Pillars of the apocalypse

Cathedral of St. John the Divine

There is one interesting pillar of the apocalypse imbedded in stone in this magnificent cathedral in New York. It the one below, notice that people are worshiping a spiral vortex.

Is this a picture of the new Gnosis being born, the worship of the knowledge of reality contained in the Grail, the Spiral Vortex? We include these pictures from this website, he has many more and we recommend his articles highly;


Look at it so that he can educate you about how the things of God are polluted by the MYSTERY of men. Knowledge is always hidden and colored with darkness to serve the needs of men in Authority. Even self righteous Christians, many do not know that their religions too, were infiltrated by evil and MYSTERY from the beginning. The Cathedral is a hotbed of pagan mysteries, that integrate themselves into the Christian cathedral, as these pagan rituals and the new religion of The Environment, The Greens, The Collectivists and Islam too, attempt to create a New One World Religion. But they intend to impose this ‘religion’, such things cannot be imposed without bloodshed. This is no different from Christianity or Islam that conquers by going to war “in the name of God”. The only ‘god’ they will serve, are the gods of darkness.

The Piper rejects all of these Pagan and Christian MYSTERY religions, for they all keep you IN FEAR and imposed ignorance. Is this spiral vortex on the pillar, a symbol of people finally coming to the Light?  The Light is the only way to overcome these dark forces. The Light will be the only way to replenish the Earth after the systems of materialism are dead and gone. The Light will come to Earth, and the spiral vortex is the symbol of Reality, a Cause and Effect Universe, a philosophy of Reason over MYSTERY. The symbols of death and the dead lamb tied up, indicates Christianity as it is, may no longer be, and a rebirth takes place from the Garden Earth.

The Christian churches attack anything that does not agree with their out dated interpretations. Anything that is different from their narratives is ‘evil’. They misunderstand prophecy and believe they have a monopoly on the Christ Spirit, when they are the ones who have mixed His simple message of Light with the things of men and darkness. Their history is a history of war, murder, deceit, hypocrisy and the fruits of darkness. So why do they think they have a pious self righteous monopoly on Spirit, when they kicked The Spirit out of their Church long ago.

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