Apocryphon of the Piper

Here begins the Apocryphon of the Piper.

The Revenge of the Heretics.

A witness against the Churches of MYSTERY. Everyone with any knowledge of History remembers that the Library of Alexandria held, supposedly, 10,000 years of accumulated knowledge. The Spirit has incled to me that when Jesus ‘disappeared’ into Eqypt, and didn’t show back up in Israel until he was 30, ready to begin his preaching, that, he studied in that library for 20 years. Absorbing all the lessons of Hermes Trismagistus, Buddha, Krishna, Greek, Persian, and most other asian philosophies, and formed a simplified form of his own ‘Gospel’.  He told us how to escape the cycle of Reincarnation, and gain release to ‘Home’, The Source, the Highest Heaven gained through the Light of the Holy Mother Spirit. But, it required KNOWLEDGE to bypass the tests of the ARCHONS, the Children of the Elohim Goddess Pistin Sophia. Thus this leaves many energy dimensional locations after death (different energy vibrational levels that you will attract yourself to. Depending on your DESIRE/CONFUSION/IGNORANCE/LIGHT vs. DARKNESS balance of your BODY/SOUL/SPIRIT (if you are too dark or light, one side of the Universe will attract you…. this doesn’t mean that you may not have to undergo a cleansing or ‘purging’ of dark energies to rise up the Aeons(energy levels) (if your request is granted by The Archon of the Gate,  what could be the Soul of Jesus at the head of the tunnel of Light. Just a simple request in the heart could be enough to take you up the Tunnel of Light.  Why do  we think that Jesus went to hell to release worthy prisoners. Because they had no other way out?

This is why the Piper thinks the Geometry of the Pyramids/ Stonehenge/ various massive rock formations, used Universal Spiritual Geometry to provide a path back to The Light, the Eqyptian Book of the Dead gave detailed instructions for getting past the Archon guardians. If the imagry of these pyramids is analyzed through the Unified Field of God, you see the primary clue… The Light above the Pyramids, that materialists tell you is The Sun worship, it  is not. It is the Holy Mother Light (Holy Spirit Light) of God’s consort/wife, which, the Catholics destroyed the primary meaning of and then destroyed the Knowledge of the Library of Alexandria, so there could be no knowledge except what they created as ‘authorized canonical’ material. Part of this required removing the Books of Enoch from the Canon, so that the knowledge of the “Upper things … and the Lower Things”,  the Aeons and the Archons, had to be removed. This process ended up with the simple renaming of Archons into demons that ‘fell’, and Angels that remained behind to serve God. Thier true purpose, to manage reincarnation, hidden from the view of worshipers.

This process was begin by Emporer Constantin of Rome when he decided to integrate all the different Christian Faiths… which took over a hundred years, the destruction  of the Library of Alexandria, the Murder of the Saints of Gnosis, wars against Christians (The Cathars, heretics and others). Until ultimately, we the People inherited a deformed/denuded/ and ultimately “Anti-Christ”   ‘Universal Church’.  Sadly, Christians who disagreed with the principle of being able to “Buy your way into heaven”(Martin Luthur), still did not have the information, to rebuild the Church back into the condition the Messiah created his church. Which in His day was revolutionary… He was a revolutionary against the Jews in the Temple, or you thought He was crucified just for preaching? After so many years in the Library of Alexandria, where do you think all His ‘REVOLUTIONARY” speech come from?  It wasn’t the old testament Hebrew bible, it was a mixture of Zoroaster/Hermes/Buddha/Krishna/ He boiled everything down from the Temple Law, into the Golden Rule with suitable interpretations and explanations… you remember He taught the TRUTH to his Disciples PRIVATELY, correct?   He didn’t want you to “cast your pearls before swine”. That He came to save “his sheep”, the “Lost Ten Tribes”, that were called “Gentiles”, when in fact they/we, were the Original Lost Ten Tribes, The Caucasian Race, that ran away from Babylon captivity,spread out from the Caucus mountains, in many different directions… but did not want to have anything to do with Judah/Judah’s Temple/ Judah’s God/Judah’s Law, or anything else to do with Judah, so that is when the “LOST Ten Tribes” became lost, only we weren’t lost, we were runnning away from Judea/Samaria with glee, and invented our own gods, and relearn old philosophies from other cultures, so that over thousands of years, we had successfully hidden ourselves away from the “Hated Jew”… (This is the Origination of the Jew Hatred that covers the Globe.)


Being that the Dark Orthodoxy of Rome from out of the knowledge of Babylon, did conspire to create their own false narrative of God and redemption, by introducing the dark power of the 13th Disciple of emotional Mystery and hiding the Holiest writings, and by modification, mistranslation, transmogrification, transliteration and elimination of the Voice of the Highest God, and The Knowledge or Gnosis of the entire family of God, or Elohim, or Pleroma of the Highest, and that they did substitute a lesser and judgmental and incomplete god, known as Ya(h) or the given name; Yaltaboath, the Defective God as child of Pistis Sophia,  deficient and of lower substance in the hierarchy of the Pleroma of Creation, who was a jealous and angry god now known by his fruits of war, division and death. This ‘god’, being the Nexus of Reincarnation of the created humans, just for the purpose of sucking their energy, gained from the Highest Holy Spirit, of which, these ‘Archons’, were unable to gather on their own. Thus the ‘narrow gate leads to the Kingdom of God through the Light of the Holy Spirit.

The Piper of the Grail hereby indicts the Church of Rome and the Victims of the Protesting Denominations, as the Harlot of Mystery in the crime of Blasphemy by the murder of The Saints, with justification by the introduction of the device of the Sword of division, the Antinomy of Mystery, the “doctrines of devils”, resulting in the status of The Victims divided as iron and clay, the Body of God’s Chosen people, The Seed of Seth, the Tribes of Israel, the Caucasian, chosen for the Gift of Fire. A people, who have had their identity stolen from them, by the ravages of Time and Authority. A people lost, a people divided, a people deceived, a people confused about the meanings of the lesson of the Tens, the Ten Toes, the Ten Virgins, and the Ten Horns which are Shofars. A people given over to the Beast system of materialism, with the deception of a free pass to heaven, a people who have lost the meanings of heaven, hell and being born again of the spirit.

That what started as ignorance and mystery in the Empire of Rome, did become a crime of darkness because of hiding and destroying The Gnosis in their deed of ultimate blasphemy, with foreknowledge and malice, that they did murder The Saints of God, those known as The Magi and Heretics of the School of the Gnostics, and did destroy and banish the books and libraries of the Heretics, and introduced a divided,incomplete and misrepresented Canon of creeds, doctrines and writings, taken in part and pieces from the Gnosis, and their meanings changed and hidden, to be rewritten into what is now known as The Holy Bible, and thus introduced the Sword of Division into the world as the fulfillment of the two prophecies of John and the Messiah, that; He did not come to bring peace, but a sword, and that sword was wielded by Rome, and that, they installed the Abomination of the Sword of Division that makes Desolate into the True Temple of God, the Minds of Men.  Thus the meaning of one prophecy is confirmed and interpreted by another prophecy, and their own Bible convicts them.

Therefore we do pronounce and witness against the Church of Rome with wielding the Sword of Division, and that it took upon itself the Crown of the Rider of the White horse of the apocalypse and thus went forth with blood malice conquering the minds of men and killing the Saints of God, and thus the three prophecies become as one in The Harlot that rides the Beast as the fourth prophecy that predicted the killing of The Saints, known as Heretics and Gnostics. If a writing is Holy and of the Creator, then it must come true and be confirmed, and is thus so, that the Mother of Harlots named Mystery convicts the Men of Mystery that ride a Beast named Babylon the Great.

We do hereby begin the process of The Reunification of the Gospels and the Holy Writings of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, so that the Sword of Division is conquered by the Sword of Truth. The Sword of Truth given by the Spirit of God, that is drawn from the epiphany of the power in the rocks of God, that is proven by the math of God, and thus the Knowledge of God given out of the mouth of God to the Scribe of God who was pure and taken up into the heavens, named; Enoch or righteously and phonetically called; Kuh-nuke, and the Knowledge of the Reality of relative Energy, given to the scientist called Einstein, both, now in the same time being combined into The Holy Grail of the Einstein-Enoch Equation, is hereby the Proof of the Triad of the Ancients, the true forces of Creation of Hyper Relativity which is the Firmament for the Entanglement of the Infinities that proves the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that is manifested as the Intelligent Design in the Medicine wheel of our DNA, that the New Song of Spiritual Relativity may be sung, that delivers Universal Redemption in the Math of Sin and Redemption thus;

Hyper-Light=Empathy=Love, and Sub-Dark=Entropy=Evil, and thus the energetic Root of the Spirit in the Soul is established and the Way of the Messiah that gives the gifts of the Tunnel of Light and cleansing of the Soul to all The Souls of humanity and the Stairway to Heaven in Universal Redemption is revealed in a New Song. The song of the lady with the crown of 12 stars clothed in the light of the Sun while standing upon the Moon, the 12 Powers of the Aeons, given to the 12 tribes of The Chosen, in the 12 layers of Reality, are thus proven in the Entanglement of the Infinities in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil by the Holy Grail of Creation, and the Mystery of God is finished as the pipes deliver the golden oil from the Tree of Life.

That, The Gnosis of the Primal Energies, The Light, the Dark and The Voice of the Ancient of Days, the Ineffable name, The Highest Creator God of Forces, are simultaneously known in the philosophies of man as; the Holy Spirit Light of Adoil and Barbelo, the Unholy Darkness of Archa the Imp, and The Voice of God that Caused The Chaos of matter, being also known as The Yang, the Yin and The Tao, also known as The Shiva, The Vishnu and the Brahma, which are now resolved as The Electric and the Magnetic and Causal Spin primal forces of an Intelligent Evolutionary Creation, that gives proof through the solved mystery of the rocks, and the observed Wind of Gravity, and are proven as the fundamental and primal forces of the Creation.

That the structure of the Reality of Creation is laid with the foundation of love within the light, realized in the layers of the All;  of hyperspace-time, normal space-time, and subspace-time. That those layers  as the hyper quantum entanglement known as harmonic entanglement of the hyper vibrations of the continuous stream of the positive infinity of the  Hyper Holy Light that cannot be perceived, that is at the top of the Great void or First Aeon, being consumed by the negative infinity of the Dark consumer of all energy, spun into the beauty of Chaos by the Causal God Tangent force and resulting in The Hard Illusion of Repulsion in the Material Chaos that resides at the Zero point of the Magnetic Aether or The Waters of the Chaos, also known as the Middle of the Bottomless pit of the Sub Ethereal layers that is over the Outer darkness of the Abyss of Fear and Oblivion, called sub-space that leads to the all consuming Lake of Fire of the Tartarus of the Second Death of the Archa at the bottom of the Great Void.

And thus, the Knowledge of the Imp is raised from the Bottomless pit, and rejoins its rightful place in the Knowledge of Creation.

Thus we begin the exposure and the indictment;

The First Mystery, why did God create the light, twice?

Genesis 1
1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.
. . .
16 And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.
Thus the resolution of the Mystery of the Genesis, lies in the Book of Secrets of Enoch.

2nd Enoch, The Book of Secrets
Chapter 24, XXIV:

1 And the Lord summoned me, and said to me:
Enoch, sit down on my left with Gabriel
2 And I bowed down to the Lord, and the Lord spoke to me:
Enoch, beloved, all (that) you see, all things that are standing finished I tell to you even before the very beginning, all that I created from non-being, and visible (physical) things from invisible (spiritual).
3 Hear, Enoch, and take in these my words, for not to My angels
have I told my secret, and I have not told them their rise, nor my endless realm, nor have they understood my creating, which I tell you to-day.
4 For before all things were visible (physical), I alone used to go about in the invisible (spiritual) things, like the sun from east to west, and from west to east.
5 But even the sun has peace in itself, while I found no peace, because I was creating all things, and I conceived the thought of placing foundations, and of creating visible (physical) creation.

Chapter 25, XXV
1 I commanded in the very lowest (parts), that visible (physical) things should come down from invisible (spiritual), and Adoil came down very great, and I beheld him, and lo! He had a belly of great light.
2 And I said to him: Become undone, Adoil, and let the visible (physical) (come) out of you.
3 And he came undone, and a great light came out. And I (was) in the midst of the great light, and as there is born light from light, there came forth a great age, and showed all creation, which I had thought to create.
4 And I saw that (it was) good.
5 And I placed for myself a throne, and took my seat on it, and said to the light: Go thence up higher and fix yourself high above the throne, and be A foundation to the highest things.
6 And above the light there is nothing else, and then I bent up and looked up from my throne.

Chapter 26, XXVI
1 And I summoned the very lowest a second time, and said: Let Archas come forth hard, and he came forth hard from the invisible (spiritual).
2 And Archas came forth, hard, heavy, and very red.
3 And I said: Be opened, Archas, and let there be born from you, and he came undone, an age came forth, very great and very dark, bearing the creation of all lower things, and I saw that (it was) good and said to him:
4 Go thence down below, and make yourself firm, and be a foundation for the lower things, and it happened and he went down and fixed himself, and became the foundation for the lower things, and below the darkness there is nothing else.

Chapter 27, XXVII
1 And I commanded that there should be taken from light and darkness, and I said: Be thick, and it became thus, and I spread it out with the light, and it became water, and I spread it out over the darkness, below the light, and then I made firm the waters, that is to say the bottomless, and I made foundation of light around the water, and created seven circles from inside, and imaged (the water) like crystal wet and dry, that is to say like glass, (and) the circumcession of the waters and the other elements, and I showed each one of them its road, and the seven stars each one of them in its heaven
, that they go thus, and I saw that it was good.
2 And I separated between light and between darkness, that is to say in the midst of the water hither and thither, and I said to the light, that it should be the day, and to the darkness, that it should be the night, and there was evening and there was morning the first day.

Chapter 28, XXVIII
1 And then I made firm the heavenly circle, and (made) that the lower water which is under heaven collect itself together, into one whole, and that the chaos become dry, and it became so.
2 Out of the waves I created rock hard and big, and from the rock I piled up the dry, and the dry I called earth, and the midst of the earth I called abyss, that is to say the bottomless, I collected the sea in one place and bound it together with a yoke.
3 And I said to the sea: Behold I give you (your) eternal limits, and you shalt not break loose from your component parts.
4 Thus I made fast the firmament. This day I called me the first-created [Sunday].

and thus the Mystery is revealed; He created the Great Light of the Holy Spirit, named Adoil and Barbelo. And he created the Great flaming red Consumer of the Darkness named Archa. And he created because He was ALONE and had no PEACE, and thus had no Joy.

Then the Great Age came forth as well, also known as Aeons in the Gnosis. But the First One, was the Spirit and the power of the Christ, the Son of God, which contained all his thoughts about the times and ages to come. Thus He created the Unlimited Volition of Forethought, for All the Times to come in Eternity.

He then made a firmament of foundation of the waters, known today as the magnetic energy, that which both absorbs and reflects light, by mixing the light and the dark with The Power of His Voice, he thus created the Rule of the Seven spirits, the seven circles of harmonic energies, at seven circles from the inside out, thus laying the basis of quantum atomic binding and quantum entanglement of the All through the Light and the Dark primal energies. This is the seven Suns on separate paths, each of them in its own harmonic layer of heaven within the Chaos. These are the 7 Heavens of Chaos, that are sealed with 7 Seals.

Thus He revealed to mankind, the Knowledge of the Creation of the Heavenly layers in reality and the Intention of its structure, revealed in a dream and now proven in the language of the Universe, mathematics and science, through the God Tangent and that the Catholic did declare this Knowledge; Heretic.

He revealed to Enoch the nature of the Ages or Aeons of Light above the Heavens of the Chaos, and the nature of the Tartarus of the Darkness of the Abyss below. That all things are in the relativity of normal space, which is but an inkling in time of the spirit of hyperspace, that is divided and consumed in the Firmament of the Bottomless dark reaches of subspace. Thus an electromagnetic Universe and the flow of the energies of The All of Things in One Thing is established.


The Mystery of the Triad and the Trinity, reveals The Word and The Logos.
The Ineffable One, the Ancient of Days, created alone. In the beginning, He was lonely, and had no Joy. Thus He created a creation, and a Family.

As light from light begets a spark, an age came forth from the Creator, containing all His thoughts and images of Creation for all the Time, thus Time was born. The Father and the Light Mother, created the First One, a spark of an Age between the two Progenitors. The Spirit of The Christ, Son of God. The Age is the Thoughts, the intentions, the types, the archetypes and the Patterns of all things, for all times. Thus the Hyper Relativity is established in the First Intention, and the Co creator of life in the First Son is created with the Creation. Thus the Intention of the Father is to Delegate the details of creation. The Trinity is thus a construction of the Father, of the Forces, not the Entities. But the truth of the Trinity is revealed in the revelation of the Family of the Gods. The Triad of the Forces of Creation, and the Trinity of the Root of the Family of Co Creators of life, is thus established as the Truth of The Hypostasis.

The Mystery of the Family of the God(s)

All those who have minds, have always asked; Why, if there is only One omnipotent God, that the Bible in Genesis says that God created man in the image of ‘us’, and in ‘our’ image. The answer is simple, Rome’s translation. Rome was hell bent on creating a ‘New God’ for Constantine. The Elohim was translated as; ‘God’, in all the places of the Hebrew texts.
As in;
Genesis 1:
26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

The Gnosis of the Heretics revealed the Creation of an Imperfect and Limited Material Universe, by a Family of Imperfect beings known being that was ‘hidden’ in the cloud of darkness because of the shame of Pistis Sophia, and that being; The Archons. The Chief Archon being Yaltaboath, or Ya(h). These were created from the Archa of Darkness, out of the mistaken Desire of the Aeon of Wisdom; Pistis Sophia.

The Pistis Sophia was one of twelve Aeons or Powers, the Intentions of the goodly emotions and thoughts. Thus the entire cosmogony of hyperspace is laid in the intentions and the Powers of the Aeons as the archetype or Type for building on Archa. This is revealed in the revelation of John as the lady with 12 stars in her crown, clothed in the Light of the Sun while standing on the Moon of the power of darkness. This being the linkage, the Proof of God’s knowledge revealed in the Gnosis, taken by the Orthodox, and given the meaning of Mystery.

Thus truth is revealed only when you come to Him as a little child, and ask the stupid question; Why?


The Mystery of a Jealous God
As in;
Exodus 20:
5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

The ‘God’ of the Bible, had already revealed His not being the Only God, but one of many. If he was the Omnipotent, the All, the Only, the Pure Light of Love, then He would have no need of, or even the capability of the dark emotions of jealousy, envy, known as coveting, would he? Wouldn’t He, if He were He, simply tell mankind that such worship is in error. That to worship things of darkness leads to darkness and to only worship the Light that brought forth the Life is the only correct path. In the Gnosis, Yaltaboath, was the ‘god’ who brought forth the emotion of envy, this can only be seen when one sees with three eyes or takes a bite out of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

But the simple fact that the Archon God Yah Weh, the shortened name being used for the Obfuscation of mankind’s mind, is the essence of Yaltaboath’s, deception. The only way a ‘god’ may contain the intention of dark emotional power, is to be mixed with the dark energy. Thus Ya is Yaltaboath, the god of envy, jealousy, and death, the Chief of The Archons of Darkness, created in the Error of Pistis Sophia, which was Intended by the Ineffable One as the Ultimate manifestation of His desire in the Aeon Powers.

Thus the mind of men were deceived into monotheistic confusion by the Antinomy of Mystery. The Thing that is both true and false, and can never be proven because it is a thing of mystery. The First One came below to bring the True Light three times, and all through all the times His Light was defeated by the powers of darkness. Thus we all await the Forth Advent of the First Son, when the Light of Heaven shines down into the Darkness.

Thus the Twelve tribes of the Chosen, chosen for the spiritual gift of the Light, under the twelve righteous Aeons, were divided into two and ten, for the cause of seeking to escape the bondage of the Law and to seek the Truth of the True Light as opposed to the Law of the Covet-er. The Twelve were given the Gift of the Light, and only those with the Power of Light in them saw Him come. He was the Light Bearer of the Barbelo of the Holy Light of the Aeons and was the Pure Soul of the Image of the First Son of the Ineffable One. Thus His teachings of the Knowledge, the Gnosis, were destroyed and He was hidden in mystery by the darkness of emotions.

Come to Him as little children, ask Why, and the truth shall set you free. For you shall see the discomfort in them, and the dark power will arise in the declaration of MYSTERY.

The Mystery of Cain
Genesis 4:
16 And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.
17 And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch.

If Adam and Eve, were the First Human beings, where did Cain’s wife come from? Where is the ‘land of Nod’?

In the Gnosis, Adam and Eve were not first created as mortal man and woman, but heavenly beings in the lowest heaven. They were in ‘paradise’ and Cain was the Son of the ‘Gods’ who raped Eve. So the stories of the Sons of Cain being of the seed of the serpent, are not so far fetched. But there were three races of men. The mortal men of the Archons, were totally created from matter and soul of animals because the Archons were part animal, and part man, defective entities of the ‘mistake’ of Pistis Sophia.

The ‘gods’ became enraged that Adam and Eve were endowed with the Light, knowing the truth of the tree of Knowledge of good and evil. And not being able to grasp their light, and being dim witted, they seduced them out of Paradise into being mortal. The land of Nod being mortality, or the land of sleep. Thus the races of men were established in the Sons of Cain, then Adam knew his wife and the Sons of Seth came, and the Elect also, the Pure Lights without animal souls, who can not survive in this world without the animal energy to fortify them.

If these stories are seen in the context of evolution, then neanderthals were “animal” men, that were evolved from monkeys. The next evolution of man was a great leap, it came with a spirit, of creativity, art drawn on walls, of great stone edifices that modern man cannot fathom how they were accomplished. There is speculation that these were the Sons of Aliens, of ‘Gods from the sky’. But were they extra-terrestrial alien or extra-dimensional angel? So Adam and Eve, were the first created man and woman, at least, as we know man today…

Knowledge must conquer mystery, and that can only be done as a little child, who asks the question; Why?

The Mystery of the Doctrines of Paul and Jesus

The letters of Paul as included in the Bible, were personal letters of his to other members in the Churches. It is interesting that these were considered ‘The Word’ of God, when the great volume of literature on Jesus’ teachings were thrown out and declared Heretical. The Bishops of Rome burned whole libraries, including the famed Library ofAlexandria, which supposedly contained volumes thousands, or tens of thousands of years old. Like the Hindu Vedic texts, such things cannot be under modern ideas of pre-history.

Basically the teachings of Paul boil down to ‘try not to sin, but you are human and incapable of perfection, so don’t worry, Jesus has your back if you simply pledge allegiance to Him. The doctrines of Paul gained prominence due to their very nature, the Feel Good doctrine, and were exemplified in the teaching of Martin Luther, who, trying to bed a nun needed a theological justification, so he basically said; “Sin boldly yet trust in Christ more so.” What has been the effect of this teaching on the minds of men and society? Is the extreme case of this teaching, a root cause of division and desolation of the devout as their mind comes into conflict with their Spirit? Do divided doctrines of churches, give justification to materialism because it gives out a ‘free pass to heaven’? What has been the history of the Church?  You think the protestants are filled with light? Ask the Native Americans that question.

The Teachings of Jesus were highly heretical at the time. Basically He said to love one another, sin not, and do good works, His ‘doctrine’ was the doctrine of the Golden rule; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is the doctrine of Universal and Unconditional love which is virtually identical to the Buddha.

His was a faith of simple conscience and consciousness, to release the entire concept of ‘self’. To release the ego of the Self Willed and do the will of the Father which is in Heaven. He instructed us in his secret teachings not to add rules and doctrines, but it was obvious from the secret Gospels that Peter and Mary Magdalene butted heads about how to build a church. And Mary lost, mankind was left with the desires of sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly, as the 13th Apostle reinterpreted and rejected what they did not understand. It appears that only a few in Jerusalem understood the Christ’s secret teachings, and they were all killed or scattered by the Purges of the new Catholic entity that rode in on the Beast government of Rome, on a white horse proclaiming itself Holy.

Jesus’ teaching was a spiritual evolution, a radical concept at the time of The Law. He did not however advocate dropping the law, just that He had fulfilled the law and came to complete it by the addition of the Golden rule as the Way to the Kingdom of God that sits above the Heavens of Chaos, in the Aeons of God. The Law was constructed for the betterment of the body and the body politic. It is generally recognized today, that the dietary laws made a lot of scientific sense, when it comes to the health of the body. (Again, where did such ‘advanced’ knowledge come from, given to a bunch of ancient and backwards sheep herders? Did Moses bring it from Egypt? Where did Egypt get it?  )

Yet when we compare the two doctrines side by side, it becomes obvious that the doctrines of Paul, known as the 13th apostle, were way off the base. The Church in Jerusalem, of the original 12 apostles were horrified when they found out what Paul was teaching. That Paul had abandoned ‘The Way of Christ’, and was teaching another way ‘About Christ’.

This had much to do with Paul’s background and his total rejection of The Law, and his deifying Jesus to the status of God the Father, able to forgive all sins. Ultimately this is the Antinomy of Deception, since he was partially right and wrong, for the Way of the Christ is total forgiveness to those who seek Him and His Light, but they may find that journey to be long and painful if they listen only to Paul.

This split eventually grew to be war between the Orthodox of Rome that adopted Paul’s teachings, and the Gnostic school that tried to faithfully interpret the secret teachings of Jesus. This split is the basic reason the Holy Bible is in such a defective condition of confusing and conflicting doctrines. Why those who try to interpret it, end up arguing, splitting into denominations and call each other the ugly name of; Heretic or Blasphemer. This has been going on for almost two thousand years, an age, the Age of Churches, that has been exemplified by its own fruits; arguments, murders, war, divisions and denominations. This is the Fruit of the Sword of Division.

Those who say that this is ‘just ancient history’, know this; History creates the Future, and the Future is now. Truth is found in something old and something new.

The Mystery of Hell

Under Pauline Christianity, if you reject Jesus, or have no knowledge of Jesus, you will go to hell and burn for an eternity when you die. This is a false idea born of the notion of resurrection and rejecting the truth of what Jesus taught. Jesus taught that you must be “born again” of the spirit in order to see the Kingdom of God. When the Gnostic gospels were uncovered in Nag Hammadi and Qumran, we recovered much more of His ‘secret teachings’ that the Bible spoke about but never revealed. There was the public ministry and the private teaching half of Jesus that the general public and Christianity doesn’t know about, or rejects because it is not a ‘feel good’ doctrine. Man loves sugar, and rejects salt.

Thus we now know that Jesus taught reincarnation. But reincarnation is not satisfying to authority figures, it does not force someone into the church in order to gain redemption from the burning fires of hell. Reincarnation is a knowledge that nobody in the authority of the church wants because it is not profitable, and it does not work to keep men submissive to authority. The Babylonian mystery school of the Orthodoxy, has one mission and one mission alone, to keep the people submissive to “Godly authority”. This completes the Triune System on Earth of Money, Law, and Religion, in One. The Head of Gold that sits on the body and two legs of the false ideologies of the Rich, and keeps the people divided as iron and clay by the Power of Mystery.

The Gnosis and the God calculus delivers hell as a place of spiritual evolution and self judgment, self torture, and self enlightenment, through the Power of God (dark energy). A place of burning the ego of the Self Willed. But even then, it is known that God is more loving and forgiving than any of the Pauline sects will ever admit. Hell is a layered environment like the heavens. It consists of the Bottomless pit, the Abyss, Tartar-us and the Ultimate Damnation of the Second Death of the consumption of your light, but only the most stubborn of the race of humanity will end up in the depths of hell. These are probably the sons of Cain, the truly evil, Serpent seed, those without a measure of conscience or spirit, they are the psychopaths. Most humans are the Son’s of Seth known as the race of the Soul, Son of man, or The Mixed. The Saints are the third race of men, The Elect of the Twelve powers of the Aeons.

Those who fail to ascend in the Tunnel of Light, fall back into the level of bottomless pit or the outer darkness, The Pit or the Abyss. There to remain until their attachments to matter or self recriminations are burned out of them by intensification of the animal part of the soul, that is the ego and darkness. The dark energy within you is squeezed, intensified and strengthened, it is.. hell. But your eternity in this timeless realm, is but a blip of time in the heaven-lies. Your ‘eternity’ is relative to all other places and realms.

This then connects the Archons of darkness and what the Gnosis said was their intense desire for Light. The Light is what attracts them, keeps them where they are, and keeps them from falling into the Abyss of the Second Death. Thus if they are binding with the Light, the only place they have to attain that entangled light, is from your light. Thus they wish to bind with your light to keep themselves from falling into the Abyss. This was a great part of the story line of the Archons, their intense desire to steal the Light of others. So there is another dimension to hell, the ‘demons of darkness’ that need to consume your Light. Demon’s were said in Enoch to be the souls of the Nephilim, that were the Giant sons of the ‘Fallen’ angels, the Son’s of the Archons, that begot Cain?

If you were an Archon, and you needed ‘good’ people to help you stay afloat in the Ethereal world, what would you do? Would you deceive and dissemble the actual given words of God, and replace it with a false teaching? A teaching that in the extreme case says, in the words of Martin Luther; “Sin boldly but trust more in Christ”. This is essentially the greatest travesty of all, a twisting of truth, what Jude spoke about when he said the “evil crept in unawares”, an evil that crept in on the wings of the 13th Apostle.

It is not so much that you or I will not ultimately achieve salvation, that is the Truth of Universal Redemption through the new interpretation of Spiritual Relativity and the understanding of the True Gift of Grace of the Messiah, but the Lukewarm had better watch out, for they may have a long hard road to reach the Light, and we all suffer due to the travesty of bringing hell to Earth. To know this for truth, one simply has to look at the Fruits of the Churches. From the time of the Heretics, to the time of the current divisions, the history and fruits of the Church has been the fruit of darkness, fear, envy, jealousy, confusion, war, death, and division, known as the doctrines of devils. This is what the current doctrines of Paul and Rome delivered to mankind, the highway to hell was paved with good intentions, and the hell they delivered was, hell on Earth. Even their very Bible interprets them in the prophecies, if you have eyes to see. What is one of the chief sins in Revelations, that is not even discussed among the so called ‘churchians’? Rev 21:8… FEAR or cowardice, something they are filled with, and the Darkness of the Rift at Galaxies edge, the Dark day of the Lord, will claim them because of it…

God is universally loving and forgiving and wants all of His to come to the Aeons of the Pleroma of Spirit to join in the Collective Consciousness that is the ultimate heaven in the Hyper reality above the Veil of the 7 heavens of Chaos, the Hyper Aeons. He doesn’t wish to lose even one soul, but there will be an eternity in which to learn the lessons you need to learn.

Mostly learn the difference between your animal half and your spirit half, and that the only way to rise above the Chaos, is to conquer your inner animal. The whole idea of redemption or being ‘saved’, is to be saved out of the Darkness and take your experiences and lessons Home, to be rejoined with your other half, your higher self, your true Soul mate, your pattern or image that is your angel. How much time is wasted in hell, is up to you. When you see that half of you is animal, in the Soul of Dark energy and animal strength given unto you by the Archons, then it is the truest quest of mankind, to defeat the Totem Animal, and find the Tunnel of Light, to be cleansed and made faultless on your way to the Aeons, but, you cannot make it up that Tunnel if you are too heavy. This is the meaning also of Enlightenment, to fill yourself with The Light, and the lesson of the Rich man, to release your material desires. Proven in the God calculus of Sin that is quantum entanglement with dark energy, the energy of self, that drags you deeper into hell.

Mystery is only conquered by Knowledge.
to be continued…


The Piper plays a New Song,
that the Chorus may sing,
and the People shall dance,
that the forests will echo with laughter.

3 Responses to Apocryphon of the Piper

  1. F*ckin’ remarkable things here. I’m very glad to determine your write-up. Thanks lots and i’m hunting ahead to speak to you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?


  2. SmokinOkie says:

    Hey there Piper, I’m still visiting here as often as I can. And I still see your comments over at shtfplan. Wish the down-time from the truck was more than an hour or two at a time. My new gig as driver instructor has been one of the greatest challenges, but the chance of passing along even a bit of what I know to a new driver is worth it. Same attitude I take with my studies here and elsewhere. If I can teach, or learn, even a little bit, it’s worth the effort.
    I can tell that this article is one I’ll have to reread a few times. Some of this is quite a challenge to my lifelong beliefs. That’s what I need, a challenge. You may never convince me, but at least I’ll have taken the oppurtunity to examine my own ideas, to better understand what I believe, and why.
    I’ll keep reading, and I hope you know that I appreciate what you have presented here. Even if I don’t fully agree, or even understand it yet, it’s good to have the site as a resource. Besides, our competition is not with others, (to somehow win them to our side) but with ourselves. Each one of us has a duty to study and scrutinize all that we think we know. And then to verify what we know, or reject it and replace it with the truth. That’s why I keep saying (over at Mac’s site) the search for truth goes on…
    All the best to you Piper. Sincerely, Okie.


    • Thank you Smokin,
      Miss seein’ ya …
      Yes, you’re right, as I say our struggle is with our own animal vs spirit.
      It took me 40 years to come to this place, but in the end, it doesn’t matter what you believe, as long as you have Love for others and act on it.
      This was the Christs message, that got totally smoked by men…
      And from all your posts, I see that you are a seeker of truth.
      If you don’t understand something, know that the discourse is the way of truth, not preaching canned verses and old doctrines, men have evolved, and are leaving religions to find real truth.
      The only truth that matters is the love of others, and showing them.

      Good luck with your new assignment, don’t be a stranger… 😉


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