Peter, Paul and Mary

Peter, Paul and Mary

When we delve into the Gnosis, we see the truth of the relationships between the disciples. Like with all groups of human beings, one or more will always attempt to control the group, to rise to a leadership position. As it says in the Kabbalah, the desires of the soul have much to do with this. This is the 4th desire of the soul; power and control over others versus spiritual knowledge. This split is the point where the spirit overcomes the animal soul, which has need for control over others. The spirit desires no control over others, but simply to love them and if one is a superior intellect, to guide them through knowledge into the Light.

Unfortunately, when the knowledge of the soul and the spirit was destroyed and divided into vague sounding mysteries, this knowledge became esoteric, metaphorical, and of little use to those preachers who use the churches to fulfill their own desire to lead flocks, which is a form of power and control over others. For how can one teach students the desires of the soul, if ones own desires would then be revealed for all to see?

The early church was no different, there were competing factions and power centers. These schools of thought were centered around the Church in Jerusalem which was steeped in the Gnostic philosophy and the feminine way of love, through the discipleship of Mary Magdalene. Her teachings were primarily the teachings of Jesus and the Way to the Light. Unfortunately, the schism between her and Peter, and later Paul, infected the two men with jealousy, causing them to reject not just Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother, but The Way as well. In those days, as even now, the gender competitions were fierce, but in those days the male viewpoint was considered the law of the land, and males who subjected themselves to females were considered objects of ridicule.

Paul, when he was Saul, was a murderer of Christians. He was an enforcer from the temple of the Jews. He was a manly man, who when he saw the Light on the road to Damascus, was struck down, having seen the Light. But the Light did not instruct him in the Way of the Light. He merely abandoned the Law of the Jews, and from that point, appointed Christ as God in his own mind. He was not schooled in higher mysteries of Gnosis, he never studied with the Christ, in essence, he made it all up from whole cloth from fragmentary ideas all on his own. But he did have something to draw on, the ancient school of mystery that came from Babylon. It was not a religion, but a philosophy of thought, of the inferiority of men in relation to God based in the fear of the mystery of God. There is also some evidence that what is in the Bible is not the entire work of Paul, or that he was misinterpreted by Rome.

This school of thinking called; The Mystery school, is the primary basis of all religious thinking today. That the entirety of the Universe cannot be understood by mere men, because we are inferior created beings. That men are imperfect, and therefore, will sin, they cannot help but sin, because man is a sinful creature. Paul merely elevated this thinking to the level of a religion with Christ at the center. In our time, this comes out in several different doctrines that can be characterized as; Sin, but trust in Christ. Or Once you have pledged allegiance to Christ before men, you are ‘saved’ forever more. In essence, once saved, always saved. This religious doctrine, if you read it literally, gives men the right to ‘sin’, and they, as in the words of Martin Luther; “Sin boldly, yet trust in Christ more so.” What has been the result of this thinking? 1600 years of war, sin, greed, bloodshed, arguments and division among men over things of God? When men think they can sin, and get away with it, they will. Do these sound like the things of a loving God, or a dark God?

These doctrines, in the Bible are vague, and divided, because the fragments of Christs words conflict with the words of Paul, the one whose personal letters of correspondence were called; The Word of God. Even though he had never studied with the Christ, and had never even met Him in the flesh. When Paul came into contact with the Church of Jerusalem, the church was appalled at Paul’s teachings. We can only imagine what kind of a scene it was, when the Gnosis school first came into contact with the mystery school.

There are those who would say, “But, God does not create imperfection!”, “God, spoke to Paul and the Church is perfect!”. They think the division and doctrinal arguments, the denominations and splits are ‘normal’, because the Faith is an overarching ‘philosophy’, and then there are the interpretations of men, which leads to differing ‘sects’, or religions. They say, and truly believe it is up to the individual to determine what it all means. They truly believe that God created the Bible and the Churches, to be this way. And we agree, but then, we look into the Gnosis, and we see the creation taking forth as a great soap opera of good and evil, and we think, if He created perfection, why is there so much imperfection? Why would John write a Revelation, that is an obvious message of condemnation against the churches of mystery?, called the mother of harlotS, if Rome is the mother, then who are the daughters? This harlot is named Mystery, speaks blasphemy, and sits on the Beast of governments, just like modern churches. Why would God create such imperfection and confusion? (The works of John, were almost thrown out of the Roman Canon, because they were considered too “Gnostic”.)

Because we are human, and the only way we can learn is through our mistakes. The Father, called the Ineffable One, knows His children, and knew them even before they were created. Just like with the story of Pistis Sophia, one could surmise that Sophia commited a sin… and trapped herself in the dark energy of the Universe. But further reading reveals it was because the Father intended for her to make her mistake when she created the Archons. When she did this, she did not simply create ‘evil’ beings, she created the other side of the equation of the souls of men. She created the Engine of Human Life, with a dual soul and a deliberate inclination towards animal behavior, to be overcome. But is it this rebellious soul-spirit, that ultimately imparts wisdom? Is this because the Father knows, that self awareness, self knowledge and self realization of mistakes,  is the true path to wisdom? Did the Father know, that men must have something to strive and battle against, in order to be made wise through the strengthening of character?

If you wonder about that, then consider; The mistake of Paul, in misunderstanding the message of the Messiah. He didn’t so much pay attention to the message, as he did The Messenger. He turned around the whole philosophy of ‘Repent, and sin no more, and love thy neighbor as thyself’, into a mysterious anti gospel made up out of the whole cloth of his jealousy towards the women of the church, and of his own foreknowledge of Judaism and Babylonian mystery. A gospel that says; Pledge allegiance to Jesus, and all your sins will be forgiven. This is straight out of the Babylon mystery school. You are an imperfect human, so don’t worry about it, just love the god of the temple, and don’t forget to pay your dues. In Paul’s mind, we’re sure, since he had never been exposed to the mysteries of the Gnosis from Christ, his secondary exposure through the women of the church of Jerusalem, was an affront to his male need to be the head of the church. Peter, likewise, caused Mary Magdalene to be afraid of him. So this exposes the crumbling human foundations of the church from the very beginning and men’s reaction to women of leadership, to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

When we take this duality of philosophy forward, then we arrive at the church fathers of Rome. Origen, and others, rejected ‘philosophy’, and wished for a simpler narrative for the peasants. They needed to create a story for the peasant class, and ultimately, the thing that the Messiah told his disciples not to do, create a church with hierarchical structures. But Peter and Paul, were jealous of Mary, and there was conflict, and men love their hierarchies and having power over other men.

This conflict grew into the church of Rome, the Bible as we know it, and the loss of the teachings of the Messiah, to be replaced by blasphemies, church rituals, hierarchies of priests, mystery, divisions, conflicts, divided doctrines, denominations, confusions, arguments, splits, schisms, war and general chaos in the people of God’s Light. Many people today, believe in God and/or the Messiah, but reject the religions of the churches, for these very reasons. Men have evolved spiritually in knowledge, and reject old mysteries, or they have been seduced by a Godless science and reject God altogether. Neither situation is conducive to souls reaching the Light without long stretches in the darkness, and neither philosophy of thought could be the basis for anything but tearing down societies. We see this happening in society today, and it is all because there is no absolute Truth to be found in the religions and sciences of men.

Thus Peter, and Paul, were in conflict with the original teachings of the Light bearer, out of jealousy of feminine influence and ignorance of actual teachings. Below is a chapter of the Pistis Sophia of Christ, that tells the tale of Peter and Mary Magdalene. Like the tale of Pistis Sophia and the Hypostasis of the Archons, the age of the church is just a step in the soap opera of the Creator, to teach mankind, of the errors of his ways. That men are pigheaded, and would destroy the world, simply to be in charge. Maybe it will soon be time to reconsider male dominance in this world, and especially the coming unified temple age after the darkness causes the evil ones in the Earth to destroy themselves, the only thing left, will be love.

In this chapter, Peter is upset with Jesus.
Pistis Sophia I; CHAPTER 36

It came to pass then, when Jesus had finished speaking these words unto his disciples, that he said unto them: “Do ye understand in what manner I discourse with you?”

And Peter started forward and said unto Jesus:

p. 47

[paragraph continues]

Peter complaineth of Mary.

“My Lord, we will not endure this woman, for she taketh the opportunity from us and hath let none of us speak, but she discourseth many times.”
Mary was much smarter than Peter…
Jesus tells Peter he shall be elevated among men, to stand at the gate of heaven.

Jesus promiseth to perfect the disciples in all things.

The Saviour answered and said unto Peter: “Finely, Peter; this is the solution of her. repentance. Blessed are ye before all men on the earth, because I have revealed unto you these mysteries. Amen, amen, I say unto you: |60. I will perfect you in all fulness from the mysteries of the interior to the mysteries of the exterior and fill you with the spirit, so that ye shall be called ‘spiritual, perfected in all fulness.’ And, amen, amen, I say unto you: I will give unto you all the mysteries of all the regions of my Father and of all the regions of the First Mystery, so that he whom ye shall admit on earth, shall be admitted into the Light of the height; and he whom ye shall expel on earth, shall be expelled from the kingdom of my Father in the heaven. But hearken, therefore, and give ear attentively


This shows that Mary Magdalene is afraid of Peter, and shows the reason. Male dominance, he hates her sex.  The First Mystery is the Light Bearer, the Messiah, the Christ.

Mary is afraid of Peter.

It came to pass then, when the First Mystery had finished speaking these words unto the disciples, that Mary came forward and said: “My Lord, my |161. mind is ever understanding, at every time to come forward and set forth the solution of the words which she hath uttered; but I am afraid of Peter, because he threatened me and hateth our sex.

And when she had said this, the First Mystery said unto her: “Every one who shall be filled with the spirit of light to come forward and set forth the solution of what I say,–no one shall be able to prevent him. Now, therefore, O Mary, set forth then the solution of the words which Pistis Sophia hath uttered.”

Peter threatened Mary! The Church turning her into a harlot makes much more sense now, eh? Highly revealing when compared to other deeds of the Church. Yet, the Lord would set Peter above all men, as the gatekeeper to the heavenly Aeons? So Peter had far to grow, as mankind has had far to grow. But growth does not happen for most if Father simply teaches son with words, it happens through life and living, it happens as the consequences of behaviors, it happens through the slow process of banging your knees and falling down. Wisdom happens only when self admonishes self, not when others admonish you. When others call someone stupid, it only invokes hard feelings, only the self can overcome the animal of self. Likewise with societies, institutions and churches, only through the last thousand odd years of conflict and disagreement, can men see the wisdom of unity in love. Even then we will require a little help from the Light, to see that love and cooperation is the only way to see the fruits of competition and greed, and the results of manly leadership. But man must choose wisely, in order to pound his swords into plowshares and take something of old, to make something new. The only way to create a New Age, is to learn the lessons of the last age.


The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene
[The Gospel of Mary]

Chapter 4

… Jesus was speaking and said;

22) The Savior said, All nature, all formations, all creatures exist in and with one another, and they will be resolved again into their own roots. (Piper note: All things are ONE in the spirit of their root of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is the Holy Spirit of emanated patterns through the tree of delegated powers, from the root of the tree, the trinity of Barbelo; Father, Mother, Son.)

23) For the nature of matter is resolved into the roots of its own nature alone.

38) Do not lay down any rules beyond what I appointed you, and do not give a law like the lawgiver lest you be constrained by it.

Paul. Rome. Catholics. Luther. The simplified gospel narrative of Origen, that became the Bible, and became a Sword of Division, what the Lord predicted would happen. The abomination of desolation set up in the True Temple of God, human minds.  The replacement theologies, that replaced the simple conscience and consciousness theology of works of the Christ. Replaced with doctrines, rules and rituals of Men from Babylon in Rome. The false salvation of ‘sin boldly and trust in Christ more boldly’. The Hierarchy of churches. The Lawgiver of the Authorities of the Archons. Paul and Peter did exactly what the Lord told them not to do. Which they did to spite Mary, whom they both hated. Thus she was turned from disciple into harlot, which made the Churches, the True Harlot. But men are not so stupid anymore, knowledge eventually conquers mystery, when the minds of men evolve. So what then is the meaning of a Revelation?

The spiritual evolution of knowledge that conquers mystery began years ago in the bypassing of religions by seeking direct knowledge of the divine, with metaphysics and higher philosophies of spiritual geometry, by men seeking knowledge and rejecting the old mysteries. In their souls, they knew something was wrong, that splinter in their minds would not leave them alone. But even this seeking is muddied by darkness because no men have had the Grail of the Unified Field of Creation that gives an anchor of proof in the language of the Universe. A thing of God, in math, that cannot be refuted by mens words, for math can only be disproved, not argued against with words. A math that proves life itself is not just a mystery conducted in the darkness, when one is given a flashlight to guide the way. The secret of the rocks, where God lives, is finally solved, and in that resolution, the mysteries of prophecies and ancient myths are revealed as rational consequences in a HyperUniverse of Cause and Effect, that eliminates the Universe of Crime and Punishment of the Churches. A proof of the only thing that can conquer the mystery of religions, the proof of a hyper-cosmic creator and His intelligent design. This is what the Christ taught,

But if we accept that we are trapped in the darkness of relative reality, and understand the consequences, then we must accept the good with the bad, and part of this design is the cycles of everything. Everything in creation runs in cycles, from history to economics, even religions run their course and then die. Science itself runs in cycles and makes great leaps, and what was understood as truth, falls into the abyss of rejection, through the Way of Truth. First it is ridiculed, then violently opposed and only then accepted as matter of fact, and it is time for the godless ones of science to see that there are no such thing as particles, Einstein was right, he wished to know the mind of God, and the rest was mere details.

We are all powerful hyper-energy or spiritual beings, from the family of God, trapped in the darkness of this Universe, and the Universe is a place of Chaos in 7 layers of light and 5 of darkness, 12 layers. Societies themselves run in cycles of creation, apathy and destruction, sometimes seeming to follow great cycles of greatness and madness. If we recognize, that we are all One with the Universe, all connected, all of one collective consciousness, all entangled at the quantum level, then it is not too great a leap to see that space-time itself can affect the souls of men and the very fabric of Earth, Sun and solar system. It is then not outside the realm of possibility that the balance of the energies of Light powers and Dark powers, can become imbalanced, and the chaos shifts at the level of the quantum vortexes that are connected to the hyper vortexes of soul and spirit only one quantum jump away. It is no further stretch of the imagination to see these barriers or seals between the layers of reality, stretched or merged in a great compression of the dark force, that leads to a prophecy of the ancient sage Enoch, as the light of heaven shines forth to Earth, and becomes elevated in the souls of men.

An ascension of spirit comes in the thick magnetic darkness of the Galactic rift, in the new cycle of the New Age of the Temple to come, but first the evil must succumb. Today, men feel it because we are on the edge of it, the anxiety of darkness, they seek ‘something’, they know not what it is, thus the spirit gives the oldest message, as the newest message, the Universal Redemption from darkness through Spiritual Relativity of Love. That all the religions of men are of light and dark, slices of truth mixed with darkness. It is the truth that all men are of the family of God and are redeemable in the Light of Love, you must simply want it, and be willing to go through the Tunnel of Light provided by the Redeemer, for cleansing or recycling instead of being filled with guilt and recrimination and hiding in the darkness, away from the Light. You must pay the consequences for your actions, your faith being moot if not acted on. You must repent of your dark entanglements, sin, which means to not love the material things or taking from others or causing pain, love thy neighbor as thyself, only then will you love the Light.

It is only when you understand the 7 levels of the heavens of chaos and you see the higher heavens of the Aeons, do you understand that things of darkness cannot exist in the Light. That eventually you will come to love all others as brothers in the family of God, or you will fall into the darkness of the consuming Imp, into the oblivion of the second death of your spirit, that takes an eternity to consume in the cold heat of the Abyss. The knowledge of God, reveals the true Majesty and the Horror of the condition of the human soul, our rebellion and our ultimate rejoining with our true soul-mates in the Aeons.

The message to the churches revealed in the Revelation, of truth of spirit in the Light of Love, reborn in the Gnosis of Christ that overcomes the Mystery harlots of darkness and is the Revenge of the Heretics upon the sins of the Church, and the destruction of the Saints and society. The lady of 12 stars in her crown, clothed in the light of the Sun, while standing upon the Moon, is played in a New Song, that the Mystery of God is finished. The monopolization of the Christ Power by the Churches, is hereby finished.

Let the message go forth unto the churches, in this Universe, there is no such thing as a free lunch, what goes around comes around. You were the White Horse of the Holy Roman empire, that went forth conquering in the name of God and murdered the Saints called Heretics. You were the Red horse of the Kings and nobles you controlled, that brought forth a river of blood by the sword. You are the Black horse of the democracies balancing power and justice, that must suffer the consequences of the Root of all Evil.  The darkness comes, the bowls of karma are filled, the seals of the 7 heavens are being undone and the rider of the Green horse now mounts. All, the consequences of your MYSTERY, blasphemies and sins, turning evil into good, and good into evil, so that mankind was set back a thousand years, and an age of blood did result.

The Message to the Churches is about the The Tree of Life above the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Universal Redemption in the purging and reincarnation, that all men may find their way home, is what the Messiah taught the disciples. The Gnosis is the Knowledge of the Divine, the 12 powers of the Aeons that make a human spirit as one with the Root of the tree in the family of God, that is imagined and emanated in the Light powers and manifested in the dark powers of the body, soul and spirit. A message that is given to restore the hoop of humanity, from out of the Nexus of religion and science, as shown in the Medicine wheel of the intelligent design of the biological program that is DNA, that manifests the powers of light in the relative Universe overlaid upon the cycles of the creating power of Pi that is Relative Chaos in the dark aether, the result of the God Tangent force of the Invisible Great Spirit and His Delegation of powers to the First Mystery and the Aeons.

Let Humanity be freed, the souls of the dead be released, the five virgins be filled, the toes of iron be separated, and the ten shofars of the leaders of the ten tribes be exposed as the spiritual wickedness in high places, the White Elite that run the Earth. Let the bowls be poured out and the seals be loosed, let the money of Earth be as dust and their gold and silver be moot, let the Earth changes come forth and the Sun and Moon be signs, let the demons loose from the pit and madness rule the Earth as the love of many wax cold, let Babylon the Great fall in the Day of the Lord to come forth in the darkness, and the False Prophet to stand up with AntiChrist church that the sickle be plunged and the harvest made, that the Green horse may ride, to light the path of two witnesses that follow a voice in the wilderness, let the knowledge of the Imp of darkness be made known and thus rise from the bottomless, and the Truth of the Grail prove The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, so the Remnant of the Meek can inherit the Earth and pound their swords into plowshares under the Holy Light of heaven,  in a new Temple of Lights on Earth as it is in heaven, so the spirit of heaven, human and Gaia, can come forth in the Earth and love lights the Way from east to west, lighting the way to a New Age of the Galaxy, for only then may mankind avoid the ultimate fiery fate of Earth, by overcoming mystery and the sins of Peter and Paul against Mary, and by uniting in reason, birth the Star child of New Jerusalem and inherit the New Heavens and the New Earth.

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