Martin Armstrong and Pi; The Economic Confidence Model (of Gnosis)

Martin Armstrong and Pi; The Economic Confidence Model

This began as a comment at;

and, as usual, I was accused of being ‘New Age’, and I should be fearful. So, I am turning that thread into a post here. If you read the article, it is about the theory of cycles that underlie reality, and we have, previously, tried to show that Armstrong’s theory is the most accurate simply because it links the fundamental universal constant Pi, with the soul of men, through the Aether, and this is known as; the madness of crowds. If you read the article then read the comments, you will see this;

**** comments ****

The Whole Universe is about The Cycles. The basis of which, the ancients knew, was; Pi. Pi is unique, irrational, unyielding, eternal, and infinite in its variety of never repeating numbers. Every number, every program, even the biological program of DNA, is contained within its infinite series of harmonically interacting energies. The ancients called it The Voice of God, which worked with the Light and Dark energies, to form reality. Now, physics sees through a glass darkly, yet we know, we are composed of nothing but energies, held together by the force of spin, the Cycles, the Voice of God? If there is a clue, a proof, a link, a fingerprint of God, then it must be in the basic underlying forces of reality. This can only be accepted, when you leave ‘mystery’ of religion, and ‘phenomena’ of particle physics behind, and find a Unified Field of God. This is the place where science and religion come together at The Nexus. Is this why the book of Revelation said, that at a certain time, ‘the mystery of God is finished.’?

The global consciousness project out of Princeton, proved that all the minds on the planet are connected, through some vague point in the future. 911, proved this through the synchronization of atomic random number generators, something that should be impossible. But it happens, and it is not the only scientific indication of the ancient doctrine of Oneness, Wholeness, the root of; Holy.

Even the ‘phenomena’ of quantum entanglement indicates that all things are One, underneath the surface illusion of the particles. The particle is the entanglement with the aether, what the ancients called; The Firmament of waters. The aether is the waters, the source of all binding and repulsing forces, the gravito-magnetic, electro-magnetic, the weak, the strong, inertia and entropy, what holds us and binds us with the energy of the holy light, within the cycles. The Cycles are Everything, everything is because of The Cycles.

The Catholic, destroyed and murdered The Knowledge long ago, and substituted; The Doctrine of Mystery(The Harlot). And set mankind back a thousand years by outlawing science(philosophy). If they had not killed all the philosophers(the Heretics), we might have a lot less catching up to do. But, God must have had another plan, when The Knowledge of the Divine was revealed again, literally out of the sands of time because of serendipity. This is part of the meaning of the Revelation, the revealing, that; The MYSTERY of God is finished…

To say that the minds and hearts of men, which control the fear and the greed, being the basis of the flows of money, do not operate within a herd instinct(the animal, the beast of the soul), and thus denying the collective consciousness of men is folly. Especially now with the Hive Mind of the Internet, that magnifies the Cycles with a positive feedback of instant knowledge. Even this was prophesied, that all men upon the Earth would see all things happening everywhere upon the Earth. This electronic feedback mechanism, is the cause of the cycles of materialism increasing in frequency, making time appear to speed up, as men “run to and fro and knowledge is increased.”

Martin Armstrong has the closest model to reality, because his model is based on the fundamental ratio of creation; Pi, overlaid on mass psychology, economic ‘confidence’. Creation merged with the soul of men. All the other models, the K-waves, Eliott waves and other wave shapes, can be derived from the harmonics of the Sine wave, the purest form of Pi. But within each man are many men, many voices, and when it comes to money, these are primarily the voices of fear and greed, confidence or lack of it. Fear and greed are animal emotions, emotions that the ancients said were tied to the dark soul of man, which was ‘One’ with the Darkness. The Darkness, we now know as the Dark Energy of physics.

The ‘Madness of Crowds’ is a well known phenomena, but today, only yet another of many ‘phenomena’. But phenomena yield their secrets when looked at in the proper context. If all men are connected as One, through light and dark energy forces, that are the source of negative and positive emotions, connected together as One. This is what gives Armstrong’s model its power, but will he recognize that he has tapped into the unified field of the power of God?

Not likely.

Reply by John Little:

Hi Piper Michael,

Your view of the Bible and God is very New Age, and that worries me. God did NOT call us to Mysticism, but to Himself.

Please be careful, Piper. Satan wants to keep you from a true knowledge of Christ.

Yours in Christ,

John Little

***Our reply to his reply(just in case its not acceptable)***

John Little,
God’s blessings on your house.

No sir. My view is not “New Age”, nor anything else but based in a Vision given me after 40 years of knocking on heavens door… this was caused by the hypocrisy in His Churches, the MYSTERY DOCTRINES of THE CHURCHES. Where everything is a “Mystery of God my son”.

This is not mystery, but the end of mystery. The Church represents the real mysticism, a universe that is a mystery. Read Revelation again, and know this, The Revelation of John, was a GNOSTIC WORK… a message To THE CHURCHES. And if you see the symbols in that light, there is much wrong with HIS Church today. All churches, even protestant churches, are built from the framework of mystery designed by Rome. This is the meaning of the Mother of Harlots who’s name is Mystery. Think, she is the ‘mother’ of harlots. The holy ‘mother’ church, the mother of all churches. (Most protestants have never been taught, that the word protestant means; protesting Catholic.)

It was part of my Vision, that His Churches are fouled up by the evil of ROME, and part of that is the product of their work, the burning of scriptures, and declaring the teachings of Jesus to be ‘Heretic’, while the personal correspondence of Paul was deemed ‘canonical’. This is where the anti Christ entered into the Church, and the reason for the Great Falling Away that is happening now.

The People have been searching for something REAL, not something superstitious and mysterious. We have undergone a great spiritual evolution of knowledge, and a science that teaches men that God is not real. Where are people to turn to when God is a mystery, or he is told there is no God? This is the reason people are turning towards New Age spiritualism and other pagan religions. Because the Church failed us.

Jesus taught the truth of reality, and Rome burned it, as well as anything it didn’t agree with, including the works of Enoch, where the Holy Grail was hidden. But God alone must have disagreed with the Churches of FEAR, or else the Dead sea scrolls, the Nag Hammadi codexes, the books of Enoch, would not have been found by His serendipity… The Gnosis or Divine Knowledge was what was taught by Christ, HE taught that we must be ‘born again, of the spirit’, and that, up until ROME, meant one thing; Reincarnation.

After Rome introduced their heresies, and outlawed philosophy, and destroyed knowledge, and sent mankind backwards a thousand years, are our children divided about the one thing they should NOT be divided over; God’s Universe, His Intelligent Design of evolution.  But even there, we STILL argue without anything but mystery and superstition masquerading as fact. God designed evolution, and His Gnosis reveals that fact. That man was first animal, and then the spirit was imbued.(The Sons of Cain, and the Sons of Seth, Neanderthal then Homo Sapiens. Even here, for the Church, it is all about The MYSTERY of Creation trumping facts. ) If you dispute this preacher, then, where exactly, was the Land of Nod, and who exactly, did Cain marry? You don’t care, because this is just another “mystery of God”, and the divorce between science and religion was completed 1600 years ago, and it is still in effect.

But science hates the Church, for good reason, the church was a murderer, and a war monger, and invented ‘ANTI CHRIST’ doctrines. This is what is coming out now, especially with this new Pope, a Jesuit, and a demon who just said if you’re not in the church, you’re not Christian. But, the Knowledge of Jesus is revealed again, and ‘the Mystery of God is finished…’. Even when presented as facts, the Church rejects knowledge, and prefers MYSTERY. (There are still Brothers who believe the Universe is only six thousand years old… go figure. The concept of Relativity, that proves God Time, escapes them.) This is the saddest of all, that the people of God are divided by their own doctrines and religions. Those who call Gnostics ‘heretics’, blasphemers, sorcerers, and worse, are merely demonstrating their own ignorance of what the Lord actually taught. But it isn’t their fault, they are all victims of Rome, and their doctrines of devils.

If Jesus’ knowledge is revealed again, what is to fear? Only that which The modern PHARISEES tell us to fear, the same as in Jesus’ day, no difference. And in our day, it will eventually be Christian against Christian, and Moslem against Christian, and Pagan against Christian, as they must join into Gaia, the (Pale) Green power of socialism and religion joined with the Animal or Beast of the Soul, the dark energy of creation(and its powers of negative emotions that join together into One, the Madness of Crowds. ).

Once you see the God of Forces( as told in Daniel), then you see the cause of reality, and the Knowledge of God becomes the Science of God, where the religion and science must join together again. This is the only way the Harlot of Mystery is defeated, the statue is torn down by the rock, and we can all pound our swords into plowshares. But first, the Cycle of Madness comes.
(Can you not see it already happening?)

PS: What few preachers there are, of truth and righteousness, who speak about the 10 toes, the 10 virgins and the 10 horns being the Lost 10 tribes, listen to them more so than others. For the Bible you read, is about the 12 tribes of the Chosen, you are chosen for the Gift of the Holy Fire, the Gift of Creativity from the Holy Spirit. Who’s gift gave us fire, and technology?

The Gnosis gives answers, the Orthodox creates more questions and divisions. Their primary doctrine is; submit to ‘righteous authority’. Where is righteousness in any authority? There is NONE, NOWHERE. The Church, Authority, and Banking, are ONE, keeping you submissive to MAMMON… the idol god of Materialism. Anti-Christ doctrines.

I’m sorry my friend, but all Christians should beware of the Free Pass to Heaven. That is not what Christ taught. Ask yourself, was Christ a Catholic, a Protestant?, an Essene Jew? or the Pure Truth… only your spirit can answer that question. But to know, you have to pick up something other than the work product of Rome and their thousand years of political translators. (I don’t want to hear anything about the translations, they are flawed, the source books of the Gnosis shows why. Consider the Pale Green horse. In the Greek it was green. But not in the Roman Canon or its translations. This opens up the meanings of the entire book, and the history of the church is revealed, in all its blood soaked ground. )

No, I left the hypocrites and self righteous pious men behind, long ago. Let them use their churches to create wealth. They will discover their mistake, only after…


If this thread continues, I will post updates. It saddens me at the state of Christianity today, divided in MYSTERY and Anti-Christ doctrines, but the sadness, is result of it, the Division and denominations and self righteous infighting, caused by Rome’s original work product, a burning of and rewriting of scriptures that has become an abomination that makes desolate in the true temple of God, our minds. When you add in the pure fear of anything else being accused of a ‘New Age’ philosophy, this still 4th century thinking, the rejection of philosophy and REASON. Arguing over Bible conflicts is considered ‘knowledge’ instead of what it is; doctrines of devils, that cause division. This is ‘Pauline’ Christianity, NOT CHRIST’S Christianity, it is Anti-Christ. Christ did not teach about a free pass to heaven, but that you must be ‘born again of the spirit’, reincarnated unto perfection. But Christ taught The Gnosis ‘privately’, and parables publically, to protect against these kinds of attacks by zealots, I’m sure. Once you see this, and the reason the Church of Rome created their religion, in many cases out of whole cloth, you see The HARLOT who’s name is; MYSTERY.

But, John Little, and other brothers have it right. In that there is too much New Age nonsense out there, that deals with things of darkness. Why? Because the Church failed us, and people have become spiritually evolved beyond 3rd century goat herders. Knowledge has increased, and men are still seekers, and this defines much of the New Age movement, those who find no answers, no satisfaction of knowledge within The Churches… Only canned doctrines and sermons, repeated ad nauseum. Jesus taught The Discourse, the seeking of truth by the Way of Plato. Jesus was a philosopher, and a revolutionary, not a simple preacher.

To those who say, or think, that The Piper is ‘anti Bible’, here this, I Love the Bible more than most, but, here is the issue. I love ALL the Bible, including all those portions you have never read. I love those things that MEN burned and edited, mistranslated and transmogrified(changed basic meanings). I love all those ancient writings that a few Pharisees, called bishops and priests, took upon themselves to burn, because they wanted to create a new narrative for peasants (Origen). I love the original meanings, because there is much truth in those ancient words. Just one for instance. Did you know, that the word ‘God’, in the Bible, was the translated form of the original word Elohim, or Family of God?

Does this make Genesis clearer, when it says ‘let US make man in OUR image’? Such things, of true philosophy, are merely the beginning of wisdom, but require more information. This new Gnosis, is what should be added to the Bible, at least in Apocryphal form, not fought over. Studied and debated, not ridiculed. There are too many brothers and sisters, who argue about the conundrums in the Bible, and they will argue forever more, because it was designed that way, to be vague and useful for the State, Mammon, and pharisees. It is only when the Gnostic documents are merged with the Roman Canon, and sifted, does some semblance of truth reveal itself. Maybe that’s why the revelation of John was a message to the Churches, and spoke about a New Revelation, that; The Mystery of God is finished…

But, people like Martin Armstrong, even if they have faith, will keep their faith, and their money, and their politics in separate rooms, the better to keep God at arms length and get a ‘free pass to heaven’ for good intentions. This is the Way of Mammon… Division and the appearance of pious wisdom for the furtherance of Mammon(materialism). Tell me how, the people of God will unite? Does the new revealing of Christ’s Gnosis, have the same effect as a second coming of Christ? Yes and no. Yes for those who love truth, and no for those who love mystery. Will He come again in person? I pray so, but, in the mean time, rediscovering His teachings, if seen in the proper light of His dualistic energy creation, is enough truth for one lifetime.





About Piper Michael

Originating soul of the Unified Field of God, given as a gift of God to a humble Piper. A man who searched the garbage dumps of science and religion for 40 years, in the search for absolute truth. The Einstein-Enoch Equation is the result of the Quest for the Holy Grail.
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