Brotherhood of Iron

The Brotherhood of Iron

We are a band of brothers, trying to restore what was almost lost. To see that a man needs a purpose in this modern world, where machines take the place of men, and corporations steal their souls.  We have been reduced to cogs in a machine, economic units, and have lost a part of ourselves, for there are many who still understand, we create, we invent, we build, and if that is taken from us, then we degenerate into animals. Today that condition is Opioid animals addicted to drugs, our purpose being ‘off shored’ to other contries, while our executives bask in the glory of ill gotten gains, and party onwards. Doctors participate in this orgy of drug induced madness and nobody seems to understand, that sitting around in little ‘focus groups’ merely focuses the negative feelings as each one in the group grabs on to the justifcation for taking more drugs… not giving them ways to get their minds wrapped around a positive purpose, I was pushed into one of these little get togethers and all I saw were people crying together, justifying each others misery…  its always somebody else s fault, eh?

In this modern time, we are told that we must work in a soulless cubicle, in a corporation, pushing papers, striking keyboards, that those who work with their hands can be replaced with untrained monkeys, or robots. They are The Soulless/Plastic men dragging us into a soulless society, deliberately abandoning the knowledge of the Creator/ The Craftsmen and women. They even take away our very identity with false gender neutral fictions, naturally, there are many who reject these plastic people and their plastic agendas… we will not be reduced to a plastic parody of a human being.

The king of the craftsmen was the blacksmith, for he created civilization as we knew it. He made the tools for all the other crafts, he made the things that held the ships together, he made the things that made things, things made so well they still survive to this day. But corporations don’t care about men’s souls,or the products they produce, they only care about one thing, profits. Profit is necessary under The System of The Rule of Gold, but is it the only thing that matters?

Modern products are designed to fail, to be trashed and replaced on a regular basis, they call it; Planned Obsolescence.  While the Earth’s resources are dwindling, they cannot see the folly of their ways, and that they trash their reputations as they create cheaper and cheaper products all they are creating is more and more trash filled landfills.  They create more problems not solve problems, because their every decision is based on maximizing profit, not a spiritual interconnection with the Earth Mother and maximizing joy of Her children. The meaning of life is Joy, and joy is attained by finding purpose, and many of us feel that joy can only be restored by restoring things that were lost, we feed our souls by creating things of beauty that will last, and be passed on.

For those who want to learn blacksmithing, it is not just about hammering hot steel. Those who think we simply ‘work with our hands’, don’t understand that The Mind controls the hands, and without the Skill of the craftsmen, corruption and failure is the only result. We think the biggest mistake society has made is removing the vocational arts from primary education… they are now making a comeback as a backlash to modernity, corporatism, and mandates of ‘globalization’, the ultimate denigration of men’s labor.

Self Esteem comes from achievement, it cannot be given freely with a plastic trophy, and it is the only way to feel human, the ultimate expression of which is to create something of form and function, that is also beautiful, the highest manifestation of which, is the creation of something out of steel that will be useful and cherished for generations.

This is a classic 1916 manual put out by Sears Roebuck & Co., since they sold most of the blacksmithing tools and equipment in those days. They were the Amazon of that time, the Sears Roebuck catalog contained almost everything… and they would deliver it to your house/farm/shop.





The Blacksmiths Creed.

In the Beginning,
The Creator created the Holy Fire,
that with it He boiled the Unholy Waters,
then spoke His Voice upon the Duality of good and evil,
that became The Chaos, and the Universe WAS.
Thus, out of fire and water and air, the Earth was created.

Prometheus stole The Knowledge of Fire,
from the gods, and thus, The Blacksmith came to be,
and out of Earth, Air, Fire and water, he creates,
out of the power of his mind,
with god like power,
he created a world.

In The End,
“They shall pound their swords into plowshares,
and their spears into pruning hooks,
and neither shall they learn war, anymore.”

The Blacksmith creates life and death,
peace and war,
happiness and sadness,
beauty and ugliness,
art and science,
all the tools,
from which civilization began.

Use your power wisely…


For those wanting to set up a shop, here are the twelve commandments;