e=mc2, or Hyper Relativity?

e=mc2 or Hyper Relativity  ( = Spiritual Relativity)

This is probably the most famous equation in the history of mankind, Einstein’s Special Relativity theory, the theory of matter = energy, or ‘frozen’ light. It also describes the relationship between matter, energy and time and space, as a relative, not an absolute. Time is variable, according to how fast you are traveling, relative to the speed of light, the only constant in the Universe. People from all walks of life are familiar with it, even if they don’t know the true meaning of it. People may not know exactly what it means, but they can relate to the atom bomb, which is its greatest proof. This is because an atom bomb is merely the sudden conversion of a few pounds of radioactive material into the constituent energy that is contained within that material. When an atom bomb goes off, that few pounds of plutonium or uranium is converted instantly into the light of a thousand suns. It is this concentrated light that vaporizes anything standing within a certain distance from the point of detonation. It is the light that vaporizes the very atmosphere into a fireball and resulting vacuum, and the subsequent blast wave is a result of that vacuum. If you happen to be looking at the blast when it happens, and you’re close enough, you’ll be blinded as the light burns out your retina’s. At its core, the matter in the bomb, is converted into light. So light is the purest form of energy, and the matter of the bomb was made out of light, or was it? If there is a flaw in this equation, it is the nature of matter, and how it is ‘frozen’ from energy, this was Einstein’s ultimate quest, the search the Unified Field equation.

Einstein then brought forth General Relativity, the theory of gravity and space-time. It was proven by experiments too, up to a point. But in recent years it has been seen to have a potential flaw. The Pioneer and Voyager probes have gone off track, according to GR. Slightly, but still off track. They have also detected magnetic bubbles at the edge of the solar system, and nobody knows what they are. General Relativity works at close distance, but begins to fail at longer distances, and science, instead of altering their theories, continue to defend the status quo in search of some mysterious particle called Higgs that they think will put everything back right. But then they will have no explanation for the forces, only matter. So what then of the magnetic bubbles in interstellar space? What causes magnetism? Where does the universal flow of energy come from? The Higgs will not bring gravity, inertia or entropy into focus either. The scientists have many unexplained ‘mysterious phenomena’ that can mathematically describe the How, but seem to have mostly abandoned the Why. Except for a few remaining ‘kooks’ of the Einstein school of waves and energy, who think particles are merely the surface illusion. Kooks, who see the big picture, that the standard models, are just wrong because all things are frozen energy.

Over many years, the equations of Dr. Einstein, have been proven by experiments and these theories of Special and General Relativity accepted as fact, and Einstein’s approach to the Unified Field equation was mostly abandoned by the mainstream, . But what if there is a fundamental flaw in both? Let us take the case of Special Relativity, since it is the focus of our dilemma. Basically, the special equation is for a static mass, and says that mass is equal to energy, or that mass is constructed from energy. Scientists know this to be true from experiments and atom bombs, but they know now that there has to be two kinds of energy. They know that a mass must have something called Dark Energy in order for the energy that is in the mass to remain in what they call a bound or frozen condition. They say the energy is bound in the orbits of the atom, or what Dr. Einstein termed; “Frozen Energy”. Einstein would never accept the new theory of Quantum Mechanics, which is what came after Special Relativity. Einstein did not believe in particles, he believed in waves of energy, but he lost his battle with his body before he could prove it and show how those waves of energy fit together into the chaotic reality we see. His Grand Unified Theory was never completed. He never saw the patterns in the Chaos.

Over the course of time his theories of Special and General Relativity stood the test of time, even if there were slight deviations in the form of errors in measurement. Scientists always have a margin of error in all their measurements because the Universe is a very noisy place. Nobody knows why, but everything is noisy and chaotic, and there is no grand theory of ‘noise’. But it is now accepted that everything is composed of light energy and dark energy, this is what occupies the efforts of many physicists today, the search for that elusive thing called Dark energy in the form of something they call The Higgs boson, that they nicknamed the God Particle. This is a magical entity, a particle that gives dark energy and spin to hold the energy waves together, or so they think. At the end of the day, they are trying to re-invent God in their own image and bury the God of religion. This is because most scientists are atheists, and many of the best of them, actually hate religion and God, and will do anything in their power to disprove the need for a Creator God. At the same time they will take their revenge on the Church for destroying tens of thousands of years of knowledge, and setting science back a thousand years. They hold the ultimate grudge, and will not be denied until they can prove a Universe that created itself without outside volition, something from nothing.

But it is this very attitude that has kept physics in a Cul de sac of the phantom particles for nearly a hundred years, and keeps their thinking stuck in the something from nothing universe of their standard model, the Great Nothing. Thinking that cannot see the fundamental flaw, that Quantum Mechanics is symptomatic of a greater whole. While the man who believed in God, Einstein, will eventually be proven the most correct in his assumptions about the nature of our energetic reality. This can now be proved by the God Calculus, which takes Einstein’s relativities, completes and combines them with the ancient  energy model of Enoch, into a Grand Unified Theory of Everything, that even includes the reason for the underlying gravity, inertia, entropy, as well as the noise and chaos.

One of the proofs of this new theory, is the results of experiments that increase the amount of energy in a mass, and show that weight to be reduced, not increased. If the special theory of relativity were absolutely correct, then mass equals energy, so if either mass or energy is increased in density, then the mass must become heavier. If energy is equal to mass, then the addition of energy to an object, must increase the mass of the object. But experiments do not prove this, they prove the opposite. When an experiment proves a theory wrong, then the theory must be reexamined and a new theory formulated, but science does not do this.

An easy way to increase the energy density of an object, is to use a simple capacitor. It has always been known that capacitors of any power, will move around when charged. Many experiments have been performed in the field of ‘electro gravitics’, or magnetic levitation, and random success has been achieved but there has been no breakthrough into a true anti gravity experiment or device. This is because the theories that they use are incomplete. There is General Relativity and there is Quantum Mechanics and its derivatives, but there is no Quantum Gravity theory. They do not know what gravity is, or what causes it, so their experiments though intriguing, are inconclusive.

The very essence of this problem, is the observation that defies the theory of special relativity. As shown above, if mass equals energy, and energy equals mass, then gravity itself is energy, the makeup of that energy field is the question. If energy must be of two primal energies, as Quantum mechanics now says must be true, then the loss of mass/weight in these experiments is the key to understanding the makeup of everything. There is no simpler demonstration of this principle than in old mysteries of science that have been relegated to the trash heap of history.  The Rock problem or the Brazil nut effect, has been known about for many many years and never conclusively solved, until now.

This is the problem of big rocks and little rocks, and how big rocks rise to the surface of little rocks, when common sense and special and general relativity show that the big rocks should fall down through the little rocks. If all things are equal, and mass equals energy, then the relative density and mass of the large rock should be heavier than the little rocks, must it not? But reality does not conform to theory, and farmers will tell you, that big rocks rise to the surface of their fields every spring. Construction people will tell you that big rocks will rise to the surface of little rocks when vibrated, Brazil nuts will rise to the surface of little nuts when the container is shaken.
This observation is contrary to accepted theory, so theory, is wrong to some degree. There is something missing. This is why these problems were relegated to the dustbin of ‘mysterious phenomena’.

All the theories and mathematical equations fail to predict the rise of big rocks over little rocks. Science has no clue why and their only stab at explanation lies in convection, which is an example of intellectual hubris because relativity refutes it. The Rock phenomena, if seen in the light of the God Calculus, becomes clear. When energy is added to an object, it is the same thing as a bigger rock, the big rock has more relative energy as well as more mass, than the little rocks surrounding it, or ‘relative’ to it. The big rock’s God-mass-density, is higher than the little rocks around it, so its God-energy-density is higher and it wants to rise out of the chaos because it is attracted to the Hyper Light with more concentrated connections. This reveals the nature of gravity, and the common flaw in special and general relativity.

The flaw in the relativities and quantum mechanics is the basic model that Einstein and the Quantum physicists use, the so called ‘Standard model’ is based on the Great Nothing. It is the exclusion of the source and sink of the energy flow of the Universe(s), for if this energy flow is added back in, then they must answer some higher and more uncomfortable questions. They must answer from whence the energy comes. They must answer then why does it spin, which leads directly to the Unmeasurable Cause, the Causal spin force as separate from the energy. Thus they are desperate, as mankind always is, to prove something from nothing can be achieved, and they spend billions in vain for their God Particle that will prove it, but all they will ever find is an energy feedback, a ghost, a Holy Ghost at the 1 Radian point. It is this angle of 1 Radian(angles are measured in Radians or degrees), that is critical to the generation of Pi as the foundation of the Universe. This is the basis of the Universal geometry, or what you could term; spiritual geometry.

They see that space-time itself has thickness, yet reject any notion that it could be the source of dark energy itself. They see no proof of it in their calculations or experiments, and thus reject the idea that the very makeup of space-time itself is the dark energy they seek. When old experiments proved that spin is greater than the speed of light, they used Einstein to rationalize it away, they ‘normalize’ their data by using Einstein when it suits them, but they reject any and all alternate models of string theory, because they would have to accept that the Universe(s) are built from a source of energy outside the known Universe. This energy would also have to be of a variety unknown to science, its rate of vibration so high that it is unmeasurable by known methods, and its energy frequency would have to be higher than light speed to provide a source of quantum entanglement. All the results of such thinking would lead directly to the need for a Creator and a Hyper-cosmic energy source and sink, which is another word for; Spirit energy. (Hyper means faster than light, hyper-cosmic means from outside the cosmos.)

Thus when big rocks rise above little rocks, the special and general theories of Einstein are shown to have flaws. It is not possible for this ‘phenomena’ to exist, but it does. As long as the particle school is obsessed with finding a God particle, they will remain stuck in the Cul de sac of their Standard Model of Quantum Mechanics. QM, is correct, but only at the surface layer of the bubbles of matter, the God Calculus shows the underlying structures of the bubbles cum particles, and their binding forces, but also, the reason why QM doesn’t understand how waves can become particles, and particles can become waves, this is known as the Wave-Particle Duality, which is proven in the dual slit experiment.. They should see it as a great indicator of the flaw in their model, that they are working from flawed assumptions derived from old experiments in the 19th century. (Michelson-Morley and the luminiferous Ether. The Aether is dark, not light.)

The bottom line in this Universe, is that there must be energy flow. In order for there to be a flow of energy, it must have a source of the energy and a sink or consumer of the energy. At the same time, there must be a source of the spin of the energy, it is what binds the energy into a frozen state. Thus there must be three forces to create a 3D reality as we know it, a source of energy, a consumer of energy, and a cause of spin. The ancient books of Enoch gave the model of reality from the mouth of God, but The Church threw the book in the trash and called it Forbidden. God must not have appreciated this wanton act of destruction, and thus two of the books of Enoch were discovered and translated. In them, the Creator described the sources of the primal energies, and the cause of spin. The source is the Holy Spirit Light, the sink is the Imp, the consumer, the lake of fire that consumes all things, the source of spin or chaos, is the Voice of God manifested at 1 Radian point, or what we term; The God Tangent.

When Einstein’s relativities are combined with Enoch’s model revealed in the book of secrets, a picture of reality is uncovered that fits all known phenomena, sheds light on mystery, and shows the flaw’s in special and general relativity. The flaw being the nature of the energies, the flow and consumption, and that energy itself must spin and be slowed in order to be bound in atoms and consumed. That when this model is used, the energies of mass must become a trinity of energetic forces, not a single thing called energy.

When this ancient model is interpreted with the insight of Einstein, the phenomena of Electromagnetism becomes clear, they are two separate forces, the electric which is composed of light, which is the Holy Hyper Light, and the magnetic, which is the Unholy invisible dark consumer of light, the dark energy. Then you must add in the Causal spin force, the binding force that binds the string like energy flow into the Quantum Vortex that is manifested as magnetic bubbles. Magnetic bubbles that can absorb the helical light into a vortex, the only way a wave can become a particle, and emit light as a vortex is expanded into a helical light wave, the only way a particle can become a wave. Thus the wave-particle duality is understood as a logical result in the ancient Trinity of Forces, The Hyper Light, The Invisible Dark, and the Causal hyper-spin of the God Tangent, that results in the Quantum Vortex, in the Firmament of Chaos, which is the Quantum foam at the Zero tension point between positive and negative infinity of source light and dark consumer.

The Quantum Vortex, by necessity must have three attributes; attraction, repulsion and polarity. When the virtual particles of the physicists are looked at in this frame of reference, then we arrive at the chaotic Quantum Foam of a Magnetic Ether, and then we at last have a source of three more things that are not understood by standard Science; Gravity,inertia and entropy. All three are the result of the common collective quantum angular momentum and self Repulsion of the magnetic bubbles of the Quantum Foam and the Consumption of the hyper energy in and of all Things, entangled and connected through the Light, the Oneness or Wholeness, which is the Holiness, of Everything, because the Causal voice of God, is in everything.

Thus three forces, three attributes and three results, in three dimensions in a dark invisible magnetic aether of a Quantum Foam, defined as the Firmament of Potential Chaos, that sits on the edge of a bottomless pit, over the ultimate Abyss of Energy Consumption, that can create all the things observed, in one equation. A Theory of Everything, that shows that all things are one, connected through the Entanglement of the Infinities of helical quantum entanglement, from the Hyper Holy Light of the Ancient of Days describe in Enoch II, ch24-28. All things from light wave and magnetic field to the quarking layer resulting in atomic structure of linked quantum vortex bubbles, magnetic bubbles that attract and repulse, in different polarities and angles, causing matter to acrete and accumulate in left handed orbits, and left handed spinning galaxy structures, finally ending with the black holes of total consumption of all things at the edge of the bottomless pit of darkness, sub space, oblivion in eternal zero time, the second death of souls.

If this ancient model combined with Einstein is used to look at reality, we begin to see phenomena fall. Not just the rock problem, but all known mysterious phenomena of science begin to crack open. The Phenomenon of Electromagnetism is no longer one but two primary forces, that interact on a mutual basis, one causing the other in a magnetic ether. The phenomenon of the dual slit experiment is shown not just to be an experiment running in a closed system without connection to the observer, but the observer and the experiment are one through the magnetic ether foam. That the wave-particle duality is simply an observable result of two interacting energy types through the energy transfer impedance of the magnetic Aether; The  Zimp(the Znidarsic Impedance). That quantum entanglement is real, and is composed of hyper energy. That physical entrainment is the natural result of entanglement. (Set two clocks close to one another, and they will achieve synchronization.)

Quantum mechanics is a natural observable when there are hyper hidden chaotic variables not taken into account. That star bursts into six points, are because of the primary radian angle of Pi, the result of the God Tangent at 1 Radian, which is also why only six rainbows can appear at once in the sky, and this is because the magnetic ether conducts at radian harmonic angles easier than non-harmonic. That Coriolis is the natural result of the Causal spin force. That gravity is not a linear field with ‘frame dragging’, but a vortex of chaotic magnetic bubbles, a result of the disturbance of the aether, that cause spacecraft to go off course, and that is also the cause of the precession of orbitals. That gravity, inertia and entropy are necessary results of the magnetic ether, not separate phenomena.

That most planets and galaxies rotate and spin counterclockwise, because they are caused by the same centralized causal spin force, The God Tangent force, not a random self spontaneous event which would be necessary by the God(less) particle theory (which MUST produce a ‘random’ 50% distribution of counter clockwise and clockwise systems).  That even galaxies themselves, will not form under any other theory of men, without a single sourced universal causal spin force.

Einstein said “God does not play dice with the Universe”, which was his strenuous opposition to the new theory of Quantum Mechanics, and he was right. He wanted to show “the mind of God” and was rejected by men, thus he was a genius not just for the 20th century, but for the Ages. Enoch was the most righteous man ever, other than the Christ, and was given the secret to reality, the Holy Grail. It is only when Enoch is added to Einstein that the true nature of the underlying spiritual dimension to reality is exposed in the spiritual geometry of the Primal forces under the control of Pi, the very Voice of the Creator, that contains not just a force of spin, but encodes all the Knowledge of the Universe, in one ratio of God.

Thus, The God calculus is named for these two, The Einstein-Enoch equation of the Unified Field of God. Special and General Relativity must then become Hyper Relativity, everything being based on where the energy comes from, outside the Known Universe. The realm of religion and science combined by the Knowledge of God, that overcomes the Mystery of God imposed by The Churches, at the Nexus of the Unified Field of The Intelligent Designer, the Creator God. That such a reality based in a dark three dimensional reality, is only a surface illusion, and everything is relative to the Holy Light. This is also the basis of spirit, for spirit, if there is such a thing as spirit, it must be based in higher frequency energy, beyond the biological sensors of our bodies.

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