UFO Tech or Hoax

The following images were leaked, revealed or otherwise made known. They are referred to collectively as the CARET documents or PACL documents, and purport to reveal the presence of a reverse engineering laboratory hidden within the ‘establishment’. The location was supposedly a nondescript strip mall in Palo Alto, this was in the 1980’s…

We cannot speak to the authenticity of the documents, but all we will say, is that if these are a hoax, then somebody went to a lot of trouble…

We make reference to these because the documents are supposedly ‘primer’s on the programming language of MATTER… careful analysis by the online community would be welcome as we do not have time to spend on such a project. We have surmised the following though. There are waves of energy in this document. These waves are of two kinds, light and dark lines. These waves turn into several different types of particle looking things, and a big atomic symbol with all the valence bands named in alien script. There appear to be letters and numbers, there is punctuation around the numeric elements we think. A good place to start would be a symbol analysis. As far as we’re concerned, the documents appear to be alien in origin, but, one never knows in this day and age. It could just be the ruminations of a 12 year old super nerd, but I think they are little beyond the average mind of a practical joker, they look real they have the proper government ‘ish’ ness to them. They were scanned from paper documents.

Having seen UFO’s, and related phenomena, with my own eyes, including phenomena that hasn’t been reported in any news of UFO’s that I’m aware of, I have a bias towards thinking THEY are here, that the Universe is filled with life as the God Calculus predicts. And that, those civilizations are much like us, advanced enough for space travel, but still has the problem of resource depletion and good and evil. Arthur Clarke was famous for the saying; Any technology significantly advanced, is indistinguishable from magic.  If they are here, then they have probably been here for a very long time, if history and evidence can be believed. The fact that they haven’t taken over by convincing us they are our Creator Gods(or something equally obnoxious), indicates that, maybe, they have rules they have to follow; A Prime directive or some such? Who knows. But regardless, these leaked documents if nothing else, have a cloudy provenance but are still worthy of study,  you never know what will come of the knowledge. A comparison to quantum mechanics, combined with the Bohmian mechanical quantum potential and the Znidarsic impedance combined with the Unified Field yields the knowledge of the magnetic Aether, that, we believe, is the dark energy in these drawings.

Your comments are welcome.
These are uploaded at full size for your perusal…

Alien Anti grav generator

Alien Anti grav generator

pacl-lang-analysis-p119-fullsize pacl-lang-analysis-p120-fullsize pacl-lang-analysis-p121-fullsize pacl-lang-analysis-p122-fullsize pacl-lang-analysis-p123-fullsize pacl-q385-inventory-review-fullsize

Alien anti grav generator

Alien anti grav generator


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  1. Lesli Tooks says:

    That you are a really sensible personal!


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