The New Whiskey Rebellion

The New Whiskey Rebellion
In three parts

Part 1
Byron King
[Nota Bene: This essay first ran in Whiskey & Gunpowder on Dec 17th, 2004.]

This could very well have been the Province of Westsylvania, part of British Imperial Canada. To the east, along a line of demarcation that follows the northeasterly arc of the Alleghenies, would be what was left of the United States of America, a collection of small, Northeastern coastal states that rely for survival on their wits as traders and seafaring merchants. To the south would be the Confederated States, an amalgamation of political jurisdictions that had long ago seceded from the failed Constitutional Compact of 1789. To the west of this spot would be the very large Province of Ohio, another jurisdiction of Canada, extending all the way to the Mississippi River. Abutting the west bank of the mighty Father of Waters would lie the French Department of Louisiana. West and southwest of the French possession would be the United States of Mexico, extending across the high plains and Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean and bordering Canada to the north. Mexico would encompass the territory of Texas and extend far down through the old land of the Aztecs and well into the lands of the lost Maya.

Yes, indeed, things could be very different. Except that Mr. Alexander Hamilton, first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, levied a tax on whiskey.

If you taste the whiskey first, it helps to understand (and at the end of this article, I will tell you how to do just that…). Dark amber in color, not unlike some varieties of that fine Pennsylvania crude oil that seeps from the cracks in the Devonian shale and Carboniferous sandstone that make up the bedrock in these parts, the whiskey has a dry taste and is certainly not to be confused with those better-advertised, rather fruity beverages that are but sweetened imitations of the real thing. Pennsylvania rye whiskey goes down straight and warm, not quite bypassing the taste buds, but it hits you hard from the inside out. In its own inimitable way, this whiskey is rough and strong and uncompromising, like the men who first distilled it on the western frontiers of the British Empire in North America in the 1700s. In 1768 one man of the cloth called it “a perfect beverage, and a blessing from God for which people would take to arms.” He was prescient, this pastor. In retrospect, the rye whiskey of the western frontier was a beverage that defined a fresh-born nation. And if nothing else, the whiskey and those who consumed it forced the nascent government of the United States to govern wisely, and even to issue honest money. Well, at least for a while.

The Whiskey Rebellion: A Staple of the Frontier Economy

Brewed and fermented spirits were a staple of the frontier economy of colonial America. Beer, for example, was available in almost all households and consumed at almost every meal. Beer-making provided a use for surplus grain, which could not otherwise be transported for sale in distant markets over the primitive roads of the time. Beer was safer to drink than most of the water that one could obtain from wells and streams. Beer had nutritional value, and in a world where most everything was scarce, one did not allow good carbohydrates to go to waste. Thus beer was a routine part of the diet of frontier families and a vital source of nutrition. If it made you feel better during the hard times, that was also a good thing.

Whiskey as well became a staple of frontier life and diet. Like beer, it was made from the surplus grain that was not consumed locally and could not otherwise be transported any great distance for sale. Whiskey served as a medicine, a tonic, and an anesthetic in a time and place where there was no alternative. And distilled whiskey had commercial value, such that it was worth a man’s while to transport it over the mountains, where it sold in Philadelphia for a price in colonial times that was the equivalent of about $25 per gallon today. In an environment in which money was scarce, whiskey not surprisingly became a store of value on the frontier. In western Pennsylvania, one estimate from the 1780s states that there was one still for every 15 residents. People used whiskey to pay bills and local taxes, and even to compensate their school teachers and clergy. Hence whiskey evolved into a form of currency in its own right, at least west of the Alleghenies.

The Revolutionary War had left the American national government broke and insolvent, with a reputation for having issued worthless paper currency, called “Continentals. Congress passed laws that forced people to use these notes literally at the point of a soldier’s gun. Inflation and bad debt, both of pandemic proportions, were ruinous to any semblance of a post-Revolutionary national economy. The Articles of Confederation, which lasted from 1777-1789, did little to remedy the sad state of monetary affairs in the young nation. The members of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 were forced of absolute necessity to address monetary affairs. The U.S. Constitution, finally ratified in 1789, specifically made provision for a currency based on gold and silver, as well as for a national bankruptcy law in order to address the oceans of bad debt that permeated every level of colonial society. But it was one thing for the Constitution to declare, as it did, that no “Thing but gold and silver Coin” could be used as legal “Tender in Payment of Debts.” It was quite another for this sovereign edict to become reality.

In the earliest days of the federal government under the new Constitution, Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton proposed that the national government raise its revenue by levying excise taxes. Among Hamilton’s proposals for raising revenue was a tax on whiskey, that staple of life along the western frontier. For a variety of reasons, this “whiskey tax” immediately aroused the sentiment of many people that the new federal government was simply the replacement of the British King by swindling, moneyed, East Coast speculators and tyrants.

The legislation that enabled the whiskey tax was reflective of the goals of Alexander Hamilton, with his desire to create a strong central government and a nation of industry. The tax placed the levy on the point of distillation, not at the point of sale. Hence many farmers and small-businessmen found themselves taxed on the capacity of their stills, which included the amounts of whiskey they consumed personally, let alone what they discarded due to waste or spoilage. The federal tax rate was lower on larger stills, thus favoring bigger businesses at the expense of small, family-run operations. And the federal tax had to be paid in, of all things, gold or silver coin, of which there were precious few during the best of times on the frontier. As a result, the new tax almost immediately destroyed the value of whiskey as a form of barter currency in its own right. But without whiskey to lubricate the wheels of commerce, the frontier economy soon began to grind to a standstill.

[b]The Whiskey Rebellion, Part II: Enforcing the Wealth Tax
by Byron King [/b]

To enforce the whiskey tax, the federal government, then seated in Philadelphia, appointed tax collectors in every region of the country. Aside from a small stipend, the tax collectors’ pay was based on commission, calculated against the total amount of tax collected.

Thus, for the most part, when the tax collectors commenced their rounds, riding along the roads and trails of the western frontier to levy tax notices on settlers and their stills, they met the usual resentment that tax collectors have encountered since time immemorial.

Tax collectors were often threatened, shot at, beaten up, robbed, or even tarred and feathered. On occasion, the tax collector returned to his homestead and found instead a smoldering ruin. The job of the whiskey tax collector was, to say the least, dangerous and thankless. As a consequence, federal tax collections on whiskey were minimal.

When the whiskey taxes were not paid after collector’s levy, federal marshals were instructed to issue writs of citation against still owners. In Pennsylvania, these writs were answerable within 30 days at the federal court in Philadelphia. For a resident of western Pennsylvania at that time, traveling 280 miles or more to Philadelphia would have required a 10-day ride across difficult, mountainous terrain in the best of circumstances. (On today’s Pennsylvania Turnpike, things have improved marginally.)

Due to the difficulty and expense of travel, most federal tax writs went unanswered. Thus the federal court in Philadelphia issued numerous contempt citations against individuals, as well as executions against their stills and other property. The contempt citations often led to citizens being jailed, their property being seized and sold (as often as not, to some out-of-town, swindling, East Coast speculator…), and evictions from their homes, all by federal authorities and in the name of the government of the United States.

Thus, it is difficult to overstate the sense of unfairness, the resentment, and the bitterness that many frontier dwellers felt towards the new government. Within a very short time, it was costing the federal government more to administer the whiskey tax than the government was receiving in revenue. Even worse than the shortfall of revenue, however, was the failure of the new federal government to demonstrate its ability to enforce its tax laws.

This was widely perceived, both domestically and abroad, as the beginning of the end of the Constitutional experiment. A number of influential people in western Pennsylvania began to advocate secession from the Commonwealth, as well as from the new federal republic. They proposed to set up a state called “Westsylvania.” Some of the more zealous secession advocates made contact with emissaries from Britain regarding creation of an association with Canada. Others made contact with agents of France, regarding setting up a relationship with that nation’s vast and mostly uncharted Louisiana holdings that included a significant presence in the Ohio Valley.

When word of this seditious talk reached President George Washington, he was appalled. In the spring of 1794, President Washington appointed a man named John Neville as federal tax collector for western Pennsylvania. Neville was a former Revolutionary War general and a close acquaintance of Washington’s. Neville set up his tax office at his family’s farm, just south of Pittsburgh.

On July 15, 1794, a group of local residents gathered at Neville’s house to protest the seizure of a neighbor’s property for unpaid whiskey tax. They demanded Neville’s resignation, and also that he turn over his tax records to be burned. Neville’s home was guarded by a unit of federal marshals. After a period of standoff, one of the farmers began to approach Neville’s house under a white flag of truce, and he was shot and killed, presumably by one of the marshals.

Word of the killing rapidly spread, and on July 17, a group of local militia mustered, marched on Neville’s house, and burned it to the ground. Their intent was to deliver some frontier justice to Neville and his “murdering marshals.” Neville and his entourage fled to Old Saint Luke’s Church, on the site of an old British garrison dating back to the days of the French & Indian War, where the pastor offered them sanctuary until the pursuing militia dispersed.

President Washington was outraged at what he considered a personal insult to his old friend and war comrade Neville. Washington and Treasury Secretary Hamilton decided that they had to make an example of these “western insurrectionists.” Washington referred to the burning of Neville’s farm as a “rogue, unprincipled challenge to authority” and resolved to crack down and bring discipline “to the lower classes of western Pennsylvania.”

The area was already well known to Washington from his younger days as a surveyor and from fighting for the British side in the region during the French & Indian War. Also, there was at least a reasonably good road on which troops could march from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.

The American Army of 1794 hardly merited the name. It had dwindled to a few hundred older veterans of the Revolutionary War, with outdated equipment and next to no supplies on hand. Washington was faced with the need to call out the militia if he was going to impose the federal will on the rebels of western Pennsylvania. Not trusting the reliability of Pennsylvanians, most of the militia called to muster were from Virginia and New Jersey.

The Secretary of War was away on family business in Maine, so it fell to Hamilton to organize the expedition. Hamilton, whose tax policies had precipitated the matter, was desperate for success and viewed the confrontation with the whiskey rebels as his personal struggle to stop America from sliding into anarchy and ruin.

President Washington actually led his army of 13,000 troops as they marched west from Philadelphia in August of 1794, the only time in American history that a president has actually served in the role of “commander in chief” in the field. The trek across Pennsylvania took the better part of a month, and many a hotel and tavern was thereafter able to place a sign on the door that “George Washington Slept Here.”

The ill-discipline, lack of proper equipment, and general lack of military professionalism in the ranks of the militia troops appalled both Washington and Hamilton, the latter a former artillery officer under Washington during the Revolution.

The rebellion grew in numbers, if not in actions, and threatened to spread to other states. Hamilton knew that the presence of a large and potentially hostile force in Pennsylvania could not be tolerated. If the government were to survive, it would have to show itself capable of keeping control.

Hamilton advocated the use of military force; President George Washington instead put state militias on the ready and sent in negotiators. When talks proved fruitless, Washington acquiesced to Hamilton’s view. A force of 13,000 militia troops, led by Hamilton and Virginia governor Henry Lee, marched into western Pennsylvania.

By the time the federal force arrived, the rebellion had collapsed and most of the rebels had fled. Two men were convicted of treason and later pardoned by Washington. Alexander Hamilton was elated. The fledgling federal government had proven it could keep order — a necessity if the U.S. was to avoid instability. But many, in particular Thomas Jefferson, thought that this resort to military force was a dangerous mistake. It convinced them that Hamilton was a dangerous man.

Part II
By the time Alexander Hamilton died on the dueling grounds of Weehawken, New Jersey, the power of the Federalist Party was in terminal decline. Federalism was born in 1787, when Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison wrote 85 essays collectively known as the Federalist papers. These eloquent political documents encouraged Americans to adopt the newly-written Constitution and its stronger central government.

Largely influenced by the ideas of Alexander Hamilton, the Federalists succeeded in convincing the Washington administration to assume national and state debts, pass tax laws, and create a central bank. These moves undoubtedly saved the fledgling democracy from poverty and even destruction. In foreign policy, Federalists generally favored England over France.

Anti-Federalists such as Thomas Jefferson feared that a concentration of central authority might lead to a loss of individual and states rights. They resented Federalist monetary policies, which they believed gave advantages to the upper class. In foreign policy, the Republicans leaned toward France, which had supported the American cause during the Revolution.

Jefferson and his colleagues formed the Republican Party in the early 1790s. By 1795, the Federalists had become a party in name as well.

After John Adams, their candidate, was elected president in 1796, the Federalists began to decline. The Federalists’ suppression of free speech under the Alien and Sedition Acts, and the assumption of closer relations with Britain instead of France, inflamed Jeffersonian Republicans. In 1801 Jefferson, with Vice President Aaron Burr at his side, assumed the presidency.

The Federalists feared and hated Jefferson, but partly due to infighting, they were never able to organize successful opposition. A last great hope — that the New England states would secede and form a Federalist nation — collapsed when Jefferson won a landslide reelection in 1804, thanks to the Louisiana Purchase. Alexander Hamilton was left with little power — and with no choice but to meet Aaron Burr on the dueling ground in hope of reviving his political career. But Hamilton was doomed, and so was his party. The Federalists would never again rise to power.

Known informally as the Jeffersonian Republicans, this group of politicians organized in opposition to the policies of Federalists such as Alexander Hamilton, who favored a strong central government.

Led by Thomas Jefferson, whom they helped elect to the presidency for two terms (1801-1809), the Republicans believed in individual freedoms and the rights of states. They feared that the concentration of federal power under George Washington and John Adams represented a dangerous threat to liberty. In foreign policy, the Republicans favored France, which had supported the Colonies during the Revolution, over Great Britain.

These ideas represented a departure from the policies of the Federalists under the administrations of Washington and Adams. The Federalists had established monetary policies that gave more power to the federal government and had rejected ties with France in favor of closer links to Britain.

During the undeclared war with France at the end of the 1790s, the Federalists clamped down on those who spoke in favor of the France under the Alien and Sedition Acts. The Republicans vigorously opposed this action, regarding it as a dangerous intrusion on the rights of free speech.

Using these issues, as well as the power swung his way by his vice president, Aaron Burr, Republican leader Thomas Jefferson won election to the presidency in 1800. This Republican party, which would hold power until 1825, is the direct ancestor of today’s Democratic Party.

Part III

by Piper Michael
America was born in division and bloodshed. Was strengthened by blood shed, fought a civil war over the principles she was founded on, in a broken document called a Constitution. This document was broken from the beginning because it was designed by men looking out for their own pocket books. We gave up an Aristocracy of Royalty only to replace it with an Aristocracy of Money. There are many who would disagree with this statement, showing how we are divided between those who defend the status quo, and those who see the evil within it. This is the reason for the Parties of the Left and the Right, and has boiled down to this; The party of warfare and the party of welfare. Both parties, wanting something that is against natures God. One justifies Top down control of money and power that ultimately leads to the confiscation of property through taxes and market cycles, justified as the intellectual doctrine of “Natural law”.  The other wishes a free lunch, justified by the emotional doctrine of the Coveting and sharing the wealth.

America has always been a divided country. It was an idea who’s time had come, but was set upon by the forces of money control from day one. In the end, it is control over the supply of money and credit, that determines political power. In the end, politicians of all parties are beholden to the money masters.  They think voters are stupid and can be easily manipulated if enough money is thrown at them. Both parties are the parties of Empire, and anybody who disagrees that America has become a Global Empire, is deliberately ignorant of the history and facts of present day.  America is an Empire of Debt, where it gains advantage over all the other countries simply because its money, the Dollar, is the current global reserve currency, and all commodities, especially oil, must be purchased in Dollars. America’s military is deployed to maintain commercial control by the doctrine of “Full Spectrum Dominance” over resources in countries flung far and wide.  But America is a stupid empire, divided in purpose and swinging from one policy absurdity to the next, depending on the vagaries of the times, and the pendulum of politics. She has grown untrustworthy by her allies, and not feared by her enemies, while her fiscal and monetary policies of arrogance have begun to wither and decay like an old whore who is past her time.

America’s decay and immoral rot, can be traced to the beginnings of the Republic, and began when we centralized power in the Federal Government. Instead of tweaking the Articles of Confederation, we instituted a central government and monetary policy, a policy based on the ideas of Babylon. This has been the case for thousands of years. Men building governments, always try to maintain control over the money, this is the Rule of Gold, He who has the Gold, makes the rules, and this is also the source of moral rot as the money rots. People get more and more desperate to make a living as prices go up, but wages always lag far behind, this is the way of rich people, period. This is their mind set, because they know, that Earth is a Zero sum game. That for every millionaire, a million people must be a dollar poorer.  But they have convinced everyone that they too can join the ranks of the upper class if they would but keep their noses on the grindstone and press harder.  Rich people know that the old saw “The Rich get richer and the poor get poorer”, is true because this is rooted in the concept of inflation. Stated more accurately, inflation equals dilution of the currency. As more currency is printed up, the other dollars in circulation have less value, this has been the cause of rapid decline in America since 1971, when Nixon defaulted on America’s debts of gold, and pulled America off the gold standard.

He “closed the gold window” to Charles DeGaulle when he showed up to collect France’s debts, owed in gold. This threw the entire money system of the world into the toilet, and it has been circling the drain ever since.  The Dollar, at that time, became a Fiat currency, nothing but a piece of paper imposed by the barrel of a gun. People were thus left with no choices, but people are not stupid and the inflation of the 70’s was a direct result of this act. This was root cause for the Rust Belt, and the beginning of the process of dismantling America’s mighty industrial base. Industrialists are not stupid, and they knew they could not keep up with inflation if they continued to pay workers inflation based wages and benefits, especially when the government, banks, and everybody has a vested interest in playing the Game that The Dollar is still, A Dollar.

This is why God himself, prescribed proper “weights and measures”. This is also why God didn’t want man running off and governing himself through Kings. But in the beginning we were hard headed and demanded a “King to rule over us”. Thus from the very beginning, the Kings bankers of neighbors moved against us in our stupidity. Our kings were bought by neighboring Kings, and the System of Babylon was imposed on us. It is a system the of fixed and rigid contracts, backed up by the Kings laws and force, while the passive submission of the people is ensured by the Priests who admonish the people to “submit to Godly authority”.  This Triune System is Babylon, and it should be familiar to all, for it is the Head of Gold, that stands on the two legs of rich mens ideologies and doctrines of mystery, that keeps you divided as iron and clay. It is a system that is designed for the House to win in the Global gambling casino called the Game of Life. This is what God tried to prevent, but we, being stupid about the ways of money and rich people, are also a greedy and rebellious lot, and thought we would be better off without God’s ways. His ways were gentle by comparison, and stood for all the people, not just the men with the money. You should now be able to see, that the Head of Gold, makes the Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules… and the Head of Gold, like the Phoenix always rises from the ashes of civilizations, to reimpose its rules, because it usually ends up owning most of everything during the collapse of the previous incarnation of; The System.

But people do not understand the concept of ‘money’, they only know how to spend it, save it, or invest it. They think it has something called ‘value’. But unless it is made of something with ‘inherent value’, it is merely a piece of paper with ink on it, backed by more paper, in our case today, Treasury Bonds.  This is a linkage most people don’t understand, and the government has a vested interest in you not understanding it. This is purportedly because of the issue of Confidence, but is more properly described as the underlying; Confidence Game, or Con, for short. They con you out of your labor, your property and your lives. Lives spent on the treadmill, usually to pay back debts under fixed contracts, and nobody sees anything wrong with this, because its “the way its always been”. Well, not always, but for the last 4000 years, the Rule of Gold, has been in charge. This Head of Gold understands that these fixed contracts are in direct violation of the cycles of the world, that bad things happen to good people, and good people will always lose to the man with more money or ‘credit’. Centralized credit is the real Animal here, because once ‘money’ and ‘credit’ are separated, and centralized, the man with the Pen, becomes the Boss of all thing, able to manipulate markets and prices, with the stroke of a pen. And you, always lose, because the credit can always overwhelm the Money.

People also don’t get the meanings of symbols in the Bible, they think Babylon is a mythical creature. Maybe it is America, maybe it is this government or that, but it is none of those things as we explained previously. Babylon was not just an empire, but Babylon’s greatest invention was the System we have in use today.  The Rule of Gold, and he who has the gold, makes the rules. But, even the gold is now moth eaten and ragged, having seen too much abuse at the hands of too few.  People don’t understand money and credit and that Babylon invented all the rules a long time ago. Babylon created a System whereby the Kings rules backed up the money changers, and the money changers at the time worked out of the Temples of the Sun god. So here we had a system of three forces, that maintained control of your lives, your minds, and your hearts. All living in awe of the king, his money changers and in fear of the god of the Sun. What a system! You were bought and paid for, because they knew that the cycles of reality worked against you. You WOULD have a bad year in the future. Your crops would fail, or you would do something stupid and take out a loan to buy that big nice expensive extravagance, if they just extended the credit. They knew few people can refuse easy money. At the end of the day, The Constitution of America, institutionalized this System, in very subtle ways, that gave all men ‘rights’ and freedom, yet kept the Power in the money changers hands.

And so it stands today, a centralized system of credit and money that entices you to borrow, and have that nice thing, now, and not waiting and saving your money. Very few understand the cycles of money and credit. How credit extended by the money changers and contracts enforced by the king with your allegiance to ‘righteous authority’ enforced by the Church, can destroy society by money vs credit imbalances. We have always had a two level system, credit and money, two separate things. Because when credit is centrally controlled, it can be used to drive up a speculative frenzy, only to have the rug jerked out from under you, and then all yours becomes theirs. These are the cycles of inflation and deflation, and then you add on top of that the underlying parasite of central government and you add the taxing authority to it. Which preachers and churches enforce by making people feel bad for not paying their “fair share”.

But what’s ‘fair’? Whenever government comes into being, it has employees called bureaucrats, and these people seem to have it in their heads that they need salary raises and benefits too. These people know how to manipulate the system itself, because they ARE The System, they think. The People think their representatives and senators are The System, but that isn’t true anymore, the Bureaucrats are. For the Bureaucrats make demands of the Elected ones, and the Elected ones then demand more taxes to pay for the increasing costs in government, thus government becomes a parasite on the body economic. So just like in the times of the Whiskey Rebellion, the body economic finds it cannot make a profit on their labor, because a few bureaucrats don’t understand the concept of ‘margin’ or return on investment. No, the bureaucrat looks at a man’s gross income and taxes that, he could care less that your costs are caught up in that thing you’re selling. This is where the many loopholes and pages of a tax code out of control have come from, people with influence getting a break, while the dumb and the stupid pay the tax.

But we must have some form of governance, mustn’t we? I mean, it would all become anarchy without it, right? Thus you arrive at the source of the problem, the Controllers versus the Free men. Controllers want to control, everything. Free men just want to be left alone, to live freely.  These two philosophies, meet in the middle, on the altar of money. Who has it, who makes it, who controls it, and who pays the bills. Thus we have the Battle of the Ages, that has never been resolved, because the entire concept of ‘money’ is so misunderstood, obfuscated, con’ed, and lied about, by those who wish to remain in charge and in control of the supply of that wonderful commodity called; Money.  The Whiskey Rebels, had the right idea, they found out real quick, that their ‘money’, a barter item of value called; Whiskey, became of no value at all, once the Parasite of government got in on the act. Once it was taxed, there was no way to make a profit, or use it for barter, so their entire economy fell apart, and it turned to violence.  This is what men do, and the rich know this, and they don’t care. In fact, some of them understand the ways of Earth and actually want things to fall apart, so that they can exercise the old maxims;

First Maxim; There is profit in complexity.
Second Maxim;  There is windfall profit in chaos.
Third Maxim; What goes up, must come down.
Pipers maxim: What goes up in the Light of day, comes down in the dark of night. All play in the Light, but the demons come out at night.

They know, that even when society breaks down, as a result of their money manipulations, they will have accumulated so much property and tangible wealth, that when the reset comes, they will still be In Charge. This is the Babylon system after all, and he who has the Gold, makes the Rules. This is the source of all the problems in the world. This is why the Rule of Gold, of Babylon, represented in the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, and the rebellious empires of the lost tribes over thousands of years, have never succeeded, and will never succeed, because the men of God, have no idea of the ways of money. This is the reason, and the way, that Babylon has control over you, and will continue to have control, until you come to the understanding that money, is not a thing of value, or a piece of paper that represents what the government says it is, but money is simply a chip in the poker game of life.

The Game of Life played on planet Earth today, is a game of destruction and conquest and resource wars as the finite size of Planet Earth becomes smaller by the day. As the populations grow by the day. As water becomes as issue, and farm land, and minerals, and, name your poison, it is all going to get more and more expensive, because of simple numbers. You can only deny this because America, the Empire of Debt, run’s the commerce of the world, regardless of where the factories are, the resources to drive those factories are regulated by America and everything is done through America using America’s money. But that is going to change. It is going to change because the rest of the world has caught on to The Con, and they are not happy campers.

This began as the Arab spring, a rebellion in Arab lands, because people were having a hard time affording food. Prices having been driven up by the exporting of money. Anytime you increase money, you increase prices because the few who sit at the top of the money spigot, speculate in commodities, simply because that is “where the money is”. This is because paper investments are dying because of the bad paper, there is just so much paper, there is no money to be made anymore. This is happening to a lesser degree within America proper, because of paper games in the markets, that ‘export’ the inflation to other lands. This is what causes them to be unhappy.  Just like the original Whiskey rebellion, the Arab populace is caught between a rock and a hard place, and chaos ensues.

Then The Cycles delivers a drought, or a war, which gives the rich people ‘cover’ for their manipulations and profits, and you suffer even more. What you don’t understand is that not all the rich people are bad, nor all the poor people good. They are both simply reacting to a system that causes them to act in their own self interests, survival and retention of assets being the primary focus of all classes. We want to retain what wealth we have, because we know that is the only thing that keeps us warm and eating indoors. We react the way we react because The System imposes itself at every level, remember, “He who has the gold, makes the rules”. We threw out God’s rules, and demanded the rules of the King. You’ve now had 4000 or so years of the rule of gold, so how’s all that working out for ya?

One percent of us would say its working out just fine, thank you very much, and since ‘we’ make the rules, we insist that its doing fine for everybody, except the lazy of course. The other 99% are starting to catch on, that the bankers, the politicians, and the preachers, are not on their side. Even those who consider themselves well off, are starting to feel the pain. The end result of both the extreme ideologies of the Left leg and Right leg, is for the Elite to own everything and remain ‘in charge’, no matter what chaos comes, remember that.

We know today that Alexander Hamilton was in the pocket of the bankers.  Their focus was to get the new nation of America in debt, and thus in their pocket.  Jefferson, Jackson and others managed to stave off the era of a central bank more than 100 years, until 1913, when the Federal Reserve was created and the Income tax imposed. Almost 100 years of this centralized top down money control has now shown the fruits, and America’s people are little more than slaves to the tax man at every level, county, city, state and national. We have levels of debt and taxes that would have sent the Jeffersonian Founders into apoplectic fits. It is downright Biblical because in the words of Hosea our people are destroyed through a lack of knowledge. The biggest thing we lack knowledge about, is the one thing everybody should know, what money is and where does it come from, that leads the people to destruction.

We are living proof of the words of John Adams, that a nation can be conquered by debt, or the sword. This is what happens once the debts and fixed contracts backed by governments and morally supported by preachers, are foreclosed.  The preachers are as guilty as the bankers, because they sold out to Caesar for thirty pieces of silver in the form of tax breaks. They are just as guilty as the kings, because they are the heart of the people, and keep them in apathy and complacency. They don’t tell them that they are the Hands of God’s justice, supported by many scriptures. But no, the scriptures themselves are the source of divisions, and disagreements and fighting, and nobody knows why. When it is simple, they were designed that way, to be used for all purposes, conflicting and contradictory, to enable Rome to maintain control over the population during the creation of the Holy Roman Empire.

It is not that the scriptures are not the inspired words of God, no, it is because the hands of man edited them, and divided them, and the hand of evil, as it says in Jude, “crept in unawares”. So where does that leave good people then? Where do we turn? What do we do in the face of spiritual wickedness in HIGH places, that has held sway over us, through our money and laws, for thousands of years? Now we come to a time, when the Federals, have taken all power, all control, all law and all money, and we are left with dregs and scraps from their table, while their powerful friends in New York take ownership of properties all over, and Washington takes control of our very bodies, yet our preachers still tell us to bow down to “righteous authority”, while our two party system fights in a Kabuki dance, and no matter their words or rhetoric, things march continually from moral hazard and degeneration towards a Godless society of free loaders who demand and covet the fruits of our labors, and just like Rome itself, and the Whiskey rebel’s, and the Confederacy, we repeat history. We do not see the long cycles of history, markets and money, and that is our downfall, because we do not even know what evil is anymore. We listen to the “sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in our bellies”, and we do not know why. We hear the still small voice in our conscience, and know that everything is just wrong, but we do not know why. We know how to be the Hand of Justice, but we are afraid.  We still trust in the Kabuki dancers, and throw our support to one leg or the other, while not noticing that they ignore the Head of Gold altogether. The credit drys up, the ‘money’ stops flowing, while the economy heads into the desperate grasp for something to keep ones head afloat, as the slightest excuse for optimism ignores that boulder of monetary ruin rolling down the hill. We are caught in the traps of Thesis, Anti-Thesis and always accept the compromise of Synthesis, not knowing it was the Plan all along, some of our leaders, being as ignorant and manipulated as we are. While the Head of Gold laughs down through the centuries, from behind the curtain of money.

We love God, kind of, as long as we can keep him at arms length. We are rebellious children, and we have always been that way. We don’t like to be told what to do, or how to do it. In the end, we end up helping evil, because we are afraid, and do nothing. We don’t come together as the people of God, and unify, because we are like a herd of cats, each with his or her own opinion, without common vision or purpose. We are all directed by our wallets, and not our consciences. We sell out to the company, and the government and the church, and those three entities tell us; “its ok”, while they suck the life out of us. When they do this, they suck the Joy out of our lives, and we allow it because we are not one people, we are nothing but complainers, and whiners, and we go along to get along.

We are told to be ‘nice’, while the force of evil sticks its knife in our back. We allow the forces of oppression to dictate the means of our resistance, because of the Babylon system, that says you are ‘bad’ if you don’t become a brick in the wall of conformity. When you conform to the “Best system that ever was”, you become a force of evil yourself, and you can’t admit that to yourself, so you find examples of goodness that are left, instead of exposing the deadly morphing of a system that has turned against you. A system that is becoming more oppressive with every breath you take, a system that is becoming a Beast right in front of your eyes. You are reaping what you have sewn, the wind that you sewed is becoming a whirlwind, and the fault is staring back at you from the mirror. You did not fight the battles when they were easy, you laid down on the alter of liberty and took a nap, you abandoned your first commission; Eternal Vigilance.

You allowed God to be thrown out of the schools, and your wombs, now even the public square, and now you see evil coming out of the closet and you wonder why? Do you see why the Whiskey Rebel’s should have stood strong, in defense of Liberty, in good conscience, and defeated the centralized monster before it grew into an adult? Do you not see that the System of money, the ‘Best system that ever was’, is past its sell by date? Do you not see that The System controlled your mind through propaganda, and now owns your body through the device of healthcare, and soon will own your very souls by the device of monetary collapse, that it will blame on you, the ‘evil capitalists’, and bankers, and preachers, because they are the way it must take control of all of you? So how do the good take back control from the evil that takes over the land? Can we even define evil anymore? What are the right ways to fight against evil?

Do we do like the Whiskey rebel’s, and rebel? When we are divided in opinions and purposes, without a common vision or leadership? Do we even need a leader? Do we try to rebuild a Constitutional Republic, that has now turned rancid and stinks to the heavens?  Do we stand up and scream at the top of our lungs “Give me Liberty or give me death”?, or “From my cold dead hands”? when this government, finally comes for the last defense of liberty, which it, in the end, must. Do we even remember what a righteous cause is?  Do we secede from the Federal, and suffer the slings and arrows of what must come after? For the Federal’s will brook no assault on their base of power, the tax base, the Whiskey rebellion was proof enough of that. Or even the Civil war, which is more rightly named; The War of Northern Aggression, which stands as testament to the impulsive and unprepared rebellions of whole states. States who had lots of cotten and slaves, but no factories with which to produce the implements of war. A war that was not fought over slavery, but taxes on the farmers and not the industrialists, for exactly the reason the Whiskey Rebellion was fought, only over cotten and not corn.

The issue of slavery was Lincoln’s master stroke, which came when he was being trounced by a righteous few warriors. Who could have taken Washington DC in the first battle of the war, but didn’t, may their memory live in shame. Could things have been different if the Whiskey rebel’s stood their ground, and used Washington’s tactics of cover and ambush, against him? For they had not fought for a republic, but simple freedom from tyranny.  If Washington had been defeated then, and the concept of Federalism put in its grave, what advances could have brought forth by a truly free people?  When the final tally of destruction by governments and empires, banks and taxes, rich and powerful, kings and legislatures,  and their wars, is added up, regardless of whether you believe in God or not, ask yourself, would you have been better off with God’s laws, or men’s privileges and the heavy taxes that go with it? So if you decide that God is a better source of governance than man, how is such a thing brought to life, and how do you fight the evil that all men’s governments become, if not initially by intention, then by time and corruption? For all our empires have failed by the same process, money corruption that leads to moral depravity, corruption, decay and collapse. You either do things God’s way, or you end up with the ways of evil men, for evil is attracted to government, like a moth to the flame.

What then? What is the answer to 5000 years of the rise and fall of civilizations? Isn’t it obvious by now? There are only three ways of fighting evil, you can compromise, fight or flee.  The last 230 odd years of America should show you that compromise ends in failure, every time. Babylon, Greece, Rome, the ‘United Kingdom’, Europe, and now America should teach you a good hard lesson. So then what happens if you fight? The Whiskey rebel’s knew, they were afraid to stand up against 13,000 regular troops with a leader at the head of the line, of what use will AR-15’s and AK-47’s be against troops, drones, tanks and helicopter gunships? Do you think if you kill one or ten, they will not come back with a hundred, or a thousand? When you go into defense mode, and hole up in your refuge, how long do you think you will last, as you stand alone screaming at the top of your lungs “From my cold dead hands!”. In the end, your hands will be just that, cold, and dead. So that leaves flee, but to where? There is no other country on Earth, that is still as good as the land of America but not because of her land or laws, but because of her people. If the original Constitution was flawed, and the concept of representation is flawed, and the money system is flawed, then history says, it will not be restored, it will be buried by the next victim generation as a flawed document, period. This is what your children are learning now. But if an old piece of paper isn’t worth fighting for, then the good people and their children certainly are, and if the only way to fight evil, and win, is to withdraw, and let evil feed on evil, which is what it will do once it run’s out of good people, then that is the only course that makes sense. But still the question sits; Flee to where?

The answer, regardless of your personal beliefs lies in the Bible and an old book called Atlas Shrugged, combined with the wisdom of the Whiskey rebels before they succumbed to the fear of tyranny.  It is a simple fact, that if support is withdrawn from a political and monetary system, that system will simply collapse.  Atlas Shrugged was about rich individuals leaving the system, or going Galt. John Galt was the hero of the book, who led them away into the wilderness like the pied piper of Hamlin. Leading away the good from the bad, or the innocent away from the evil.  The Bible speaks of a time like ours, when evil spreads across the planet and takes control of everything. But it is a time, when evil spreads its wings across the face of the whole Earth, and it first appears, there is nowhere to hide. At the level of the individual, this is certainly true. No matter where your refuge or fortress of solitude is, evil will get to you eventually. Then it merely becomes a game of numbers. If you have what they want, they will take it under color of law or force of arms.

When, not if, the money system collapses, it will be replaced, this is already in the works, but you’re not supposed to know that. You think bankers and politicians are stupid? They went to Harvard and Yale, they are playing chess while we play checkers. They are 10 moves ahead, and we are still jumping around the board. This is because we are not one people, but like a herd of cats, easily divided and manipulated, by pushing little political chess pieces around in front of you, giving you hope. As we said before, they use the methods of old; Thesis, Anti-Thesis, Synthesis. You watch the Kabuki theater in DC, and the arguments and then the compromise is revealed and everybody agrees. But evil is always taking one step forward as it centralizes its power, while the good takes steps backwards. The more power is centralized in Washington DC, the closer to the cliff of tyranny we get, and now we are standing looking backwards into the abyss. One more step and what remains of constitutional republic will become a fascist-socialist tyranny, it probably doesn’t even matter whether the Red Ceasar or the Black Caesar is elected, for the Kabuki of gridlock in Congress is the anchor that pulls the body over the cliff. And either way they go, austerity or printing money ad infinitum, the system will fall. Do you think a Red Caesar can restore morality? Do you think a Black Caesar will restore frugality? If frugality is imposed, millions will starve by lack of money, if quantitative easing of money goes on, millions will starve by inflation, it is too late to stop the Collapse of the money system because we are already being isolated by our enemies, who are fed up with being vassal states, know this, and the truth will set you free.

Notice the politicians never revealing that past bad law is never repealed, and all of them work to the advantage of the Haves, against the HaveNots. In the end, these are the only two groups that matter, because, remember, the Head of Gold, makes the rules. When this system collapses, it will morph from a system of Babylon, to a Global system like a Beast. And evil capitalist money, which is too ‘limited’, will become unlimited credit spewing forth from the fountain of global government, a system of electronic credit, centrally controlled.  This is not a prediction, but a prophecy, a two thousand year old prophecy, now coming to fruition. This system will be terrible because it will, it must, control everything, prices, inventories, black markets, your possessions, everything. Why? Because this new global government and monetary system, will be born in war, and will declare religion illegal. Or at least the religions it doesn’t like, Christianity for the most part. And by this fact alone, you will know that this system is evil. Beware of the “sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly”, for this is how it will come into effect.  It must control everything because that is what evil does, and also, to make sure that those evil Christians can’t “buy or sell”.  But then, your preachers will soothe you back to sleep and make you understand it is all just a Mystery, it can’t be about real money, because the Bible doesn’t talk about such things, only lofty spiritual things, right?

It will most likely be an Islamic centered form of Sharia law, because that is the final horse to ride, the green horse of Islam, which controls the oil, that we need. The Pale horse was translated incorrectly from the Greek, which was a green horse. But the translators had never seen a green horse, so they substituted a pale yellow.  Thus the riders will complete their rides, the white horse of the Holy Roman Empire that conquered in the name of the Lord, the red horse of blood of the nobles of the dark ages, the black horse of the divided and balanced powers that lead to famine, that end with the green horse of Islam that becomes a power in the Darkness that comes across the world.  A religion that worships death, and the only one that beheads its enemies, so that “death and hell follow it”. )

So how does the Bible, Galt and the Whiskey rebel’s come together?  That’s simple, the Knowledge of money in the wilderness.  The Whiskey rebel’s used what for money before the government decided to tax it? Whiskey. It had value, it was easily dividable, it stored well, and it was universally recognized. It met all the basic definitions of money. If this is learned, it doesn’t have to be whiskey, but there is where the concept of currency comes into play. Currency is SUPPOSED to represent YOUR VALUE. The value of the citizenry, what is called the GDP. But, when this is taken on centrally, there is where the manipulations come into play because credit is separated from ‘money’. YOU think its the SAME, and that’s what they want you to think. This is the Con, in The Confidence Game.

This is the how and why, with good intentions, we paved the road to hell with constitutional money being gold and silver.  The aristocracy of money understands that there never is, and never will be, enough gold or silver in the world, to equal the amount of commerce that must transact with it. They know also, that gold has to be mined, and it takes capital to mine it, and refine it. Thus gold and silver money always end up being controlled by the rich and powerful.  So here is where the wisdom of the Whiskey rebel’s came in, they all agreed, together, that whiskey was ‘money’.  They were able to coexist and thrive in the wilderness without much connection to the System in the East, but, were able to transport their whiskey to the East in search of outside goods, because they could sell their whiskey… for gold or silver. They had the best of both worlds. Until the government parasites leeched onto them and destroyed the value of their money by forcing them onto a currency that was not available to them, and would be severely diminished to the point of poverty, if they agreed to it.  The Federal government, literally stole their ability to make a living, the same thing that happens today. If gold and silver were in abundance, then they would not have needed to use whiskey as money, would they? But likewise, if gold and silver were not scarce, it would not have value, so round and round we go, econ101, supply and demand.  So how does this lesson relate to our sad situation today, and how does that relate to the Bible and going Galt?

If we go Galt, one by one, we are done, eventually we will become blood for the leech, either by law or gun. There is no magic valley with a stealth shield.  If we try to create our own ‘money’ out of gold and silver, as has been recently shown by arrests of those who tried it, we go to jail. If we tried distilling our own whiskey, we would still have to pay the tax on it, to this day, or, again, go to jail.  If we quit paying taxes individually, eventually, you go to jail. It seems on the surface, that all escape routes are closed, but are they? If you can see through the haze of regulations and rules. If you can see the bigger picture, then the big picture, always and forever, is about money. Your money going into somebody elses pocket, usually the pocket of parasites impersonating people. If you look at the parasites rules, then how are they set up? They don’t want you to make money without them getting a cut… Think about that.

If you reach the proper conclusion, then you come to see the escape routes open to you. Unfortunately, you will have to leave everything that is made from their paper, behind. You will have to come to a new opinion of what you consider ‘wealth’. You will have to produce as well as consume, for in order to escape The System, you have to build your own. When you look at the big picture, you see, you are in an economic war. A war that cannot be won by anything but a full on economic response. You will have to become the New Whiskey Rebellion, with lessons learned from the previous incarnation, using the loopholes and regulations of the rich, the powerful, and the victim. You will prepare to do economic war, by the only way possible; shared logistics.  In any war, logistics is critical, paramount, the decider of the end of the war, before it begins.

But you must also have a shared vision, you must understand the principles of money, that defined the old republic, was not just for you, but to the advantage of the richest among you. You must understand the roots of corruption, that always raises its ugly head, when ever the money and ownership and control of the money is controlled from the top down. You must understand that the illusion of prosperity and the illusion of money as codified in the original constitution, was an illusion.  You can look at history to be convinced, or you can be willfully blind to the suffering of the masses of humanity during the entire history of the American empire, from the Whiskey rebellion, to the modern age. If you do, you see that the entire concept of money, was the source of all problems. That top down money systems, and monopolized money systems, and private bank credit systems when tied to ‘money’, do not work for all the people, all the time. That down through time, it is money and economics, that cause both the construction and the consequent destruction of entire civilizations.  That the concept of balance has never been achieved in the entire history of the world, from the time of Babylon, till now. So what are we talking about doing then?

If you look at the source of the source, then you see that evil itself, is the ultimate source of the Troubles with money. It is evil that controls, because all men ultimately make decisions based on their wallets, or their potential profits. That all decisions made, by the Leadership of societies, is ultimately for the benefit of the Leaders, and those Leaders, whether Kings, bankers or preachers, will design any new system around the two ideologies of rich men, capitalism or collectivism. These are the two legs of the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, that lead to the same place, the head of gold. Because both systems, ultimately and eventually are about the same thing, the ownership of everything by an Elite, who want to remain ‘in charge’. They have charge of you, because you love The Gold more than God, and bow down to them.  They do this through the Rule of Gold, that he who has the gold, makes the rules. One of those corollary rules is The Enticement, the Dream, that you too, can be one of them, if you would but bow down to them and work just a little harder, you lazy bum you.

The only way to eliminate this, is the power in the rock, the rock that destroys the statue of empires. The Rule of Gold must be taken down by the Golden Rule. This is the only way to eliminate the cycles of construction and destruction of empires. You must learn the lesson of the sermon on the mount, that the “poor in spirit” will see God. God is Joy and Love. So he who is deliberately poor, will see Joy. But only if you can let the dream of mammon’s money go, and learn that wealth comes from family, brotherhood, loves and lands, not numbers on paper. This is the essence of Going Galt. To learn to live with less. To go Galt for God, would be to go “into the wilderness”, and leave The System of Babylon. To become like lillies in the field, not dependent on the farmer, but simply the Sun. To be rocks in the stream of life, not bricks in the wall of Babel.

When the ultimate battle against evil comes again, then learn the lesson of the Whiskey rebellion.  Centralization of anything is bad, especially when it is money and governments. This is why God did not want us to abandon His gentle law, by demanding a “King to rule over us.” We are intelligent human beings, that together, we can solve any problem, we do not need Leaders speaking “Sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly”, all we need is common sense debate in the honest search for truth.  We need to reexamine our priorities in what will happen when the dollar collapses, and the new thing comes after it, for it will be even more evil than paper money, more centralized, based in a global empire. It must be because that is what evil does, it centralizes more and more, to gain more and more power and control over you. God’s ways were about decentralized governance, councils of elders and judges, a confederacy of houses and tribes.

This means that any new thing that must come about, should be based on the bottom up, not the top down. That money should be a right that comes from God, like all the other rights that the rich deigned we should have in the original constitution. That money itself, is merely a chip in the game of life, based on your value, at the point of issuance, and that issuance is not refutable.  But also the Earth itself, and the game of profit’s and losses, must come to an end, and the game of stewardship of the remaining resources of Earth should come about.  That the entire concept of ownership is nullified, to give ownership of all things back to God who created it in stewardship for the future generations.  In short, if you must fight the evil that will take us down the drain, be careful what you ask for next time, you might just get it.

You must realize that the times and seasons are upon us, and the paradigm is changing. There will be no recovery of this American nightmare, because the tide has turned, and the money is now encumbered by too much debt, too many obligations of the leeches, and too much immoral rot.  To go backwards would cause civil war due to withdrawal of entitlements, and to go forward will cause civil disintegration on the back of inflation and destruction of the middle class. This paradigm shift is going to be major, because we have been stupid and greedy. We have wasted the Earth’s resources in the pursuit of materialism. We burn up the Earth so we can pile up stacks of little green papers.  We care nothing for each other but only for self. We love God, some of us, kinda, as long as we can keep Him at arms length.

We love mystery and relish the shadows on the wall as we engage in endless trivial pursuits. We are selfless only on an individual level, and think our brother is a lazy leech or a covet-or, when mostly they are only victims of a higher immoral ideology. We make pretense that all people are created equal, and that that concept of equal opportunity makes them equal in fact, when the concept of equality should be at the level of society, such that the strong do not legally dominate the weak, or the intelligent cannot legally deceive the men of lesser mind. We pretend we were the best system on Earth, that America represented an Idea, when all ideas that do not stem from God, are flawed ideas.

So if or when the new Whiskey rebellion takes place, understand what you fight for, that what was, can not be again, nor should it. That men should learn from their mistakes, and we have 6000 years of recorded history to learn from. That we are the ones who rebelled against God and His ways, and the only way forward will be to restore His ways to Earth. To integrate instead of divide. To bring the forces of governance, banking and religion back under one roof, undivided, in justice, equality, money, and a New Vision for all. That the restoration of the republic, should not be, because republics cannot stand. Republics cannot keep corruption from entering and the immoral rot of the ages from creeping back in. The concept of taxation with representation is just as bad as taxation without representation, because the ultimate curses are both taxation and representation.

Whenever governments are instituted among men, the purpose of that government should be to enable commerce as the wheel of life, that flows because of the water of life. The water of life of any society is the money, and where the money comes from, how it is created and distributed. That money has always been misunderstood because the Owners of the money, want it to be confused and misunderstood, because there is profit in complexity and renting it out. The Owners of the money stem from the idea of Babylon, where the idea of renting the gold, for interest, backed up by fixed contracts in a chaotic world, where the King backs up the contracts with the power of the throne, and the guilt of paying back the contracts is backed up by the power of the Mystery of the Temple.  This is the System of Babylon, the Rule of Gold, that men have inherited, and defended for 5000 years. Have you been happy, has this worked out well for all men? Isn’t it about time to end the Rule of Gold, and Kings and Leaders? Can we see that the only way to end the Rule of Gold, is with the Golden rule?

If there is one idea worth fighting for, worth killing for, and worth eliminating evil for, it is the Kingdom of God. Even non-believers must recognize, that rights that stemmed from God, were a better deal than privileges granted by evil men. Even non-believers should recognize that much lawlessness can be eliminated if the need for justice is eliminated by the elimination of stupid laws. Stupid laws brought on by self righteous pious men who think they can impose God’s will on everybody, by enacting stupid laws that turn victimless moral issues into crimes, laws that turn minor acts of personal abuse into black markets and wars between gangs. Or laws of evil men that have bought government and wish to take your home, or make it so you cannot compete with them in business. Or how about laws that regulate everything, while building personal empires of bureaucrats that are hiding under the covers of specious intentions?

We don’t learn our lessons from history, we always think we know what is better for someone else, better than everybody else and so the ‘righteous’ impose morality on the ‘immoral’, which causes a small problem of morality to become a big problem for society. While it is known that individual moral issues and addictions usually end up in the gutter or the abuser finds himself at rock bottom. Then society can give him a hand up, to save him and his soul if he asks for it but not until. Society should not get involved with any human being that has a wish for self abuse or poverty, for it is not societies soul that is on its own path, but the individual. Freedom and liberty are hard, it is a hard thing to watch someone destroy themselves, but in the end, it is their wish, their freedom and their liberty to seek joy or self gratification however they wish, as long as their wish does not come into conflict with others.

This is what a new constitution of a confederation for the Kingdom of God, is all about. Defining stability in society by the elimination of centralized controllers, where all can prosper, all can achieve their hearts desires, all who wish can sink into the morass of drugs, alcohol and sin, and it is nobodies concern because the knowledge of how to live a good life, and the ability to truly be equals, is granted to all the Kings Subjects. For true Liberty can only be found inside ourselves, and it must be recognized, that men cannot govern man, without God. That for true Joy, the true purpose of life itself, to become manifest, Liberty and Freedom must become more than just words on paper, but the very foundation of living. That just because you do not like someones elses behavior, their sin is not your concern. Their sin is between them and the King. That unless their sin encroaches upon your freedom, you have nothing to say in the matter. There will be no more ‘citizen’s that demand “there oughta be a law”, because there will already be a Law between equals.  Not thousands of petty laws managed by parasites called bureaucrat, but common and private law, honored between men themselves with true justice for all.

Yes, we hear you, that such a thing has never been achieved, that we had “the best system on Earth”. Really? Why did we fight a Whiskey Rebellion and a civil war, even the current culture war? Why has our Congress and government sunk into the morass of corruption and perfidy? Where did the corruption come from? Where did the illegal wars come from? Where does the illegal behavior of the current Caesar stem from? Where do the thousands of destructive laws and regulations come from? Why is government now become a parasite that destroys the body economic? Why is our cost of living rising? Why do we end up with unconscionable waste, fraud and abuse of our so called Leaders in everything from government and banking, to business and churches? Why do we have to pay the bills for criminal acts of others, when those others are still walking around and the legal system says they did nothing wrong, when a billion dollars or more, of our money, is disappeared? When a system of laws becomes protective of the abuser, and attacks the abused, know that your time is close to an end.

So when that time comes, that the new Whiskey Rebellion happens, and it must if history is any judge, will you fight for a system that always turns against you in the end, or a system that is higher than men? Because when that time comes, only the free and the good will remain, for the evil and the controllers will have destroyed themselves, and what will you do with your new found freedom? Will you allow the Phoenix to rise from the ashes, and the rule of gold to be reestablished, or will you see the Light?

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