Who is Piper Michael?

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”
–Albert Einstein

The Piper wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, searching for that something he knew not what, he knew not how, but only knew he would know it when it saw it. Thus The Piper went from failure to failure, career to jobs, and finally poverty and old age sickness  as the age of years caught up to him and his usefulness to the material world was spent. Cast adrift on the currents of The HasBeen engineer, he gained his final lessons in the Ways of the World. The lesson of loyalty only works one way. For Gold demands loyalty to Gold, and not the strength and mind that gives it wealth. The Golden Rule was subservient to the Rule of Gold, and greed ruled the Earth. For most people didn’t understand the difference between the two rules, for one, the Rule of Gold was very simple, he who had the gold made the rules(it was the primary reason Jesus was crucified by attacking and “turning the tables”  on the Temple money changers who brought in the tax for the Temple priests and ROME )… this was the rule of the Wealthy passed down through the rules of usury since the time of Babylon where usury was invented… in fact it was the biggest reason Babylon BECAME Babylon. The Golden rule was given as a gift by the Messiah, to show The WAY that Earth should operate…(in case you forgot, The Golden Rule is ;  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…. the opposite of GREED.

So The Piper sighed and continued his wanderings, through the dark wilderness of Mystery, picking up dots of light discarded in the ditch of knowledge and history. For The Piper you see was on a great quest to complete Einstein’s great work, the Grand Theory of the Unification of all things, that some call the Holy Grail, yet he knew not what it looked like, or where it lay hidden, but he knew it was hidden in the detritus of modern man. Like a nugget of gold laying in the sewer, he knew he would know it when he saw it, so he continued searching, always seeking the Ultimate and the Absolute in a world that was relative.

The Piper looked upon the world and saw the People in their great distress, and knew the Cause of it, that the Rule of Gold and Mystery was the power of Babylon over their minds. So The Piper built a Temple in the land of Babylon, a Temple of Light in a land of Darkness and Mystery. A land where the People were deceived by the Dream of Gold, that their noses would be whole at the end of their days to enjoy their lifelong labors. But it was not to be, as The Piper saw the Distress of False money take their lives, and they knew not why they suffered.

And from this Temple in the Babylon wilderness The Piper played a tune, and a Chorus heard, and came into the wilderness and sung the Song, for the People to dance at their Day of Deliverance from gold. The Day of the Vision of the Ages then came when the Entanglement of the Empathies of the Chorus reached unto heaven itself and through their prayers, entangled The Piper in the Energies of Heaven, and thus The Piper saw the Light. His great quest was accomplished, and the Sword of Truth was laid bare in the simple power of a rock. The Holy Grail was revealed in the power of a symbol in a vision from heaven and a crystal facet from God.

On that day The Piper saw the Light, and it delivered the Knowledge of the Imp of darkness from out of the Bottomless pit, and thus prophecy was fulfilled in the revelation of dark energy. Then the hand of a great king came upon him and made him write, to prattle and calculate the energies of heaven, and Einstein’s great work was accomplished by standing on the shoulders of the great sage Enoch who was taken up to heaven. A great hand expunged from him the dots collected over 40 years and they came forth all connected. Thus The Piper built a web of lights in the darkness of the world, a web of dots of lights connected by the power of minds. A Temple of Light in the darkness of the land of Mystery. To shed light upon the darkness and finish the Great work of God, a Magnum Opus Deo that was to heal the Sword of Division and Mystery built by the men who came out of Babylon. A simple truth to shed light upon the simple message of iron that had become sullied and mired in the sticky clay of mens religions and fears. On that day, the man became the Piper of the Grail, that would play a New Song, the final chapter on the Stairway to Heaven, that delivered a soul to science and eyes to religion through the Nexus of God Science, that delivers the New Song of Spiritual Relativity of Universal Redemption in the Light of Love.

The Piper saw and became a Witness of the Light against the Mystery of God of the Priests and Preachers. To show the People how they had been deceived, that they had become lost sheep in a world of darkness, and how the Mystery power of Fear had ruled their minds for so long. For a Pipers job you see, was to play a tune and the good would hear and the evil would be left behind. The Piper knew the Iron must come out of the Clay to be delivered to the ultimate destination, through a dark time and into the Light to come, that would allow a Remnant to pound their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks, and neither shall they learn war, anymore.

The Piper was given a gift, an epiphany of the spirit, in a vision that revealed The Truth of Creation. The Final Revealing of the lady of 12 stars in her crown, clothed in the light of the Sun, while standing upon the Moon. The vision of the Grail, that revealed the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, manifested as the Medicine wheel. A New Song about the Oldest Song played upon the Earth, that the Mystery of God is finished. To play a song of knowledge that multiplied faith by the conquering of Mystery. A song of truth of a sword of truth drawn from a rock, the knowledge that God was real, and The Piper had the Proof of the Thing. A truth so powerful it would deliver the Iron out of darkness, and defeat the evil that ran the world. A truth that enhanced faith so strong it could tear down the statue of Nebuchadnezzar with the power hidden in a simple rock, and build a mountain to the heavens that would bring the people through the place of pounding their swords into plowshares, and neither to learn war anymore, that could give man the ability to birth the Star Child. A child that could go forth and find the New Heavens and the New Earth, for one day, he knew, the Earth would be destroyed in fire.

5 Responses to Who is Piper Michael?

  1. Simon says:

    Sir, your kingdom of wisdom is but a house of cards.

    I perceive that It adds to your sense of frustration and and to your misery of lonely detachment from reality.

    If you possess the wherewithal & physical capabilities, please consider my suggestion; abandon your gnostic idolatries, for they are only vain-glory, and cannot add anything to your salvation or to the kingdom of God, they only lay invites of derision & snares of contentions, go rather to the lost, the dying, the sick, the widows and orphans, go where the Spirit leads you, bring love to the unloved, seek to be the least, die to ‘self’ in order to serve others, keep the commands of Jesus Christ; for by doing this, you will truly find the way, the truth and the life for which you have been searching for all of your life, give YWAM missions a go, may God bless you in Jesus’ name, Shalom.


    • My religion is better than your religion? Hmmm.
      Since I left your hypocrite church 40 years ago, I don’t want to hear any self righteous proselytizing, since, you have not only not changed the world, your religion, and its ‘free tickets to paradise’, have demonstrably screwed up everything.
      Mystery, isn’t the foundation of anything, except power and control over your minds.
      The Golden rule is hardly taught anymore in your churches, nor the consequence of sin, which is death. Your religion has turned ‘lukewarm’ and has had ‘The Great Falling away’ happening for years. Your churches are ‘old dry bones’, and you have become no better than pharisees.
      Those who cannot worship the creation, yet pretend to worship the creator, while truly worshiping mammon, have no right to preach to anyone.
      You have lost your moral authority.
      Notice, I did not delete your comment, and I have no ‘kingdom’, there is only one Kingdom on High, it is above paradise, it is not of this Earth. But, one day, we will understand that mammon is the god of Earth, and we should worship like the Indians, as a spiritual love of the Earth, to keep it holy for all the generations. Unfortunately, man only truly learns through suffering, so it will take much suffering to learn that the Universe and the Earth, are as spiritual as the mind and soul of men, because we are all One.


  2. James says:

    You sound like a self- absorbed twat. Your grandiosity and arrogance is unsettling. The word “truth” is a funny thing. Two days ago I spoke to a 76 year old man who had searched high and low for truth. He used to be proud of his “50 year search for truth” just as you and many others boast of their 20 years, 30 years, or 40 years. It’s all vanity. This man had consecrated his very life to finding it. He found it in a vision very different from what you write here. He knows nothing about Einstein or the Gnostics, but said he found an entire world inside of himself, but it first required laying his “self” down in order to see it, and to learn what men really are. By the looks of things, you aren’t anywhere near that kind of wisdom are you? You are content with 6000 word posts that enforce your perceived superiority over your readers. Maybe you should write a post about this comment? That would reveal how truly full of shit you are. After you read this comment you may need to throw out a few more five-dollar words to re-assure yourself that you and nobody else has been given “truth” and only you and the other lost souls you are linking to can save the world.

    I like how you use the word “creation”. That is another curious word people often employ without understanding how it reveals their ignorance. The “fact” is that you are as lost as everyone else you subtly desire superiority over and respect from. But you know very little. Whether you see it or not, your words are a virus that merely enforces the present order of things, which is now being overturned by a current that will not be stopped.

    All this talk of love is just a ploy to make your teachings more palatable to the fools that buy into your bullshit. You mask your ignorance in this strange amalgamation of science and spirituality, but all this ideation is a part of the ruse. You believe man is not complex enough to understand what you call “god” or “truth”, but again you err. You are blind to the primordial simplicity that is looking out of your eyes and disguising itself as the fool (and ideas) behind this website. There are many devils in you, sir. Not everyone that reads your writing can see it, because not all men can “see”. But you hide your devils, perhaps even from yourself. This is why you write as you do. I notice that you often correct those who are clearly more intelligent than you are. Unlike many men and women today, I am able to see. I no longer give exegesis nor desire it. Most men will perish because they were not real to begin with. Unlike you, I understand the ruse and it’s wickedly clever dynamics. Only when I spot such thick nonsense as yours do I ever bother to speak up to tell one how unabashedly ignorant they are.

    Today was your turn.



    • Yet, you notice, I approved your comment. You attack the very concept of love(empathy), yet, your anger comes through, loud and clear. You were obviously wounded at some point by somebody who proclaimed their ‘love’ for you, and betrayed you. I speak with none of the attributes you lay thickly upon me, and if I do, it is not with purpose or hubris, if it is taken that way, then I sincerely apologize. Let me learn from you, to better find a way to fight this ‘current’ of evil that now subsumes the world, and I would listen… but, if you read ‘Something wicked this way comes’, you may find, you are correct, there is no way to fight it, only to hide from it, and rebuild once it has wrecked everything that purports to be good and decent in this world. For this is the Way of the World, to build, and then tear down, and begin again.
      In this age, it is those self absorbed persons who are filled with their own false ‘self esteem’ from their so called ‘educations’, that make the world what it is. But of course, it has always been this way, because the powerful have always tried to control by division and enforced ignorance. I ask that you read the Way of Knowledge, in order to see that your journey has just begun, you are on the first step of the stairway to heaven, the step that gets angry when someone says something you disagree with, or conflicts with what your propaganda pushers have taught you your whole life.

      This ‘paradigm’ of Seekers on Paths of Wisdom, has been going on since the beginning of mankind, implying that Man, Himself, has a higher calling than simply eating, living under a shelter from the elements and procreating, like all other animals. We have an innate need to find ‘meaning’ in life. Yet some seek in ways of religion and draw conclusions, and some seek in science and draw other conclusions, yet only when all schools of thought are combined, can we find truth… this was the Way of the Ancients. This included apprenticeships, and Mystery schools, where only the surface was presented to the masses, because when you cast your pearls before swine, you lose the pearls in the mud and piss off the swine because it doesn’t taste like food, then the swine attack you. Jesus taught his secrets ‘privately’, yet only taught in surface parables to the Swine. This is why the swine(the Pharisees) attacked Him, and they attack me and others who challenge The Existing Paradigm. We are ‘nut cases’. Truth my young friend, and I know you are young, is revealed in three stages; first it is ridiculed, then violently opposed before it is accepted as ‘self evident’.

      May you find some light to fill the darkness in your heart, in your old age. This, I predict, will come when you meet a phenomena, or event, which defies your own definition of logic. When your ‘reality’ is redefined, your mind will split, and you will either seek the truth of the matter, or you will descend into madness because you deny the undeniable. This event may even come when you are dead. So remember, in this case, look up towards The Light, and accept ‘your self’ to leave the land of shadows…

      Go in peace.


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