bible’. A book that causes divisions, denominations, arguments, fighting, murders, wars, and this is not just ‘ancient history’. But even those who say “yeah, this is all just ancient history”, don’t say, that history creates the future, and the future, is NOW. And many are starting to wake up, and see that something, is just ‘wrong’ with their beloved MYSTERY.

The problem with their mystery?… the Bible itself condemns them… ask yourself, what is the name of the Harlot that rides the Beast of 10 horns?  What does spew forth from her mouth? What is the first part of Revelation ‘revealing’?  Is there a more subtle message in the 10’s? The 10 toes, the 10 virgins and … the 10 horns?  Does this tie into the 4 horses? And what is the connection to the statue with the Head of Gold? A statue, that is brought down by a ‘rock’… these are all ‘mysteries’, but, they are mysteries of men who have a vested interest… an interest in keeping their tax breaks by towing the line of the Orthodox Babylon system. Thus the people see and are confused by messages of the preacher men, who keep them apathetic and complacent. The people see a church that says its ok to sin, because they are ‘saved by the blood’. They are in constant arguments to ‘get it right’, well, they’ve had almost 2000 years, and they haven’t got it ‘right’ yet, what makes anybody think they ever will?

They won’t, they are caught in their own MYSTERY. They are the Head of Gold of the statue, the 10 horns that are Shofars of the Evil leaders of the tribes, they are the Harlot, who’s name is MYSTERY, BABYLON, who lord it over the ten toes and keep them divided as iron and clay, divided by mystery and easy to keep in submission, they are the thing of darkness that the 10 virgins hide from.  They are the riders of the horses, the white horse is the Holy Roman empire that conquered ‘in the name of God’ and killed the saints(the Heretics). They are the Red horse of the church supported Kings and nobles that came after, and left a river of blood. They are the black horse with the scales of the balancing of power of democracy that will die in money failure, and famine and death. Finally, They will join with the Pale Green horse that rides, before the Dark day of the Lord comes at the edge of the Galaxy.

I have seen the results of these mystery doctrines in my own family, as arguments break out over ‘once saved always saved’, and The Rapture, and the doctrines of Paul versus the teachings of Jesus, and the inability to reconcile verses that seem to contradict each other.  I have the results of permanent family splits, the same process that causes; Denominations. Which means; divided.  Even Martin Luther, the original Protester of the Catholic dogma’s, said basically “sin boldly, but trust in Christ more boldly”. The result of all this has been a culture where sin is an almost vaporous unknown, something to ‘try’ to defeat but not to worry too much because HE has your back. When that is not what He said. What He said was virtually identical to what the Buddha said; Love is The Way.

Where is the Love in The Churches? By their fruits we shall know them… and as Hosea said; “My people are destroyed through a lack of knowledge.” This is why I was ‘called’ by the spirit to be a witness against MYSTERY. ALL MYSTERIES. The only way to overcome mystery is with knowledge. The Grail is the Power in the Rocks, the Proof of God. The Knowledge that overcomes Mystery, a Sword of Truth drawn from a rock. This is why the New Song of the Piper, which is the oldest song, resonates with seekers. They see the results and fruits of the Churches, and the hypocrisy of those who worship mammon above God.  This does not mean there are not good and wonderful people who are Christians, most of them are, but they are all; victims of mystery. Re read The Revelation, see the lady of 12 stars clothed in the Light of the Sun while standing on the moon, read about the New Song, and the Mystery of God is finished… tell me what it means. This lady has a name, her name is; Pistis Sophia… she is the symbol of the Revelation of Knowledge that conquers Mystery…The Gnosis that conquers the Orthodox of the Babylon Mystery religion. This happens during a time of great chaos on the Earth, for only during times of great chaos do great things happen. The Proof of God, through the Revealing of Knowledge, of Enoch being proved with the science of Einstein, and the Gnosis being proved through the anchor of the Holy Grail of the Unified Field of God, could only have happened because God Himself secured and protected the knowledge to come forth when it was time. When this happened, we see that in the beginning, good was made evil, and evil was made good, and this is the basis of divided broken doctrines, a vaporous morality of a world that is told it can worship Mammon without fear as long as it pays its tithes and taxes. This is blasphemy of the Harlot that rides The Beast.

Only when you find the Gnosis, the Personal Knowledge of the Divine, that leads to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, do you become as a Son of God. For we are all, Sons of God. Instead of being the highest achievement of God and the highest creature in Creation, we are told we are the lowest in creation, born in sin instead of being the Prodigal Sons of God who rebelled. Only then do you see WHY it is all broken. For the Lord said you must come to Him as a little child, a little child comes in curiosity asking the simple question; WHY?  But adults say; Don’t ask silly questions, and the child is beaten into an ‘adult’, by learning to ask how, not why. They are taught the ways of knowledge, and give labels to knowledge, to hide it on dark shelves labeled ‘bad mystery’. Religion calls anything that isn’t their ‘good’ mystery, a ‘bad’ mystery, but the pipes play a song about all mystery being bad and only knowledge is good.

You see this process unfolding here and now, in that thread I was speaking in, when I had my hand slapped and was told ‘bad mystery’ or ‘thread drift’.  Thread drift is the natural occurrence of any human conversation, but the whiners shut it down, and iron brain slapped me down. But, it is curious, that meaningless stupid threads, can drift and drift forever… as long as you don’t step over their line… in his case ‘that stuff’ that I was ‘spewing’, gave his intention away. I know from past history, and will refuse to participate in any more ‘rel’ threads, because they are moved out of main, even if they have thousands of views… they are shuffled off out of view. Go to the cork board, and find a thread labeled ‘is there no end’… and you will see.

But… I see I have run off at the mouth again!… maybe I have answered your questions… if not… ask…;-) Otherwise, I will be available for PM’s but will not be posting much anymore, unless someone asks.
If you wish to contact me, best to come to my blog or the wilderness site.
user: Jesus
PW: islord

God Bless
Piper Michael

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