The Meaning of Life and the Blacksmith

The following correspondence, is from a man who fills the Piper’s heart with hope. That there are still Seekers of Truth in the world, and they are not mainstream fakkirs. This is my contribution, stream of consciousness style, as is my wont, to his group/page on the meaning of life. At the bottom we will pull it all together here, so that he can see the fullness of the Unified Field of God, and how a humble blacksmith brings it all in to focus.



It was with great pleasure and excitement that I discovered your web page on blacksmithing… which led to many wonderful and esoteric places… 🙂 Including the page on the Quest for the Secret to the Meaning of Life. It appears there are more of me out there, as I too, have been on this quest for 40 years. Every since I walked out of the hypocrite church when I was 14, I have maintained that life and God and happiness, are all tangled up together, somehow. But also, somehow, Men, have completely fucked it up. Why? I asked myself long ago, and the answer keeps coming back to one thing, money, and the answer to the oldest question of the ages, what is the meaning of life?

You, like myself, are old school, we used to make stuff when I was a kid, I joined the army and went to a place called Vietnam. I left and became a computer tech when computers were the size of apartment buildings… <haha, I still prefer english over ‘txt’> When I grew up, I became a manager in a fortune 100 ‘Big Pharma’ company, and had my ‘test’. When you work for the Big Boys, you always get tested, what ‘test’? The test of the Soul. I was requested to lie to my employees over a new IPO stock option scam, where everybody was gonna get screwed except for ‘them’. Management still thinks they are God, but to me, they went from idols to demons. I found out quickly, that going from the golden haired child(of the VP), to the red headed stepchild was painful, and they intended to pour on the pain until I quit. So, being foresightful, I never gave them the opportunity, I went Galt, and never looked back.

After a few years of having my own businesses, and helping others, and struggling to acheive ‘The Dream’, I too was drawn to blacksmithing, after my long search for the meaning of life after walking out of that church in a huff…

What does blacksmithing have to do with the meaning of life? It gives me Joy. Purpose. Fullness within. Taking earth, air, fire and water, and creating something from my mind. It has become a philosophy of philosophies, a breakoff of alchemy and Hermes, a fulfillment of the Holy Grail of Enoch and Jesus, it is Zen and love combined, it is the basis of civilizations and the key to understanding the Firmament of The Waters and The Chaos of Creation.

After 40 years of knocking on heavens door, on Nov 11, 2011, I had a vision, or a dream, or I just passed out from lack of eating… 😉 In this, the Door of Heaven opened, just a crack, and what came out overwhelmed me. I was literally on all fours on the floor, vomiting, with liquid coming out all bodily orifices, as the Holy Spirit touched me, and I literally ‘Saw the Light’. Trust me, the meaning of life, at that level, is more than a mere human being can withstand, I thought I was going to die for a week. Now some people would ridicule and dismiss the previous statements as a “bit of undigested beef” or some other materialistic explanation, and at an earlier point in life I might have even agreed with them. However, I am not a young man anymore, and I, like yourself methinks, are a discerning soul and can tell the difference between a mere dream and a spiritual experience…

What came out of the Light was the message that I had been on ‘a path’, determined for me since before the beginning of the world, or even, The Universe. That Destiny works in the Universal Mind that plays within The Firmament of Waters, and that, it is my mission to find and prove, The Source of all things. That I had been studying the necessary knowledge since I walked out of the Church, digging through the cast offs of scholars and ‘learned’ men, picking up golden nuggets from the sewers of ‘Forbidden knowledge’ and learned that The Churches themselves, are, anti-Christ. Because, there are no free tickets to paradise and hell is not necessarily a ‘life sentence’. That Christ is more than what they say, or can know, because they burned the books that held the private teachings, and Foundations, or, The Original Tablets, given to us by the Progenitors during the First-Time. This was the time of the first civilizations, Atlantis, Lemuria, Han<?>, and Rama, that are now nothing but misunderstood piles of scattered rocks and ancient myths, and the hints of cities below the oceans, that are portrayed in metaphorical sense in the Bible and other ancient ‘religous’ and allegorical texts. That man, is older than he knows, yet is still a child, trapped in the land of Nod, the land of sleep, dreams, forgetfulness within matter.

What came from the Light was the Unified Field of God, a God Calculus if you will. A proof that God, is more than what we think, or can think, or can comprehend with material minds. That the Ineffable One lives in hyperspace, as a hypercosmic force, and is the Intelligent Designer that maintains reality by sitting upon His throne, to modulate The Light and give the Waters the voice of chaos and destiny, that all things were determined at the beginning. He who lives in The Light of Hyper space, begot the Logos, or Word, or Manifestation of The Idea, that co-creates life within the Firmament through the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that shows, we are all Proto Gods, Sons of God. For what is the Inheritance of a God? But only the Prodigals will inherit. For only those who have ‘fallen’ into ‘darkness’, will gain the strength of self character, to prove themselves worthy. Evil is not the enemy of goodness, it is the Definer of it. For without evil, can there be good? Without evil, how does the good man, know he is good? Without evil, and the struggle within the dark animal soul, how can a hypercosmic entity(called spirit) grow? Without ‘overcoming’ the Darkness, how can we acheive the Light?

Within the God Calculus, are proven many things that current science thinks are impossible conundrums, mysterious ‘phenomena’ of physics, but they are merely indicators, puzzles for children to solve. That they cannot, or will not, recognize any Source of the Energy that IS all things, is their great failing. And their downfall is defined in the single word; Mammon, which is Materialism. That they cannot, will not, look past their own defilement of their own laws of science, to see the bigger truths. They see the Light that comes from rocks, and the atom bomb is manifested, but they stop short when asking the question; From Where comes The Light? NO, they prefer to see only the radiation, the dark energy component. That is the Ultimate contribution of the Unified Field of God, to show that dark energy is The Waters of Genesis, the Firmament of Enoch, and the ‘Imponderable Aether’ of General Relativity, that produces a God Particle, the first vortex layer down into the Abyss. They cannot accept, but some have seen, that the black hole is the Ultimate Darkness, not because of what it is, but because of what it is connected to. The Lake of Fire that Consumes all energy. But then, without a positive and negative pole, can there be any such thing, as energy? No. There cannot, the darkness is necessary to give hardness to reality, by magnetic repulsion and attraction at the surface of each atom.

So, I guess, in long winded fashion, I have covered 40 years, and that the meaning of life, is JOY. That Joy cannot be manifested without knowledge, and knowledge without action is as nothing. Thus, the current state of knowledge is defined only by The Rich and their sycophants, who destroy knowledge and take away the Joy of The People, for their own profit and gratification. For animals cannot know true joy, they can only satisfy their immediate lusts. They cannot take The People to the stars, to find the next level of Spiritual Evolution within The Ascension, no, they cannot, they must control the bodies and minds, through the control of knowledge and money, which is the water of life within the material world. It is only when you abandon this idea, and give way all your materialistic desires, that truely, you can find God, and within that, you find the purpose within your spirit, your gift, and then Joy will find you. And thus, blacksmithing, can become an alchemy of souls, a philosophy of life, a true calling to rebuild civilization from earth, air, fire and water, as it was in the beginning so it shall be. Where the First shall be last, and the last shall be first. Those races who came first shall be the last to find the Light, and the Last race to be born shall be the First to find the Ascension to the Light. For the Ultimate purpose of Life is Joy within the Kingdom of God, and that kingdom truely is, within you.

And so, in conclusion, I merely say, I’m glad to have found another light in the darkness. That through the Lights, we can weave a web of lights in the darkness, so that it shall be on Earth, as it is, in the Heavens. That Joy may survive the coming dark times, we must build a community of lights, with a single purpose, in unity, to eschew doctrine and dogma, to eliminate ridicule and agenda, to overcome materialism and all the other ‘isms’ of Men. That Joy may be found even in the sceptic, for even they must recognize, that rights that come from God, are preferable, than privileges given out by men. That the Temple of God is truly within us, as the spark of God is part of each of us. But we must begin to see, that religions, and science, must reunify, so that we may “pound our swords into plowshares, and our spears into pruning hooks, and neither shall we learn war, anymore”.

I look forward to hearing from you sometime.

May The Force be with you.

Piper Michael


A simple blacksmith, is what I have become. After years of technology and corporations, and years of going Galt and seeking The Truth behind The Veil. It all boils down to the original four elements, earth, air, fire and water, and how they can be the very basis of reality, and how reality was constructed. This is what the ancients believed, as spoken of by Hermes Trismagistus and other ancient sages. But, you see, it is not the ‘elements’ as we moderns would think, no, but the very FORCES that create the elements themselves.  Thus, the Forces of fire boils the waters(the Zero Point Energy), are blown by the air, to create the Chaos of the Universe, that becomes The ALL, Suns and Earths.

What in the hell am I talking about?  Look at the following simple graphic;


Ok, simple enough? Now compare to the ancient Ankh symbol of the ancient egyptians:


Now compare these two, to the vector forces model of the Unified Field of God:


Can you say; Oh My God.

God was the ultimate blacksmith… and His canvas will the subject of our next post; The AEther.


About Piper Michael

Originating soul of the Unified Field of God, given as a gift of God to a humble Piper. A man who searched the garbage dumps of science and religion for 40 years, in the search for absolute truth. The Einstein-Enoch Equation is the result of the Quest for the Holy Grail.
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