Pay the Piper

Inauguration of Bitterness
an ode.(An ode is a song played in minstrel tone.)
And there I sat all full of wonder,
full of fear, all torn asunder,
sweet words on the tongue, a bitter belly,
as it does dance across the telly.

and when that final sentence said,
he would protect, and would defend,
and swore to God, I felt a dread,
of all the people, upon my head.

The tear did fall, and I did weep,
standing in front of justice keep,
to see this man, that would be king,
and all the souls of perfidy, sing.

They know the words, to speak to hearts,
singing, dancing, crowds of tarts,
to speak the essence of liberty’s song,
a hymn of government, an ignorant throng.

The victims of, a land so large,
as freedom mounts, the river barge,
and he now takes us, to the brink,
our liberty, he takes to sink.

To be pushed into the night,
as down the river, freedoms flight,
and too many, just don’t kin,
where oh where, does hide the din.

Yet in all the flowery tongue,
the twenty kids, forever sung,
the subtlety of the agenda,
then the poet says in splendor.

You are the haters, if you don’t love,
everything we tell you bums,
the elite, are the ones you know,
ruffles and flourishes, just a show.

The biggest lie, in our land of Nod,
as he swears, the oath to God,
the darkness swirls, around his head,
and fills the righteous, with a dread.

And in the pomp and circumstance,
nothing to see, of substance has,
bunnies jumping, in cacophonous glee,
treading down, all of you and me.

In this you see, how liberty dies,
not with a bang, but with a sigh,
in the dark black Caesars rise,
a tyranny of the minority high.

Evil now good, and good is bad,
brother against son, a method sad,
upside down, they’re in the gate,
filling all with tenuous hate.

The god of money, became the all,
the root of evil, of the fall,
as the pale green horseman mounts,
our law now moot, and nothing counts.

Your guns won’t stop, a tidal wave,
the children’s future, it won’t save,
the economic damage done,
America’s future, already sung.

We are divided, hearts and minds,
a point of agreement, we can’t find,
the illusion of money, is complete,
the god we worship, is the teat.

For when you kick Him out of here,
you create a vacuum, like a tear,
in can only move one song,
the sweetness comes, the demon throng.

The love of money, is the sin,
that blinds us all, to heavens kin,
and as our pharisees do say,
unGodly authority, you will bay.

His word divides,  not a president,
craven and unholy sent,
all the good, he does divide,
blindness, on a dark black tide.

In our divisions, we are turned,
from men to sheep, as we are burned,
preachers and politicos, scream and shout,
as the sheep, only bay and pout.

On the horizon, a storm is churning,
in America, the money is burning,
the sea and waves, a mighty roar,
in Godless confusion, became a whore.

The righteous laid, on liberty’s altar,
and we did sleep, and we did falter,
we fell asleep in freedoms home,
and bowed down to the sweetest tomes,

the bitterness, of the whirlwind sewn.


Kabuki pogo dance

As we pogo down the slopes of Oldevai,
a Kabuki song of hope, despair and lies,
until one day no hope is shared,
and madness thickens in the air,
the tipping point does come,
the Kabuki dance is done,
the cups of wrath are full,
as taxes raised, in unholy bull,
and destiny is full of rhymes,
paradigms not in your hands,
or hopes,
and dreams,
but in the sand, of the times.


Black Friday comes, an open door,
devolving masses, in a roar,
feet to trample, stomp and score,
slaves of mammon, only whores.

Thus the madness of mammon nears,
they have no will, nor eyes or ears,
spirit trampled in mindless fears,
crowds of gnawing vampire tears.

Depravity shows, for all to see,
dregs of a lost humanity,
marching downward to the sea,
roaring waves of perfidy.

Thus it starts, it takes no side,
the dark within, will have your hide,
rushing on December’s tide,
promises of the greatest ride.

Prayer for the Remnant

Lord, give them eyes that they may see,
and ears to hear the song of liberty,

let freedom ring across the land,
without much bloodshed in the sand,

let them feel their greatest error,
a rising song of unholy terror,

to feel the blade of envy strike,
their coveting to take their might,

the darkest horse that takes their sight,
to take them from the greatest height,

so when the darkness sings its songs,
releasing demons in their throngs,

they remember and see your Light,
release the Remnant from their fright.


The Refining

The bill was passed, before being read,
under color of law, liberty is dead.

You came and partied, and then went home,
and then the mocking, and rightfully so.

The old and young, the sick and the weak,
are given on the altar, of the meek.

And meekness itself, misunderstood,
power under control, no longer good.

For you are His hands, of all His justice,
to right the wrongs, in the dark of Just Us.

We turned the cheek, and forgot the sword,
our leaders gave, in a perfidious hoard.

Warriors of God, and men become sheep,
division reigns, and does run deep.

Not your fault, the preachers are shamed,
doctrines of darkness, divisions insane.

For a house divided, cannot stand,
immoral confusion, across the land.

Do not ask why, look in the mirror,
lady liberty, you did not hear her.

What is evil?, and what is good?,
on left and right, the statue stood.

Toes divided as the iron and clay,
the gold confuses, in light of day.

Murder the unborn, the hedonists freed,
but you will pay, for the evil deeds.

And when the law, doth turn around,
say not you weren’t warned, in all the towns.

The darkness grows, and fills the Earth,
the love of many, becomes a dearth.

The Light of Graham, removed at last,
the future comes, and is the past.

See the Churches, their sanctions of sin,
He won’t hear you, you’re not His kin.

Lukewarm cups, that are now filled,
ready to rain, the souls you stilled.

The Seals do break and come undone,
reality fails, the Nephilim come.

The time of Daniel and John, as One,
the edge of Jacob, now does come.

God given rights, go down in shame,
and rich mans laws, go up in flame.

When the evil, is seen by all,
the light does rise, and does stand tall.

Then Enoch’s Light of God doth shine,
for eyes that see, but only The Refined.

Destroy the statue of the Head of Gold,
and build the Temple, of the Soul.

The Piper plays across the land,
time to pay, for the blood in the sand.

The Head of Gold; The Cycle of Civilizations

The System is 5000 years old.
It is called a Head of Gold, the Rule of Gold; He who has the gold, makes the rules,

and its name is; the Phoenix of Babylon,
and when the statue on two legs of ideology does fall,
a Phoenix rises from the ashes,
the Beast with 10 horns comes forth,
to take the Earth,
in an old kind of sport.

Here is wisdom,
of a rock that’s thrown,
into the gears,
of Phoenix now sewn.

Into the wilderness,
means what it says,
to leave The System,
to go Galt instead.

Take your children,
and make a plan,
trim your wicks,
to make a stand.

For when it comes,
in darkness spreading,
become a light,
against the dreading.

Come together, many as one,
common cause, becomes great fun,
for only as unity, will you stand,
to beat the darkness, in the land.

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