The AEther

The AEther
By D. Michael Lambert (aka Piper Michael)

“When forced to summarize the general theory of relativity in one sentence: Time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter.”
–Albert Einstein

“Recapitulating, we may say that according to the General Theory of Relativity, space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists an Aether. According to the General Theory of Relativity space without Aether is unthinkable; for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence, for standards of space and time (measuring-rods and clocks), nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense. But this Aether may not be thought of as endowed with the quality characteristic of ponderable media, as consisting of parts which may be tracked through time. The idea of motion may not be applied to it.”
–Aether and the Theory of Relativity
by Albert Einstein, PhD
Address delivered on May 5th, 1920, at the University of Leyden in the Netherlands.

“Today’s scientist have substituted mathematics for experiments and they wander off through equation after equation and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.”
–Nikola Tesla

Confirmation Update: Universal magnetic field discovered


The Michelson-Morley experiment, is famously called; The “most famous failed experiment in history”. This experiment was designed to show a shifting light beam in an interferometer, that would indicate movement of the Earth through The “Luminiferous Ether”.  Our premise is that Michelson and Morley’s hypothesis was wrong, and thus, the foundation of modern physics is wrong. That light is not an indicator of the Aether of Einstein’s general relativity, but, merely a visible side effect of the transmission properties of it. It is not ‘luminiferous’ or The Source of light, as they assumed, but, must be the ‘carrier’, which by necessity is opposite to light, in order to provide a foundation or firmament for the ‘hardness’ of matter, and all of the unresolved “mysterious phenomena” of physics, to coin a word; magneto-iferous or proto-magnetic. In other words, it must be, the ‘Dark Energy’ that modern physics strives for, yet cannot seem to get its ‘hypothesis’ on. This is because of the aforementioned failed experiment, that sent physics down a rabbit hole of particles instead of forces, without an Aether to carry the forces.

Light is less than half of reality, most of reality is dark, or invisible, this is why they have so much trouble defining so called  ‘dark’ energy. It must be the source of the magnetic field, the opposite of the electric field, which is composed of, for lack of another word; ‘photons’… light waves. If this is so, then this; ‘Dark Aether Theory’, if proven, eliminates the probability of the magnetic mono-pole, and most probably, the graviton, and provides a foundation for a Universe of Opposing Forces, not particles. That, particles, are merely the surface illusion of something that goes deeper, much deeper into the substrate of spacetime, something we call, the 3 forces model; hyperspace, normal space, subspace. The sources of e(energy), i(binding force), and the obvious geometric-chaotic structures we see manifested within all natural matter from the atomic, to the galactic scale.

Of these 3 ‘Primal Forces’, the one that defines reality is that which binds everything into One. It is the binding force and the transmission media of traditional energy, e or light, in Einstein’s simplest case equation of Special Relativity; e=mc2, must also conform to the necessary ‘imponderable AEther’ of General Relativity, and, the Source of  ‘Dark Energy’ of quantum physics. It is curious, that these factors also conform to James Clerk Maxwell’s foundational principles of magnetic moments, that the magnetic field is inherently everywhere at once, without potential or flow, and is “a rotational phenomena”. It is also curious, that a moving magnetic field causes e or electricity, to appear out of nowhere, moving at c(the speed of light) through a conductor, springing forth spontaneously from nothing more than the splitting of a magnetic field, and can go on forever( as long as the conductor survives), implying, that the e itself,  comes from ‘outside’ the wire, a realm of infinite e, and that what generates e is rotating within itself. In other words, we wave a magnet over a wire, and a current is measured moving at c, yet, the magnet is not moving at c, thus, implying something is going on here, that hasn’t been explained or is being ignored. But Tesla and others have tried to explore, this obvious, hyper/sub space geometry of these basic or primal forces, yet modern science says that particles are the source of forces, not the other way around as Einstein said. The only thing that ties all things together, is the concept of The Aether, and what IS it. Physics refuses to accept it, because to accept a force/aether based Universe, is to accept hyper-physical implications, the concept of a Hypercosmic Creator Force.

The Aether therefore, may not be measurable in the traditional sense of the measurement of movement, but instead, of the measurement or observation of the internal structural geometry of electro-magnetic fields, and that, electro-magnetic inefficiency due to hysteresis is a direct result of ignoring this ‘phenomena’ for over a hundred years of scientific inquiry. It has been, and still is, an ‘unexplained phenomena’ of physics and engineering.

This is the result of only concentrating scientific inquiry on the ‘approved list dogma ‘ of things that can be seen, instead of those things that cannot be seen. In this regard, the Aether, cannot be seen, but, can it be proven? If so, the only way to do so is to abandon the 21st century and return to the foundations of modern physics in the 19th, when the Aether theory was abandoned. Our presentation is based on a simple observation, that;

A sloppily wound electric coil, generates more heat and lower magnetic field strength, than a structured and well wound coil.
This implies, that the GEOMETRY of the coil, is IMPORTANT. It also implies there is something missing in standard electromagnetic theory. And that, that something has to do with the fundamental nature of electromagnetism itself, since, nobody knows what causes the phenomena called; Hysteresis. The property of a coil to ‘store’ a charge, or, keep a charge moving after the magnetic impetus is removed. It is our hypothesis, that the electromagnetic field is generated from the surrounding Universal Aetheric field, what is erroneously referred to as; The Vacuum Energy or Zero point field, is, in actuality, a ‘Dark’ or Invisible Aether, and, that even the ancients knew about it.


The Aether is, the Dark energy of physics, the ‘Imponderable AEther’ of general relativity, the source of material hardness by supersymetric chaotic repulsion, and the Source of ancient philosophical and religious metaphors; the Firmament of Enoch, the Waters of Genesis, the Yin of the Eastern Philosophers, the Shiva of the Hindu, the Itz of the Aztecs, and, that it is ‘spun’ by the Left Hand Force of The Gnostics.

This then leads to the thesis, that, if the magnetic field is an indication of a dark or invisible and unmeasurable  ‘aether’, it would only lend itself to being ‘observed’ via magnetic means, not by means of light beams, since Einstein was adamant that any form of movement could not be measured within it. This implies that Michelson and Morley’s assumption was incorrect, and led science down the garden path away from the Lorentz Ether theory and later gave special relativity the stage and focus on particles and math and away from forces and basic classical experiments, even though Einstein himself vehemently disagreed with the new science of quantum mechanics when he famously stated; “God does not play dice with the Universe”. This leads to the fundamental concepts of magnetic flow, the lack of magnetic potential and the ‘rotational’ phenomena of James Clerk Maxwell.

The source of ‘e’ in special relativity (e=mc2), causes modern science to run away screaming because of the thought that the Source of e or light-energy, must, must, come from outside the Universe from ‘hyperspace’, some hyper-luminal Super-Source, that truth, remains a fact of special relativity, and caused Einstein to say he “wanted to know the mind of God, all else are mere details”. Since this must be true in order for atomic bombs to function, then the e or ‘light’, must have a transmission/consuming/binding media, and that media must be the opposite of light, in order to, as Einstein said, ‘freeze’ energy into matter, which leads to the opposite of his famous formula above; M=ec2 matter equals light SLOWED or LIMITED by the aetheric consumer which results in matter… IF this is the case, which it must be, then hyper luminal e, must be slowed, or consumed, down to the level of ‘light speed’, which implies ‘something’ does the slowing/consuming/freezing… The Source of e must emanate from the realm of hyper space, this is irrefutable. But, in science, such intuitive leaps are not allowed, only materialistic baby steps under the approved dogma of ‘credentialed authority’.

From established knowledge, it is known, that the only field or force, that can cause electricity/light to be affected is the magnetic field and peripherally(only slightly), gravity. (Chemistry being a higher level known physical phenomena that doesn’t apply to ‘fundamental’ forces.) This concept links light with magnetic and gravity fields, and by virtue of its existence, inertia, entropy, weak and strong forces as well, can all be seen as higher order functions of magnetic attraction/repulsion at their core. Curiously, fundamental ‘particles’ can only be ‘seen’ in the strong magnetic fields of atom smashers like the LHC, the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. These are the folks who supposedly discovered the Higgs boson, nick named; The God Particle.

Since, these so called ‘particles’ can only be viewed via massive magnetic fields, the last of which being the God particle(Higgs boson), we state here, that the Higgs must only be a magnetic vortex side effect of the aether that aids the supersymmetry process of atomic ‘binding/clumping’ and is not going to be the ‘final particle’ found, as they increase their energies to unheard of levels, they will find themselves headed down the vortex rabbit hole of the Aether into the black hole(Dark energy) under all nuclear clusters. This negative or ‘dark’ force must be the Source of the Aether, which is below ‘normal’ space, we call sub-space, being the force that binds light, and pulls atoms towards entropy and thus, as Einstein said, light is ‘frozen’ in place.

Modern facts – Ancient wisdom;
The nano black hole at the center of every atom, is the logical consequence of the Source of the Aether, according to The Ancients(Enoch),  The Archa is the lake of fire that consumes all energy. Those who discount knowledge from thousands of years ago, do so at their peril. We are not referring to an actual black hole, but, a massive energy sink or pull against e/energy/Light. This is what so called ‘dark’ energy does to bind atoms together, it is the same force of Einstein’s Aether, and what the Ancients called by many names, which boils down to the phrase; The Power of Darkness (dark energy).

The ancients believed many things that now seem to provide a logical energy/force architecture for the Universe, that provides both a source and sink of all energetic forces, if, you step back and allow for the necessity of a Hyper-Intelligent Design. We merely find these ideas useful in defining an experiment to prove, once and for all, if the Universe is based on forces, or particles.

Science cannot allow for a force based Universe, because they are blinded by religions. But, did not the Bible even say, in Daniel, that ‘God’ is; ‘The God of Forces’, as in plural or multiple forces? Then this leads to an investigation of the possibility of a ‘Proto’ Magnetic Aether, that could be thought of as water like, which would require a way of observing the flow of this substance. This would require a rethinking of magnetic fields, and electromagnetic coils to take into account the actual cause of the phenomena known as; Hysteresis.

If there is an invisible aether, and it flows or rotates to cause magnetic/gravity/inertial fields, it seems the only way of measuring it would be to ‘see’ hysteresis, and then prove its cause. (Remember, physics only measures, it loathes the intuitive leap, allowing only those provable leaps allowed within the bounds of materialistic thinking.)  Hysteresis, or the property of magnetic coils to store a charge, has been known since the early days of the 19th century, but its cause has never been proven. We think, that it is the point of interface between the light and dark energies, which reveal themselves to us as electro-magnetism, but then, must also be seen as gravito-magnetism.

Then, this leads to the necessity of reinventing the magnetic field coil, because the only means of ‘seeing’ magnetic disturbances, perturbations or flows, would be through the mysterious phenomena called; hysteresis. Like many things in physics this is a phenomena that is like gravity, only understood in relation to the ‘how’ to measure it, not the Why it happens, mathematically ‘how’ to model it, but unable to prove the Cause of it(for if we could, we would have anti-gravity by now, but, physics is stuck in the particle paradigm). But if the ancients truly did have an advanced civilization, as archaeology certainly hints at, then they would have to understand the Forces of Creation, would they not?

This ancient knowledge is key to the understanding of an Aetheric component to the Universe, because it plays a part in the speed and consumption of electric charges, and thus, the electron’s component photonic waves, and leads to the Why of the speed of light; c in (e=mc2). Thus the question is asked; Is there a way to create a magnetic coil that has less or even zero hysteresis, creating a symmetrical coil geometry? If so, would the interaction of an aether via the magnetic field, be proof that an aether exists, and, as James Clerk Maxwell said in his original ‘Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism’, that magnetism is a ‘rotational phenomena’? That it is basically a force, and cannot be a particle, that ‘pseudo particles’ can coalesce from forces, but the reverse cannot be. The way this ‘problem’ is handled now, is simply to over engineer it with high amperage windings, this is why electric devices, motors, etc., have such dismal performance and efficiency… the problem of electric cars is not batteries, but the fundamental inefficiency of their motors.

An interesting phenomena that can demonstrate the magnetic foundations of matter, where external and internal energy flows can combine together to give a physical ‘phenomena’, is  witnessed in blacksmithing knives and swords. All blacksmiths understand how to heat treat and quench a hardened steel blade. But Real Smiths understand that there is a ‘trick’ that takes the process from black magic towards actual science. Many smiths will heat and quench, only to see one of three outcomes.

If they don’t heat the blade above its magnetic point, the quench will do nothing, the steel will not recrystallize and gain ‘hardness’. Or if they have worked the steel below that point(too cold), they may get cracks. But, the tricky part is if they don’t quench the blade while pointing it towards true magnetic north, and will gain a warp in a much worked piece of steel, effectively destroying hours or days of work, if they are lucky they can rework it. But, they don’t understand The Trick.  To always heat the steel above the point where it loses it magnetic property(cannot be attracted to a magnet, becomes amorphous/non crystalline internally), and then quenching in oil while pointing it to the North. A blade not oriented properly, will curve towards true north, and ruin the blade.

Connections in common;
This is pure James Clerk Maxwell theory of atomically aggregated magnetism, but surely, if all the internal structures in a human body are visible in an MRI machine, and a steel blade reacts to magnetic north, there is something in common that has nothing to do with magnetism, for one is magnetizable and the other, is not.

The original Stern-Gerlach experiment, established the notion of atomic spin by the use of silver ions passing through magnetic fields, yet silver is not magnetic. Today, the only way to ‘see’ particles, is by the use of massive magnetic fields in particle accelerators.  It dawns on you, that there is a magnetic component to ALL matter. This connection between magnetic and nonmagnetic material is a necessary logical deduction because all atoms react to magnetic fields regardless of whether they are magnetic materials or not. This must point to a ‘magnetic aether’, not a ‘luminiferous'(light) aether, because it is the only possible explanation in common.

The final clue in the understanding of the Universal Truth of an energy based Universe, is the extra-universal foundation of The Zero Point or vacuum energy of the cosmos.  The only explanation is in establishing that the ‘Imponderable Aether’ of Einstein, is also called by the ancients The Firmament of Enoch, the reason why we refer to the book of secrets, Enoch’s second book, as the True Holy Grail. In ancient myths this firmament has gone by many names; as Plato and Einstein’s ‘Aether’, the Waters of Genesis, the Itz of the Aztecs, the Yin of Buddhism, the Shiva of Hinduism.

This is the ancient idea that there is a ‘protogenic’ substance in the void of the cosmos, this is proven by many phenomena, but on this subject, modern science is locked in the materialistic paradigm of particles and only sees the phenomena as a Zero Point energy field. It doesn’t accept that this Zero point, is the true zero point caused by hyper-spacial energies of infinite positive and infinite negative in a super tension field of light and dark energies. The proper model of reality being hyperspace pulling against subspace, and normal space being the Zero Point membrane of bubbles, of water being boiled by the light, and the air churning the entire edifice into Chaos, which results in Earth. Thus, the entire philosophy of the ancient Hermetics, being; Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, as the Cause of all things, was, an entirely metaphorical but accurate representation of an ancient Unified Field knowledge, not theory. Thus the entire Universe’s energy structure can be represented by the simple equation;

(+)Infinity + (-)Infinity = 0

It doesn’t matter that the existence of an Aether would resolve many if not all of the ‘mysterious phenomena’ of physics, because that would lead to places where science chooses not to tread, a clue to the final proof that an Intelligent Design exists within the structure of Creation because the energy of special relativity must come from ‘outside’ space-time and it also must flow into the cold dark place of quantum dark energy  to give ‘hardness’ and also mixed with a third force of Universal Consciousness that gives energy pattern design to the chaos of forces. That if there is a ‘God’, He/She/It, must be hyper-cosmic, or outside reality, in order for reality, to be ‘real’. To give credit, some in the physics community have recognized the probable existence of a ‘hypercosmic God’ and the necessity of ‘nano black holes’ at the center of each atom, but, by the time the rest of physics recognizes this, it may not matter anymore.

Others recently proved that so called ‘gravity waves’ propagate throughout the Universe, as Einstein predicted. We were skeptical that such things could be measured due to aetheric noise, but now it appears other experimenters have found them. Thinking further through it, it becomes obvious, that they must be there, measurable or not, simply because of the magnitude of the perturbations certain cosmological phenomena can impose on the Aether. But in thinking through the issue in hindsight, it becomes apparent that most scientists still don’t get it. If gravity waves are real, then so is our theory of galactic waves, or cycles, which are revealed in the long cycles of the Sun and how everything is connected as One, which also, gives a foundation for ancient astrology. Like lunar tides, these cycles affect everything, and everyone, but for them to be real, The Aether itself, must Be.

In order for gravity waves to be felt light years away from their source, there must a medium for those waves to travel through, like the waves on a pond. This is mandatory because Einstein said that an “imponderable aether” must be present in order for General Relativity(GR) to be functional. When seen through the lens of the Unified Field of God, the nature of the Aether, is as a transmission medium for vibrations of all types of waves, gravity, magnetism, electric, light, all being ‘electromagnetic’ in nature, with the exception, supposedly, of gravity. In keeping with this idea, scientists threw out the concept of the Aether after the Special Relativity(SR) theory supplanted The Lorenz Ether Theory. This came after the most famous ‘failed experiment in history’; The Michelson-Morley experiment. But our investigations reveal that maybe Michelson and Morley should have changed their assumption about the nature of the Aether and energy. That, all energy is dual in nature, electro-magnetic, implies that you must have both in order to accomplish a dynamic system, defined as; work.

In the Unified Field of God, we have proposed that Einstein’s ‘Imponderable Aether’, is nothing less than what was described by the ancients under several names, including; The Firmament of Enoch, The Waters of Genesis, The Power of Darkness of Hermes, and now in this time as the Dark Energy of Quantum Physicists. Our original experiments with field coils led to the Zero Geometry coil, and led to the discovery of a gravity wind. This is nothing less than the Aether being sensed moving past the Earth from east to west, and is a visible measurement of Einstein’s frame dragging of GR, a measurement of the immeasurable, or, imponderable. Subsequent experiments have shown a direct link between magnetism and time, by the creating of a localized time dilation bubble. This was a direct linkage between magnetism and gravity,  thus linking GR and SR through the commonality of the Aether by the slowing of time in a very small area relative to the ‘outside’ world. Final experiments have verified a direct linkage between electric fields, and gravity, through modifications of the original Townsend Brown experiments in electrogravity.

These experiments, plus the known phenomena of quantum entanglement, prove conclusively, that The Aether is real, however, it is the opposite of what Michelson and Morley were searching for. It is not the basis of light or a ‘luminiferous’ aether(being a cause of light), it is, to coin a word, magniferous, being the cause of magnetism. There is no magnetic monopole, for each atom causes a ‘chaotic’ magnetic field by its very nature, spinning, which causes the attached Aether to flow with it, like a vortex in water. This reveals a new atomic model of dual energy vortexes for the internal structure of the quantum, that looks like the ancient Yin-Yang symbol, did the ancients know something we don’t? Thus all magnetic fields have a north and south pole down to the atomic level. The problem is we humans have always concentrated on what we can see, and light is a visible phenomena. In our Universe, this light is considered ‘energy’, but magnetism, not so much.

Is this true, or is this merely, The Illusion? If a magnetic field ‘erupts’ when atoms are properly aligned in a material, where does the magnetic field come from? If light is released when iron is placed in a fire and visible light in the form of heat is revealed, where does the light come from? If a magnet is moved across a wire, and electricity is moved in a wire, what is the source of the electric current, and how can it move at near light speed when the magnet was barely moving? Obviously, something else is going on rather than a mere ‘static’ field. And light itself is well known to be either ‘chaotic’ or ‘collimated’, white light is a chaotic mixture of many frequencies, while laser light is light of a single frequency. Thus, the basic foundations of matter/energy can be either chaotic, or synchronized. This fact is finally proven in the very structure of an MRI machine, which requires a large magnet to ‘align’ NON-magnetic material, such as YOU. Finally, subatomic ‘particles’ can only be seen by the application of large magnetic fields. The implication being, that ALL things have a light component and a magnetic component, but these components are spun together by what James Clerk Maxwell called; Curl. Thus, at its essence, a magnetic field is a spinning helical field, made up of helical waves within The Aether, and regardless of orientation in the  Aether, they all spin in a left handed motion, this itself, implies an ‘outside’ influence, outside being, outside the Universe itself. The Ancients referred to this as the ‘Left Hand Force’, the Tao of the eastern philosophies, The Air of the Hermetics, The Brahma of the Hindu’s, The Voice of God from Enoch.

What is e(energy)?
Is light ‘real’, or is it a component part of something higher or deeper in reality? Obviously, light, like Einstein said, is ‘a’ building block of matter, but, modern physicists now know, that light is less than half of what is considered; Matter. Also obvious, is that light is released from matter when matter becomes unbalanced, this is the foundation of the ‘static case’ of the theory of special relativity; e=mc2, where e is energy or ‘light’, and m is matter as we said above. The biggest proof of this theory is the atomic bomb, which, when detonated, first releases the light of a thousand suns in an instant, the radioactive component, can now be considered the ‘magnetic’ component, or the dark energy component.

James Clerk Maxwell told us, in the beginning, in his famous tome, ‘A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism’, that magnetism is a ‘rotational phenomena’. But modern scientists, seem to throw out the original thinkers, and lose something in the process. If magnetic fields are a rotational phenomena, then, something ‘real’ has to be rotating? Wouldn’t this real rotational force, be more of a cause of electricity moving at near light speed, than a magnet moving at a few kph?

Our focus, from the beginning, has been to go back to the original thinkers, and pick up the nuggets forgotten by modern thinkers, and see if anything worthy of notice shouldn’t have been thrown in the ditch of knowledge, magnetism being a rotational phenomena, seemed like a primary candidate to extend our knowledge of creation as a universe built upon energy vibrations. For if one thinks about it to any length, it then becomes obvious, that there is no such thing as ‘hardness’ in our universe, there is only magnetic repulsion and attraction, mitigated and communicated through chaotic rotational fields at the ‘atomic’ level. Thus everything in the Universe ends up rotating, spinning, orbiting, or twisting itself upon the skein of reality being nothing more or less, than energy of two kinds, twisted together by a third kind, Curl. Which we refer to in the Unified Field of God as; The Third fundamental invisible force of Pi.

Metaphysics becomes physics, again;
To prove this thesis, the Unified Field of God, requires three forces; Light, Dark, and Rotation, or Spin, or Curl, or… Pi. These forces were known by the ancients, from the time of Enoch and Hermes, down to the beginnings of the Roman Catholic Church, when all this knowledge was declared Heretical and all the ancient libraries were burned to the ground as ‘pagan temples’, including the Library of Alexandria. Thus, mankind was thrown backwards over a thousand years. So, to prove this ancient knowledge(fragments) has validity comes down to a proof of only one thing, the proof of The “Imponderable” Aether.

To find truth, we must abandon the particle paradigm, and fully examine the Paradigm of Forces. This requires an understanding of the Dark side of the Forces, because the Dark side is the Aether, and we are all within the materialistic matrix of The Waters of The Aether. All things are One within the Aether, it is what communicates all vibrations, all quantum entanglements, and likewise, the ancient connections between man and planets. Yes, astrology has a real component that is scientific, if your science can see into the so called ‘particles’ and what forces Cause them to be and how ‘hardness’ is both real and illusion,and, how quantum entanglement is communicated which also shows how the very stars and planets are connected to the atoms within your DNA, because, at some time in the past, all of us, the components of matter, were created in the belly of stars…

Gnosis, the Truth of reality, life and death, is founded upon an Aether;
All those who talk about metaphysics, reincarnation, spiritual geometry, hermetic philosophy, and other ‘occult’ science, are both right and wrong, in that, without a Firmament or Foundation for The Energy(S),  they can build no basis of proof, and without proof they do not have Spiritual Hyper-Science, they only have more occult based ‘Mystery Doctrines’.  In the end, The Love of Mystery is the problem, not the solution to mankind’s problems. This is why God wanted man to understand this from the beginning, and why Enoch was given books to write from the mouth of God<sic>. Maybe this is part of the ‘Original Instructions’ of the Hopi? Or the doubled edged sword (of truth) that comes out of the mouth of The Lord at the End of an Age? An ‘age’ is two thousand years. The Holy Roman Church defined the beginning of this age at the birth of Christ. What if, they got it wrong? What if the Age of Churches, should have been defined at the Birth of The Savior, The Death of the Body? Then, the Age will end in about 2034, curiously, when Earth enters the center of the Galactic Rift, the area of maximum ‘darkness’.

We can only reveal, that heaven and hell are real, but they are far more complex than religions can quantify, and human beings are more complex than simple matter can reveal, but perhaps the MRI machine gives us a glimpse into the energies you are made from? As an aside, if you are made from multiple harmonic layers of energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, then by deduction, it should be noted, that some part of you can never die…

This is now provable by the God Science that we were shown, to show that it is provable, and, engineer-able by revealing the fundamental nature of the Aether, and its primary revealing phenomena; electro-magnetic hysteresis. The basis of this, was to return to the 19th century and begin again, at the basic understanding of electric coils, in particular, the solenoid coil, the foundation of electromagnetism. The results of this inquiry have been carried out by research and experiments over three decades, results which show, we have a limited understanding of our Universe, and the foundation of this misunderstanding revolves around the concept of; The Aether.

We discovered that the Aether is best viewed directly through the lens of the magnetic force, for which, modern science has no explanation, even though the original experiments in the 19th century, were closer to actual reality than the current particle paradigm.  Science still looks for the elusive magnetic monopole, and the gravtiton particles, but they will never find them because they cannot be, what they will find is some shadows of invisible vortexes that interact with the aether, that is the underlying structure of all things whether chaotic or collimated. A magnetic field can be thought of as the collimated laser of the aether, and gravity can be seen as the chaotic magnetic field, like light emanating out of hot iron. Our experiments in the aether show that it is dark(or invisible), and protogenic(the cause of the magnetic,gravity,weak, and strong forces), and a media of light and magnetic fields, and a generator of electricity and gravity, and that side effects of quantum entanglement, inertia, and entropy are further proof that all things are One within the structure of the Unified Field of God.

Experimental results;
Experiment 1
The Zero Hysteresis or AEtheric Geometry coil. Was given as a spiritual gift of sudden intuition. We discovered that hysteresis can be controlled, something thought not possible except by extreme brute force, which is the primary characteristic of current electromagnetic engineering.

Experiment 2
The gravity wind experiment, showed that a standard coil, would reveal the presence of a magnetic field around Earth, aligning itself with the magnetic field of Earth. But the Zero coil would acted in a profoundly different way, revealing the presence of a magnetic movement from east to west of ‘something else’ through a moving mobius pattern at the end of the pendulum. The pattern of movement, revealed the movement of the aether around the Earth, that is a direct measurement of the frame dragging of General Relativity using magnetic means, an indication of a gravito-magnetic connection.

Experiment 3
The Time bubble experiment.  Revealed a connection between a moving magnetic field and localized time dilation. This connects the magnetic field to the gravity field through the GR predicted measurement of time. This shows that Hafele-Keeting was not absolute, and that the magnetic field is connected, if however loosely, to the gravity field, in short, a gravito-magnetic field.

Experiment 4
Repeating the Townsend Brown electrogravity experiments with modified Pi geometry devices, revealed that moving electric charge affects local gravity, but only if in free air gravity, which implies a connection to the magnetic and gravity fields. This was not the ionic lifter, but the electric field, that moves in a magnetic/gravity field in relation to polarity. We found that geometry of the field plays a part. Some would say this is just ancient history, disproved and nothing but an ‘ionic’ effect. But, the effect must move against ‘something’, like a curve ball it must have air to effect the curve, so the electric must have the gravito-magnetic to move against, and the experiment proves it must have a direct connection to an aetheric substance to allow it.


The phenomena of Hysteresis is the defining phenomena that shows that electric and magnetic are joined together through the Curl. That the geometry of the structure of a coil can have a great effect upon the performance of said coil due to the internal field geometry.

The Nature of the Aether is therefore, magnetic, being a perfect medium for the transmission of light waves, which when combined into an electrical spark, reveals that electricity is light bound together by the third force, Pi. Light, is embedded within the aether, and thus matter, and can only be seen or used when matter is unbalanced by nuclear, chemical or magnetic means. The result is light of different frequencies and harmonic composition, being classified as radiation, heat, fire or electricity.

The Aether, gives a drag on reality, or, an energy storage medium which causes all energy transfers to be delayed or extended, we now show how this is one revealing theoretical foundation of hysteresis, which is the foundation of the ‘free energy’ work by Bedini and others, can never give more energy out than a fraction of what goes in.  The Zero angle coil, shows that the Aether flows through the coil instead of being impeded by the coil windings, thus reducing or eliminating hysteresis by the reduction of internal aetheric geometric ‘drag’ (magnetic chaos = c = Ae Impedance * Surface area) and alignment of the Curl between layers of the coil windings. This Aetheric Impedance causes drag between the surface of the wire and the Aether, which spins up the ‘rotational’ magnetic field, which is spinning faster than light speed(it must, for quantum entanglement is a hyper speed event).

This spinning current either aids or maintains the current flow after the cutting of the current flow. Because of this aetheric ‘drag’, the phenomena known as Hysteresis is generated as a flywheel that keeps turning after the motor is turned off. According to the following graph, this dark energy is rotational, but not sinosoidal. As the aether is rotated or spun it has a tendency to continue its motion in the direction of rotation for a certain time after the impetus is removed, this is the Cause of inertia as well(since hard matter is magnetic chaos, and moving through space, each integral movement in a direction is aided as an impetus to the next integral space(the Planck constant, or minimum distance in space-time) Thus, the following graph of the theory of Aetheric Hysteresis;

AethericDragGraphNotice how the sinusoidal wave carries over the center point of the AEd area, which is the basis for the so called ‘Free Energy’ machines of Bedini et al. It is free, but, it is also the reason why they run into limits, it requires a large input, or magnetic field,  to gain any extra output. They would need a generator the size of New York, in order to power a single dwelling. This is because of The Aether’s ‘sticky’ property, and its resistance to change, otherwise known as inductance or capacitance, inductive reactance or capacitive reactance, otherwise known as Aetheric Drag =  Change Impedance. This also shows the great efficiency drag on alternating current systems, whereby the ‘change’ in voltage is transmitted more ‘efficiently’, because the conductor is ‘one’ with the Aether, but with the changing polarity, therefore, direction, of the current or ‘bound light’ flow, the flow actually reverses direction between half cycles of the ‘alternation’. Thus the direction, or dielectric permissiveness ‘robs’ the circuit by aided or impeding that flow in the opposite direction.

This is the same ‘phenomena’ of EMF kick in high voltage coils, like your spark plugs are being driven by a 12 volt battery. This magnification of voltage occurs because ‘something’ that is related to ‘speed’ collapses around the coil, which is due to the collapse of the 12 volt ‘primary’ coil of very few turns that is against a secondary coil of many turns, thus the scientist, not knowing what magnetism is, would simply say something like “magnetic fields cause electric flow magnified by the turns ratio”, a statement of fact, vs a statement of EXPLANATION of the CAUSE of magnetism, because, they still do not KNOW, what, a magnetic field IS. They are caught in the particle trap, and still, after a hundred years, search in vail for the magnetic monopole( the N, or S, pole, in a magnet), something they will never find because the only valid explanation of magnetism, is Aetheric Communication or Connection. A magnetic ‘field’ is a toroidal vortex perturbation in the Aether, an Aether, that ‘binds’ light into ‘photons’ and ‘electrons’ and even protons, neutrons, quarks, and the so called ‘God Particle’ or Higgs boson, which is nothing but a necessary precursor to the Quantum Foam, or, the bubbling of the Aether by the HolY Spirit Light, which is the Firmament of all things. Thus magnetism, is merely ‘coherent’ aether, where incoherent aether, is the source of gravito-magnetism, a tri-energy field like electromagnetism.

Thus, the new dark-aether theory, gives a foundation for the true physical make up of the electro-magnetic quantum foam ‘God vortex'(particle), which is an exact match for the strange attractor of Chaos Theory. This also explains polarization of photonic/electro-magnetic waves, as their rotation and stickiness, locks them into the angle of emission from the source. You can also see the reason the ancients said that the electrical or light was like a serpent that was eating its tail, the source of polarity is from the Source Light, and the ‘chrism’ is the foundation of all things. As The Unified Field of God shows, the Holy Light boils the Waters, which is a membrane over the Darkness of the Abyss that leads to the Lake of Fire, which forms the Quantum Foam that is basis of all things. The Positive Infinity + Negative Infinity = 0, the Zero Point energy field of space-time represents a ‘almost’ perfect balance between the energies. If the energy balance was a perfect zero, then nothing would be possible and the Universe would be nothing, no movement, nothing but a Great Void.

In 1963, Edward Lorenz developed a simplified mathematical model for atmospheric convection. The Lorenz equations are derived from the Oberbeck-Boussinesq approximation to the equations describing fluid circulation in a shallow layer of fluid, heated uniformly from below and cooled uniformly from above.[1] This fluid circulation is known as Rayleigh-Bénard convection. The fluid is assumed to circulate in two dimensions (vertical and horizontal) with periodic rectangular boundary conditions. This is a small subset of Chaos Theory, but shows the very smallest possible structure within the reality matrix formed within The Aether. The following is the closest mathematical approximation that is able to allow us to see that energy and fluid are the same, this is called a Lorenz (strange) attractor;


This form, ties the photonic, the electrical, and the magnetic, and matter, into one fractal geometric structure that is applicable to electromagnetic fields, and to actual atomic and nuclear matter.  But most usefully, provides a theory for the foundation of a New Electrics, and the possibility of a higher efficiency curve when constructing electric motor/generators.

This new field theory shows in the following coil configurations will prove to provide a much higher energy/horsepower and allow the creation of zero hysteresis (symmetical) coils with a much higher turns density(smaller wire size), that do not need resistive ballasts, thus, at a minimum, doubling the amount of available energy to consume in the windings instead of the balance/motor controller, this could form the foundation for a true breakthrough in the sense of creating a motor/generator that could be efficient enough to parasitically power itself and a load.

(Picture of coils removed due to personal attacks, and accusations of ‘demon sorcery’ or ‘mixing science and religion is a non sequitur’. Jeez, really? Since neither side understands, that both are merely competing paradigms of The Realty, and must, MUST, have something in common for either of them to be REAL, then figure it out for yourself.   SO… I don’t care what you believe, keep your illusions, there are very few that have ‘eyes that see’ The Unification Paradigm being the only path to Truth.)

Notice anything different between the two coil configurations? Here we are looking ‘into’ the wires in a coil. See how the internal field is colored in the dark overlapping areas? This is a visible demonstration without any complicated math or other high and mighty sounding scholarly presentations. Science, if real, should be obvious, the math is merely a representative way of working with the underlying philosophical concept.

The Aether is real, but it is the Source of the Magnetic force, not the Light. The Light comes from the Light above, and is merely The Broken Chrism that is the source of the polarity of electric charge, and looks like a snake eating its own tail. This ‘snake’ represents the positive and negative ends of a quantum, the smallest discernible entity in reality. It lies at the center of the strange attractor and churns the aether into a quantum foam of the zero point energy field of the Universe. But our science has always chosen to measure what is visible, and the invisible is the most important for the hardness of reality composed of two energies, light, and, dark(or invisible).

About Piper Michael

Originating soul of the Unified Field of God, given as a gift of God to a humble Piper. A man who searched the garbage dumps of science and religion for 40 years, in the search for absolute truth. The Einstein-Enoch Equation is the result of the Quest for the Holy Grail.
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5 Responses to The AEther

  1. Hans says:

    “…hyper luminal e, must be slowed, or consumed, down to the level of ‘light speed’, which implies ‘something’ does the slowing/consuming/freezing…”

    The analogy in contemporary electro-magnetism is a measured wave propagation speed or Velocity Factor (VF) for energy propagation along a transmission line. Common examples of transmission lines in our physical reality are parallel wires, coaxial cables, wave guides, etc. The VF is always some fraction of “C” depending on the geometry and physical properties of the transmission line.

    Consider energy with hyper-luminal velocity (Vhl) enters the space-time structure of our physical reality, and experiences the velocity constraint C = VF * Vhl where, as we observe within our physical reality, each transmission line has a VF < 1.

    In practical radio experience, the VF of a transmission line is constant and measurable without requiring knowledge of the source of the energy being fed into it.

    This raises an interesting question … by analogy, is there a characteristic impedance of the structure of our space time physical reality (Zpr)? The difference between the characteristic impedance of non physical reality outside our space-time (Znpr) would have a profound affect on the efficiency of coupling any incident hyper- or sub- spatial energy.

    Following this line of reasoning, might the practical research on wireless energy transmission of Tesla (or the fiction of John Galt) be thought of as a search for the proper impedance transformation to optimize energy transfer between Znpr "sources" outside our physical reality and Zpr "sinks" within the structure of our space-time (in order to extract that energy do real work in our reality)?

    How close was Tesla to the creation of a cosmic Smith Chart … ???

    PS Michael – from your signature at the top of this essay, I believe I finally understand our past relationship. If I’m talking to “that” Mike, know that I still think about Joe Sherbin from time to time … and still miss him.


    • That would be a question for folks like you to answer… once, they had the proper ‘model’ of Reality to work with…
      Myself, I am merely the Benjamin Franklin of hyperaetherial science, it will take another Tesla to figure out how to take a ‘balanced’ field, and unbalance it sufficiently to draw a flow of energy through a load on its way to the sink.
      But, hey, this is all just a joke… right?


      • Hans says:

        OK, “Ben”, fly your kite and hold firm to the key … but stay well grounded in your reality as you raise your finger to point at the lightening in the cosmic joke …

        Corona discharge from your various bodily extremities can be painful … :>)


        • Methinks you understand, kind sir… you are certainly correct, we must always question our results and conclusions…
          I am constantly asking the question; “Am I full of sh*t”? Is magnetism a manifestation of the underlying aether? If so… there are many implications…
          (Smile), I make no comparison between myself and old Ben… merely the level of understanding we have at this time leaves too many questions.
          In the beginning, my focus was more towards boosting ‘efficiency’ of motivators, which leaned towards symmetry, not brute force… Ask this question, is the problem with electric cars, the battery, or the motors?
          I forget which page its on… but, there is a picture of the Ver 1.0 device from 8 years ago, on this site.
          Oh, and I believe the thing you are referring to may answerable, but not here in this public forum.
          His patents in this regard were vague and seemed… um, dangerous. The only question needing an answer is; What does it take to create a ‘potential difference’ or aetherial unbalancing? I just don’t have time to think about outlying mysteries at this time.


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