Stephen Hawking and God

So, Stephen has now revealed his true feelings, not that we hadn’t told you long before. Scientists, or rather most scientific authority figures, hate God, with a passion. His own words now reveal his feelings.

This pitiable old man, who could never find the Unified field on his own, previously had announced that it didn’t exist, there was no Unified Field, no Theory of Everything… demonstrating his bitterness against God and ultimate frustration at not understanding, that the physicists will never fully understand the Universe without giving the Creator His due. They will never understand the origins, or the mechanism of life, or the need for a higher meaning in life.

Now in the article above, again, he tries to tell us that the Universe came from Nothingness. Violating their own laws of physics, that you cannot get something from nothing. In his case, they are desperate to prove a Universe without a Creator. This is also why they are desperate to find their God Particle, but it has now been shown to be moot. Even if they can find it, which they won’t, it will not deliver the integration of forces from magnetism to gravity, from inertia to entropy. So Stephen thinks we must be satisfied with multiple theories. To go down this path will simply deliver man into the clutches of darkness. Once they have declared God is Dead (which they have already tried.), and back it up with globalism, including some godless one world religion, then they will have you right where they want you. When you don’t believe in something, you will fall for anything. If Einstein didn’t find the Unified Field, and Hawking didn’t find it, he thinks, it doesn’t exist, what arrogant hubris.

God it seems, has a different idea. He knows, that when mankind turns global with one global Hive mind, and one world antiGod religion, that goodness and mercy, liberty and justice, on planet Earth, will be done. Will God allow this? We think not. Thus the need for the Unified Field of God, lies in the weakness of the religions of Mystery. They have lost their hold on the minds of men and the morality of mankind, due to the weakness of their doctrines of MYSTERY, just like scriptures tell us. Hawking is merely a tool of his own arrogance and pride, very dark emotions, for a very dark outcome. To prove that the Universe can be created without a Creator, is the ultimate arrogance, almost a demonic or archonic arrogance.  But, of course, he has ‘proven’ no such thing. He merely spouts a stream of ugly words, just like preachers spout streams of pretty words, but in the end, they are just words of rebellion. Hawking even says he was proud to be in an ‘inquisition’ when the Pope admonished him. This is revealing… of his ultimate motive. He is mad at God for his body and his life, and he tries to get even with God because he blames God for his pitiful existence in his wheelchair.

But Stephen turned the wrong way, and didn’t learn his lesson. If he had overcome his illness, and turned towards God, he might, might, have delivered the Unified Field, if he had included God in its formulation. But he became just another apostate scientist, and thus was denied his goal. But the problem is, where to men turn to if the religions of men are ultimate joined in ‘ecumenical’ unity, and faiths are made a joke because science has ‘proven’ that God does not exist? What happens to morality, justice, liberty? This is the end game of evil, and Stephen Hawking, you are a tool of darkness.

Thus The Holy Light gave the Unified Field of God to give the people of God a sliver of Knowledge against a dark world of men and their agendas of control. The True Lights of the world see the evil, yet are still divided and confused by the Roman doctrines of religious mystery. It is the MYSTERY of God that must be finished, that must be overcome by the Knowledge of God, the Gnosis must overcome the Orthodox. Only knowledge enhances faith, love, empathy, morality and justice, not mystery. Mystery says there are no answers for evil, where Knowledge says evil is the result of where we live, in the darkness of this Universe. Evil is a result of the dark energy and the Archonic and demonic entities that live in it. Evil is within us, around us, part of us, it speaks to us in the emotions of the Animal soul. It is the Animal that must be overcome, and only knowledge of it can overcome it. Regardless of our beliefs, we are all rebellious souls in one way or another, we all have feelings that come up out of nowhere, negative feelings, negative thoughts, and these are not out of our control if we have The Light within. Stephen Hawking has followed the dark side, and attempts to deliver us all into an ungodly dystopia of being chained to a chair, his chair, that he hates so much, and a God he hates even more.

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