The AEther

The AEther
By D. Michael Lambert (aka Piper Michael)

“When forced to summarize the general theory of relativity in one sentence: Time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter.”
–Albert Einstein

“Recapitulating, we may say that according to the General Theory of Relativity, space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists an Aether. According to the General Theory of Relativity space without Aether is unthinkable; for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence, for standards of space and time (measuring-rods and clocks), nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense. But this Aether may not be thought of as endowed with the quality characteristic of ponderable media, as consisting of parts which may be tracked through time. The idea of motion may not be applied to it.”
–Aether and the Theory of Relativity
by Albert Einstein, PhD
Address delivered on May 5th, 1920, at the University of Leyden in the Netherlands.

“Today’s scientist have substituted mathematics for experiments and they wander off through equation after equation and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.”
–Nikola Tesla

Confirmation Update: Universal magnetic field discovered


The Michelson-Morley experiment, is famously called; The “most famous failed experiment in history”. This experiment was designed to show a shifting light beam in an interferometer, that would indicate movement of the Earth through The “Luminiferous Ether”.  Our premise is that Michelson and Morley’s hypothesis was wrong, and thus, the foundation of modern physics is wrong. That light is not an indicator of the Aether of Einstein’s general relativity, but, merely a visible side effect of the transmission properties of it. It is not ‘luminiferous’ or The Source of light, as they assumed, but, must be the ‘carrier’, which by necessity is opposite to light, in order to provide a foundation or firmament for the ‘hardness’ of matter, and all of the unresolved “mysterious phenomena” of physics, to coin a word; magneto-iferous or proto-magnetic. In other words, it must be, the ‘Dark Energy’ that modern physics strives for, yet cannot seem to get its ‘hypothesis’ on. This is because of the aforementioned failed experiment, that sent physics down a rabbit hole of particles instead of forces, without an Aether to carry the forces.

Light is less than half of reality, most of reality is dark, or invisible, this is why they have so much trouble defining so called  ‘dark’ energy. It must be the source of the magnetic field, the opposite of the electric field, which is composed of, for lack of another word; ‘photons’… light waves. If this is so, then this; ‘Dark Aether Theory’, if proven, eliminates the probability of the magnetic mono-pole, and most probably, the graviton, and provides a foundation for a Universe of Opposing Forces, not particles. That, particles, are merely the surface illusion of something that goes deeper, much deeper into the substrate of spacetime, something we call, the 3 forces model; hyperspace, normal space, subspace. The sources of e(energy), i(binding force), and the obvious geometric-chaotic structures we see manifested within all natural matter from the atomic, to the galactic scale.

Of these 3 ‘Primal Forces’, the one that defines reality is that which binds everything into One. It is the binding force and the transmission media of traditional energy, e or light, in Einstein’s simplest case equation of Special Relativity; e=mc2, must also conform to the necessary ‘imponderable AEther’ of General Relativity, and, the Source of  ‘Dark Energy’ of quantum physics. It is curious, that these factors also conform to James Clerk Maxwell’s foundational principles of magnetic moments, that the magnetic field is inherently everywhere at once, without potential or flow, and is “a rotational phenomena”. It is also curious, that a moving magnetic field causes e or electricity, to appear out of nowhere, moving at c(the speed of light) through a conductor, springing forth spontaneously from nothing more than the splitting of a magnetic field, and can go on forever( as long as the conductor survives), implying, that the e itself,  comes from ‘outside’ the wire, a realm of infinite e, and that what generates e is rotating within itself. In other words, we wave a magnet over a wire, and a current is measured moving at c, yet, the magnet is not moving at c, thus, implying something is going on here, that hasn’t been explained or is being ignored. But Tesla and others have tried to explore, this obvious, hyper/sub space geometry of these basic or primal forces, yet modern science says that particles are the source of forces, not the other way around as Einstein said. The only thing that ties all things together, is the concept of The Aether, and what IS it. Physics refuses to accept it, because to accept a force/aether based Universe, is to accept hyper-physical implications, the concept of a Hypercosmic Creator Force.

The Aether therefore, may not be measurable in the traditional sense of the measurement of movement, but instead, of the measurement or observation of the internal structural geometry of electro-magnetic fields, and that, electro-magnetic inefficiency due to hysteresis is a direct result of ignoring this ‘phenomena’ for over a hundred years of scientific inquiry. It has been, and still is, an ‘unexplained phenomena’ of physics and engineering.

This is the result of only concentrating scientific inquiry on the ‘approved list dogma ‘ of things that can be seen, instead of those things that cannot be seen. In this regard, the Aether, cannot be seen, but, can it be proven? If so, the only way to do so is to abandon the 21st century and return to the foundations of modern physics in the 19th, when the Aether theory was abandoned. Our presentation is based on a simple observation, that;

A sloppily wound electric coil, generates more heat and lower magnetic field strength, than a structured and well wound coil.
This implies, that the GEOMETRY of the coil, is IMPORTANT. It also implies there is something missing in standard electromagnetic theory. And that, that something has to do with the fundamental nature of electromagnetism itself, since, nobody knows what causes the phenomena called; Hysteresis. The property of a coil to ‘store’ a charge, or, keep a charge moving after the magnetic impetus is removed. It is our hypothesis, that the electromagnetic field is generated from the surrounding Universal Aetheric field, what is erroneously referred to as; The Vacuum Energy or Zero point field, is, in actuality, a ‘Dark’ or Invisible Aether, and, that even the ancients knew about it.


The Aether is, the Dark energy of physics, the ‘Imponderable AEther’ of general relativity, the source of material hardness by supersymetric chaotic repulsion, and the Source of ancient philosophical and religious metaphors; the Firmament of Enoch, the Waters of Genesis, the Yin of the Eastern Philosophers, the Shiva of the Hindu, the Itz of the Aztecs, and, that it is ‘spun’ by the Left Hand Force of The Gnostics.

This then leads to the thesis, that, if the magnetic field is an indication of a dark or invisible and unmeasurable  ‘aether’, it would only lend itself to being ‘observed’ via magnetic means, not by means of light beams, since Einstein was adamant that any form of movement could not be measured within it. This implies that Michelson and Morley’s assumption was incorrect, and led science down the garden path away from the Lorentz Ether theory and later gave special relativity the stage and focus on particles and math and away from forces and basic classical experiments, even though Einstein himself vehemently disagreed with the new science of quantum mechanics when he famously stated; “God does not play dice with the Universe”. This leads to the fundamental concepts of magnetic flow, the lack of magnetic potential and the ‘rotational’ phenomena of James Clerk Maxwell.

The source of ‘e’ in special relativity (e=mc2), causes modern science to run away screaming because of the thought that the Source of e or light-energy, must, must, come from outside the Universe from ‘hyperspace’, some hyper-luminal Super-Source, that truth, remains a fact of special relativity, and caused Einstein to say he “wanted to know the mind of God, all else are mere details”. Since this must be true in order for atomic bombs to function, then the e or ‘light’, must have a transmission/consuming/binding media, and that media must be the opposite of light, in order to, as Einstein said, ‘freeze’ energy into matter, which leads to the opposite of his famous formula above; M=ec2 matter equals light SLOWED or LIMITED by the aetheric consumer which results in matter… IF this is the case, which it must be, then hyper luminal e, must be slowed, or consumed, down to the level of ‘light speed’, which implies ‘something’ does the slowing/consuming/freezing… The Source of e must emanate from the realm of hyper space, this is irrefutable. But, in science, such intuitive leaps are not allowed, only materialistic baby steps under the approved dogma of ‘credentialed authority’.

From established knowledge, it is known, that the only field or force, that can cause electricity/light to be affected is the magnetic field and peripherally(only slightly), gravity. (Chemistry being a higher level known physical phenomena that doesn’t apply to ‘fundamental’ forces.) This concept links light with magnetic and gravity fields, and by virtue of its existence, inertia, entropy, weak and strong forces as well, can all be seen as higher order functions of magnetic attraction/repulsion at their core. Curiously, fundamental ‘particles’ can only be ‘seen’ in the strong magnetic fields of atom smashers like the LHC, the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. These are the folks who supposedly discovered the Higgs boson, nick named; The God Particle.

Since, these so called ‘particles’ can only be viewed via massive magnetic fields, the last of which being the God particle(Higgs boson), we state here, that the Higgs must only be a magnetic vortex side effect of the aether that aids the supersymmetry process of atomic ‘binding/clumping’ and is not going to be the ‘final particle’ found, as they increase their energies to unheard of levels, they will find themselves headed down the vortex rabbit hole of the Aether into the black hole(Dark energy) under all nuclear clusters. This negative or ‘dark’ force must be the Source of the Aether, which is below ‘normal’ space, we call sub-space, being the force that binds light, and pulls atoms towards entropy and thus, as Einstein said, light is ‘frozen’ in place.

Modern facts – Ancient wisdom;
The nano black hole at the center of every atom, is the logical consequence of the Source of the Aether, according to The Ancients(Enoch),  The Archa is the lake of fire that consumes all energy. Those who discount knowledge from thousands of years ago, do so at their peril. We are not referring to an actual black hole, but, a massive energy sink or pull against e/energy/Light. This is what so called ‘dark’ energy does to bind atoms together, it is the same force of Einstein’s Aether, and what the Ancients called by many names, which boils down to the phrase; The Power of Darkness (dark energy).

The ancients believed many things that now seem to provide a logical energy/force architecture for the Universe, that provides both a source and sink of all energetic forces, if, you step back and allow for the necessity of a Hyper-Intelligent Design. We merely find these ideas useful in defining an experiment to prove, once and for all, if the Universe is based on forces, or particles.

Science cannot allow for a force based Universe, because they are blinded by religions. But, did not the Bible even say, in Daniel, that ‘God’ is; ‘The God of Forces’, as in plural or multiple forces? Then this leads to an investigation of the possibility of a ‘Proto’ Magnetic Aether, that could be thought of as water like, which would require a way of observing the flow of this substance. This would require a rethinking of magnetic fields, and electromagnetic coils to take into account the actual cause of the phenomena known as; Hysteresis.

If there is an invisible aether, and it flows or rotates to cause magnetic/gravity/inertial fields, it seems the only way of measuring it would be to ‘see’ hysteresis, and then prove its cause. (Remember, physics only measures, it loathes the intuitive leap, allowing only those provable leaps allowed within the bounds of materialistic thinking.)  Hysteresis, or the property of magnetic coils to store a charge, has been known since the early days of the 19th century, but its cause has never been proven. We think, that it is the point of interface between the light and dark energies, which reveal themselves to us as electro-magnetism, but then, must also be seen as gravito-magnetism.

Then, this leads to the necessity of reinventing the magnetic field coil, because the only means of ‘seeing’ magnetic disturbances, perturbations or flows, would be through the mysterious phenomena called; hysteresis. Like many things in physics this is a phenomena that is like gravity, only understood in relation to the ‘how’ to measure it, not the Why it happens, mathematically ‘how’ to model it, but unable to prove the Cause of it(for if we could, we would have anti-gravity by now, but, physics is stuck in the particle paradigm). But if the ancients truly did have an advanced civilization, as archaeology certainly hints at, then they would have to understand the Forces of Creation, would they not?

This ancient knowledge is key to the understanding of an Aetheric component to the Universe, because it plays a part in the speed and consumption of electric charges, and thus, the electron’s component photonic waves, and leads to the Why of the speed of light; c in (e=mc2). Thus the question is asked; Is there a way to create a magnetic coil that has less or even zero hysteresis, creating a symmetrical coil geometry? If so, would the interaction of an aether via the magnetic field, be proof that an aether exists, and, as James Clerk Maxwell said in his original ‘Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism’, that magnetism is a ‘rotational phenomena’? That it is basically a force, and cannot be a particle, that ‘pseudo particles’ can coalesce from forces, but the reverse cannot be. The way this ‘problem’ is handled now, is simply to over engineer it with high amperage windings, this is why electric devices, motors, etc., have such dismal performance and efficiency… the problem of electric cars is not batteries, but the fundamental inefficiency of their motors.

An interesting phenomena that can demonstrate the magnetic foundations of matter, where external and internal energy flows can combine together to give a physical ‘phenomena’, is  witnessed in blacksmithing knives and swords. All blacksmiths understand how to heat treat and quench a hardened steel blade. But Real Smiths understand that there is a ‘trick’ that takes the process from black magic towards actual science. Many smiths will heat and quench, only to see one of three outcomes.

If they don’t heat the blade above its magnetic point, the quench will do nothing, the steel will not recrystallize and gain ‘hardness’. Or if they have worked the steel below that point(too cold), they may get cracks. But, the tricky part is if they don’t quench the blade while pointing it towards true magnetic north, and will gain a warp in a much worked piece of steel, effectively destroying hours or days of work, if they are lucky they can rework it. But, they don’t understand The Trick.  To always heat the steel above the point where it loses it magnetic property(cannot be attracted to a magnet, becomes amorphous/non crystalline internally), and then quenching in oil while pointing it to the North. A blade not oriented properly, will curve towards true north, and ruin the blade.

Connections in common;
This is pure James Clerk Maxwell theory of atomically aggregated magnetism, but surely, if all the internal structures in a human body are visible in an MRI machine, and a steel blade reacts to magnetic north, there is something in common that has nothing to do with magnetism, for one is magnetizable and the other, is not.

The original Stern-Gerlach experiment, established the notion of atomic spin by the use of silver ions passing through magnetic fields, yet silver is not magnetic. Today, the only way to ‘see’ particles, is by the use of massive magnetic fields in particle accelerators.  It dawns on you, that there is a magnetic component to ALL matter. This connection between magnetic and nonmagnetic material is a necessary logical deduction because all atoms react to magnetic fields regardless of whether they are magnetic materials or not. This must point to a ‘magnetic aether’, not a ‘luminiferous'(light) aether, because it is the only possible explanation in common.

The final clue in the understanding of the Universal Truth of an energy based Universe, is the extra-universal foundation of The Zero Point or vacuum energy of the cosmos.  The only explanation is in establishing that the ‘Imponderable Aether’ of Einstein, is also called by the ancients The Firmament of Enoch, the reason why we refer to the book of secrets, Enoch’s second book, as the True Holy Grail. In ancient myths this firmament has gone by many names; as Plato and Einstein’s ‘Aether’, the Waters of Genesis, the Itz of the Aztecs, the Yin of Buddhism, the Shiva of Hinduism.

This is the ancient idea that there is a ‘protogenic’ substance in the void of the cosmos, this is proven by many phenomena, but on this subject, modern science is locked in the materialistic paradigm of particles and only sees the phenomena as a Zero Point energy field. It doesn’t accept that this Zero point, is the true zero point caused by hyper-spacial energies of infinite positive and infinite negative in a super tension field of light and dark energies. The proper model of reality being hyperspace pulling against subspace, and normal space being the Zero Point membrane of bubbles, of water being boiled by the light, and the air churning the entire edifice into Chaos, which results in Earth. Thus, the entire philosophy of the ancient Hermetics, being; Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, as the Cause of all things, was, an entirely metaphorical but accurate representation of an ancient Unified Field knowledge, not theory. Thus the entire Universe’s energy structure can be represented by the simple equation;

(+)Infinity + (-)Infinity = 0

It doesn’t matter that the existence of an Aether would resolve many if not all of the ‘mysterious phenomena’ of physics, because that would lead to places where science chooses not to tread, a clue to the final proof that an Intelligent Design exists within the structure of Creation because the energy of special relativity must come from ‘outside’ space-time and it also must flow into the cold dark place of quantum dark energy  to give ‘hardness’ and also mixed with a third force of Universal Consciousness that gives energy pattern design to the chaos of forces. That if there is a ‘God’, He/She/It, must be hyper-cosmic, or outside reality, in order for reality, to be ‘real’. To give credit, some in the physics community have recognized the probable existence of a ‘hypercosmic God’ and the necessity of ‘nano black holes’ at the center of each atom, but, by the time the rest of physics recognizes this, it may not matter anymore.

Others recently proved that so called ‘gravity waves’ propagate throughout the Universe, as Einstein predicted. We were skeptical that such things could be measured due to aetheric noise, but now it appears other experimenters have found them. Thinking further through it, it becomes obvious, that they must be there, measurable or not, simply because of the magnitude of the perturbations certain cosmological phenomena can impose on the Aether. But in thinking through the issue in hindsight, it becomes apparent that most scientists still don’t get it. If gravity waves are real, then so is our theory of galactic waves, or cycles, which are revealed in the long cycles of the Sun and how everything is connected as One, which also, gives a foundation for ancient astrology. Like lunar tides, these cycles affect everything, and everyone, but for them to be real, The Aether itself, must Be.

In order for gravity waves to be felt light years away from their source, there must a medium for those waves to travel through, like the waves on a pond. This is mandatory because Einstein said that an “imponderable aether” must be present in order for General Relativity(GR) to be functional. When seen through the lens of the Unified Field of God, the nature of the Aether, is as a transmission medium for vibrations of all types of waves, gravity, magnetism, electric, light, all being ‘electromagnetic’ in nature, with the exception, supposedly, of gravity. In keeping with this idea, scientists threw out the concept of the Aether after the Special Relativity(SR) theory supplanted The Lorenz Ether Theory. This came after the most famous ‘failed experiment in history’; The Michelson-Morley experiment. But our investigations reveal that maybe Michelson and Morley should have changed their assumption about the nature of the Aether and energy. That, all energy is dual in nature, electro-magnetic, implies that you must have both in order to accomplish a dynamic system, defined as; work.

In the Unified Field of God, we have proposed that Einstein’s ‘Imponderable Aether’, is nothing less than what was described by the ancients under several names, including; The Firmament of Enoch, The Waters of Genesis, The Power of Darkness of Hermes, and now in this time as the Dark Energy of Quantum Physicists. Our original experiments with field coils led to the Zero Geometry coil, and led to the discovery of a gravity wind. This is nothing less than the Aether being sensed moving past the Earth from east to west, and is a visible measurement of Einstein’s frame dragging of GR, a measurement of the immeasurable, or, imponderable. Subsequent experiments have shown a direct link between magnetism and time, by the creating of a localized time dilation bubble. This was a direct linkage between magnetism and gravity,  thus linking GR and SR through the commonality of the Aether by the slowing of time in a very small area relative to the ‘outside’ world. Final experiments have verified a direct linkage between electric fields, and gravity, through modifications of the original Townsend Brown experiments in electrogravity.

These experiments, plus the known phenomena of quantum entanglement, prove conclusively, that The Aether is real, however, it is the opposite of what Michelson and Morley were searching for. It is not the basis of light or a ‘luminiferous’ aether(being a cause of light), it is, to coin a word, magniferous, being the cause of magnetism. There is no magnetic monopole, for each atom causes a ‘chaotic’ magnetic field by its very nature, spinning, which causes the attached Aether to flow with it, like a vortex in water. This reveals a new atomic model of dual energy vortexes for the internal structure of the quantum, that looks like the ancient Yin-Yang symbol, did the ancients know something we don’t? Thus all magnetic fields have a north and south pole down to the atomic level. The problem is we humans have always concentrated on what we can see, and light is a visible phenomena. In our Universe, this light is considered ‘energy’, but magnetism, not so much.

Is this true, or is this merely, The Illusion? If a magnetic field ‘erupts’ when atoms are properly aligned in a material, where does the magnetic field come from? If light is released when iron is placed in a fire and visible light in the form of heat is revealed, where does the light come from? If a magnet is moved across a wire, and electricity is moved in a wire, what is the source of the electric current, and how can it move at near light speed when the magnet was barely moving? Obviously, something else is going on rather than a mere ‘static’ field. And light itself is well known to be either ‘chaotic’ or ‘collimated’, white light is a chaotic mixture of many frequencies, while laser light is light of a single frequency. Thus, the basic foundations of matter/energy can be either chaotic, or synchronized. This fact is finally proven in the very structure of an MRI machine, which requires a large magnet to ‘align’ NON-magnetic material, such as YOU. Finally, subatomic ‘particles’ can only be seen by the application of large magnetic fields. The implication being, that ALL things have a light component and a magnetic component, but these components are spun together by what James Clerk Maxwell called; Curl. Thus, at its essence, a magnetic field is a spinning helical field, made up of helical waves within The Aether, and regardless of orientation in the  Aether, they all spin in a left handed motion, this itself, implies an ‘outside’ influence, outside being, outside the Universe itself. The Ancients referred to this as the ‘Left Hand Force’, the Tao of the eastern philosophies, The Air of the Hermetics, The Brahma of the Hindu’s, The Voice of God from Enoch.

What is e(energy)?
Is light ‘real’, or is it a component part of something higher or deeper in reality? Obviously, light, like Einstein said, is ‘a’ building block of matter, but, modern physicists now know, that light is less than half of what is considered; Matter. Also obvious, is that light is released from matter when matter becomes unbalanced, this is the foundation of the ‘static case’ of the theory of special relativity; e=mc2, where e is energy or ‘light’, and m is matter as we said above. The biggest proof of this theory is the atomic bomb, which, when detonated, first releases the light of a thousand suns in an instant, the radioactive component, can now be considered the ‘magnetic’ component, or the dark energy component.

James Clerk Maxwell told us, in the beginning, in his famous tome, ‘A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism’, that magnetism is a ‘rotational phenomena’. But modern scientists, seem to throw out the original thinkers, and lose something in the process. If magnetic fields are a rotational phenomena, then, something ‘real’ has to be rotating? Wouldn’t this real rotational force, be more of a cause of electricity moving at near light speed, than a magnet moving at a few kph?

Our focus, from the beginning, has been to go back to the original thinkers, and pick up the nuggets forgotten by modern thinkers, and see if anything worthy of notice shouldn’t have been thrown in the ditch of knowledge, magnetism being a rotational phenomena, seemed like a primary candidate to extend our knowledge of creation as a universe built upon energy vibrations. For if one thinks about it to any length, it then becomes obvious, that there is no such thing as ‘hardness’ in our universe, there is only magnetic repulsion and attraction, mitigated and communicated through chaotic rotational fields at the ‘atomic’ level. Thus everything in the Universe ends up rotating, spinning, orbiting, or twisting itself upon the skein of reality being nothing more or less, than energy of two kinds, twisted together by a third kind, Curl. Which we refer to in the Unified Field of God as; The Third fundamental invisible force of Pi.

Metaphysics becomes physics, again;
To prove this thesis, the Unified Field of God, requires three forces; Light, Dark, and Rotation, or Spin, or Curl, or… Pi. These forces were known by the ancients, from the time of Enoch and Hermes, down to the beginnings of the Roman Catholic Church, when all this knowledge was declared Heretical and all the ancient libraries were burned to the ground as ‘pagan temples’, including the Library of Alexandria. Thus, mankind was thrown backwards over a thousand years. So, to prove this ancient knowledge(fragments) has validity comes down to a proof of only one thing, the proof of The “Imponderable” Aether.

To find truth, we must abandon the particle paradigm, and fully examine the Paradigm of Forces. This requires an understanding of the Dark side of the Forces, because the Dark side is the Aether, and we are all within the materialistic matrix of The Waters of The Aether. All things are One within the Aether, it is what communicates all vibrations, all quantum entanglements, and likewise, the ancient connections between man and planets. Yes, astrology has a real component that is scientific, if your science can see into the so called ‘particles’ and what forces Cause them to be and how ‘hardness’ is both real and illusion,and, how quantum entanglement is communicated which also shows how the very stars and planets are connected to the atoms within your DNA, because, at some time in the past, all of us, the components of matter, were created in the belly of stars…

Gnosis, the Truth of reality, life and death, is founded upon an Aether;
All those who talk about metaphysics, reincarnation, spiritual geometry, hermetic philosophy, and other ‘occult’ science, are both right and wrong, in that, without a Firmament or Foundation for The Energy(S),  they can build no basis of proof, and without proof they do not have Spiritual Hyper-Science, they only have more occult based ‘Mystery Doctrines’.  In the end, The Love of Mystery is the problem, not the solution to mankind’s problems. This is why God wanted man to understand this from the beginning, and why Enoch was given books to write from the mouth of God<sic>. Maybe this is part of the ‘Original Instructions’ of the Hopi? Or the doubled edged sword (of truth) that comes out of the mouth of The Lord at the End of an Age? An ‘age’ is two thousand years. The Holy Roman Church defined the beginning of this age at the birth of Christ. What if, they got it wrong? What if the Age of Churches, should have been defined at the Birth of The Savior, The Death of the Body? Then, the Age will end in about 2034, curiously, when Earth enters the center of the Galactic Rift, the area of maximum ‘darkness’.

We can only reveal, that heaven and hell are real, but they are far more complex than religions can quantify, and human beings are more complex than simple matter can reveal, but perhaps the MRI machine gives us a glimpse into the energies you are made from? As an aside, if you are made from multiple harmonic layers of energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, then by deduction, it should be noted, that some part of you can never die…

This is now provable by the God Science that we were shown, to show that it is provable, and, engineer-able by revealing the fundamental nature of the Aether, and its primary revealing phenomena; electro-magnetic hysteresis. The basis of this, was to return to the 19th century and begin again, at the basic understanding of electric coils, in particular, the solenoid coil, the foundation of electromagnetism. The results of this inquiry have been carried out by research and experiments over three decades, results which show, we have a limited understanding of our Universe, and the foundation of this misunderstanding revolves around the concept of; The Aether.

We discovered that the Aether is best viewed directly through the lens of the magnetic force, for which, modern science has no explanation, even though the original experiments in the 19th century, were closer to actual reality than the current particle paradigm.  Science still looks for the elusive magnetic monopole, and the gravtiton particles, but they will never find them because they cannot be, what they will find is some shadows of invisible vortexes that interact with the aether, that is the underlying structure of all things whether chaotic or collimated. A magnetic field can be thought of as the collimated laser of the aether, and gravity can be seen as the chaotic magnetic field, like light emanating out of hot iron. Our experiments in the aether show that it is dark(or invisible), and protogenic(the cause of the magnetic,gravity,weak, and strong forces), and a media of light and magnetic fields, and a generator of electricity and gravity, and that side effects of quantum entanglement, inertia, and entropy are further proof that all things are One within the structure of the Unified Field of God.

Experimental results;
Experiment 1
The Zero Hysteresis or AEtheric Geometry coil. Was given as a spiritual gift of sudden intuition. We discovered that hysteresis can be controlled, something thought not possible except by extreme brute force, which is the primary characteristic of current electromagnetic engineering.

Experiment 2
The gravity wind experiment, showed that a standard coil, would reveal the presence of a magnetic field around Earth, aligning itself with the magnetic field of Earth. But the Zero coil would acted in a profoundly different way, revealing the presence of a magnetic movement from east to west of ‘something else’ through a moving mobius pattern at the end of the pendulum. The pattern of movement, revealed the movement of the aether around the Earth, that is a direct measurement of the frame dragging of General Relativity using magnetic means, an indication of a gravito-magnetic connection.

Experiment 3
The Time bubble experiment.  Revealed a connection between a moving magnetic field and localized time dilation. This connects the magnetic field to the gravity field through the GR predicted measurement of time. This shows that Hafele-Keeting was not absolute, and that the magnetic field is connected, if however loosely, to the gravity field, in short, a gravito-magnetic field.

Experiment 4
Repeating the Townsend Brown electrogravity experiments with modified Pi geometry devices, revealed that moving electric charge affects local gravity, but only if in free air gravity, which implies a connection to the magnetic and gravity fields. This was not the ionic lifter, but the electric field, that moves in a magnetic/gravity field in relation to polarity. We found that geometry of the field plays a part. Some would say this is just ancient history, disproved and nothing but an ‘ionic’ effect. But, the effect must move against ‘something’, like a curve ball it must have air to effect the curve, so the electric must have the gravito-magnetic to move against, and the experiment proves it must have a direct connection to an aetheric substance to allow it.


The phenomena of Hysteresis is the defining phenomena that shows that electric and magnetic are joined together through the Curl. That the geometry of the structure of a coil can have a great effect upon the performance of said coil due to the internal field geometry.

The Nature of the Aether is therefore, magnetic, being a perfect medium for the transmission of light waves, which when combined into an electrical spark, reveals that electricity is light bound together by the third force, Pi. Light, is embedded within the aether, and thus matter, and can only be seen or used when matter is unbalanced by nuclear, chemical or magnetic means. The result is light of different frequencies and harmonic composition, being classified as radiation, heat, fire or electricity.

The Aether, gives a drag on reality, or, an energy storage medium which causes all energy transfers to be delayed or extended, we now show how this is one revealing theoretical foundation of hysteresis, which is the foundation of the ‘free energy’ work by Bedini and others, can never give more energy out than a fraction of what goes in.  The Zero angle coil, shows that the Aether flows through the coil instead of being impeded by the coil windings, thus reducing or eliminating hysteresis by the reduction of internal aetheric geometric ‘drag’ (magnetic chaos = c = Ae Impedance * Surface area) and alignment of the Curl between layers of the coil windings. This Aetheric Impedance causes drag between the surface of the wire and the Aether, which spins up the ‘rotational’ magnetic field, which is spinning faster than light speed(it must, for quantum entanglement is a hyper speed event).

This spinning current either aids or maintains the current flow after the cutting of the current flow. Because of this aetheric ‘drag’, the phenomena known as Hysteresis is generated as a flywheel that keeps turning after the motor is turned off. According to the following graph, this dark energy is rotational, but not sinosoidal. As the aether is rotated or spun it has a tendency to continue its motion in the direction of rotation for a certain time after the impetus is removed, this is the Cause of inertia as well(since hard matter is magnetic chaos, and moving through space, each integral movement in a direction is aided as an impetus to the next integral space(the Planck constant, or minimum distance in space-time) Thus, the following graph of the theory of Aetheric Hysteresis;

AethericDragGraphNotice how the sinusoidal wave carries over the center point of the AEd area, which is the basis for the so called ‘Free Energy’ machines of Bedini et al. It is free, but, it is also the reason why they run into limits, it requires a large input, or magnetic field,  to gain any extra output. They would need a generator the size of New York, in order to power a single dwelling. This is because of The Aether’s ‘sticky’ property, and its resistance to change, otherwise known as inductance or capacitance, inductive reactance or capacitive reactance, otherwise known as Aetheric Drag =  Change Impedance. This also shows the great efficiency drag on alternating current systems, whereby the ‘change’ in voltage is transmitted more ‘efficiently’, because the conductor is ‘one’ with the Aether, but with the changing polarity, therefore, direction, of the current or ‘bound light’ flow, the flow actually reverses direction between half cycles of the ‘alternation’. Thus the direction, or dielectric permissiveness ‘robs’ the circuit by aided or impeding that flow in the opposite direction.

This is the same ‘phenomena’ of EMF kick in high voltage coils, like your spark plugs are being driven by a 12 volt battery. This magnification of voltage occurs because ‘something’ that is related to ‘speed’ collapses around the coil, which is due to the collapse of the 12 volt ‘primary’ coil of very few turns that is against a secondary coil of many turns, thus the scientist, not knowing what magnetism is, would simply say something like “magnetic fields cause electric flow magnified by the turns ratio”, a statement of fact, vs a statement of EXPLANATION of the CAUSE of magnetism, because, they still do not KNOW, what, a magnetic field IS. They are caught in the particle trap, and still, after a hundred years, search in vail for the magnetic monopole( the N, or S, pole, in a magnet), something they will never find because the only valid explanation of magnetism, is Aetheric Communication or Connection. A magnetic ‘field’ is a toroidal vortex perturbation in the Aether, an Aether, that ‘binds’ light into ‘photons’ and ‘electrons’ and even protons, neutrons, quarks, and the so called ‘God Particle’ or Higgs boson, which is nothing but a necessary precursor to the Quantum Foam, or, the bubbling of the Aether by the HolY Spirit Light, which is the Firmament of all things. Thus magnetism, is merely ‘coherent’ aether, where incoherent aether, is the source of gravito-magnetism, a tri-energy field like electromagnetism.

Thus, the new dark-aether theory, gives a foundation for the true physical make up of the electro-magnetic quantum foam ‘God vortex'(particle), which is an exact match for the strange attractor of Chaos Theory. This also explains polarization of photonic/electro-magnetic waves, as their rotation and stickiness, locks them into the angle of emission from the source. You can also see the reason the ancients said that the electrical or light was like a serpent that was eating its tail, the source of polarity is from the Source Light, and the ‘chrism’ is the foundation of all things. As The Unified Field of God shows, the Holy Light boils the Waters, which is a membrane over the Darkness of the Abyss that leads to the Lake of Fire, which forms the Quantum Foam that is basis of all things. The Positive Infinity + Negative Infinity = 0, the Zero Point energy field of space-time represents a ‘almost’ perfect balance between the energies. If the energy balance was a perfect zero, then nothing would be possible and the Universe would be nothing, no movement, nothing but a Great Void.

In 1963, Edward Lorenz developed a simplified mathematical model for atmospheric convection. The Lorenz equations are derived from the Oberbeck-Boussinesq approximation to the equations describing fluid circulation in a shallow layer of fluid, heated uniformly from below and cooled uniformly from above.[1] This fluid circulation is known as Rayleigh-Bénard convection. The fluid is assumed to circulate in two dimensions (vertical and horizontal) with periodic rectangular boundary conditions. This is a small subset of Chaos Theory, but shows the very smallest possible structure within the reality matrix formed within The Aether. The following is the closest mathematical approximation that is able to allow us to see that energy and fluid are the same, this is called a Lorenz (strange) attractor;


This form, ties the photonic, the electrical, and the magnetic, and matter, into one fractal geometric structure that is applicable to electromagnetic fields, and to actual atomic and nuclear matter.  But most usefully, provides a theory for the foundation of a New Electrics, and the possibility of a higher efficiency curve when constructing electric motor/generators.

This new field theory shows in the following coil configurations will prove to provide a much higher energy/horsepower and allow the creation of zero hysteresis (symmetical) coils with a much higher turns density(smaller wire size), that do not need resistive ballasts, thus, at a minimum, doubling the amount of available energy to consume in the windings instead of the balance/motor controller, this could form the foundation for a true breakthrough in the sense of creating a motor/generator that could be efficient enough to parasitically power itself and a load.

(Picture of coils removed due to personal attacks, and accusations of ‘demon sorcery’ or ‘mixing science and religion is a non sequitur’. Jeez, really? Since neither side understands, that both are merely competing paradigms of The Realty, and must, MUST, have something in common for either of them to be REAL, then figure it out for yourself.   SO… I don’t care what you believe, keep your illusions, there are very few that have ‘eyes that see’ The Unification Paradigm being the only path to Truth.)

Notice anything different between the two coil configurations? Here we are looking ‘into’ the wires in a coil. See how the internal field is colored in the dark overlapping areas? This is a visible demonstration without any complicated math or other high and mighty sounding scholarly presentations. Science, if real, should be obvious, the math is merely a representative way of working with the underlying philosophical concept.

The Aether is real, but it is the Source of the Magnetic force, not the Light. The Light comes from the Light above, and is merely The Broken Chrism that is the source of the polarity of electric charge, and looks like a snake eating its own tail. This ‘snake’ represents the positive and negative ends of a quantum, the smallest discernible entity in reality. It lies at the center of the strange attractor and churns the aether into a quantum foam of the zero point energy field of the Universe. But our science has always chosen to measure what is visible, and the invisible is the most important for the hardness of reality composed of two energies, light, and, dark(or invisible).

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The Meaning of Life and the Blacksmith

The following correspondence, is from a man who fills the Piper’s heart with hope. That there are still Seekers of Truth in the world, and they are not mainstream fakkirs. This is my contribution, stream of consciousness style, as is my wont, to his group/page on the meaning of life. At the bottom we will pull it all together here, so that he can see the fullness of the Unified Field of God, and how a humble blacksmith brings it all in to focus.



It was with great pleasure and excitement that I discovered your web page on blacksmithing… which led to many wonderful and esoteric places… 🙂 Including the page on the Quest for the Secret to the Meaning of Life. It appears there are more of me out there, as I too, have been on this quest for 40 years. Every since I walked out of the hypocrite church when I was 14, I have maintained that life and God and happiness, are all tangled up together, somehow. But also, somehow, Men, have completely fucked it up. Why? I asked myself long ago, and the answer keeps coming back to one thing, money, and the answer to the oldest question of the ages, what is the meaning of life?

You, like myself, are old school, we used to make stuff when I was a kid, I joined the army and went to a place called Vietnam. I left and became a computer tech when computers were the size of apartment buildings… <haha, I still prefer english over ‘txt’> When I grew up, I became a manager in a fortune 100 ‘Big Pharma’ company, and had my ‘test’. When you work for the Big Boys, you always get tested, what ‘test’? The test of the Soul. I was requested to lie to my employees over a new IPO stock option scam, where everybody was gonna get screwed except for ‘them’. Management still thinks they are God, but to me, they went from idols to demons. I found out quickly, that going from the golden haired child(of the VP), to the red headed stepchild was painful, and they intended to pour on the pain until I quit. So, being foresightful, I never gave them the opportunity, I went Galt, and never looked back.

After a few years of having my own businesses, and helping others, and struggling to acheive ‘The Dream’, I too was drawn to blacksmithing, after my long search for the meaning of life after walking out of that church in a huff…

What does blacksmithing have to do with the meaning of life? It gives me Joy. Purpose. Fullness within. Taking earth, air, fire and water, and creating something from my mind. It has become a philosophy of philosophies, a breakoff of alchemy and Hermes, a fulfillment of the Holy Grail of Enoch and Jesus, it is Zen and love combined, it is the basis of civilizations and the key to understanding the Firmament of The Waters and The Chaos of Creation.

After 40 years of knocking on heavens door, on Nov 11, 2011, I had a vision, or a dream, or I just passed out from lack of eating… 😉 In this, the Door of Heaven opened, just a crack, and what came out overwhelmed me. I was literally on all fours on the floor, vomiting, with liquid coming out all bodily orifices, as the Holy Spirit touched me, and I literally ‘Saw the Light’. Trust me, the meaning of life, at that level, is more than a mere human being can withstand, I thought I was going to die for a week. Now some people would ridicule and dismiss the previous statements as a “bit of undigested beef” or some other materialistic explanation, and at an earlier point in life I might have even agreed with them. However, I am not a young man anymore, and I, like yourself methinks, are a discerning soul and can tell the difference between a mere dream and a spiritual experience…

What came out of the Light was the message that I had been on ‘a path’, determined for me since before the beginning of the world, or even, The Universe. That Destiny works in the Universal Mind that plays within The Firmament of Waters, and that, it is my mission to find and prove, The Source of all things. That I had been studying the necessary knowledge since I walked out of the Church, digging through the cast offs of scholars and ‘learned’ men, picking up golden nuggets from the sewers of ‘Forbidden knowledge’ and learned that The Churches themselves, are, anti-Christ. Because, there are no free tickets to paradise and hell is not necessarily a ‘life sentence’. That Christ is more than what they say, or can know, because they burned the books that held the private teachings, and Foundations, or, The Original Tablets, given to us by the Progenitors during the First-Time. This was the time of the first civilizations, Atlantis, Lemuria, Han<?>, and Rama, that are now nothing but misunderstood piles of scattered rocks and ancient myths, and the hints of cities below the oceans, that are portrayed in metaphorical sense in the Bible and other ancient ‘religous’ and allegorical texts. That man, is older than he knows, yet is still a child, trapped in the land of Nod, the land of sleep, dreams, forgetfulness within matter.

What came from the Light was the Unified Field of God, a God Calculus if you will. A proof that God, is more than what we think, or can think, or can comprehend with material minds. That the Ineffable One lives in hyperspace, as a hypercosmic force, and is the Intelligent Designer that maintains reality by sitting upon His throne, to modulate The Light and give the Waters the voice of chaos and destiny, that all things were determined at the beginning. He who lives in The Light of Hyper space, begot the Logos, or Word, or Manifestation of The Idea, that co-creates life within the Firmament through the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that shows, we are all Proto Gods, Sons of God. For what is the Inheritance of a God? But only the Prodigals will inherit. For only those who have ‘fallen’ into ‘darkness’, will gain the strength of self character, to prove themselves worthy. Evil is not the enemy of goodness, it is the Definer of it. For without evil, can there be good? Without evil, how does the good man, know he is good? Without evil, and the struggle within the dark animal soul, how can a hypercosmic entity(called spirit) grow? Without ‘overcoming’ the Darkness, how can we acheive the Light?

Within the God Calculus, are proven many things that current science thinks are impossible conundrums, mysterious ‘phenomena’ of physics, but they are merely indicators, puzzles for children to solve. That they cannot, or will not, recognize any Source of the Energy that IS all things, is their great failing. And their downfall is defined in the single word; Mammon, which is Materialism. That they cannot, will not, look past their own defilement of their own laws of science, to see the bigger truths. They see the Light that comes from rocks, and the atom bomb is manifested, but they stop short when asking the question; From Where comes The Light? NO, they prefer to see only the radiation, the dark energy component. That is the Ultimate contribution of the Unified Field of God, to show that dark energy is The Waters of Genesis, the Firmament of Enoch, and the ‘Imponderable Aether’ of General Relativity, that produces a God Particle, the first vortex layer down into the Abyss. They cannot accept, but some have seen, that the black hole is the Ultimate Darkness, not because of what it is, but because of what it is connected to. The Lake of Fire that Consumes all energy. But then, without a positive and negative pole, can there be any such thing, as energy? No. There cannot, the darkness is necessary to give hardness to reality, by magnetic repulsion and attraction at the surface of each atom.

So, I guess, in long winded fashion, I have covered 40 years, and that the meaning of life, is JOY. That Joy cannot be manifested without knowledge, and knowledge without action is as nothing. Thus, the current state of knowledge is defined only by The Rich and their sycophants, who destroy knowledge and take away the Joy of The People, for their own profit and gratification. For animals cannot know true joy, they can only satisfy their immediate lusts. They cannot take The People to the stars, to find the next level of Spiritual Evolution within The Ascension, no, they cannot, they must control the bodies and minds, through the control of knowledge and money, which is the water of life within the material world. It is only when you abandon this idea, and give way all your materialistic desires, that truely, you can find God, and within that, you find the purpose within your spirit, your gift, and then Joy will find you. And thus, blacksmithing, can become an alchemy of souls, a philosophy of life, a true calling to rebuild civilization from earth, air, fire and water, as it was in the beginning so it shall be. Where the First shall be last, and the last shall be first. Those races who came first shall be the last to find the Light, and the Last race to be born shall be the First to find the Ascension to the Light. For the Ultimate purpose of Life is Joy within the Kingdom of God, and that kingdom truely is, within you.

And so, in conclusion, I merely say, I’m glad to have found another light in the darkness. That through the Lights, we can weave a web of lights in the darkness, so that it shall be on Earth, as it is, in the Heavens. That Joy may survive the coming dark times, we must build a community of lights, with a single purpose, in unity, to eschew doctrine and dogma, to eliminate ridicule and agenda, to overcome materialism and all the other ‘isms’ of Men. That Joy may be found even in the sceptic, for even they must recognize, that rights that come from God, are preferable, than privileges given out by men. That the Temple of God is truly within us, as the spark of God is part of each of us. But we must begin to see, that religions, and science, must reunify, so that we may “pound our swords into plowshares, and our spears into pruning hooks, and neither shall we learn war, anymore”.

I look forward to hearing from you sometime.

May The Force be with you.

Piper Michael


A simple blacksmith, is what I have become. After years of technology and corporations, and years of going Galt and seeking The Truth behind The Veil. It all boils down to the original four elements, earth, air, fire and water, and how they can be the very basis of reality, and how reality was constructed. This is what the ancients believed, as spoken of by Hermes Trismagistus and other ancient sages. But, you see, it is not the ‘elements’ as we moderns would think, no, but the very FORCES that create the elements themselves.  Thus, the Forces of fire boils the waters(the Zero Point Energy), are blown by the air, to create the Chaos of the Universe, that becomes The ALL, Suns and Earths.

What in the hell am I talking about?  Look at the following simple graphic;


Ok, simple enough? Now compare to the ancient Ankh symbol of the ancient egyptians:


Now compare these two, to the vector forces model of the Unified Field of God:


Can you say; Oh My God.

God was the ultimate blacksmith… and His canvas will the subject of our next post; The AEther.

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Fire clay tablet II; The legendary Emerald tablet

Fire clay tablet II
The Legendary Emerald Tablet

(Books of the Original Instructions?)

Part 1; The Fire clay tablet
In part 1 we discussed the myth of the Hopi and other Indian tribes, concerning the prehistoric tablets of knowledge and the coming revealing of something called; The Fire Clay tablet. But like all things, God’s Time is His alone, for purposes none of us can see,but, apparently, in the Beginning, He gave us “Original Tablets”. That we might know, truly, what is good and what is evil, what is truth and what is lie, and what is Big Lie. This is given in many old tales, like the tablets of Moses, but those tablets were destroyed, and replaced by others, what pray tell, was on the Originals? But the Hebrews weren’t the only ‘tribe’ that was given some tablets. Now whether you believe in God, or extraterrestrials, it matters not, because all things had to be ‘created’ (despite what some scientists blather, you cannot get something from nothing), and certain of the created, it appears, always stick to these ‘Original Instructions’… like the Hopi and the Kachina, ‘Fallen Angels’ or ‘Extraterrestrials’ who taught them spirit things?

Tablets and Trees
Robert Ghostwolf was a modern Shaman who predicted that the Fire clay tablet would come to light in the near future, brought forth by a white man. It would be a tablet of knowledge so profound, that many would see the error of their ways, and change would come about through the unification of mankind because the truth of the Creators’ existence would become proven, and not a mystery as it is now. Curiously, the book of Revelation, also speaks about a time when, the “Mystery of God is finished” and about a time when the doubled edged sword proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord, an obvious symbol of truth being revealed. But why would truth need to be revealed, again, if the Bible is the Word of God? A conundrum that the orthodox answers with even deeper mysteries for something so simple and obvious. What the Lord taught ‘privately’, has become new again with the discovery of the Nag Hammadi codexes, curiously, just before a time of troubles.

Ghostwolf saw the structure of the tablet, a plus sign above a circle, with a negative sign below, the signs for positive and negative energy,  joined in the circle(the basis for cycles within reality).


But primitive Shamans do not know anything about energy, do they? Well, if the Universe itself is simply rock constructed from energy as Einstein said, the tablet becomes a scientific or mathematical representation of the 3 Primal Forces of Creation. It also reveals the Source of the Light that comes from atom bombs, as matter is converted to its component energies. The atom bomb releases the light of a thousand suns, and it is the highest visible manifestation of the Holy Spirit within matter, The ancient Secret in the Rocks. But the secret goes much deeper into the foundations of gravity itself… the following image, is a distillation of all of ancient philosophies of the Sacred 3 Primal Forces, perfectly symbolized by the Shaman’s symbols(we merely expanded them slightly for comprehension to show the Unified Field is the basis of  this tablet);


Ghostwolf said the inner meanings of the tablet was the important thing, that the Earth mother was holy because she was made from spirit energy, and all things therein were holy too. That the rocks of the Earth were not just rocks, but constructed from the duality of divine energies, the same as Men. This was the ultimate message, proof of our being ‘Created’ through the mathematical necessity of a creator force, and that the Earth was our cradle, but not our destiny, The Stars are. That for a civilization to grow to the next spiritual evolutionary level, beyond the simple Earth bound materialism and disrespecting of the Earth mother we have known for thousands of years, man, had to evolve into a space faring race in order to avoid the fate of this Earth and be able to take the next leap of evolutionary change(the entire message of the Emerald tablet, change being the force of creation).

The ‘Secret in the Rocks’, is the Key to the Divine, because the secret leads directly to the knowledge of the holy spirit energy within all things. The Secret of the AEther which is the Firmament of Enoch and the Waters of Genesis, is revealed by the dual relativities of Einstein, which leads directly to the Unified Field of God and the  Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil  as unification of multiple ancient philosophies and religions into The Ancient original religion of Oneness. A unified mathematical model and architectural construct of The Intelligent Design, left to us by the ancients, and that it is a good thing, not the evil thing promoted by preachers and their misinterpretations of a mere politically correct fragment of ancient scriptures called The Bible. But even The Bible has multiple versions and missing pieces between them.

The reason certain texts were chosen over others, was for the furtherance of power of the Holy Roman Empire,  that, to know the Source of good and evil reveals their own bad doctrines, and allows us to know ourselves, what is truly evil and what is the fruits of good and evil, our origins, and our ultimate destiny as the ‘Fallen’ Sons of God. But even the term ‘Fallen’ was misused, if you see the Gnosis, you and I, are Fallen because our spirit came from the highest Aeons, to Fall into the Darkness, and become More than we were through the process of suffering and overcoming evil which lives in The Darkness of the Material Universe. It is this darkness we must overcome, not simply as individuals, but as humanity.

For only if we know ourselves, and our destiny, can we unite all the tribes of mankind, and where the people are united, governments fall. In the prophecy of Isaiah where this phrase is found, it ends with “and neither shall they learn war, anymore.” If any thought is given to this, it is essential that all modern forms of government, money, and divided religions are eliminated before this could ever happen. And that implies, that only a Remnant of our current civilization will be left to carry out anything of the kind, and that would require a Cultural Memory. Especially if we are to retain enough knowledge of technology to provide a way to the stars, which, is the only way to insure the survival of the species…

Most Christians and others believe its because God will come down to Earth, but, if any more thought is given to it, and the Unified Field proves, is, that that is impossible because all of creation is dependent on God being God. That God is a force, the third force twisting everything together, the force that spins the light and dark energies into the chaos that is the Universe(s). And science, and God science agree on one concept, that all things are energy and that energy must come from ‘outside’ the known Universe. This precludes God from entering the Universe, because He IS The Universe. This is the purpose of The Messiah, the First Created Son, The Logos or The Word, He who manifests the Father’s Idea, and He who is manifested in physical body. But, in all our scriptures, He and God, do not want us waiting around for Him to show up, He expects us to be His hands of Justice. It is the only way justice can be done, Isaiah was talking about MEN cleaning up the evil on the Earth, but men will manufacture any seemingly moral excuse to validate cowardice and apathy, these are the primary ‘doctrines of devils’ that allow evil to succeed by men doing nothing.

The biggest part of this prophetic significance, from Enoch to the Revelation of John, and many others including the Hopi, was the elimination of the Source of Evil, the Head of Gold, the power structures of land ownership and money creation tied to usury that has only one god; Mammon, and sees the Earth as merely a set of resources to be exploited until they are depleted. Thus this corporate system is seen as the result of the deeper prophetic interpretations of the Prophet Daniel in the statue of Nebuchadnezzar.  That the Rule of Gold is both the builder and destroyer of civilizations, and the only stability is the Golden Rule carried out by tribes and families, by eliminating central powers and wealth.

Thus the Rule of Gold, must be conquered by the Golden Rule. But first, all the people must see that Babylon is The System; centralized powers of money-government-religion, as One, each giving moral authority and materialistic justification to the other, the system invented in Babylon under the Rubric of Usury and fixed contracts of debt, Babylon’s greatest invention. People must come to the knowledge, that Power can only be powerful by the tools of ignorance and division, we give them the Power because we want “Kings to rule over us”(the lesson of Samuel and Saul is largely overlooked and marginalized, like the prophecies of Daniel, because they oppose the Powerful and give power to truth). Thus the method being to ‘turn the tables’ on the money changers, by going ‘into the wilderness’, which means, leave The System. Many are waking up to this thought, today, witness the great anger building in the world, yet the Elite are clueless.

Thus we live in a land of lies, promoted by those with a vested interest in the tools of power, and a more spiritual society is the victim of materialism. But those who search for truth, know that materialism is only half of life, that leaves many empty and searching for the Meaning of Life. In a time when Knowledge is king, mere faith in ancient notions of a Mystery God, like all fairy tales of youth, are often discarded leaving a vacuum in the souls of men, yet men shortly discover that knowledge of material things is not enough to satisfy the yearning of his heart. But in this world, the Material man yearns only for material things, for the gratification of things is the only thing the Animal can ever understand.

And power is gained over our minds by the simple device of Mystery. That if we do not toe the line and ‘submit to Godly authority’, we will die and go to hell, forever. This is Babylon’s big stick, that makes you think they have ‘Divine Authority’ or the Divine Right of Kings. Preachers use The Bible verses however they want, to make you think whatever they want, because somewhere in there is a verse that backs up their opinion. In fact whole religions are based on just a single Bible verse, thus even Christianity becomes divided more and more by our own book. We argue over the silliest things because the Truth itself was divided, obscured in translation, and outright burned as heresy. We are all  reduced to a bubbling mass of feelings locked in apathy, unable to rise above complacency and materialism, while our anger at The System grows into a fiery furnace. The result of which, causes us to be divided politically by our minds and feelings, falling generally into the ‘approved’ ideologies, left and right.

There is no escape as a civilization, until the illusions of power and control are forged back together with the ‘Original Tablets’ on the anvil of reality by the hammer of truth. All things rely on the concept of heaven and hell, and our illusion of reality.  But like all things in this Universe, heaven and hell themselves are not so simple minded. There is no single ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’, as is even in your Bibles when Paul ascended to the third heaven, but his complete journey into the layers of the heavens, was deemed heresy by the church. There is so much missing or mistranslated from the original texts, that this is a subject for another day because it would take a lifetime. Suffice it to say, we are waking up from the slumber of acceptance, a wool we pull over our own eyes and allows the ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’, to rule over our minds.

Part 2; the Perennial Philosophy
There is a belief that the ancients held unusual scientific knowledge, of which only fragments remain today. This belief was held by many great philosophers and scientists who participated in the Enlightenment, the “scientific revolution” that ended The Dark Ages. The Dark ages was the result of the fall of Rome and the resulting power vacuum being filled by the Church, which pursued power through the destruction of knowledge by outlawing of books and philosophy. Though research by these men led to great discoveries, many were convinced that they were merely scratching the surface of an immense but lost pristine knowledge (Prisca sapientia) somehow reflected in the architecture and remains of ancient civilizations. Within the metaphysical and theosophic communities, there was something called the Perennial Philosophy, what could be termed a Universal Theology or Meta-Religious “Theory of Everything”. Today, these are merely subjects for laughter from our very sophisticated modern scholarly and scientific types, but remember, the Way of Knowledge is the way of imposing forgetfulness through outlawing books or authors, ridicule and confusing morality, changing the meaning and spelling of words, because only ignorance is compatible with Power. Thus, Truth is always the victim of power…

Aldous Huxley compiled an anthology of the world’s religious and mystic traditions which describes many features common to this “philosophy of philosophies.” In his preface, he defined it as follows:

Philosophia Perennis — . . . the meta-physic that recognizes a divine Reality substantial to the world of things and lives and minds; the psychology that finds in the soul something similar to, or even identical with, divine Reality; the ethic that places man’s final end in the knowledge of the immanent and transcendent Ground of all being — the thing is immemorial and universal. Rudiments of the Perennial Philosophy may be found among the traditional lore of primitive peoples in every region of the world, and in its fully developed forms it has a place in every one of the higher religions. — The Perennial Philosophy, p. vii – Aldous Huxley

Something that was ancient, even to ancient Greece;
“These teachings are, therefore, no novelties, no inventions of today, but long since stated, if not stressed; our doctrine here is the explanation of an earlier and can show the antiquity of these opinions on the testimony of Plato himself.”Plotinus, Enneads V. 1. 8

The foundation of a perennial philosophy, of a common denominator — rather, The highest common factor — that forms the basis of truth in the world’s many religious, philosophic, and scientific systems of thought, goes back tens of thousands of years at least, the archaeological record shows this, if you have spiritual ‘eyes that see’. The Roman statesman and philosopher Cicero, for example, speaking about the existence of the soul after death, mentions that not only does he have the authority of all antiquity on his side, as well as the teachings of the Greek Mysteries and of nature, but that “these things are of old date, and have, besides, the sanction of universal religion” (Tusc. Disp. I.12-14).

There has been a least one scientific experiment which supposedly ‘proved’ the existence of the soul. And, this experiment is ridiculed instead of repeated, this alone should reveal the mindset of the powerful, that; The Soul, must not(be allowed to) be, proven… it was shown that the soul weighs 21 grams. But, if you were to try to repeat it and confirm it, you would be attacked and ridiculed from all sides because you would be committing an ‘immoral’ act. It is not that your action would be immoral, no, it is the fact that you would be piercing the veil of Mystery they wrap themselves in. But in order to absolutely define a ‘soul’, one has to enter the realm of metaphysical science, and that means “God’s” Science, that we call; Hyperspace and Subspace, the truth of heaven and hell.

In such a realm of science then, one must first define the measuring parameters or variables  that can be ‘measured’ and can thus make calculations. For in any Godly Science, one must begin with Einstein because Everything is energy and movement in time, and then drag in whatever modern, or ancient knowledge, that fits the Equations of energy and time that fits a tri-space model(hyper/normal/subspace), because the precept of an energy based spacetime continuum, is, that the energy that powers everything, must, come from ‘outside’ the known Universe, and it must flow through the Universe, which implies a Source and a Sink of energy. This assumption has been proven to be true, by many confirming experiments of Special and General Relativity, including the most profound proof of all, the atomic bomb, which is nothing short of light squeezed out of rocks… (what the ancients called; The Secret in the Rocks), thus it should be obvious to even the least educated that the rocks of creation were made from hyper-dimensional light and ‘something else’.

Einstein was a man who never accepted a particle based universe, preferring to consider them the surface illusion above the Primal Forces. If this is so then, we must define what we call; Energy, that Einstein said was Bound or ‘frozen’ in constant movement in an eternal Now, within a dark spacetime, which is the basis of Time and the two relativities, that now must be reconciled with the L.E.T.( H.A. Lorentz’s 19th century Ether Theory).   So, what all this long windedness purports, is, before one can define a soul for proper analytical measurement, the material the soul is composed of must first be defined, which is; dark energy, The Key to all things. This is also the Key to understanding the concept of Heaven and Hell, that they are in harmonic layers, many heavens and many hells. In fact, the Middle layer, reality, is our reality, and is in fact, the top layer of hell, that is on the edge of The Bottomless pit, which leads to The Abyss, that ends in the lake of fire which consumes all things, The ultimate energy Sink.

Even the term; energy, under our current scientific understanding, is a fragmented and sometimes misunderstood concept. There are many mysteries of science, one of them is dark energy, revolving mainly around the concept of The Particle VS. The Forces (Or wave)  schools of thought within main stream physics. You see, even Science is divided around the concept of a particle that can also be a wave, or many waves combined, or a wave that becomes a particle. This is a mystery to them because they abandoned the concept of The Aether and ignore their eyes. They threw out the basic precept of Einstein, that, in order for General Relativity to be workable, an ‘Imponderable Aether’ must be present.  Science, threw out the Aether due to ‘failed’ experiments conducted in the 19th century(Michelson-Morley), and when Special Relativity was introduced, the concept of the Lorentz Aether was thought to be unneeded since ‘energy = matter’ was the basis of the theory. Science should build upon existing knowledge, not toss it out as babies who outgrow their rattles.

But this merely exposed the divided nature of the relativities with the new science of the Quantum, they saw the trees and thought they could ignore the forest. When science embraced the idea of ‘particles are everything’, they could not reconcile the energy basis of the universe, nor, the emergence of many mysteries at the quantum layer. These particles, it appeared, were spinning faster than light speed(The Stern-Gerlach experiment), and, were all connected together at a lower, more invisible layer below the ‘almost measurable’ particles(quantum ‘entanglement’).  The split between ‘classical’ physics and quantum physics has never been resolved, they cannot see that The Ancients Knowledge of The Aether resolves all their confusions. It is the pervasive nature of The Aether that should have been rethought instead of tossed out, reconciling quantum physics with general relativity, which would also reveal the mechanisms of special relativity and The Particles of matter having an ancient and internal structure of The Dual Vortex(a ‘wave’ that can also a be a ‘particle’, look upon the YinYang and see the structure of the smallest unit of matter).


This paradigm shift away from the idea of an Aether was a hundred years before the idea of ‘Dark’ energy came into their equations and models, and like the Imponderable Aether of General Relativity, dark energy is required for particles to BE, but is still essentially a mystery.  So called ‘Mainstream’ science went down the path of particles and ended up at something called; The God particle or Higgs boson. Which is the work being carried out at C.E.R.N. in Europe. But now, it has become obvious to the best thinkers, that the Higgs Boson is not ‘Causal’, or fundamental in the sense of being able to ‘unify’ or explain all known forces of matter and energy including gravity, magnetism, inertia and entropy.  All of these forces, are still, after over a hundred years of ‘advanced’ particle science, still, a mystery. When we add in connectedness or quantum entanglement of particles, the concept of an aether becomes irrefutable, if you are truly open minded. In our theory of the Unified Field of God, once they break through the Higgs layer, they will simply find more and bigger things that scare the hell out of them, because that is the doorstep they will land on. They will go down the rabbit hole deeper and deeper until they find a micro black hole at the center of every atom, and their minds will split. It is the only logical result of a dark aether, because you break into subspace, and the Source of the dark energy.

Fundamentally then, there can be no matter without energy, and a large portion of this energy must be dark, or invisible(so called Super-symmetry). Scientists already have the foundation of a unified theory of everything, they have eyes, but refuse to see because the implications of dark energy means, a ‘dual’ energy universe. Thus, since ‘energy’ comes from ‘outside’ the known universe, science, in order to accept this, must acknowledge the concept of a hyper-dimensional  ‘Creator’. This cannot be seen as the religious concept of God because of the inherent unfairness of religions, but must be seen as a third Force of Nature that contains and imposes Torsion(twist/spin) on those energies, because the reality of energy is that it is always in motion, dynamic, and also, spinning in three dimensions. The result of this third force is a universe of spinning yet lopsided vortexes, that can be quantum tops(the lopsided particle of the Unified Field of God), orbitals, and Suns, that are the only visible objects in the unending darkness of spacetime.

The Entanglement of The Infinities
Quantum Entanglement is a property of matter, which says, that individual particles of matter, can be connected at a distance. That what you do to one, happens to the other, if this is so, then hyper-luminal energy transfer is also proven. If all things are energy, then, and energy cannot be destroyed, only converted from one form into another, usually from concentrated to diffuse, then this gives the foundation not only of the Universe itself, but of the Foundation of the Souls of Men, that like energy, cannot be destroyed, merely converted to a more diffuse ‘bound’ pattern.

There is an overwhelming thought in one of Plato’s Dialogs( The Symposium (§202-4), that love is the midway point between ignorance and wisdom, the mediator between humans and the gods, and that through love we attain spiritual understanding. St. Paul, spoke of love in one of the most beautiful passages of the Bible: that even if he could speak all the languages of men and angels, and did not have love, he would be as sounding brass and tinkling cymbal; and even had he the prophetic gift and knew all the mysteries of life and had faith to move mountains, but had no love, he would be as nothing — an homage to his Lords’s commandment, that “ye love one another as I have loved you.”

This idea is put forth in Buddhism as the ideal human being, the Bodhisattva who is “awakened” to the Reality behind life’s illusions, who is said to possess a “great loving heart.” and has arrived at the “other shore” of enlightenment guided and strengthened by perfecting in himself the two most important virtues in Buddhist philosophy, karuna and prajna, “love” and “discriminating wisdom” born of altruism.

This perfect person is The Elect, that is opposite of The Elite.
In the Hebrew Kabbalah, the final desires of the soul that lead to seeking either spiritual truth or seeking power and control over others are manifested in the two archetypes, master of spirit and master of animal. One the direction towards the Light, the other the direction towards the darkness, The Way of Spirit or The Way of Materialism. There is little disagreement that The Elite run The World, and The Elect are all but unknown, would the world be a different place if the reverse were true?

Even the Christian concept of The Elect is talked about in the Bible, but as all things of modern Christianity, it is confused and divided by individual doctrines and denominations because the original meanings were destroyed in order to create the “New Narrative for peasants”(Origen) of the Holy Roman Church. Are The Elect, simply, those who have ‘awakened’ to this disturbing reality of Duality? That the church has become ‘old dry bones’, and many souls seek a higher truth while the church experiences a ‘Great Falling away’? Is this because many have evolved beyond the ‘mystery’ of churchmen, the unconscionable fairy tales and conflicting doctrines that support materialism, division and centralized authority?

How can religions of God, that purport to worship the same deity, be so different? Do modern souls seek something more spiritual, more… provably divine? Has modern man outgrown fairy tales? Is there a higher truth than; pledge allegiance to Jesus in public, be good, be prosperous, pay your taxes and tithes, and you’ll get a free ticket to heaven no matter what evil you do as long as you are sorry? Did Jesus say these things, or have His words been misrepresented, twisted all out of context? Did Jesus teach that the universe is a mystery, or something else? How could we know if The Church destroyed all the ‘private’ teachings and called them; Heresy?

Are The Elect those who know that there are more things in heaven and Earth, than are hidden by the Churchians? Is there something missing in a ‘faith’, that has caused divisions, arguments, denominations, persecutions, and even… ‘Just’ wars of genocide and conversion of barbarians ‘in the name of God’? Is there an even higher purpose of spiritual knowledge than simple ‘redemption’? If we knew how the Universe truly worked, would that make any difference in the behaviors of men and societies?

Shadows of The Ancients
Before science and spirit were divorced by the Catholic church, the Perennial Philosophy was spread across the Earth in fragments and ancient myths with only a shadow of some even more ancient common origin. The foundation of the Christian trinity, the yin-yang-tao of the East, the Shiva-Vishnu-Brahma of the Hindu, the God of Forces in the Hebrew book of Daniel, the Original Tablets or Instructions of the Hopi, the idea of the Sacred 3 Primal Forces of Creation, it appears, goes back into prehistory thousands of years. The concept of the ‘Pure Divine Knowledge’ or Perennial Philosophy, seems to converge as history becomes more ancient, and the myths and legends become more distant.

It appears, there was a time before recorded history, when religion and science, were one and the same, not divorced as they are today. But today, men’s desire for truth has grown with his increased knowledge, however, religion doesn’t satisfy and science is uncaring about what it cannot measure. Men have evolved, spiritually in knowledge, beyond the current paradigms, they seek truth, because they know inherently, in their soul, the truth will set them free in more ways than one… physically, spiritually, economically, culturally. In fact, truth, to be truth, must be all those things, integrated as One, not fragmented, not divided, not in conflict, truth is unity, and unity is joy.

This is the reason why we call The Book of Secrets of Enoch, the Holy Grail, because it is the ultimate container of ancient wisdom that lays the foundation and reveals the origin of the Sacred 3 Primal Forces behind the stories, myths and legends. It provides a textual format written in a form that survived the purges of authorities, and like the Dead sea scrolls, was buried in ancient times, hidden away until our time, and Revealed for our time by Serendipity. It provides an ancient Key to the fragmentary evidence scattered around the globe in archaeological digs, ancient documents, and pagan dogma. One of those ancient clues, and pieces of rubble was called; The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismagistus, which was probably a distillation of The Hermetica.

Isn’t it curious, that such proven ancient texts are ridiculed by modern authority, especially Christian authority? It is because they bound themselves to the Doctrine of Mystery and do not have Knowledge of The Key contained within The Holy Grail. A knowledge that is the key to the ancient “Secret in the Rocks”, of which, Einstein’s relativities and quantum science is only a hint of the ultimate hidden truths above and below our reality. That we, our body and soul, are composed of energy, and energy can never be destroyed, only converted or transmuted to another form. In short, we are eternal beings trapped in a decaying prison of flesh that can only ‘die’ in something called The Second Death, the death or consumption of our personal energy pattern. Our ultimate destination depends not simply on our ‘sins’, but on our deepest desires, we are drawn towards that thing that we love, either light or dark.

What is science and religion? They both speak about the same thing, and have a common definition, at least at the highest level. They can both be defined as; The understanding of man, his place in the Universe, and how it all works. Did modern man lose something when science was outlawed by the Catholic church? Did the ancients have anything to add to our modern understandings? Did we lose anything when the great library of Alexandria was burned, and ten thousand years of ancient knowledge went up in flame? Doesn’t all of mankind lose when knowledge of any kind is destroyed? The Church destroyed the best part of us, when it created a materialistic religion, that destroys and ridicules spiritual knowledge while giving moral authority to tyrants and the very enemies of mankind. We are still suffering from the Dark ages caused by their outlawing of knowledge itself.

Has modern western civilization lost a part of its soul? Has it lost its way, when it decided on the religion of Mammon/Materialism, which worships money and pays lip service to God. It results in the Faustian bargain of always having to have something new, never being satisfied, never able to get it right and keep it that way, to never know peace or tranquility. Throwing traditions out the window every generation or so, including confusing the difference between becoming educated, or gaining a credential? Can we have context without history? Can we grow wise without a sense of who we were, where we’ve been, what mistakes we’ve made, without repeating those same mistakes over and over? Are our children better off being indoctrinated by political ideology, rather than educated in reality? Are our future societies better off by abandoning reality, and substituting political fantasies? Hasn’t history shown the folly of abandoning knowledge regardless of whether it is deemed ‘good’ or ‘bad’? How does one learn the truth, with only half the story? How can one know good, without knowing evil? Is western civilization and Christianity the only arbiter of good and evil? Then how is it, that their definitions change with the times?

But this phenomena is not new, in fact, we are caught in the trap of our own ignorance of what was, only to repeat it. Witness the current madness of crowds that seeks to destroy the confederate battle flag and all the monuments to brave men. The confederacy was not about slavery, even many southerners thought it was outmoded and an abomination, the institution would have passed into history without a war, eventually. No, that war was instigated by the north because the federal government received 2/3rds of its tax revenues from southern planters and the export tariffs on cotton. The northern industrialists wanted that cotton for a cheap price.  But, history, as they say, is written by the victors, and the victors needed slavery as a ’cause de jeure’ in order to rally the north against the south because the south was winning…

What sort of children would we have today, if they had been brought up on Plato, Aristotle and Aristophanes, Virgil and Dante, and Shakespeare and the greatest literary work of all time, the Bible. A book that was banned from American schools along with God and morality, which shows as well as anything why America has become nothing more than a giant capitalist racket. When we stopped teaching history and philosophy, we began the process of decay of the mind, which has now become a political and moral decay into a society of ‘feelings’, and feelings are a lousy way to measure and deal with reality. That is the Left leg of ideology and the sticky clay of emotions, that keeps the Head of Gold in power. The Left, or the Ideology of Envy, moved into the vacuum, and the rest as they say, is history.

Feelings are the tools of animals, and maybe that’s what the Bible refers to when it speaks of a ‘Beast’ system. When fantasy feelings and political correctness overcome the Mind, the sticky clay of emotions conquering the iron minds. Was this what Daniel was ultimately referring to with his interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue with the head of gold? Daniel said we would not know what the prophecies truly meant, until the Time of the End. Just on the surface of history, we can see where our tribe has built great civilizations, and then went crazy and tore it all down, just to start over again. Is this the cycle of men, or simply men who have lost their Original Instructions, and succumbed to The Reality matrix? Do we even remember what the reality matrix is?

No, unfortunately, we threw that away too, when we burned the ancient knowledge as being ‘witchcraft’. The knowledge of Enoch and Hermes, the foundations of God’s science and religion, which are One Thing, the Ultimate ‘revealed’ knowledge of creation, our Original Instructions, the ‘Revealed Tablets of Knowledge’.  But all of these are just words as long as The Rule of Gold, the Statue with the Head of Gold remains ‘in charge’, because people will have to struggle harder to live, because The System of Usury forces you to earn money in order to live and to pay taxes on land you supposedly ‘own’. But preachers will say “doesn’t everybody need money my son”? It is not seen as ‘evil’ per se, simply because ‘that’s the way it is’. And it has, it has been this way for thousands of years, as each manifestation of civilization, is always run by the rich and powerful, and the peons under them, love money and will do whatever it takes to make it. This in and of itself is not evil, it is necessary for men to work in order to eat.  What is evil, and wrong, is also the most secret part of The System; Where does The Money come from, who ‘owns’ it, and ‘rents’ it out to us at ‘USURY’?

This ‘false’ or fiat bank money, causes prices to go up faster than wages, as we have seen in the last 30 years. Simply because they are allowed to write bad checks, legally, and with that power they can control markets. Only rich men love higher prices, and their system is designed to do just that, at our expense.  Is there anyone alive who thinks what our standard of living today, is better than it was 30 or 40 years ago? Then I call you a liar, or an Elite banker or sycophant of the Elite, because I was alive in those times, and today is foreshadow of even worse times. Simply because, the math doesn’t lie and the population continues to climb. But if we were a spiritual society, and not a materialistic society, then there would not be so much wasted resources, because the things of Earth would be seen as holy, to be preserved for all the generations, not just rocks and dirt to be exploited for profits and polluted because it is cheaper to pollute than it is to clean up our own messes.

This idea of money, comes from Babylon in two forms, in the mind or in the hand, bank credit or physical money.  Bank credit is a thing of the mind without heart, that sees but cannot reveal, that it alone knows the vagaries of life, the meaning of seasons, the trouble life itself is, and the trouble it brings, will always, always, deliver wealth into the hands of any man who holds a fixed contract of debt above your head. This is why God told us not to have a money based in Usury/Interest, because everybody loses, except the Owners of Capital. But preachers ignore the very lessons in the Bible they don’t want to hear, and push lessons that are personal, between men and God. Instead of integration of knowledge, they promote division, ignorance and play mind controller, leaving liberty in the dirt.

This alone, was, and is, the Basis of civilizations since the time of Babylon. Until in our time it could be said, that Babylon the Great, a great global Babylon, is the Dark Horse of Revelation, and The Beast being ridden by The Mother of Harlots, the Church riding The System of Mammon, named; Babylon… Money, government, religion, as One, for the benefit of The Elite. They love it because it is a clever System that gives them legitimacy, since the time of Babylon, he who has the gold, made the Rules. Thus; The Money/Government/Religious System itself, IS, Babylon, The System of Mammon and Anti-Christ.  The System then, must, must, destroy anything that is a counter idea to the idea of materialism, that; either you can see it and measure it, or its religious superstitious hogwash, go away. Their version of ‘god’ gives full forgiveness for destroying people, and the Earth, as long as they ask nicely. They give out free tickets to paradise, and go on their merry way doing ‘Gods work’ by destroying nations.

What if, a science of God was discovered, through hints hidden in the bowels of ancient books. Books that have been revealed by serendipity, out of the sands of time, revealed again, to us, in this time, no longer Forbidden, and they reveal, the ‘Secret in the Rocks’, that, there is, a measurable piece of God in a rock. A secret that resolves a mysterious phenomena of physics never solved until now. It is a secret that reveals that you, me, the Earth, Sun and Stars, are all part of the Universal AEtheric Oneness. It is a knowledge that reveals the stars and planets do have an influence over us, oh my God, the Occultists were right? Call in the Dogs, its witchcraft. Our minds being stuck in both the 4th and the 21st centuries…

Modern mainstream science and religion, both, purport to be the ‘authoritative’ seekers of universal and absolute truth, but, it appears they are merely defenders of the modern paradigms of materialism, mystery, and above all, bank and corporate profits. The material paradigm, or the ancient paradigm of ‘darkness’, controls all things in this world. It even has its own name; Mammon, the god of materialism which is concentrated power in the form of money, because money will buy you any material thing. This societal programming can be seen by the response of ‘authority’ to anything of a ‘metaphysical’ bent. We are programmed by society itself, to ridicule anything that doesn’t fit the modern norms. We are programmed to only see what can be seen with the eyes, and anything else, is a ‘joke’…

In the ancient world, religion and science were one thing combined, designed to reveal universal truth, and metaphor was the tool used to hide the mysteries from society at large, because society at large is scared of anything they don’t understand. In the ancient world, there were public teachings in the temples of ‘The Gods’, and the deeper mysteries were taught to ‘seekers’ in private, but the authorities of all times have no use for anything but their own agendas. Even today, like yesterday, people are suspicious of science, as they were of ‘occultism’ long ago. Even today down in the deepest part of their souls, some people still think scientists are dealing with things they shouldn’t be. Maybe they’re right, when you stop to consider what modern man has done with his science. If I were to say, that my research into the “Power of Darkness”, has led to the mathematical proof of God’s existence, you would say I was mad, and then, you would say I am deceived by devils. If I were to invent some new technological device, based on ancient alchemy, there are many who would consider it the fruit of the demon. People still think like this, today. The quest for ultimate truth, has always been at war with the fearful and ignorant, especially those who gain money and become powerful.

Can ancient alchemy lend assistance on our quest for truth? It can, if it can be seen in its true light, in the Light of the Ancient Magi, the philosophy of the Magi who visited Jesus. But when you begin to speak in such metaphors, meanings become clouded, you are accused of talking in ‘mixed metaphors’, by those who have little understanding. Many of the modern metaphors, are ancient in the extreme, but, culturally biased, depending on whether you are of western, eastern, or other cultures.

The Sun is one such ancient metaphor, a symbol of The Holy Light. But to say that the Sun symbol, a ball of light, could also be an ancient symbol for the Holy Spirit, is laughed at by Christians because the Holy Spirit is a ‘mystery’ and its symbol is a ‘dove’. They don’t understand, it was deliberately converted into a mystery to satisfy the new narrative designed at the creation of the Church, that of the Mystery Doctrine and the Deity of Jesus. The new Trinity, that was directly copied from the ancient Triads, or Sacred 3. The Sacred 3, was the foundation of ancient pagan philosophy, and a basis of Alchemy, which was supposed to reveal the workings of the universe. The Dove is a symbol of this, as we have seen it in the following symbol, where the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God(Pi, the Circle), is connected to the Imp of Darkness, the I or Impedance of energy;

holysymbolThis was also symbolized by the Egyptians, as the Ankh;


What the catholic church did, was cherry pick from ancient scriptures to redesign the entire universe from a philosophy/scientific one based on cause and effect, to a magic/mystery one based on crime and punishment. From a promise of a higher purpose of spiritual evolution and ultimate inheritance of a loving creator, to a simple heaven or hell based in a universe of God and devil, intelligent forces became vague ‘entities’. From an ultimate destiny of divine inheritance, to a vague sense of redemption for sins. From a spiritual awareness of all things being Holy, to being cut off from the divine purpose and thinking of reality as merely something to use. From the idea that a rock contained something of the divine, to the idea that a rock was just a rock. From a Universe based on the God of Forces, to a Universe of Rocks. From the knowledge that we are Eternal Beings trapped in physical bodies, to the idea of the physical bodies being the beginning of life, and the Soul being something vague, instead of our connection to our true higher self.

The Christian Trinity was a redesign of the Sacred 3 primal forces, only it was designed for the purpose of deifying Jesus and hiding reality, not revealing it. If you tell a Christian, that Daniel’s “God of Forces”, was the same pagan ‘Sacred 3 Forces’, you will get ridiculed. If you show that the ancient magi, the occultists, Gnostics, philosophers and even astrologers, were trying to seek the truth of creation and man’s origins and destiny, they will call you a devil worshiper. If you tell them that the Magi knew that Jesus was the Manifestation of the First Begotten Son of God, come to reveal our own divine source from above, you will get attacked if you say we are all the sons of God. All this shows is that too many of us, in too many ways, still think in 4th century terms. What the Church did, was throw mankind backwards over a thousand years, and we are still trying to catch up to the elimination of superstition, with logic and reason.

This is what science purports to do, but, they have chosen the path of materialism and atheism as a backlash to the persecutions of the Church. To them, God, or primal forces, can have no part in their creating their god in a particle. Thus, as Einstein said; Religion is blind, and science is lame, and men, have no where to turn for understanding this gnawing need in their souls for universal truth. Mankind has thus gone down the path of materialism, again, and again, built up a great civilization, that is now falling back into the immorality of material lusts and feelings based ideologies that spread into all areas of life, and mankind screams for truth. For it is only when we combine science and religion, at the nexus of ancient knowledge, do we arrive at the Holy Grail we call the Unified Field of God. And its proof is shown by the Secret of the Rocks. Which is curious, since the ancient revealers of knowledge, were called the “People of the Knowledge of the stones”.

Part of this process of destroying our ‘revealed knowledge’, is the lack of understanding or foundation in metaphor, which leads to the fear of anything ‘occult’ sounding, and thus we have many vague sounding modern interpretations of what is known as; The Emerald Tablet. Could the Unified Field of God reveal the science of a creator’s intelligent design behind the metaphors of an ancient tablet of stone? Could an ancient tablet, hold more meaning, more truth, than modern science or religion? Only if you understand the language of metaphor and symbols, and the foundation of alchemy was once called the Pure Knowledge, what the Hopi called our Original Instructions, and what the scholars call; The Perennial Philosophy. Were the Tablets of Moses, given by the hand of God, part of our Original Instructions? Methinks the tablets were a story about an even older set of tablets, maybe those given to Enoch, which Moses would have known about being brought up in the Temples of Egypt. It is also obvious, that Moses had knowledge of Enoch, if you see that Genesis contains the same stories of ‘fallen angels’ in a very redacted form. Whether these were angels, aliens or hyper-dimensional entities, does it really matter, since it is obvious that civilization itself sprung up out of the mud, and somehow, had a little leg up?

Alchemy was not the simplistic quest to turn lead into gold, or to find the Philosophers stone and thus immortal life, no, that is what it degenerated into. Originally it was to seek the ultimate truth of man and the soul, its source and destination, its sojourn in reality and how that reality worked. It was about immortal life, in several ways, the broken world, and broken souls. It was to find the Original Instructions, repair man, and prepare man for immortal life as a Son of the Creator. Isn’t it odd, that today, we find that man has a ‘broken’ DNA, and if it wasn’t for certain defects in it, man could live forever? Is this indication of a deliberate fiddling with our basic ‘instructions’, that condemns us to lives that are nasty, brutish and short?

What things could man achieve, if but he had the longest life imaginable, able to learn and create for thousands of years, to actually remember the times of Christ, what changes would be wrought in history if men simply remembered their history because it was a part of them and not some fable, myth or legend? Would men become as gods, and is that the ultimate meaning of biblical and scriptural texts, that say the world is broken, and only through advanced spiritual knowledge would it eventually be repaired? Or would it be a battle with the religious forces of fear?

One of the ancient source documents we have available, is called The Emerald Tablet, supposedly containing the Secret of the Universe. If we examine this document, with the right eye of metaphor, then what we find, is another confirmation of the Holy Grail of Enoch, and the Sacred 3 ‘Primal Forces’ as the foundation of all the ancient ‘pagan’ philosophy religions, as One. But the overriding metaphor is the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil, being properly seen as the life creating assistant powers of God, otherwise known as; The Elohim, or The Family of God. So the question is asked, if you were God, would you not delegate most of the work of creating? This is the essence of the pagan religions, an understanding of the Universe, not simply blind faith.

In this, Christianity stands apart, then, as the only true ‘Mystery’ religion of the universe formed by magic and not scientific principles. Sadly, modern discoveries of buried ancient Gnostic texts, show that Jesus taught the Gnosis or Divine Knowledge ‘privately’, but it was not fully understood or accepted by all the disciples. This is revealed by the early days of the church, before Rome created the Catholic, or Universal Church and its Holy Roman Empire. There is a good reason why Jesus taught the Gnosis privately, because most people want to live their lives in ignorance, and, the authorities of this world attack anything that reveals too much spiritual truth. Even today, some people are honest enough to admit that they prefer ignorance of a universe that scares them, thus many were not deemed worthy because the teachings would be casting “pearls before swine”.

It is only in the modern age, that Christianity has partially succumbed to a science it had viciously put down in the previous era when it outlawed philosophy and single handedly created the Dark ages and threw mankind backwards a thousand years or more. When the Library of Alexandria was burned, because it was a pagan temple, it is said that over ten thousand years of accumulated knowledge went up in flames. The Catholic’s primary crime was converting the concept of reality into a Crime and Punishment mystery universe, instead of a Universe of Cause and Effect created out of love.

If there was ever a crime against humanity, this was it, the imposition of; The Babylonian Mystery doctrine or Imposed Superstition. The Christian however, twists ‘mystery’ as the pagan religions, the mysteries of occultism, and anything that isn’t ‘Christian’. Anything that isn’t Christian is seen as witchcraft, sorcery, and occultism, without any knowledge of what those words meant, they are just things you don’t want to be exposed to because “the Bible says so”, without any knowledge of the history of the bible, its many mistranslations and misinterpretations, editing, and outright destruction of many books deemed ‘heretical’ by The Authorities.

To those who think this is only ‘ancient history’, consider the concept of evolution. The church fought against it in the early 20th century, and still fights it to this day. If you don’t believe that, ask yourself why the Church still maintains the office of the Grand Inquisitor? Also, there are still those who argue that the Universe is only six thousand years old, despite rational and logical evidence to the contrary. But nothing is certain in science either, for there is also fossil evidence that man walked with dinosaurs, despite the modern ‘linear’ idea that man is only a relative few thousand years old. Despite this idea, there is also archaeological and written evidence, that man, or something like man, was around thousands of years before generally recognized and had achieved a higher civilized state, maybe even more than we enjoy today.

Did man spring up out of the mud, into civilized cities, and created scientific methods of alchemy and astrology, or is it more likely, that these ‘ancient’ philosophies were mere shadows of knowledge of creation that was even more ancient? The stories from Enoch and other sources, even archaeological sources, say that man was instructed in the arts of alchemy and astrology by Fallen Angels, ‘other worldly’ people, that were also called the People of the Knowledge of the stones. Whether extra-dimensional angel, extra-terrestrial alien, or perhaps, hyper-dimensional entities?, we can not know. Those who built the ancient stone structures that are over ten thousand years old( it is revealed, but not widespread knowledge, that the stone around the Sphinx has water erosion, showing that it was eroded by rain, but Egypt has been a desert for more than ten thousand years…) had a purpose in building them, and it was not a simple tomb, but a way of concentrating the energies of creation in a geometric configuration to match the spiritual geometry of Pi, to form a gateway to the Light of God.

Archaeological scholars see the symbol of the Sun in these great stone edifices, because they do not have eyes that see, the Sun symbol is the symbol for the Holy Light of God, the Holy Spirit. We have lost the foundational principles of the symbols, and have no basis for understanding these ancient things, so they have made up stories about gateways to the stars, and fantastic power generators, and alien landing pads, anything, to keep God out of it and keep the mystery in it. Mystery, is man’s shield against the darkness, the immense and overwhelming reality of cosmic chaos. Mystery is also the way of the authorities, in defending the paradigm of profits and monetary misery that runs the world.

Mystery then, in the sense of the ancients, being simply, a way of hiding the secrets OF AUTHORITY or from authority. In this, it was an ancient form of the Holy Joke, something real, yet at the same time, not real, depending on who was doing the seeing. The Magi, and ancient practitioners of The Mysteries, drew upon alchemical, astrological, philosophical, and ultimately, scientific principles as the basis underlying their form of mysteries. Even Christ’s private Gnostic teachings, appear to align perfectly with Hermes, when the proper translation of the metaphors is understood. This is the value of the Grail of Enoch, it can see through the mysteries by the simple understanding of the Sacred 3 forces, in particular, for our reality, an understanding of the Force of Darkness, The Firmament of Enoch, and the Waters of Genesis, which is also called, The Imponderable Aether of Einstein’s General Relativity and the Dark energy of Quantum physics.

But to fearful men, both ancient and modern, this ‘darkness’, is always a mere entity of evil, they don’t understand it is a necessary component of reality, and people always fear what they don’t understand. The Darkness is what gives hardness to the light energy of the Universe through the process of magnetic torsion at the atomic level. Science, would say this is crazy, because it is hidden from their eyes. They have been looking for the magnetic ‘monopole’ for almost a hundred years, it doesn’t exist, they are still caught in their particle illusion, they refuse to understand Einstein and Hermes, Enoch and Moses, Tesla and Bohm, that Force, and not Particle, is the Cause of Creation.

But to recognize this, they would have to recognize a Hyper-Dimensional Intelligence, some call God. The reason knowledge of the Primal Forces was important enough to survive the ages, was because God Himself gave us our original instructions in order that we would understand the Universe and could eliminate fear of the unknown, and find joy. But the only way to find joy, is to find ourselves, and to find ourselves, we must understand The Source and Destination of Souls and to know that, we must know How it all works.

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus
The origins of Western alchemy can be traced back to Hellenistic Egypt, in particular to the city of Alexandria. One of the most important characters in the mythology of alchemy is Hermes Trismegistus (Hermes the Thrice-Great). The name of this figure is derived from the Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth and his Greek counterpart, Hermes. The Hermetica, which is said to be written by Hermes Trismegistus, is generally regarded as the basis of Western alchemical philosophy and practice. In addition, Hermes Trismegistus is also believed to be the author of the Emerald Tablet.

The Emerald Tablet is said to be a tablet of emerald or green stone inscribed with the secrets of the universe. The source of the original Emerald Tablet is unclear, hence it is surrounded by legends. The most common legend claims that the tablet was found in a cave tomb under the statue of Hermes in Tyana, clutched in the hands of the corpse of Hermes himself. Another legend suggests that it was the third son of Adam and Eve, Seth, who originally wrote it. Others believed that the tablet was once held within the Ark of the Covenant, as one of the ‘Original Tablets’. Some even claim that the original source of the Emerald Tablet is none other than the fabled city of Atlantis. It is possible, that it was all those things, considering the time lines involved, it could have been passed down, from Seth, to Atlantis, to ancient Egypt where Moses could have been a student of Hermes at the Library of Alexandria.


An artist’s impression of the Emerald Tablet. Photo source: Wikimedia.

While various claims have been made regarding the origins of the Emerald Tablet, as yet, no verifiable evidence has been found to support them. The oldest documented source of the Emerald Tablet’s text is the Kitab sirr al-haliqi (Book of the Secret of Creation and the Art of Nature), which was a composite of earlier works. This was an Arabic book written in the 8th century A.D., and attributed to a ‘Balinas’ or Pseudo-Apollonius of Tyana. It is Balinas who provides us with the story of how he discovered the Emerald Tablet in the tomb of Hermes. Based on this Arabic work, some believe that the Emerald Tablet was an Arabic work written between the 6th and 8th centuries A.D., rather than a piece of work from Antiquity, as many have claimed.

While Balinas claimed that the Emerald Tablet was written originally in Greek, the original document that he purportedly possessed no longer exists, if indeed it existed at all. Nevertheless, the text itself quickly became well known, and has been translated by various people over the centuries. For instance, an early version of the Emerald Tablet also appeared in a work called the Kitab Ustuqus al-Uss al-Thani (Second Book of the Elements of the Foundation), which is attributed to Jabir ibn Hayyan. It would, however, take several more centuries before the text was accessible to Europeans. In the 12th century A.D., the Emerald Tablet was translated into Latin by Hugo von Santalla.


A reconstruction of what the Emerald Tablet is believed to have looked like by the International Alchemy Guild. Image source.

The Emerald Tablet would become one of the pillars of Western alchemy. It was a highly influential text in Medieval and Renaissance alchemy, and probably still is today. In addition to translations of the Emerald Tablet, numerous commentaries have also been written regarding its contents. For instance, a translation by Isaac Newton was discovered among his alchemical papers. This translation is currently being held in King’s College Library in Cambridge University. Other notable researchers of the Emerald Tablet include Roger Bacon, Albertus Magnus, John Dee and Aleister Crowley.

The interpretation of the Emerald Tablet is not a straightforward matter, as it is after all a text of ancient metaphors. And like the textual renditions of metaphors in scholarly translations of the symbols on the pyramids and other ancient stones, the scholars have the symbols right, but the meanings all wrong. This is because they usually come from a biased world view of materialism. Anything that is not material, unseen, is ridiculed or mistranslated into materialistic or modern ideas like the sun symbol. But there are true seekers, who seek to find the meanings behind the symbols, so they lapse into religious and esoteric explanations of ancient mysterious teachings. They are right, and wrong, in the sense of merely repeating the ancient Holy Joke, a joke that has no meaning to modern men, and very little usefulness to modern science.

Ultimately, ancient philosophy, the Emerald tablet, alchemy, astrology, and other disciplines of the Magi(a generic term used here to simply give the proper name to ancient philosophers), were about understanding creation and man, and being able to manipulate it and make use of it, the very definition of science. But, to tell a scientist that an ancient alchemical document, contained the Theory of Everything within it, would only be met, at best, by stares, and usually nothing but ridicule.

To say that the Emerald Tablet, could have been a tablet of the Creators children given to man in the beginning, as the Original Instructions of the Native American spiritual traditions, the tablets of Earth, Air, Fire, and water, and that these instructions, could be ancient in the extreme, likewise, would be met by ridicule. But, if it could be proved, by modern scientific methods, that all these tablets of knowledge that were left by the “People of the Knowledge of the stones”, that built impossible to build ancient stone edifices, whose origins were lost in the mists of time, what form, could such a ‘proof’ take?

It could be the very Secret of the Rocks, the oldest mystery of science, that; energy can be squeezed out of rocks, and big rocks rise above little rocks, and reveals the secret of the Universe, that God’s fingerprints are in the very structure of the Universe if you have ‘eyes that see’. It could also lie in the remaining mysterious phenomena of physics and electromagnetism. If God left His fingerprints on creation, where would it live, in what is revealed in particle accelerators, or what is hidden in the rocks?

But, let us first see what others say about the Emerald Tablet, with two translations and interpretations…

The Emerald Tablet
By Eloise Hart

“As above, so below” is part of a declaration engraved on the Emerald Tablet of Hermes. While the origins of this tablet are lost to us, its ideas are said to have been derived from the Mystery-tradition of Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom whom the Greeks called Hermes Trismegistus, the “Thrice Greatest.” Over the centuries these teachings have inspired the production of great works of art and science, never revealed (the Degenerate form of) the formula by which ordinary metal can be transmuted into gold and(The Original Instruction) to turn human nature into divinity through understanding.

While the statement “As above, so below” may seem obvious, its applications and the wisdom and wonders it involves are concealed within the full declaration:

It is true, no lie, certain to be depended upon: What is below is like that which is above, and what is above is similar to that which is below, to accomplish the wonders of one thing. As all things were produced by the mediation of one being, so all things were produced from this one by adaptation. Its father is the sun, its mother is the moon. It is the cause of all perfection throughout the whole earth. Its power is perfect if it is changed into earth. Separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, acting prudently and with judgment. Ascend with the greatest sagacity from the earth to heaven, and then descend again to earth, and unite together the power of things inferior and superior; thus you will possess the light of the whole world, and all obscurity will fly away from you. This thing has more fortitude than fortitude itself, because it will overcome every subtle thing and penetrate every solid thing. By it the world was formed.

Here we are told that what is above and its reflections below are productions of one thing or being. Thus there is no essential difference between opposites such as what is superior and what is inferior, between heaven and earth, past and present, young and old. Each is part of one being, follows the same laws and patterns of behavior, and draws strength from the same source.

Reflecting upon these ideas from “below” (from the vehicular, material side of being), or from “above” (from the spiritual), we discover that at every state in the process of evolutionary unfoldment, the qualities within/above are expressed outwardly. And that every living being, ourselves included, is a “treasure-house” of potential virtue and wisdom which can be drawn upon in time of need – as we know! Under the pressure of disaster, acts of heroism, generosity, and creativity indicate the outflowing of inner potential. This is revealed throughout nature – all following the same law – as was evident after the torrential rains that transformed California’s barren Death Valley desert into a colorful garden. The profusion of flowers and insects that had not been seen there for decades demonstrates the abundance that hibernates below the surface of all forms of life.

Acknowledging this inner potential, we gain incentive to seek solutions to otherwise “insurmountable” problems and to look for answers to life’s “unanswerable” questions. For example, if we wonder what happens after death, we can examine what happens during sleep, death’s twin brother. Or to know how this planet or galaxy came into being, we can examine how we came into being, for the same laws and patterns apply throughout. And how did we come into being? Turning to the ancient Mystery-tradition we learn that at each new birth, the spiritual self, returning from its journey in other states of being, comes bearing the freight of past sowings into the environmental conditions of former associations. Entering this earthly milieu it is drawn to its parents-to-be and upon conception builds, in a most marvelous manner, a body suitable for its present life’s purpose. Upon physical birth its growth continues but now under more conscious direction until death frees it from its physical confinement. As we participate in and observe this procedure among flowers, birds, humans, planets, and galaxies, we can but conclude that Hermes was right: one pattern, one law, does prevail throughout.

Or perhaps we are thinking of the future – of what lies ahead for us and mankind. Once again Hermes’ axiom sheds light on our questions, reminding us that the future (the greater and unknown) reflects and repeats the past and present (the smaller and known). The energy-seeds of the thoughts and acts we planted in the past will bring us their fruit today and tomorrow. Thus, if we would change our life or that of the earth, if we would create a brighter future and a pleasant after-death sojourn, we need but improve our thoughts here and now.

For those of an analytical mind, “As above, so below” is the law of analogy that has brought into our lives the phenomenal knowledge, progress, and convenience we enjoy today. For the mystical, the message encoded on the Emerald Tablet awakens their souls and leads to the discovery of the mysteries of life, the philosopher’s stone, and the elixir of life. These centuries-old phrases hide and reveal esoteric wisdom and the transforming processes of spiritual training and experience which can guide us and help us become one with our inner divinity. This achievement may be referred to as attaining enlightenment, Shambala, or the Kingdom of Heaven. Anyone who achieves this becomes, as Hermes Trismegistus implies, wise, loving, and joyous in the three worlds – the terrestrial, intellectual, and spiritual – where this great truth, so simple and clear, illumines the mysteries of life.

(From Sunrise magazine, April/May 2006; copyright © 2006 Theosophical University Press)
Commentary on the Emerald Tablet by Rawn Clark
Different translations of the Emerald Tablet can read significantly differently. This is a modern English translation of the 12th century Latin version of the document.

[It is] true, without a lie, certain and most true,
That which is below is as that which is above, and that which is above is as that which is below, to perform the miracles of the one thing.
And as all things were from the one, by means of the meditation of the one, thus all things were born from the one, by means of adaptation.
Its father is the Sun, its mother is the Moon, the Wind carried it in its belly, its nurse is the earth.
The father of the whole world [or “of all of the initiates”?] is here.
Its power is whole if it has been turned into earth.
You will separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the dense, sweetly, with great skill.
It ascends from earth into heaven and again it descends to the earth, and receives the power of higher and of lower things.
Thus you will have the Glory of the whole world.
Therefore will all obscurity flee from you.
Of all strength this is true strength, because it will conquer all that is subtle, and penetrate all that is solid.
Thus was the world created.
From this were wonderful adaptations, of which this is the means. Therefore am I named Thrice-Great Hermes, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world.
It is finished, what I have said about the working[s] of the Sun.

As should be expected from esoteric texts, the meaning of the tablet is not straightforward, and different readers many interpret it differently.
As Above, So Below:
The most known line of the tablet is line 2, commonly abbreviated to “As above, so below.” This reflects the concept of macrocosm and microcosm, the idea that the structure and workings of the universe are mirrored in a variety of smaller systems, including the human form. Understanding of one helps you with understanding the other. This principle is particularly important in alchemy. Alchemists were not looking to get rich quick by transmuting lead into gold. Thy were attempting to find a process that transmuted a crude common things into a perfect, rare thing. It’s a metaphor for elevating the soul, for becoming closer to God.
Hierarchy of Elements:
Separating the fire from the earth is part of this same concept. Earth was considered the most base and crude of the four physical elements. Fire was the most rarefied. Lead is a very earthy metal, while gold – rare, brilliant, attractive, and strongly associated with the golden and fiery sun – was considered a metal of fire. To separate the fire from the earth is to separate the superior from the inferior.
Therefore Will all Obscurity Flee from You:
Occult pursuits are about knowledge and spiritual transformation. To understand the nature of higher things is to actually transform one’s nature into a higher, more spiritual state. Thus, when you fully grasp how these forces work and how one exists within it, one will possess all the knowledge there is to know.
Thus was the World Created:
This is a spiritual understanding of the creation of the universe. (“World” was commonly used to mean the universe in pre-heliocentric texts.) To fully understand our origins is too fully understand everything that came forth from that creation.

A most excellent alchemical commentary on the emerald tablet, by Rawn Clark.


The Pipers commentary on the Emerald tablet.

Were the ancients, the Hopi and Enoch right? Were men given ‘Original Instructions’ from a race of hyper dimensional or extra terrestrial beings, that were the basis of all knowledge of creation? It is curious, that the great ancient civilizations of Sumer, Ur, in mesopotamia, in India and all over the world, created great stone edifices that cannot be constructed by modern equipment today. We are told to believe, that ancient civilizations simply sprung up out of the mud. While there are also legends of angels or aliens that came to Earth and instructed us in the civilized arts. Yet these accounts, in many different forms, are ridiculed as myths and legends. Enoch’s version of the tale, led God to bring the Flood because angels had corrupted mankind in the ways of war. The curious part, is there are many similar stories, legends, myths, that speak of “The People of the Knowledge of the Stones”, that became the basis of traditions of many peoples.

A fuller understanding of the Emerald tablet, can be aligned with modern scientific understandings, but only if a Key to the metaphors is found. This is why we refer to the Book of the Secrets of Enoch, as The Holy Grail, for it ‘contains’ the key to understanding The All(The Universe). Which is composed of; The Light and The Dark forces, and when they come together become The Chaotic Middle, proven by The Unified Field of God, validated by science and all the ancient legends, myths and stories. The proof of God, being, the Secret of the Rocks, the proven presence of the holy spirit, The Light, the source of the energy in the rocks, that became the Atom bomb.

If we use Enoch as our base reference, and God’s science as our interpreter, then we arrive at the Unified Field of God, that creates everything from three forces, the Light, the Dark, and the God Tangent( Pi). They are that which manifests all life as a wheel of churning of the energies of creation by the mechanism of constant change. From void, to chaos, to complexity, from simple animalistic of the gross material form, to highly evolved moral beings, unto the highest form of spiritual evolution, to highly evolved ascended beings who possess much knowledge and experience gained in the dramas between good and evil. At the end of the day, there can be no good unless there is evil.

Let us look at the text of the Emerald tablet again, and think about it line by line.
[It is] true, without a lie, certain and most true,
… Here is Truth. Self explanatory.

That which is below is as that which is above, and that which is above is as that which is below, to perform the miracles of the one thing.
… As above, so below, is the truest meaning of Enoch and the Gnostics, within the structure of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. That which is above, is mirrored by that which is below, the Light powers are mirrored by the Dark powers. The Treasury of the Light was all the Knowledge of creation, and all things that would happen in that creation, for all time. This was the Creation of Time itself in the First Begotten Son, the Great Age. This is also the utmost meaning of the God Tangent force of Pi, the Spin or Causal force, that also contains the data for all things. The never repeating numbers of Pi, that are entangled with the Mediating force, which we call; The God Tangent and The Entanglement of the Infinities. That all the Knowledge of creation, is embedded within the structure of the Light and Dark energies of creation itself. This is known as the Intelligent Design, which embeds the impetus for the design of life itself upon the energies of creation itself, so that creation itself is seen as a life manufacturing engine. That all the worlds of the Universe, have the potential for life. That all of these miracles, stem from the Design of The One, manifested as a Tree of Life powers, emanated from the Logos or Word(that implements The IDEA of God), or images like in a movie film, that are projected upon the darkness, which manifests it through the layers or octaves of energies. Hardness, is the key to understanding, and how material hardness is formed from energy and consciousness.
And as all things were from the one, by means of the mediation of the one, thus all things were born from the one, by means of adaptation.
… Here is a key to understanding. The words; mediation and adaptation.

First, mediation, is a process of standing between two others in conflict, and adaptation means to adapt to changes. So for a full understanding on a scientific level, we say that the mediator is the modulator or controller of the Energies that are in conflict, or is the creator of chaos that births complexity. Enoch II said, ‘Be thick’, and the third force(Pi, the God Tangent), was the Voice of the Ancient of Days(The One, Creator), who spoke upon the energies He created first, and they formed the Firmament of Waters, that is above the bottomless pit, which sits upon The Abyss, which is the dark force of the Archa, the eternal Lake of Fire that consumes all energy. Matter, then, was formed by the process of ‘seven suns within seven suns’, or, octaves, layers, or harmonics of the dual energies.

Thus the energies form the foundation of chaos, that forms all life by the process of chaos that births molecular complexity, and evolves or adapts, and changes, through a process we call; Spiritual Evolution. The forms brought forth via spiritual / intelligent design.

Thus darkness is the force of hardness, and makes hard the images from above by the chaotic mixing of the energies of the Firmament below, and the Middle or Center is the result, the reality of space-time.

Adaptation, is the intelligent design of evolution, the process of spiritual evolution. The process of change, the chaotic becoming more complex, the lower forms that gradually become higher forms. As their experience is taken up by their spirit, to ride the wheel of life and bring that knowledge back down with them, again and again, to eventually become an ascended being. This is shown through the fact that energy is eternal, but can take many different forms.

Its father is the Sun, its mother is the Moon, the Wind carried it in its belly, its nurse is the earth.
… In this text, the Sun is a metaphor for the Holy Fire, or The Holy Light that is called the Holy Spirit by the Orthodox. Enoch showed that this entity, Adoil, was the First Created thing. It supplied light to the Void, but because light and thus energy, was the Source of creation, it needed an opposite ‘pole’ of potential in order for the energy to flow. This is revealed by science as the vacuum potential, or the Zero point energy of space-time. The Moon is the symbol of darkness, it is that which reflects the light of the Sun. Thus the darkness, or firmament, reflects the light, after it passes through the Images, or hyper-cosmic design patterns. Hyper cosmic simply means an energy that is outside visible light, like x-rays, only much higher. The Aether is The Waters of Reality that is like the wind that carries all things in its ‘belly’. The Earth is the nursery in that, without a planetary sphere, no life is possible.

The father of the whole world [or “of all of the initiates”?] is here.
… The Father is the third force, the God Tangent of Pi, that the ancient Gnostics called the Invisible or Left handed force(…most things seem to spin, rotate and orbit counterclockwise…), that is IN all things. The Voice of Chaos, the mediator force between the Light and the Dark, that which causes the energies to spin into what we all know as; The Quantum, what we call; The Quantum Vortex; the basis of atoms or ‘particles’. To see this as a picture, the Asian legends term this the Yin-Yang symbol, a vortex of two energies merged into hardness. Thus ‘The Father’ is ‘in’ ALL things. The hardness is given by the power of darkness, the Firmament, the repulsive power of a chaotic proto-magnetic force-fluid(the Imponderable Aether of GR and the LET ether theory of Lorentz, the Dark energy of quantum mechanics).

Its power is whole if it has been turned into earth.
… Thus the energies of light and dark, become hard, and whole, when combined. But all things of The Whole must be seen as Whole-e, or (W)holy.

You will separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the dense, sweetly, with great skill.
… Here is wisdom, why do big rocks rise above little rocks? Because they contain the powers of God within them. Only when you can separate the power of Holy, from the Power of Whole, or, the subtle Holy Fire(the Light, symbolized by the Sun), from the dense darkness. To separate the earth from the fire, is to see the makeup of matter, its primal components. This is revealed by the Secret in the Rocks; Why do big rocks rise above little rocks, why does atomic fire spring forth? This seems such a simple thing, but it is one of the seven great mysteries of physics. It cannot be resolved using matter alone, or with your mind turned towards only the physical. You must see the Holy Spirit and The Father as the binding forces within the Rocks, you must merge science and religion into a Nexus of the Whole,  if Truth if your goal.

When you do this, you see it is such a simple mystery. For the power of spirit IS within all things, and even the rocks reveal it. The big rocks rise within little rocks because the energy density of the spirit and the father is higher than the little rocks around it, and the energy of the big rock shows that gravity is only half of the forces that keeps the Earth together. To see this, is revealing, and can become something profound if seen in the eyes of science, that would reveal a way for man to leap into the cosmos, to find the “New Heavens and the New Earth”.

It ascends from earth into heaven and again it descends to the earth, and receives the power of higher and of lower things.
… This refers to the mechanism of the Medicine wheel,the Wheel of Life, reincarnation from lower forms of life to higher forms of increasing complexity. This has many names in many traditions; the Tree of Life, that is also called; the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, what the ancients called; The Hypostasis or The HyperReality. You must die, and be born again, as your soul/spirit connection becomes more complex, more Whole as it conforms to the higher evolutionary images. Knowledge from one ‘incarnation’ is taken up, and brought back down again to improve the species. In a process we term; Hyper or Spiritual Evolution.

The native Americans had the best metaphor for this process called; The Medicine Wheel. It is an image of the DNA molecule, seen on end, as it would be seen from ‘on high’. This combined all the elements of animal, physical and spiritual, and reveals how an animal soul is combined with the higher spirit, to gain higher knowledge, and become a higher being, through the process of reincarnation. Thus ‘redemption’ is not the end game of spiritual knowledge, but, becoming a higher being, inheriting your birthright as a ‘Son of God’, to ascend, and bring yourself, your knowledge and experience, to the highest planes above the seven layers of the firmament, The Aeons. This is the hyper-cosmic realm of the family of God, the Elohim, which are the powers of the Tree of Life. These were also called the Gods, the Pantheon of the Gods, the Highest mountain of God. This is hyperspace, a place of pure energy and consciousness imbued with knowledge, but no direct experience of the Lower things, the Dramas of Life between good and evil.

One thing was also clear in the ancient writings, that heaven, or the highest places above the Seven layers of Chaos, was void and without form and was silent. That some of the angels rebelled, and it appears, heaven was boring. How do you relieve the boredom of eternal life? You create drama and forgetfulness, thus the darkness was necessary, and so, was rebellion. It was all created in the beginning, good and evil, to give strength to the good, by overcoming evil, by giving evil power over the lower things. It appears, from the ancient Gnostics, that God knew better than all of us, what was good for us all. To grow, in strength, and knowledge, and complexity, requires a struggle with evil. This is the essence of the ascending and descending on The Wheel, to grow and evolve into a Son of God that inherits a sons inheritance…

Thus you will have the Glory of the whole world.
… The end product of spiritual evolution, is to inherit all knowledge that resides in the Light, the inheritance of the Sons, the power to create new Universes. But only those who have overcome the darkness, will inherit ‘The Treasury of The Light’.

Therefore will all obscurity flee from you.
… The Knowledge of the All, reveals All things that are worth revealing, which is that; The Meaning of Life, is Joy. For truth lives in knowledge, but knowledge without action is frustration and boredom, and action is required of the Knowing. But to see is not to know, only by doing can you know. But to know is not to see, thus we come into darkness to forget, obscured from The Light, in order to grow by struggle.

Of all strength this is true strength, because it will conquer all that is subtle, and penetrate all that is solid.
… To gain the knowledge of the Light, is to gain eyes that see, to see through all those who are dark and love the world(and its evil systems), to see the lie, and the deceit, which is the way of the world. To gain psychic strength, is the truest strength of all. To see that the minds of man are linked through the body, the Aether links and penetrates all things, and the spirit through the Light itself. Which, the Unified Field of God reveals that your spiritual antenna is in your hair. Thus the world makes you cut your hair, that the native Americans said, was their connection to the spirit gifts, and it is revealed by a simple God calculus equation, that mirrors the equation of the secret of the rocks, that reveals the nature of gravity, magnetism, and how everything is held together, including, men.

Thus was the world created.
From this were wonderful adaptations, of which this is the means. Therefore am I named Thrice-Great Hermes, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world.
It is finished, what I have said about the working[s] of the Sun.
… The workings of The Holy Spirit, is the creation of all things, through the process of adapting changes, spiritually driven evolution from ‘above’, that works with the powers ‘below’ to create hardness in The Middle, the Triad of Forces that manifests the Tree of Life.

*** The end of the Emerald tablet

Could the Emerald tablet, be, the Fire clay tablet of the Hopi? Thus we leave you with one final great proof of the ancient things, the truth of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and water.


The Primal forces of Holy Fire in conflict with the Waters of The Aether, are a boiling cauldron in the Great Firmament called Aether, stirred by the Voice or the Air that proceeds out of the mouth of God, that creates Chaos, and The Earth results.  Thus the Firmament is laid for the Tree of Life. Compare the ancient symbol of the Ankh, which means the same thing;

ankhWhich is the foundation of The Cross, and now compare the vectors of the Unified Field of God;

The Unified Field of God

The Unified Field of God

Thus The Firmament is laid, ready to begin the Purpose of Creation, Life. The Christian Trinity was The Barbelo, and the Holy Spirit was Mother, not some vague amorphous entity. The Holy Light was created, and then Father merged with Mother and begot Son, a “Great Age”.  This Great Age, or Logos, was the invention of Time, the Intention manifested in The Word. The Father, Mother and Son, taken together form the Barbelo, The Root of The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The Powers of the Creation of Life

The Powers of the Creation of Life

Thus all things are One, as above, so below,  the universe is a life creating engine.


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The Alienork Way – Understanding The Danger Of Islam(+commentary)

All Christians should read this, to fully understand the Way of Islam. Matt Bracken is a wonderful writer and has hit the nail on the proverbial head with this allegory. Do you have “Eyes that see.”? Commentary at end of article.


The Alienork Way – Understanding The Danger Of Islam
by Matt Bracken

Original post;

My name is Naku. This is the story of my people, who live on the great Island of Plenty. Our island is so vast, and the need for travel so small, and it being very difficult to cross the high mountain ridges, people most often live near where they are born. Food is easy to grow or to pick everywhere and at all times of the year, and there are plenty of fish to catch as well. But from time to time a traveler might visit, sometimes by boat, and sometimes by climbing over the sharp-topped mountains between the numberless valleys. As you may suppose, because of the difficulty of distant traveling, news from afar does not travel quickly on the Island of Plenty.

But I did hear a few years earlier about some new people from the outside, people who had landed on the other side of our island, in the place we call Far Plenty. These new people were said to be very strange, and not so pleasant. They did some unusual praying at night, possibly to the moon. They were called the Alanok people, if the tales were truly reported. It was said that they had come from a very terrible island, an island full of war and hunger and catastrophe, and that they needed to find a new home where they could live in peace.

Now, on the Island of Plenty, we have two very important rules or laws that we must all always obey. The First Law of Plenty is that anybody can believe anything that they want to believe, or not believe anything they don’t want to believe, and that is okay, because all ideas are equal on the Island of Plenty. The Second Law of Plenty is that if you give kindness and plenty to other people, they should always give kindness and plenty to you in return. After all, it is the Island of Plenty, and the bounty should be shared. Why not? There is plenty for all. These Laws came from our distant ancestors, who once suffered wars and hunger, until they learned the Two Laws. Then, the Island of Plenty also became the island of peace and contentment.

So it is understandable that when the Alanok people escaped from a terrible place and first came to Far Plenty, that they should be warmly welcomed. The Alanoks had severe needs, and the people of Far Plenty possessed a great bounty to share with them. But, according to the rare visitors to our valleys, the Alanoks were rather strange, and unpleasant, and did something odd at night when the moon had risen.

That was all I knew about them, until the day came when a man about my age, with a very weak and sickly wife and a young daughter, climbed down the steep cliffs and crawled into our village almost at the point of perishing. His name was Napok, which means Hawk in your tongue, and he had the most incredible tale to tell. He had lived all of his life on the other side of Middle Plenty, in a valley almost as distant as Far Plenty. Napok and his wife and daughter had been driven out of his valley by the Alienorks, as he called them, barely escaping, most of his extended clan and family being wiped out.

This was a most alarming story. The Council of the Wise met at the Council Bluff by the sea to discuss the matter. Was Napok crazy-in-the-head insane? Was his presence here a danger to us? His tale was completely unbelievable. All of the tribes and clans of the Island of Plenty had learned to live in harmony many generations before. This was accepted and understood by everyone as the normal condition of all people. That the Alienorks could be so dangerous and violently aggressive was simply implausible. Clearly, Napok must be insane. Perhaps climbing over all the steep ridges and down the even steeper cliffs for many weeks had driven him mad.

It was decided that Napok and his wife and daughter could live with us in the middle valley of Near Plenty, but only if he stopped his bizarre public rantings about the Alienorks, being that his speeches of warning to passers-by were extremely disturbing, and upset everybody, especially the children. This demand was put to Napok, and with some reluctance he agreed to our conditions—no more crazy talk about the Alienorks. His family was given the hut that belonged to an old widow before she died. It turned out that Napok was quite good at making useful items from bark and vines, and soon we all had very nice foot coverings, that were especially useful for walking on shallow reefs and sharp rocks. Except for the occasional paranoid and conspiratorial whisper about the Alienorks, Napok was a fine addition to the people of Near Plenty. His wife was weak and frail, but his daughter, Nona, was pretty and popular with our young men. Some of them were courting her, hoping to be paired with her when she came of age, which would make Napok and his family a full part of the people of Near Plenty.

A few years after Napok joined us, another stranger, alone, climbed down the cliffs into the middle valley of Near Plenty. He was an old man with white hair and a white beard, but he was very fit and full of vigor for his age. His name was Amok, and he was the first person that I ever met of the Alanok people, as I called them then. He said he was of the Alienork people, just as Napok had pronounced their name. Amok didn’t seem to look so different from my people on the Island of Plenty, and he was rather pleasant and seemed as intelligent as any. He had certainly learned the tongue of the Island of Plenty very well. He told me that The Alienork Way was the way of peace, and that we would surely live together in harmony on the Island of Plenty.

Amok asked if he could stay with us near our village, and in return, he could give lessons in The Alienork Ways, and the Alienork tongue as well. He said it would be wise for us to learn these things. A volunteer teacher in the valley was always welcome. He could also teach anyone who wanted to learn about Far Plenty and other distant islands. At his request, we offered him an empty private hut. Amok was mostly quiet, didn’t eat much and caused no problems, but he did have a few peculiar requirements. First, he said that he needed a little more land for his hut, because he was required by his beliefs to pray to the moon anytime it was up at night. And to do this correctly, he needed to make a little ring or circle of stones around his hut, and this ring needed more space than he had been offered.

And also, he declared, it was the sacred custom of Alienork men to always wear a ceremonial dagger or sword on their belt, as a symbol of their manhood. The dagger of Amok was thin and as long as my arm from elbow to fingertip. He kept it tucked beneath a red sash around his waist. Unlike my people, who always wear the light wraparound pareo cloth, which also dries quickly, Amok wore a thicker robe of black cloth. He explained that the ring of stones and the sword and the moon singing and the black robe were all part of The Alienork Way. And, as Amok reminded me, because of our First Law of Plenty, we had to allow him to believe as he chose, which was, of course, completely true.

The Council of the Wise met and we decided that if Amok would agree to always obey the Two Laws, we would also comply with his wishes concerning his private beliefs. He readily agreed to this, so we let him take a fallow field over past the other bluff, and a group of our men even moved his hut over there for him. He then placed a circle of stones around his new dwelling, the circle being about five paces across from side to side. And sure enough, after nightfall and when the moon came out, he walked around the inside of his ring and he prayed a strange song like a lamentation. Otherwise, Amok was a normal man in most every respect, very wise and learned and well-traveled, and a good speaker of our tongue. He quickly attracted a following of our younger men, who trailed behind him as he walked along the beaches and he spoke of his Alienork ways, and as well he taught them the Alienork tongue.

Now, our prior visitor and long-time guest Napok was very upset by the introduction of the Alienork elder into our midst, and he came to me when I was alone at the lower fishing pool. He warned me not to trust Amok. He told me that everything that Amok said was a lie. It was very disturbing to me that Napok was acting crazy and paranoid again, and I considered if I should notify the Council of the Wise about the degrading condition of his mind. But on the other side, I had to admit that at least Napok had been correct about the ring of stones, and the moon singing. And the black robe. And the sword.

After a moon had passed, one morning when the village arose, we could see that there were now three huts where there had been only one hut for Amok, and the ring of stones was now about twenty paces across. A few of us villagers walked over out of curiosity, and we saw that Amok was now joined by two young men and a boy almost a man. Each of them wore a black robe, each with a sword longer than Amok’s in their red sash. I said to Amok, Grandfather, who are these people? And Amok said they are my nephews. They have escaped from Far Plenty, where there is currently much war and hunger. They need to have a new place to live in peace and safety. Do you see, Naku, that we have already erected more huts, so these newcomers will be no trouble at all? And Amok reminded us that the Second Law of Plenty demanded that we must extend our full bounty to these needy newcomers, and that they were very hungry after their long and difficult travels.

We began to walk over to inspect the new huts, to see how they were built in the Alienork method, but when our feet touched the ring of stones, the three new Alienork men became filled with sudden anger, and began to pick up other stones, and threw them at us! It even seemed as if they were aiming at us, intending to cause us actual pain and harm! We all retreated back into the trees. Finally, Amok came out of the circle of stones, his arms extended in apology. The new boys had seen much war and privation. They were a little jumpy. But, he said, we must understand that it is a part of The Alienork Way that we people of the Island of Plenty, whom Amok said the Alienorks call Notorks, should never, under any circumstance, ever enter inside of the circles of stones without a direct invitation. He said this in a pleasant way, but he made it very clear to us that there would be serious trouble if any Notorks intruded within the sacred Alienork stone rings uninvited.

On the other hand, Amok’s three nephews would walk freely through our village and our market, and even down by our pools for fishing and our pools for swimming, and when they walked among us, they spoke in their Alienork tongue in ways that suggested that they were insulting us. The also clucked their cheeks and wiggled their extended tongues at our women and girls in a quite disgusting manner. Some of our Near Plenty men became angry, and threatened the Alienork youths with violence if they did not stop their bad behavior, but the three drew their swords in a menacing manner at the approaching group of Near Plenty men, and both sides withdrew cautiously, the Alienorks throwing presumed curses and insults at our men in their tongue as they departed.

The Council met again, and I volunteered to speak to Amok about their bad behavior. I went to their circle of stones and called to him, and he came out to the ring. Opening his arms widely in welcome, he stated that I was bid to come inside as a special and valued guest and dear friend of a considerable time now. We walked into his hut, and that was the first time that I saw that there were not only the three new male Alienorks, but also about a hand of females, and that was only counting the females in Amok’s hut! These new females had never been seen outside of any hut, and not only that, but each one of them was squatting on the ground, completely covered by a black blanket extending to the ground! I only knew they were females by low keening wails that they made as they rocked front to back.

I exclaimed to Amok, what is the matter with your women, are they sick with a disease? I recoiled in alarm. Amok gently took my arm and led me to them. No, he said, they are not sick, but it is The Alienork Way that our women should stay inside our huts, and must always be covered in a black blanket when Notork men are near. Just as Notorks must never cross the sacred circle of stones without an invitation, Notorks must never see the uncovered Alienork women. This is The Alienork Way, he said.

Amok reminded me of our First Law about freedom of beliefs, and said that these beliefs are all part of The Alienork Way, and so they must be respected. I pondered this, and looked at the crouching women under their black blankets. I asked of Amok, said I, Elder, what of the freedom of belief of these women? Do they too agree with The Alienork Way? Amok crossed the small room, spoke sharply in the Alienork tongue, and nudged one of the women with his foot. All of the women in unison began to sing a strange high-pitched La-la-la-la-la song, until Amok nudged the nearest again, and they all stopped as one. You see, said Amok, this is how our women express that they are very happy. They prefer to live under their black blankets, inside of our huts, where they can feel safe from any harm. It is The Alienork Way, and you must respect our beliefs. I know, I agreed. It was our First Law again. All beliefs are equal.

I then said to Amok, your young men are causing great difficulties in the village and the market and at the pools. They are upsetting our women and they are angering our men. A big fight almost happened today, and it could have lead to the unimaginable: actual physical violence. Physical violence, which is the demon’s burning hell compared to the heaven of the Island of Plenty. Physical violence, which is the opposite and the antithesis of the Two Sacred Laws of Plenty.

Amok agreed with me that it was a most lamentable situation. But it was The Alienork Way that if Alienork men are around any women who are not covered by a black blanket, then the Alienork men may make such use of the women as they should so desire at that moment. This is a very important part of The Alienork Way, declared Amok with finality. If the Notork women and girls do not wish to experience the overtures of our healthy and strong young Alienork men, who are acting only according to nature, then they must indicate this feeling by wearing the black blanket, and by staying inside of the huts of their men.

I said to Amok that this is certain to cause a lot of problems, and that I am only a spokesman, and that the Council of the Wise will never agree to this. We decided to meet again, after the next meeting of the Council. Amok escorted me to the circle of rings, and wished me well. The Council met several times more, but no decision could be made. Napok also sought me out, and warned me in the strongest terms not to make any agreement with Amok, but to drive the Alienorks out of the middle valley of Near Plenty while we still could. He said that the Alienorks always lie, and that The Alienork Way is not peaceful, but the path of war and violence and slavery and death and conquest. I was beginning to suspect that Napok had been more right than wrong about the Alienorks, back when he first came to live with us with his wife and daughter. Indeed, our situation had changed much for the worse since the appearance of Amok.

In that time before the final decision of the Council, and on the first morning after the new sliver moon makes its brief appearance at nightfall, I went over to meet Amok, to ask a point of clarification for another member of the council. I also wanted to ask him if he was indeed telling me the truth when he had told me that The Alienork Way means peace. He met me at the edge of the circle of stones, but he did not invite me across it. I was astounded to see that the circle had been enlarged to at least one hundred paces across, and there were now more than two hands of huts, and many more men and older boys, all of them with swords in their sashes! Not only that, but I recognized two young Notork men among them, men who were now wearing the black robes, the red sashes, and the sharp metal swords of the Alienorks!

A crowd of these young men sauntered up behind Amok, and began saying words in the Alienork tongue that made me feel very much afraid for my safety. Some half-pulled their swords from their sashes, and others made the gesture of slitting their throats with a drawn finger, then pointing their fingers at me. One of the boys cried out, Notork—monkey-dung! These were the first words in our tongue that I had heard spoken by any of the Alienorks except for their elder, Amok. Obviously, Amok or one of the Notork men now dressed in the Alienork manner had taught them the insulting words. The other boys took up the chant: Notork—monkey-dung! Notork—monkey-dung! Notork—monkey-dung!

I was in a state of bewilderment and turmoil, and I forgot the questions that I had come to ask of Amok. He said that now, because there were many more Alienorks who had escaped from the wars and hunger in Far Plenty, they had need of many more huts, and their circle of stones now extended even into our village, and inside their sacred circle of stones, our own villagers must vacate their huts, or take them off, but either way, there must not be even one single Notork living within the circle of stones before the sun went down!

I said, Uncle, Elder, how can this be? You yourself said that The Alienork Way is the way of peace! Amok said to me that if we obeyed The Alienork Way, we would be able to live in peace. I said that our people did not want to live in The Alienork Way, that our people preferred to wear the cool and convenient wraparound pareo which dried quickly, and our women did not want to wear the black blankets and stay inside their huts. He said, then we will not have peace. Only if the Notorks comply with The Alienork Way, can there be peace. We Notorks must also live according to The Alienork Way, there is no choice in the matter. That is what Amok said.

Then I was burning with angry rage, but the newly-arrived Alienork men behind Amok were half drawing their swords, so I had to keep a calm face. From behind them the boys began to pelt me with pebbles and small stones, and they all chanted Notork—monkey-dung! at me, but I did not run away, instead I walked as normally as I could back to our village, pebbles striking my back and even my head, while inside my heart was filled with terror. Indeed, as Amok stated, their circle of stones now included the Alienork side of our very own village, snaking its way around a hand of our huts!

Napok came to see me urgently. He said that I must assemble all of our men and somehow produce or create or invent new weapons. We had no metal for swords, only sharpened bamboo stakes could be made quickly enough, but he said that we should none-the-less make them, and prepare to violently battle the Alienorks now, no matter the cost! What a shocking thing to say! Napok was clearly losing his mind again, due to the sudden stress of dealing with increasing numbers of our new Alienork visitors.

I immediately took the issue to the Council of the Wise. After much discussion, it was decided that the Alienorks could retain the newly enlarged circle for their own territory, but that they must not enlarge it again, not by even one more pace, ever! And I was to encourage the Alienork men, by way of Amok, not to harass our women anymore, and in return, our women would wear a doubled pareo, high to the neck and down to their knees. (Our women very strongly did not want to stay in their huts under black blankets.) The Council of the Wise decided that we would meet The Alienork Way in the middle, and make a compromise. And that we would not sharpen any bamboo spears, because if the Alienorks found out, this provocation would only cause them even further anger.

After nightfall, all of the Alienork men did their wildest moon dancing yet, twirling and whirling and howling like demons. This lasted most of the night, until the moon fell near morning. Some of the villagers nearest the circle of stones, who had gone over to watch, reported that the Alienorks threw large rocks at them, and indicated that Notorks must never witness the moon dance, but rather that we Notorks must stay inside our huts during their moon dancing times. This was also part of The Alienork Way. The witnesses of their moon dance were told this in our own tongue, by our own Island of Plenty men, the ones who had followed Amok, and who had joined the Alienorks. Of course, under the First Law, this was their belief, and their choice, and had to be respected.

The next morning we arose in the village at the normal time, even if our sleep had been disturbed during most of the night by the wild dancing and howling of the Alienork men and the shrill Lalalala-ing of the Alienork women. But after dawn when the normal morning noises of village life began, we all at once heard angry Alienork shouting, and rocks began raining down on our village! Our many visitors cried out that we must not disturb the sacred sleep of the Alienorks, after their long night spent performing their sacred moon rituals! It was The Alienork Way, and under the First Law, we had to respect their beliefs! And under the Second Law, we had to extend them full bounty, and since they now had many new Alienorks among them who had fled the wars and hunger in Far Plenty, we needed to bring double the amount of fruit and vegetables and fish that we had been bringing. And while the boys chanted out Notork—monkey-dung! the older men shouted that we must continue to obey our two laws of belief and bounty, and nothing further would be said on the matter!

I made my way nearly to the edge of their ring where it was close to some trees, calling out, Amok, tell them to please stop throwing the rocks! This is not right! We are sorry for waking you up, it is a misunderstanding! In a moment the rocks ceased raining down. While I was there, Napok accosted me from a bit further back in the trees, beseeching me, begging me, to assemble the men, sharpen many bamboo spears, and prepare to fight them all, no matter what the cost!

So back to the reassembled Council of the Wise I went. We met very quietly, whispering and tip-toeing from hut to hut and over to the bluff by the sea. The extra fruit and vegetables would be no problem, but double the fish would be more difficult to acquire in a short time. It was decided that just in case, in secret, a separate group of men should be set to making and hiding spears from sharpened bamboo poles, as Napok had been suggesting. As the sun went down, we all feared the events of the coming night with increasing dread and terror.

The wild moon howling of the Alienork men and the Lalalala-ing of their women set our hearts to thumping. Napok came to my hut, terrified and furious at the same time. He said that it had been reported that his daughter Nona had been taken and carried off, screaming, by two hands of Alienork men, while simply walking from the upper pool to the market. He said that we must prepare to attack the sleeping Alienorks the next morning soon after dawn. We could slip inside their ring of stones and kill many of them with our spears even while they slept. Then we could seize their swords and have a hope to win the battle and wipe them all out. And then he could find his daughter, and bring her home.

I told Napok that I would meet the Council very early the next morning, but a dawn attack was impossible. It was not a decision I could take on my own part. I said that I was very sorry about his missing daughter, but nothing could be done about finding her, not while the Alienorks were in their wild moon-dance frenzy. When the moon finally set, the Alienorks fell silent. The next morning when I awoke, rising very quietly as the Alienorks demanded, I went outside to the center of the village to draw a gourd of water, and I almost fainted. The headless and naked body of Napok was erected in a sitting position against our ceremonial platform, legs out. His bloody head was placed between his bared legs, his face toward his man parts!

When the people of the village, and soon all the people of Near Plenty heard of this unbelievable atrocity, and saw the body of Napok which we quickly covered, the Council met at the bluff in front of the entire gathered population. It was difficult to keep the discussion at a quiet level, so as not to awaken the now-sleeping Alienorks. It was decided that when they awoke, I must go to Amok to discuss this atrocity, and what it would mean for our two peoples. I was shaking in fear, waiting at the edge of their enlarged circle of stones for them to awaken at their normal hour in the late afternoon, but it was my duty.

Amok saw me and came to the edge of the circle of stones, standing on the inside across them from me. Perhaps he saw the fear in my face, but now he spoke in haughty disregard. He said to me I don’t think we will have any more problems, because now we Notorks all understood The Alienork Way. Our Notork women must wear the black blankets and stay in their huts, and our Notork men must stop and bend low and look down at the earth when an Alienork man passes by. A Notork must never strike an Alienork, even if an Alienork man or a group of Alienork men are enjoying an hour or two of pleasure with a Notork girl or boy or woman. And if any Notork man ever strikes any Alienork, for any reason at all, a hand of Notork girls will be taken, and a hand of Notork men will be beheaded in the manner of Napok. And there must be no more talk of sharpened spears, as a spy from within the very Council had already reported to Amok before Napok had been killed.

I was shaking in fear and disbelief, but still I asked him if he had been lying to me when he first came into our valley, and told me that The Alienork Way is the way of peace. He said it was not a lie, because a lie only had meaning between Alienork men. To lie to Notorks about The Alienork Way was also a part of The Alienork Way, and thus, it was not a lie at all, but an even greater form of truth.

I suddenly remembered pretty Nona, the daughter of Napok, and asked after her. Amok said that she had joined the Alienorks, and therefore, I was not allowed to see her or to speak to her ever again. The men and the boys did not awaken this time with Amok, to draw their swords or throw pebbles at me or curse me as a Notork monkey-dung. Amok said that it was a very good thing that we Notorks had finally learned The Alienork Way, and that he was finally hopeful that our two peoples could now live side-by-side in peace. He also mentioned that we needed to provide them with much more food to keep up with their growing numbers, especially fish, in accordance with our Second Law of Bounty, which would be retained in full effect.

Instead of gathering the Council to report Amok’s new demands, I took my wife and my two small sons to the beach behind the higher rocky point, where we kept our village sailing canoes, because they were protected there from the waves. They are the boats that we used for fishing on the deep waters, and also for going out to meet the occasional even larger boats visiting Near Plenty from far away. We took gourds of water and baskets of food, and we set out downwind. After sailing two hands of days, we came to this island, your island, Happy Island as you so truthfully call it. And as you have seen, my two sons were in a condition near death when we arrived, and my wife has not spoken a word for a hand of days even before we landed.

I am happy that our tongues are not so different, and also that you are very kind and generous people here. And now I am asking your people, your Council of the Wise, your Assembly of Elders of Happy Island, if my family can please stay here, to live in peace, while my sons grow stronger, and my wife returns to her mind. When my sons grow to be young men, I will teach them to be warriors, and someday we will go together back to the Island of Plenty, to fight against the invading Alienorks, if that becomes possible.

But in the meantime, I am also before you to warn you, in the direst terms, that you must not, under any circumstances, never, ever, allow even a single Alienork to place his feet upon your beautiful Happy Island. For if even one single Alienork comes to your island as a visitor, and is allowed to have a hut within a circle of stones, and to dance and to howl to the moon, and to carry a sword about him on a sash, with each passing moon there will be more Alienorks upon your island, and they will badly mistreat your women and your girls, and they will force you to submit to The Alienork Way, and to serve them, even though you are not Alienorks like them.

Thank you for your consideration. Now, I will retire to the hut you have kindly provided to my family, to await your decisions.

Happy Island

The next day, the decision was announced by the Assembly of Elders after much discussion and reflection. The visitor Naku had stated that he had come from a place called the Island of Plenty, and he had then proceeded to spin a most bizarre, terrifying and even disgusting tale about a group of people called the Alienorks, whom he said behaved more like demons from hell than like any of the people who inhabited Happy Island. All of the members of the Assembly of Elders agreed, unanimously, that the Alienorks could not possibly exist, except as a twisted and damaged part of the visitor Naku’s mind, probably due to the privations of the long and difficult sea voyage he had endured to reach Happy Island.

Therefore, it was decided that Naku could remain in our village, but only if he obeyed the One Law of Happy Island, that only happy thoughts and ideas may be expressed in public. He must refrain from blurting his darkly provocative and frankly insane imaginings among our good people, lest he upset the successful formulation for maintaining social peace that had been learned over many generations, ever since the last wars among our distant ancestors.

It turned out that Naku knew a very useful way to make foot coverings from bark and vines, much better for walking on the sharp rocky shore than our old coverings of dried sea kelp. He soon became a very useful member of our Happy Island society, except for a few dark asides randomly whispered about his imagined demons, the Alienorks. His frail wife passed away. His sons grew quickly, running and swimming with the other youth of our valley, popular among the boys and the girls alike. And everybody was glad for the better foot coverings that Naku taught us to make for ourselves. Otherwise, life went on as it always had.

Until, that is, the day that a small sailing canoe came into view, with a single man steering it. He was an older man with white hair and a white beard, it became apparent as his boat drew closer. His sail had been spotted near the horizon, so the Assembly of Elders was able to go down to the beach to greet him, even before his canoe touched the sand. The old man on the boat did not look much different than the gathered elders of Happy Island, except for his white hair and beard, and the unusual black robe that he wore. As he stepped ashore from his beached canoe he was smiling, his arms and hands open in a symbol of peace that invited a warm welcome.

But then suddenly from behind I was roughly shoved aside, knocking me to the sand, as Naku, our off-island guest of many years, dashed at full running speed toward the old man while screaming Amok! Amok! Amok! And as we all watched in complete horror, Naku plunged a sharpened bamboo spear straight into the heart of the visitor, driving him back over into his sailing canoe! Naku, still in a mad frenzy, screaming about Amok and the Alienorks, pushed the canoe back through the small waves, turned it around, jumped aboard and filled the sail, trimming it flat and sailing around the second rocky point and out of our view. We were in such a state of shock that almost none of us dared to speak of the matter. There was not a single happy way to describe the terrible incident, so we did not, in accordance with our One Law of Happy Island.

A few days later, Naku returned to our village afoot, and he was soon pulled and pushed by several of our strongest men before the quickly gathered Assembly of Elders. Naku freely admitted that he had killed the old man, and that he was glad that he had done it, and that he would do it again if another Alienork ever appeared on our shores. He said that only by his swift action had he saved us from a great disaster, a true calamity for the good people of Happy Island, and he begged us to believe that every single word that he had ever spoken of the Alienorks was true. He was even so bold as to suggest that we should actually reward him for his unprovoked and insane brutal murder of a single, harmless, elderly visitor!

Our worst punishment was banishment from our valley on Happy Island. The Assembly of Elders decided that Naku must depart and climb the sharp ridges to the next valley, and then go quickly on to the next, and the next after, and that he should not tell any people that he met along the way anything about his paranoid and dangerous so-called “Alienork Way” conspiracy theories, which, after all, only existed in his severely damaged mind.

Matt Bracken
January, 2016


Commentary by Piper Michael

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
— Barrack Hussein Obama
After having studied Islam since 911, I have found we, in the west, are stupid, self destructive and ultimately, deceive ourselves.  There are those who have equated the above story with the Tanakh, and the Bible, they are sad cases of the truly ignorant secular who have gained a voice concerning religious ideas.
Those who equate the Quran with the Tanakh, or the Bible, or any other scriptures, do not get it. Those who buy the ‘party line’ that violence is not ‘Islam’ do not have ‘eyes that see’ and will fall to the Pale Green horseman and the Rock that falls from the sky that tears down the statue with the head of gold(The Statue of Nebuchadnezzar, which is The Babylon system of money, government and religion, as One Moral Authority called; The System or The Establishment, based in the Rule of gold, that; he who has the gold, makes the rules). Those who cannot see the moral to the story above, do not have ‘eyes that see’, so it is no wonder that they are lost when it comes to spiritual metaphors, even among so called preachers, who are too busy campaigning for the building fund or worse, trying to find some ‘ecumenical’ solution by combining Christianity and Islam into one religion called; Chrislam. (A new ‘religion’ that eliminates the old testament, and replaces it with the Quran, while downgrading Christ to the status of a mere prophet.)
This is mostly because we buy into our own BS, the BS of our own desires.  The talking heads say that Islam means ‘Peace’ or ‘Submit’, but that in and of itself is BS because a Thing can only be A Thing, and cannot be ‘either/or’. To truly understand this religion you must return to the original meaning of words. In the case of the word Islam, you have to see it in the context of the original Arabic, where there oftentimes is no word for word correspondence. So in the original Arabic, the word Islam is based on the words salam(peace), and the word asalam(submit), being the ‘command verb’ form of the word, means;
“There will be PEACE, when all the world SUBMITS to the will of allah.” (Little ‘a’ deliberate.)
There is only one way to interpret this, but we are easily deceived when they play into our most liberally cherished ideas, like; tolerance and diversity…
Last thing, the primary doctrine of Islam is the doctrine of Taqiyya, the Way of Deception.  This doesn’t mean that there are not ‘good’ mooslims, but that their religion itself is a deception in the War of Jihad, and they, are allowed to be ‘passive liars’ in the Dar al Haarb(the House of War, IOW, non mooslim lands.) They are not passive because they are mooslim, they are passive because, like most Christians,  they validate their own cowardice through scriptures. Their actions in Europe show, that as their numbers increase, their passivity becomes arrogance, and then demands are made… oh wait… where have I heard that happening?
When you add in the secular and atheist voices, we are fooked simply because they have gained prominence even within right wing circles, and place all religion in the same bucket named ‘Nonsense’. Unfortunately, they cannot see the difference between the worship of life, and the worship of death.  And it won’t make any difference to them until the religious police are kicking in their door. In the end, they will understand that rights that come from God, are a much better proposition than privileges that come from men. This is one of the things, political correctness, the doctrine of ‘sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly’, that The Last Trump blows for.  Yes, it is a ‘metaphor’, and it is sadly delicious, that so many do not, and cannot ‘get it’. Those who buy into the PC party line, cannot separate fact from fiction, truth from lie, because they are hardwired to buy into that which feels good. They are the ‘sticky clay’ of emotions, that is opposed to the ‘iron constitution’ of mind.
If facts are now considered ‘hate speech’, then, I rest my case. But for those who want to see it all in one place, I urge you to click this link;

Sword at the Ready

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False Prophets and false gods

 False Prophets and false gods

Today, many western scholars make the mistake of continuing the deceptions of modern interpretations of ancient things. Not because they understand those ancient things in the context of ancient times, but because someone of high stature said it, so they repeat it and expand on it. They say they are standing on the shoulders of giants, but when dogma runs into dead end, it seems, madness rules the day and men simply double down on bad dogma instead of reexamining their origins. If it wasn’t for the fact that too much of the ancient knowledge was destroyed, we modern men, may have had a better picture of reality, and its many ‘gods’. But the destruction of knowledge has a purpose, the imposition of power and control over the ignorant masses, who must remain just that, ignorant.

The biggest heresy of all is the simplification of the ideas of heaven and hell, and God vs The Devil. This paradigm lends itself to much stupidity, like the idea that ‘god’ is the same god for all religions, and that it is simply men interpreting god in their own way. Thus men miss one god telling men to love men, and the same god telling men to kill men, and men thinking that it is the same god. This is the highest form of mystery and nonsense ruling the minds of so called rational men.

Thus mankind becomes more divided, not less, and easier to control if ‘truth’ is a lie. One of those ‘truth’ things is our understanding of Islam, the religion of a False Prophet of a Dark god and a religion that worships death, not life… religious ‘authorities’ want to say that all religion worships the same ‘god’, in different ways,  thus they divide Islam itself into ‘good’ and ‘bad’, when the Quran itself, tells the Faithful to kill the Infidel over 190 times in different ways.  ‘They’, those who purport to represent religious knowledge say that Islam needs ‘reforming’, what ‘they’ are really saying is that Islam needs to bow to the ‘Establishment’ doctrine of Mammon worship, beholden to THE System, their system. In effect, they want Islam to ‘join the club’ by paying lip service to God and calm down and are desperately attempting to ward off any perception of a crusade or holy war, which, have a nasty tendency to get out of control.

The Establishment’s authorized 501c3 religions are based in the materialistic concept of power and control over others, not Truth, or love, empathy and liberty, but ‘moral authority’ given to ‘Authority’. But when their prophet’s religion of the sword is compared to the spreading of the Gospel by the sword of the Church of Rome, what difference is there to Islam? None. Was the Holy Roman Empire, the White Horse in The Revelation of John? Some catholic bishops thought so, and fought to keep this ‘Gnostic’ book out of their New Authorized Canon, what today we call; The Bible.

But then, you say the Gospel of Christ wasn’t spread by the Sword? I urge you to read early church history, and read about the burning of heretics and books, the destruction of libraries and librarians, and the sacking and conquering of whole cities, the Cathars, the Crusades, The Inquisitions, what more ‘anti’ Christ religion could there be? The Authorities, would then say, that Christianity is Reformed? I’m sure the Aztecs, the American Indians, and many other ‘barbarians’ would disagree. Too many Christians, would say this is still, ancient history. Maybe, so why is Christianity divided and at war with itself? I would say because it is based in the Catholic doctrine of MYSTERY.

And even today, some Catholics support this killing of ‘saints of God’, simply because they were ‘heretics’. Yes, even today, we modern Gnostics are attacked as ‘infidels’, blasphemers, sorcerers, and all other kinds of vile names. A baptist preacher once said he ‘wished he could get his hands around my throat’… what a ‘Christian’ he is. But it is not his fault, he is a victim of a ‘political religion’, much the same as Christians accuse Mooslims of. Western civilization is as much a product of the Holy Roman Church, as it was politics or banks. The statue of Nebuchadnezzar is still, since the time of Babylon, a perfect metaphor for what we call; The ‘Establishment’ System, and it stands on the two legs of ideology and the toes of the Ten Lost Tribes.

If you don’t accept this, I urge you to read about the Holy Roman Empire, that morphed into the Dark ages of Kings and nobles, and then into the paradigm of bankers and democracies both represented by the scales of balanced accounts and justice, an illusion for the peasants. Three horsemen, the White Horse of the Holy Roman Empire, the Red horse of war with rivers of blood, that finally led to the Bankers, and their puppet politicians, all three paradigms based on The ancient System of Babylon, all given legitimacy and moral authority by The Church, the Mother of Harlots named Mystery, that rides The Beast named Babylon the Great. Ours is a system invented in Babylon, all founded in the fixed contract of debt and usury, backed up by the Kings soldiers,  given moral authority by the Priests. All the prophecies were to be interpreted in Gods Time, not man’s time, how could preachers or priests interpret them before The Time?

All empires and civilizations, in recorded history, since the time of Babylon, have been based on the same model… the statue of Nebuchadnezzar with the Head of Gold, as it says in the book of Daniel, that all the civilizations would be ‘like Babylon, but not as good’. This statue represented empires, but is also a perfect metaphor for the underlying structure of everything since Babylon. The head of gold represents the paradigm of the last 6000 years of Earth history, that money rules the Earth, and its primary rule is; The Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules. It also represent what ‘we’ truly worship, the god of Materialism and money; Mammon… while giving lip service to the Invisible God of The Light.

This structure is loved by the heart and arms of the true believers, and stands on the legs of ideologies, left and right, and is supported by the Ten toes of iron mixed with clay.  It is clear that the ten lost tribes run the western world, the lost tribes of Israel, the ten toes, ten virgins, and ten horns, those who went north from Babylon into the Caucus mountains and became known as the Caucasians, those who hated Judah and Judah’s Law, and many still do. Those who are divided by mind and emotion, those who are smart and stupid, and those who still consider themselves royalty.

We are not one tribe, one people, united, we are divided, we fight over everything, especially the concept of God. Our politics is divided from our religion, and our money is divided from our governance, by this way, the head of gold, keeps us divided. As an example, we asked a preacher about this metaphor.  And he got his back up, and told me he couldn’t discuss such things. That the money system, and the government were not within his ‘purview’, that we must all ‘submit to the Godly authorities laid over us’.

“Which God?”, this writer asked, “The God of War, or the God of Love, the God of the Old testament or the new?” “Don’t be silly” he said, “there is only one God.” We pressed him, “So then, is God a Catholic or a Protestant? Or how about a Mooslim or Jew?” He was nonplussed “There is only one God, men have different ideas about God.”  “So you’re saying men are wrong about the notion of God?” we asked. “No, merely different ideas, all are merely different paths to the same God.” he said. “Ok, so we go back to the original question then, which God, the God of War or the God of Love? Which of them is the Godly Authority you speak of, which government is righteous?”

At this point he was getting disturbed, “There is only one God and He created the kingdoms of this world!” he exclaimed, loudly. “Ok, but in Genesis, God was plural, not singular, remember? They created man in ‘our’ image, which implies more than one. So then, who were the Elohim?” we pushed. “You’re getting hung up on words.” he calmed down, trying to hold the upper hand. “No, we get worked up about the meaning of words and the hypocrisy of preachers. You say there is only one God, but you preachers mistranslated the ancient Hebrew word Elohim, which meant ‘a family of gods’, into the Judeo-Christian singular; Father God of the Trinity. Which by the way, incenses those of Islam because they reject The Trinity, so it must be a different god?

“So if God is a Family, that means it has a Father, a Mother, and Sons.”  A screaming match ensued, that will not be repeated here, suffice it to say, he was steeped in the Doctrine of Mystery, and when Enoch was brought up, he merely screamed that “Enoch is a non-canonical Forbidden book, how dare you bring that up!” We merely told him “Enoch was in The Bible in the early days, but men created The Canon, how dare you priests for burning it.” He did not understand that The Canon was a catholic construction and he was not a catholic, but was a ‘protesting’ catholic, a protestant, and that the very nature of their religions divided God’s people into warring tribes.

Ask Ann Barnhardt, the leading Catholic high priestess of capitalism, and she will tell you that non Catholics are ‘infidels’, we Gnostics and Protestants are still ‘heretics’, and that Islam is evil. Well, at least she is a third right, the god of Islam is a dark god, that’s why it is represented by the Moon.  Point being, none of the orthodox religions have a clue what they’re talking about, God gave The Holy Grail to us, and they spindled, stapled and mutilated it, and then hid the very meaning of it in myths and Arthurian legends. IT was that important, for it was part of our ‘Original Instructions’.

This is true if you take into account, the underlying structure of everything that is called civilization, and the deeper meanings that the symbolic images of the prophets, Daniel and John in this case, have revealed.  That their prophecies have continued to be misinterpreted by modern pharisees, because their interpretations were not ‘due’ and preachers merely repeat ‘doctrine’ they learned in seminary. They say that the Rock that brings down the statue of Nebuchadnezzar is The Church, but how can that be, when the Church has always given the statue its moral authority? That The Church would give up the thing it loves more than God? A system that gives it power and money, against all the precepts laid down by Jesus? This is the underlying reason they teach the things they teach, to hide themselves in the rhetoric of the damned.

They will say that The Church took down the Roman empire that was divided into West and East, and grew into a mighty mountain. This is only a physical ‘archetype’, They refuse to see the underlying metaphor of their System. That Materialism/Mammon is their system, and their true god. Is it becoming obvious, that the powers that be, are abandoning their support of Christianity, including The Holy Mother church? Where Islam is promoted, and real anti-sin preaching Christianity is becoming… out of favor? It is also curious, that Islam is a religion that holds a rock sacred, The Kaaba, a meteorite that fell from heaven ‘unhewn by human hands’, that matches Daniels prophecy perfectly. Could this be a clue that Islam is the rock that brings down the statue of western civilization?

It is clear that Abraham’s prophecy has come true, and that Isaac’s children have become a great nation and a company of nations, that we now know as western civilization. A civilization that now now stares at the Abyss, and we wonder why? It too, is encoded in the feet of the statue, iron vs clay, mind vs emotions, we have allowed our emotions to become the source of bad policies in the guise of political correctness. We destroyed knowledge, abandoned traditions, and replaced it with mystery and emotional nonsense, including the appeasement of a dark religion that has deception(Taqqiya), the way of war, as one of its primary tenants.

Is this part of the purging of white men’s culture, and white privilege, by white men themselves, filled with guilt at their sins of their bloody history? Or is it something deeper, their fear at inciting a holy war? Perhaps it is just evil being attracted to evil because they hate Christ so much? They don’t understand, that we have been in a holy war with Islam since the time of Mohammad, albeit with periods of ‘cold war’. But Islam has never stopped making war, because it is endemic to their doctrines of religious ‘holy war’ or Jihad.

But the west has dumbed down their citizens so much, in favor of the powerful and global empire, that they cannot see the devil on their doorstep. They have abandoned correct thinking in favor of politically correct thinking, and so doing, have stepped over the threshold into the Deranged Mind.  A deranged mind, is a mind that cannot fend for itself, and this is the direction of western civilization, degeneration unto destruction. Peak oil came, and we pretend, by fracking, which is scraping the bottom of the barrel, that things are still fine. We pretend that Islam, is just another religion like Buddhism, that all religions are equal, and all gods are merely a reflection of ‘our’ God. We pretend that debts can rise to the moon, and trees grow to heaven, and forgot, that the Universe doesn’t allow for the free lunch. Political correctness seeks to hide reality in sweet words, yet reality is bitter in the belly, when we see, in the words of Hosea; “my people are destroyed through a lack of knowledge”.

Most westerners are taken in by political correctness because they are deliberately ignorant, lazy, and don’t want to know Truth, they want sweet lies, in the Bible this is described as ‘sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly’, and this includes the very definition of ISLAM hidden in sweet words of Taqiyya, holy deception. We are told to think ISLAM means “peace” or “submit”, variously. What they are not told is the original meaning of the word, which can only be interpreted from the original Arabic… where there is not always a one for one word correspondence, and when interpreted correctly means:

“There will be PEACE, when all the world SUBMITS to the will of allah.”
(Little a in allah deliberate.)

There is only one way to interpret this… but, we, in the west, have become politically correct panty waists, weak minded as well as weak of heart, biblically known as having a ‘deranged mind’. We deceive ourselves because of guilt and fear, our liberal masters wet their pants, our religious leaders join Christ with Islam (Chrislam), in order to try to make friends with them, to keep from creating a new holy war. They cannot see that the Holy war never ended since the time of the crusades. They do not understand the way of the world, which is the way of the sword of division, through the destruction of knowledge by ridicule and deception. This sword has a single edge in order to slice one way, dividing truth by telling half truths.

The way of the sword of truth is double edged as it proceeds out of the mouth of The Lord, for the way of truth cuts both ways and this is not the way of the world, or The Churches. The churches only speak half truths, and half lies, because they love their true god; Mammon, the god of Materialism. Thus they join the forces of light with the forces of darkness, through their own desires and fears, having no courage, integrity or true faithfulness to the Creator God of The Light. They equate the God of Light, with the Demigod of Darkness, called in the Gnosis; Yaltaboath, also called; Yah, Allah, the god of war and materialism; the Chief Archon.

So we are lost in our comforts, deceived by our ignorance and fears, apathetic because of doctrines of devils, complacent because we know not the Truth. Thus, it is time, you must sell your coat of comfort, and buy the Sword of Truth. Invest outside The System of Babylon, the Deceivers, the Elite, the false world of false money for the black horseman stops his ride soon, and the pale green horseman rides.

Allah, is represented by the ancient moon god of the tribes of Ishmael, a god of darkness, a god of war and deception. This is why the ‘Houses’ of Islam are only two, Dar al Islam, and Dar al Haarb. The house of Peace, and the House of War. Mooslims who reside in the house of war(infidel lands), are allowed any sin as along as it is committed against infidels. This is based in the Doctrine of Holy Deception, Taqiyya,  that is the essence of war. This is why you cannot trust the ‘moderates’, for their way of war is deception.  This also includes the ‘apostasy’ of ‘passivism’, to cause ones enemy to drop their guard. As they move into infidel lands, they bring their ways, and make requests for Sharia law, that become demands as their numbers grow. Britain will learn the lesson of compromise with evil soon enough.

Allah and Yah are the same god, the god of darkness and war. The Gnosis reveals that the deception of man took place long ago, they are both manifestations of the Chief Archon, the Defective god, the Son of Pistis Sophia;    Yaltaboath. The God of animals, or animal power within the Dark soul of men, the God of Envy and Jealousy. Yah and Al-lah, are transliterations of the same god of conflict. Cain was the son of Yaltaboath, after the rape of Eve, he left to go into the land of Nod, to cohabit with animal women, he was the ‘Serpent Seed’. His progeny are without a conscience, a direct connection to the Holy Spirit, they are the sociopaths of the world, and Islam is a religion of sociopaths.

Jesus was not the Son of Yah, or allah, He laughed at the disciples, but, those writings were burned and declared ‘heretic’, by the Catholic anti-christ bishops. Those who destroyed the Truth, and commingled it with the Lie. Those who turned evil into good, and good into evil, as Jude said; “evil crept in unawares”.

How can a Creator promote war and love, simultaneously? How can a ‘god’ be jealous? How can man worship Son, in the way of Paul, without the complete (private) words of the Lord? The Lord said He came not to bring peace, but a sword… a sword can divide or make whole. How did the sword of division take hold on the people of God? Who wielded that sword of division? What would a Sword of Truth be?

The new Revelation is come… the Original Tablets of the global religion of the ancients, Knowledge of Jesus(the private teachings), and Enoch, revealed again, unburied from the sands of time by the hand of God. The Ineffable One, the Ancient of Days, is the Creator of the Holy Spirit Light and the UnHoly Fire of Darkness, with the Christ Aeon as first begotten as The Word of God, or Logos, who co creates the Universe of life, through the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil… called the Elohim, the Pleroma of the Aeons, which the Catholic renamed; the Thrones, Powers and Principalities, archangels and angels.

It was said that ten thousand years of knowledge was destroyed by the Catholics when they burned the Library of Alexandria, a place that concentrated the original religion and philosophy that was taught by ‘the Fallen Angels’, or the People of the knowledge of the rocks. The Heretics were the Keepers of the Flame, and they were destroyed along with all their books and knowledge, that is why scriptures are fragmented and conflicting.

It is also why the west is divided, unable to unite, because of petty disagreements over the tenants of the MYSTERY book created by the Church, our Bible. For those who say I hate the Bible and Christianity, I say read deeper, I love it more than you, for I want it restored to its original meanings, I want the doctrines of Mammon to stand alongside the doctrines of Light. I want Christian brothers to see that they are meek warriors, like Jesus, who turned the tables on the money changers. They must see the times and seasons, the sleepers must awaken, to sell their coats of comfort, and buy a sword of truth, for something wicked this way comes, and its name is Tribulation. But to see, first we must see, that we were deceived by men who deceived even themselves, in order to create a powerful new church.

This was the battle of the Heretics, who were declared evil, and the betrayal of the Catholics was complete when the Protestants split, yet, kept the Book of the Catholic, the Sword of Division, Jesus and Paul in conflict with Yah as deception of who the Father, Mother, Son, is, the Barbelo(the true trinity) is; The Root of the Tree of Life. Thus the people are desolate, by an abomination, set up in the true temple of God, our minds. The Great falling away has happened over decades, as the godless science and the power of darkness, the animal, called leftism, takes your children away from mystery faith. Only the Knowledge of God, can conquer the Mystery of God, this was the true message of the Gnostic book of John, called; The Revelation. It was a message and a warning to a church that didn’t even exist until the time of Constantine.

The Church is revealed as nothing but The MYSTERY power of Babylon. Materialism, justified by divided and false spiritual constructs(doctrines of devils). A get out of jail free pass, to heaven, for any sin, this is not what the Messiah taught. Do not despair, He taught that you must be born again, literally; reincarnated. All the major religions are held in different degrees of darkness, through ignorance and the power of mystery, the Harlot rides the Beast, and the False Prophet now makes nice with the Harlot. Evil draws itself together, always. Evil is attracted to evil and power, the knowledge of truth is opposite, dangerous to power.

This is because the truth, the message of Christ, true spirituality, is opposite to materialism. The Christ told us to “sell our worldly goods and follow him”, not get rich and tie ourselves to the desire for this world. To desire wealth, makes you ‘of’ the world, to eschew wealth makes you ‘in’ the world but not of it. If there is a to be a new world, the Golden rule must conquer the Rule of Gold, and the statue must be brought down by both the Kaaba so that Christians can truly suffer, for only in their suffering can they find truth. Theology, governance, money changing, must all be combined again, into a Temple of God, but this cannot be, until the Earth is purged of evil. Earth cannot be purged of evil until the money changers, the Head of Gold, is eliminated. People must relearn what money is, it is from the Mind of man, not something in the Hand.

Chrislam, combining Christian with Islam, is part of the pale green horseman that must ride after the black horseman finishes, and money dies. They will deliver you up to be afflicted, they worship death, the trend is already in your face, but you do not see. You, spirit filled Christian, must go into the wilderness, leave Babylon, the System of the Elites, the head of gold on the two legs, left and right. You are the ten toes divided by iron of mind, and emotional stickiness of clay, the ten tribes of Israel, not lost, but hiding from a God you did not believe in… the god of the Jews and Ishmael.

Create your own underground systems of commerce, before it is too late, the Remnant must thrive in order to rebuild. The False Prophet was here long ago, and the Anti-Christ came before him, they now join together in false doctrines, in order to gain power over your minds, and separate you from The Light of God, through the power of sweet darkness. Materialism is the Key to the soul of animals, civilization itself is only a veneer over the soul of animals, they will destroy themselves, the madness rises as you can already see.

On our TV’s today, we see the battle of our times, the war of culture, the battle between hearts and minds. These are the Ten toes of iron and clay, locked in the perpetual struggle against Mystery, nobody knows how it all works, they only see their little slices of truth, and cannot fathom that there is an Absolute Truth out there. That the forces of mind vs emotion, left vs right, masculine and feminine, can never win, as long as they are locked in combat with each other, fighting over the water of life; money. That is the essence of their struggle, who gets ‘funding’, and they think the Other is lying. In this battle, as always, the only winner is the Head of Gold who keeps them divided by the process of making money SHORT, or, hard to get by being in short supply. The Head of Gold, the money changers, or The International Bankers, make us believe, that money cannot have ‘value’, unless it is ‘short’.  In essence, this is the biggest lie of all, because, think about it, their ‘money’ is no longer gold, it is false gold, fake gold, nothing but paper and ink with no value at all because it can be electronically created on a whim. And it is, for themselves, but not for you… they get the gold mine, and we get the shaft, and this is the Way of The World.

All things have now turned upside down, evil is good, and good is evil, and we fall into complacency and apathy, because we have fallen to political correctness, the ultimate ‘Doctrine of Devils’. The Churches themselves are divided, and the people fall to false gods of passivity, being told to ‘submit to Godly Authority’. Thus the People are released from personal responsibility of governance, and seek nothing but making money and entertainments, trivial pursuits that have no redeeming social value. The People don’t see that social value is important, and don’t stop to see, that both the ideologies consider them nothing but economic units. The People do not rebel in righteousness, because righteousness itself is clouded in vague conflicting doctrines. Where is righteousness in so called ‘Godly Authority’? Do we see now, that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, but  centralized power corrupts whole nations?

This is why Jesus the Christ was misrepresented as a passivist, He was not, He was a stern teacher and a revolutionary warrior, a meek warrior. The Churches are divided, because The Book divided them, by the use of divided doctrines. Thus the Chosen people of God, the Ten Lost Tribes are lost in their Illusions of Righteousness, not knowing why they are The Chosen. They are The Chosen simply because they received the Spiritual Gift of Fire within their DNA.  What is this gift? It is the gift of creativity, a direct connection to the Light of Universal Knowledge. This is what Jesus was teaching you, to stand up to Authority, especially the Head of Golden Evil. To turn the tables on them, and become a Meek warrior. This also means to stand up to Islam, The 501C Churches, and declare them Heretics, Blasphemers, and collaborators with The System.

This is the Revenge of the Heretics.

The Piper plays a New Song,
so the chorus may sing,
and the people dance,
that the forest may echo with laughter.

Piper Michael



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The Pyramid of Fire

The Pyramid of Fire:

The Lost Aztec Codex: Spiritual Ascent at the End of Time
By John Major Jenkins and Martin Matz


The Pyramid of Fire, was held in secret by a tribe of Mezatec Indians in Mexico, until sometime in the early 1960’s. When, the Shaman of the Tribe, bestowed the writings to the world by ‘reading’ them to a man named Martin Metz. Marty as he was called, was a truth seeker, poet and wanderer. He was seeking truth at the ends of the Earth, and as is usually the case in such things, he searched for many years, until he gave up. Then, like the Piper, truth found him, in the guise of a shaman named Don Daniel. In the case of the Piper it was a demonic nephew.

The Pyramid of Fire codex, was a book of pictographs of the Ancient religion of the Aztecs. For those archaeologists and anthropologists who say there was no connection between the eastern and western continents, this document shows truth to yet another lie of ‘The Authorities of Babel’, those who turn truth into confusion by way of their ‘credentialed authority’. In the ancient codexes(books), we also see a partial confirmation of the ‘unorthodox’ scientists who think this knowledge was revealed by ancient alien astronauts, but they never make the final connection to the ‘God Science’.

In the Pyramid of Fire, we see an almost perfect mirror of the God Science of The Ancients. The duality of Primal Energy Forces, and the third force of ‘twisting’. A perfect mirror to the eastern Taoists, Hindus and Buddhists, and in the cuneiform tablets of Sumur about the Annunaki and in their degenerated mysteries of Babylon. In these three Primal forces of Holy Light(Hyperspace), The Darkness(Subspace), and the Tao or Twisting of reality(Omnipresence), we have the universal ancient symbol of the Yin Yang, this is the structure of what we term; The Quantum Foam(Chaos), which lies upon The Dark AEther, the Firmament of Enoch and The Waters of Genesis, that builds atoms;

yinyangThis two dimensional view should be seen as more of a 3D vortex;

quantumheartThis structure fits all theories, and adds the touch that the shape of the quantum, is the ancient symbol for Universal Love.  It is indeed difficult to wrap your mind around the concept that the most basic ‘particle’ of creation, is the very idea that the universe is built upon a foundation of love…

This was the ‘Revealed Knowledge’ of ‘The People of the Knowledge of the secret in the stones’, that ‘The All'(hyper-space-time)is about the imbalancing of dual energies manifested through the Chaos, the Twisting Force of Pi, which implies a primary theological doctrine of ‘Cause and Effect’, impermanence, that all things are constantly changing, in the great cycles of creation and destruction, which are all a perfect, yet fragmented, confirmation of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismagistus, which spells out ‘scientifically’ The Triad of Forces which manifest The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the ‘Original Instructions’ of the Hopi, and the Pyramid of Fire of the Aztecs.

The knowledge that life and death are on a great wheel, that turns from age to age, creation to creature, creature to man, and man to higher man. The knowledge of the powers of creation and the forces of Pi that rule the cosmos and the Souls of men. The mythological fragments scattered around the globe reveal that there was one overriding global ‘religion’ among all people based on the ‘Sacred 3’ (Hyper-dimensional/Spiritual Forces),  that was revealed by ‘sky gods’. As we have laid out previously,  the divinely revealed knowledge became destroyed, fragmented, mythologized and allegorical, lost in the destruction’s of civilizations. And, that, there are too many clues in the archaeological records not to believe otherwise, if, you have eyes that see.

The Pyramid of Fire reflects Enoch, and is merely part of the ‘revealed knowledge’ or ‘original instructions’ of the powers of the ‘gods’, and how form and function becomes manifested in the dark AEther of space-time, that was called by various names, in this book was referred to as; ‘a basket of stars’. That in the great expanse of time, from age to age, it is like that splinter in the minds of men, an unconscious knowing, a spiritual yearning, that we, have a destiny. A limitless destiny of a limited man. That our very consciousness and indomitable spirit can lead us to become more than what we are, and more than what we could ever dream possible.

That the process of evolution is not merely a physical process with physical ending, but something more causal, more mental, through a spiritual or hyper-dimensional intelligence. That it is only when truth and knowledge come forth, can all men see the potential of man, and that to reach it,  sadly, always requires tearing down what is; The System of Babylon. The People of God need to realize, that violence begets violence, and the true way of fighting evil, is to withdraw from Babylon and take care of each other, like the early church. But, you see, the very definition of Babylon was taken from you by Pharisees, er… preachers, in order to keep you in ‘submission to their idea of “Godly Authority” ‘, The Leaders of the World, which should be seen as; ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’.

Here we describe and comment upon some excerpts from the Pyramid of Fire, it is obtainable online as a Kindle book from Amazon; –Jenkins, John Major(*JMJ); Matz, Martin (2004-11-03). Pyramid of Fire: The Lost Aztec Codex: Spiritual Ascent at the End of Time (Kindle Locations 727-729). Inner Traditions Bear & Company.

“Because that which is above created that which is below and that which is low reflects that which is high, the universe is Tezcatlipoca, Smoking Mirror, in which man still does not see clearly.”
–PYRAMID OF FIRE, 2: 14– 17

This is a perfect description of what Enoch, Moses and Hermes said, ‘The Firmament of Waters’ between the upper things and the lower things, ‘As above, so below’. Without the duality of real forces embedded with intelligence, nothing real could be. Both marvelous and terrible, all things hidden, yet were Revealed by ‘hyper-dimensional entities’ long long ago. This is also a clue, that there was only one religion of the ancient ancients, The Science of God.

‘Redemption’ was not the Goal, you either wanted to return(ascend) Home in The Light, or remain on The Wheel of life, or, pursue Oblivion of the Soul. There were three goals of physical life, mirroring the three Primal Forces. Everything in Threes; Ascension in The Light, Reincarnation (“born again”) on The Wheel, or Oblivion(2nd death) in The Abyss.

“The Ancients believed that the supreme divinity, Tloque Nahuaque, manifests as Ometecuhtli, the God of Duality, and functions through a principle of dynamic dualism or polarity. We call the two forces of this principle active and passive, or masculine and feminine, but this duality can function only by interacting against a neutral background and thus the two become three. This trinity then produces the four prime elements: air, earth, fire, and water (symbolizing space, energy, time, and matter), and through them the whole material world is engendered. Such was the cosmovision of the ancient Aztecs and Mazatecs, don Daniel’s ancestors.” — –Pyramid of Fire, Comments by *JMJ

The concept of the triad or trinity(The Sacred 3) is seen again and again in what is termed The Perennial Philosophy, the ever lasting Gnosis or Divine Knowledge. Its destruction by the Church was also the crime of the ages, and its fruit was the Dark ages and man being set back a thousand years or more.  The discovery of the Gnostic books buried in the sands is the Ultimate Serendipitous Revelation, the Revealing of Knowledge that conquers mystery, so that, as it says in the Revelation of John, the “lady with twelve stars in her crown, clothed in the light of the sun while standing upon the moon” comes, and her name was given by Jesus as; Pistis Sophia(The Aeon of Wisdom who created the ‘Defective god’; Yahltaboath; (Yah/Allah) ), the Knowledge of God, and thus; “The Mystery of God is finished…”, this truth is like a “double edged sword that proceeds out of the mouth of The Lord”. Was the discovery of the ancient Gnostic works, a form of second coming of the ‘forbidden’ knowledge of Jesus? This is what happens when knowledge is destroyed and Mystery is its replacement, not just with Christians but with the Aztecs as we will see. Truth is like a seed, buried under concrete, that will always burst forth and seek the Light.

But the sad thing was and is, the fragmented nature of The Divine Knowledge, that the Intelligent designer and His force, is considered “nothingness”. It is the very voice of God, that speaks into the ‘darkness'(The Aether). Many of these eastern philosophers, cannot see, that they violate their own philosophy of Yin, Yang and Tao(Light, Dark, Pi) is All there is. That without an ultimate Source, there can be no ’cause’, or force called “nothing”(Tao). Nothing means something, nothing is not nothing, yet without nothing, nothing can be, this is The Voice within The Aether.

The Mayans called this the sap of the tree of life, the Itz. Enoch called it the Firmament of Chaos, Moses in Genesis called it; The Waters, the eastern calls it Yin, the Hindu calls it Shiva. Today, Einstein referred to it as; The Imponderable Aether of General Relativity. Today’s generation of scientists refer to it as; The Higgs field, or The God particle. It is not that the God particle doesn’t exist, but, even they themselves now recognize, it is not ‘fundamental’ or Causal, but yet another ‘symptom’ of Reality. It appears, only the Ancients understood The Cause of the hardness of Reality was dark energy, the force of The Aetherial ‘waters’ is the Progenitor force or Proto-magnetic force, that all things are ‘hard’ due to a form of chaotic magnetic repulsion and attraction. And all of mankind in ancient times had the same knowledge and religion, differing only in slightly different cultural memes.

“Man climbs the tree of life between Tonatiuh, the Sun(Adoil, The Holy Light, The Source), and Mictlantecuhtli, Lord of the Hells and of Death(Archa, the Lake of Fire, The Consumer). At the foot of the tree that grows between the symbols that represent earth, air, water, and fire, the constituent parts that intervened in his conception are reunited: the semen with which his parents engendered him, the pig of personality, the eagle of spirit, and in a basket spotted with stars, the bones of mortality and the wings of the soul. The summit of the tree is Death where shines the Sun(Light) itself, the Midnight Sun from which radiate the four paths or way. From here surge the wings of the soul finally liberated, while above, each of his various parts, separated by death, runs to its destiny. To the left, to the fields of Death, goes the corpse draped in flesh, the beast that returns to the root of the tree. To the right, to the side of Life, goes the serpent of consciousness that came from the sun and to the sun returns, the spirit by which man is transfigured in the stellar world. And over all, the Milky Way of innumerable suns.”

Here is the perfect explanation of the 3 Primal Forces and its purpose in manifesting the separate powers of the creation of life. They join together at the “basket spotted with stars”, the “bones of mortality and the wings of the soul”. The “Midnight Sun” from which radiates the “four paths or ways”(the four Aeons of Gnosis, or Cherubim of Roman Catholic). This realm of The Light(hyperspace), is the “ultimate destiny”. The Gnostic Left handed force is the power of Pi in the darkness, this is the power of the Aether, and the ultimate destiny of the beast within. This is the joining of the spirit with the soul of the animal, the force of Pi and the manifestation through the Entanglement of the Infinities into the Medicine wheel.

During a ceremony of magic, don Daniel asked Marc (Marty), to explain the circle;

“The shape of the circle is perfect,” he explained. “It is the only shape in nature in which every point along the perimeter is an equal distance from the center. It represents the oneness of all things in relation to their source. Within itself it contains both the beginning and the end, and is thus a graphic symbol of the cyclic nature of time and of resurrection or rebirth. At the same time it also represents the ever-grinding wheel of existence and the endless chain of birth and death to which man is bound. All other primary symbols— the square, the triangle, the point, the line— fit into the circle and may be enclosed there, as in a womb. Clearly the circle is a mother matrix, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End, of universal design.”

“Each world is the play of three gods, three forces and their field of action. As one or another god guides, as one or another god follows, as one or another god concludes, there can be gotten six classes of games, six processes that create all which occurs or may occur. These six classes of divine game decide the growth, the decadence, the purification, the infirmity, the curation, and the regeneration of the world.”

” The three forces create everything in all which is made, there are four states of matter and four deities that govern them.”
–PYRAMID OF FIRE, 4: 10– 11

This is a yet another ancient confirmation of the Unified field of God, that Pi is the basis of Everything, all things go in cycles by design, the true spiritual geometry and the foundation of the design of life through the medicine wheel, since Pi is the basis of the Circle.  The Gnosis of the Tree of Life says there are four Aeons(Member of the Elohim/Family of God) underneath the root of Barbelo(Father,Mother, Son), that give forth the twelve powers of life. Doesn’t the Bible even speak of the four cherubim? This is also a foundational question about the original 12 tribes of Israel, The Chosen, The Caucasian Sons of Seth who were chosen for the Spiritual Gift of Fire. The other races were in previous cycles or ‘worlds'(Hopi reference), and were the races of Earth, air, and water.  The four elements are the least understood of all the metaphysical sciences, but it is revelatory to see them in their proper perspective, the symbol of the Egyptian Ankh, is, The Structure of All Things, mirrored as the actual forces in the Unified Field of God. In this we can see that the Fire boils The Water, and is churned by The Air, that results in The Hardness called; Earth. This was the Ancients Unified Field of God. Modern science says the same thing, but as long as materialism is their focus, they will ultimately only achieve materialistic results.


It is curious that the ancients referred to The Holy Spirit as The Holy Fire. This ‘chrism’ or ‘light that flows like water’, is in the shape of a snake, eating its own tail, which is a perfect metaphor for universal energy Potentials and Polarities, as the basis for the Einsteinian flow of energy through all things that results in good uses and bad, like the atom bomb. This drawing also reveals a great Secret in the Rocks.

Here is a table of contents of the 13 pages(tablets/chapters) of the Pyramid of Fire as translated;

Page 1   Creation and the Celestial Hierarchy
Page 2   Harmony of the Spheres; “As above, so below”; and the Limited Vision of Man
Page 3   The Trinity Principle and the Domains of the Universe
Page 4   Six Classes, Four States of Matter, and Four Seasons of Time
Page 5   The Calendar and World Ages: Consciousness of the Rhythms of the Gods
Page 6   Sun and Moon, Two Classes of Men, and the Meaning of Sacrifice
Page 7   Death, Spirit, and the Serpent of Consciousness
Page 8   The Milky Way as the Spiritual Summit of the Tree of Life
Page 9   Descending and Ascending Processes and the Wings of the Soul
Page   10   Energy Sublimation and the Awakening of the Divine Life
Page   11   Solar Fire Purification and Sacrifice
Page   12   Universal Uniting Energy, Sacrifice, and Transcending Death
(Page 13, was lost for some time, and recovered by the author of the book; JM Jenkins)
“Finally, we can do the same for Page 13 and even guess what the final events in the novella would have been, for they would involve the sacrifice at the end of mortal life paralleled to the New Fire sacrifice:)
Page 13   End Time Conflagration and the Visionary Ascent

Curiously, even the Aztecs knew about the two basic races or classes of men. What the Gnosis calls the Hyllic and the Psychic, which then mixed to become the Pneuma, or The Mixed Breathers. This could be a reference to neanderthal or even previous ‘gentile’ races. Those who Cain intermarried with, The Serpent seed? This could explain why certain men have no consciences, because they are lacking in spirit connections, or ‘sight/creativity’. The Spiritual Gifts of Earth, Air, fire and water, being the result of Spiritual Evolution, or the process of Change in cycles.

“Man does not will when he wars, loves, and reaps; it is the rhythms of the great gods, and the planets, that act over him and make him do. When man comprehends that by himself he can do nothing, then he can learn to serve the gods; so, he must become conscious of the rhythms of the gods.”

This speaks to The Rhythms of the Gods, and the cycles of time. The great turnings of the ages, the construction and destruction of civilizations, aligned with the great turnings of the wheel of the galaxy and the energies emanated by the planets and stars themselves. This is the basic proof of the Unified Field of God, that all things interact energetically with each other through the AEther. It is now known, that human beings transmit radio waves in the terahertz wavelength, and these have all been shown to be in connection, by The Global Consciousness project.

“Quetzalcóatl, the Plumed Serpent, moves between gods and men, because Quetzalcóatl is God who permeates man and is the man that achieves God. The Plumed Serpent is born when that which slithers over the Earth grows wings to be elevated to Heaven.  Quetzalcóatl is a superior man, the inner circle of humanity, the link between gods and men.  All men are made of earth, air, water, and fire, creatures of Cihuacóatl, Chalchiuhtlicue, Ehécatl, and Xiuhtecuhtli. All men receive their forms from the planets by Mixcóatl, Tezcatlipoca, Huitzilopochtli, Itzpapálotl, Paynal, and Metztli. But in their hearts and in their semen, each man has his own coatl, his own serpent, the energy of Tonatiuh, the power of the Sun itself(The Holy Light). And in this serpent sleeps consciousness, in this serpent is hidden his divinity. From this serpent his wings will grow.”

In the Gnosis, the serpent is the mouthpiece and spirit of Christ(the shape and structure of Hyper/Holy energy strings, the Chrism or Yang?), who instructs Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, that she will be as a god. This was made evil by the Church. It is interesting that Quetzalcoatl, is the plumed serpent. The allegory is identical to the Gnosis. Where the Christ, the Son of Man, tried to give the knowledge three times, finally coming to Earth in His own modeled form(a form He designed), supposedly born of a virgin. He is the Christ, who ascends and descends, a plumed serpent,  a perfect energy being from the highest light who loves all people enough to come down into the darkness of material creation, to sacrifice himself and give souls a tunnel of light out of darkness, through the Vesture of His soul that He left for us. This concept of sacrifice, that He taught, is the essence of leaving the Wheel of Reincarnation(to be ‘born again’ of the spirit, means what He said. The Church, turned it upside down.)

“There is an occult(metaphysical) energy in the heart that comes from Tonatiuh, the Sun(The Holy Light), and if man releases it, returning it consciously to the Sun, he becomes immortal. But to liberate this energy, sacrifice is necessary. Man must sacrifice the desires and habits that he adores, sacrifice them in himself, and turn the knife against the enemy that he carries within himself, that keeps his heart a prisoner.

“In recent times men still remembered these words, but they have now forgotten their significance. They have made enemies of other men to sacrifice them and tear out their hearts, believing such offerings would propitiate Tonatiuh. Such is their degeneration, such is their superstition.   When fear unites with knowledge, terrible things are done.  It is the self within ourselves that we have to sacrifice. It is our own heart that has to be torn out of the false being and offered to the light. May Xiuhtecuhtli, Lord of Fire, burn my false being. May Itzli, Obsidian Knife, liberate my heart.”

Even the ancient Aztecs knew, when fear unites with knowledge, terrible things are done. The ancient Aztecs had the philosophy of the elimination of the desire for things of this world as the only way to reach at-One-ment, or enlightenment, as the ancient Gnostics taught, as the ancient eastern philosophers taught, as Jesus taught. That to remain in desire for this world, returns you to this world on the Wheel of Life because you follow your Desire. That the choice of life is not to be good and go to ‘heaven’, but, to ascend above the wheel of life, or to remain in the cycles of birth, death and rebirth(born again), or to choose evil darkness and Oblivion(the ‘second death’). The ancient Aztecs also had the concept that the burning of the false being, the soul, the desire, the Ego of man, what is called; Self, must be extinguished in the burning fires of The Purging, before the stairway to heaven, from paradise, can be climbed to its ultimate summit, hyperspace, to become part of The One in The Light. Is this the same purgatory of the Catholics?, or what Paul called; The Firey Trial?

It is the knowledge of the levels of heaven and hell that is key, and how many layers of each there are. Enoch said there were 7 within The Firmament. Paradise being the lowest, the Aeons being the highest. The Gnosis tells of the 7 heavens of Chaos, and the 8th heaven and higher being of the Pleroma of the Light. This is the dividing line between the lower heavens and the higher heavens, called; the Veil, the Firmament, the Cloud of Chaos, or as the Aztecs called it; The Smoky Mirror. The Bible even refers to this sea of glass in the Revelation of John.

“Terrible is Itzlacoliuqui, Obsidian Knife, Goddess of Sacrifice, marvelous and terrible, because the sacrificial knife liberates the blood in everything, blood of the stoned criminals, blood of the beheaded deer, blood from the very stone that kills, blood from the knife itself, blood from the lance of power, blood from the incense burner, blood from the vital force that flies toward the Moon, blood from the soul, blood from the solar system, the blood of every star.  What is the blood that connects stones with soul, men with suns?  It is the universal unity(aether), the one creative principle crystallizing into myriad forms, and when liberated by sacrifice it returns to unity.  Because to sacrifice is to act consciously, to sacrifice that which will be taken away is to deny the destiny that takes it.”

And here, finally, is the “blood that connects stones with souls, and men with suns”. This was given by the Aeon of Wisdom, called in the Gnosis, Pistis Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom, who created Desire in the Universe. It was marvelous and terrible because it created the link between material and spiritual, between heaven and hell. It created material life in the cosmos, through a ‘mistake’ that led to the suffering of the Aeon called Goddess who became trapped in the Darkness. It is the “universal unity” proven by the scientists in quantum entanglement, and revealed by the Entanglement of the Infinities of the Piper. It is the Dark Aether of reality, through which all things are manifested as One. It is the blood of the Universe, the sap or ‘Itz’ of the Tree, that gives hardness, and strength and power to all things. It is what manifests the material from the spirit, and gives life to the living, and also is terrible because it is what men must defeat within themselves in order to achieve their greatest destiny, in The Light of the Aeons, the highest heavens above the 7 heavens of chaos.

The final conclusion of the Pyramid of Fire, namely; The ekpyrosis, or universal dissolution by fire, and the need for ascent to escape it, is the same as the Great Lump of the Gnosis. The End of Everything is even spelled out in the physics of Einstein, and revealed by the death of stars in the black hole at the center of the Galaxy. If the fire of dissolution, is seen as the ‘lake of fire’ of Enoch and the Bible, then one sees that the fire of consumption, is the Archa, the Imp of darkness, The Source of The Aether and the consumer of all energy. The Gnosis reveals that the Archons, the dark gods and angels, have a temporary existence defined by this time of Chaos with the light, and that only by consuming the Light can they exist. And that at the end of time, which is also defined by Einstein, we end up with a Universe of nothing, and the next Universe can begin from the ashes of the Old.

Even the immediate future of mankind, could be defined by our own Milky way, which has a Great Lump at the center, a great black hole. Which even now is consuming the Suns of the night sky. The Milky Way will die, and with it, your chances of achieving immortality in the Light, and achieving your ultimate destiny. If you are caught down here when that time comes, if you ride The Wheel too long, you will be caught forever, to be consumed in the lake of fire, the ‘second death’ of the soul.

But even here, is this the end? Or, is the spirit given consciousness returned to the Light in what the Bible refers to as the Great Harvest of Souls? This is probably determined by your personal energy make up, your works, and the balance between light and dark energies defined by your Karma. If you lean dark, then “like attracts like”, and you will meet with the Oblivion of the Darkness, to ride the edge of the Bottomless pit, in an eternity of zero time.

This is the wonderful and the terrible, but also part of the proving of the new Revelation of the Ancient Global Religion revealed by ‘sky gods’, that has many names, but is the Gnosis of Jesus, the highest of hyper-dimensional entities, whose only doctrine was simple, the hyper-scientific interpretation of redemption we defined as; Spiritual Relativity. This is the principle of personal light, that what the Christ taught was the Golden rule, being; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”, to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”, or, for the 21st century; Being good, is good enough. No matter what your personal beliefs or religion, your actions are what keeps you on the wheel of life, or makes you light enough(having love or empathy within) to achieve atonement(at-one-ment), to ascend into the Aeons of Light. The Redeemer or Messiah has a role in all of this, as it becomes clear that He came from the root of the tree to spread the word of the “Kingdom of God”. That He provides The Way, and is the Light of The World.

He is likely able to offer you a deal, to accept the Purging of desire in the Purgatory of Material Desire, to make you worthy, and able to ascend higher, by elimination of your darkness, your desire, your attraction to the world. But in His house are many mansions, many Universes yet to be, and you are the Sons of God. Do you not understand that heaven was a boring place in the beginning? That you left heaven, in order to live life on your own, as a separate entity, apart from God? That to return ‘home’, is what it literally means, to return to where you came from as Prodigal sons(bringing experience of feelings ‘home’)? That without doing this, without accepting the path to the light, you default into the wheel of life? But, that the Wheel itself, is a temporary existence?

The author of the book, thinks likes all religiously minded people, that it is poetry that reveals the Divine, that the sweet words on the tongue puts the words into the hearts of men. This is the same method used by all religions on the planet, Christian and pagan. In a way, it is the heart of man that needs changing, but is it the heart that changes the heart, or the mind? Only partially, because there are men drawn to the heart, and men drawn to the mind. If the minds of men have evolved past the superstitions of a bygone age, and have turned towards knowledge instead of ‘mystery’, then what does that say about the need for the mind to be satisfied? Has man spiritually evolved?

In this context, can the mysteries of religions, any religion, whether ancient or modern, ultimately satisfy a yearning mind that seeks truth? If a mind is satisfied, that truth is attained by the power of scientific proof, will not the heart follow? Is this why the hearts of scientists wax cold, from hearts filled with the emptiness of space-time? Will the poetry of the heart be strengthened by the truth of a scientific proof of God? Will the societies of men not become better places to live, if all men agree on a single, proven, ultimate spiritual and scientific truth? He reaches the same conclusions about the Pyramid of Fire and the Gnosis philosophies, as we have, as he says in the comments section of this book;

“Also, we may presume that spatial considerations are implicit in this model, since the four temporal seasons always correspond to the four cardinal directions in Mesoamerican cosmology. The text can thereby be understood as providing insight into the inter-relatedness of space and time, a profound viewpoint that Western science attributes to the theories of Albert Einstein.”

To a ‘normal’, non science oriented person, it should be obvious, that space and time, have the same meanings to poets as they do physicists. That the forces of the Tree of Life, are perfectly aligned with known science is no stretch, it is merely a process of opening ones eyes. Even Einstein said that “reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

The work of the Unified Field of God and Spiritual Relativity does not merely confirm the Pyramid of Fire, the Gnosis and other ‘pagan’ religions and philosophies, as it is proof of them, or at least, their ancient beginnings as a common global theology. As the Hopi said, we all started with one set of ‘Original Tablets or Instructions’. Not so much the mysteries they have degenerated into.

Pyramids and possibilities
The pyramids are our biggest clue and are not just in Egypt or Mexico, but all over the globe. They are everywhere on Earth. They are confusing to modern scholars who have postulated all kinds of nonsense about power amplifiers, alien landing pads, and with good reason, they are magnificent yet defy common sense. There is a community of scholars who say they were either built by, or inspired by ‘alien astronauts’. They draw these conclusions because they have studied ancient manuscripts, measured energy fields around these structures and they take ancient tales in modern materialistic contexts. ‘Pyramid power’ has been documented and measured, but sadly, is considered as being outside the realm of materialistic science or understanding.

They have no other context to see the original meanings of the ancients, before the meanings degenerated. The original meanings did have to do with energy as the basis of all things, and that energy is the key to all things. This was referred to as the Secret in the Rocks, brought to Earth by the People of the Knowledge of the stones(the hyper-dimensional beings or aliens who brought knowledge to humanity, also called gods, and angels by Enoch).

The Pyramids generated energy all right, they were dark energy amplifiers, and only certain side effects are measurable by materialistic ‘light’ measurements. Their reason for being was to form a connection to The Light of God. This was accomplished through spiritual geometry, the geometry of Pi. The pyramid structure, when the proper angles are used, becomes a dipole with a massive base in dark energy, gradually tapering to the smaller top, thus forming a hyper-spacial potential difference, which creates a flow of dark energy.

This is the same principle as we showed in solving the mystery of the rocks, that; Large rocks rise above small rocks, and, the Source of the Light within atom bombs is also amplified by Pyramid power. These are all manifestations of The Duality of Light and Dark energies, that modern minds see only as mysteries. This is because they refuse to see the spirit energy(hyperspace) within all things. Such a thing cannot be recognized by materialists, or their entire world view would collapse. Thus, ‘the Holy Spirit is within all things, but how it all works is a MYSTERY of God ‘, is the refrain of materialistic religions.

Modernists only see the energy of the Universe as a single(materialistic) entity, photons, and thus, cannot draw the proper conclusions about dark energy. The Unified field of God, has the duality of hyper/spiritual energy as its basis, both light and dark(aether) energies. The commonality of this universal architecture, world wide, from prehistoric times, shows that there was a common global religion, and that today, we have only degenerated fragments. Like Christianity that has degenerated into denominations, the ancient religion of the ‘angels’, given by hyper dimensional entities(the ‘gods’, or angels of Enoch, the ‘Aliens’ of science), was designed to create a spiritual energy conduit to The Light of God, by compressing the Aether into an aetheric energy vortex that souls can ride to The Light of God, thus the Pyramid was a hyper dimensional dark energy amplifier constructed via spiritual geometry.

This all came to an end, when, about 12 or 14 thousand years ago, the ice age ended, sea levels rose, and all these prehistoric civilizations were wiped clean from the Earth. Was this ‘The Flood’, of many different religions, remembered by a remnant of mankind? A global flood, in which there is ample archaeological evidence of ancient cities that now lie beneath the oceans? (Ocean levels used to be 300 feet below what they are at present.)

Through the studies of all religions and philosophies of men, it becomes clear, that there is truth to be found, but it requires the abandonment of modern illusions, by standing on the shoulders of ancients, for only then can we see farther into the future. Illusions that are held in the hearts of men are not easily relinquished, especially passionate illusions. It is obvious that most, if not all of men’s religions, hold a slice of truth, a similar truth, a relative truth, proving that Enoch and the Hopi traditions could be the right one, that all things began with a very similar if not common philosophy given by ‘beings from the sky’.

The only way we can see the truth behind the mysteries and symbols of the ancient religions is to find the Key, the common thread, a proof, a mathematical equation that goes beyond science. From the ancient texts of Enoch to the Jewish Kabbalah, from Plato’s cave and Greek and Roman pantheons of gods, to the Hindu Vedic texts of a remote prehistory, from ancient Aztec and even the ancient spiritual knowledge of the Native Americans to the ancient Eastern philosophy of the Taoist and Buddhists, and especially the now unburied and revealed Gnostic knowledge of origins, what the Christ is supposed to have taught ‘privately’, are all consistent with all the ancient knowledge, the myths and fragments.

But the Truth can only be seen when all the fragments and myths are compared relative to the Unified Field of God, which itself was the distillation of the ancient knowledge, manifested in a vision dream. Sometimes the mind works in mysterious ways, since the ancients say it is the connection to the Light. The Light, where the knowledge of all things combines with the dark Aether into universal knowledge of the divine, so from where else should universal truth come from, but the Universe itself?

The stories and symbols align and mirror each other, the common truth of the Tree of Life and Death, which is also called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil becomes the Key to Understanding. An upside down tree structure of hierarchical power nodes/entities, with a root composed of Father, Mother and Son, called The Barbelo or Source of Light, Time and Knowledge, also called the Treasury of The Light, that which is above a hierarchy of delegated powers(The Elohim or Pleroma, a ‘family of gods’), that give structure to the energy for the manifestation of the molecule of life, to write the program called DNA, that the Indians call the Medicine wheel, that gives all the forms of physical life. And it appears this knowledge was widespread, common if not global, in ancient times.

At least until the time of the Roman Church, where this common knowledge was declared ‘heretical’, burned and forbidden, when philosophy and reason was outlawed, and a dark age resulted. A dark age when man was set back a thousand years, and its effects are still with us today in the divisions, denominations and divided doctrines of a church that imposed MYSTERY as its primary teaching. A religion that is opposed by a science that declares there is no universal Truth, and is attempting to prove there is no God via the proving of something called a ‘God particle’. Einstein was right, religion is blind, and science is lame, and as a result of the divorce between the two, neither one fulfills the yearning within the whole of man.

The Pyramid of Fire, and its ‘redactor’, ultimately reaches the same philosophical conclusions others have reached, that the Gnosis or “Revealed Knowledge of the Divine”, has many versions, but is all of the same source in the far distant past(Ala Enoch?). It matters not what that source is, whether it is east or west, north or south, the message is the same, knowledge is better than mystery. It is only the modern Christian religions, that continues in the imposition of the ancient Babylonian school of Mystery. All the other pagan and metaphysical, philosophical and theosophical schools, seek the understanding of the Greatest Mystery of All. What is Man, his place in the Universe, and why are things as they are? How does it ALL work, and what is our ultimate destiny?

In this regard, only thinking men can ask the question, and to think higher than animals, is the purpose of the Son’s of God. Those who tell us we cannot, that we are constrained by a dark mystery power, are truly, the Anti Christs. For now we know that even Christ and Enoch’s message, was a message to mankind and the churches. It is no mystery, how the Universe works. How the Universe, body, soul and spirit are One, and that the Stairway to Heaven is open to all men, only some may not survive the trip back Home, and some may be trapped in a Limbo of their own making, their own remorse… it is not God who judges, but Christ’s visage allows all men to see themselves mirrored against the perfect light of the Messiah Vesture or Messiah Soul that is the cause of the Tunnel of Light of the NDE, or “the Light of The World”(a bypass circuit ‘out of darkness’ that replaces ancient pyramids, for all people who can see it).

The key to the Divine Knowledge, in all of the ancient schools of knowledge, it appears, boils down to the concept of duality in all forces, electromagnetic, gravitomagnetic, energy-time, the hidden realities above and below ‘space-time’, subspace and hyperspace. The hyper-energy ‘above’ compresses all time into simultaneity, and ‘below’ into zero time. We, are in the ‘here and now’, what is ‘above’, is the ‘then and when’, what is below is Oblivion. The implication being, as Einstein proved, the ‘higher’ the energy, the shorter the time, until, all time is One, and all times, come from one Source. Implying that all things were predestined, preplanned, and that the words; fate and destiny, are more real than we know.

Some will seek to deny this based on the concept of free will, but the Secret of the Universe is, that we are all hyper-dimensional entities trapped in the ‘Waters’ of Darkness, we are all Watchers and ‘Fallen angels’, and you have already made your ‘free will’ decisions before they are made, even, before you were born, and even, before the Universe was born. But to accept this, you must abandon the authority enforced illusions, the divorced dual Illusions of modern science and religion, and begin again in ancient ways, by remarrying both into One. For only then can Einstein and Enoch become One, only then can atheist become agnostic, division become unity, when Holy is seen as ‘Whole’, when the Holy Grail shows God’s fingerprints, in an equation of the Holy, the Wholeness, the Oneness of reality, that reveals the solution to an ancient secret; The Secret in the Rocks, is the secret of the survival of God’s Chosen people, called, The Sons of Isaac; The Remnant.

Why do big rocks rise above little rocks? This is one of the 7 oldest ‘mysterious phenomena’ of physics. The answer is as simple and as complex as it has always been, that the Power of God, The Twisting Force, resides in the Rocks, the same as pyramids, lightning, fire, and all of us.  It appears the Sons of The Ancients knew this, all over the world. But the thing we do best, is forget.

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Sleeper awaken

The Awakening of The Elect

A time comes in your life when you finally get it… when, in the midst of all your fears and insanity, you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out… ENOUGH! Enough fighting and crying and blaming and struggling to hold on. Then, like a child quieting down after a tantrum, you blink back your tears and begin to look at the world through new eyes.
This is your spiritual awakening.

You realize it’s time to stop hoping and waiting for something to change, or for happiness, safety and security to magically appear over the next horizon.
You realize that in the real world of chaos there aren’t always fairy tale endings, and that any guarantee of “happily ever after” must begin with you… and in the process a sense of serenity is born of acceptance.
You awaken to the fact that you are not perfect and that not everyone will always love, appreciate or approve of who or what you are… and that’s OK. They are entitled to their own views and opinions.
You learn the importance of loving and championing yourself…and in the process a sense of new found confidence is born of self-approval.
You stop complaining and blaming other people for the things they did to you – or didn’t do for you – and you learn that the only thing you can really count on is the unexpected.
You learn that people don’t always say what they mean or mean what they say and that not everyone will always be there for you and everything isn’t always about you.
So, you learn to stand on your own and to take care of yourself…and in the process a sense of safety and security is born of self-reliance.
You stop judging and pointing fingers and you begin to accept people as they are and to overlook their shortcomings and human frailties…and in the process a sense of peace and contentment is born of forgiveness.
You learn to open up to new worlds and different points of view. You begin reassessing and redefining who you are and what you really stand for.
You learn the difference between wanting and needing and you begin to discard the doctrines and values you’ve outgrown, or should never have bought into to begin with.
You learn that there is power and glory in creating and contributing and you stop maneuvering through life merely as a “consumer” looking for your next materialistic fix. You understand that the shiny does wear off…
You learn that principles such as honesty and integrity are not the outdated ideals of a bygone era, but the mortar that holds together the foundation upon which you must build a life.
You learn that within the mortar of honesty, are the rocks of God, not bricks in the wall of powerful men.
You learn that you don’t know everything, and it’s not your job to save the world and that you can’t teach a pig to sing. You learn the only cross to bear is the one you choose to carry and that martyrs get burned at the stake.
Then you learn about love. You learn to look at relationships as they really are and not as you would have them to be. You learn that alone does not mean lonely.
You stop trying to control people, situations and outcomes. You learn to distinguish between guilt and responsibility and the importance of setting boundaries and learning to say NO.
You also stop working so hard at putting your feelings aside, smoothing things over and ignoring your needs.
You learn that your body really is your temple. You begin to care for it and treat it with respect. You begin to eat a balanced diet, drinking more water, and take more time to exercise.
You learn that being tired fuels doubt, fear, and uncertainty and so you take more time to rest. And, just as food fuels the body, laughter fuels the soul. So you take more time to laugh and to play.
You learn that, for the most part, you get in life what you deserve, and that much of life truly is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
You learn that anything worth achieving is worth working for and that wishing for something to happen is different than working toward making it happen.

More importantly, you learn that in order to achieve success you need direction, discipline and perseverance. You learn that no one can do it all alone, and that it’s OK to risk asking for help.
You learn the only thing you must truly fear is fear itself. You learn to step right into and through your fears because you know that whatever happens you can handle it and to give in to fear is to give away the right to live life on your own terms.
You learn to fight for your life and not to squander it living under a cloud of impending doom.
You learn that life isn’t always fair, you don’t always get what you think you deserve and that sometimes bad things happen to unsuspecting, good people…and you learn not to always take it personally.
You learn that nobody’s punishing you and everything isn’t always somebody’s fault. It’s just life happening. You learn to admit when you are wrong and to build bridges instead of walls.
You learn that negative feelings such as anger, envy and resentment must be understood and redirected or they will suffocate the life out of you and poison the universe that surrounds you.
You learn to be thankful and to take comfort in many of the simple things we take for granted, things that millions of people upon the earth can only dream about: heat in the winter, under a roof, a full refrigerator, clean running water, a soft warm bed, a long hot shower.
Then, you begin to take responsibility for yourself by yourself and you make yourself a promise to never betray yourself and to never, ever settle for less than your heart’s desire.
You make it a point to keep smiling, to keep trusting, and to stay open to every wonderful possibility, but not to be a fool either. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
You hang a wind chime outside your window so you can listen to the wind.

Then, maybe, you wake up and you learn that you have been lied to all your life, that you cannot buy happiness, it comes from within, not without.
You learn that the dream of materialism, is the dream of rich men, and marketers, so that, you want more, and thus you make them richer and you poorer because of the treadmill of material existence. And you, if you are wise, understand, that a disposable society, is a society of a wasted Earth. That corporations that ‘externalize’ their costs, put those costs and poisons on to you, as the cost for cheap goods. That if things are built to last forever, like our grandparents made things, and they were made to be easily repaired by men with common sense and common tools, those resources would not require even more resources to recycle, repurpose, or rebuild. That the meaning of life is Joy, but not just for you and me, but into the future for all the generations, and that Earth itself, is not yours to waste. Will your great grandchildren hate you, or revere you?

Finally, with courage in your heart, you take a stand, you take a deep breath, and you begin to design the life you want to live as best as you can.
Sleeper Awaken

Sleeper awaken… see the world as it is, for only truth will set us free.

Yet only in the depths of time with the perspective of years, or being born a very discerning spirit,

can you ever know,

that there is Truth here.

And you also know, that Truth cannot overcome lies,
for the lie is sweeter than the Truth.
Truth is salt, and lies are sugar.
Truth is the double edged sword that cuts both ways,
and joins both sides in between the sharp edges,
lies are the single edged blade of division,
salt heals, it only feels good to the truth seeker,
sugar rots the body, it feels good to the evil,
and evil is the sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly.

As long as the truthful, independent, intelligent and reflective souls,

remain a slave to themselves,

for their greatest strength, is also their greatest weakness,

their very independence is their Achilles heel.

Evil knows this, and evil unites,

that they may know power over truth.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,

but centralized power attracts evil like moths to a flame,

and so is corrupted whole nations, societies, and innocents.

God intended that we have Joy,

but we forgot, because we worship money,

yet, Joy falls to power, and money,


Is there anyway to change the Earth?

To eliminate evil, power, and money?

You say the Rule of Gold, cannot be conquered by The Golden Rule?

You say it cannot be, one by one, and it will not.

You say it will be, as One, and it shall be.

So what shall it be?

To be, or not to be, that is the old question.

The answer is within, and without, the All is One, and One for All.

To hang together, or most assuredly, to hang separately.

To see the Phoenix burning, and then, what?

No more Mr. nice guy, nice guys finish last,

nice guys don’t know, turn the other cheek,

works only when relative good is in charge,

when the worm turns, evil is good, and good is evil,

sell your coat, and buy a sword,

in this current incarnation of the World,

evil comes, like a splinter in your mind,

as the Phoenix finally becomes ashes of dreams,

Yet evil arises again, to take the reigns,

just say no, as One.

let there be no more kings, or corporations,

or bankers,  or lawyers, death comes, and watch the world bloom.

Yet, how do you re-incarnate, a world?

First, it must die, and be reborn, for death is new life,

so that your swords may be pounded into plowshares,

and your spears into pruning hooks,

and neither learn war, any more…

for the true joy of all the children,

yet, you must remember to remember…

knowledge without action, is faith without works,

evil thrives, when good men do nothing,

evil thrives, when good men give up their power,

evil thrives, when you centralize,

evil thrives, when you love money above all other things,

remember joy?…


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