the Fire Clay tablet

The Message to the Hopi and Cherokee, and for all the Tribes of the Earth who have eyes that see. To the white, red, yellow, and black tribes, the tablet of fire, that restores the hoop of humanity, to heal the divisions, to unify the tribes, the message from spirit at the dawn the time of troubles.

The prophecy of the Ghost wolf Shaman comes true, the Fire clay tablet comes, the New Revelation of the Ancient Knowledge of God that conquers the White man’s MYSTERY of God. Massau’u, Messiah, take his spirit up to the Highest Light of God.

The Magnum opus Deo; The Great work of God, that took an entire lifetime, The New Revelation has come. The Knowledge of the Imp of darkness has been raised from the bottomless pit. The knowledge of the Darkness is the Knowledge of God that conquers the Mystery of God. That only the Knowledge of the Darkness, can reveal The Light. It reveals why the Earth Mother groans, and the people abandon logic and descend into madness, and hearts overcome their minds. The Cycles of Earth and Sky, in the grand cycle of the Galaxy, has completed a turning, and now the Dark rift is entered and the Dark energy is amplified. Thus, Sun and Earth and Man, are victims of ignorance and mystery, and false science and false religions. The time of trouble is upon us, and earthquakes shall magnify, volcanoes shall spew forth in all their glory, and men shall fall into depravity of envy, coveting, and the Beast of man takes hold over the man of mind. The Cycle begins in Light, and ends in Darkness, before the Light may come forth again.

Part 1

What has the white man’s bible religion done to the Human Beings? See how their bible religion gives them a free pass to heaven for all their evil deeds? Did The Massau’u, (the Messiah) say these things, or did churchmen? Do the human beings see the white tribe give more power to the words of men, than Massau’u? Do the human beings not know, that their church was responsible for the destruction of knowledge that brought the Dark ages, for the outlawing of reason, the divisions of faithful, murders of saints and wars of conquest in The Name of God, including the elimination of the knowledge of the Natives who were called savage? That the red man’s plight, that the plight of all men, is tied to the white tribe’s rule of gold justified by a false spiritual foundation, a civilization that profits by consumption and destruction. See the fruit of the knowledge of fire, validated by a look at their history, and their present.
What has the White man’s knowledge of Fire done to the Earth?
Does the Earth Mother bleed black gold, and nature dies on its fumes, for a few men’s profits?
Does the Earth Mother have enough black blood, for the giving to her generations?
What then, when the Earth’s bounty is used up, what will White man’s fire do then? War for oil?
Do even the crop lands and topsoils suffer under the load of corporate farming? See the land die.
Do the honey bees know the genetic poisons in the land? See the spread of life die.
Do even the germs grow stronger because of the Rich White man’s arrogant science? See the living, die.
Does madness spread among the human beings? See the madness coming in the power of darkness.

See the trees, that give the air and the waters, and see Death and madness coming.
See the Earth Mother shaking in places not seen in a long time.
See the Volcanoes.
See the madness of the fish, and the game, the death of whole species.
Hear the laughter of the rich, and the ridicule of false numbers on paper.
Hear the Law, the Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules.
Hear the Truth, the Rule of Gold must be conquered by the Golden rule…


The Questions and the 40 year Vision Quest;
A boy came, heard the song in the spirit and knocked on heavens door for 40 years, a life long vision quest, and the vision came, and the man knew the evil sitting upon the highest places in the Earth. He felt the song of lies and illusions, he was slapped with hypocrisy and death early in life. Boy became man and he met the Evil that ran the world, and its name is gold. He heard the desolation of the people, the false wars and the false dreams of wealth and the songs of lies and mysteries. Thus the spirit gave the truth of the matter; Mammon’s Song was revealed. It was a song of MYSTERY within darkness, the truth of materialism, reality and God.

He saw the People as victims to mystery, money and leaders, falling to a siren song of material illusions, of dreams of material things they could never have, in a culture of desires. He saw the spirit die as the darkness strengthened, and morality become an awful plaything of the rich. Then the spirit moved, and the man saw the Reason for the season of madness spreading, faith dying, and a Great Falling away from God. For God is a mystery, he was told, and the spirit put the truth to the lie. That God did reveal, that pious men did burn the Truth and murdered the Seeker Saints, and replaced knowledge with a Doctrine of Mystery written in a book, long ago.

How can we know the answers to mysteries, when rich white man’s science, is about money, and money hides truth? When White man’s religion is about bowing to superstitions, and being submissive to ‘Godly Authority’, when there is no Godly righteousness in their entire System? How can we know the answers when White men changed the very definitions of God and Spirit things? How can human beings know the Truth, when the truth was destroyed long ago, as the white men destroyed the Fire clay tablet of knowledge by replacing it with the False Tablet of Mystery? What will be left for the future generations of human beings? What future joy will be found on Earth, when destruction is the fruit of false spiritual materialism, when the Earth Mother is used up, polluted and unfit to live on?

The Earth Mother is groaning in the dark energy of Father Sky, begging to purge the evil from her skin. For the human beings are lost in the false mystery of a true God, and the Godless illusion of a false science. Where can men turn? Where is Truth? Where is righteousness? Is there a Nexus between science and religion where truth doth live? Did God give answers long ago, and rich men destroyed it?


Boy, man and Piper;
Boy became man, and man became Piper, two in one, soul and spirit, trapped in a prison of flesh. After forty years of wandering in the wilderness of the dark wisdom of white men, he was given the Grail of the Scribe of Righteousness named Enoch. He who was so righteous he was taken up into heaven to the throne of God, and given the Secret of the Universe and wrote books for God, and men burned them and called them heresy, but other men were led by God to hide them in the Earth for a future time. The secret teachings of Massau’u were hidden as well, for they were considered sorcery and heresy, by a New Universal Church in Rome, intent on power and control.

The Piper heard the Oldest song, that is new again, held in trust by the Earth Mother for an age, until the time of darkness when the serendipity of Father Sky revealed Enoch and Massau’u’ teachings again. The Piper heard the Song, and plays the tune, for the chorus of the human beings to sing, so the heartbeat of the tribes may drum, the People may dance, and the forests will echo with laughter. The Pipes give forth the golden oil tapped from the tree of Life.

The Piper heard the inkling of the spirit, and went where he did not know to go. To read things of which he was not aware, to learn the spirit of Earth wisdom of the ancient human beings, the Red, the Yellow, the Black, to find the Lost, yet he did not know what was lost, until the spirit caused it to be found. To find the path to the Stairway to Heaven, and include those who the spirit directed him to include in the Path of the Divine Spirit Knowledge. He was shown to find the Shaman spirit walkers of the Native Americans, and become like them, to know them, and absorb their wisdom. And within that wisdom he found the Medicine wheel, the physical manifestation of the revealed ancient knowledge, and the Proof of an Intelligent Universe, that created life by intelligent energies, in darkness and light, the Opposites that created Earth and Man, the lowest and the highest, as One.

The new and the Old, The secret of the Tree of Life, and the Knowledge of Good and Evil, who’s root is the Great White spirit Massau’u, called Messiah, Logos and Christ, and its fruit is the medicine wheel. The Manifestation of all living things and its power of the spirit gifts of Earth, Air, Fire and Water made flesh in the DNA of the living things. It was shown that to bring the tablets of knowledge together as One, required proof, in a new beginning, a New Song as a Revelation of ancient things, in a new form. A synthesis of science and spirit, in the Unified Field of God, a calculus of God given by Einstein, Enoch and Massau’u, for a new generation of those quickened in knowledge and spiritually evolved, who see the evil that runs the Earth, and reject the religions of man. A People who have the Temple of God within them, the spirit of God, that is in their minds, and rejects man’s religions, seeking truth and righteousness in the foundations of the Creator, and the wheel of life. Those who have eyes that see, the knowledge of Massau’u, discovered again, is truly, a second giving, a new revealing, a Revelation.

Who were the Barbarians?

“After the close of the Civil War the Commissioner of Indian Affairs reported the number of Indians in these figures: civilized, 97,000; semi-civilized, 125,000; wholly barbarous, 78,000. The advancing fronts of [western white migration] suddenly became even more threatening as the Union Pacific Railroad cut across the middle of the Indian Territory in 1869 and as other lines pushed ahead of settlement into the northern plains and the southwest.

This critical change was noted in a telling passage of his 1869 report by [former Northern general and] Secretary of the Interior Jacob D. Cox:

“The completion of one of the great lines of railway to the Pacific coast has totally changed the conditions under which the civilized population of the country come[s] in contact with the wild tribes . . . the very center of the desert has been pierced. Daily trains are carrying thousands of our citizens and untold values of merchandise across the continent, and must be protected from the danger of having hostile tribes on either side of the route. The range of the buffalo is being rapidly restricted, and the chase is becoming an uncertain reliance to the Indian for the sustenance of his family . . . “

The situation of the Indian thus became more desperate and the years from 1865 to 1870 were filled with war and threats of war. At the opening of Grant’s administration it was obvious that Indian policy had to be reconsidered. Three possibilities were discussed: (1.) Extermination; (2.) compulsory location of the tribes on reservations; (3.) eventual civilization, with full absorption into white culture.

The prevailing sentiment on the frontier was in favor of extermination. The savage tribes were entitled, in this view, to no more consideration than dangerous wild beasts, and like them should be killed off to make way for civilization – and land. Such sentiments were abhorred in the East and among the religious denominations.

Compulsory settlement . . . on reservations with government rations, clothing, and certain services was by far the dominant opinion . . . [Secretary of the Interior Columbus Delano reported in 1873 that under government supervision that the Indian’s] intellectual, moral and religious culture can be prosecuted, and thus it is hoped that humanity and kindness may take the place of barbarity and cruelty.

[Should any tribes refuse] then the policy contemplates the treatment of such tribe or band with all needed severity, to punish them for outrages according to their merits, thereby teaching them that it is better to follow the advice of the Government, live upon reservations and become civilized, than to continue their native habits and practices.”

(The Republican Era, 1869-1901, A Study in Administrative History, Leonard D. White, MacMillan Company, 1957, pp. 181-182)
The Barbarian is Washington;
Those who think that this attitude of Washington is in the past, are mistaken. Washington listens to the money people in New York, the Elite, and they, and they alone determine who is to live where, and who owns what land. This is still happening even now to their own people. The Clive Bundy ranch recently overrun by government thugs in masks without legal authority, killing the cattle because of ‘grazing fees’ on lands owned in perpetuity. In a mirror of the Case of the Western Shoshone, the Dann sisters, Mary and Carrie, who were under the treaty of Ruby Valley signed by the US Government in the 1800s, when Washington gave the Shoshone their land in perpetuity in exchange for the ‘right of passage’ to the western gold fields. In 1962,the courts determined that Washington could take their land by ‘gradual encroachment’, legalized theft by the money powers…

In 1979, the Shoshone were offered money for their land, but they refused because the land is sacred. Washington makes the rules, the rule of gold. In 1985, their lands were taken when the Supreme court declared they had no right to petition the court. The Bureau of Indian affairs, took the money as trustee of the land, and declared the land had been ‘paid for’. So the government took money out of one pocket, put it into another pocket, ‘bought’ their land, and declared the Shoshone trespassers.

Thus the arrogance of the white man’s culture is revealed in its total self righteousness, and pious sounding evil. Since the good people wouldn’t allow the complete extermination, the Final Solution was the reservation and reculturalization programs that continued into the 20th century. This is a stain upon the entire white race, that only the march of time has revealed as a crime against nature. The crime, being the white man and his total destruction of Earth to satisfy his greed. Ultimately, gold was ‘discovered’ on the Shoshone land. Thus, big mining companies, fulfilled one of the oldest sayings in America, that; We have the best government money can buy. Whether it is railroads or gold, land, is life, something the Shoshone and the white man agree on. Only the white man steals the land, and destroys the land, either by dividing it with rails and killing the buffalo which killed the Native tribes, or with cyanide and poisons, to create piles of gold, the white man’s science and religion, gives him the ‘moral authority’ because he is the holder of the gold, and he who has the gold makes the rules. This is not history, this is today. But they do not understand, nor care, that they steal from the future.

The Before time;
From time immemorial, the human beings were created as the only sentient beings. Self aware and curious about their place in the Universe. Being revealed unto them the Way of Things and the mechanisms of their Reality. That reality brought forth Animal man, the Seeds of Cain, and then the Men of Spirit came forth, the Seeds of Seth. Those of rebellion and those of love, and eventually became mixed. That they first fell from the heights of The Light, in rebellion and boredom of the barren spirit realms, into the darkness of Chaos below the Veil of Forgetfulness. They had watched for Aeons, and knew, to know evil was to know the drama of life, and grow. That exposure to evil was necessary for the growth of the spirit, within animal souls of darkness and forgetfulness below the Veil. The Family of God knew, that to watch was not to know, but to Know was not to Be, yet to Be was not to Know or see. Only when one is disconnected from the Light, immersed in the darkness, can there be growth towards the highest test, to reach the highest goal, to leave the Oneness and become the One. For only by becoming an individual, isolated within a prison of flesh, can a spirit become strong unto itself. And only if a spirit conquers his own animal in the darkness, can it become strong, can it rise to the highest evolutionary destination, the inheritance of the sons of God. For this purpose, the Son inherits from the Father, it is on Earth as it is in the highest heaven. You are the prodigal sons, and you have to choose the darkness or the light.

Thus in the beginning, truth was revealed unto man from the Highest, that man was a created entity, who’s spirit fell from the Light and was put in a soul of the Dark things, in the drama of the Elohim of the Aeons. And over much time, the human beings became the Races of men, with different gifts of the spirit, manifested in their very material composition of energies that creates and connects them to all things. Each of the races had their own gifts of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, which was The Knowledge of their Reality in dark chaos under the Holy Light, and the way Home in the Light, if they should but choose. This was the reason for the building of great stone pyramids and henges in ancient times, to build stairways to heaven, to concentrate the Holy Light of God, for there was no Massau’u.

Over much time, and times, things of light were consumed by the power of darkness, as the dark consumes the light, and the light became dim and full of confusion. The Sons of Seth came down the mountain of the layers of reality, and brought the Knowledge of the Light. But The Tablets of Earth, Air, Fire and Water were broken and spread across the Earth, and The Knowledge became The broken and fragmented Mysteries in different races of men. Because the one truth above all the truths of the human beings, is, they forget. In time, the things of spirit became a myth of evil, and the things of darkness became the mystery of the good. Thus knowledge and mystery, light and dark, were consumed in the Chaos of Forgetfulness. But, there was one tribe, who remembered the tablets of knowledge… and the ancient myths of the Sacred 3.

In all the other tribes, the Perennial philosophy of The Sacred 3, the Primal Three forces of Creation, became myths, and legends, stories and songs. As forces became entities, and the revealed knowledge of creation became dust in the wind. The great temples of stone, that concentrated the powers of Creation to provide gateways to the Holy Light, became ruins, the great knowledge was destroyed, attacked by the power of mystery and ridicule, the forces of fear. For fear and mystery is more useful to power hungry men, full of false piety, than things of knowledge. How can slaves be created from knowledge? Even now, we see this happening again, in the dumbing down of education. The Common Core, is common, to create dumb slaves in common to the rich, but the spirit gifts will be lost because wisdom will become false wisdom again, the wisdom of rich men and slaves…

In much more time, the white race with the Gift of Fire, took over the Earth and things of Knowledge in spirit things became nothing but hollow words for hollow souls, walking upon the Earth mother lost in their materialistic dreams of gold, with their rule of gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules. And gold, became the guiding spirit of the Earth, worshiped above all other gods. “Where is God?” They said, “let Him show Himself to us”, they laughed. So He did, by way of sending the First Begotten Son, the Massau’u, Messiah Christ. For you see, the Creator and the Creation are One, the Creator cannot enter the Creation, or the Creation, would cease to Be. For without the song of God singing in the fabric of all things, all things would cease to exist.

Thus, The Great White spirit Massau’u descended from the highest Aeon, and ascended, again, again, and even once more, in a perfect body of material darkness from purest image, a vesture of animal soul to over come, and taught again the Wisdom of the tablets of stone, that was revealed by Creator Father Sky in the beginning. And the human beings loved the Knowledge and preserved it. Yet the Lost Tribes of Fire corrupted it, and wrapped it in darkness and destroyed their tablet, by writing their own tablet of mysteries. For they cared not about spirit things, but only the appearances of things, the hollow words that gave Godly power to the rule of gold, for gold is more powerful than spirit things. Gold, you see, is the master of the world, and the Master demands submission, and knowledge is a dangerous thing to the Master.

But Father Sky and Massau’u, His First Begotten, the Great White Spirit, preserved the broken pieces of the Fire clay tablet, to be Revealed at the proper time, at the end of an age. The New Revelation now comes as the knowledge of the True Imp of darkness, Archa, was raised from the bottomless pit, and we see that even the time of the age was hidden by the writers of the broken tablet.

In time and times, the White race, became the Master of the World, because of their knowledge of fire and their system of money, Empire and religion, they went forth conquering and to conquer ‘in the name of God’. But Father Sky was not pleased, as He saw the fruit of their materialistic illusion being division and war, and the human beings on turtle island fell to the lost tribes of the fire gift. Their red tablets were destroyed and they were made to worship the God of Dark Mysteries and war, who they said was the God of Love. The human beings land was taken, and they saw only the sword of division and war, and they asked; How can a God of Love, murder women and children, and make war and genocide upon all in The Name of God? For the white man came to turtle island, and the native tribes became a remnant of themselves, with few who hear the words of the grandfathers.

The Revealing;
The Ghost dance came and went, and its time and power was misunderstood, as its legacy was even more blood. The way of native spirit knowledge was seen as an evil thing. Under the white man’s bible doctrines, they, are the only righteous. The human beings knew, that they had been deceived, but it was too late, for they had lost The Land. The buffalo, the beaver and raccoon, the deer and the rabbit too, were hunted almost to extinction as the fire sticks of the white men swarmed across the land. The Earth Mother slowly dies as the great ribbons of steel and tar, the spider webs of wire and wood, was woven across the wilderness, and the great wilderness was no more.

Where ever the white men went, death and filth followed, for they had no love of the Earth Mother, they had forgotten to keep her Holy. For their knowledge was the knowledge of fire, what need had they of the knowledge of earth, air and water? But the human beings, and the Earth Mother knew, that without earth, air, sun, and water, no life can be. The white men had destroyed their tablet, and their false tablet of their bible religion allowed them to go forth as the masters of the Earth, forgetting that they were also children of the Earth. Their knowledge of fire, even took them to stand upon the Moon. Would they spread their culture of destruction into the stars? No, the Earth Mother said, your dirty fire cannot take you to the stars of Father Sky, for you are still children, and have forgotten too much, destroyed wisdom, and are become spoiled. Thus the truth of reality, the darkness, is hidden from their eyes. In its place is false science, incomplete, only the surface of the darkness is seen, and division and profit limit their reach. For only when the depth of the darkness is known, can the secret of the light be seen, and the secret is the Voice of God that vibrates all things into being by the Song of Creation. And only when the secret is seen, can truth lead to unity. But, the white man’s culture of desires, must ridicule all spirit things, in order to remain in authority by the illusion of mammon.
The Ghostwolf was a mighty Shaman spirit walker, who spoke and told the secret of the Fire clay tablet knowledge that would come, to reveal the meaning of the positive, the negative, and the circle drawn upon the sacred stone of the Hopi. That it would be the knowledge of the Fire Clay tablet, that would come, given by a white man, that would bring the Proof of the Creator, by the Truth taught by the Massau’u(Messiah), to free the human beings from being held in reserve, in bondage, victims and prisoners in their own lands, held in bondage by the Head of Gold, and the two legged system that turned them from mighty sacred warriors into red copies of white men.

Their inheritance being both bitter and sweet, as it is to all men under The System of the Rich White man. That The Truth must come, for the human beings to be set free of the Rule of Gold, by the Golden Rule of Massau’u, with the Knowledge hidden in the rocks of the Earth Mother. Let the Ghost dance be danced again, let the visions come forth in the human beings, see the Light and feel the Spirit of Father Sky, Creator, The Ancient of Days. The Future comes, in the Fire clay tablet, to release the human beings from the bondage of the Rule of Gold.

The Spirit speaks to the Native Americans, the Human Beings of the spirit gift of Earth. This is now Revealed, that it is their spirit gift in the medicine wheel, the secret of their very DNA, the gift of Earth and the material body at one with the Earth mother, which is the gift to the Red man. Let the word go out to all the People who dance the dances, and play the heartbeat of the tribes on the drums, that the Revelation of the White man’s Bible, comes in the Fire clay tablet of the Hopi, the Human beings who remembered and are blessed above all men.

Let the tablets of Earth, Air, Fire and Water be joined together again, let the ancient knowledge of the Hopi, the Cherokee, the Aztec, the Magi, the East and West, the North and South, come together in the Divine Knowledge revealed by the Great White spirit Massau’u (Messiah), called Christ and Jesus. The knowledge of The All as One Light shining in Darkness. Let the knowing go forth, that the Rich White men destroyed their sacred tablet by destroying the Ancient Teachings and teachers, and replaced them with simple fear of MYSTERY and through divided doctrines the White men thus turned truth upside down and gave themselves a religion with permission to sin greatly while speaking holy sounding words, and the White man’s own Bible condemns their MYSTERY doctrine. Read the Revelation of John, and see the Mother of Harlots that rides the Beast of Babylon, her name is MYSTERY and the beast’s name is Babylon. See the sword of truth come forth from Massau’u, the message of Revealing truth to the human beings. When Massau’u’ is seen, truth is overflowing, and the Knowledge of God conquers the Mystery of God. The Fire Clay tablet is truth, revealed, in the science of God from Enoch, Einstein and Massau’u, three as one, seen in the Vision quest of the Piper.

But they will never see the Truth of the Mother of Harlots, that rides the Beast of Ten horns on seven heads. The Churches speaking blasphemies, in furtherance of Mammon, by the lost ten tribes, of rich white men who own the planet. A culture of lost Israel, ten toes divided as iron and clay, iron minds and sticky emotions, on the two legs of ideology, under a head of Gold, bankers money and kings and preachers, as One. But, how else could things work? Yeah, instead of self, for the grand children’s children. To drop desires, and see the needs, to pound our swords into plowshares, and neither learn war, any more. These things cannot be, until the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, is destroyed by the Rock. But, the churches are part of the statue, so what then, is the Rock? It is the Knowledge of God, revealed, literally, from the behavior of the Rocks of Mother Earth. For why do big rocks rise above little rocks? Only when this ‘phenomena’ is seen, is the truth revealed, that God IS, in, all things. That Einstein’s light does rise above chaos in darkness. Only those with the curiosity of children, will see the truth, and stand in awe… and only they shall survive the madness coming in the darkness at Galaxies edge.


 Part II (coming soon).



About Piper Michael

Originating soul of the Unified Field of God, given as a gift of God to a humble Piper. A man who searched the garbage dumps of science and religion for 40 years, in the search for absolute truth. The Einstein-Enoch Equation is the result of the Quest for the Holy Grail.
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