The NDE and Relativity of darkness

Near Death Experiences (NDE’s)

Modern ‘science’ dismisses near death experiences as simply brain neurons misfiring during the instant of death. But the only ones who’re given credence of their opinions are those who have a ‘dark’ bias. If these ‘NDE’s are given any serious study, over the massive number of recorded experiences, a picture emerges, and it is definitely not brain neurons misfiring.

The Piper has had his life saved by ‘alterations of physical reality’ at least three times, that he knows about, two that he is sure of, one that just doesn’t register on the scale of reality so we ignore it for now.  The two times that should have resulted in death or permanent paralysis, we’ll cover here. The first time was when we were the unfortunate target in a practical joke gone awry, that resulted in being literally thrown under the big wheel of a farm tractor going twenty mph down an asphalt road. We were thrown off the tractor head first and face down, and in the space of 5 feet we were turned upside down and twisted sideways and dropped in a position that the wheel simply jumped over our pelvis, leaving us temporarily paralyzed, but eventually, was able to teach ourselves to walk again.

The next time physical reality was altered was when we went out the back steps of our home, having forgotten everything was covered with a half an inch of ice. That first step on the back steps took us stright up into the air, where we should have landed on the edge of the door jam, and broken our neck. But we did not land where we should have, we landed three feet away with our arm hanging over the porch rail. Having suffered only a bruise, and a big lesson in thinking before acting. We don’t remember the big wind that must have blown that day, that was strong enough to pick us up and move us horizontally through the air 4 feet and deposit us in pain on the rail, but, rationally, it must have been a big wind… right?

These are only two of several more indidences, that could convince someone that they are being watched over, and somebody has your back. Through much of life and observance of life, it becomes obvious that for those who die, it was their time, period. There are many stories if one pays attention, that there are forces in this world that protect some, and not others, and that if it is not your time to die, something will step in and make sure that you and the baby up the isle are the only ones who survive the horrible plane crash, or not. There is no rhyme or reason to it, because there isn’t supposed to be. But it is not so much a mystery anymore, those who have ‘more work to do’, will simply be enabled to do it. To those who pay attention, we know, for a fact, without equivocation, without mystery or scriptures or any holy men getting in the way, that there is a Higher Power in the Universe, and that power has His own plans.

The only way we can make sense of The Plan, is to see the overarching ‘meme’ of the cycles of men and civilizations. This began at the very beginning, with the giving of ‘knowledge’ from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, to Adam and Eve. We’ll not even talk about the ‘jealous god’ that threw them out of the ‘garden in paradise’, but simply, the knowledge was given and then, perverted. The Law was given and then, perverted. The Lord Himself came to Earth, gave knowledge, and then again, it was… perverted. There are those who can argue and fuss, and that, at the end of the day is the cause of the perversion itself, those who are full of fear and would argue with a tree trunk, and then, those who actually listen to the ridiculers. Usually because the ridiculers use ‘sweet words on the tonque’, that many simply ‘like’. It has nothing to do with rational thought, it is usually just a fear based ridicule or put down, like; neurons misfiring. These analyses are usually delivered as a joke, laughing, as something so ridiculous it is just funny that anybody would believe that… Beware of these people.

When the Pipers step father was dying of cancer. He was in the hospital in and out of consciousness, with a morphine pump. Then a funny thing happened. His mother came to visit. Only, his mother had been dead for a week, and nobody had told him because they thought it would push him over the edge. Everybody in the room freaked out, and left the room, of course, that is what human’s do, fear of the unknown. She came and sat in the only empty chair in the room, and he talked to her for about five minutes, and then she was gone. Now up until that time, he was full of fear of dying, almost irrational, scared to death. After she left, he was at peace with it. He died that night. Not being pushed over the edge, but led gently and willingly into that good night, or, that good Light. But the fear of the others that were in attendance, was displayed in their eyes, as the deep fear of the soul visited every person witnessing this spiritual event.

Our mother, died that day as well, at least, that part of her that kept her alive. You see, she had already buried one husband and a son, that curiously, died in the same kind of tractor accident that should have killed us, was there a price to be paid, a cosmic debt to be settled, some unknown part in a grand cosmic soap opera that kept us living? Never mind, it doesn’t matter, it is just a speculation, where were we? Ah. Yes, mother lasted just a couple months after that. Slowly going down hill, turning within herself. A ball of tears in the corner of an empty house, alone. Even our visits everyday were not enough to cheer her up. Then she had a heart ‘issue’ and was admitted into the hospital. She lasted a week, until the day of Sunday, when she was expecting her ‘friends’ from the Church and the preacher to come visit her.

She had herself made up so she wouldn’t look shabby. And she waited, and waited. And one or two of her oldest and dearest friends came, but nobody else. None of those oh so pious and Christian ‘friends’ had the time, even for a short visit, it seemed. Up until that point, we thought she was going to pull through, and so did the doctors. But after that day, the next day she was in ICU, hooked up to some damnable machine. She had given her life to that church, and they couldn’t even come for a visit? “Damn them. Damn them all. All they care about is themselves.” We said.

You see, when we walked into her room that day, and the bed was empty, the nurse had told me she was in ICU and was kind enough to take me there… we were met by the doctors, who stopped us and told us they had to speak with us first. Were we the ‘head of the family’ they asked? “Yes, I’m the oldest.” Then they proceeded to tell us that after visitation hours were over that last night, mother had had another attack. They think she just ‘gave up’ fighting. We knew why. Then they told me she was simply being kept alive on that machine, and would never rise from that bed on her own steam again. That for all intents and purposes, she was already ‘gone’. They wanted to know what I wanted to do. “Let her go! Take her off that damn machine!” was our only response. They smiled and nodded, and proceeded to act swiftly as we watched on. They were very kind and caring individuals. We leaned over and kissed her forehead and told her “Bye mama, maybe we’ll get to see ya later”.

True to their word, as soon as the machine was unplugged from the array of tubes in her chest, the heart monitor went to a flat-line… and the doctor announced “Time of death… ” We were devastated, yet happy at the same time. There are no words for such emotions at such a time. Yet, at that same time, we have no other way of explaining it except, I could feel her, she hugged us and went around the room in joy! Free! That is the only way we can explain it, but it was a definite presence in the room. It lasted for only a few seconds, and she was gone. We could feel that too. Those who wish to dispute these words, may do your best in ridicule, but, being a dowser, and sensitive to energy flows, we know what we felt.

Several months later, we were startled awake from a dream. But it was not a dream, it was a visit. Mother came to see me, or I was drawn out to see her, whether in the body or not, I cannot say. But some force held me, as I was shown a land of many pits. Each pit had a purpose or a soul within. There was mother, standing on the edge of a pit, in a dirty white robe. We didn’t understand. The pit itself was full of cigarette butts and looked vile. Then mother said to us “We wanted this.” She proceeded to get down on all fours and started eating. For some reason, we were not repulsed, we were happy for her. The thought came while we were in between the dream and wakefulness “The Cleansing comes through the Purging”. We did not understand, wasn’t this a Catholic ‘thing’? Was Purgatory real? But mother wasn’t Catholic, nor did she believe in such things. She was taught that Jesus would ‘save’ her, of course they never told her exactly how her robes would be ‘washed in the blood’, because that “was a mystery”… Like everything else. A mystery… A few months later, we had the strangest ‘vision’ in the middle of the day, out of the clear blue sky. The vision of a bright beam of light, shooting upwards into the highest of heavens, and our mothers unexplainable and tremendous joy being sent to us. We smiled, but we still didn’t understand.

We did not know the meanings of these events for years. Until we had thoroughly investigated the phenomena of NDE’s. They are all related, NDE’s, dream visitations, flashes of insight, ghostly visits. Something the particle school of physicists and scientists pooh pooh, because they have no ‘rational’ basis for understanding such things. But they are real, at least to the individuals they happen to. Which leads us to Eva Lea.

Eva Lea, is one of our dearest friends. A righteous lady that is loving and kind to all, but a sickly soul. She was given a sickness from an injection of some kind, we cannot remember the name of it, but it was devastating to her body. She was admitted to the hospital on the verge of death, and that was what she got, death. She ‘coded’ while in the hospital, and related to us that she immediately looked down on her own body laying lifeless in the bed. That she was floating at the top of the ceiling, watching in interest as the doctors and nurses worked feverishly to ‘bring her back’. (It is interesting that such phrases are used.) When she was floating there she noticed a beautiful tunnel of Light. But the Light spoke to her and told her she could go into the light if she wanted, but it was her decision. She was also made to know that she had a daughter, and her daughter would suffer if she did decide to leave now. She saw a light that was pure love and wisdom. Yet she knew, it was not her time. So she studiously watched as the doctors and nurses did their thing. Then, instantly, like falling from a cliff, she said it felt just like falling from a great height, she was back, and the pain returned.

Now when NDE’s are studied, this phenomenon of The Tunnel of Light is in a great many of them. Some make it to The Light and are met by a ‘Savior’ or Scanning machine like a human but not. Some simply say they walk into a garden. For some they get through the Light, and have the common experience of a ‘Life Review’. They experience a realm of beauty, peace and total unconditional love. Everything is full of light and joy reigns supreme. There are a few instances of those who have experienced ‘eternity’, where they are able to fly freely through the Eternity of Universes, in a land of pure thought and energy, lights indescribable, yet wondrous beyond words. The feeling of freedom and joy, and ultimate knowledge free on the wind, free for the knowing, and knowing that mankind is just, broken. Trapped in the dream of the material Universe, unable to comprehend anything outside of themselves and building world systems that are basically evil in nature. Even religions of men, it appears, are merely small slices of truth wrapped in an enigma of men’s fears.

When people go to the Light, then they are usually sent back or have the choice to go back. Where they ‘fall’ from a great height, and end up back in their bodies, full of the pain that sent them on their journey. But they are all changed. None of them have a fear of death any longer. Some even welcome it when their time of usefulness is done. But then there are others, who experience something else entirely.

There have been cases of Jesus coming to take people on a trip around the world. Seeing the shadows of people who are locked into their addictions, trying to suck off the living, by living vicariously on the pleasures of others. They are lost in a land of shadows, on the Earth itself, ghostly manifestations that only care about their own desires. There are those locked in eternal combat with others they hate, and you see the cost of hate.

There are those who are scared of The Light, and the Judgement they think awaits them there. There are those stuck on the sides of the Tunnel of Light, afraid to go yet afraid to stay on Earth. There are also those in another layer of dense foggy awareness, where the only activity is violence upon each other. There are also those who are left in, what could only be described as an Outer Darkness. Floating alone in pure dark nothingness, full of fear and recrimination of sins they had done, when all their evil deeds come home to haunt them. They got out of those dark and evil places, by the simple intention of looking up at The Light and begging to be set free.

In at least one case the request was a simple plea to Jesus, from a ‘lukewarm’ type person who had been shown the truth of Christ, but had never practiced it, especially after being exposed to The World for a long time. It is the world itself you see, that causes you to turn towards darkness. The world thinks the things of darkness are ‘good’ and the things of the Light are ‘idealistic’, ‘weird’, ‘unprovable’, ‘ridiculous’. Thus the ‘lukewarm’ can be ‘spit out’, back to where they will learn from their mistakes by suffering. There are even NDE stories of people who have to be ‘recycled’ because they royally messed up, these stories match exactly the “born again of the spirit” teachings of the Christ. (Most people don’t know that He taught reincarnation because the Catholic church squashed those teachings in the very beginning when they rewrote the ancient books, and then ‘authorized’ the Canon, while forbidding the other books. So how could we know?)

Those of the Light, those ‘in’ the world, are ridiculed and embarrassed by those who are ‘of’ the world. The world, and the ‘power of the air’, actually infests every breath you take with the power of self. The dark energy itself, being magnetic, pulls your thoughts  inward, to gratify your own wants and desires. This is what it does, and what the result of it is. It is the result of Relativity, and Spiritual Relativity is your release. This is the implied lesson in all of the NDE literature, that Light = Love, and it is an Unconditional and Nonjudgmental Love. You judge you, you attract yourself to the Light or the Dark places, depending on your own conscience or lack thereof. Your conscience is your connection to The Light of God, it is not a ‘good angel’ or a bad angel sitting on your shoulder, but a thread of the pure hyper light connected to your soul. It is what keeps you from falling into the darkness, literally. Learn to hear it, and grab onto it.

The miracle of modern medicine is responsible for most of our knowledge of these ‘mysterious phenomena’, but it should not be the lesson of them. The lesson of them is simple, the Light = Love. Unconditional Love and Empathy for all souls, religious or not. It doesn’t matter what you believe, the Universe has rules, and it is administered with love. It is administered with ultimate love and forgiveness, to bring you out of darkness, wash you, and make you faultless to go to an even higher condition of eternal joy, to help you overcome a situation you have no control over. You did not force yourself to be here in a situation that made you ignorant of the relative moralities of man, those who think evil is good, and good is evil. You have no control over what religion you were born into, whether Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic or Protestant, you cannot know that narrow religions of man, hold only slices of the absolute spirituality present in the Universe. You cannot know, that fear rules the World, and it is the fear of everything, different politics to different religions. You are not expected to know that God is not simply in an old book, but in the love of every human being and every rock, on Earth. This is what Jesus taught, but it was burned in the mad rush to create a new church, for the emperor of Rome. Thus mankind was set back ten thousand years in knowledge, and delivered into the blasphemy of MYSTERY.

When you see the Universe in the Light of NDE’s, you see a Universe that is far more than all the religions of man put together. You see a universal salvation in the Light, that is boiled down to one word; Love. Love conquers all, that is the all and the essence of it. It truly is that simple, everything else, everything, are the doctrines of men and fear. For you see, there is no real ‘devil’, there is only the darkness and dark entities. The Imp of darkness was hidden, and turned into an entity called Satan, they had to have an enemy, and a ‘power’ wasn’t good enough. It is the Power of Darkness that grabs your light, it is you that judges you, but it is the power of God not the judgement of God, that can deliver you to the second death of the soul, its consumption in the Imp of the darkness.

Once you see the Universe through the eyes of NDE’s, you see a Universe, and a power of God, that is both more unforgiving and infinitely forgiving than is held in a thousand Bibles. Those who consider the Bible the only written ‘word’ of God, are trapped in their own fear. They are not bad people, usually they are the best people, victims trapped by a system, built from the beginning by creating narratives that are backwards from the holy writings they were drawn from. The only way to know the truth of the matter is even revealed and interpreted by their own ‘holy’ Bible, by their fruits you shall know them. There is no infinite God of the Universe, that is going to throw babies or innocents into an eternal hellfire, simply because an accident of birth that they never knew Christ. Everything is dependent on you, the Universe has rules, but it is not men that make those rules, it is men who obscure the Rules, usually for their own profit. It is the Relativity of darkness, that causes fear to infect their animal bodies, that the light of spirit is dimmed. Learn the lesson of Revelations 21:8, and have no fear of the things of spirit. Learn to know the difference between things of the light and things of the Dark, so the truth will set you free.

But somewhere deep inside you, you knew, regardless of what your culture told you. That there is absolute goodness and absolute evil, and deep within you know the difference without being taught. Or at least most do, there are some who have no conscience, and for those who find themselves in an unhappy place, we simply say; look up, swallow your pride, repent and ask for help. You will have to one day, better sooner rather than later. That one day, you, like civilization itself, must awaken from the dream of MYSTERY and superstitions that keep us in the cul de sac of emotions and conflicts, to arise out of the gutter of mystery and turn away from the shadows on the wall of our prison cave.

To join hands together and walk to the light, requires the overcoming of the darkness of mystery, and the only way to overcome mystery, is with the light of knowledge. First for man and then civilization, must throw off the darkness of self and materialism, and the systems of mystery, that keep us in a desolate condition. Only then, will we truly come to that place of overcoming the statue of the Head of Gold, that makes the Rule of Gold, that keeps you in thrall by your love of money. This is the reason the root of evil is the love of money, because it turns you away from God. It turns you towards self, self interest, and the fear of all things you do not understand, and you are unable to trust in your brothers to be your keepers. For those trying to read something into this essay, this middle road is not ‘communism’ or ‘capitalism’, since elements of both are required in any high level functioning society, no, this way would be termed; God ism, or a Stewardship Economy and governance and theology, in One. Anything less, and all the systems of man, always turn back towards the darkness of this world. It can’t help but do this, if everything is not based in Love. And both the ideologies of man, the left and right, are directed towards the same result; a few guys owning everything, and calling themselves BOSS.

Truly, the NDE message is clear, that to bring heaven to Earth, the Rule of Gold must be conquered by the Golden Rule, the culture of materialism must end. We must become our brothers keepers through a true Temple of God for the ownership and stewardship of Earth. For only when the shackles of wealth and the debts and governments of the rich, the wars and the competition for ‘short’ banker money, are thrown off, can we come to the place of pounding our swords into plowshares and what we can accomplish becomes unlimited. Only when the ideologies of the statue with the Head of Gold are thrown off, do we see their power over our souls that keep us arguing and divided. Only when the Mysteries of God are finished, will we see our true natures as spirits, temporarily here, and then gone, with only one purpose; Joy. That no one can own Earth, or any part of her, for she is life itself, and we have polluted her with our greed, but something must always be left for the future generations. That God is changing minds and causing a spiritual evolution to take place, to build up a mighty army?  People are fed up with mystery and hypocrisy, with lies and leaders, with money, markets and mumbo jumbo, all designed to keep you in fear and confusion. People are seeing through the lies, leaving the churches and the parties of hypocrites and are wondering, what now?

The beginning is as all beginnings are, first we must recognize the power in the rocks that delivers the truth of the knowledge of good and evil, abandon the shadows on the wall, join hands and walk towards the Light.
PS: For those who wish to study NDE’s, we recommend Kevin Williams wonderful site;

3 Responses to The NDE and Relativity of darkness

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  2. Thanks for one more great put up. Where else could anybody get that type of info in these types of a perfect way of writing? I’ve got a presentation subsequent weeks time, and I’m around the search for this kind of info.


  3. SmokinOkie says:

    Piper, I’ve just begun to scratch the surface on the site here, but I have to say: you have some incredible insights! Got your location bookmarked and will definitely be back. Never had an NDE myself, but there are a couple of instances from years ago when something (someone?) must have saved me from my own careless actions. No other way to explain it. And a close relative, whose veracity is beyind question, has told me of things not much different that what you relate here.
    Wish I had a couple hours every day for research but crazy time demands of the job and a nearly-crashed comp have really limited me lately.
    I look forward to coming back when there’s plenty of time to properly digest the content…


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