Trump and the Kabuki dancers

trump-flagThe Piper doesn’t comment on current political games, except in the prophetical sense, but in this case, we think a Great Awakening is happening in a spiritual sense. The Last Trump of God is blowing in the whirlwind of perfidy sewed by The Elite  globalists. This is the Essence of the battle for which we are now playing out using the final peaceful box of liberty, the Ballot box. Do you understand now? How they manipulate the candidates, and ALL candidates are OWNED by THEM? This box has already failed, and the tree of liberty is thirsty. Now, the latest out of them is the nifty idea they are floating that ‘The Establishment’ doesn’t exist, they ask ‘Who is this Establishment?’, and you should laugh if you are wise.

We say the Last Trump of God in a metaphorical sense, perhaps a foreshadowing? We don’t say this because Donald J. Trump is a Godly or pious man, oh no, quite the opposite. But, God often uses the weirdo, the unpopular man, as a messenger, and his message to America is clear;


Your country is being stolen by the Elite globalist oligarchy and those who profit from it, all those like Charlie Gasparino of Fox who got mad when he asked if NAFTA should be repealed. Yes, it should, and this should be obvious to those with “eyes that see”. They are now desperate to maintain their control over the crony part of the capitalist system, and that, is the Essence of the Battle. For in this election cycle, there are only two choices, a vote between the Last Trump or Goldman Sachs et. al. .

Mr. Trump represents a rebellion against globalism and the centralized political economy, a revolution against The Great Lies like NAFTA and whatever comes afta.  Mr. Sanders revolution represents an emotional backlash against capitalism because most of his followers don’t know anything except what Bernie is going to give them, which, is what The Cronies have taken from everyone, true economic freedom. But it is not capitalism at fault, it is crony capitalists in New York and D.C. Understand that those who take the Globalists money, owe them favors, and Mr. Trump takes no money from Them. That is the Key to Understanding. We can only hope, in this general election, he doesn’t capitulate to The Powers that Be, and remains himself.

Those who have eyes that see, see the great consternation of the Sycophants and Elites, even Paul Ryan cannot support Mr. Trump ‘at this time’. Which is Washington speak for “until he tows the line and agrees to our terms”.  Talk of ‘Republicans for Hillary’ are a dead giveaway of where these people’s loyalties lie, and it ain’t with you and me.  Talk of third parties are nonsense since they just don’t have time. Now noise of support the Libertarians, the pot smokers, really? This whole silly season does more than simply take a hard turn into the absurd, it is REVEALING, that The Donald is RIGHT, and ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’, the Donald is their enemy, and thus, my friend. Notice, it is both republican and democrat dancers that hate Mr. Trump, now giving away The Game out of their own desperation. These people do not love America, they have bragged about it in the past, calling themselves Internationalists(as long as THEY are in charge of the Empire of Debt. ).

This is a Godly revolution of righteous indignation against a bunch of rich metrosexual perverts who have screwed the economic pooch, and are trying to foul up the cultural nest as well. We don’t need to go into a lot of details, if you don’t already know The Deal, just go back to sleep, and if this revolution fails, when you wake up, you will find America has become a third world shithole and you should hang your head in shame, for you laid down on the altar of liberty and took a nap.

JFK said it best, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable”. Thus the flag at the top of this post is not something I would ever expect a yankee billionaire to take to heart, but southerners will understand. It represents that level of hatred for the Washington and New York NAFTA/CAFTA/TPP loving Elite called The Establishment(and THAT is how you KNOW THEM), and The Donald, is now righteously exposed as NOT IN THEIR CLUB. Regardless of what niceness prevails eventually, it will all be theater for us unwashed masses, Kabuki from the dancers in the theater of the damned.

(Trump Revolution flag is placed in the public domain.)


About Piper Michael

Originating soul of the Unified Field of God, given as a gift of God to a humble Piper. A man who searched the garbage dumps of science and religion for 40 years, in the search for absolute truth. The Einstein-Enoch Equation is the result of the Quest for the Holy Grail.
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