Constitution of the Confederation of the Kingdom of God

The Constitution of the Confederation of the Kingdom of God
(The Piper sings a New Song, the Chorus sings, the people Dance, and the forests will echo with laughter. That the Chorus will learn the Way of the Piper, in the Search for Truth in Debates, not arguments in defense of status quo. To learn the difference between Objective Truth and Subjective Argument. The Way of Light, and the Way of Darkness.)

The Piper asked, Where goeth the Joy in the Body of the People? Can the People of God, understand the spirit cannot achieve Joy, and the plan of God, as long as the animal Body is in distress for its very survival?

Thus The Piper saw the distress of the Body of the People, that it was Great, and he saw the Source of their Great Distress, being the Mystery and the Money, the Church and the State, the System of Babylon. He became Determined to unleash the Knowledge of the Sword of Truth. To show the Body the Source of their distress, being the Ownership of the Commons, which is Earth, and being divided into the Factions of Evil. The People’s superstitions and fears, being driven by the power of Mystery that joined with money and government. To show the People that the coat of comfort must be sold, and the Sword of Truth be bought, and held high.

To show that the power and control of the Haves, over the Havenots, is the Source of Distress, and that the money, being the energy of the life of the Body Economic, is the source of unhappiness. That money, when it is divided into real money and bank credit, that the credit of the Haves controls the money of the Havenots, and through the power of the cycles, reaps all things from the Havenots. That mere numbers on paper, controls all things economic and spiritual by the Sword of Division and the spreading of the Illusion of Materialism.

To show the Body, that their Church feeds them rotten milk, left overs from Caesar, when their Churches sold themselves to Caesar for their coveted tax breaks, which came with Caesar’s rules of sand. A Wall of Perfidy, called Separation of Church and State, that allow Caesar’s church to participate in politics, but not those who oppose Caesar. To show the workings of the Doctrines of Devils, which scratch their itching ears, and tell them what they want to hear. To tell them that their ticket out of darkness is just around the corner, forever. While they believe and allow apathy and complacency to take over their soul, the evil to take over their body, and their soul is lost in the desire for the Dream of Material wealth. That greed, is not good. To let them see that the Rule of Gold of Babylon is in opposition to the Golden Rule. To show that changing from an Aristocracy of Royalty to an Aristocracy of Money, is still an aristocracy.

To show them that the teachings of prosperity is not good, and the American Dream is their Illusion of Desire that will turn into their Nightmare . That paying your taxes to an unGodly Authority is Not Just, and that your method of opposition is now determined by your Oppressor, in the ways of Gandhi. This is so that the way of absolute control over you is maintained, by both body and soul. Body of the money, and soul of civil obedience. So that the Churches may continue to play church with your soul and collect their tithe, and the Beast takes your body in defiance of God. To show the Church will not stand when the Beast demands you pay for dishonoring God by paying for the murder of the unborn, and the risk free lifestyles of the Hedonists. The Church demands absolute obedience to The State, while they sell your souls to Mammon, they have become The Harlot that rides The Beast. The Church pretends to oppose the State by asking Pretty please, instead of just saying NO, standing strong for God and meaning it. The Church forgot, that men are the Hands of God’s Justice, not government.

That control is the object of desire of both the right leg and left leg of the Statue of Nebuchadnezzor, the capitalist and communist. That the false paradigms that divide the heart and mind, must be broken. That the last Great Experiment, which was the Constitution of the United States, is a failed experiment, as all other men’s governments and empires, failed on the altar of Greed and money. That the American Dream, was a fiction designed to keep the Body lifeless without spirit, and without joy, to become materialistic and service the money changers by becoming their entire life. To show the people, that the Lord died for opposition to the money changers in the Temple, his last battle, must now become your war. A Banner taken up in spirit, by doing the one thing they cannot understand nor fight, leaving their Babylon, their system. By going into the wilderness, and starve the Beast by means of alternate economy, alternate society, alternate money, into the future of The Meta, which means ‘what comes after’, a Temple and a Kingdom, of God.

That money cannot be centralized, without central control and governments reaping the benefits of credit in furtherance of the removal of Joy from the Earth. For the Problem that caused the Great Distress, was in ourselves, our abandonment of God, and the Institution of Kings that rule over us, that we demanded. Kings that desire money and control above all other things. Kings that will do anything, to maintain that power and control. To see that Kings and money changers, the Things the Lord Himself fought against, and died for, are the only things worth fighting for, because they are the Source of the Taking of the Joy of Men. But we are reasponsible, because we asked for Kings, and we Love money over our God.

And the People asked; How?
The Piper thus responded; Withdraw from the Babylon System.
Let the Iron be attracted to the Iron, let the Clay have their desire.
Learn to Hide in a rock.

(This cannot happen all at once, but is a process, and will become more important, as time goes on and the Distress of the Body becomes great.)

Withdraw your support for the Money changers and their Sycophants.
Let all become our brothers keepers, tangibles of Earth are the Life. Wealth is in life, love and lands, not numbers on paper.

Withdraw your support from their Churches if they demand submission to “righteous authority”, for where is righteousness in the land?
Begin your own Temple, place all your worldly goods under its ownership and become poor, on mammons paper.

Withdraw your support from their Body economic, create your own.
Learn to DO THINGS for yourself and others. Become a producer not simply a lazy consumer. Get a hobby, turn it into a cash & barter only business. Brothers become brothers keepers by feeding and clothing each other.

Withdraw your body, from their system, by hiding in a rock. Sell your self, your goods and properties, to the many Temples, joined as One, so that your lights may be joined in the darkness of Mammon, to form a web of minds, a true Temple of God, in the darkness of corruption.

Allow evil to do what evil does, consume, and it will consume even itself. The more good that withdraw, the more evil will die. Evil can only exist, by sucking the life out of you. Without the Good, the Evil dies. Without the Producer the Consumer will consume himself to death. Mammon consumes mammon.

Withdraw and become materially and spiritually strong, by becoming poor as measured by Mammon. For Mammon leaves the poor alone, does it not? Mammon desires to control those who have anything to loot, those not a member of their Club, those ripe for the picking. For the only way for the rich to become richer, is for everyone else to become poorer. At the end of Mammon’s false money, the wealthy will become middle class, the middle class will become poor, and the poor will become destitute, and dependent on The systems of Mammon. Thus Mammon will become One Beast, that rules over all the Earth, and the only place to hide, will be in the power of a Rock, delivered at the End of an Age.

Thus the Piper began;

the Constitution of the Republic of the Kingdom of God.

When in the course of human events, and the accumulation of abuses lead to conclusions based on evidence beyond the bounds of human endurance, then actions must replace words. The Conclusions drawn in the early 21st century are that man cannot govern man, without God. That Constitutions drawn up by men, for man, will be violated and become of no force or effect by other men. That the Body of mankind, since the dawn of history, becomes corrupt when money is centralized. That power itself is drawn from the force of money, money which is the energy of joy of the Body economic. The Body Economic being the sum total of all mankind’s productive and consumptive behaviors. That until the Body economic is made just, justice and government will always turn towards the few with the most money. It is now understood that the Rule of Gold, is that he who has the gold, makes the rules. It must be understood that the desire of the soul of money, is to have power and control over others. This rule, has led to ages of war and deprivation because of ownership and control of the resources of life on planet Earth. We the People of Planet Earth thus declare, NO More. The Rule of gold, must be replaced by the Golden rule, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”.

We the People of Planet Earth, thus now understand that the false ideologies of man, are the imposed ideologies of the rich. The forces of capital and collective, the Greed and the Envy, the Mind and the Heart, thus work against the Body to maintain The Division of mankind, to be led like sheep to the slaughter. For there can be no rich, unless there are many poor, for the Earth is a Zero sum game, there can be no creation of new things, only changing old things into new, with the power of labor and minds. The Earth is thus devastated by the power of money and greed, destroyed by the raping and pillaging of her resources and her labor, destroyed by the wars and conflicts that rage continuously.

That the two false ideologies of the Haves, are designed for one purpose, the same, divide and conquer the Havenots. The end result of both being of the same force and effect, a few people owning everything, and being in charge. Either through the false Market, or the power of the gun, the end result always being the same. Thus power always remains centralized around money. It is understood, that money itself, corrupts the Soul of Man. That the false political democratic freedom of the rich, is not freedom, but slavery to the money changers, for all their economics is based on debt. Let the Body of the People declare an end to debt, and an end to the rich. Let the Body of the People declare a JUBILEE from the bottom, and an end to the false politics of the rich. Let the People declare an end to the Sword of Division, that divides the People into parties and denominations of mind and heart, let the mind and heart be joined in the spirit of Empathy for all living things and the Stewardship of Earth for all the generations.

Let the People declare an end to the centralization of power, government and economy, let the economy bubble up as it was designed to do by God. Let Trickle down from the Central controllers be damned into the place from which it came, hell, that Earth is become. Let life be returned to the People, and Joy reign as the guiding principle of life, not the life of the grindstone of debt that destroys all joy, all life, all liberty. Let God become King of Earth, and the final judge of all men. Let the controllers be turned loose, and the destroyers be destroyed. Let the capital be disbursed and the rich be made truly equal to all men. Let all men, who are born unequal, become equal in the sight of God, through His Temple and His Governing principles on Earth. Let the Governments of Man, be done away with, and People be freed from the Restriction of Joy. Let the People join in the Army of God, against the Armies of Man and Men, for the Ultimate Power be restored, fully and finally, to the Body of the People, their Houses, as Stewards of God’s Earth, for the Joy of the Generations into the future.

Let man learn that war is a rich man’s game, and we are nothing but pawns. Let man learn that money, is in the mind, not the hand. Let man learn the ways of cooperation not competition, so that the Destroyer’s come not again. Let man learn the Power of the Holy 3, that the commons of Earth can not be owned, for life is short. Let man learn, that life itself, is for the purpose of joy, not piling up and accumulating wealth to control other men. Let man learn that the American Dream, was a device of the rich, to keep you on their grindstone of debt, and your money become theirs, for their joy at your misery. Let misery be banished from the Earth by the institution of family, under the Temple of God, where all life flows from. Let all men know, that when God’s ways were thrown out, and a we demanded a King to rule over us, that we got what we deserved, and it is time to repent, to come back to God, and let His ways be reestablished upon the Earth.

Let it be known, that in order to “pound our swords into plowshares, and our spears into pruning hooks, and neither shall they learn war, anymore.” That fear and need, and economic justice must be declared and imposed over the rich and the powerful and the governments of man, must be seen for what they are become; Anti-God, A Beast, an Animal, the force of evil that speaks sweet words on the tongue that grow bitter in the belly. Let it be seen, that in order to restore the Mind of God to Planet Earth, Joy itself must be the Guiding Light.

Therefore, in furtherance of these goals, let it be declared;

That God is the Creator and is now proved in all things, through the Sword of Truth. That the Mind of God is Joy. Personal joy, and His Joy, and is made absolute.

That the force of the Sword of Division through money and Mystery, the Centralization of money and power, is no longer allowed on planet Earth. The Left and Right will be joined, into the way of Stewards and Houses, for the maintenance of Earth’s dwindling resources. That Joy, in order to be maintained, depends on the Energy of Life, which is economy and money, which comes from the Value of the Earth, which can no longer be owned by men, and is given back to God, for all men. That money itself being owned by the Haves, and lent to the havenots in fixed contracts backed by law, is a failed paradigm, and is no more. That community cannot be maintained by the furtherance of those who suck the life out of the Body and the Community. Let there be no more Nations, no more Governments, and no more Rich, that have control over us. We declare our freedom, and withdraw from the Babylonian system of Money, Power and Control. We swear our allegiance to God, His Earth, and His Justice, through the decentralization of all things, for all the Generations.

And that;
The Objective will reign over the Subjective.
That Centralization of anything, is unholy, evil, and outlawed.
That formalized governments are evil, and against joy, are outlawed.
That rich men are outlawed, and their houses are disbursed.
That armies are outlawed, and their arms are turned into production, and the remainder turned over to the People and the Temple for purpose of Justice.

That God’s government will be based on the Ancient Trinity of Forces, the Holy ‘3, Temple, Houses and Justice. Temple of Community. Houses of Production. Councils of Justice. All based upon the Private law of God ,here determined, so that all things shall not degenerate into the restrictive aristocracies and bureaucracies of Kings.

That men cannot make decisions by themselves, that affect the Earth or others, but only in 3. 1 of Temple, 1 of Steward, 1 of Knight.

That The Temple of God, will be the Female Heart of The Community and Energy of life of the Body. The Temple shall have a Queen, for there is only One King of Earth, and she will have no power but be the Source of Life. The Temple shall be the Heart, in all things community. Healing, infrastructure, money, schooling, and the Ultimate Arbiter of Justice between the Body, the Stewards and the Hierarchy of Councils. So that the Body can be free from want, given productive work, and time for self and God, let all things no longer be owned by man, but rented, from God. So that all things, all people, and all the days, can be corruption free, let Holy become The Original Whole of Oneness, of the three components of the Ancient Trinity; Spirit, Hardness, and Cause. Let The chore’s of Body, the Knowledge of Mind, and the Community of Heart become The Joy that thus becomes the Primary purpose of Life. Pursuit of happiness is transformed from a right corrupted by man, to a demand from God for all things in the Earth.

The Houses of the Stewards. The Steward shall preside over their Houses, and be the Law of that House and representative to the Councils, but the Body may appeal to the Priestesses of the Temple and the Councils, their grievances. Those who wish release from a House, may form their own House or attach to another, each House must be a producer of goods and services, but competition being not allowed for any good or service in a local area of service. Bad houses are ultimately owned by the Temple, which is all. Bad stewards can be removed or demoted only by the Temple. A Steward, is also the Officer in God’s army, and will upheld to the strictest code of honor. Honor itself, being restored, as a love of all living things and the integrity of the soul in justice and mercy to all.

Cooperation and Stewardship of Earth between Houses, to be enforced, by the Temple and the Knights of Justice Enhanced in Direct Intervention (Jedi’s). The Lady of the House, shall be a Priestess of the Temple and have 1/3 say in all things justice. The Junior of the House shall be Knight of the Temple, and have 1/3 say in all things justice. The Steward likewise has 1/3 say in all things having to do with the Justice and Commons of Earth, otherwise his word is Law of the House. Those wishing to set up new houses may do so at anytime, but must recieve sanction and backing from The Temple.

Disputes are raised to the Council and then to the next local Council of Councils, and then to the Hierarchy of Councils, and then in concert with the Final Arbiter, The Queen of the Temple, until the King comes again. Thus the Houses may vote for issues greater than the House, through the Steward as Representative, always at arms length from the Body. Let there be no higher representative, for this is Republic and Democracy, the ways of darkness and greed.

The Councils of Justice, shall meet once a week on Temple day, and be composed of elders, who reach the age of 50 years, and decided by all the Body, through the Stewards, in open challenge and debate. Elders will be subject to God’s justice, for the slightest infraction of God’s law, greed, or personal profit from their office. Likewise, the Stewards, Knights or Priestesses, there shall only be one penalty, to be branded and banished to God’s justice in permanent humility of the lowest position, swift and firm.

The Knights of the Temple will be the Wisdom and the Justice, and The Army of God and the arm of the Temple and the Councils. Once they are accepted from student into Knighthood, they shall never cut their hair, to enhance the personal Zimp imbalance, and their spiritual gifts revealed. They shall consume gold of the monoatomic kind. Thus enhancing the force of Primal energies upon their very DNA, by introducing Anti-Entropy into themselves and allowing their DNA to use the anti entropic antenna’s on the strands, to thus concentrate the primal’s at the mitochondrial level. Thus the Zimp is imbalanced towards the Light side of the Force, and the Zimp area of the hair and the gold are thus combined, so the Light side of the Force should be enhanced towards Justice, Truth and Empathy for all, becoming the Hand of God on Earth.

The Body, will work or not eat, or be declared disabled by The Temple and become ward of the Temple. Yet even then, if they can perform any productive task, it shall be given unto them.

The Body, in all goings and comings, must be armed, by firearm or blade, stick or sword, for the furtherance of peace is determined by honor and respect engendered by a polite society. A polite society, can only be enforced by an armed society. The right of self defense, being the ultimate right from God. The body being the repository of God, is the Hand of God, the Justice of God and the arm of God. All of the Body are called to do God’s justice, as seen in the Conscience of God.

The Body, will have the right of the Water of Life which turns the Wheel of Life of the body, which is money, which is defined as the value of the body economic, the Temple gives the water of life, to all souls determined by their productive endeavor, needs, wants, ideas, knowledge, and contributions in all things that bring Joy, through knowledge, value and beauty to the Earth. Let the concepts of profits, usury, interest and costs be no more, and the purpose of economy be to maintain in stewardship the Earth and The Body in Oneness. Let the Hoop of Humanity be restored in the knowledge of the spiritual gifts of the races, and all men come to the understanding that Joy in the Light of God is the purpose of life.

To understand that to bring Joy, all must become of One Vision, One Mind, One Heart, and One Soul, The Whole or (w)Holy Oneness that mirror’s the Creation of God. All for One, and One for all, with a Common Vision of mankind, to build civilization by the Cycles of God to overcome the Cycles of theniverse and of Men. To take Civilization to a new level of Brotherhood, Oneness, interdependence not dependence or independence, requires us to tear down the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar of the Left and Right legs, with the Power found in the Rocks, and build a mighty mountain of civilization devoted to God and His principles, so that we may restore to Mankind the Plan of God from the Mind of God, which is Body, Soul and Spirit, for the purpose of Joy. And that Vision of the Star Child, built upon a mighty mountain, may stretch into the Heavens, and man may come to the place of being in the “New Heavens and the New Earth”, which is our rightful inheritance, the Stars. To understand that the Universe is a cold dark place, and God wishes His own, to be free of Earth, because one day, Earth itself, will be consumed in fire.

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