Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned -redeux

“Three things that cannot stay long hidden, the Sun, the Moon, and The Truth.”

The Blue and Red Kabuki dancers now join forces against The People, The Elect, and show the country, and the world, their true faces. They are those who worship money, and power, above all other considerations. The Republicans cannot abide the man on the white horse, the last Trump of God, a flawed man, who gives a wake up call to the silent majority; SLEEPERS AWAKEN. The Establishment Elite are in a panic as the global meme of antiglobalism sweeps the world. They will do anything, say anything, kill anybody, to maintain their grip on the money power. In the end, that is the power they seek to retain, the control of money, and budgets, for there is the source of their power. If Mr. Trump wins the election, excpect the electoral college to become the last battle ground. If he takes the Whitehouse, expect the entire apparatus of government to fight him. But before that, if he wins the election, ‘they’ are already blaming the Russians for ‘interfering in the process’, and could, declare the whole thing ‘compromised’. They cannot see, their entire collectivist agenda is the problem, and immigration as the visible knife in our backs that is starting to bleed like a stuck pig. Europe is crumbling because of it, and America is in their sights. And too many preachers are helping to bring us down by siding with the government, for money, instead of preaching truth to power…

Mysterious polio like diseases, tuberculosis, dengi fever, all frightening, old, once thought eradicated diseases, making a come back, in the US of A. Why? Is there no common sense left in the Kabuki dancers? No, of course not, that would directly attack the method of their madness; multiculturalism. For when you have multiculturalism, you have no culture at all. No protection of your way of life, your morals, values, even your lives are forfeit to forces that can only succeed if your particular culture, the WASP culture, is eliminated by the ‘Religion’ of Progress, the primary religion of the globalists and their dual ideology of secular materialism… the Duopoly of left vs right, where both sides report to the same set of bosses. Bosses who use the game of Trivial Pursuit, to hide the real issues of today, bogging barely educated men and women down in firestorms of emotional nonsense, taking up valuable media airtime, leaving precious little airtime for real issues. When someone does have the gall to speak against ‘The System’, they are attacked by both sides. The Kabuki dancers in the theater of the damned, hide and obfuscate, deny and lie, all the way to the halls of power and control, the ultimate aphrodesiac. Anybody who mentions their ultimate goal, global government, is ridiculed, since their mission is to work for ‘you’, not themselves. When they are caught red handed, no time is given on the air, only air time is doled out to Trump’ed up faux paux in the past. Yet, their golden haired child, who raped women, is given a pass. The lies stack up to heaven, the bowls of Karma are full to overflowing, the kettle is steaming and ready to blow, America is on the verge of civil war, regardless of who wins, violence has already begun… but remember who drew first blood, the Blue Kabuki has now burned down a Red Kabuki head quarters, beaten people, vandalized cars, caused anarchy in the streets… we are all waiting for First Blood to flow.

In this time, the Globalists, and Hillary-> in particular, we have a crowd of globalist madmen bent on disestablishing the American culture in order to desensitize us into accepting all kinds of ‘new normals’. The new normal of a global police state, the global economy that benefits only the richest of the rich and the rest of us will eventually get the shaft. This is the purpose of the keeping of information hidden about muslim attackers, and Black lives matters anarchists, as well as the influx of thousands of so called ‘refugees’. In this matter we have been reminded of what we have forgotten, as well as the cost of being ‘nice’. For nice guys finish last in this world, and the Last Trump has been warning us all; SLEEPERS AWAKEN.

Is this metaphor, prophecy or coincidence, we cannot say. We can say he is right, simply based on the facts in our face, The System is rigged. America has become a nation of The Bezzle, The Scam, the Racket. He is tough as nails, and tough is what we need right now, period. For all of us have been overcome by the “Sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly.”, the most perfect definition of political correctness ever written. In these simple biblical words lie the fruit of karma, you reap what you sew. If you listen to the winds of nonsense, then you will reap the whirlwinds of chaos.

The Kabuki dancers would have you believe they are being nice by bringing in thousands of third world dregs, without any vetting, or even a basic physical examination. This is why Ellis Island used to exist, and to get your ‘walking papers’, you had to enter in one of the few institutions that provided America with an extra layer of safety against walking epidemics, by vetting and examining every potential immigrant, this is the process of legal immigration. But the Kabuki dancers don’t care, they don’t care about America remaining America. They know, that as long as WASP culture stands, and America remains America, they will never implement a global government.
Know this, it is not that the idea of a global government is a bad thing, no. But, not with the current crop of philosopher king wanna be’s we have. For they know things we do not accept, but it is because they have kept the facts from us to foster their own agendas, and they are even bragging in low places how their primary agenda is depopulation and global government, by whatever means necessary.

James Howard Kuntsler, in his blog, said as much just the other day. These two faced ass wipes complain, bitch and moan about politicians destroying America, and how the oil situation is the killer of civilizations, and how the crooks that run the show should all die first, but in the end, it is necessary for a massive depopulation event to happen in order to ‘save the planet from ourselves’. They have no vision, they have no souls, for they, and all the other democrat and many republican voters have no minds, they only have weak minded hearts. Hearts that will accept any bullshit thrown out there, as long as it has the primateur of the Media and the Politicians, especially, the issue of illegal immigration.

This is just like Rome, overrun by slaves, that destroyed the small business men, because the slave operation owned by a senator, can wipe out any and all competition, that’s what happened in Rome, and left former small businessmen dependent on the Emperor for food and entertainment they called “bread and circuses”, America has begun that slow slide into moral and economic irrelevancy. Rome went tits up because they overextended themselves, debased(watered down) their money, and created a welfare/warfare state. Ask yourself; What has America become? Like Rome, now, any corporation, that owns a politician or two, can import H1b visa holders, or hire mexicans, and throw white and black people out in the street without so much as a by your leave, and the government lets them get away with it. This is happening all over the country, yet, it is state sanctioned murder of America, which will leave us a festering, diseased, unemployed, shit hole of a country, left in the back wash of the duopolistic religion of ‘progress’ as the Kabuki dancers dance in the theater of the damned.

On the other side of the equation of duopoly, we have the billionaires like Elon Musk, and others, who want to take us to outer space. They see a future of rocket ships and space stations, Mars colonies, and Jupiter explorations, eventually, they see technology taking mankind to the stars. But, there will be no stars for mankind, because mankind cannot reach the stars with the profit motive. The capitalists haven’t figured out yet, that capitalism benefits only the capitalists, everybody else, and everything else, including Earth resources, are too thin to support such an endeavor. It would take millions, if not a billion peoples resources to mount such a simple expedition to Earth’s closest star Alpha Centauri, only a short 4 light years away. It would take the commitment of a race of people desperate to escape a planet that is dying, or a desperate race to beat an asteroid on a course to inflict an ELE, Extinction Level Event, on our home planet. That such a thing is inevitable, or a corona mass ejection is more likely to come in our lifetimes, than not. But, we don’t have any men of vision, we have whiners, and con artists in charge. Men of vision do not have enough resources to fulfill their visions because their visions are so visionary, and visions do not come cheaply. How many regular Joes, do you think, can afford a ticket to ride a spaceship for over $200,000? Space travel, to them, is merely the 21st century equivalent of a high dollar Disney world, not what it should be, an Arc or lifeboat for the species. We have minds, but we are always drawn down into the common denominator of money.

The last such visionary was JFK, and that worked out real well for him, eh? There are some who say we would have never walked on the moon if JFK had lived, and that if it wasn’t for the cold war, we would never have had the motivation or financial allocations. Regardless, it took the entire resources of a nation just to stand on the moon and look back at Earth, a blue floating marble in a vast darkness, and only a few men ever went, and what they saw awed them to the bone, and convinced most of them that there was something desperately wrong with planet Earth. That something has been around since the beginning; the Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules. The only way to save humanity, from an oilless, and a Universe filled with Chaos, is the Golden Rule. But it is hard to be spiritual, when your life, or your job, depends on your love affair with materialism. But as we have said before, it was always the love of money that destroyed America almost from the beginning. It could all be fixed in one stroke, but as long as the Head of Gold rules the world, it will be hard to accept that governments should be abolished, and banks, and corporations. No, it will take a true species threatening event to awaken people, the Last Trump is awakening many that The System is rigged, it will take a war to light the fires of real global revolution.
In Jesus name we pray, but, do we know Jesus, or do we know what preachers say?
I think we are divided, and useless as meek warriors. The meek warrior stands up to evil. Yet preachers are divided into denominations, and schools of thought. Thus the Body is divided, not united as our enemy is.
This is why I abandoned the Church in the Search for Truth. Buddha said there are three things that cannot remain long hidden, The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth. The Truth, is the Double edged sword that comes out of the mouth of the Lord… The Doubled edged sword was historically the symbol for truth because it cuts both ways…

The Truth is, our Bible was not written by God, but by Rome. And those who search the Truth know, it is merely a fragment of what was long ago… Thus in this time the ‘sword comes out of the mouth of the Lord’, Revelation was a Gnostic prophecy, but Gnostics were burned at the stake to eliminate competition with Orthodoxy. Orthodoxy pays lip service to God, while truly worshiping Mammon. This is what divides us, the spiritual and the material. We think men can perform prayers and rituals that will give us a ‘free ticket to paradise’, this is the essence of the Anti-Christ spirit. That you can buy your way into paradise, when, paradise is free, but heaven is not.

We have had our humanity stolen by false prophets, we have had the truth stolen by false churches, that have divided us into arguing over bible verses, instead of trying to integrate them into Oneness.
Oneness says, that men defend the righteous and the innocent, and deliver them from evil. Preacher will say to be ‘passive like Christ’, yet leave out the lesson in the Temple with the money changers. Preacher will say this is the only ‘sin’ that the Lord committed, but was this a sin, or a lesson? Every thing He did was a lesson by example. In our time, the money changers control all things… yet we are divided over everything because ‘evil crept in unawares’, and we are seduced by the ‘sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly’… the most perfect definition of political correctness ever written.

He showed the The Way, that the Meek Warrior loves his enemies. Part of that love is tough love, to show them the error of their ways. Part is to demonstrate the superior character and moral strength of the warrior when he ‘turns the cheek’ in the face of insults. But also, to understand that there are different levels to evil, and you must ‘sell your coat and buy a sword’. Preachers say these are contradictions in The Word, but those contradictions were caused by the Founding Fathers and their zealous reediting of ancient manuscripts. They argue about them, but that is because they use basically the same book, without guidance from ancient scripts. They cannot integrate into Oneness because they went to seminaries, brain washing universities, like the Elite, they are One with The System of Babylon… they preach to ‘submit to Godly authority’, yet, where is Godliness in Authority?
Babylon, a much used, and abused term was defined even in the writings of the Bible, yet preachers cannot see it because they are too anal retentive, too literal minded, in defense of The System. Because they all know, The System IS Babylon. They have sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver to preach ‘non politically’, while getting their tax breaks. They cannot see the truth because they are the modern Pharisees, who bow down to the modern version of Rome, they follow men’s law, not God’s. Babylon was a system, not just a kingdom. Daniel told us what it was, history told us how it works. The Money changers of Babylon invented the most vile instrument in the history of mankind; The Fixed Contract of Debt… backed up by the Kings soldiers, and given moral authority by the Priests… sound familiar? It should, it is the Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules.

This was shown in the prophecy of Nebuchadnezzar interpreted by Daniel. A metaphor of the empires that would come after Babylon, that would be “like Babylon, but not as good”. This is what America is based on, The ‘Republic’, that the international bankers have taken control over, and the Church has now turned hard left in support of The Beast(the Animal emotions in man, greed vs envy, as the duopoly of division and control. What I term; The Kabuki dancers in the Theater of the Damned…). The Church is the Holy Mother Church, a woman, a Mother of Harlots named; MYSTERY speaking ‘anti’ Christ messages/blasphemies. Who rides a beast named Babylon the Great, with seven heads and ten horns… seven continents, and ten lost tribes. The Horns are shofars, the symbol of Leaders of the Lost Tribes of Israel, the Caucasian race that controls the whole Earth… I know, I know, this is very controversial… but, objective research, and the Spirit speaking, will speak to your hearts, if you can simply understand the anger and hatred of Judah. The ‘lost sheep’ is who Jesus came for, eh? Yet, those sheep were never ‘lost’, they went into hiding. Running away from Judah and his ‘temple law’, which became changed during their long stay as captives in Babylon. All of us were polluted by the Babylonian Mystery religion, the idea that priests can intervene between man and God. This is the foundation of Orthodoxy, that man can get to God by the actions and rituals through other men. The only way to God, is Jesus, the First begotten Son, the Logos, the Word, and your own actions in defending innocence against evil…

We, America, used to be the good guys. We have not been the good guys since the 1950’s, we have been an empire of money, that became debt. All of our institutions are oriented towards arrogance and power over everybody, especially their own people. As they lie about the economic situation, people are confused. Then they are caught in more lies, lies that serve but one purpose; Power and Control, the Great Aphrodisiacs of the Mammon Worshipers. You can serve God, or Mammon (materialism), but you cannot serve both masters. Thus good people can only be controlled by the appearance of morality, this is the purpose of political correctness, the Illusion of Goodness, sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly. We, The People, have never had anything but the System of Babylon, since the time of Babylon… we have never known anything but the Rule of Gold, and only the Golden Rule can conquer it. When the black horseman of the money changers falls, many will awaken to their own cowardice.

This gets down to literal, metaphorical, spiritual, physical, scientific, principles, we have a choice between a religion of ‘faith’ without proof of God, or, worshiping a philosophy of science, not only without God, but actively seeking to disprove God. They hate God, and teach our children that Godly people are backwards, neanderthals, old fashioned, “Hasn’t science proven there is no God?” they say… The Great Falling Away has been happening for decades, in ‘Gods Time’, where a thousand years is as a day, and a day is as a thousand years. This is the most perfect explanation of Einstein’s Relativity ever described. Yet, Einstein resented scientists using his theories to prove there is no Creator. I use Relativity, and the Books of Enoch and Nag Hammadi, to mathematically prove that God MUST exist for all things to BE. This came to me after 40 years of seeking truth outside the hypocrites of church, and I saw the doors of heaven open, just a crack. Enough to reveal that we are all deceived, by those who worship money. This is the foundation of all evil, for the love of money truly is, the Root of all Evil. The lesson of the rich man tells us to abandon wealth, and follow Him, but, in this System, if you do, you will be attacked. So what is The Way Forward?
We are given the answer, but we cannot see, because our preachers are blinded by mammon. We must go “into the wilderness” on the wings of a mighty Eagle, oddly, the Symbol of Rome, and America. We escaped persecution in Europe, and came to America ‘on the wings of an Eagle’. And now, we are persecuted again, and the persecution is met by confusion, and disparate messages from our leadership, because they themselves are divided into camps, denominations. A house divided against itself, cannot stand. But we cannot unify because The Lord must come again. Well, really? His true teachings were found, yet rejected, again, by modern pharisees. These were called the Nag Hammadi codexes, the books of Enoch, and others, that were buried by ancient Gnostic sages under severe persecution from the Catholics. If I told you that Jesus was a Gnostic, you would have to ask yourself, was Jesus a ‘Christian’? Be careful with your answer, because He was not a Jew, in the standard modern definition of that word. He was an Essene, a Gnostic Jew at war with the other ‘sects’ of Sadducee and Pharisee, like our denominations today(remember the influence of Babylon?). He called them vipers, he attacked them physically, in the temple, through their source of power; the money changers. He showed us The Way, to leave The System of the money changers, to go into the wilderness, and live like lilies of the field, to become our brothers keepers. Not in the way of Churches, but in the way of our own economy, outside the ‘economy’ of The System. The System wants only one thing, your dependence and loyalty, to Them.

Eventually, we must all depend on ourselves. I am learning how to be a blacksmith and to grow my own medicine, having worked at a pharmaceutical company as management, it can be done since all the things to heal the human, grow upon The Earth. This is the Source of medicines. Today, they are trying to push plastic drugs, for plastic people, for plastic politicians to use to control us, yet the side effects are often worse than the cure. This is because they are all byproducts of petroleum… they produce poison along with healthcare, they don’t care, its all about the money… as all the recent lawsuits have proven. Like the drug companies, the justice system, the VA, the Military Industrial Complex, the banks, they are all part of The Bezzle, the national disgrace that is the precursor of global government. They want it. They all want it because it will give them all what they want, power and control over all people and nations. This is a forgone conclusion, as we all know it must happen, at least for the short term.
But, as the black horseman falls, the Last Trump of God is blowing a message in the whirlwind sewed by the Elite. The messenger, as always for God, is flawed, imperfect, an outsider. His message is simple; SLEEPERS AWAKEN, this is happening as the Dark day of the Lord(a time of darkness is seen as madness in society) as WWIII is being designed by these evil people to hide their crimes and take power, like the Phoenix that burns down its own nest, and rises from the ashes, as the banks are having problems, as the weather is having problems, as the Earth is having problems with Earth quakes and volcanoes… the Signs in the Sun, no spots, are very telling, but they use the issue of global warming, and tell us that we are the problem, when in fact, it is the Cycles of Earth, natural, not man made, we contribute only a small percentage of the problem, but, it is a ‘crisis that cannot go to waste’, and their solution is ‘The Green Horseman’. The Death worshipers come as the Greens, oddly, the color of Islam is also Green, and they have become allies to form a pale green horse… the black horseman is the scales, of the money changers, the paradigm of banking and the Illusion of Justice, will morph into the Pale Green Horseman of Gaia worship, and the Moon god, Christianity and the Church must succumb to their own division based in the Doctrine of Mystery, the primary doctrine of the Church.

Therefore, the Elect, must stand against The Elite. The Elect are those who see through the Illusion of Reality, in its many deceptions. We will become The Remnant, and the Meek who inherit. Prophecy is becoming history, if you have but ‘eyes that see’. But those eyes have been put out, by the forces of Mammon, and it is almost time, for the veil to be lifted and the face of true evil to be seen, but by then, it will be too late, as most all will have been happily deceived by their own Leaders. I say ‘happily’ because most people want to believe The Illusion instead of The Reality.
The Elect begin to awaken, yet many have had their eyes taken out, and their ears plugged with dung. The Sea roars in confusion, as the global beast of emotional and irrational ideology begins its march against the Saints. The Darkness of power unites the darkness, for power attracts evil like moths to a flame, and moths swarm, yet they become allies in their fight against The Light.

Now is the time for the Meek Warriors to rise, and do exploits.

PS: I apologize for the length and breadth of this post. I get carried away sometimes. Normally I would just exit the page and delete the post. But, I see many who are confused, who listen to preachers and argue about scriptures and what they should do, or not do. They see the same old same old, and have become tired and many are leaving The Churches because of the Division of the Word. They do not understand that there was once much more, and that it was destroyed by the same types who The Lord chastised. Those who doubt these words, need only seek the Truth in the original words, and reading Origen, the Church Father who was declared a heretic because he tried to bring orthodoxy and gnosis together. Read who The Heretics were, and the councils and synods that battled over the inclusion of Gnostic works of Revelation and John into your Bibles. What was removed, was the ‘private teachings’ of Jesus, and now, those teachings have been rediscovered by the serendipity of God. This is the sword of truth that comes out of the mouth of the Lord. But, we have all forgotten the original meanings of words, and the language of the spirit, which is metaphorical images. It is the what we need, to quit arguing among ourselves over things forgotten and the ideologies of the rich. The only ideology we should recognize in the future, is the ideology of The Family, which contains both right and left within itself. To learn the lessons of the temple money changers, and the lesson of Samuel and Saul, that we “demanded a king to rule over us”, and so has it ever been since.
The only question The Elect need ask is; How has all that king stuff worked out for ya over the last few thousand years or so? Is there another Way, that does not include governments of men? Is there a new constitution, call it; a global Constitution of the Confederation of the Kingdom of God, that could create a climate ‘in the wilderness’, outside The System? There is, but we refuse to see, because we love our comforts, we have yet to ‘sell our coats(of comfort), and buy a sword(of truth)’…

About Piper Michael

Originating soul of the Unified Field of God, given as a gift of God to a humble Piper. A man who searched the garbage dumps of science and religion for 40 years, in the search for absolute truth. The Einstein-Enoch Equation is the result of the Quest for the Holy Grail.
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