The Pyramid of Fire

The Pyramid of Fire:

The Lost Aztec Codex: Spiritual Ascent at the End of Time
By John Major Jenkins and Martin Matz


The Pyramid of Fire, was held in secret by a tribe of Mezatec Indians in Mexico, until sometime in the early 1960’s. When, the Shaman of the Tribe, bestowed the writings to the world by ‘reading’ them to a man named Martin Metz. Marty as he was called, was a truth seeker, poet and wanderer. He was seeking truth at the ends of the Earth, and as is usually the case in such things, he searched for many years, until he gave up. Then, like the Piper, truth found him, in the guise of a shaman named Don Daniel. In the case of the Piper it was a demonic nephew.

The Pyramid of Fire codex, was a book of pictographs of the Ancient religion of the Aztecs. For those archaeologists and anthropologists who say there was no connection between the eastern and western continents, this document shows truth to yet another lie of ‘The Authorities of Babel’, those who turn truth into confusion by way of their ‘credentialed authority’. In the ancient codexes(books), we also see a partial confirmation of the ‘unorthodox’ scientists who think this knowledge was revealed by ancient alien astronauts, but they never make the final connection to the ‘God Science’.

In the Pyramid of Fire, we see an almost perfect mirror of the God Science of The Ancients. The duality of Primal Energy Forces, and the third force of ‘twisting’. A perfect mirror to the eastern Taoists, Hindus and Buddhists, and in the cuneiform tablets of Sumur about the Annunaki and in their degenerated mysteries of Babylon. In these three Primal forces of Holy Light(Hyperspace), The Darkness(Subspace), and the Tao or Twisting of reality(Omnipresence), we have the universal ancient symbol of the Yin Yang, this is the structure of what we term; The Quantum Foam(Chaos), which lies upon The Dark AEther, the Firmament of Enoch and The Waters of Genesis, that builds atoms;

yinyangThis two dimensional view should be seen as more of a 3D vortex;

quantumheartThis structure fits all theories, and adds the touch that the shape of the quantum, is the ancient symbol for Universal Love.  It is indeed difficult to wrap your mind around the concept that the most basic ‘particle’ of creation, is the very idea that the universe is built upon a foundation of love…

This was the ‘Revealed Knowledge’ of ‘The People of the Knowledge of the secret in the stones’, that ‘The All'(hyper-space-time)is about the imbalancing of dual energies manifested through the Chaos, the Twisting Force of Pi, which implies a primary theological doctrine of ‘Cause and Effect’, impermanence, that all things are constantly changing, in the great cycles of creation and destruction, which are all a perfect, yet fragmented, confirmation of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismagistus, which spells out ‘scientifically’ The Triad of Forces which manifest The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the ‘Original Instructions’ of the Hopi, and the Pyramid of Fire of the Aztecs.

The knowledge that life and death are on a great wheel, that turns from age to age, creation to creature, creature to man, and man to higher man. The knowledge of the powers of creation and the forces of Pi that rule the cosmos and the Souls of men. The mythological fragments scattered around the globe reveal that there was one overriding global ‘religion’ among all people based on the ‘Sacred 3’ (Hyper-dimensional/Spiritual Forces),  that was revealed by ‘sky gods’. As we have laid out previously,  the divinely revealed knowledge became destroyed, fragmented, mythologized and allegorical, lost in the destruction’s of civilizations. And, that, there are too many clues in the archaeological records not to believe otherwise, if, you have eyes that see.

The Pyramid of Fire reflects Enoch, and is merely part of the ‘revealed knowledge’ or ‘original instructions’ of the powers of the ‘gods’, and how form and function becomes manifested in the dark AEther of space-time, that was called by various names, in this book was referred to as; ‘a basket of stars’. That in the great expanse of time, from age to age, it is like that splinter in the minds of men, an unconscious knowing, a spiritual yearning, that we, have a destiny. A limitless destiny of a limited man. That our very consciousness and indomitable spirit can lead us to become more than what we are, and more than what we could ever dream possible.

That the process of evolution is not merely a physical process with physical ending, but something more causal, more mental, through a spiritual or hyper-dimensional intelligence. That it is only when truth and knowledge come forth, can all men see the potential of man, and that to reach it,  sadly, always requires tearing down what is; The System of Babylon. The People of God need to realize, that violence begets violence, and the true way of fighting evil, is to withdraw from Babylon and take care of each other, like the early church. But, you see, the very definition of Babylon was taken from you by Pharisees, er… preachers, in order to keep you in ‘submission to their idea of “Godly Authority” ‘, The Leaders of the World, which should be seen as; ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’.

Here we describe and comment upon some excerpts from the Pyramid of Fire, it is obtainable online as a Kindle book from Amazon; –Jenkins, John Major(*JMJ); Matz, Martin (2004-11-03). Pyramid of Fire: The Lost Aztec Codex: Spiritual Ascent at the End of Time (Kindle Locations 727-729). Inner Traditions Bear & Company.

“Because that which is above created that which is below and that which is low reflects that which is high, the universe is Tezcatlipoca, Smoking Mirror, in which man still does not see clearly.”
–PYRAMID OF FIRE, 2: 14– 17

This is a perfect description of what Enoch, Moses and Hermes said, ‘The Firmament of Waters’ between the upper things and the lower things, ‘As above, so below’. Without the duality of real forces embedded with intelligence, nothing real could be. Both marvelous and terrible, all things hidden, yet were Revealed by ‘hyper-dimensional entities’ long long ago. This is also a clue, that there was only one religion of the ancient ancients, The Science of God.

‘Redemption’ was not the Goal, you either wanted to return(ascend) Home in The Light, or remain on The Wheel of life, or, pursue Oblivion of the Soul. There were three goals of physical life, mirroring the three Primal Forces. Everything in Threes; Ascension in The Light, Reincarnation (“born again”) on The Wheel, or Oblivion(2nd death) in The Abyss.

“The Ancients believed that the supreme divinity, Tloque Nahuaque, manifests as Ometecuhtli, the God of Duality, and functions through a principle of dynamic dualism or polarity. We call the two forces of this principle active and passive, or masculine and feminine, but this duality can function only by interacting against a neutral background and thus the two become three. This trinity then produces the four prime elements: air, earth, fire, and water (symbolizing space, energy, time, and matter), and through them the whole material world is engendered. Such was the cosmovision of the ancient Aztecs and Mazatecs, don Daniel’s ancestors.” — –Pyramid of Fire, Comments by *JMJ

The concept of the triad or trinity(The Sacred 3) is seen again and again in what is termed The Perennial Philosophy, the ever lasting Gnosis or Divine Knowledge. Its destruction by the Church was also the crime of the ages, and its fruit was the Dark ages and man being set back a thousand years or more.  The discovery of the Gnostic books buried in the sands is the Ultimate Serendipitous Revelation, the Revealing of Knowledge that conquers mystery, so that, as it says in the Revelation of John, the “lady with twelve stars in her crown, clothed in the light of the sun while standing upon the moon” comes, and her name was given by Jesus as; Pistis Sophia(The Aeon of Wisdom who created the ‘Defective god’; Yahltaboath; (Yah/Allah) ), the Knowledge of God, and thus; “The Mystery of God is finished…”, this truth is like a “double edged sword that proceeds out of the mouth of The Lord”. Was the discovery of the ancient Gnostic works, a form of second coming of the ‘forbidden’ knowledge of Jesus? This is what happens when knowledge is destroyed and Mystery is its replacement, not just with Christians but with the Aztecs as we will see. Truth is like a seed, buried under concrete, that will always burst forth and seek the Light.

But the sad thing was and is, the fragmented nature of The Divine Knowledge, that the Intelligent designer and His force, is considered “nothingness”. It is the very voice of God, that speaks into the ‘darkness'(The Aether). Many of these eastern philosophers, cannot see, that they violate their own philosophy of Yin, Yang and Tao(Light, Dark, Pi) is All there is. That without an ultimate Source, there can be no ’cause’, or force called “nothing”(Tao). Nothing means something, nothing is not nothing, yet without nothing, nothing can be, this is The Voice within The Aether.

The Mayans called this the sap of the tree of life, the Itz. Enoch called it the Firmament of Chaos, Moses in Genesis called it; The Waters, the eastern calls it Yin, the Hindu calls it Shiva. Today, Einstein referred to it as; The Imponderable Aether of General Relativity. Today’s generation of scientists refer to it as; The Higgs field, or The God particle. It is not that the God particle doesn’t exist, but, even they themselves now recognize, it is not ‘fundamental’ or Causal, but yet another ‘symptom’ of Reality. It appears, only the Ancients understood The Cause of the hardness of Reality was dark energy, the force of The Aetherial ‘waters’ is the Progenitor force or Proto-magnetic force, that all things are ‘hard’ due to a form of chaotic magnetic repulsion and attraction. And all of mankind in ancient times had the same knowledge and religion, differing only in slightly different cultural memes.

“Man climbs the tree of life between Tonatiuh, the Sun(Adoil, The Holy Light, The Source), and Mictlantecuhtli, Lord of the Hells and of Death(Archa, the Lake of Fire, The Consumer). At the foot of the tree that grows between the symbols that represent earth, air, water, and fire, the constituent parts that intervened in his conception are reunited: the semen with which his parents engendered him, the pig of personality, the eagle of spirit, and in a basket spotted with stars, the bones of mortality and the wings of the soul. The summit of the tree is Death where shines the Sun(Light) itself, the Midnight Sun from which radiate the four paths or way. From here surge the wings of the soul finally liberated, while above, each of his various parts, separated by death, runs to its destiny. To the left, to the fields of Death, goes the corpse draped in flesh, the beast that returns to the root of the tree. To the right, to the side of Life, goes the serpent of consciousness that came from the sun and to the sun returns, the spirit by which man is transfigured in the stellar world. And over all, the Milky Way of innumerable suns.”

Here is the perfect explanation of the 3 Primal Forces and its purpose in manifesting the separate powers of the creation of life. They join together at the “basket spotted with stars”, the “bones of mortality and the wings of the soul”. The “Midnight Sun” from which radiates the “four paths or ways”(the four Aeons of Gnosis, or Cherubim of Roman Catholic). This realm of The Light(hyperspace), is the “ultimate destiny”. The Gnostic Left handed force is the power of Pi in the darkness, this is the power of the Aether, and the ultimate destiny of the beast within. This is the joining of the spirit with the soul of the animal, the force of Pi and the manifestation through the Entanglement of the Infinities into the Medicine wheel.

During a ceremony of magic, don Daniel asked Marc (Marty), to explain the circle;

“The shape of the circle is perfect,” he explained. “It is the only shape in nature in which every point along the perimeter is an equal distance from the center. It represents the oneness of all things in relation to their source. Within itself it contains both the beginning and the end, and is thus a graphic symbol of the cyclic nature of time and of resurrection or rebirth. At the same time it also represents the ever-grinding wheel of existence and the endless chain of birth and death to which man is bound. All other primary symbols— the square, the triangle, the point, the line— fit into the circle and may be enclosed there, as in a womb. Clearly the circle is a mother matrix, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End, of universal design.”

“Each world is the play of three gods, three forces and their field of action. As one or another god guides, as one or another god follows, as one or another god concludes, there can be gotten six classes of games, six processes that create all which occurs or may occur. These six classes of divine game decide the growth, the decadence, the purification, the infirmity, the curation, and the regeneration of the world.”

” The three forces create everything in all which is made, there are four states of matter and four deities that govern them.”
–PYRAMID OF FIRE, 4: 10– 11

This is a yet another ancient confirmation of the Unified field of God, that Pi is the basis of Everything, all things go in cycles by design, the true spiritual geometry and the foundation of the design of life through the medicine wheel, since Pi is the basis of the Circle.  The Gnosis of the Tree of Life says there are four Aeons(Member of the Elohim/Family of God) underneath the root of Barbelo(Father,Mother, Son), that give forth the twelve powers of life. Doesn’t the Bible even speak of the four cherubim? This is also a foundational question about the original 12 tribes of Israel, The Chosen, The Caucasian Sons of Seth who were chosen for the Spiritual Gift of Fire. The other races were in previous cycles or ‘worlds'(Hopi reference), and were the races of Earth, air, and water.  The four elements are the least understood of all the metaphysical sciences, but it is revelatory to see them in their proper perspective, the symbol of the Egyptian Ankh, is, The Structure of All Things, mirrored as the actual forces in the Unified Field of God. In this we can see that the Fire boils The Water, and is churned by The Air, that results in The Hardness called; Earth. This was the Ancients Unified Field of God. Modern science says the same thing, but as long as materialism is their focus, they will ultimately only achieve materialistic results.


It is curious that the ancients referred to The Holy Spirit as The Holy Fire. This ‘chrism’ or ‘light that flows like water’, is in the shape of a snake, eating its own tail, which is a perfect metaphor for universal energy Potentials and Polarities, as the basis for the Einsteinian flow of energy through all things that results in good uses and bad, like the atom bomb. This drawing also reveals a great Secret in the Rocks.

Here is a table of contents of the 13 pages(tablets/chapters) of the Pyramid of Fire as translated;

Page 1   Creation and the Celestial Hierarchy
Page 2   Harmony of the Spheres; “As above, so below”; and the Limited Vision of Man
Page 3   The Trinity Principle and the Domains of the Universe
Page 4   Six Classes, Four States of Matter, and Four Seasons of Time
Page 5   The Calendar and World Ages: Consciousness of the Rhythms of the Gods
Page 6   Sun and Moon, Two Classes of Men, and the Meaning of Sacrifice
Page 7   Death, Spirit, and the Serpent of Consciousness
Page 8   The Milky Way as the Spiritual Summit of the Tree of Life
Page 9   Descending and Ascending Processes and the Wings of the Soul
Page   10   Energy Sublimation and the Awakening of the Divine Life
Page   11   Solar Fire Purification and Sacrifice
Page   12   Universal Uniting Energy, Sacrifice, and Transcending Death
(Page 13, was lost for some time, and recovered by the author of the book; JM Jenkins)
“Finally, we can do the same for Page 13 and even guess what the final events in the novella would have been, for they would involve the sacrifice at the end of mortal life paralleled to the New Fire sacrifice:)
Page 13   End Time Conflagration and the Visionary Ascent

Curiously, even the Aztecs knew about the two basic races or classes of men. What the Gnosis calls the Hyllic and the Psychic, which then mixed to become the Pneuma, or The Mixed Breathers. This could be a reference to neanderthal or even previous ‘gentile’ races. Those who Cain intermarried with, The Serpent seed? This could explain why certain men have no consciences, because they are lacking in spirit connections, or ‘sight/creativity’. The Spiritual Gifts of Earth, Air, fire and water, being the result of Spiritual Evolution, or the process of Change in cycles.

“Man does not will when he wars, loves, and reaps; it is the rhythms of the great gods, and the planets, that act over him and make him do. When man comprehends that by himself he can do nothing, then he can learn to serve the gods; so, he must become conscious of the rhythms of the gods.”

This speaks to The Rhythms of the Gods, and the cycles of time. The great turnings of the ages, the construction and destruction of civilizations, aligned with the great turnings of the wheel of the galaxy and the energies emanated by the planets and stars themselves. This is the basic proof of the Unified Field of God, that all things interact energetically with each other through the AEther. It is now known, that human beings transmit radio waves in the terahertz wavelength, and these have all been shown to be in connection, by The Global Consciousness project.

“Quetzalcóatl, the Plumed Serpent, moves between gods and men, because Quetzalcóatl is God who permeates man and is the man that achieves God. The Plumed Serpent is born when that which slithers over the Earth grows wings to be elevated to Heaven.  Quetzalcóatl is a superior man, the inner circle of humanity, the link between gods and men.  All men are made of earth, air, water, and fire, creatures of Cihuacóatl, Chalchiuhtlicue, Ehécatl, and Xiuhtecuhtli. All men receive their forms from the planets by Mixcóatl, Tezcatlipoca, Huitzilopochtli, Itzpapálotl, Paynal, and Metztli. But in their hearts and in their semen, each man has his own coatl, his own serpent, the energy of Tonatiuh, the power of the Sun itself(The Holy Light). And in this serpent sleeps consciousness, in this serpent is hidden his divinity. From this serpent his wings will grow.”

In the Gnosis, the serpent is the mouthpiece and spirit of Christ(the shape and structure of Hyper/Holy energy strings, the Chrism or Yang?), who instructs Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, that she will be as a god. This was made evil by the Church. It is interesting that Quetzalcoatl, is the plumed serpent. The allegory is identical to the Gnosis. Where the Christ, the Son of Man, tried to give the knowledge three times, finally coming to Earth in His own modeled form(a form He designed), supposedly born of a virgin. He is the Christ, who ascends and descends, a plumed serpent,  a perfect energy being from the highest light who loves all people enough to come down into the darkness of material creation, to sacrifice himself and give souls a tunnel of light out of darkness, through the Vesture of His soul that He left for us. This concept of sacrifice, that He taught, is the essence of leaving the Wheel of Reincarnation(to be ‘born again’ of the spirit, means what He said. The Church, turned it upside down.)

“There is an occult(metaphysical) energy in the heart that comes from Tonatiuh, the Sun(The Holy Light), and if man releases it, returning it consciously to the Sun, he becomes immortal. But to liberate this energy, sacrifice is necessary. Man must sacrifice the desires and habits that he adores, sacrifice them in himself, and turn the knife against the enemy that he carries within himself, that keeps his heart a prisoner.

“In recent times men still remembered these words, but they have now forgotten their significance. They have made enemies of other men to sacrifice them and tear out their hearts, believing such offerings would propitiate Tonatiuh. Such is their degeneration, such is their superstition.   When fear unites with knowledge, terrible things are done.  It is the self within ourselves that we have to sacrifice. It is our own heart that has to be torn out of the false being and offered to the light. May Xiuhtecuhtli, Lord of Fire, burn my false being. May Itzli, Obsidian Knife, liberate my heart.”

Even the ancient Aztecs knew, when fear unites with knowledge, terrible things are done. The ancient Aztecs had the philosophy of the elimination of the desire for things of this world as the only way to reach at-One-ment, or enlightenment, as the ancient Gnostics taught, as the ancient eastern philosophers taught, as Jesus taught. That to remain in desire for this world, returns you to this world on the Wheel of Life because you follow your Desire. That the choice of life is not to be good and go to ‘heaven’, but, to ascend above the wheel of life, or to remain in the cycles of birth, death and rebirth(born again), or to choose evil darkness and Oblivion(the ‘second death’). The ancient Aztecs also had the concept that the burning of the false being, the soul, the desire, the Ego of man, what is called; Self, must be extinguished in the burning fires of The Purging, before the stairway to heaven, from paradise, can be climbed to its ultimate summit, hyperspace, to become part of The One in The Light. Is this the same purgatory of the Catholics?, or what Paul called; The Firey Trial?

It is the knowledge of the levels of heaven and hell that is key, and how many layers of each there are. Enoch said there were 7 within The Firmament. Paradise being the lowest, the Aeons being the highest. The Gnosis tells of the 7 heavens of Chaos, and the 8th heaven and higher being of the Pleroma of the Light. This is the dividing line between the lower heavens and the higher heavens, called; the Veil, the Firmament, the Cloud of Chaos, or as the Aztecs called it; The Smoky Mirror. The Bible even refers to this sea of glass in the Revelation of John.

“Terrible is Itzlacoliuqui, Obsidian Knife, Goddess of Sacrifice, marvelous and terrible, because the sacrificial knife liberates the blood in everything, blood of the stoned criminals, blood of the beheaded deer, blood from the very stone that kills, blood from the knife itself, blood from the lance of power, blood from the incense burner, blood from the vital force that flies toward the Moon, blood from the soul, blood from the solar system, the blood of every star.  What is the blood that connects stones with soul, men with suns?  It is the universal unity(aether), the one creative principle crystallizing into myriad forms, and when liberated by sacrifice it returns to unity.  Because to sacrifice is to act consciously, to sacrifice that which will be taken away is to deny the destiny that takes it.”

And here, finally, is the “blood that connects stones with souls, and men with suns”. This was given by the Aeon of Wisdom, called in the Gnosis, Pistis Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom, who created Desire in the Universe. It was marvelous and terrible because it created the link between material and spiritual, between heaven and hell. It created material life in the cosmos, through a ‘mistake’ that led to the suffering of the Aeon called Goddess who became trapped in the Darkness. It is the “universal unity” proven by the scientists in quantum entanglement, and revealed by the Entanglement of the Infinities of the Piper. It is the Dark Aether of reality, through which all things are manifested as One. It is the blood of the Universe, the sap or ‘Itz’ of the Tree, that gives hardness, and strength and power to all things. It is what manifests the material from the spirit, and gives life to the living, and also is terrible because it is what men must defeat within themselves in order to achieve their greatest destiny, in The Light of the Aeons, the highest heavens above the 7 heavens of chaos.

The final conclusion of the Pyramid of Fire, namely; The ekpyrosis, or universal dissolution by fire, and the need for ascent to escape it, is the same as the Great Lump of the Gnosis. The End of Everything is even spelled out in the physics of Einstein, and revealed by the death of stars in the black hole at the center of the Galaxy. If the fire of dissolution, is seen as the ‘lake of fire’ of Enoch and the Bible, then one sees that the fire of consumption, is the Archa, the Imp of darkness, The Source of The Aether and the consumer of all energy. The Gnosis reveals that the Archons, the dark gods and angels, have a temporary existence defined by this time of Chaos with the light, and that only by consuming the Light can they exist. And that at the end of time, which is also defined by Einstein, we end up with a Universe of nothing, and the next Universe can begin from the ashes of the Old.

Even the immediate future of mankind, could be defined by our own Milky way, which has a Great Lump at the center, a great black hole. Which even now is consuming the Suns of the night sky. The Milky Way will die, and with it, your chances of achieving immortality in the Light, and achieving your ultimate destiny. If you are caught down here when that time comes, if you ride The Wheel too long, you will be caught forever, to be consumed in the lake of fire, the ‘second death’ of the soul.

But even here, is this the end? Or, is the spirit given consciousness returned to the Light in what the Bible refers to as the Great Harvest of Souls? This is probably determined by your personal energy make up, your works, and the balance between light and dark energies defined by your Karma. If you lean dark, then “like attracts like”, and you will meet with the Oblivion of the Darkness, to ride the edge of the Bottomless pit, in an eternity of zero time.

This is the wonderful and the terrible, but also part of the proving of the new Revelation of the Ancient Global Religion revealed by ‘sky gods’, that has many names, but is the Gnosis of Jesus, the highest of hyper-dimensional entities, whose only doctrine was simple, the hyper-scientific interpretation of redemption we defined as; Spiritual Relativity. This is the principle of personal light, that what the Christ taught was the Golden rule, being; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”, to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”, or, for the 21st century; Being good, is good enough. No matter what your personal beliefs or religion, your actions are what keeps you on the wheel of life, or makes you light enough(having love or empathy within) to achieve atonement(at-one-ment), to ascend into the Aeons of Light. The Redeemer or Messiah has a role in all of this, as it becomes clear that He came from the root of the tree to spread the word of the “Kingdom of God”. That He provides The Way, and is the Light of The World.

He is likely able to offer you a deal, to accept the Purging of desire in the Purgatory of Material Desire, to make you worthy, and able to ascend higher, by elimination of your darkness, your desire, your attraction to the world. But in His house are many mansions, many Universes yet to be, and you are the Sons of God. Do you not understand that heaven was a boring place in the beginning? That you left heaven, in order to live life on your own, as a separate entity, apart from God? That to return ‘home’, is what it literally means, to return to where you came from as Prodigal sons(bringing experience of feelings ‘home’)? That without doing this, without accepting the path to the light, you default into the wheel of life? But, that the Wheel itself, is a temporary existence?

The author of the book, thinks likes all religiously minded people, that it is poetry that reveals the Divine, that the sweet words on the tongue puts the words into the hearts of men. This is the same method used by all religions on the planet, Christian and pagan. In a way, it is the heart of man that needs changing, but is it the heart that changes the heart, or the mind? Only partially, because there are men drawn to the heart, and men drawn to the mind. If the minds of men have evolved past the superstitions of a bygone age, and have turned towards knowledge instead of ‘mystery’, then what does that say about the need for the mind to be satisfied? Has man spiritually evolved?

In this context, can the mysteries of religions, any religion, whether ancient or modern, ultimately satisfy a yearning mind that seeks truth? If a mind is satisfied, that truth is attained by the power of scientific proof, will not the heart follow? Is this why the hearts of scientists wax cold, from hearts filled with the emptiness of space-time? Will the poetry of the heart be strengthened by the truth of a scientific proof of God? Will the societies of men not become better places to live, if all men agree on a single, proven, ultimate spiritual and scientific truth? He reaches the same conclusions about the Pyramid of Fire and the Gnosis philosophies, as we have, as he says in the comments section of this book;

“Also, we may presume that spatial considerations are implicit in this model, since the four temporal seasons always correspond to the four cardinal directions in Mesoamerican cosmology. The text can thereby be understood as providing insight into the inter-relatedness of space and time, a profound viewpoint that Western science attributes to the theories of Albert Einstein.”

To a ‘normal’, non science oriented person, it should be obvious, that space and time, have the same meanings to poets as they do physicists. That the forces of the Tree of Life, are perfectly aligned with known science is no stretch, it is merely a process of opening ones eyes. Even Einstein said that “reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

The work of the Unified Field of God and Spiritual Relativity does not merely confirm the Pyramid of Fire, the Gnosis and other ‘pagan’ religions and philosophies, as it is proof of them, or at least, their ancient beginnings as a common global theology. As the Hopi said, we all started with one set of ‘Original Tablets or Instructions’. Not so much the mysteries they have degenerated into.

Pyramids and possibilities
The pyramids are our biggest clue and are not just in Egypt or Mexico, but all over the globe. They are everywhere on Earth. They are confusing to modern scholars who have postulated all kinds of nonsense about power amplifiers, alien landing pads, and with good reason, they are magnificent yet defy common sense. There is a community of scholars who say they were either built by, or inspired by ‘alien astronauts’. They draw these conclusions because they have studied ancient manuscripts, measured energy fields around these structures and they take ancient tales in modern materialistic contexts. ‘Pyramid power’ has been documented and measured, but sadly, is considered as being outside the realm of materialistic science or understanding.

They have no other context to see the original meanings of the ancients, before the meanings degenerated. The original meanings did have to do with energy as the basis of all things, and that energy is the key to all things. This was referred to as the Secret in the Rocks, brought to Earth by the People of the Knowledge of the stones(the hyper-dimensional beings or aliens who brought knowledge to humanity, also called gods, and angels by Enoch).

The Pyramids generated energy all right, they were dark energy amplifiers, and only certain side effects are measurable by materialistic ‘light’ measurements. Their reason for being was to form a connection to The Light of God. This was accomplished through spiritual geometry, the geometry of Pi. The pyramid structure, when the proper angles are used, becomes a dipole with a massive base in dark energy, gradually tapering to the smaller top, thus forming a hyper-spacial potential difference, which creates a flow of dark energy.

This is the same principle as we showed in solving the mystery of the rocks, that; Large rocks rise above small rocks, and, the Source of the Light within atom bombs is also amplified by Pyramid power. These are all manifestations of The Duality of Light and Dark energies, that modern minds see only as mysteries. This is because they refuse to see the spirit energy(hyperspace) within all things. Such a thing cannot be recognized by materialists, or their entire world view would collapse. Thus, ‘the Holy Spirit is within all things, but how it all works is a MYSTERY of God ‘, is the refrain of materialistic religions.

Modernists only see the energy of the Universe as a single(materialistic) entity, photons, and thus, cannot draw the proper conclusions about dark energy. The Unified field of God, has the duality of hyper/spiritual energy as its basis, both light and dark(aether) energies. The commonality of this universal architecture, world wide, from prehistoric times, shows that there was a common global religion, and that today, we have only degenerated fragments. Like Christianity that has degenerated into denominations, the ancient religion of the ‘angels’, given by hyper dimensional entities(the ‘gods’, or angels of Enoch, the ‘Aliens’ of science), was designed to create a spiritual energy conduit to The Light of God, by compressing the Aether into an aetheric energy vortex that souls can ride to The Light of God, thus the Pyramid was a hyper dimensional dark energy amplifier constructed via spiritual geometry.

This all came to an end, when, about 12 or 14 thousand years ago, the ice age ended, sea levels rose, and all these prehistoric civilizations were wiped clean from the Earth. Was this ‘The Flood’, of many different religions, remembered by a remnant of mankind? A global flood, in which there is ample archaeological evidence of ancient cities that now lie beneath the oceans? (Ocean levels used to be 300 feet below what they are at present.)

Through the studies of all religions and philosophies of men, it becomes clear, that there is truth to be found, but it requires the abandonment of modern illusions, by standing on the shoulders of ancients, for only then can we see farther into the future. Illusions that are held in the hearts of men are not easily relinquished, especially passionate illusions. It is obvious that most, if not all of men’s religions, hold a slice of truth, a similar truth, a relative truth, proving that Enoch and the Hopi traditions could be the right one, that all things began with a very similar if not common philosophy given by ‘beings from the sky’.

The only way we can see the truth behind the mysteries and symbols of the ancient religions is to find the Key, the common thread, a proof, a mathematical equation that goes beyond science. From the ancient texts of Enoch to the Jewish Kabbalah, from Plato’s cave and Greek and Roman pantheons of gods, to the Hindu Vedic texts of a remote prehistory, from ancient Aztec and even the ancient spiritual knowledge of the Native Americans to the ancient Eastern philosophy of the Taoist and Buddhists, and especially the now unburied and revealed Gnostic knowledge of origins, what the Christ is supposed to have taught ‘privately’, are all consistent with all the ancient knowledge, the myths and fragments.

But the Truth can only be seen when all the fragments and myths are compared relative to the Unified Field of God, which itself was the distillation of the ancient knowledge, manifested in a vision dream. Sometimes the mind works in mysterious ways, since the ancients say it is the connection to the Light. The Light, where the knowledge of all things combines with the dark Aether into universal knowledge of the divine, so from where else should universal truth come from, but the Universe itself?

The stories and symbols align and mirror each other, the common truth of the Tree of Life and Death, which is also called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil becomes the Key to Understanding. An upside down tree structure of hierarchical power nodes/entities, with a root composed of Father, Mother and Son, called The Barbelo or Source of Light, Time and Knowledge, also called the Treasury of The Light, that which is above a hierarchy of delegated powers(The Elohim or Pleroma, a ‘family of gods’), that give structure to the energy for the manifestation of the molecule of life, to write the program called DNA, that the Indians call the Medicine wheel, that gives all the forms of physical life. And it appears this knowledge was widespread, common if not global, in ancient times.

At least until the time of the Roman Church, where this common knowledge was declared ‘heretical’, burned and forbidden, when philosophy and reason was outlawed, and a dark age resulted. A dark age when man was set back a thousand years, and its effects are still with us today in the divisions, denominations and divided doctrines of a church that imposed MYSTERY as its primary teaching. A religion that is opposed by a science that declares there is no universal Truth, and is attempting to prove there is no God via the proving of something called a ‘God particle’. Einstein was right, religion is blind, and science is lame, and as a result of the divorce between the two, neither one fulfills the yearning within the whole of man.

The Pyramid of Fire, and its ‘redactor’, ultimately reaches the same philosophical conclusions others have reached, that the Gnosis or “Revealed Knowledge of the Divine”, has many versions, but is all of the same source in the far distant past(Ala Enoch?). It matters not what that source is, whether it is east or west, north or south, the message is the same, knowledge is better than mystery. It is only the modern Christian religions, that continues in the imposition of the ancient Babylonian school of Mystery. All the other pagan and metaphysical, philosophical and theosophical schools, seek the understanding of the Greatest Mystery of All. What is Man, his place in the Universe, and why are things as they are? How does it ALL work, and what is our ultimate destiny?

In this regard, only thinking men can ask the question, and to think higher than animals, is the purpose of the Son’s of God. Those who tell us we cannot, that we are constrained by a dark mystery power, are truly, the Anti Christs. For now we know that even Christ and Enoch’s message, was a message to mankind and the churches. It is no mystery, how the Universe works. How the Universe, body, soul and spirit are One, and that the Stairway to Heaven is open to all men, only some may not survive the trip back Home, and some may be trapped in a Limbo of their own making, their own remorse… it is not God who judges, but Christ’s visage allows all men to see themselves mirrored against the perfect light of the Messiah Vesture or Messiah Soul that is the cause of the Tunnel of Light of the NDE, or “the Light of The World”(a bypass circuit ‘out of darkness’ that replaces ancient pyramids, for all people who can see it).

The key to the Divine Knowledge, in all of the ancient schools of knowledge, it appears, boils down to the concept of duality in all forces, electromagnetic, gravitomagnetic, energy-time, the hidden realities above and below ‘space-time’, subspace and hyperspace. The hyper-energy ‘above’ compresses all time into simultaneity, and ‘below’ into zero time. We, are in the ‘here and now’, what is ‘above’, is the ‘then and when’, what is below is Oblivion. The implication being, as Einstein proved, the ‘higher’ the energy, the shorter the time, until, all time is One, and all times, come from one Source. Implying that all things were predestined, preplanned, and that the words; fate and destiny, are more real than we know.

Some will seek to deny this based on the concept of free will, but the Secret of the Universe is, that we are all hyper-dimensional entities trapped in the ‘Waters’ of Darkness, we are all Watchers and ‘Fallen angels’, and you have already made your ‘free will’ decisions before they are made, even, before you were born, and even, before the Universe was born. But to accept this, you must abandon the authority enforced illusions, the divorced dual Illusions of modern science and religion, and begin again in ancient ways, by remarrying both into One. For only then can Einstein and Enoch become One, only then can atheist become agnostic, division become unity, when Holy is seen as ‘Whole’, when the Holy Grail shows God’s fingerprints, in an equation of the Holy, the Wholeness, the Oneness of reality, that reveals the solution to an ancient secret; The Secret in the Rocks, is the secret of the survival of God’s Chosen people, called, The Sons of Isaac; The Remnant.

Why do big rocks rise above little rocks? This is one of the 7 oldest ‘mysterious phenomena’ of physics. The answer is as simple and as complex as it has always been, that the Power of God, The Twisting Force, resides in the Rocks, the same as pyramids, lightning, fire, and all of us.  It appears the Sons of The Ancients knew this, all over the world. But the thing we do best, is forget.

About Piper Michael

Originating soul of the Unified Field of God, given as a gift of God to a humble Piper. A man who searched the garbage dumps of science and religion for 40 years, in the search for absolute truth. The Einstein-Enoch Equation is the result of the Quest for the Holy Grail.
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