The God Particle

The Piper predicted two years ago, that the God Particle was science reinventing God in their own image, and would never be found as 100% verifiable, peer reviewed and agreed upon by all scientists. The Piper predicted that they would find a ‘hint’, a ‘suggestion’, a ‘maybe’, an ‘almost there’, or even a ‘ghost’ of an ‘indication’ that something was there. And they did, they found a statistical ‘spike’ in their data compiled from several different experiments.

Now after billions of dollars the team at CERN had to make an announcement, that they were ‘almost certain’, 99%, that they had found an ‘indication’ that the Higgs Bosun ‘might’ be there. But what is this magic particle that gives matter its hardness and imparts the spin on atom’s? They say it is the source of something they don’t fully understand, something called ‘Dark energy’. They say if this isn’t the Higgs then they would have a heart attack because their whole Standard Model of reality would have to be scrapped.

Well boys, I hope you have good hearts. You wouldn’t need them to be that strong if you had just listened to God or the Piper, but you won’t listen, in fact you absolutely despise God. Because this new thing that you’ve spent billions on, is YOUR GOD. That’s why its nickname is the God Particle. I have news for you, no matter how much money you spend, no matter how much investment you make in your heart of hearts, you will never find proof of it, because it isn’t there. Your Standard Model, of something from nothing, is crap. Yes, I said it. All you will ever find is a tangential feedback of energy at the 1 Radian point, and for the same reason that lights and stars burst forth in six pointed glory, a clue from God. A visible indicator of the Dark energy all around you, the Magnetic Ether, bubbles of the Quantum Foam, the Chaos of Creation. Another obvious refutation of a god(less) particle, is the nature of spin, rotation and orbit’s in a gravity vortex field, with inertia and entropy that your standard model doesn’t begin to explain.

Your own cosmological observations show that 99.9% of everything observed in the Universe spins counterclockwise. If a god(less) particle were true, then there should be, by your own calculations, a 50% random distribution of clockwise to counterclockwise orbital patterns manifested, should it not? Thus the central Causal Force, The God Tangent, is confirmed by your own data. Don’t you find it odd, that the only way you can control and contain these super high speed ‘particles’ is by very strong magnetic fields? Has anyone ever asked the question; Are these particles Magnetic? Magnetic fields can’t control or contain anything, that isn’t itself, magnetic… But then, you might have to acknowledge Einstein’s Aether of General Relativity, eh?

You should have listened to Einstein. You shouldn’t have trashed the books of Enoch. The Piper blames you all for your arrogance, from religion to science, you are all wrapped in darkness, dark energy that is. You live in dark energy, everything is made of dark energy in combination with the Hyper Light energy. The electric in opposition to the magnetic, energy producer and consumer that results in the Zero point of the reality energy matrix. The invisible force of magnetism is your dark energy, and it has been right there in front of your face the whole time. But you reject it, in favor of something for nothing, your so called Standard Model, is merely the surface manifestation of reality, as Einstein tried to tell you. Accept it, and we can move on. But it will not be we, that moves on. For you are not even scientists, real scientists adjust their thinking when presented with data that opposes their hypothesis, you are stuck on the status quo of defending Quantum Mechanics.  A mathematics of the symptoms of reality, not the Cause of reality. You know that in order to change your Standard Model, you may have to accept a Creator and the fact that the energies of reality come from outside space-time. Deal with it.

You recognize dark energy is necessary, but do not accept that your beginnings were flawed. That the experiments showing the rate of spin was faster than the speed of light, and all your calculations then require normalization, and is where you went off the tracks. You do not, cannot, recognize the Hyper reality, right in front of your eyes. Yes, your math delivers certain results, of that there is no doubt. But Quantum Mechanics and its derivatives do not deliver the Answers to the fundamental questions of the Universe, and Man’s place in that Universe. It cannot answer the question of the soul, of consciousness or of the energy of creation that imposes the structures, and the chaos we see. Energy can only be string like, it cannot be a particle, it can only be bound by consumption. When energy is bound in spin, there is only one result, and that result is the Vortex. There is no duality of waves and particles, there is only unbound and bound, the transition tells the tale, and nature gives the answer; The Quantum Vortex Foam.

You scientists will only continue to find larger spikes at the one radial point of the atomic structure. As the increasing energies you must use, will show feedback at that point, that is The God Tangent of Enoch. It will always be there as a ghost, that is, the Holy Ghost, The Holy Spirit, The Adoil of Enoch, The Tao of the ancient Chinese, The Brahma of the Hindu. For all these Ancients knew more about the structure of the Universe than all you modern scientists combined. They knew because their science and their religion were One. You are still mad at Rome, and the Catholic’s, for destroying you. You hold an old grudge, and rightly so, for Rome was and is, an evil institution portraying itself as goodness and Light. It was the Church of Rome, that destroyed science, and set us back a thousand years, and for that the Piper joins with you in mutual disgust.

Think about it, you say there is a need for the source of Dark energy, correct? Then that implies that there is already a Light energy? That energy is Light? Didn’t Einstein prove that? So, if Special Relativity, is the Light, and General Relativity is the Dark, then that implies both are required to form matter, as you say yourself? So the Grand Unified Field, is only missing one component once you understand the dark energy? The Causal Spin force perhaps?  That was Einstein’s great quest, and he knew that God had to be a component of the Universe, but you guys went the way of particles. That is the source of your problem, you ignored the great man and the wave and string theories in favor of atomic bombs and funding’s. You separate and divide knowledge into little boxes, you call it reductionism, I call it the defense of the Status Quo. Shouldn’t knowledge be integrated, in order to know the bad from the good?

If you thought about it, philosophically for a second, which used to be the way you guys had to think, instead of the modern way of trying to fix a broken model, you would have listened to Einstein, and have set your search to the integration of what is known to be correct. You would have been searching for the intersection between the Relativities and the Quantum. You would have come to the understanding that all things are energy, and that energy cannot be found in a particle, period. That your point particles are nothing more than symptoms of “frozen energy” as Einstein said, and you should have been searching for the source and the structure of that energy. But particle accelerators and fancy machines mean much more money than pencils and paper, eh? A lot sexier to tear the stuff of the Universe apart and like a broken watch, try to fit the pieces back together. That is what you do, you explode watches and then try to find the broken pieces of gears and bearings and reverse engineer their position in the watch. Do you not see the absurdity?

If your knowledge of the quantum and Einstein’s knowledge of the Relativities is combined, you arrive at the place of finding God, not inventing Him. For His fingerprint is in His Creation, He is IN all things, this is revealed in the very structure of the quantum, the ancient symbol of Love. It was revealed to the Piper as the Einstein-Enoch Equation, The God Calculus, and disproves your entire thesis. Think about the old problem of the rocks. You remember, that old mystery? What you pronounced was a ‘phenomena’?, and then let it rot in the garbage of your detritus. Why do big rocks rise above little rocks? Tell me, prove it to me in your math and I will shut up and sit down… but you can’t.  However, I can. The main tenant of special relativity is that all things are composed of energy, and that a rock, is just a rock, right? It is composed of ‘frozen energy’. But, then, you yourselves have said that it must contain both light and dark energies, correct?  Well then, we have a point of commonality, we both agree on something.

Rocks are thus composed of equal parts of light energy and dark energy, but you ascribe this magic dark energy to a fictitious particle called Higgs, and its magic is that it imparts hardness and spin to the proton. But I thought proton’s were composed of even more universal particles called quarks? But no matter, they are all just frozen energy, as Einstein said.  But, there is also this magic property called spin. In order for energy to be bound into atoms, it has to spin, does it not? So is energy a particle? No? Then it must be a wave, no? Why? Because it has no medium you say, all waves are merely perturbations on some underlying substance, like water, right? And you say there is no such thing as an ‘ether’, you say it was proven by the Michelson-Morley experiment in the 19th century, right? So what if they were wrong? What if the Ether is there, and has been in front of your eyes the whole time? What if it is fully half of what makes things be? What causes the hardness of the material Universe? What transfers energy, consumes energy, and imparts the pressure of gravity, the inertia  and the entropy of reality, all in one?  Then how could a rock be, just a rock? Would it not have to have two components, one of light and one of dark, just like you say? Then we have to add in the Cause of Spin in order to bind all that energy into the atoms in a rock, correct?

Well, if your so called God Particle, doesn’t mathematically prove, why big rocks rise out of little rocks, then the entire premise of your argument lies on false ground laid long ago. If your atom smashers and mathematics do not agree with the oldest phenomena of your text books, then you are just wrong. Period, end of sentence. Your entire model is illusion, and Einstein was a little broken as well. Because a rock is not just a rock, it is frozen energy of two kinds, two Primal energies and a third force of spin. Thus a rock is composed of a Triad of Primal Forces. And those forces have been in front of you all along. Big rocks rise from little rocks because they have a higher density of holy light relative to the little rocks, it is that simple, and that complex. Dark energy is the power of chaos and hardness through The Aether of General Relativity, the magnetic force that gives magnetic repulsion, which also gives inertia and entropy, and, gravity. Gravity is a vortex on top of the perceived static field, it is the force of chaos, and big rocks rise out of little rocks, because the Holy Light is the power of Anti-Chaos or anti-gravity.

Unfortunately, these forces were hidden from you and I, in the Trinity of Faith in the Canon of Rome. A wonderful book, you should read it sometime, however, it is also a book made by man, and is thus a little deceiving. It was composed for the purpose of Mystery not Knowledge. You understand, mystery is easier to use to control men’s minds, through their hearts. And fear is a powerful tool, knowledge is not conducive to centralized control. Kind of the reason why our modern state has been ‘dumbing down’ our education system for 30 years. But I digress.

So Einstein is a little flawed, and also the Bible is a little flawed, but that’s ok, because the Piper was given the solution. The book of the Secrets of Enoch laid it all out for us and the Gnosis of Jesus completed the tale. All that was needed was to take Enoch’s model, and combine it with Einstein’s math, and the result is the Unified Field of God in the Einstein and Enoch Equation. We call it the God Calculus, that reveals the Spiritual Relativity, the Theory of Everything that was drawn from the power of the rocks. The Holy Grail, hidden by the Roman Church, in many layers of myth and story, is real, and is revealed in the ‘Forbidden’ books of the Bible, what the Catholics called ‘Forbidden’ and ‘Heresy’.

Until you recognize the Creator, and come to the knowledge of the Light and Dark, which are the source of the Electric force and the Magnetic force, the source and consumption of the energy flow of Creation, you will remain stuck in the Paradigm of Particles, and the Mystery of Babylon will consume you. As long as you do not recognize the knowledge of the Triad of God’s Primal Forces, you will never leave the cul de sac of Mysterious Phenomena.

Piper Michael
The Heretic

Maybe their ‘god particle’ ain’t quite what they thought it was? Awww…. our heart goes out to them… We predict they will find other, deeper, and more ‘fundamental’ so called ‘negative/magnetic/aetheric’ particles, as they follow the rabbit hole of the Aether down into the Abyss that leads to the nano black hole at the center of every nucleus.

‘Scientists’ hopes that last summer’s triumphant trapping of the particle that shaped the post-Big Bang universe would quickly open the way into exotic new realms of physics like string theory and new dimensions have faded this past week. Five days of presentations on the particle, the Higgs boson, at a scientific conference high in the Italian Alps, point to it being the last missing piece in a 30-year-old cosmic blueprint and nothing more, physicists following the event say. “The chances are getting slimmer and slimmer that we are going to see something else exciting anytime soon,” said physicist Pauline Gagnon from CERN near Geneva in whose Large Hadron Collider (LHC) the long-sought particle was found.’

The Higgs particle is a big ‘let down’…

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    • Hi Russ!
      Thank you for your kind comment. We sense a fellow seeker in you…
      Where ever talk of the Unified Field is brought up, or The Way of Knowledge, the New Gnosis, it is quickly shut down and ridiculed.
      Being misunderstood, it is universally considered just another ‘New Age’ metaphysical thesis, but it is more than that, it is a True Gift from Spirit of a Hyper Physics of God. I think He knows we are stuck in a loop of mystery, self reinforcing nonsense. Religions and ideologies that have divided us into camps, and we need to unify in order to break out if we are to achieve our ultimate destiny, on the physical as well as the spiritual levels.

      A forum was setup to bring unity to God’s own, but, they were all scared of the Grail and ran away with their hair on fire, accusing me of being something evil. This was a revealing to the Christians, that their way of MYSTERY was condemned in their own Bibles and was condemned by the Christ in the ‘forbidden’ books. But history repeats, and like the Pharisees, they are blinded by their own ideology and doctrines, two thousand years of brainwashing.

      If you wish to help bring it back to life, with those interested in the Way of Knowledge, I will make you a member of the Chorus, and give you the administration thereof… and that goes for all others who have “eyes to see”, for;

      The Piper plays a New Song,
      That the Chorus may sing,
      and the People dance,
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