The Global Consciousness project

Global Consciousness

“Someday after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love, and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will discover fire.”
-Teilhard de Chardin

One of the conclusions of the Grail, is that we, the human race, and the Earth, and Space-time itself, are all connected together through the primal energy matrix. Specifically, our ‘selves’ are not stand alone entities in a giant void standing on rocks while looking at the stars. We are all One, as certain philosophies have always maintained. This ‘Oneness’, is the connection of the Hyper Light to the minds of men, and the curious thing is, as we have previously explained, this ‘light’ contains all times, both present, past and future. This is the concept of Hyper Relativity that is the hyper-cosmic emanation of the Images or patterns of life that are manifested in the magnetic ether of normal relativistic space-time. But, this oneness is not single, but dual in nature. It is not one way, but in both directions simultaneously. The Piper refers to the Entanglement of the Infinities, and the Entanglement of the Empathies. The Entanglements, are revealed in science by the ‘mysterious phenomena’ of Quantum Entanglement, thus the Grail says that all beings with life, must be connected together as One through the Source, The Hyper Light, the Holy Spirit, the Root of the Tree, but, this is not the only oneness present.

The other connection is the dark magnetic ether. This cannot be thought of as a connection but more of an entanglement or effect on the body. You can feel this when a person with a ‘magnetic’ personality enters the room, and you feel their presence before you see them. Those who have experienced this phenomena know what I mean. Even those who have experienced the excitement of crowds or a charismatic speaker have experienced the effect of quantum entanglement. The next time you get in an excited crowd situation, go to your calm place and just ‘be’, disconnect from the event, wear ear plugs if you have to, feel, see if you can feel the flow of energy. Those who have the skill of dowsing will understand. The Piper is a dowser and can affirm that the energies can be felt flowing, if one attunes themselves to it by learning to still the noise.

One of the sources of noise is quantum chaos and it is the most elegant source of random noise. It can also be used to detect non random noise.  The Universe itself is a very noisy environment, but within that noise is hidden beauty and information. One of the nice things about this quantum noise is that it can be measured. One way to do this is called an atomic random number generator, and it can be used to measure minds. This is the goal of the Global Consciousness Project of Princeton. It uses many isolated and separated devices called EGG’s, which stands for ElectroGaiaGram. This is a global network of these atomic random number generators which work at the atomic, or quantum level, interconnected for centralized measurement capability so that the operators can see, if real world events, affect the data of the generators. This project, is a wonderful step in the measurement and proof of the connection of all minds on the planet into a Hyper Global Consciousness.

From their website,  The story of the EGG;  by Roger Nelson

“There are times when we share with others a special, fully interconnected consciousness. When great music thrills us, or we are mutually inspired by an awesome sunset, or when we fall in love, we are transported temporarily into a shared world which is remarkable. This state of true intermingling is rare, for most of us, but it is experiential, and that means we know it for what it is; we feel it immediately as real and filled with meaning. When such an experience is past and we return to our normal, separated perceptions, the experience becomes a vulnerable memory, and our educated personality may reject the consciousness that knew this deeper connection. Yet, the suspicion remains that there is something of mind that is not just inside our heads. We feel interconnected with each other and the world in a profound and important way. We know at some level that we are not isolated, but interdependent, so that a subtle energy of mine can reach out and mingle with yours, allowing us to share a moment that is important to both of us. If we think of this potential extending beyond the two of us to a world full of living beings, we have the foundation for a model for global consciousness. Maybe, as Teilhard de Chardin believed,(2) the world ultimately needs that shared consciousness and is actively growing toward it.

The research described here points to subtle indications that we do live in an interconnected, potentially conscious world, in which we surely play an important role. We have shown immense capacities for both destructive and creative impact, and this implies that the future is ours to mold. It will be a desirable future in proportion to our level of consciousness, individually and globally. Fortunately, there are intriguing signs of an emerging integration of purpose and perspective in the world, though it remains fragile and as delicate as a newborn. For this integration to mature, we need great patience, and what we think of as “good luck.” Perhaps by being more conscious of the possibilities, we can lessen the need for patience and increase our portion of luck.”
…continued at link above.

The purpose of the project, is to measure deviations from random atomic noise. Noise that is truly random has mathematical relationships, and deviations from truly random data can be statistically proven. This is the method used to detect events that affect the very structure of the Universe. They have not yet succeeded to the degree that would be a peer reviewed ‘proof’, but, they have shown significant results that indicate there is ‘something’ there, hiding in the noise. Since success would violate the very structure of the particle based Universe that their ‘peers’ enjoy, it is doubtful that anything less than the 4th advent or second coming would convince most of their peers, no matter the statistical method used, that they had indeed, achieved that success. But The Grail predicts their success, and the nature of that success.

Immediately before, during and after the events of 911, the EGG network delivered deviations from ‘normal’. This indicated that people all over the planet were sensing something was going to happen at a subconscious level, then during and after the event at a conscious level. Here are the measurement results from that horrendous day;


The Red data is the important stuff. The 0 line is the normal distribution pattern for ‘random’ data, which always oscillates around the zero point. The markers along the zero line indicate the physical events of that day. Ten minutes before the first airplane crashed, a minor looking blip occurred. Then the second crash caused a major and longer deviation from zero. Then it started to settle into a pattern ending in a greater swing from positive to negative. When the Pentagon was hit, it swung above the line into what could be termed a chaotic pattern, because during this time, multiple events were happening simultaneously and the whole Earth was coming together in the Entanglement of the Empathies. These swings went into overdrive after the collapse of the towers, and finally went off the charts as the driving forces of the Entanglement pushed the whole Earth into a panic.

What does The Grail have to say about this? First, the Entanglement of the Infinities with the Light force, is much more subtle than the dark entanglement, but it is a higher entanglement, that is connected to the Oneness, which is connected to the future(Hyper Relativity). Thus the blips were subtle, but they were there. You cannot fool Mother Nature. Then, as it became a global event, people were joined in the confusion of emotions, that finally reached cascade and went off the chart in an avalanche of Fear. Now, the dark entanglement is the entanglement of the dark emotions, the Body or as the ancients said; The Animal force. This is the noisy connection through the magnetic ether , or the Quantum Foam.  This is the power of the madness of crowds, the immediate connection of feelings within the mass mind that is so powerful it can affect the results of atomic random number generators the most. This is the proof that the power of the magnetic half, the soul half, has a greater connection to the dark material world than it does to the Light. The Light is more subtle than the Dark, but it is of measurable effect, and that smaller effect of the Hyper Mind is more important than the larger effect of the Quantum Body, for in that data is shown the most beautiful thing of all time, that our minds are connected as One, and the Hyper Relativity hidden in the Future.

The Global Consciousness Project is thus additional proof of the Grail, of the dual entanglement of the Primal Forces. If we were able, we would nominate Roger Nelson for a Nobel prize in Physics, but we are but a humble Piper and unworthy of such pretensions. But we predict, the more and better results they achieve, the more the dark forces of the Animal of Particles will reject them.


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