Cheap Krauthammer crap and The Last Trump

trump-flagHere is a prayer to the Soul of Charles Krauhammmer, who as we have all been notified has very little time left due his contracting cancer.  As one who is fighting this insideous diesease as well we sympathaize.  GOD bless you, old man, you were still one of the smartest people in the world, even if not all of us agreed with you all the time. All I can say is argue your way through the Archons towards the LIGHT in order to get off the wheel of life…


“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable”
— JFK  (John F. Kennedy)

The lesson of history, of the War of Northern Aggression, is simple JFK told us. At the time, the northern industrialists, didn’t want southern cotton going to their competitors in England, so onerous export tariffs were laid upon southern cotton at the behest of said ‘Robber Barons’.  This ended up being 2/3rds of the tax base of the Federal Government at that time.  The south wanted to secede peacefully, and be left alone to live in peace, but the northern money powers pushed for war, no ‘peace talks’ succeeded, because the Elite money powers in New York, wanted the south and southern democrats, crushed.

At that time, a lot of southerners were not willing to fight for ‘The Planters’, or slavers. Slavery was not universally accepted in the south, and was a dying institution in the west, already outlawed in England. It would have died on its own eventually. It was not the Causus Belli of the war, it was Lincoln’s propaganda tool, to turn a war he was losing, into a Cause, a Cause that attracted volunteers.  The Yankees did crush the south, and then punished us, and subjugated us, and then declared that secession was ‘illegal’. It was a successful use of propaganda to achieve an agenda, the 1860’s version of political correctness.

I am left with the thought, what is so different today? Only instead of slavery, we have a Federal government forcing states to allow boys into little girls rooms, we have imported workers(H1b’s), illegals and Muslims being forced down our throats, without a requirement to assimilate or the states having any right to oppose it. We have the wholesale destruction of the foundations of western civilization, using the propaganda tool of calling any who disagree with the globalist ‘multi-cultural’ agenda; a racist. And as the history books of that time were mostly written by the winners, today, we see history being rewritten before our eyes, in real time. For truly, the globalist multiculturalism, is the imposition of no culture at all, and the elimination of American WASP culture, ‘fundamental transformation’, in the words of our Dear Leader.

We went through a time when speaking about the New World Order, was considered ‘conspiracy theory’, but the primary tool of the Elite, as always, is simply humor or ridicule, to make people who believe in this no different than those who believe in UFO’s, or in the past; slavers.  So now we arrive in a new time, when this arrogance of The Elite, extends globally, and continent wide, and we the People, are awakening to a New Paradigm of an Openly Arrogant Oligarchy in the whirlwind of globalized perfidy they have sewn upon the whole world. They give the appearance of justice, but in reality all we have now, is Just Us. But, this is always the way with centralized power, it gathers more and more power to itself as it grows. To those with eyes that see, it has truly grown into a black horseman of greed, where the scales of justice have become a new politically correct weapon against the poor, and the new Slavers, are the Globalist Elite.

There are those who still believe in America, and capitalism, and cannot see the Truth, because they don’t want to, it would cut into their profits. They profit from the System, and will not accept any talk about conspiracies, when, The CONspiracy is in process in front of our eyes. This is no different than any other time in history, those who profit off the system will fight to protect it… they are the true useful idiots, that we can see as the True Believers caught in their own Illusion of Ideologies and religious doctrines, which hold them in “submission to Godly Authority”… yet, Godly Authority, along with Elvis, have left the building.

The Piper usually doesn’t comment upon current events or political realities except in a prophetic sense, and in this sense, we see ultimate fulfillment of the metaphor of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue, the four horsemen and the 7 headed Beast, writ global. The head of gold(the central banks and old royal families), the breast and arms(the true believers), standing on the two legs(ideologies left and right), supported by the ten toes of iron and clay(The ‘Lost’ Ten tribes, The Caucasian people divided by iron minds and sticky clay of emotions, who literally own or control the entire world and built civilization as we know it on all 7 continents.

This is also mirrored in the physical of the First(pre Adamic) races of clay, who became the sons of Cain(Who did Cain run off and marry in the land of Nod? Gnosis provides the answer.), where the Caucasian race is the Last race, of Adam and Seth, which became the Sons of Abraham, Ishmael(Cain) and Isaac(Seth) ). These ten toes are also indicative of the foundational ideologies of capitalism vs communism, mind vs emotion, and different races with differing spirit gifts of  mind and emotion, so the metaphor works on many different physical and spiritual levels. But, all this knowledge from the ancients, was burned by The Elite of the time, and the teachers were burned at the stake as ‘heretics’. Truth, and power, are always at odds, for only the ignorant and divided can be well kept serfs.

In our time, the ‘true believers’ have a mouthpiece, that we call; The Media. And you can now see the Truth in the Globalists perfidious verbal vomit, as George Will, Chief verbal vomiteer now quits the Republican party, and his buddy, Charles Krauthammer, both men I used to idolize, now show their true colors to the Globalist party, the party of the Elite Establishment and their true god; Mammon. All while other ‘talking heads’ espouse the view that there is no such thing as ‘The Establishment’, pretending it doesn’t exist, its a joke only hillbillies believe. This is merely the same movie with a different set of actors.

The current crop of lies and misinformation emanating out of The Globalist Elite Establishment Corridor of the  Collaborators and Sycophants, is just too much to be ignored. The(to create a new moniker) GEECCS, pronounced Geeks, have now gone over the line with their attacks on regular poor white folks, and how The Poor ‘hillbillies’ themselves are responsible for their own miserable conditions due to our uneducated ‘racist’ and anti-globalist ‘attitude problem’.

In fact, they are speaking to the WASP’s, the White Anglo Saxon Protestants, our culture, our nationalism, our very individualism. They know, we, are in the way of a global government being implemented slowly by economic warfare and like the ancient Romans, by the importation of slaves and their cultures to dilute us, to depress our wages and take what jobs there are left, to reduce us to ignorance, dependency and destitution, to be ultimately devoid of history, culture, family and individuality, totally dependent on Them, and what passes for their ‘New “Post Industrial” Economy’. And like the 6th chapter of the Revelation of John, we shall be delivered into destitution as the Beast says “… a penny for a measure of wheat, and three pennys for a measure of barley, and spare not the oil and the wine”, a society totally delivered into destitution and serfdom, you see it beginning.

In point of fact, for decades, ‘they’, have been, and are building, a New American Empire, and are convinced if they don’t succor their partners with ‘progress’ and defend the world from ‘Evil Hegemon’s, the world will collapse back into anarchy and somebody else being the Global Hegemon in the vacuum created by our ‘pulling back our horns’. They may be right on some level, but they screwed the pooch by destroying their own people in the process. We have become Rome, we threw off an aristocracy of royalty in 1776, only to replace it with an aristocracy of money, and the tree of liberty is very thirsty.

It is curious, that these same Geeks, when I was a child and a young man, used to brag that the USA had the ‘best standard of living’ in the world, and we did. Anybody, with an 8th grade education, or less, could work hard, and become a success, that, is what America WAS, but no longer. They have destroyed Opportunity itself, through onerous regulations and requirements for new businesses. It is centralized crony capitalism manifested as GLOBALIZATION, the love of money that is the root of all economic evil in the world, and America’s corporate greed is the root of all evil because they circle the Source of Money, The Fed.

Their so called ‘Free Trade’ agreements always lead to the same result, the disenfranchisement of labor, the elimination of competition and higher profits at the expense of all those not in The Oligarchs Club. The side benefit, as you now see in the ‘clearing’ of The Clinton candidate, is that The Law only applies to You and me, despite a full and complete vilification by the Elite law enforcement officer of the land, she is beyond the law. Her economic plans, are simply more of the same, only bigger and more centralized, while speaking out both sides of her mouth, caught in more lies than a true American should be able to accept, but The Media covers for her while deceiving us into thinking she is the second coming, like Obama the First, she will be on a par with Caligula.

Which reminds me of what my grandaddy told me once, “A poor man robs you with a gun, a rich man robs you with a lawyer.” No truer words were ever said… but an ancient corollary is now evident, politicians rob whole countries with ‘laws’ they are told to write by the money powers that control them, and nothing shows the true colors of a politician more than so called ‘Free’ Trade treaties. As Ross Perot predicted, NAFTA destroyed America by the loss of over 65,000 factories and millions of good paying jobs.  TPP, if passed, will be the utter destruction of WASP culture and will turn America into a ghettoized third world shit hole, ripe for subjugation into the New World Order because The People will beg for it. Who is to blame? Is it those evil men who do what they do, or the good people, who have done nothing? Or is it the preachers who have told the good people to remain passive so they can receive their “free ticket to paradise” by ‘submitting to Godly authority’ while preachers collect their 30 pieces of tax free silver?

So, the question to ask, Mr and Mrs America, is; Do you really think, the crowd that screwed up America, is going to fix it? Has anything ever been repealed or truly fixed despite whoever gets elected? If you think that the ‘experienced politician’ will fix what’s wrong, you are living in the fantasy world of idealistic childhood. The only way politicians can get elected, is to sell themselves to The Money Powers, regardless of party or ideology. Don’t you wonder why they never talk about The Issues WE want to hear about? This is the essence of Mr. Trump’s appeal, he calls a spade, a spade. He is a practical man, not an ideologue. He is an imperfect man, yet, he admits to his imperfections. How many of you, can say you are Perfect in the eyes of God? There was only one perfect man, yet even His messages were attacked by the Money Powers at the time, remember?

This election is between nothing more than Trump or Goldman Sachs, the money powers that buys government and puppet politician flunkies. The only question to ask is, do you want America First, or America Last… because you know in your heart that the only way the Globalists can succeed, is for America to be reduced in stature, in family, in culture, in the cohesive bond that American’s used to have. They do this by using the “sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly”, the most succinct definition of political correctness I’ve ever read.

You Geeks have a lot of nerve, you are the pot calling the kettle black. You cannot look into the mirror and see that your globalist lies, fantasies and policies have failed, you just keep throwing good money after bad, and then, you keep printing money into an almost worthless state because you have failed to recognize Peak Debt follows peak oil, peak resources, peak population that Earth can carry, and now, Peak Attitude. Which tells me, you very smart people, have an agenda because you know what you’re doing is stupid, unless, you have an Agenda, the destruction of the American Dollar and the culmination of the Cloward-Piven strategy, which will probably require a monetary reset, which must, by necessity, lead to a new, totally electronic, global currency. And we wonder why The Lord attacked the Money Changers? Is this a powerful lesson in itself?, instead of what preachers preach, that this was His only Sin; Anger? Is there a difference between anger, and righteous indignation? You betcha.

You are Desperation personified as The GEECCS, who’s desperation comes across the TV as you now attack the front runner of the Republican party, with panic in your eyes and desperation in your emotional pleas, you see your money machine being thwarted, your empire assaulted, and your fiefdoms brought down.  Your cups of karma have been filled to overflowing, and the cups shall now be poured out on top of your heads. You have sewn the wind, and you shall reap the whirlwind… There. Will. Be. Blood. Either figurative or literal, take your pick, the blood in this country is already in a boil.

The whirlwind blowing in the country has a name, Donald J. Trump.  This is a whirlwind that was sewed by the Elite, who sewed the winds of perfidy and now reap what they have sewn. They pretend not to understand, and unfortunately, many of them don’t. This whirlwind rides the back of poverty, yet they call it ‘racist’, in order to avoid talking about the truth, The Failure of their beloved Globalism and the impoverishing of millions of once middle class Americans. America became AmeriKa as the poor become destitute, the middle class becomes poor, and the well off are not even so well off anymore. But what they don’t say, is that globalism was designed to fail, and bring in The New Thing, a global empire? That is the most logical conclusion, since, to maintain their power, they know, they must centralize, centralize, centralize all power, which, can only happen on the back of a Crisis.

This obvious trend of the Geeks, can only mean one result, they must ban cash, and institute a digital currency, totally under their control. This is what we are fighting against, the New World Order controlled by The Money Changers. Why do you think Christians have become a dirty word? When they reach their ultimate money-less utopia, Christianity must be a joke in the world, and their ultimate control mechanism, digital money, must have a secure delivery mechanism, a Mark of Loyalty and money, that “no man may buy or sell” without one. The only way it works, is if you and I, have become an anachronism, worthy of ridicule, and, punishment. We are almost there, but not quite. It is time to do “exploits” as Daniel told us.

In this regard, we have spoken at length with friends and family for decades about the future failure of The Information Economy. This has been the subject of many blog posts of many people, including Peggy Noonan and John Michael Greer, whose recent posts explained perfectly, and with intellectual honesty, about what is happening in the world, and America in particular. But bare mention has been made of The Paradigm shift that is now boiling underneath ‘polite society’.  Now, the Fourth Turning is here, and the Hero phase is upon us. Is Donald J. Trump, the Last Trump of God? Metaphor, coincidence, or prophecy, its a perfect fit, if, you understand the lesson of the Tens, and who the Caucasian race is. Preachers are guilty of dividing us into Jews and Gentiles, instead of those IN the world, and those OF the world. The Last race shall be first, and the first race shall be last, this is referring to spiritual evolution, but you wouldn’t accept that, because you have been raised as orthodox no matter your denomination, and also, as a ‘materialist’ with spiritual overtones.

For materialists, reality is not a spiritual journey in a holy reality, no, you are merely making money and trying to ‘be good’. This is the common thread in the ‘class’s of Noonan and Greer, the commonality that we are all stuck in a Universal Mystery, and there are many truths, because no one has an Absolute Truth. These classes, the protected class and salary class, could care less about anything but worshiping their true god; materialism, and you and I, are merely numbers in their machine. The fact that men like to labor in certain occupations, take up different crafts, work to make things or produce things and not just stand behind a counter, being retrained for a mindless job, makes no impact on their thinking, because ultimately, you have Zero value except where you fit in their highly structured economic model. You are simply a cog in their machine. They ultimately want to kill your soul, by forcing you to take a soul killing job. They do not accept this, of course, because in their world the only thing that counts, is numbers. They know the cost of everything, but the value of nothing.

Those who are opposed to The Donald, are the ones who are profiting from globalism and its tentacles from the vampire squid like central banks. Those who oppose him, don’t want to hear it, they expound mightily on the boob tube, that The Donald is a racist and all his followers are ignorant racist hillbillies. But as other commenters have told you, they are hiding the truth from you, and raping your minds, raping your pocket books, and raping your very souls. As John Michael Greer said, they are the “Salary class” that is the “protected class” of Peggy Noonan. Those who go through their lives in the bubble of the beltway or the towers and well monitored parks of New York, and want to sell us the idea that The Donald is actually one of THEM, and he is a traitor and trying to con you into electing a fascist demagogue. All this, that physically comes to you from the “spiritual wickedness in high places”, what we call, the GEECCS, the Oligarchy Dependent class sitting in sky scrapers?

One of the skills of the Piper is to discern the souls of men over the electronic media, this came clear one day while watching a guy named Ross Perot. He predicted all that is happening today with his famous line; “The Great Sucking sound of factories and jobs leaving America.” He was talking about what would happen to America if the GATT and NAFTA treaties were signed, and this was in 1992. I admit it, I voted for Ross. I was one of 19% of the population that voted for him, thus, giving Bill Clinton the White House with a minority 43% vote. I just couldn’t vote for Mr. “Read my lips, no new taxes” and “New World Order” George H.W. Bush, nor could my soul allow me to vote for the pandering crook; Bill Clinton.  The Donald has the same type soul as Ross Perot, (he loves America) who campaigned against Clinton… history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme, as Mark Twain was wont to say. And now history rhymes again, with A Mother of Harlots running against The Last Trump of God. Metaphor, coincidence, foreshadow, prophecy? Hmm, I wonder.

Now, does this mean that The Donald is a Godly pious man? Of course not, we are all human and have come short of the glory of The Light of God. Donald is a business man, doing business in an evil system, that requires you to do whatever it takes to succeed. In this, we understand that he had to deal with politicians of both parties in order to gain permits, and contracts, and favors, like, well, quite frankly, ALL of them HAVE to in order to succeed. I know this because I spent my time in entrepreneurial hell, and failed miserably because I wasn’t willing to ‘play the game’, give kickbacks, and went bankrupt, just like The Donald used those laws to recover his profitability, that’s what they’re there for. It is the foundation of the world system, screw or be screwed. And like everything else in this country, there are two Americas, and now lady justice should not appear blindfolded, but as a one eyed pirate, God help us all.

America, you have not been screwed, you have been raped, and the Elite know it because they are The Rapists. That’s why they call you racist hillbillies. Their ability to look at themselves and their failed policies, is completely gone, because they know, if they do, they themselves will lose their own privileges and perks, that is why they are more vicious and self congratulatory than at any time I’ve seen in the last 40 years of watching politics, the ‘loyal opposition’ has now become bitter enemies, and the Harlot even uses the word; enemy mine. We truly are at the cusp of the end of the possibility, as JFK said, of “peaceful revolution”.

The divide between the Iron and the Clay has never been more ripe for a great rock to fall from the sky, and bring down the whole edifice of western civilization. Remember, the Mooslims worship a rock that fell from the sky ‘unhewn by human hands’, this is The Kaaba in Mecca, becoming allied to the Great Harlot, the socialist and the Mooslims to become a Pale Green Horseman. There are no more do overs, we either elect The Last Trump of God, or we will dissolve into chaos and civil war, truly, a time of Jacob’s Trouble that comes at the End of The Age( the true Age, started at the Birth of Christ’s spirit not his body).

For prophecy is not simply about countries and kings, because the meaning of nations was mistranslated, and this leads to the truth within. And only when you understand the Lesson of the Tens, the Ten toes, the Ten virgins, and the Ten horns, which are the Lost Ten Tribes, The Last Race, the Caucasians, do you see the true meaning of prophecy is oriented towards peoples, ethnic ‘nations’. When Christ said “nation shall rise against nation”, the original word in the Greek was Ethnos, ethnic. What do we see on our streets, now, today? Revolutions are seldom neat, tidy and quick, people will ‘suffer as long as they are able’, and then something breaks, and chaos is loosed upon the world.

Bernie Sanders, is, likewise, the left handed side of this new ‘spirit of revolution’ now growing. These both have come after The Tea Party and Occupy(remember them?). It would be illuminating to see, if Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders actually ended up with the nominations, and went head to head in November, but I doubt it. The vicious nature of the Establishment Elite, says to me, that they will do anything to stop Trump AND Sanders, up to and including the hiring of patsies,  this is how The Establishment takes care of its own. (The die is now cast, this was written before the Republican convention, there is no more NeverTrump, only bitter clingers. And Bernie has been vanquished by the perfidy of his own party. So it will be The Contest of Contests this fall between the Harlot and The Trump. Hold on to your hat, no telling what last minute ‘crisis’ will hit before then.)

But in the process of all this, like The Donald and The Bern, America has heard the Trump, and is waking up. We are finally seeing that my friends “Billy and Bobby Sue” Hill billy, are starting to understand, that they’ve been HAD, big time, writ large. And that, their poverty is not their fault, as the Elite tell us, that “poverty is the fault of the poor”. That meme, as we said, like Elvis, has left the building, never to return. Because, as we already said, The Great Sucking sound actually sucked 65,000, read that number again, over 65,000 factories have been outsourced and off-shored, two of the favorite words of the Elite country club class, and the millions of satisfying “living wage” jobs that went with them, has left Potemkin America in a near third world status with everything in decay, with the grand exception of those areas that are awash in government fiat money. People in general, not being educated anymore in the basics, don’t understand that the New Normal, of Globalism, is about Grand Theft America. And what they are stealing is your souls, your culture, your values, your religion, your money, your property, turning you from American into AmeriKan. The destruction of WASP culture is the end game, to deligitimize your history, and eventually turn you into an enemy of the state.

To own it, or control it all, for that is the only way their new world order can succeed. Unfortunately, too many useful idiots remain in positions of influence. These idiots, including the Idiot in Chief, pretend that all is well… as they cook the books on the economy, and the planetary weather data to fool us all into thinking global warming is man made. They will use this made up data, to reduce coal fired power plants to the point where peak electrical demand cannot be sustained in the future, and brownouts and blackouts result. This will be the final nail in the coffin, as “light is taken from the Earth”. We have made the prediction for a few years, that they will then declare that air conditioners and refrigeration is an enemy of the planet, when the true enemy, is Them. This must be because their agenda is Green, the last horseman is Pale Green, the death worshipers come, they ally themselves with Islam, whose color is Green. This will make southern cities uninhabitable, and food scarce, and only they will have air conditioning. For without refrigeration, modern life is not possible.

(Update; The Black Caesar has now announced that they (he, himself, without Senate ratification) have signed the Paris Treaty, and that chlorofluorocarbons will be outlawed. And like nitrocellulose being defined as an illegal explosive, they do not have to outlaw air conditioning, or guns, merely make the base chemicals that make them work, illegal. Sneaky bastards, May God damn them all.)

When I was a child I remember the adults joking that, if politicians could figure out how to tax the air we breathe, they would do it. Well, they have, it is the infamous carbon tax, that will be shoved down your throats by a UN mandate, as they also take your guns by the UN Small Arms Treaty signed by the Black Caesar. The Mother of Harlots, will be the end of all things decent.

Now, the other night, I was just watching Fox news, O’Reilly, and he was talking to Charles Krauthammer, someone I used to respect but has now dropped to an all time low by basically attacking Mr. Trump and all of his ‘uneducated’ blue collar trash supporters, and saying there weren’t enough of us to put him in the White House.

But Charles made a statement that brought home our current predicament. That our society, our economy, is now, a “Post Industrial Information economy”. He went on, to basically say that if you’re not highly educated(and part of The Club), in our new system, you’re basically worthless, a throw away. He and O’Reilly were talking about “white rage” at the new system. And he was basically saying “Fuck them, they need to get over it, and go back to college”. No he didn’t curse, he never does, but I take it that way because basically what he and all the GEECCS are saying, is that those who work with their hands have no value. He pretends that we are in a new economy that doesn’t drive cars, live in houses, eat food, or use electronic devices, or, that its best if we are no longer a self reliant nation, because, this is the key, The GEECCS don’t want NATIONS anymore… and they are busting hell wide open to make it so. What he doesn’t say, is they have fulfilled Karl Marx’s prophecy, of a globalized capitalist economy that drives wages down and drives the hearts of the ‘proletariat’ to rage and violent revolution. Well, we’re almost there.

We, have known for some time, that the “Information Economy” is what Bill Clinton did to us when he signed the GATT and NAFTA treaties. This caused the prophecy of Ross Perot to come true, what Ross called, the aforementioned; “Great Sucking sound” of factories leaving America. Clinton and Gore, knew what they were doing when they sold out to the massive campaign donations from China at that time(1992). It was a political stink, true, but unprovable, like all things Clintonian. (Yes, its been a term since that time because of all the scandals, ‘accidental’ deaths, suicides and murders that circled around the Clintons in Arkansas and the White House. Does the name Vince Foster have a ring? He shot himself in the head, and didn’t leave any blood. Amazing eh?) And now, America gets a do over, because another businessman could be running against another Clintoon… oops, Clinton… (since starting writing this, she beat the system and was ‘cleared’ by the FBI. We have the best government money can buy.)

What these establishment bastards are saying, is that they have created this new, what they now term, Globalist economy. Because back then, we, those who supported Perot, said that the new information economy would be a disaster, the term “oursourcing” hadn’t been invented yet. We said “Will we stop driving cars? Stop living under a roof? Stop eating food? Wearing clothes? Or Shoes? Or playing with toys? How are you supposed to eat, drive or wear ‘Information’? Well, we got our answer, didn’t we? It was The BIG Lie, at least, if you are an American. But that America doesn’t exist anymore, it was outsourced, even our damn flags have “Made in China” on them, and take exactly two windstorms before they start fraying at the seams… Then along comes The Last Trump, actually making noises on TV, calling the GEECCS out? Somebody has the nerve to stand up to them? Oh yeah, as the Arabs say; The enemy of my enemy is my friend… now do you understand ole wise ones in The GEECCS? Your time is limited, the Trump is blowing out a message; SLEEPERS AWAKEN!!!

Those who don’t understand why the illegal immigration problem is not being resolved, by either party, is simple… The Republicans get cheap labor. The Democrats get voters. And the Catholic church gets pew sitting tithers. The Social Security system gets lots more workers. The Corporations get H1b visa holders that come to work in the new 21st century version of the Company store, a low wage plus an apartment. In all cases, white guys need not apply, but we white guys, are The Racists?

This ‘fundamental transformation’ of the economy, and society, has been ongoing for decades, but only recently have we awakened to what’s going on. White ‘culture’ must be eliminated, rights from God have to go away, to be replaced by privileges from your ‘betters’, including it seems, the Right of perverts to go into the little girls room. What Mr. Trump was saying, it seems, is that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But this like most things, can be twisted into a pretzel by our ‘media’ and their owners.  This reflects the confused and degenerated ‘PC culture’ that America has become, that we cannot even understand the difference between boys and girls.

They, The Elite, give no value to skills, or values, or culture, and they don’t want anybody hanging around that really, really understands and remembers the way it used to be. These are ridiculed and reviled as potential ‘domestic terrorists’. To the discerning eye, you should now see the Truth… there are no political parties anymore, there are only the Haves and the Have nots.

Unfortunately, the chickens must come home to roost, because they have forgotten the lessons of Henry Ford. The chickens are pissed because they LIKE building things, creating things, seeing the results of their labor in a beautiful new thing. Factories weren’t just mindless labor, but in many cases required skilled artisans. If you see the quality of products coming out of China, you understand what I’m saying. The Chinese are like the Japanese were in the 1960’s when we had a saying “Cheap Jap Junk”, the Japanese learned and actually invited American quality control experts into Japan. Their entire society shifted around the concept of ‘quality first’. Nowadays, we say “Cheap Chinese Crap”, and they are now figuring out, that they cannot pay their people crap, and produce good products because their only focus is on cheap. You can’t have it both ways. They will eventually get the message, or people will quit buying Chinese goods, and that leads us back to Henry Ford.

Henry Ford had a problem, he could make more cars than he could sell. Nobody had any money. Nobody was making more than what was termed “subsistence wages”. Rich people don’t like to pay people more than they have to, and if given the choice, they will pay you the least amount possible, that is a natural side effect of doing business in the System of Usury, The GEECCS System, called Mammon which means Materialism, everything costs more than it should and everybody has their hand in your pocket. Nowadays, the bar for new businesses has been set so high by regulations, fees, permits ad nauseum, that for the first time in history, more small businesses go out of business than start in business, but this also suits the GEECCS, no competition is good and they have lobbied their way to the cat birds seat.

When I was young, we had a joke; “We have the best government money can buy”,  only the joke has lost its humor as we saw it play out on national TV, there is no justice anymore, we have; Just Us.  The GEECCS know the cost of everything, yet the value of nothing. That men are not simply economic units, only enters their mind if that value is sports oriented. They have suppressed wages to the point where we are back where we began before the days of Henry Ford,  but worse, we have degenerated all the way back to Rome, and slavery days, only they don’t call them slaves, they call them illegals and H1b’s, and they don’t know why regular white folks have become poor? Why, its because its planned that way. They can’t have a New World Order as long as America is still ‘America’, with the threat of 200 million gun toting screaming white folk, now can they? So they turn you into sheep, by using the mind raping tool of political correctness.

The GEECCS, to include Charles Krauthammer are not ‘bad’ people, they have merely fallen into what I term the Trap of Mind Fads, like the ‘Information Economy’ meme. Its a false idea, because having a self sufficient economy is not what they want, they want a bunch of ignorant dependent sheep, while only a few at the top truly understand what’s going on is a Global Chess game.  Management likes its salary class to all think alike. They get these ideas, these ‘memes’ going, and they go viral in that community because everybody ‘goes along to get along’.

The point of this is, the GEECCS is like an academic fraternity club, who know each other by their secret code words. A bunch of over educated idiots hanging out together pretending to know something because they know the Words, the Gab, the Talk, but can’t walk the walk because they’ve never actually Done It, Made Something, worked the floor, know how things work, what it takes, but they do know when their buddy or The Man says something, they all fall in line like lemmings, right off the cliff.

This is not say that there are no good managers, there are, but they are few and far between. Mostly nowadays, they give management and supervisory jobs to college educated idiots who know all the latest globalist management fads and talking points. They have all forgotten what Henry Ford is most famous for, if they were ever taught it in their leftist liberal colleges and universities. Henry Ford did not invent the assembly line, he improved on it. But what he is most famous for is the invention of (unheard of at that time) “Disposable Income”, by doubling the wages of all his workers to $5 a day, so they could afford to buy one of his cars. Henry understood economics on a most basic level, if people have money, they will spend it, if they do not, they cannot.

Mr. Trump understands that real economies grow by taking dirt out of the ground and producing something new, this is ‘new wealth’. This rising tide lifts all boats, globalism is the reverse, sucking the water of life out of the land. They cannot understand why sales have stagnated or gone down. Well, duh. Henry also thought through the economics enough to know that this new money would circulate into the economy, and others in the ‘service’ industry may be able to afford a car. In short, he invented the Blue collar middle class in this country. And now, the modern managers are busy destroying it by trying to use a management ‘fad’, called globalism, to increase profits from a historic 5-10% to unheard of 20-30+%, on the backs of the ‘uneducated’, and can’t understand why half the Blue collar middle class wants to put their necks in a noose, and the rest of us have become desperately impoverished, and through ignorance will beg them for any scraps off their table. This is the end of the paradigm of the Black horseman, where ‘ a measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny, and spare ye not the oil and the wine’ is their goal; a new serf economy, where you are the serf and they are the aristocracy. This is how its always been, America was an aberration in history, now do you understand what the confederacy was all about?

This is obvious, but they have much to defend, and can either be ignorant or pretend to be obtuse, either way, we all lose because the Virtuous cycle of Henry Ford has now become the Vicious circle of Bill Clinton(who started the true down spiral by signing GATT and NAFTA), spiraling down the drain of economic degeneration into wage deflation and economic destruction. People cannot spend what they do not have, the wages of the greedy is, ultimately, economic suicide. This describes globalism perfectly, because that is what Karl Marx and the Revelation of John predicted would happen, and has begun in earnest. Only this generation of managers, media and bureaucrats, are also, in the long  run, victims hung on their own petard.

Likewise, Charles has fallen into the Globalist/Information economy mind meme. I bet, in fact, I know, he drives a car(a very tricked out car for the paraplegic), I’m sure he eats, and wears clothes, yet he probably thinks that paying a few dollars more for those products is economic HERESY. HORSESHIT CHARLES. We USED TO, because they were better products and we had the money, we HAD the ‘best standard of living’ on Earth when I was a young man.  You have been deceived by your buddies(do you ever talk to anybody outside the beltway anymore?), and you may have to pay the price of the whirlwind you have sewn.

Charles, you have basically said that men who work with their hands have less value than you over educated philosopher kings. But you masters of the Universe, can’t fix your own tire, or fix your plumbing or electrical, or make a knife with old junk car parts with nothing but fire, air and muscle controlled by your mind. That the only economic value we have to your kind, is to change your oil, and make your burgers. Not understanding that the souls of men, especially white creative men, LIKE to make things with their hands, and are diminished, and devalued by your very class (your words Charles, this is a ‘class’ issue, not a ‘race’ issue.) arrogant attitude. You are the 21st century version of ‘let them eat cake’. For when you take a man’s purpose and passion away, you rob his soul. It is not always ‘work’ to go to a factory and work hard to produce what used to be the finest products in the world, it is fun to pound metal and create something useful from something thrown in your trashpile.

If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, then, what does it mean when America is borrowing money from China?  It proves a basic tenant of Adam Smith economics, new wealth can only be ‘created’ when it comes out of the ground, is then turned into final products using mind and labor.  All other forms of ‘wealth’, are simply an illusion, like the FIRE economy of the USA(Information Economy became FIRE; Finance, Insurance and Real Estate, an economy FOR the ELITES).  What is truly demeaning is to hear some talking head tell us that all those Chinese coolies produce products that are worthy of OUR money, the Mexican illegals are ‘suited’ for hot work(sending OUR money home), and white guys either get with the program and go into debt up to your eyeballs and get a degree, or go to hell… Which demonstrates the failure of the management fad of the 1990’s New Information economy ‘you’ guys were building, you remember the saying; “They work, we think.” or its many variations that mean the same thing.

How’s that working out for you now Mr. and Ms. college graduates, who’s ‘thinking work’ has been outsourced to India, or have you merely been replaced with an H1b Indian now living in the company apartment building? How’s that working for ya, when you have tens of thousands in college debt, but can’t find a job in ‘business management’ because businesses are shutting their doors? How’s it working out for ya Mr. Phd in gender studies? How’s that BS degree in black history working out for you? We have become a nation of faddists, following talking twits, common sense, is no more.

Yet, Mr. Charles Krauthammer, has the nerve to get all sanctimonious about Mr. Donald Trump? When Mr. Trump gets up there and tells it like it is? That all YOU SELF CENTERED BASTARDS in the NY/DC corridor, have screwed the whole country, and left yourselves as the lords and ladies, the new aristocracy of the American Monied Royalty? I have news for you Charles, and all your twit friends, I used to like Fox news, but no longer will I watch it. I’m boycotting Fox.

You noticed I called Donald; The Last Trump? Is this a metaphor, a coincidence or the real thing? Who can know. Does this mean I’m saying he is a prophet, a Godly pious man? Oh no. All I’m saying is that God often uses the Outsider, the contrary or unpopular guy for getting His messages out. The Donald is on a mission from God because I sincerely believe he loves America, what America used to be, and what it could be again, if it get its collective head out of its own emotional arse. No matter whether Mr. Trump wins or not, he has performed a mission for God in the sense that he has blown his trumpet loud, and the message is clear;



About Piper Michael

Originating soul of the Unified Field of God, given as a gift of God to a humble Piper. A man who searched the garbage dumps of science and religion for 40 years, in the search for absolute truth. The Einstein-Enoch Equation is the result of the Quest for the Holy Grail.
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