Babylon and the Wilderness

Babylon and the Wilderness.

When the long view is taken, is there a revelation in the wind?

We are The System of Babylon, writ large. Why?
People don’t understand who or what ‘Babylon’ was, and still is.
It was a Triune system, invented for absolute control of the Elite over the People.

The money changers created something novel; Fixed contracts for debts, in a cold hard variable world. These contracts were backed by the Kings law and force of arms. The people were admonished by the Priests to ‘submit to Godly righteous authority’. Sound familiar? It should, the precepts of the ‘Babylonian mystery religion was inserted into your Bibles by Rome, and you were turned from men into sheep… and portions of the ancient writings from which is was taken, were deliberately mistranslated… for control of your minds, through your hearts. Like a Woman that controls a man’s mind, through his heart… it was a system designed to overcome the vagaries of life on planet Earth, so the House wins the gambles of the Game of Life most of the time. For fixed contracts violate the laws of God, and the people are no less the wiser. They are destroyed; “…through a lack of knowledge.” as it says in Hosea, they were destroyed by the act of rebellion, again and again, and down till today.

The Elite of Darkness who are the Head of Gold and the Ten Shofars, thus ensconced The Rule of Gold; He who has the gold, makes the rules…
How has that worked out for ya in the last 5000 years?
For when ever civilizations collapse, the Golden Phoenix as the Head of Gold, rises from the ashes, to demand your loyalty, again… and again… down through the ages. And you do it, because you love gold. Thus the root of evil, is the LOVE of money. Then they took the gold, and gave you false gold, and told you their paper was “as good as gold”. Thus the rich got richer, and the poor got poorer, on your back. They gave you a semblance of ‘rights’, but kept the important one for themselves, the rule of gold.

Daniel’s statue of Nebuchadnezzar, and the four horsemen, are perfect representations of the few thousand years of our history; division and conflict, a time of the Sword of Division that the Lord prophesied. But who wielded that sword, God or man?

Rome was and is, the source of division, that comes down to us on the two legs of the Elite ideologies of the Left and Right legs and MYSTERY doctrines of religion. The white horse of the Holy Roman empire, that went forth conquer in ‘the name of God’ and murdered the Saints called Heretic, fell into the red horse of blood and death in church sponsored Kings and nobilities that left a river of blood, then the black horse of democracy rose, that suddenly stops the riders. We see the failure of money… “a measure of wheat for a denarius”,… a denarius was a days wage, for a quart of wheat. Hyperinflation or deflation, doesn’t matter, the middle class is wiped out, for then we have “… and spare ye not the oil and the wine…” the rich and the poor are all that’s left. With us still taking orders from them… because why? Because they are the Owners of the Gold, and they ‘rent’ it to you and you want to be like them because they sell it to you as ‘The Dream”, that always turns into a nightmare at the end of the cycle, when they snatch the rug of money out and clean house, this is what you’re seeing play out on the world stage, now.

This is the current system. Babylon the Great, and the Head of Gold that rules on the Two legs of the ideologies of the rich, the scales of power balanced by the rider of the Black horse. They are the ideologies of the rich because they both end up the same way; a few Elite owning everything and being ‘in charge’. They understand the Great Cycles, and profit on the way up, to clean house on the way down. The Pump and Dump writ large. And we are the ten toes of iron and clay, divided by mind vs emotions, that love their money. Thus we are divided and destroyed by religious mystery that justifies sin and the love of money, materialism is mammon, the love of money(that represents all the things you can have), while the “sea and the waves roar” the confusion of the shadows on the wall, is sewn in your minds. The Churches tell you to “sin boldly but trust in Christ”. The Harlot named Mystery and Babylon the Great, rides the Beast of the Ten Shofars of power.

Now, the original Greek says the last horse was Green, not pale yellow. The Writers/Translators of the Roman Canon had never seen a green horse… the color green is key. For it also aligns with the color of a religion of darkness… ISLAM. Death worshipers, “and death and hell followed it…” this is the religion of darkness, the Animal passions… but also, The Greens, The Enviros, The Pagans, all green, The ultimate Beast. The very symbol of this religion is in their god, the Moon god. The god of the night, the god of death and hell follows with it, for they are death worshipers. Once the rider of democracies fails on the altar of money, they must consolidate their power. With the 3 horns and the 7 becoming 10 once again, to form a Beast(fascist/communist) global government, and declaring that ‘capitalist’ money is too limited, so it must be replaced with infinite global credit, electronic money, the Mark of the Beast. Will the Greens and the Green, come together as a global religion?

The Green of Islam has the Oil, the water of life of the western nations. All it would take is a consolidation through war(kicked off by our cousin Judah?), so that the Caliphate is rejoined, and the price of Oil becomes; Gold or Submit to Islam. They have no more gold, they sold it for paper promises. So what do you think the cowards in charge will do? Nuke Mecca? I think not. It is more likely the western nations will turn on Israel if there is anything left, so that all are against her. Now that we have reelected the Tall Dark man of the west, it is almost certain his true colors will come out and he will become a False prophet of Islam and Environmentalism.

This is your decision point to save your children and yourselves. For to take a chip within your soul, is to become part man and part machine, cyborg, with dark intentions of worshiping their dark god. The Ultimate Submission to darkness. This will damage the energy configuration of your soul, by concentrating the dark energy through the entanglement of intention within yourself, to become part of you via your loving of your own life and ultimately; your Fear. Is this why the scripture in Rev 21:8, speaks of fear being a greatest sin?

The Beast of ten horns are the Shofars of the leaders of the tribes, the white people that own and control Earth from behind a curtain of wealth. They are not ten countries or kingdoms, but ten TRIBES/FAMILIES of Gold. The Lesson of the Ten’s is important, if you see that the Ten are who the original scriptures are written for; The Ten toes divided in Mystery, the Ten virgins of the Good that don’t allow The System to take their souls, the Ten Shofars of the Evil leadership that will join with Islam for ultimate control. It begins to all come together, when you see the meanings. The tribe of Judah may not survive as an entity, brought down by their own arrogance as the entire world turns against them. Will they start WWIII?, and be part of the cause of the fall of the Babylon system? The world already turns against them, and the “Tall Dark man of the west” predicted by the Islamic hadiths, and just maybe, a False Prophet,  is here? A man that single handedly destroys the System, turns on Israel, and brings on war? We shall soon see, as the time of Jacobs trouble, in the Dark day of the Lord, begins.

Thus Babylon the Great will fall, the international dollar system, and only the “merchants of the Earth” SEE it at first… this is a great clue. Thus the people of Israel, the lost ten tribes, on 3 horns and 7, the lady that went into the wilderness on the great wings of an Eagle, could be the USA. That is what we did, to escape the tide of human persecution in Europe. The 3 horns could be the UK/US/CAN that separated, and must be rejoined on the backs of a global government established after the current system falls. Thus the 3 and the 7 become the 10 rejoined. But, a Beast system rides into Europe on a Green horse, and is rising even today, in front of your faces. Yet only the Elect see the dark plans of The Elite… and for these cowards to survive with a semblance of power, after ‘capitalism’ destroys the world, they must join with the power of Islam and communism, it must be bowed down to, as the price of oil becomes; submission. Even the Vatican must succumb and submit if it survives, and proclaim a universal god of darkness. Islam is communism, and communists and the power of Islam, are already making treaties and alliances, to destroy the dollar and isolate America. Europe is already falling. Darkness always comes together, concentrates and centralizes, this is why the powers of darkness must join together to become a great global Beast ridden by a Harlot named Mystery, speaking the highest blasphemies, the worship of darkness.

America is the first and only land of unwalled villages. Is the king of the north Russia?  They have already joined with Islam, and they are the only ones who can bring down America “in one hour” on the physical level, but it is also possible the dollar could die in one hour, and the merchants are the only ones who see it. America, once destroyed, will never be the same again. It will not be restored or rebuilt, for new generations do not allow the old mistakes to be repeated. It was known as the Great Experiment in man governing men, and after 5000 years, men should now understand, that you cannot govern yourself without God.  You cannot be represented by anyone but yourself. You demanded kings to rule over you, and have suffered the consequences, for there is but one King of Earth. When reality shifts, and the remaining seals between the layers of reality are broken, the power of darkness is unleashed first, then the Light that cannot be perceived will be seen. Thus the Truth of hyper-reality will be revealed in the Light of heaven and the Messiah, a Revelation, and a new Constitution of a Kingdom of God must come about.

The Head of Gold, must be brought down by the power hidden in the rocks, which is God. The Rule of Gold must be destroyed by the Golden Rule. Organize the Good, and the Godly. Abandon all feel good religious doctrines of devils and division, for your preachers were bought by Babylon long ago, the Harlot does ride the Beast of communism and soon; Islam, and you were turned into sheep. Sell your coat of comfort, and buy a sword of truth, preferably a 45. Know that you were admonished to be His Hands of Justice, to protect the weak and the children, not to be sheep led to the slaughter.

For you abandoned your first commission; Eternal Vigilance in defense of God’s Liberty, and you shall reap your reward. Those of the Ten virgins hear the call of the spirit; Trim your wicks, fill your lamps, and hide in the back room, for something wicked this way comes, and only by banding together may you come out the other side, to see the Light, destroy the statue, pound your swords into plowshares, and neither learn war, anymore.

And you wonder why the Lords battle against the money changers is ignored by most preachers? As dust it lays on the floor, and you are told to turn the other cheek and submit to righteous authority? You turn the other cheek, as a visible indication of your superior character as a warrior, that has wisdom, and knows the difference between an insult, and a sword. Is it time to pick up the whip hand, to sell your coat and buy a sword? Do preachers who have sold out for IRS tax breaks, ride the back of government, following orders? You be the judge. Even many of them now understand, and awaken.

You are men, not sheep. Show your colors, let the color of the good be the old color; white, for recognition in the land of darkness. Hang together as One, or most assuredly, you shall hang separately.

It is time, for you to discover that wealth is not measured by numbers on paper, but by loves, lives and lands. That to go “into the wilderness” with your children, is to save them from The Beast that comes, for the purpose of God, the future. The preachers tell you when the global Islamic Mark of the Beast comes, you have no choice but to give up the head or the soul, “where will you go, who can make war with the Beast”? You can. You can withdraw from The System, and hide in a back room, to starve the Beast, hide yourselves, and your wealth in the rock. Trim your wicks, fill your lamps and hide in a back room, with your white lights gleaming in the darkness, that your brothers may know you.

With 80 million of you, as ONE, YOU CAN DEFEAT EVIL. The Grail is the Unifier, not the Divider, a new thing from the oldest thing. It lies at the nexus of science and religion. The proof of God you seek, drawn out of the power in the Rock. A sword of truth that conquers the Sword of division of Rome. It is a New Song, and the Mystery of God is finished. But accepting a new thing is hard and you must understand, that your redemption is in your Love, not your doctrines of “sin boldly yet trust in Jesus”, for He will not hear the lukewarm. Understand the The Grail unifies through Spiritual Relativity, Light=Love, and all religions of men become moot on the ancient knowledge of good works in love. Belief in God or not, is not important, only following the Way of Light, and letting your colors come together as White Light, shining in the dark. The Color of Recognition on a battlefield of darkness.

You can leave The System and go into the wilderness, on the wings of eagles. Golden eagles, silver eagles, barter eagles. You can hide in the power of the rock, the loopholes of the System, by joining with natives and churches to become nonprofits. Become truly non profit, on paper, that you may discover true wealth, lives, loves and lands.  So that the ‘poor in spirit’, the deliberately poor, shall see God, on Earth. You can create a Third Temple of God, in the true temple, your minds, as a web of lights in the darkness of Babylon, to be on Earth as it is in Heaven. You have skills and lands and can create the cottage industries necessary for thriving, house to house. You can create an apprentice system for all skills. For without the dollar, the import economy is done, Babylon falls, and you must turn inward. If you do not abandon materialism, materialism will abandon you. If you do not learn the lesson of austerity, it will be imposed from the outside. If you do not relearn the lesson of family equals your true wealth, the family of man will impose on the families of men. For darkness loves centralization, and its power and control over you, to turn you into a brick in the wall of Babel. Become rocks, in the stream of life, holding hands against the tide of waters. This was the power of the rock that built America, but the darkness was always there, hiding in the Rule of Gold, the cause of all your pain. When the Head of Gold conquered you in 1913, and centralized its power, America then saw the Great cycles of the dark force, begin your demise into immorality and decay. These great waves, the Great lie of the business cycle, caused by rented money and centralized credit, always end in the chaos of immorality and law turned against you. The Cause of Business ‘cycles’ is the Head of Gold.

You can defeat the head of gold, the economic war thrust upon you, only by withdrawing. For the Dark Man is economic death, and Islam and Sharia follows, and Death comes with them, because you agreed to pay for the murder of the unborn and the death of the old and infirm. You threw God out of America without hardly a whimper, to revel in sin justified by false doctrines, and now God allows America to get its wish, something wicked this way comes, in the power of darkness. In this, you,  violated God’s Law and Plan. You must starve the beast, and in the wilderness, the forest will echo with laughter. There is only one thing important concerning this whole farce that America’s Empire has become, saving the children and bringing them through the Dark day of the Lord, to the Light that comes to Earth in the middle of the Galactic rift, the center of the darkness that comes in God’s rightly divided time. (2033 is the True Millennium change over, the Catholic divided the zero at the birth of animal, instead of the sacrifice of spirit. Oddly, this is the exact dead center of the rift. )

Hear the Call of the Piper of the Grail. Come to the wilderness, and unwrap the flag from the cross and let your light shine forth. For you are The Chosen of the lady of 12 stars, clothed in the light of the Sun and standing on the Moon. The Revelation of the Grail of Enoch, the Knowledge of God in the New Song, the power of the Light and Dark, comes to banish the Mystery of God. Be not afraid, this is not New Age, but the Revelation of God’s science in the Unified Field, The Holy Grail that banishes the MYSTERY, come.


The Piper plays a New Song,
so the Chorus may sing,
and the People can dance,
that the forests will echo with laughter.

Find the path to the wilderness in Babylon.

To enter through the Pipers portal, you must know the name of The Christ, and that He islord.

The Wilderness of Babylon

We support Brandon Smith and his Alt market approach, it is the same thing.
Alt Market


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