The Dalai Lama, Spiritual Evolution?


The Dalai Lama recently said;

“If science proves some belief of Buddhism wrong, then Buddhism will have to change”.

“All the world’s major religions, with their emphasis on love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness can and do promote inner values. But the reality of the world today is that grounding ethics in religion is no longer adequate. This is why I am increasingly convinced that the time has come to find a way of thinking about spirituality and ethics beyond religion altogether.”

Therefore, the following email was sent to His Holiness….

Your Holiness,
By way of introduction, my ‘name’ is Piper Michael. A piper’s job, is to separate good from evil…
I have recently read about you talking about changing your beliefs because ‘science’ may prove them wrong…and Buddhism may have to change to fit science?
Before you make a decision concerning long held belief systems, you should know, that the scientists have decieved even themselves. Their 99% god particle, does not, and cannot exist, but their experiments do prove, 100%, the proof of the God Tangent causal spin force. Their experiment, was a combination of manufactured statistics, done in a rush, that I think was because Europe was broke and CERN needed to keep their funding. So they were told to prove something ‘now’.
What they really accomplished, was to prove the Einstein-Enoch Equation and my prediction over a year ago, that they would find a ‘ghost’ or energy spike at the 1 Radian point, which was simply an energy feedback along the point of least resistance in the local geometry of spacetime. This point of feedback I refer to as; The God Tangent, or the causal spin force, or what the Gnostics called the Invisible Spirit.
What? Yes. This is the spiritual and scientific evolutionary event you and many others are seeking. The Thing that combines science and all religions into One. This ‘thing’, was the gift of a dream after 40 years of searching for antigravity. Sir, there is a God, but He is not the ‘judgmental’ god of the monotheists, but the father of a family of gods, or powers, that provide the pattern images for the shadows that are our reality. This is now proven in a simple equation, and ancient writings, combined into one.
We are referring to; the Holy Grail,  the completion of Einstein’s thesis.. the Theory of Everything. Unfortunately, as he says, there was a side effect. We had to add a Causal God force into the equation, to model ancient documents based in The Gnosis and Buddhism…!  The Rejections of it have been on the verge of violent, so, through the way of truth, that first must be ridiculed and violently opposed, we now understand that we have found truely found the Source of the Shadow of reality.
This breakthrough should at least find consideration in an enlightened soul such as yourself… one who knows humanity stands on the edge of a precipice, and that great leaps are made in times of great chaos. This ‘Grail’ stands at the Nexus of science and religion, it is both, and neither, for it is proof of a wonderful thing. The power of the Rocks and the orbitals explained in one equation, that solves age old mysteries by the integration of age old philosphies and modern science. The path of Einstein, to prove the ‘mind of God’, that was abandoned by the god haters in science, that came up with an alternative, the god particle.
That they hate god so much is not disputable, they told me they are going to “put your God in His grave”. If the Dalai Lama has bought into this nonsense, then that is sad for all Buddhists and eventually for all of God’s people. They will use this as a lever to destroy us, that is what the Animal of the Dark energy does.
The Piper’s thesis, is elegantly simple, and that you have had The Secret in your hands all along, through the Knowledge of the Yin, Yang and Tao, but didn’t know how to prove it. The new equation shows how the Forces of Light, Dark and Tao are proven in science. With the new God Calculus, it gives the Sword of Truth when it comes to religious matters, especially the defective Bible of the Catholics and Protestants. This is exposed in; The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. This shows the true function of the ‘gods’, powers, principalities, or whatever you wish to call them, through the Gnosis of the Forbidden books, that align perfectly with this math of creation. Amath, that brings all the religions of man into unification through the Spiritual Relativity, that Light=Love.
It would be worth your time, in consideration, before you jump off a cliff into the Abyss of Darkness. Knowledge overcomes MYSTERY my dear sir, and that is your focus, is it not? This, ‘theory’, is something so wonderful that proves the Creator and the Family of gods, and that it is possible the Buddha could be the Christ spirit, that is proven in math and ancient knowledge. Would that be worthy of a man of your stature?
To see the Grail, goto;
A failure to reply to this offer, will confirm that you are like all the others, and have no desire to finish the Mystery of the God, to KNOW, or even consider the Created Universe, and that the Buddhists had it right all along, but prefer to remain in the MYSTERY power of darkness, or your aids do. In either case, this letter will posted on the site.
Piper Michael

As I have said before, The God particle, is not just another ‘thing’ of science. It is fundamental and fundamentally wrong. But it is also what the scientists have been trying to prove ever since they put Einstein in his grave. I talk to these people, and their fundamental belief is, that their god(less) particle, “will put your God in His grave”.  They are hiding this fact from the general population, just like they do everything that is dark, and the god particle’s primary function is spin and DARK ENERGY. This is because the Light energy must be bound and consumed in order for atoms to ‘work’. Even though they have yet to figure out that dark energy was there all along, right in front of their eyes, as the force of magnetism.

I warned that the ‘meme’ was starting, the meme of; “it is a ‘provable fact that god does not exist”… this should be proof to the people of God, that the god particle is an evil thing of darkness. It is designed to take you away from your faith, and deliver you into darkness. The Piper told you that the particle paradigm, is merely an observable symptom of God’s underlying structure that gives The Hardness(magnetic bubbles of repulsion).  But science doesn’t tell you what is inside a particle, and the God(less) particle cannot exist because even then they have not delivered the source of the energy of the particles, for that you have to get closer to the Hyper Holy Light(spirit) of God. The God Calculus and the hidden power in the rocks is the proof. It is such a simple thing, but all people have become brainwashed by science, by something most cannot understand.  But they accept it because it comes from the Voice of Authority. Godly people merely shrug and think its just another one of those “mysteries” of God. Thus their minds are divided by Mystery because faith gives no proof, and science is not understood, so the great mass of regular folks are left in a world of illusion and shadows, easily conquered by the Mystery power of authority.  Doubt is sewn in the back of your mind, yet we do not stop to think, that God is revealed in the simplest things. Would God give a gift to His people that everyone could not understand?

It has been said that for people with faith no proof of God is required, and for the faithless no proof is enough. But there is another force at work, those who hate God and those who are confused. There are those who love God, and those who hate God, and then there are those who sit the fence, confused and full of doubts, they are the Lukewarm. Some of them go to church on Sunday and make a show, but their hearts are neither hot nor cold. They are easily led by nonsense, and it is safe to say this group may be pretty large. They really don’t believe in anything because they don’t know what to believe, the world is so full mystery and lies. They are filled with conflicting information and society makes them feel embarrassed to have any faith, so they are easily pulled from the Light into the Dark. This Great Falling away of the Faith, has already happened, it began when science and socialism began its magic over a hundred years ago. Recently, this ridiculing of God and Faith has ramped up to unbelievable levels, it has become an open secret in the government, that God is not welcome here and His people are an inconvenience. While simultaneously, the Mystery of the Church is becoming indefensible and old dry bones in the face of increasing stress of ‘intelligent’ society. Thus the need for a spiritual evolution, in a New Song, that comes from God and eliminates the Mystery of God. Even in revelations, this is how it begins with the lady of 12 stars in her crown, clothed in the light of the sun, standing on the Moon. We read of a New Song, and ‘the Mystery of God is finished…” the revelation of the Knowledge of Light and Dark, that overcomes the power of darkness, Mystery.

In a recent video we watched, The Age of Deceit, it showed fundamentally, that there are evil forces at work in this world and they are of a higher intelligence, a dark intelligence, demonic you could say.  They mix truth with lie to get their messages across, so I don’t want anybody to think I’m coming from some metaphysical or occultist evil place, when I say that religion is divided and confused by the same power of Mystery that is taken for evil.  Mystery doesn’t play favorites, there is ‘good mystery’ and ‘bad’ mystery, but they are all mystery, and that is the ultimate meaning of The Grail.  Mystery is the enemy of mankind, not knowledge. Knowledge is the only way out of Mystery, and God must want the Knowledge to be revealed, because even religious leaders are now succumbing to the power of science.  How long will it be before the chaos in the world reaches apocalyptic levels? Only God knows. But we can say with assurance, that when religion is no longer meeting the needs of the soul, then religion itself must change, a spiritual evolution. When religion is being destroyed by science and its followers, then this is not a joyful thing for God. Would God allow this situation to continue, and take over all the minds of men or children? Do not people of faith see the next generation being taken?

Like I have been trying to say, maybe I just live out at the leading edge of thought, but, either we have a spiritual evolution, or it will be imposed, and it will be imposed anyway, so I think maybe God knows, a revelation of spirit is a necessary thing, if not for the current generation of believers, then for the next. Simply because the way the generations work is predictable, the next generation rejects most everything of the previous. Does that include religion? You betcha, and there has been stirring, a great confusion of spirit, a dark wave of energy that threatens to overtake all Religions, especially Christianity. Like I’ve tried to say, if ‘they’ PROVE God does not exist, then that will only be the first step. Now they have ‘proved god doesn’t exist’, 99%.

Remember I said that the god(less) particle doesn’t exist, and they will find a shadow energy, a spike, and that is exactly what they created in their labs. They cheated… they took the results of many experiments and statistically averaged them to get a common spike of energy, a transient, a ghost, a Holy Ghost?  But, the interesting thing is, their spike is proof of the Piper’s theory…the God Calculus, and what they proved, was the God Tangent. This is the Voice of God, the tangent energy that causes all things to spin in the same direction.

My latest experiment, the gravity wind, proved that we live in a magnetic Universe, period. This is not me, putting God in an equation as some suggested, but the result of 40 years searching for the secret to anti gravity and I saw that it must lay in Einstein’s theoretical completion. Unfortunately, there was a side effect, God had to added into the equation for it to work. There is a reason why science has all but abandoned Einsteins Unified Field theory, because it ends up at the throne of God. The deeper into reality they got, the closer to the creator they saw, the more everything becomes ONE through Quantum Entanglement. No theory of everything, can exist without the proof of God. Thus they came up with the ‘God Particle’ called the Higgs boson.

If the God particle were real, then everything in the Universe would be random, that is the necessary result of their own postulate.  It is a ‘random’ particle that causes atoms to spin and gives ‘dark energy’ so that hardness can result. But if it were true, all things in the Universe would have a 50 percent random distribution of spin related events; planets, solar systems, galaxies, would rotate and orbit both clock wise and counter clockwise. They need Higgs, because they need two things; spin and dark energy. (Einstein proved everything is made from “frozen energy” when the first atomic bomb went off and converted a few pounds of concentrated uranium into the light of a thousand suns. But most people don’t understand this was only half of the equation of the reality matrix… )

But random spin is not what we see in telescopes, and I have not heard a single soul of science that has commented on it, probably because it is most inconvenient. What do we see? Mostly that everything spins, rotates or orbits; COUNTER CLOCKWISE… this is primal, profound, and indicative of a common source of the spin force. The primary indication of a common, centralized, intelligent designer, that lives outside the Universe, in a hyper cosmic reality(Called ‘heaven’ by religion, this is merely energy that cannot be perceived, like gamma rays or x-rays, only higher). This is also the reason big rocks can rise above little rocks, because they have a higher density of the power of God within them RELATIVE to the smaller densities around them. This is fundamental, profound, and a thing of God that nobody can see because they are subject to “the sea and waves roaring”, the basis of Mammon is noise and confusion. It is only when you go to the still small voice within that you see the reality of God is revealed in the simplest things, not multi billion dollar atom smashers that must be perpetually funded.

Most of us read something through the filter of our own understanding. Thus the Piper’s ‘theory’ is taken as an assault on the status quo instead of a proof of it. They take it as something metaphysical, reading something into it that isn’t there.  They will pronounce ‘bad’ mystery on me, while proclaiming ‘good’ on their own mystery. When what I was given, was the revealing of truth that overcomes mystery of all kinds. Unfortunately, people see it as just another mystery because they don’t understand that math is the language of the Universe, not words. They see it as evil, instead of seeing the true evil, that which proclaims there is no god, there is only a particle. They think a particle is ok, because it continues the Mystery of God and then their minds are ‘divided’ by mystery. Is God happy with that situation? Do we not think He Knows where the state of human and spiritual evolution lies? Would He give a counter against a science that ‘proves’ He does not exist? My dream vision was no different than many others who are receiving them now. I was simply uniquely qualified to interpret the symbols by way of having weird hobbies over 40 years and following a path…

Many Christian brothers just cannot comprehend that science intends to proclaim God is dead. But it will not be just the scientists per se, it will be people like the Dalai Lama, who has never had any faith in a Creator to begin with, only high mucky muck sounding words that proclaim god is IN everything, there is no ‘creator god’ there is only reality that we can prove. When men like this start to turn towards godless science, it is not far off, that this will become a self reinforcing trend. That’s how it works. Everyone will fall for the 99% god, and religions will become merged with science from the other direction of the pendulum of societies, this is already happening… this represents a Spiritual Evolution, of the bad kind. Would God want a counter evolution of spirit? Are we the hands of the Holy spirit that is the true channel from the will of God? Does mystery serve His purpose or Reason?

The Piper’s Epiphany and discovery of the original Holy Grail of Enoch and the dream of Einstein and how they fit together, does not do anything but prove God’s word, and the word of preachers, that God and the Holy spirit IS IN all things, but how dare I prove it? It proves the Trinity in fact, and not theory or mystery. It simply gives the mechanism of forces of the energy stream. It has been proven by experiments and resolution of old ‘mysterious phenomena’ of science and religion because it lies at the nexus of both.  Thus it is ridiculed and I have been threatened. A baptist preacher wished he “could get his hands on my throat”. This is sad, but revealing, we are no different than those who burned The Heretics and the Books of old.

It fills the Piper with joy, because it is the way of truth to first be ridiculed, then violently opposed, before it is accepted as matter of fact.   The facts of the God Calculus are indisputable, to me, but like I said, people look at everything through their own filters of knowledge and experience. Most of us look through the filter of our wallets or our favorite mysteries,  but there are still those who would kill for their Mystery.  Islam kills for their mystery, but Christian does too. Too many Christian brothers cannot differentiate between ‘objective’ truth, and ‘subjective’ truth. I fear this will be the undoing of them for it is the basis of what keeps us divided, our minds are divided between reality and mystery. When somebody attempts to merge the subjective with the objective, as we have seen, ignorance and superstition rules our minds through our hearts…

Christian’s are divided, and that was the result of Rome’s imposition of Mystery, this is what is spoken of in the book of Revelations.  They cannot see it because it is ‘their’ mystery, and anything different is a ‘bad’ mystery. When objective science and math is equated with so called New Age movements, then it is obvious to me, that there is no comprehension, there is only emotional defense of status quo. And because of our love of mystery, we will be taken down by the force of evil, using sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly. We will not leave the cycles of mystery of civilization until reason conquers mystery of all kinds, both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’.

What is going on in the world now, is the direct result of the consequences of mystery. What is happening is a spiritual evolution, that is attempting to break free of the Mystery of all religions. People are leaving Church, and feeling anxious, a sense of foreboding, and religions are no longer enough to salve the soul. While science is trying to reinvent a god of particles that will prove God doesn’t exist, religion shrugs and pronounces mystery upon it. When this process is completed, many more people will simply give up on faith in God and the Great Falling away of the Faith, begun decades ago, will be finished. Science will proclaim the “mystery of God is finished”, and what will religion do when it is outlawed? What vision will guide the morality of society when God is destroyed by science and government, and then religions themselves accept the new false science and join together in a False Religion imposed from above? What will happen to your children? What will that do to the Plan of God? Did he have something to say about it?

The book of Revelations is not simply about Apocalypse and death and judgement. If you read it with new eyes and read into the old interpretations of the Orthodoxy, you see it has deeper meanings and mirrors reality. Yes there are meanings of governments and global empires and money systems and death, but there are deeper spiritual meanings in all holy writings. But you must discern the meanings of the symbols, the six, seven, tens and the twelve.  Revelations speaks to the six’s and the seven’s, which is the power of darkness and the light, revealed by the Grail. This is the literal power of darkness in the Pi number, that is 6 Radians. Seven is the number of perfection, the 7 spirits, and 7 seals, are the 7 heavenly layers of reality, the 7 jumps of energy vibrations and 7 Chakra’s of the soul. The 7 seals keep reality separated from hyperspace and subspace. Normal space is merely an illusion of God, but real, and hard, the energies make it so.

The 10 horns, virgins of the goodly and toes of the divided, are the Lost Tribes, the horns are the clue for they are the Shofar’s of the Tribes, the Evil leadership.  Revelations  speaks of the woman with 12 stars around her head, clothed in the light of the Sun, standing on the moon… of a New Song and the mystery of God is finished.  What does this symbology mean?  The 12 tribes of Israel, were ‘Chosen’, and given the Gift of the Light, the spiritual gift of connection to the Light, of creativity, and the revelation of the knowledge of the Light and Darkness, that overcomes the mystery of God.  Did God Himself say that man would come to a time, when mystery and division, and fighting and confrontation about it, must come to an end? That the only way out of the mystery is reason? We can feel change blowing in the wind, we can feel the anxiety of nations and peoples, yet religion gives only superficial answers, only vague hopes. Religion cannot give answers because it is the based in Mystery, not Knowledge.  Science gives no answers because it is caught in its own version of Mystery.  After 2000 years, it should be obvious to all that mystery leads only to one place, division, confusion, rebellion, war and destruction.

We can know that God wanted us to know His ways, because we were given the works of Enoch, and the Babylonian Mystery destroyed it. But God preserved it, for His time. A time when the ultimate cycles of the Galaxy comes to fruition in a time of great darkness, conflict and destruction, and that His people and His Light, find a way to overcome the cycles of the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, the Empires of rebellion, that rise from the ashes of previous empires. The statue represents the Head of Gold, that invented the Rule of Gold(; He who has the gold, makes the rules). This statue is the ultimate symbol of the misery of mankind that takes men from the Joy of God. Because we rebelled against God’s law and suffered the consequences. We were conquered by the darkness of the leadership of this world, the money changers, the men behind the curtain. And the only way to bring down the Head of Gold, is with the power in the rock. The Rule of Gold must be conquered by the Golden Rule. The True Mystery of God is finished by the Knowledge of God. Reason conquers Mystery. The power found in the rock, tears down the statue of empires, and builds a mighty mountain to the heavens.

Only if the statue of empires is not allowed to rise from the ashes of civilizations fall, from the “Dark day of the Lord” which comes in the dark rift at Galaxies Edge, will we be able to overcome the Head of Gold, and bring true joy to Earth. Enoch said only those with the Light of God within would survive what comes. The Dalai Lama was prescient, religion will break down, and faith will begin to die as the Universe people know breaks down in front of their eyes. They will not survive to see the Light come to Earth because the Darkness will claim them before that happens. The evil, the lukewarm, and those with little faith will succumb to the power in the darkness because their animal half will overcome their spirit half, this is the time in scripture when the “love of many shall wax cold”, Fear will rule. Is this why Fear in Revelations 21:8, is the greatest of Sins?

Does the Dalai Lama see the future…
God knows.

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  1. I’m impressed, I should say. Really not usually do I encounter a web site that’s every single educative and entertaining, and let me inform you, you’ve hit the nail about the head. Your principle is outstanding; the difficulty is a person factor that not sufficient people are talking intelligently about. I am incredibly pleased that I stumbled throughout this in my seek for a single thing referring to this.


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