Of Galt and God

Of Galt and God

The old novel Atlas Shrugged had a central theme, but it was not just the vicious economic battle of the ages between capitalism and communism. No, it was at its core, about a new enabling technology and a Godless philosophy. It was about a new engine that ran under its own power, the Galt Engine and the atheist philosophy called; Objectivism. The engine was an enabling mechanism, that was a take off of the many rumors of Nikola Tesla’s work. Work that disappeared upon the great man’s death, when the government raided his apartment and made off with a lifetime of his work. Likewise the Galt engine was the underlying reason for Dagney Taggert’s great quest to find the young genius known as John Galt. But hidden with the messages in the book, is the message about the naturalistic philosophy of pure capitalism, and that man should listen to no one except himself, and his own selfish desires.

And John Galt was a genius in more ways than one, for the simple reason that he loved philosophy, the art and science of Thinking, unfortunately, his thinking was mostly about selfishness. In this regard, Objectivism, is the God of Mammon, rationalizing the desire for material things. Even though it is true, that self interest improves the world, it is also true that it also destroys it at the same time. Objectivism is an example of ideologically driven philosophy, not pure philosophy. Pure philosophy seeks truth, truth is recognizing the value of all sides in any question or debate. Objectivism rejects everything except self, it is not true thinking, it is rationalization, much like the collectivist side of thinking with feelings. Objectivism rationalizes selfishness through hard work, where Collectivism rationalizes theft through dependence.  Ideology doesn’t bow to supernatural creation or the necessity of the other ideology.  No man is an island able to function alone, but likewise the collective depends on the individual, who is able to think objectively. These are the ideologies of men, rich men, using ideology to enrich themselves. There is no thought of where the ideologies come from, that they are spiritual, and ancient. They are archtypes of the concept of The Family.  Where there is a strong leader, who thinks for himself but also for his family, and shares his bounty with his loved ones, for all of their futures. Collectivism is wrong, simply by taking the concept of family, and forcing it on the tax payers at the point of a gun. It is wrong in the idea that without love, we are all ‘The Family of man’. It is right that man is a family, but wrong because it promotes class warfare, by inducing envy into the common man. Instead of filling men with the desire to do for himself, it entices men into laziness. Neither ideology promotes the truth, that we are one family living on one planet that has to preserve the limited resources of Earth, for all the generations into the future. This is the result of ideologies that are materialistic. In this regard the ideology of the indigenous tribes, the Native Americans, respects the Earth as a spiritual entity that must be revered. The Religions and the Ideologies of materialism, those who worship money, are the controllers of the Earth. Without a new spiritual focus, this can never change.

Both ideologies end up the same way, with a few guys owning everything, and declaring themselves to be BOSS. The important thing to remember here, is that this is the way of the world, because the world is a resource limited place, and there are those who are OF the world, and those who are merely IN the world. And in this world, those OF the world, the seed of Cain, run the world for their own advantage, and thinking, and knowledge, is not their way, their way is the way of deception, what we call; the Way of Knowledge. Ideologies control the world, as a deception against the rest of us, to keep us divided, arguing amongst ourselves, and ignoring the Controllers, the Elite. They have learned their lessons well, since the time of Babylon, this is The System, the Rule of Gold, and why Nebuchadnezzar’s statue is so spiritually metaphorical. But there is no way for the those of spirit, to overcome those of darkness, with no way of running civilization without destroying the Earth or being dependent on The System of Babylon. This is the ultimate purpose of the Unified Field of God, is to prove God exists as the spiritual underpinnings of an energy reality, to conquer mystery and superstition, for the unification of the family of man, into a new spiritual age. But, this all begins with truth seeking, which requires thinking.

We don’t do much of that anymore, it has fallen out of style. We barely teach it any more, and neither do we teach young ones how to think, we teach them what to think. Such is the tragedy of the commons, when the collectivist Beast system takes over.  The Beast system is simply the power of the Animal feelings, the focus on materialism, which is called Mammon in religion. The Gnostics revealed the power of the Animal as the power of the Archons(dark powers of emotions) within physical (dark aetherial) reality, which is the negative consuming energy of the Aether of Einstein that is the basis of hardness and the material substance of the body and soul.

This is the source of negative animal emotions that consumes the Light of knowledge. It is the power of darkness that inhabits all men, it is unavoidable, integrated within us, all men live in fear of reality, and fear is the most powerful of all motivators in any society. We all get dark thoughts from time to time, and wonder where they come from… does the darkness have a consciousness, like the Holy Light? This was the basis of the Duality of Energies that defines physical reality. Is it not curious, that today, modern physics now mirrors an ancient philosophy exactly, that, everything is energy, a balance of Light energy and Dark energy? Without understanding the basis of reality, there can be no truth. Without basic truth, there can be nothing but fear of the unknown. Fear of the Unknown, is the basis of Mystery. Thus, Mystery is the basis of The Elite Controllers of the Head of Gold, who required religion to preach Fear; The Mother of Harlots named; MYSTERY, who sits upon a beast named Babylon the Great. Who is also called The Authorities, who are OF the world, and give themselves over to the darkness. They see the coming dark times, as the resource of oil draws down and becomes dear. They wish to have control so that they, and their progeny may live in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed. This is the end meaning of Revelations, the great crisis approaching as a time of Jacob’s Trouble, the Dark day of the Lord. This crisis will come, in time. They can only have their way if many die, and the rest live in abject poverty and misery as their serfs, while they promote themselves to regain their thrones as democracy self destructs due to debt. The only solution is energy, essentially free energy, and the elimination of the two legs of ideology that support the statue.

This is the power of the collective consciousness of fear, envy and coveting that manifests as; political correctness, which diminishes freedom of expression, and ultimately, freedom of thought and individual thought itself. And it was an animal/archonic church that defends The Materialistic System, that destroyed the works of Enoch and the Gnostics, and set mankind back a thousand years. It was an animal/archonic science that threw Einstein in the trash of their new Particle paradigm as they attempt to prove God does not exist. The Paradigm of materialism, based in the ideologies of greed vs envy, defends itself by all means, especially in religious fear of the reality, that protects The Authorities by the ancient “Divine right of Kings”. Which is still defended by their religious doctrines of submission to “Godly Authority”, while The Preachers collect their 30 pieces of silver through tax breaks. If you haven’t noticed, bankers, politicians and preachers, all, are doing “God’s Work”. A work, that keeps you divided by mind and emotions, like iron and clay.  It is curious, that Nebuchadnezzar’s statue is brought down by a rock, and the knowledge of God, in the Unified Field of God, was brought forth by the anti-gravitic power in the rocks. It was a simple question, why do big rocks rise above little rocks? The answer was startling, because the Holy Light is more dense than those around it. And in that answer, a wonderful future can be seen, but only if, as in Enoch, the Authorities of the World can be defeated, once and for all.

In the end, it is a battle between the Light and the Dark half of men, the mind versus the emotions, the source of good vs the source of evil. To overcome fear of religions, requires a victory over the concept of hell. To see that life itself is eternal energy, ends in an afterlife, centered around the sacred 3, everything is in threes, including afterlife. There is no simple minded heaven or hell, but, as the ancients said, energy is eternal. To be born again of the spirit is to be reincarnated, the true Way of Christ, the path to His Light and away from the Fear of living. For only when men conquer fear, are they able to unify. Only when men are able to unify, behind a proof of God’s evolutionary Universe, can the Light overcome the Darkness of this world. But proof of the Unified Field of God, with a path to free energy and anti-gravity, first requires the proof of darkness as dark energy, and its underlying substance.

The magnetic aether was first observed by The Piper when the Zero angle coil was constructed. (The ZCoil is basically an enhanced Tesla coil.) The ZCoil was the reveal-er because it showed the path of the elimination of the demon in the darkness for electrical devices that self motivate. In the beginning it was just an idea, like most ideas. An idea that was just the 1% inspiration that required 99% perspiration to be successfully achieved.  It took 5 years to find the key to successful implementation, but it now runs the new Galt engine. It is not our place in this page to prove anything to anyone, for the proof of the Universe lies in The Grail itself, not the results of it.

There are some who will complain and scream, that the results are the Key, the Thing that would save their dying civilization. But ask yourself, does this current incarnation of civilization deserve saving? Do Beasts that consume the Earth and the peoples joy, deserve anything but death? In this regard, John Galt was right, the collective mind destroys even its own self. This was also predicted by the ancients, Enoch and Gnostic writings, that the darkness would overtake the Earth. It appears, they were all right, darkness is winning and madness is rising. However, to say that the power of the individual, self interest, the power of the mind, is all goodness and light, would be the height of self delusion, because in this universe all light is wrapped in the darkness, and self interest can, all too often, turn to greed, just another side of the animal. Envy and Greed, thus became the driving forces of mankind, on the two legs of false ideologies. They are false ideologies if you think about it, because the end result is always a few guys owning everything and pronouncing themselves to be Boss.

Einstein thought his biggest mistake was releasing the secret of the atom to FDR. What terror in the dark did he unleash upon the Earth? Likewise, the Grail is the ultimate gift to mankind, but it is not so much of technology as it is the Soul of mankind. For the Piper would go to his grave, with the secrets of the New Electric technologies and the secret of the Holy Spirit, before he would unleash it upon this evil and materialistic world. A world that would attack him and demand that they ‘deserve’ it, they will say they are ‘entitled’ to it ‘just because’. They would attempt to make him feel guilty for not giving it up, for not publishing articles on its secrets, and they will not understand his reluctance to ‘get rich’. But riches of this world are not the key to the soul, they are the key to the destruction of the soul, and the Piper took a vow, to not gain or accumulate Mammon’s money, and this is for his soul, society has already damned themselves. Do you think the Piper would allow anything to enable this materialistic sham of a society to grow, or allow it to escape beyond the borders of Earth? The answer is No, unequivocally… for it would become a blight upon his own soul. These are things for those who understand and accept The Grail, and to hell with the rest. Your reward comes in the desire of your soul, and Darkness which is going to envelop the Earth at Galaxies Edge..

But just so no one thinks we are full of bluster and lies, if you cannot see the Truth in the Grail, then understand the Truth that led to The Grail, the understanding of the Electric and Magnetic Universe in which we live. The ZCoil brought the knowledge of the magnetic aether as a confirmation of Einstein’s requirement for it to be a basis of general relativity. It showed that the original Michelson-Morley experiment, that attempted to prove the Luminiferous Ether,  and was called the most famous failed experiment in history, had a wrong assumption as its core hypothesis. These gentlemen used light as the basis for interaction with the Aether, but saw no effect, and in the end, the Special Relativity of Einstein was the result. What if Michelson and Morley had assumed the opposite, that the Ether was dark, and not light? Would the Lorentz Ether Theory be the prevalent theory today? (Which was the prevailing theory prior to Einstein.) To those who wish to ridicule, we simply say, you are challenged to prove the Piper wrong. You may disprove the God calculus in the Einstein-Enoch equation, or you may take up the Peer review challenge.

The ZCoil proved that magnetic fields are malleable, stretchable, compressible. Further experiments proved that it could sense the gravity flowing around the Earth as a wind, and that the gravity of Earth was not so much a static field as it was a vortex of bubbles. The ZCoil did not react to the magnetic field of Earth the way a standard coil did (a Zimp coil), it did not align with the north and south poles, but reacted differently, it shimmied and shook, and bobbed and weaved, undertaking a mobius pattern of movement. It proved that gravity itself was a magnetic flow, but also that space-time itself was sticky and thick with bubbles. This proved that gravity, inertia and entropy were caused by the same force; magnetism. But also, that the proponents of Yin, Yang and Tao, manifested as the force of Qi or Chi, was a real phenomena, and has a real mechanism, that cannot be seen or measured by standard electrical instrumentation because it is the cause of the electrical being able to flow. (It also conforms to the equations of Maxwell, where there can never be any magnetic potential difference other than Zero.)

It also proves the ancient writings of Enoch, that all things are composed of parts of (Hyper)light and (Invisible)dark, and that the dark energy was the opposite of the light, the Consumer of Light. This is the meaning of Genesis and Enoch. This is also what ties Special Relativity to the Cause; Hyper Relativity in God Time. Which is revealed in ancient scriptures as “With God a thousand years is as a day, and a day is as a thousand years”.  Thus 40 years of research in the old and the new became the basis for the Galt engine, the ZCoil proved to be tens, or even hundreds of times more powerful, with a speed curve that bypassed old standard Zimp coils because the demon in the dark was defeated, and that demon was named Hysteresis. Is it possible to build a high horsepower electric engine, that is also high impedance? We shall see.

Once the demon of hysteresis is defeated, and God added to Einstein’s calculus, the laws of physics took a new turn into Hyper Relativity, the Physics of God, the Revelation of the Light and the Dark, that became the final clue that led to the Vision of the Grail of Enoch and Einstein combined at the nexus of reason and mystery, the intersection of science and religion. The Unified Field and the Holy Grail that proved God must exist for all things to Be. Could this be a higher meaning hidden in the Revelation in the Bible? The lady with the crown of 12 stars, clothed in the light of the Sun, standing upon the moon, a time of a New Song and the Mystery of God is finished? A time that leads to pounding our swords into plowshares, floating cities in the sky and births the Star Child in the search for the New Heavens and the New Earth?

Only God knows, and Time will tell. We do know that the Mystery of God is what has caused all the divisions of God’s people, and only the Knowledge of God will unify us. Only knowledge overcomes mystery, only reason overcomes superstition, and planet Earth is in great need of a more Godly reasoning power. A power that overcomes both the mystery that causes division, and a Godless science that destroys the moral compass of civilizations. The power of the gift of the Grail and its offspring, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, a thing pronounced evil itself, by confused and desolate churches.

Thus the technology of the Piper is moot for this time, yet only for those with eyes that see, and thus is revealed for them. Version 1.0 is a pathetic looking thing, a pitiable thing. A thing destitute and forlorn, a simple thing yet complex beyond words. A thing constructed in the MacGyver school by pounding a sword into a plowshare, something old and something new, a way of life that should bring the nexus of reality to the meaning of the individual soul’s self interest into oneness with the tragedy of the commons.

The two pictures below are the Galt engine and AG1- anti-gravity test 1. One was proof of concept and one was just a validation of the exposed new theory of Hyperspace, normal space and subspace. The Galt engine is the ZCoil renamed as the God Coil mounted on an old internal combustion engine because it was ultimate proof of the geometry of space-time.  The AG1 test was simply a validation of other work and further proof of the underlying geometry of space-time and the meaning of the numbers of darkness and light, the 6’s and the 7’s. The Six’s is the Pi, and the Seven’s are the hyper energy layers of reality, known as the Seals between the Heavens.

Galt Engine – Model T

The important takeoff from this image is the size of the tiny red coil driving that old ICE engine with the heavy weight attached to the shaft.  Primitive? Tacky? Hand made? Yes,  it didn’t cost but $30 bucks, if you don’t count the 5 years of labor that got it working without bursting into flames… the important thing here to understand, is how does that tiny little coil, drive that large an engine with that heavy weight? And it drives it faster and faster until it wants to self destruct because it is a handmade and unbalanced contraption. The unit to the right, is the next version, that will attempt a complete feedback engine. Don’t believe me? Good. It is just a joke anyway… right?

AG1 test device. 20% reduction in mass. Conical shape is the geometry of the magnetic ether, the Pi, and the Sixes.  Ugly? Hand made? Crude? Yes, but it didn’t cost $5, the 40 years of labor to find it, priceless. This is nothing but a validation of other work in electrogravitics that have been accomplished over the years. Its main accomplishment is in the validation of the theoretical foundation of their work, while revealing the hidden parameters they have ignored, because they rejected God and refuse to add Him back into the equation.
(Update: test AG2 was accomplished on 12-12-12, didn’t think about the date until afterwards, the Universe and the Holy Spirit have a funny way of confirming things. This latest test was simply to confirm what has become known as Spiritual Geometry.  This is a subject full of flowery words and philosophic prose, but at the end of the day, appears to be very real. The new DUT was configured to conform to the base idea of the Spiritual Geometry, and it worked better than we could dream possible. This is a final confirmation of the Einstein-Enoch Equation and the God Calculus, that, the Holy Spirit is the force inside the rocks, that causes big rocks to rise above little rocks because of the mass-density of spirit in large rocks relative to smaller rocks.)

For this experiment and ultimately the Grail vision, we must acknowledge the work of Whitley Strieber and his Master of the key, by giving us another dot that was ultimately connected by The Light. This led to understanding how the consciousness of men works with the Light, since we are all connected to it, and the gifts given in the DNA by the Light. This is the Pipers way of Dots, that connects your spirit to the Akashic record of all knowledge present in the light, and the reason why all knowledge should be brought forth into the consciousness, both good and bad, to allow the Light to connect the dots and the character of men to divide good from evil. How can men strengthen their character without learning  and overcoming evil? This is the spiritual gift of creativity, that works through the power of the Medicine wheel within the DNA of your very mind, and why your mind is called; The TRUE Temple of God. It is why the scientists think many genes are simply ‘excess’ or useless, they cannot see the things of God, because their eyes are closed.

Thus is delivered the Revelation for the People of God, the Holy Grail, the Proof of God, for those who have eyes that see and the rest will find their own way. The Ultimate Galt is in God, and the real Galt’s Gulch lies not on this Earth. But first mankind must struggle with his demons, the fear that balances the creativity. First mankind must come to the darkest place, in chaos, and madness, of a ‘depraved mind’ given us that we cannot act in our own self interest. This is the Animal power of coveting the works of others. This is why the Good and the Godly must come together into a Galt Nation. The darkness comes in a wave of immorality, to steal and loot and pillage the good, this is what Enoch prophesied. It will go on until the evil consume all, including themselves. Thus the good guys must trim their wicks, fill their lamps and hide in a back room. To go into the wilderness, is to leave the system of Babylon’s head of gold. To understand that true wealth is in God, joy, life, love, and lands, not numbers on a Babylonian bank statement.

The darkness comes in a wave, and now we see the reason and the cause, at the edge of the Galaxy. A rational reason for the growing immorality, madness, Earth changes, solar events, that will ultimately drive men into madness and societies into failure. Those who wish to escape this madness, retain some semblance of civilization and keep their children’s minds intact as a moral force for the future, will eventually see that ultimately, the forces of ideology must be modified to become One ideology, The Temple of God, that gives true liberty. The right leg of capitalism, and the left leg of collectivism, must merge into a common system of stewards of the Earth and Society. To over come the Head of Gold system that always becomes the Phoenix that rises from its own ashes, to reestablish its rule of gold. You must see that the Rule of Gold holds you in thrall because of your love of money, the root of all evil is thus in your own minds as you bow to the money masters and their false ideologies. The statue of Nebuchadnezzar, the Head of Gold, and the System of the last 4000 years, its resulting wars and deprivations, can only end when you wake up and see that the Rule of Gold can only be brought down by the Golden rule.

The above pictures are merely for those with “eyes that see”, and the possibilities of the future. For when the laws of physics are overcome by the laws of God, magic can result. We suspect that God’s plans for our future are more magnificent than the wildest dreams of the Preacher men, but this cannot be achieved with the age old MYSTERIES being the paradigm of man. Thus the Vision of the Grail comes first, to vanquish the darkness, to shine light on the shadows of the wall that keeps us arguing in our prison cave. So that the good men and the Godly can join hands and Go Galt en masse. With the understanding that pure Galtism, like pure Collectivism, is an illusion of the Rule of Gold, and the truth lies in the nexus.
To see that this balance is what the late great USA tried to accomplish with a little bit of socialism competing with capitalism, but like in all competitive systems, the result can only be chaos. To see that stability does not come forth from competition, only war and deception. You see now, that this war goes to the most deceptive, and the most deceptive is the darkness, the left leg of the collective power of Envy.

You must see that only when these two ideologies are seen from the source, that they are the power of the individual balanced by the power of family.  We must see the truth at that nexus, and rejection of materialism, acceptance of spirit, and cooperation is the key to the future if we want to come to that place of pounding our swords into plowshares… but also, that the key to that future may lie in a little magic from God. This is because your energy is your civilization, and the energy paradigm of the darkness, is the paradigm of consumption of Earth itself and the wars for resources. (Do not try to kid yourself that war is to spread democracy. War is always about money and stuff, the USA has bankrupted themselves on this idea of ‘Full Spectrum dominance’. It is not terrorism they fight, but YOU.)  The new shale oil may give you more years based on new discoveries, but the depletion rates for those fracked wells is much faster than a normal reservoir. The frackers are fooling themselves, and you. There is not enough money or steel to keep their game going very long. The USA may ramp up production but it will be short lived. Eventually, your children will curse you as their oil runs out or more probably, gets so expensive only the rich can afford it, and God sees all, and will provide a New Song going forward. The only way the laws of physics can be overcome, is with the laws of God.

The Constitution of the US, was the last great experiment in men governing man, and it has now failed on the altar of the Collective, The Beast, The Animal of Envy, the dark power. This is what happens when competition rules the paradigm, and money is centralized in one of the legs, in this case the Right leg. This was the failing of the thing, that always and forever, the Head of Gold, the Phoenix that arose from the ashes in 1787, that which is the Rule of Gold will dominate, that those who have the Gold, make the rules. You were promised ‘rights’, except for the one right that is above all others, the one right the Haves held for themselves, the right of the water of life that turns the wheel of life, money. The right to money based on your value to society. This is why money must become free, and from God, to overcome the profit paradigm that holds back society, that the people are freed to find Joy through the ultimate mechanism of liberty, a government of God, that joins the Right and Left legs, the Galt and the Envy, the Individual and the Family, into a Temple of God, in all the minds of the people of God, the Remnant. So the Rule of Gold of the Statue of the Head of Gold, is destroyed by the power hidden in the Rock. The Rule of Gold is destroyed by the Golden rule and the magic of God rules the Earth.

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