God and the New Electrics

Dedicated to my favorite pessimistic pundit; James Howard Kunstler

“Only during times of great chaos, great stress or great hardship… can great things be accomplished.”
–The Piper

When we see energy as the paradigm for all things, then we understand that means, all things. Including the paradigm of rented ‘money’. This is the base paradigm of the Babylon System. This system’s money, is based on finance, borrowing. When one borrows, they borrow from the future. In this civilization, energy is the future and money is debt. Everything is dependent on energy, the energy of oil and related products. The energy of consumption of Earth’s resources. Thus the “Earth is destroyed” by the rich as it says in the Roman Canon. But the end result of this process is the impoverishment of all of humanity, eventually. The very process of our current system is to steal from the future, and that future is resources, which are energy. But, the very process of money creation, based on bonds, or debt, is based in confidence in the future, thus, money and energy, are codependent. Without energy, there can be no money, but without money there can be no energy. This has caused a plethora of laws and special interests that protect one another, to prevent the bringing forth of anything that violates the paradigm. It is self reinforcing, and destructive to all humanity, simply because a few people at the top, know without it, everything crumbles to dust, and they lose their base of power and money.

Thus the resources of Earth are used up in the process of living the high life and accumulation of little green pieces of paper. All those from Nikola Tesla on, who have attempted to create a Free energy future, have been destroyed or disappeared. There are even patent laws on the books preventing anyone from trying to patent any device that violates the existing “laws of physics” by the introduction of any type of gravity, magnetic or other system of energy generation, that does not involve the consumption of resources. There are other patent laws designed to allow the governments to abscond with your idea’s in the name of “national security”. So if you have a breakthrough idea, you can be assured, legally, it will become the property of government’s and their favorite military industrial complex corporation du jour. Thus the paradigm is locked in, and brutally enforced. Now you see why you hear rumors of such things, and they just ‘disappear’.

The Grail of the Unified Field, however, conflicts with this whole idea of the violation of the laws of physics, by the substitution of the laws of God. God’s laws of the Universe overlap mans laws in many ways, which are the ‘laws’ of physics and so called Natural law being the Law of the Jungle. But this doesn’t give the true state of reality, but merely the Illusion in the relative darkness of Einstein.

Under the Illusion of reality, electric power is a ‘known’ quantity. They ‘know’ how to generate it and consume it. They ‘know’ how to use it to motivate machines and they think they ‘know’ how it all works, but do they, really? The latest experiments in the God coil reveal some things they have rejected as being “nut science”. But we nuts have known for years, that the particle based paradigm has too many inconsistencies, flaws and mysteries, for it to be the reality we inhabit. We nuts believe that Einstein was right, that there is no such thing as a god particle, that all things are simply frozen energy and this humble nut was given The Grail of proof. We nuts wonder what ‘they’ are hiding, or if they are simply hard headed defenders of the status quo, so we give them the benefit of the doubt of just being educated beyond their innate intelligence, dumb bricks in the wall of Babylon. And so it was when the new coil geometry was presented for venture capital to finance development and conversion of existing gasoline powered engines into new electrics. And as we were ridiculed, we rejoiced because The System had been given a Gift from the spirit, but scoffed. Before we offered it, we already knew it would be rejected, but the spirit demands that it be offered to all humanity.

The precursor to The Vision of The Grail, was the discovery of the Zimp, the proto-magnetic ‘dark’ or invisible aether. The discovery that magnetic fields can be compressed, stretched and simply represent an alignment of quantum vortex bubbles in synchronized polarity that spins the Zimp in measurable ‘static fields’. But a magnetic field is far from static, else why would ‘electron’s’ be motivated to move in a wire at the speed of light?  There is no magnetic monopole ‘particle’ thing that science desperately searches for, there is only the consumption power of magnetic bubbles, what the Piper calls the Quantum Foam. This is the true foundational source of the God ‘particle’, that is the underlying dark energy that manifests the super-symmetry of the Unified Field of God. ‘They’ will tell you that there is no such thing because the Michelson-Morley experiment ‘proved’ that there is no ‘luminiferous ether’. But what if Michelson and Morley simply asked the wrong question, what if the ether is not luminous, but dark? What if the Ether is invisible, dark, and magnetic in nature? What if there were other mistakes in the 19th century, that based the 20th century technology on wrong assumptions?

Well then, the premise of their experiment that the aether would affect light was just wrong, and thus the Special Relativity of Einstein was born in the vacuum of nothingness. Most people do not know that there is a major conflict in the theories of Einstein. The conflict is in the notion of The Aether, General Relativity, or the theory of gravity, requires an aether for it to work, what Einstein called; The Imponderable Aether. It was supposed to be imponderable, because it was not moving or able to be measured. Special Relativity maintained that all was energy, within itself, without need for an aether. This flaw can be seen not as a conflict, but as a failure of the method of reductionism. The failure to integrate all knowledge into One. Even Einstein told us that the philosophy of science was the most important thing, but modern science falls down on the altar of mathematical models. Not that it is wrong, just short sighted. They look at the forest through a soda straw.

But if even Einstein’s Special and General Relativity had a flaw, that was born in the vacuum of the Great Nothingness of space-time, then we have a link between general relativity and a dark magnetic aether. This is because light itself, is consumed by the Ether, it is the Ether’s job, for special relativity demonstrates the link between light and time. It shows that time itself is relative to movement, and movement is only possible in the material reality of space-time. The gravity wind experiment proves that gravity is a vortex field, and that field is magnetic. This field is both static and dynamic, being measurable in both the alignment of the quantum bubbles(North and South), and the flow of the bubbles of space-time themselves(gravity vortex wind). This violates the laws of physics, but not the laws of God’s hyper-physics. It also gives a proper underlying mechanism for general relativity, special relativity, at the quantum level, as well as integrating them with all known forces, the ‘Unified’ Field.

In this quantum foam the rules of God and the Ancients apply, not simply the rules of modern men. The rules of God state that we have a dual energy chaotic matrix, that Einstein proved when the first atomic bomb went off and a few pounds of matter were converted into the light of a thousand Suns. This was called a ‘critical mass’ event, but it was no such thing in the eyes of God. It was an energy density imbalance event, that causes a higher degree of chaos through higher magnetic density of the ‘particle’ bubbles, that physics sees as a chain reaction. When the magnetic bubbles that made up the radioactive material were compressed beyond their Planck point, the hyper-light that was ‘frozen’ within those connected bubbles, escaped. Coincidentally, this is similar to the process of the generation of electricity by magnetic imbalance and when taken to its ultimate limit becomes fusion, and is the same as Hawking radiation seen around a black hole, where light energy escapes from the compression of space-time itself. A black hole is the ultimate gravito-magnetic energy imbalance event.

(This is the same process that the Earth, Sun and solar system is undergoing with the advent of the Galactic dark rift, where the Zimp is compressed and stretched, and the Sun and the orbitals will be compressed and stretched at the molecular level. This will be felt by Earth, Sun and all life. As the dark energy grows more compressed, the feeling of anxiety will grow, the Earth will split and spit magma out of all vents, cracks and subsurface bubbles,  of sinkholes and maybe even wobble to and fro “like a drunkard”, the Sun will start doing weird things and coronal events may start moving backwards with the increased magnetic stretching. But this is not the end of Earth or life, merely the event Enoch and the ancient myths predicted, the rebirth and renewal, and purging of darkness upon the planet. But we digress…)

All matter is composed of two kinds of energy, the life giving power of the Hyper-light, and the repulsive power of the Dark magnetic that gives the illusion of the hard physicality of matter. All the Universe is merely shades of gray, silver, and all the colors of the rainbow are merely different frequencies of the Light, as received and interpreted in the wonderful biological mechanism of the eyes that gives beauty to reality. Thus God is hyper-cosmic, separate yet integrated with the Universe through the Tao, the God tangent force, simultaneously through the power of the Light and Dark, the Yang and Yin. This is the Balance of the Energies, and the perception of reality is both real and a dream. Under God’s Science revealed in the Grail of the Einstein-Enoch model, the power hidden in the rock is light and dark energy. When this power is combined with the power of faith in God, you see a powerful force forming that could bring down the statue of empires. But first this power must be made practical, as a holy joke. The reason will become clear to those with eyes that see.

In order to achieve useful energy flow, you must create an imbalance between high and low potential energies, between high and low, light and dark. Like a waterfall that turns a generator, the ultimate power of that electric current flow is gravity, the imbalance of potentials. But men, once they think they ‘know’ something, usually don’t go back and ‘re know’ it based on the new knowledge. They are hung up on baby steps, ‘provable’ steps along the line in the boxes of their minds. They keep students minds in little boxes, regimented, and fearful of ridicule by stepping out of that box. Thus the ‘Laws’ of physics are inviolate, and nobody stops to think, what if there is something we missed along the way? Sometimes in order to go forward, you must go backwards.

Backwards in this case was to revisit the basic concepts of electric motivation, that which gives substance and actuality to the energy paradigm of ‘modern’ man. In this paradigm, a flaw was discovered, and it was basic. You see, all modern electric appliances and devices, from your refrigerator, to electric cars, to the cooling fan in your laptop, are reliant on one thing, an electric coil. It is the basic mechanism that converts electric current into a useful moving magnetic field. But these coils all have something in common, a common flaw, a common defect that has been there since the 1800’s when the use of electricity was developed. This little something is the demon in the darkness, it is the same force that causes inertia, entropy and gravity, and the demon’s name is; Hysteresis.

We will not go into any long winded explanation of this ‘phenomena’, suffice it to say it is a phenomena thought to be understood by simply asking the question ‘how’. How do we overcome it, because it is what impedes current flow in a coil. It is what causes a coil to turn on quickly, but turn off slowly. It is what stores electricity within the makeup of a coil, and disallows the basic ‘law’ of turns density (the number of turns of wire within a given amount of space.) to be useful in high power applications.

The answer to the question how to overcome the Demon was answered by brute force, by using larger wires to pump a higher amount of current through the wires thus achieving the desired result; horsepower. This is because this little ‘law’ of physics is dual. They have tried increasing the number of wires by decreasing the wire size and just winding them in parallel, but this has limits as well, since the demon lives in the balancing act between power and turns density. Thus civilization itself run’s on the back of a demon. This demon’s number is 6, the power of the magnetic darkness realized in Pi, the basic geometry of the causal force in space-time.

This is why the new ZCoil or Zero geometry coil was renamed the God Coil, since it defeats the speed robber demon. After the latest experiment, this geometrical hypothesis is within 1 more step of being proven experimentally. If this hypothesis is proven, then the demon will be defeated and the ability to overcome the ‘laws of physics’ will be within our grasp. If this can be realized then the energy feedback Galt engine generator will be built and tested. If this meets theoretical possibilities, by consuming less energy than produced, then not only can ‘free’ energy be achievable, but the entire paradigm that depends on energy production and consumption, the System of Babylon, may be brought down with the Hidden power in the rocks, the Power of Pi, at the God Tangent of Spiritual Geometry in the Magnetic Aether of Einstein.

The God coil, having already converted Internal combustion engines to electric power, having already proved the concept of electrically powered inertial engines, having already shown the ability to launch masses at higher speeds, portends an age of New Electrics, by violating men’s physical laws, and using God’s hyper-physical laws. But Einstein was right, such things are not for men, at least, the men who own and control this world, for we know what purpose it would be put to, extending the paradigm of Babylon; the finance of war and conquest. And when combined with the new gravitic knowledge, could extend the power of evil into the Galaxy, and such a thing cannot be allowed to be.

The sad thing, is that this would not even be patentable. It would be illegal. It would be confiscated, and your humble piper would most likely become yet another rumor of history like Stanley Meyers or others who have gone up against the Leviathan. Thus this knowledge is, and will remain, only for the people of God, and only for those joining a new organization and vetted by the Chorus and the power of spirit; ToG

And the spirit gives the Answer, if you can’t beat them, join them. The Darkness has its conspiracies, and hides them in the humor of men. Thus, let this become a Holy Joke, an Urban legend, a thing of ridicule for the men of darkness. Allow only those with “eyes that see”, and a heart of light, to Get the Joke. Let The Holy Joke be the thing that shows you that reason overcomes mystery. That you are the Hands of God, and His Justice. That you are connected to the Holy Spirit through your conscience and consciousness, and only by the power of men are God’s greatest works accomplished. Let the power of the Rock be your guide in going into the wilderness, to escape the Beast and the Harlot of Blasphemy that comes. Let the power given in the rocks be your guide to tearing down the statue of empires, known as the Rule of Gold with the power of the Golden rule. Let the power of the rock guide you in becoming your brothers keepers in the knowledge that all men’s faiths are equal, as long as they have love which equals the Light of God, as is shown in the Spiritual Relativity of the Grail. The proof of Universal Redemption of the Godly and the Godless, that being good is good enough. Whereby the people of Light may attain unity in the power of the Rocks, and come to that place when we can build the New Jerusalem, establish a Constitution of The Kingdom of God, “pound our swords into plowshares…” and birth the Star Child to go in search of the “New Heaven’s and the New Earth”.


The Piper plays a New Song,
that the Chorus may sing,
so the People may dance,
and the forests will echo with laughter.

Do you think The Piper is crazy?… good, he laughs with you, and at you.

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