Coincidence or Prophecy?

Coincidence or Prophecy?

You be the judge.

The article below was written in 2008;

In the 17th century, an Islamic Mullah Majlisi, wrote a 132 volume opus hadith(tradition) called; Bahar al-Anvar (Oceans of Light), this is the basis for modern Shiite Islam.

Now in this hadith is a prophecy, from the prophet Mohammed’s cousin and son in law; Imam Ali ibn Abi-Talib. In this prophecy it laid out the conditions for the return of their 12 Imam, the Mahdi(the guy who went down into a well, and from a well he returns… if you substitute the w with an h, you get… you know what you get. But we  digress.)

In this prophecy, it said that a “Tall black man will assume the reins of government in the west” and that he will be “commanding the strongest army on Earth”. That the new ruler will carry “a clear sign” from the Third Imam, whose name was; HUSSEIN ibn Ali. The tradition concludes “Shiites should have no doubt that ‘he is with us’. It is not odd, that we now have a tall dark man in the White House, who’s middle name is; HUSSEIN? Coincidence?

The coincidence is remarkable if, you turn to the Arabic translations of words and forget the politically correct crap that serves for meanings nowadays. First, you have to understand that Islam, as translated in the western media is said to mean; PEACE or SUBMIT. But when you go to the Arabic translation, things become a lot clearer,
Islam, translated in the original Arabic means;

“There will be PEACE, when all the world SUBMITS to the will of allah.”

There is only one way to interpret this correctly.
This sets the stage for the Coincidence(s).

The coincidence itself, is mind altering, if you consider that words have meaning. It is curious, that the first and second names of Barack Hussein Obama, in combination with his last name(which all right thinking Christian Americans should understand is a made up entity from a man named Barry Soetoro.), can only be interpreted in Arabic to achieve the proper translation. If you do this, then it should scare the hell out of you…

BARACK HUSSEIN means ‘The Blessing of Hussein’

Obama written in the Persian alphabet is translated;

O Ba Ma which means; “he is with us”…

Taken all together then, our Kenyan Usurper President’s name in Arabic means,
‘The Blessing of Hussein, he is with us’.

Coincidentally it conforms to the exact phrasing in the prophecy of the dark man of the west.

Is this the Coincidence of a lifetime, an inside joke of his creators/handlers, or prophecy fulfilled by an evil unseen hand? I just don’t believe in coincidences.

This information is nothing new, and was known before his inauguration, however, in light of his behavior and especially his recent behavior, I have a sense of foreboding, that this Usurper will gain another term, by hook or by crook, and the slippery slope will become the Cliff. He has already tipped his hand with regards to Israel and the Mooslims. If he turns against Israel, then we are looking at other prophecies coming true, when all the world is against her(and us), and that, should fill all right thinkers with a deep sense of anger. Especially when you consider the attack, rape(?) and murder of our Ambassador to Libya, and that the Usurper knew about the attacks beforehand, and the bad guys ended up knowing exactly where he would be. Another coincidence?

As I sit and watch the System of Babylon, the Head of Gold that created the Rule of Gold, begin to crumble, I see that the mighty Babylon the Great, could disappear “in one hour”, and only the “merchants of the Earth” will SEE it, and I see a clue…

The fact that Babylon’s Head of Gold, must revert to war in order to protect itself, makes me wonder after the woman that fled into the wilderness on the wings of an eagle… and wonder if I see the creation of the USA. A people that fled into the wilderness, under the wing of a great Eagle, to escape the persecution of the Church…. and more I wonder.  I see three horns that were separate from the other 7 and are rejoined, could this be the tribes of Aus/US/Can that ‘rejoin’ with the tribes of Europe, and a little horn with a big mouth be the UK?  Do the prophecies spell out the past, current events, and future events, as mythology and symbols, overlaid in meaning and reality at many levels?  Do numbers give clues? Is America the fulfillment of Jeremiah 51?

Then I see the tens…  the Ten toes, the Ten Virgins, the Ten Horns, and the meaning flirts with my mind, the Lost TEN tribes, the Shofar’s are made of horns…half of the virgins have not been corrupted by The Dark System and must trim their wicks, fill their lamps and hide in a back room… the Ten toes are divided as Iron and Clay, the ancient symbols of mind and emotion, on the Left leg and the Right, the Ideologies of the Head of Gold… Toe’s kept divided by the power of Politics, Religious Mystery and denominations? A people divided? Is the truth of the Lost ten tribes, also given in the original meanings of words? Originally, the Saxons name was; Saac’s Sons.  The Sons of Isaac. The leading vowel was often dropped back in those days. Does this mean that the race that came from the Caucus mountains, the white race, IS, the Lost ten tribes? This would cause ALL the prophecies to click into place, as one.

If we look at all the prophecies in ‘God Time’, then have we already seen them start to play out upon the world? Are they not a very symbolic representation of the past age of bloodshed? Is God happy with the Fruits of Mystery, the fruits of war, that His Church was the Aggressor? Do we not see played the results of the blasphemy of the Pauline/Catholic doctrines of the ‘gift’ of redemption for sins? Is it possible that redemption can be a reward for war simply by saying you have God on your side? By saying out loud that you pledge allegiance to Jesus, then all is forgiven? Well, there we have a problem because that is not what Jesus said…  Then, the Mooslims dark god, and the Catholic’s dark god, and the Jews dark god of war, is not My God… and the Gnosis reveals, that may be the case. That Ya(h), is a ‘Dark god’ of jealousy. That would mean Jesus is not the Son of this ‘god’, but of the God of the Light. It would also lead us to see that the ten tribes of Israel, are the fulfillment of prophecy because they are all ‘chosen’, for the spiritual gift of the The Holy Fire. The gift of creativity in fire and technology, and we were given ‘eyes that see’.

In God’s Time, we see that an age of bloodshed was the last age, ‘in the name of God’. We see a Mother of Harlots that rides a Beast with Ten horns, and we know to ask the question; If this is The Mother Church, then who are the daughters? The Mother of Harlots, who’s name is MYSTERY, has daughters, and they are called The Protesters, the Protestants. They are all victims of Rome and the Mystery doctrines of Babylon that the Roman church was founded upon, and the Revelation of John, was a message and a warning ‘to the churches’. The question becomes, they protested against Rome, so why did they adopt the Roman Bible? Full of its contradictions and errors, lacking in true substance, and full of mystery. Has it become an ‘abomination of desolation’, set up in the true Temple of God, our minds? The doctrinal splits and arguments over a thousand years have to have a Cause. And this, we feel is the fulfillment of the Lord’s prophecy that he “did not come to bring peace, but a sword”. Did Rome weild the Sword of Division, a sword that divides God’s people?

First we see the the White horse, a Holy Horseman, given a bow and crown, going forth conquering and to conquer, and we are reminded of the Holy Roman Empire. That conquered in the name of the Lord. And Europe was defined by bringing the ten tribes under their dominion.
Then a red horse, that was given a sword, went forth to “take peace from the Earth”, was this the swords of the Kings and nobles, who fought under the Church, leaving rivers of blood?
And a black horse comes,  and is given the scales. Scales have the ancient meaning of the money changers, and justice. So do the Scales of the black horseman, represent our current paradigm perfectly? Is this a horse of the black heart of greed, bankers, and democracies that rides after the red horse? Is it black because of its dark heart of greed and coveting, which are also the two legs of the statue? Then before we get to the final horseman, we hear the sound of money failing in Rev 6:6;
“…A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.”

This represents the failure of money…  Does this match the sound of the Babylon System on Two legs, falling, and only the merchants of the Earth SEE IT? Then, we match these two and it indicates that there will only be rich and poor that remain, no middle class. Does the Horse of democracy fall by the failure of money, controlled by money changers?

Now we come to the final horse. The False Prophet and the rise of The Dark man of the West. For if you read the original Greek, the color of this horse was pale GREEN, not PALE yellow.  But the Latin translators had never heard of a green horse so a pale yellow was substituted. Do we see how the translations of words can affect understandings? Do we see the work of darkness upon the very scriptures themselves, from the very beginning? How His people are deceived by the evil that crept in “unawares” as it says in Jude?
If you see the color of this horse, it tells the tale. For the color of GREEN is the color of the ISLAMIC FLAG. If you interpret verse 8 in the Light of the Grail, you see the religion of darkness ;

“8 And I looked, and behold a pale GREEN horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”

We substitute the original Greek word; GREEN for the Roman translation.
Since the word yellow was changed from green, I consider that the curse of changing words to be already satisfied and it is attached to the Roman Church itself, the Roman Church condemned itself from the beginning, and their history is the same as ISLAM, one of bloodshed ‘in the name of God’. And that we are only restoring the original intention. The great mistake the Preachers make, is in the understanding of a single word; ‘them‘, that they attach to all the horses riding together, when, the word them refers to the last horse only. It is ‘them’ because the horse is representing the hordes of a religion. It is funny how a single word can change the whole meaning of a prophecy, and then, that prophecy is seen clearly.

In this final horse, we see ISLAM, the religion that stands upon the MOON, in opposition to the lady clothed in the Light of the Sun. We see they have the power of the Sword, and the very definition of darkness is worshiping death and hell, the beasts of the Earth are already becoming evident, marching through the streets of the middle east, screaming that they ‘ love death’. And what flag do we see… The GREEN flag of ISLAM. The religion that worships death, not life. They kill with all the means mentioned in the prophecy for they are the true barbarians, that wish to take the world back to the sixth century.

This ‘president’ and we use the small p, in order to demonstrate the smallness of this man, will go down in history as the most animalistic of them all. An Animal driven by feelings, towards his destructive goal of fundamental transformation. Whether America survives as a constitutional republic or not, will depend on the response of the American independent minds to this petty narcissistic two year old in the White House.  If you can see through the blustering partisan rhetoric,  you can see his brand of ‘fundamental transformation’ favors Mooslims, and turns against Christians, Veterans, constitutionalists, conservatives, anybody who disagrees with him.

With his now seen false promises of ObamaCare, he is the most destructive lying son of a bitch ever to hold the office, and his legacy will be the Lord of the Fly’s. Whether we end up in civil war or total destruction, his agenda is now clear; the Cloward-Piven strategy, to spend America into bankruptcy and chaos, so that this Dark Lord may ‘restore order’, while turning our people into disarmed serfs. For the middle class in this country cannot survive in its present form, because of the maggots he lays in our minds, hearts, and constitutional law. He is turning poor against rich, and black against white, while the rhetoric of calm debate soars into the stratosphere of violent imagery and even other prophecies of the Lord.

The Lord said that “nation shall rise against nation”. However, again, we see translation errors. In the Greek, the word nation was the word; ETHNOS.  So, a righteous translation should read; “ethnic shall rise against ethnic”. This is happening even now, as the black youth of America invent a new game, The Knockout Game. And what is response of this White House and the church leadership of the blacks? The sound of crickets. What is the response of the media? Again, more crickets. They have become collaborators with the new Black Nazis.

Everybody should see now, the force of the animal within, for this man portrays the finest example of self ego driven politics and the emotional rhetoric of a cannibalistic hyena. He is the Ultimate Animal,  he eats his own kind. The soul of this man is the color of his skin, dark yet pallid, pale with Marxism and colored green with Islam, he is a False Prophet, if not The False Prophet of The False Prophet Mohammed. We do not know his end game, but we see it in the trends, and it is evil to the core, colored with anti Americanism.

Any right thinking person can now see it, he is not the president of all the people, only of ‘his’ people, and to hell with the rest of us, literally.  While the animals on the left cheer, driven only by their ‘feelings’. These animals, whether left or pseudo-right, are the dividing force in men, and the justifying source of war and destruction of civilizations, and the murder of the souls of innocents.

Beware America.


9 Responses to Coincidence or Prophecy?

  1. Ali Elreda says:

    fabrication at it’s finest. I’m not even going to waste my time replying to you terrorist.


    • Ah, a Mooooslime? A worshiper of death? Those who worship the Moon god (y)Al (la), the god of darkness?
      Who’s the terrorist? I have one word for you ‘Taqiyya’.
      The Way of War is Deception. Your people are good at it, can’t take a bit of your own medicine?
      How about a duel? Your prophet is a goat f*king pedophile murderer who was deceived by demons.


  2. A few things. ‘O Ba Ma’ translated from Persian means ‘O Ba Ma’. Try it yourself.

    Secondly Ali Ibn Abi-Talib lived around 650 AD. The ‘West’ to him would be his West. Otherwise he would have said East since that is where the US is in relation to where he was living. Terms such as middle East where not coined till the late 19th century.

    Thirdly, Ali Ibn Abi-Talib’s prophecies don’t even seem to exist.

    Finally, Ali Ibn Abi-Talib was a Sunni. Not a Shiite.

    So on combining all of these points, I call bullshit. Google is your friend. Try using it.


    • I care less. The article was based on the original attributed reference, blame them, they are ‘professional journalists’. Was this fake news? Too bad. At this point, O ba ma, was a proven muslim lover and intellectual lightweight, who’s every action was to destroy western civilization. F* O ba ma, and at this point, all those who support The Beast of Globalism, both left and right.


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  4. TexasRedNeck says:

    You hit the nail right on the head with this article. The “end” is at the door.


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