Ken Wheeler – Another proof of the Unified Field of God

In Einsteins General Relativity, it was merely a ‘nutty theory’ until astronomers proved the theory in measuring starlight, as it was bent around the Sun. In other words, during a solar eclipse, the star patterns were compared to patterns minus the eclipse, and the light was bent approx 1.7 arc seconds in conformance to the prediction of General Relativity. In the demonstration below, you will notice, that magnetism also BENDS LIGHT.  But Einstein, like all other physicists, cannot ‘quantize’ gravity.  The visual demonstration below shows that gravity, AND magnetism bend light, so, at some point there is a linkage between the two, or they are manifestations of the same underlying mechanism, what Einstein called ‘The Imponderable Ether’. I think would have been completely ponderable, that is, measurable, if the Nature of Duality of Creation was taken into consideration. That gravity, is merely the Aether acting with and within mass. Gravity being the incoherent part of the mass, and magnetism being the inner coherent field of the core, which is probably uranium not iron(since uranium is heavier than iron, and the core remains hot, thus, the Earths core is a low grade nuclear reactor that has aligned atoms spinning at its core.) Giving a gravito-magnetic field.

The following youtube demonstration, is, yet another confirmation of the Unified Field of God, without God, or the Hyperspacial Architecture of the Universe. Ken Wheeler is correct in his observations and deductions, but, like Einstein, not his ultimate conclusions. Ken says there is no need for a Grand Unified Field theory, because, as he states, there is no need to unify what is already unified, except, he doesn’t explain where The Light comes from, or where inertia goes to… It is ‘dielectric’ meaning the existing knowledge that an electric current has both a light flow forward, and a counter flow of ‘holes’ backwards, simultaneously.   However…

Ken Wheelers demonstration and explanation of a magnetic vortex field.

He, like myself, has returned to the beginning of 19th century electromagnetic scientists, and that the original experimenters were more correct than modern quantum mechanical science, because, there are no such thing as particles, they are the ‘Illusion’ of Materialism. That all matter is merely, what he terms ‘incoherent’ magnetism, what we call; Chaos, or chaotic magnetic fields. Two different words with the same meaning.  He fails to explain, Why, but he is correct in his proving that there is an “Aether”. He cannot draw the final conclusion, because, like all scientists, he excludes the aspect of  ‘The Extraterrestrial Religion’, or the Architecture of God. In other videos of his, he explains ancient metaphysics and the concept of The Soul, yet cannot seem to tie this in with his theory of magnetism and its relationship to The Aether and ultimately the Source of Entropy. No, he merely deduces that this is the ‘static inertia’ of the matter. Inertia is not a ‘static’ force, it a ‘maintaining’ force, ie the property of matter in motion to remain in motion unless something else causes that motion to change or stop. Newtons laws are still valid in this Universe, to a certain degree.

. This is why a Unified Field is necessary, to unify the Mystery Doctrines of both science and religion, which causes all the other disunity in the world, because they are the foundations of all things.

His conclusion, although demonstrated, draws the wrong conclusion, that, the center of the magnetic field is simply a….  well…  of the ‘dielectric inertia’. He fails to explain where the Light GOES. What he calls ‘static/unmanifest inertia’, a reciprocating inertial hyperboloid, a dual vortex, or a toroid, with a dead zone in the center. He cannot make the connection, that the Light is being ‘consumed’ by the Aether.

His demonstration is also proof of Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell’s thesis that magnetism is a ‘rotational phenomena’.  But, he does not explain WHAT the field is composed OF. He correctly states that it is a vortex field of the Aether, but fails to conclude that the Aether itself is consuming the light due to the process of Entropy. He cannot connect ‘normal’ space-time to subspace (The negative energy realm, or Consumer of Light, ie ‘dark’ energy of the particle physics guys…. ) He also fails to explain WHY the field is spinning…  what Causes the Spin.  In this regard, he is a truth seeker, but like all truth seekers we are all on our separate paths, containing different ‘knowledge matrixes’ in our brains, that cause us to come to different conclusions based on that knowledge, at that time.

It is also a good visible proof of the Unified Field of God, but he rails about the hubris of particles physicists, like we do, but his style itself, can be full of hubris, and he cannot see that just because he is partially correct in his thesis, he is arrogant in declaring that there is no need for a Grand Unification Theory. Less importantly, he is not likeable to some people because he is full of anger, he curses excessively, and says he merely seeks wisdom above all things.

But wisdom begins with knowledge, and ends in empathy, kindness, and humbling the ego, not shouting at the top of your lungs, that only you are right, and the rest of the world is wrong. This is because knowledge fills a man with pride, but too much pride, like the false self esteem promoted by our education system ends up turning out people that we used to have a word for; Self Centered Jerks.  He is capable of balancing this persona, with the persona that speaks about the soul in his other videos, which even there, he cannot make the connection that the soul is the dark half of the human being and the connection/interface between matter and conscienceness, the spirit connection to the Universal Mind, which is what we call the Entanglement of the Infinities.

Ken is very smart, but he comes across sometimes as a self absorbed jerk. We do not discount his observations, and can see past this, simply because he is angry that main stream science, cannot see that at the mechanical level, he is right. Ken, in his many videos, demonstrates correctly, that Phd’s, are a Club, and you either kiss their butts and work on ‘baby steps’ as you are told, or, you are ejected from The Club. Many people, including Dr. Steven Greer, see and understand that the mainstream is hiding much knowledge, because they are afraid. Ken doesn’t understand that the mainstream knows that Einstein got some things wrong, because he had no understanding of what e (energy) was, and that it was both light and darkness, light energy and dark energy combined. The only way this can be reconciled, with all observational science, is in terms of Light and Dark ‘energy’, becoming One.

Ken explains light as a coaxial field, but doesn’t explain its Source, and all things are merely perturbations in the aether, and magnetism being the be all end all as the manifestation of dark energy, as his experiment above clearly demonstrates, you would have a universe of nothingness. There would be no balance, no Zero Point Energy field, no electricity, no light, no animation, no movement. The entire Universe would be nothing more than a black lump of darkness, without life, without movement.

That, in order to have motion, you have to have something pushing things around, in order to have rotations and orbiting planets, in order to have spinning energy fields imitating ‘particles’, you have to have two things, that end up in exactly what he describes as the only possible explanation of the Universe, energy flow being retarded, or impeded by capacitance or consumption and slowing of the energy. As we said in the Unified Field of God, the Universe(‘s, on many harmonic layers), must be composed of both the Source of Light, and the SINK, that is combined with a third force of Spin, or Pi(what the Ancients called; The Voice of God) So God, can be viewed as a hypercosmic entity, that is merely The Force of Chaos upon the Dual Energies, light that boils the waters of the Aether, and are spun into chaotic interactions that resemble bubbles, or, particles. This is what we refer to as; The Quantum Foam.

A magnet, as Ken says, is merely a ‘coherent’ point. But he never draws the conclusion of What is Causing the Coherence. Which are aligned atomic vortexes, at one with the Aether. Each atomic entity, merely falling into a state of attraction/alignment with the atoms around them. Ken also correctly states, that gravity, as a stand alone entity ‘force’, what Einstein called a ‘warp’ of space, is incorrect. There is no such thing as ‘gravity’, there is a chaotic magnetic harmonic level, above or below the ‘static’ magnetic field of the Earth. As our experiments in the gravity wind showed, there is a ‘frame dragging’ effect that can be measured magnetically, but, only if you eliminate the electromagnetic side effect known as hysteresis (ie inertia, the ‘storage’ of magnetic flow within the Aether, which causes the aetheric ‘waters'(what we term; The Protogenic Force/Dark Energy) to continue in the same direction past the point of impetus or when the current is switched off, causing the solenoid magnetic field to remain in place for a fraction of a second after switch off, and thus, hysteresis/aetherial inertia being the primary cause, for the lack of efficiency in electromotive systems as we showed in our article; The Aether.)

Ken has correctly come to the conclusion that The Universe is electric, or more correctly, electromagnetic, dielectric, of two kinds of energy, light(electric),and dark(Aetherial/magnetic), without both, there would not BE anything. But, we then arrive back to the primary question; From WHERE, exactly, do the two opposing forces, flows, potentials, COME FROM? He cannot answer this, but, like scientists, they cannot make the leap to hyperspace and subspace, because they have no Foundation or ability to observe and measure.

The logic of Einstein was unassailable yet incomplete, the atomic bomb proves that all things are energy, so, there MUST be, a source and a sink of that dynamic flow of energy, and those ‘dipoles’ must exist OUTSIDE normal space-time. But in addition to the dipoles, there must be a third force, a force that causes the Spinning of Energies into dual hyperboloid or vortex toroidal structures, the third invisible Force of Pi.

The ancients, knew more about the structure of the Universe, than moderns. But they all had the same religion, a religion left to them by Transdimensional Entities, what could be termed extraterrestrials, angels, or archons, or even devils or ‘The Gods’. This was the Religion of the Sacred 3 Primal Forces. Of which we only have fragments, myths, and metaphors left to us.  We also have ancient stone structures, of which, interestingly, form pyramids and toroids, both of which, are manifestations of dualistic energy constructs, designed to manifest energy on multiple harmonics, from the material to the spiritual, forming, giant hyperlight attractors and concentrators, that take incoherence and form coherence using nothing but ‘chaotic’ mass and geometry. Thus converting the incoherent gravity field, into a coherent hyperenergy field.

But, this was not for the purpose of energy generation, although… may be possible, it was not the primary use. No, it was used as a ‘Gateway of Souls’, back to the Light of God. This was shown in the stone scribbling, where there was always a ‘sun’ above the pyramid, or an ‘all seeing eye’, but this was not The Sun, but The Son of God. Because it is the function of the First Begotten, The Logos, The Word, to be the manifestation of the Intent of the Creator, because the Creator cannot enter The Creation except by proxy, or the Creation would cease to BE,  because it would lose its third force; Pi, The Voice of God, that said to ‘Waters’ of the Aether; BE THICK(Enoch II, Book of secrets, Chap 26-28).

Logically, magnetic fields, must have ‘something’ that causes this ‘action at a distance’. Something that transmits that action, or is the media of the action. This has been known since ancient times, sadly we have lost that because it explains everything that to science and religion are merely ‘mysterious phenomena’. But, if you brought forward a proof, a mechanical device say, that would create free energy, or a practical anti-gravity field generator, those inventions, and you, would disappear very quickly. And then we would be left with just another urban legend. This is how the world works, we really do battle against spiritual wickedness in high places, bent on maintaining the status quo ante.

Now think about this, and the fact that such people, if they really have these technologies, being in charge of the solar system, or the galaxy. This is the final battle, the battle against Mammon/Materialism. But this cannot happen as long as competing belief systems dominate, and Mystery is the mechanism of division and ignorance. As long as people must fight merely to survive, and the System is in place that causes the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer, we will not progress to a spiritually based civilization. The only civilization type, that is allowed to gain the stars. Materialism is its own limit, the Illusion of the Particle is the barrier to understanding, and the mechanism of division of religions.

The above video is an image of the ‘macro’, this is what we showed you as the ultimate ‘micro’;



yinyangThe Chinese Yin-Yang-(Tao), which is the ultimate structure of the ‘quantum particle’, or quantum vortex, that is at the center of the 3 Primal Forces of the Unified Field of God;

This is not as complicated as it looks… basically H=+infinity, I=-infinity, all spinning at Pi. Resulting in energy and mass. The chart below the circle, the God calculus,  magnifies the Zimp line at the zero point of the circle…

The Hopi say that;

hopi++(+infinity) + (-infinity) = 0 (Zero point energy field)

Hyperspace + Subspace + embedded universal intelligence = Normal space-time

Finally, in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismagistus, the statement;

As above, so below.  Is a part of the Ancient Knowledge, the Unification of Energies of the ancients. A knowledge that Enoch said came from fallen angels. Did the ancients understand the structure of the Universe better than we moderns?

About Piper Michael

Originating soul of the Unified Field of God, given as a gift of God to a humble Piper. A man who searched the garbage dumps of science and religion for 40 years, in the search for absolute truth. The Einstein-Enoch Equation is the result of the Quest for the Holy Grail.
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3 Responses to Ken Wheeler – Another proof of the Unified Field of God

  1. Mr. Walker,
    Being in a state of 4th stage lung cancer induced by living under a Monsanto induced ‘purple rain’, I have had both feet in the grave, it is extremely difficult to reply or even maintain a straight line of thought/spelling/word association. You are still on the single dimensional energy plane, which does dot fit this 4 dimensional universe, it is differential calculus. Quaternary are the calculus of God, Maxwell, which Heaviside and most other physicists couldn’t comprehend. Most also do not understand my universal model of energy flow… for with out dynamic flow, you have no dynamic impetus in your calculations… only a static representation of ‘now’.
    I do look forward to future conversations…. and yes, there IS a GOD, in fact, there are many gods in service to the Ancient of days and the Logos, His and HER SON, moderns call them Angels and Demons, the Ancient Gnostic name was Aeons and Archons…. read the book of Enoch book II Chap 25 -28…. there is an energy flow architecture from 3000 years ago, combined with Einstein and Maxwell and Tesla and Heaviside we come close to a true Reality model….
    I would really like to talk, but we can always catch more flies with honey than we can we vinegar, eh?
    God Bless…


  2. I have to say I enjoy Ken’s video’s and I tend to agree with much he says. I’m not an expert and won’t pretend to fully grasp the full complexities of Ken’s idea’s, or your own for that matter (Although I try). Then again, when speaking in terms of the Infinite infinities, I believe the discussion becomes so very personal and complex as one’s belief in God. Even as I read, I can’t help but fold your ideas into my own.

    I was once in foolish belief that Science could explain all without the need of God. Then by chance, I had a incredible experience that clearly demonstrated to me that the Universe was a living entity of it’s own, for which myself and everything else was merely a important part. With my eye’s opened to the incredible possibilities of the universe I began to meditate heavily from the age 17 right through to my mid 20’s. From Evolution, culture, religion, space, time (Or my belief that time doesn’t even exist), the whole gamut.

    From very early on, I had a problem with light being a particle, how gravity worked, the existence of electrons or for that matter, Matter being anything more then complex reaction of energy unto itself. And don’t even get me started on Quantum Clouds (which more or less boils down to fields). I more or less understand everything to be energy acting upon itself and the sum of that energy being nothing at all… But the problem of how it all started, or why everything acts the way it does, the forces of energy giving effect due to effect, continuing to spiral into infinite will always lead back to the same problem, as does any possible explanation of the universe. God exists for me… What God actually is likely defies all logical means of explanation. But exist, I see no other way.

    All I think I know at this point is that the “Infinite Infinities” something I like to think of as God is instantly aware of all it’s lesser infinities at the infinite present where time does not even exist, for if it weren’t there would be nothing at all. Leaving us and all lesser infinities to observe the illusion of time in a relational way, compared to all the lesser infinities from which all else is comprised.

    Anyway, I very much enjoyed the read… And wanted to say Thank you Michael.


    • Jonathan,
      Thank you for your very kind words. One day, mankind itself, will come to the place we are in, they will have little choice but to acknowledge the ‘self evident’. If all things are energy, and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, what is the ultimate conclusion one must reach?

      Piper Michael


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