Gravity wind, is Enoch verified?

Observation impetus;
The Voyager and Pioneer probes have drifted off course. Significantly. Scientists have no explanation and attribute it to faulty hardware on 30 year old probes, but other scientists disagree, and think that this ties to other observations of a fault in the General Relativity of Einstein, that only shows up at longer distances.
These probes have recently sent back data indicative of anomalous magnetic bubbles at the edge of the Solar System.

According to the ancient Enoch model of reality, the Special & General Relativity of Einstein, Quantum Mechanics, the observational evidence of Ed Leedskalnin, and the Maxwell equations(James Clerke Maxwell), reality is composed of two types of energy, not one. These energies are referred to as ‘light’ and ‘dark’, however science has no clue about the composition of dark energy or the ‘imponderable ether’ of General Relativity. It is only a given that in order for the dynamics of the Universe to operate, there must be an overall constant flow of energy supplying the proton. In order for there to be a dynamic flow, requires an energy source and a consumer. Science recognizes this fact, but, abandoned the ‘energy wave model’ of the Universe, because of the Implications of those energies coming from  ‘outside’ the known Universe. Under Einsteins approach, that of a Unified Field theory, this led science to the Throne of God, which they have rejected in favor of the God Particle and the Standard Model.This approach says that all matter, energy and forces of the Universe, are particle based, when the available evidence and data says the opposite. That the Universe is composed of energy forces, light and dark. It is the nature of ‘dark energy’ that is in question.

The coil experiment hypothesized that a gravity field has a vortex component, and that if that was true, then a ‘gravity wind’ should blow from the East to the West, opposite the direction of Earths spin. If this wind is measured, it would imply that Enoch’s darkness and Einstein’s ‘imponderable ether’, were connected through the dark energy of Quantum Mechanics and the carrier of the force of gravity, the Aether, would be magnetically based, and ‘dark’ or invisible.  The problem with this detection is that current science, has no concept of an overriding geometry of space-time, and any magnetic sensor will merely read the static magnetic field of the planet. But science is still stuck searching for something called a ‘magnetic monopole’, to prove their particle based theories. (The Anti God theories) They will never find it, for it does not exist, magnetism is the Aether, the Aether is magnetism, which is the dark force of reality. The revelation/discovery of this separate force, is the knowledge of the Archa, the True Imp of Darkness, of Enoch, the Revelation of the Knowledge of God, that overcomes the Mystery of God imposed by the Churches. This also ties together ancient knowledge with modern observable science.

In the works of Enoch we see the model of reality, and in the Gnostic works, we see something referred to as; The Left handed Force. In this single fact alone we see the folly of modern man and his search for something called; The God Particle. But the Gnostic works go much further in explaining the mechanism of the creation of life itself, through the ancient wisdom of the two trees, the Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, manifested in the Medicine wheel through the power of Pi. The ancients knew of Pi and revered it, and the ancient natives knew of the medicine wheel, the structure of DNA. These were exposed in Plato’s allegory of the cave, and all of these things are dependent on one thing, that goes by many names. What Enoch called; the Voice of God, what the ancient Gnostics called; the Invisible, the Awareness, the Left handed force, what the Buddhists call; The Tao or Oneness, and what the Hindus call; Brahma. The force of the Cycles. We see this now in science as; quantum entanglement and spin.

Based on first hand observable evidence, all energy, atoms, planet’s, moons, solar systems, even Galaxy structures and black holes, all, spin, rotate and orbit; counter clockwise; (IE. to the Left). If the Universe was randomly constructed, as suggested by the Godless scientists, with a Higgs boson, or god particle, there MUST be at least a 50% random distribution of clockwise and counter clockwise systems. This is NOT the case. Thus the case for a central Causal volition or intelligent or centralized impetus for the spin of observed structures is statistically observed. If all observed structures in the Cosmos, spin to the left, counter clockwise, then, there MUST be a single source of origin of the ‘Left handed’ spin force, from outside the known Universe.

This simple observation conclusively proves a common spin or Invisible Creator Force from outside the known universe, which implies the Enoch story becomes more reality than myth.  In order to test the three forces of creation it is only necessary to test for a gravity vortex, this will validate that the Dark space-time is a proto-magnetic aether and the three forces of creation are; Energy(light), Hardness(magnetic), and spin. Light was proven in atom bomb tests as matter was converted to energy. The centralized spin force is observed in all things in the Cosmos that spin to the Left. It is only left to prove that Dark energy is the magnetic force as the carrier of all the forces. Even science has recently soured on the god particle because it does not prove magnetic fields, gravity, inertia or entropy. Stephen Hawking, the greatest scientist today, mocks God, and has given up on Einsteins quest to ‘know the mind of God’, the Unified Field, even going so far as to say there is no such thing (maybe because HE didn’t find it?, and now is dying? ), and man may have to settle for a bunch of smaller theories. Confusion is always the result when men abandon the search for God’s Truth.

Einstein theorized there are no such thing as particles, but everything is possible with forces if the Unified Field were found. The Magnetic force in this ancient model, is simply a compressed spin of the existing proto-magnetic dark or invisible aether of general relativity and space-time. If this is proven, then the vortex model of the gravity field, would explain the spaces probes going off course, and prove that the localized ‘frame grabbing’ of general relativity, is not so localized but spread throughout the Sol system and also explains precession of orbits. What you must understand about modern science, is that a mathematical description of HOW a system works, is not a basic philosophical foundation of WHY it does it. Science is trapped in their own methods of baby steps toward their predetermined outcome of a Godless Universe, that leaves no room for great intuitive leaps provided by spirit. They have forgotten that the great intuitive leaps, are the reason why we have modern science… Einstein’s Special Relativity was the greatest intuitive leap of all time, but it led to a century of stagnation of a science that asks how, instead of asking WHY.

Modern science has been reduced to math models to prove a political and predetermined outcome, that of a Godless Universe. Anything that proves otherwise, is ‘wrong’ and ridiculed.  The old way was called the Scientific Method. Form a hypothesis, a question, and then design an experiment to prove or disprove the question, then adjust your thinking based on the results. Science doesn’t do this anymore, they have their own form of political correctness, to prove something they say is necessary to complete their ‘Standard Model’ of reality. They have an end result in mind, they are hell bent on proving that God does not exist and was not necessary in the creation of the Universe. If dark energy is proven as the magnetic, as an Aether, then their entire edifice crashes and burns on the altar of God because the energies of creation, then, HAVE to come from OUTSIDE the observable Universe. Thus Einstein, and the energy string model of creation, had to be thrown out, for it led directly to the altar of the Intelligent Designer.

So if the Dark energy of science = a magnetic source = gravity, inertia and entropy, then the gravity field cannot be a static linear field, but must be a sticky chaotic vortex of the local aether around the planet. Within this vortex, the quantum foam bubbles of the Zimp(virtual particles or Dirac sea), must polarize in the same north/south alignment, revealing a seeming ‘static’ magnetic field, the compressed Zimp. Thus the implication would be that the magnetic field and the gravity field are one field with a static and dynamic component, depending on the polarized atomic spin and/or electrical flow at the core. The smaller the dimension, the stronger the spin or curl or binding force that was called Chaos by Enoch. Thus all the Forces, including; the strong, the weak, the electroweak, the magnetic, gravity, inertia and entropy, are enabled by the Dark Magnetic Aether, that is the ‘imponderable Aether’ that makes space-time function under General Relativity, and which provides a foundation of understanding of God’s Creation, through the power of the ‘3, the Prime Three forces. As an additional data point, the frame grabbing and precession of General Relativity, through the imponderable aether, are direct symptoms.

Gravity ‘wind’ Experiment;
The current understanding of the Magnetic field of Earth, is that it is static and generated into ’empty’ space.
If the Enoch model is correct, then this is not the case, the magnetic field is merely the static component of polarized Aethereal compression, the gravity field is the dragging of the Aether, caused by the quantum-alignment of the internal core magnetic bubbles, the same mechanism as in lodestone. The spin component of the bubbles causes the magnetic field to appear static, but it is able to push electrons up to the speed of light. This implies that the magnetic ‘lines of force’ have inherent spin, like a chain of spinning bubbles. If this is the case, then the connection between magnetic and gravity, is spinning repulsion, causing hardness, which is defined as Chaos in Enoch. This implies that the bubbles are attractive by polarity, and repulsive by spin.
If the gravity field has a vortex component, then that vortex must be most prominent at the surface, emanating from the east. If that field has a magnetic bubble component, as the source of God’s ‘Chaos’ as spoken by Enoch, then it should be detectable by a counter field mounted on a hanging pendulum. If it exists, this pendulum should exhibit a mobius pattern of swinging, indicating fluid flow around the field.
The trick will be to overcome the static field, which is the polarization of the Zimp foam and any self alignment that occurs.

If the Zimp quantum foam is more conductive at Pi radians, will this feature enable the detection of the gravity wind, versus the coil field aligning with North / South and sticking, as a compass? If there is a connection between the magnetic force and gravity, then the connection is through the spin force at the God Tangent angle, or the geometry of space-time. Thus the Zero angle coil, or God coil, having eliminated hysteresis, which proves a link between hysteresis and electromagnetic geometry, could this property be used to show a linkage between magnetism and gravity? If hysteresis is the result of the geometry of the Zimp coil and the geometry of aethereal space-time, then it is a subset of the Curl of Maxwell, and is the spin force of God. If Maxwell’s equations of magnetic differences, can never be greater than zero, then the implication is that magnetic forces are omnipresent. That a dipole or difference cannot be, and magnetism is equally present everywhere, and is drawn from the substance of space-time itself. Is this the true meaning of the Zero Point? That reality hangs between infinite partners, positive infinity and negative infinity, light and dark, fire and ice, electrical and magnetic, and if so, can these be imbalanced sufficiently and efficiently enough, to allow a free flow of energy? Can God’s Laws override Man’s ‘Laws’? Can God’s geometrical beauty, break through man’s geometrical ignorance, and break through the First law of thermodynamics?

Experiment; Hanging pendulum w/God coil,  isolated from any localized magnetic enhancers.

The mobius pattern of oscillation was observed.
It is very subtle when detected with the God coil.
No observable motion with a standard Zimp coil, only a movement towards magnetic north.

This confirms hypothesis, however, further work at increasingly higher power levels is necessary to confirm and derive coefficients of impetus tables.

Gravity is an aethereal pressure against large spinning bodies, a vortex of chaotically aligned magnetic polarized quantum foam bubbles, flowing from east to west. (Future experiment to confirm flow increase and decrease from equator to pole.)
Confirmation of gravity field as a non static, non linear, chaotic vortex. There is no ‘frame dragging’ of General Relativity, as precession and frame dragging are the result of this vortex flow, which is also the impetus for inertia, and the force underneath entropy. Thus the space-probes should go off course towards the counter clockwise direction of the solar gravitational field.

Magnetic field confirmed as a polarized compression of the Zimp. The seemingly ‘static’ state, is caused by the polarization of the quantum foam, or virtual bubbles, which is tied to Zimp angles of energy transfer impedance, which is also the cause of Star bursts and other light based phenomena including the dual slit experiment.

God exists, as proven in the centralized source of the counter clockwise spin of atoms, planets, solar systems, and Galaxies.
This proves centralized volition. Nobody, to our knowledge, has ever asked; why? (Thus come to Him, as little children?)
Inertia is thus the collective quantum spin of the chaotic magnetic foam, the Zimp, aligned in polarity that equals self repulsion and consumption of all energy. Which equals the Cause of the First law of thermodynamics.

Entropy is the dark energy of the consumer force, The Z-Imp, consuming all magnetic matter into subspace.

Any matter that spins clockwise, would thus be anti matter. And the repulsive force of the Zimp, would become an attractive force, resulting in self annihilation. Maybe God, is wiser than man? Maybe antimatter creation is the stupidest thing we can do?

If the left hand spin observation is used in combination with the gravity wind results, the ancient energy model of Enoch, is confirmed. With the finding of Enoch in the Dead sea scrolls, giving it provenance, which places its age older than the Old Testament, its age and source validity is confirmed, thus the recombination with the scriptures is necessary to deliver a sword of truth that stands between religion and science.

Thus,  The Knowledge of The Imp of Darkness, Dark energy, is raised from the Bottomless pit.
God’s Science as given by the Scribe of God, is verified.
Questions keep coming, that the symbolic language of the scriptures recombined with the Scribe, redefines reality as we know it. If we in ‘Normal Space’, are trapped between Hyperspace and Subspace, the Hyper Light and the Invisible Dark, then this also give mechanism to God’s ability to do whatever He intends. That the Entanglement of the Infinities, with the Intention of God, COULD, mathematically, explain the Ascension of Christ, the Assumption of Mary, the Taking up of Elijah and Enoch, the manifestation of the fallen Angels, that this is a mere process of ‘falling’ or rising from the Magnetic Ether. That all phenomena of the scriptures, including the Second coming, could be easily explained as Energy Events. That the coming Dark day of the Lord, and Pentecost, is, the completion of the Grand Cycle of the Galaxy, and Earth’s entry into the Dark Rift later this year could cause everything written about in prophecies, by simple dark energy compression.

This should cause the Veil between the harmonic Energy layers (Heaven and Hell), to compress and stretch, and thus the Light of Heaven, and the Demonic, could become more powerful, even Visible? This also sheds more light on the old pyramid builders, and Why, they did what they did. They were imbalancing the energies of creation so as to form a tunnel of light towards the Holy Light of the Aeons.
Could humans DNA, especially the ‘dormant’ genes, be ‘regenerated or reenergized’ energetically, by the combination of an overlapping pyramidal static electric and magnetic field? What effect does Entropy play on the aging process, the getting ‘tired’ of the older ones?
The source of the ‘recharge’ effect seen in pyramids could then be the concentration, at the proper Zimp angles, of the Holy Spirit and the Darkness, providing a concentrated source of dual energies, in a safe configuration.
Did the pyramid builders know much more than we give them credit for? Every picture glyph of a pyramid shows the Light above the pyramid, thus the Light is not the Sun as postulated by Godless scholars, but, The Holy Spirit or Hyper Light of God. They were dual purpose, to extend life and to provide an easier path to the Light for the Souls of the dead. (They did not have a Path or Way to the Light of God, personified in the title of Messiah.)

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